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Local Oprys: Pennyroyal Opera House.

Kentucky Opry.
Red Barn Convention Center
Boot City Opry
Truman Lake Opry



This edition of Local Oprys take us back to Fairview Ohio to the Pennyroyal Opera House.
I’ll be honest Ohio has REALLY interesting music venues and festivals, and I LOVE Cincinnati. I LOVE
going up there and this one makes me even more excited to go soon. I might have to hire an Ohio helper
to cover more events up there.

They are located off Hwy 70 exit 198 in Fairview Ohio and The kitchen opens at 5 pm and the shows start at 7 pm.
Admission is $12, children 12 and under are half price.
There are NO advance ticket sales, first come first served. They are located between Cambridge Ohio and Wheeling Wv.

You can take a short tour of the facility on their website and I understand they have meals before
every show. This venue appears to seat several hundred people and is easily found off the interstate.
It’s hosted by Frank And Cathy Gadd and here’s how to contact them.
For more information,
call Frank and Cathy Gadd at (740) 492-0375
The kitchen opens at 5PM and the show begins at 7PM.

Artist Feature: Jon Emery And The Dry County Drinkers.


Just a few weeks ago I was sent an album called “From Wine To The Whiskey” from Cow Jack Records
that was released by Jon Emery And The Dry County Drinkers. This band has been billed as Sacramento’s
hardest working local band.
I learned about this band by writing articles for a local show in Rio Linda California called Honky Tonk For Hunger.

This is a small group of bands and artists that hold local music shows in their area and you
can attend the show by bringing in non perishable food items to combat hunger. To my understanding
you can also bring clothes or make a monetary donation.

He is a really nice guy I have kept contact with him through social media and he sent me a really
nice package with an album that I’ll tell you about. The names of the songs alone left me yearning
to stick it in my player but since I got it before starting work, I had to wait.

One of the best songs on the album in my opinion was “Clean Shaven, Sober and Celibate.
Another good song was “Shit Kickin Blues”.
He is influenced heavily by the Honky Tonk Legends of yesteryear the likes of Jerry Reed and
Johnny Paycheck yet on his own terms he is maintaining his own more modern sound and juxtaposing the
two together.

“The Last Real Bar In California” is a song from his 2005 band Jon Emery And The Heart broken and
for over five years they blazed a trail through their area and played shows.
Jon Emery suffered a nearly fatal encounter with Gall stones (Of which I am WELL familiar with)..
he had to rest and regroup after the 2009 pain.
In 2010 JonEmery teamed up with former members Ghosts Of Wyoming Jerry Lewis, Russell Ryan and
Harley Lee Walker to begin what would be called “Dry County Drinkers” before being hospitalized.

Now being, how he describes, the only original member of the band he joined over 4 years ago,
JonEmery & The Dry County Drinkers have met success by being paired up with some of the
biggest names in Country Music like Ronnie Milsap, Commander Cody and David Allan Coe.
Regional Heroes like Red Meat, The Pine Box Boys and Helllbound Glory. Independent Icons
like Whitey Morgan And The 78’s, Outlaw Bob Wayne & The Carnies and The Supersuckers and even Unlikely Successes like Josh Gracin, Moonshine Bandits and Alien Ant Farm. Dry County Drinkers, in their
4 year stint, have been nominated 5 Years in a row for Outstanding Alt Country/Country Band by
local music recognition panel The SAMMIES, having their first nomination a mere 6 months after
their upstart. They have released 3 Demo Albums which have been featured on multiple radio stations
including KRSH The Krush, Silent Storm, Honky Tonk, Highway 49 and Outlaw Country
on Siruis Radio and JonEmery started the “Honky-Tonk 4 Hunger” movement – A Clothes, Canned Food and Cash Drive to help the homeless and the hungry in Yolo County & the Sacramento Valley, now in it’s 3rd year.

JonEmery and The Dry County Drinkers is THAT band that gives back more than they receive with
their community presence and public performance. Hailed as Sacramento’s hardest working band, JonEmery And
The Dry County Drinkers are the epitome of The Real Deal!

Sarah Gayle Meech Rules Broadway.

So Santa brought me a new tablet and I wanted to play with it, what better way to tinker
with it than to head down to Roberts Western World on Broadway in Nashville.
WHO YOU ASK? Why…none other than Sarah Gayle Meech.

In my opinion she is one of the BEST acts on Lower Broadway to go see, she has a heart of gold
and a voice of the heavens. She honestly LOVES her fans and remembers everybody’s name..I wished I
could do that all the time. I’m guilty of forgetting names but once she meets you she knows you.

The worst expense of downtown Nashville shows is parking..that’s costly. But I’ll tell you what
Sarah is worth whatever you spend to get there. Just take my word for it and get there.
She had her “Meech Boys” with her for this show I caught today and up front I’ll say the covers
were WELL picked out. Some VERY rarely heard covers were played tonight and I’ll tell you
once again the NEW album “Tennessee Love Song” is finished and I’m waiting orders to release
a pre-order article. I’m told it has 14 songs and YES IT WAS produced by Andy Gibson and his magic
studio..Andy no longer plays for Hank 3 (for unknown reasons).

Her steel guitarist Tommy Hammum just absolutely KILLED IT today along with her guitarist
Craig Smith. I’m going to be featuring Mr. Tommy later on in an upcoming series on steel
guitarists (Oh did I spoil that)..dangit…

She opened her set with a Harlan Howard in 1959 called “Heartaches By The Number”. Now most
of you would say it was Ray Price..and it was but Guy Mitchell recorded the most commercially
successful version. She also played ‘Tiger By The Tail” which is a good Buck Owens song
which was also penned by Harlan Howard.

“All I Want is a Honky Tonk” was a real good choice for an original opener of her set
from her debut album. For only having one album under her belt she really is creating
ONE HELL of a hoo ha down there. Robert’s is FAMOUS for birthing huge draws on their stage
like BR5-49 and Brazilbilly. Both bands recorded live albums there and became quite successful
using it as their headquarters.

She then played “One Six Pack To Go’ and Old White Boots”. She knows I’m a huge FAN OF HER
SONG “fOOLISH”. I JUST love HER VOICE WITH THAT STEEL made possible by Tommy Hammum who just
got off tour with Wynnona Judd and has played with so many Legends of Country Music.
He sang on some songs too, like “Going Down That Road Feeling Bad”..and he also did a REALLY NICE
version of “Steel Guitar Rag”.

Her new songs she played were called “Love Of Mine” and the other new one was called “Bar Again”.
And so far from what I have heard this album will be another must have in your collection.
And we only have to wait until March to pre-order it.

Craig Smith on the lead guitar…wow..what can I say? He absolutely blew the roof off
the damn bar. His tone was very unique and he belted out some rowdy ass riffs.
As they played “Honky Tonk Blues” and “You Ain’t Woman Enough” the tip jar had to be
dumped out twice! You know folks she works for TIPS so instead of your 5 dollar foamy coffee
why not help her pay bills?

“sound Of A Heartbreak” is a really good original song from her first album..I’m telling
you if you have not checked her out DO IT NOW!
She followed up with “Honky Tonk Angels” by Kitty Wells and “One Good Thing”, which is
the title track of her first album.
Hank Cochran’s “I Fall To Pieces” was another great cover song she does. along with another
original “Drink Myself To Sleep”.

JUST HER AND THE STEEL MAN TOMMY played “Golden Ring” and “Your Cheat’n Heart”.
I’d LOVE for her to do a show with just her and a steel guitar, man that would be
a nice combo.
“Sad And Lonely” and “I’ll Be Gone” were next followed by a Red Simpson song
“Close All The Honky Tonks”. My favorite version of that song was done by Charlie Walker
in 1965.

“No Angel” she played and the guitarist played a REALLY GOOD version of “Big River”
and his solos blasted through the whole bar. His stage presence beat ANYTHING ANY arena
show EVER COULD produce.
MY FAVORITE song she does “Foolish” and I will be honest..I don’t think she’ll ever beat
that song. Not saying she does not have the ability to write a better song…but in my opinion
she will never beat it..It’s that good.

One of the last songs they did was the guitarist singing “Halfway Down” which Patty Loveless
made popular and Billy Joe Shaver wrote it.
She closed her set with “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”. All in All I had a wonderful time
down there despite the achy damp weather. What a blessed way to spend an afternoon and see
some great friends.

2015 Music Festivals: Ruckus In The Boonies.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Lone Oak Festival
Duck Creek Log Jam
The Ross Key Country Spring Fling



This portion of my 2015 Music Festivals Series takes us to Oregon to Ruckus In The Boonies, hosted by none other than Dogbite Harris. I featured this festival last year and I understand it was a great success.

This event takes place on July 31st-August 2nd 2015 at Bucknum’s Tavern on downtown Heppner Oregon. I have no information YET about hotels and this is an outdoor event in It’s second year of happening. THIS IS the OFFICIAL lineup of this festival announcement. I want to thank Dogbite Harris for allowing me to bring you this information!

Sorry folks all the hotel rooms have been taken for this event but there IS camping available in the nearby area. Now from reading The Official Website there is camping available
at Willow Creek Campground And RV Park in Heppner.

Joining them are their sponsor Lucky Supreme Tattoo from Oregon City, Oregon. And I’m told there are more sponsors to come so HERE IS the official list of bands performing.

Filthy Still
Saint Christopher
Owen Mays
Hard Money Saints
Billy Cook
Stoned Evergreen Travelers
Dog Bite Harris
Krista Blackburn
Billy Hood
Jake Roy
Skyler Evans
Mean Street Meanie
Johnny Pabst
Roy Dean
Justene Marie
John Hamhock And The Rooster Run Band
Savage Henrys
Harley Bourbon
Whiskey Hooves
Darci Carlson
Hard Money Saints
Coffin Hunter
Jayke Orvis
Sean Wheeler And Zander Schloss
Roger Alan Wade
Ridge Runner Randy
Nicole Pike

Heart of Texas 2015 Calendar.


One of the FINEST record labels out today that features Independent Country Music and Bluegrass Music is Heart Of Texas Records. They have SO MANY really good artists and Legends of Country Music too.They feature Country Legend Bobby Lewis who was recently inducted into The Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame. They also feature Tony Booth, Darrell McCall, Johnny Bush and Norma Jean as well as NEW Country Artists like Georgette Jones and Amber Digby.

You know I often hear people say they hate how “new country” sounds and they don’t listen to it and they wish that the “Old Country” sound would come back. Well IT NEVER LEFT and it exists quite well in underground music. And labels like Heart Of Texas Records produces some of the finest REAL Country Music out there.

Now they bring you the 2015 Heart Of Texas Records calender which you can order HERE.
Our 2015 Calendars contain hundreds of birthdays of your favorite Country Music Stars plus 8 X 10 photos of Norma Jean, Dottsy, Kaye Tolson, Johnny Bush, Diane McCall, Kim Murray, Tony Booth, Frankie Miller, Tommy Hooker, Darrell and Mona McCall, Bobby G. Rice, Bobby Lewis, Justin Trevion, Curtis Potter, Amber Digby, Georgette Jones, Rance Norton, Guyanne McCall, Landon Dodd and George Hamilton IV.

We also feature quotes from Gene Watson, Jake Hooker, Ronnie Prophet, Kelly Spinks, Mrs. Hank Thompson, Jan Howard, Mary Lou Turner, Dallas Wayne, Billy Parker and David McCormick.

The calendar also features over thirty five photos from our 25 years of promoting Traditional Country Music including Ferlin Husky, George Jones, Moe Bandy, Kitty Wells, Big Bill Lister, Jimmy Dickens, Cal Smith, Jack Greene, Tony Douglas, the Whites, Justin Tubb, Ray Price, Freddie Hart, Jean Shepard and more!


They also offer the 25th Anniversary Collection which brings you a sampler off A TON of their artists in a three CD set. It’s a GREAT way to research all the fine artists they offer and here is a set list of all the albums. For the small price of twenty bucks you get A TON of good Country Music.

Disc One
1. Neon Nightmare-Johnny Bush
2. Play Me The Truth-Tony Booth
3. Songs Of The Cherokee Cowboy-Curtis Potter & Willie Nelson
4. Who’ll Be The First-Justin Trevino
5. My Reason For Living-Ferlin Husky
6. Heaven Help The Working Girl-Norma Jean
7. I Gotta Have My Baby Back-Floyd Tillman & Ray Price
8. It’s A Long Way From Heaven-Amber Digby
9. Perfect Stranger-Landon Dodd
10. Most Of All-Darrell McCall
11. Texas Dance Hall Girl-Rance Norton
12. Bandera-Mona McCall
13. From Heaven To Heartache-Bobby Lewis
14. Let Me Go-Kimberly Murray
15. Meet Me In Texas-Dottsy
16. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again-Joe Paul Nichols & Moe Bandy
17. Back When Gas Was Thirty Cents A Gallon-Frankie Miller
18. Us-Diane McCall
19. Ole Worn Out Cowboys-Johnny Bush & Johnny Rodriguez
20. Deep Water-Tommy Hooker

Disc Two
1. April First-Darrell McCall
2. Storms Never Last
3. Jambalaya-Frank Torres & Big Bill Lister
4. Please Come Back With My Heart-Norma Jean
5. When Loving Me Was Wrong-Johnny Bush
6. Second Time Around-Georgette Jones
7. An Old Memory Got In My Eye-Ferlin Husky
8. Before This Day Ends-George Hamilton IV
9. I Don’t Wanna Cry-Curtis Potter
10. If You Were Me-Frankie Miller
11. Deep As Your Pocket-Amber Digby
12. Don’t Leave The Leaving Up To Me-Justin Trevino
13. Invitation To The Blues-Joe Paul Nichols
14. Faded Love-Tommy Hooker
15. This Cold War With You-Floyd Tillman & Merle Haggard
16. I’m Gonna Break Every Heart In Town-Damian O’Grady
17. You Lay So Easy On My Mind-Bobby G. Rice
18. There’s Something About A Lady-Landon Dodd
19. Sometimes I Talk In My Sleep-Tony Booth
20. I’ll Be There-Kaye Tolson

Disc Three
1. I Thought I Heard You Call My Name-The Survivors
2. It Makes No Difference Now-Floyd Tillman & Mel Tillis
3. Sweet Lips-Mona McCall
4. I Went Crazy For A While-Johnny Bush
5. Loser’s Game-Amber Digby
6. Let’s Fall In Love Again-Joe Paul Nichols & Barbara Fairchild
7. Truck Driving Man-George Hamilton IV
8. We’re Both Lying To Me-Kimberley Murray
9. Big Mamou-Don Wallace & Fiddlin Frenchie Burke
10. Run Woman Run-Georgette Jones & Amber Digby
11. Hello Mary Lou-Bobby Lewis
12. A Couple More Years-Norma Jean & Daniel O’Donnell
13. Take A Look At This Broken Heart of Mine-Ferlin Husky
14. Danny Boy-Curtis Potter
15. Little Ole Dime-Tony Booth
16. A Little South of Memphis-Frankie Miller
17. The Marionette-Darrell McCall
18. My First Night Without You-Justin Trevino
19. My Imagination-Diane McCall
20. The End-Rance Norton.

Their 26th Anniversary tickets go on sale on February 3rd and it takes place in March.
If you go on their website there is just a TON of events in the Texas area from
SO MANY Country Music artists. YOU NEED to become involved with this fine label
and what they do.

Artist Feature: Cody Jinks


Cody Jinks has a new album coming out on New Years Eve. This artist usually
is most active in the Texas area. He has two previous releases “30” and “Black Sheep” and
you can purchase both albums on clicking his name there.

He tours a lot of dates with his band “The Tone Deaf Hippies” and he is a hard working
road musician. I have been wanting to feature his music on here for some time now.
And I finally got some time to research some people I have known about for some time now.

I have not got a chance to see his live show yet but I have been checking into his work
for a little over a year now. I’m planning to broaden my Texas connections as well as my
ties in Florida. I just do not always have the opportunity to travel as much as I’d like to.

He is truly Honky Tonk music mostly found in the Dallas Texas area and I understand that
his live shows are fabulous. This article will also include some tour dates here.
I will truly make sure to feature his work in the future.


20 Years Of Bloodshot Records Brings us “While No One Was Looking”.


We all have different answers concerning what label started the whole independent movement.
Some call it the “Roots Music” movement or “scene”..I don’t know folks.
I DO KNOW that Chicago’s own Bloodshot Records was the label that introduced me
to a boatload of the artists I feature on here, and have loved for years!
It introduced me further to Wayne “the Train” Hancock with it’s release of “A Town Blues” and
“Swing Time”. Both were classic albums in my collection.

The Dirty O’l One Man Band…none other than Scott H Biram also was introduced to me by
being a frequent Bloodshot Records lover.
And last year he released “Nothi’n But Blood” which was indeed a classic album of 2014.
I highly suggest you listen to that album as soon as possible.

Recently they released the LIVE Whitey Morgan album which i watched FLY OFF the merch shelf last weekend at the Exit In.
He performed a stellar show and you can read more about that HERE.

I also got into independent music from Moonshine Willy and The Bottle Rockets whom are both
on this label.
When I first moved to Nashville the Bottle Rockets tore up several venues I attended.
And later on I got into Eddie Spaghetti and Justin Townes Earle.
Earlier on I got into Split Lip Rayfield as well, and their live shows were some of
2004’s top shows along with Jason and the Scorchers and BR5-49 (who were NOT on this label).
Now in 2014 they bring us “While No One Was Looking” toasting 20 years of Bloodshot Records.

THIS IS why I started my website..this is why I do what I do. Because there aren’t a whole
list of many websites that DO tell you about independent music. I could name about ten!
The underdogs and the little guys are what Bloodshot Records is all about.
If YOU want to be part of the solution of what’s wrong with Music Row then support this
label and ALL OF THEM that release the independent music.
DON’T sit behind the social media and gripe….I WANT to see YOU at a venue!

This album is a two CD set that comes complete with a booklet and they are selling
shirts and other things on their website.
Here is a complete list of tracks:

1. Blitzen Trapper – “To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to be High)”
Originally performed by Ryan Adams on BS071 Heartbreaker (2000)

2. Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants – “Look the Other Way”
Originally performed by Justin Townes Earle on BS193 Nothing’s Gonna Change the Way You Feel About Me Now (2012)
(Shiflett is the lead guitarist of Foo Fighters and Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, formerly of No Use For a Name.)

3. Samantha Crain – “Cold Forgiver”
Originally performed by Ha Ha Tonka on BS207 Lessons (2013)

4. Chuck Prophet – “Dirt”
Originally performed by Andre Williams on BS185 Hoods & Shades (2012)
(Chuck Prophet is the former singer/guitarist of Green on Red and has written songs with/for Alejandro Escovedo, Solomon Burke, and Heart.)

5. Hiss Golden Messenger – “Where I Fell”
Originally performed by Robbie Fulks on BS211 Gone Away Backward (2013)

6. Dave Davison (of Maps & Atlases) – “Things I Didn’t Say”
Previously performed by Bobby Bare, Jr.’s Young Criminals’ Starvation League on BS110 From the End of Your Leash (2004)
(Dave Davison is the lead singer and guitarist of Maps & Atlases.)

7. Ted Leo – “Dragging My Own Tombstone”
Originally performed by Waco Brothers on BS054 Electric Waco Chair (2000)

8. Into It. Over It. – “Deep Red Bells”
Originally performed by Neko Case on BS099 Blacklisted (2002)

9. Split Single – “My Backyard”
Originally performed by Nora O’Connor on BS116 Til the Dawn (2004)

10. Limbeck – “Sound of Running”
Originally performed by Old 97’s on BS066 Early Tracks (1995, 2000)

11. Tim Kasher – “Aspidistra”
Originally performed by The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir on BS148 The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (2007)
(Tim Kasher is the frontman of the bands Cursive and The Good Life and has also recorded several solo albums.)

12. Shakey Graves – “Happy Birthday Julie”
Originally performed by Wayne Hancock on BS080 A-Town Blues (2001)

13. Ivan & Alyosha – “My Winding Wheel”
Originally performed by Ryan Adams on BS071 Heartbreaker (2000)

14. Chuck Ragan – “Survivor Blues”
Originally performed by Cory Branan on BS195 MUTT (2012)
(In addition to his stellar solo career, Chuck Ragan is the lead vocalist/guitarist of Hot Water Music.)

15. The Minus 5 – “Cherokee Grove”
Originally performed by Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands on BS146 Cody’s Dream (2008)
(The Minus 5 is somewhat of a “supergroup” featuring Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck of R.E.M.)

16. Carolyn Mark – “Last to Know”
Previously performed by Alejandro Escovedo on BS027 More Miles Than Money (1998)

17. Daniel Romano – “Strange Birds”
Originally performed by Jon Langford & The Sadies on BS092 Mayors of the Moon (2003)

18. Charlie Parr – “Manifold”
Originally performed by Devil in a Woodpile on BS065 Division Street (2000)

19. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – “St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor”
Originally performed by Ha Ha Tonka on BS145 Buckle In The Bible Belt (2007)

20. Possessed By Paul James – “I Came Around”
Originally performed by Murder By Death on BS200 Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon (2012)
Disc 2:

1. Andrew Bird and Nora O’Connor – “I’ll Trade You Money for Wine”
Originally performed by Robbie Fulks on BS211 Gone Away Backward (2013)

2. Ben Kweller – “2:00 AM”
Originally performed by The Meat Purveyors on BS091 All Relationships Are Doomed to Fail (2002)

3. Frank Turner – “The Corner”
Originally performed by Cory Branan on BS195 MUTT (2012)

4. Superchunk – “Come Pick Me Up”
Originally performed by Ryan Adams on BS071 Heartbreaker (2000)

5. KOJI – “East Jefferson”
Originally performed by Ben Weaver on BS173 Mirepoix & Smoke (2010)

6. The Great Crusades – “Fake Out Jesus” (Live)
Originally performed by The Blacks on BS 063 Just Like Home (2000)

7. Mike Watt & The Missingmen – “Up to My Neck In This”
Originally performed by Jon Langford & The Sadies on BS092 Mayors of the Moon (2003)
(Mike Watt is a legendary punk bassist and vocalist who has been a member of The Minutemen, Iggy & The Stooges, and Hovercraft (w/ Dave Grohl & Eddie Vedder).)

8. Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers – “Oh My Sweet Carolina”
Originally performed by Ryan Adams on BS071 Heartbreaker (2000)

9. Jerry David DeCicca – “Broken Bottle”
Previously performed by Alejandro Escovedo on BS027 More Miles Than Money (1998)
(Jerry David DeCicca is the former lead vocalist/guitarist of beloved Columbus folk-rockers The Black Swans.)

10. The Handsome Family – “1000 Dollar Car”
Originally performed by The Bottle Rockets on BS212 The Brooklyn Side (1994, 2013)

11. Warm Soda – “All Grown Up”
Previously performed by Gore Gore Girls on BS142 Get the Gore (2007)
(Warm Soda is a band led by Matthew Melton, former frontman of Oakland garage-rockers Bare Wires.)

12. James Leg (of Black Diamond Heavies) – “Is That You in the Blue?”
Originally performed by Dex Romweber Duo on BS186 Is That You in the Blue? (2011)

13. Two Gallants – “Truck Driver”
Originally performed by Scott H. Biram on BS122 The Dirty Old One Man Band (2005)

14. Diarrhea Planet – “Dry Land”
Originally performed by Waco Brothers on BS015 Cowboy in Flames (1997)

15. Kevin “Shinyribs” Russell – “All the Time”
Originally performed by Lydia Loveless on BS214 Boy Crazy (2013)
(Kevin Russell is the former frontman of The Gourds.)

16. The North Carolina Music Love Army (featuring Caitlin Cary, Chip Robinson, and Kenny Roby) – “Stick to the Plan”
Originally performed by Graham Parker on BS140 Don’t Tell Columbus (2007)
(Caitlin Cary is the former fiddle player and vocalist of Whiskeytown; Chip Robinson is the frontman of Backsliders; and Kenny Roby is the frontman of 6 String Drag.)

17. William Elliott Whitmore – “I Wish I Was the Moon”
Originally performed by Neko Case on BS099 Blacklisted (2002)

18. Samuel Fogarino (of Interpol) – “Liked It a Lot”
Originally performed by Charlie Pickett on BS 154 Bar Band Americanus (1984, 2008)
(Samuel Fogarino is the drummer for New York City’s heralded rock band Interpol.)

Just a few footnotes here off this tracklist.
“Truck Driver” is one of my favorite songs Scott H Biram does, and I think
it was re-done really well on this album.

PBPJ (Possessed By Paul James) is one of my favorite people on the independent
touring circuit. He is currently on Hillgrass Bluebilly Records and his release
“There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely” was also a MUST HAVE in your collection.

So go ahead and order this album HERE.

Matt Woods And Rachel Kate: Loud Mouth Lookers Tour.

Matt Woods just recently came off a short tour with Justin Wells (from Fifth On The Floor).
And now he is setting out on another leg of his shows for a tour of South Carolina and Florida and
Georgia with a young lady I featured on here as well.
None other than Rachel Kate.

In my opinion Matt Woods was one of the top acts of Muddy Roots 2014 this past year.
I got to know both of their set lists better in 2014 and I’m glad I did!
Matt Woods has ONE HELL of a songwriting ability in my opinion and honestly I’d LOVE
to co-write with him.

A song paints a picture on your brain, your mind is a canvas. Matt Woods does that
with his song “Snack Bar Man And The Ten Pin Prince”.
You HAVE TO ask him to play it for you…you will NOT be disappointed.
He doesn’t have to sing about how Country he is….the man just IS!
And make sure you pick up “With Love From Brushy Mountain” at the merch tables
Cause it’s a DAMN FINE album.

Rachel Kate in my opinion has many influences and you can see that in her shows.
She’s well worth a door fee of any price you can trust me on this.
Click up above for one of my show reviews on her and more info.
She has some really good songs and you will enjoy her connection with you as
an audience..she was born to play.

The dates they have announced for this tour together are as follows:
Jan 14 Greenville Sc Radio Room
Jan 15 Columbia Sc New Brookland Tavern
Jan 16 Charelston Sc The Royal American
Jan 17 Jacksonville Fl Jack Rabbit’s
Jan 20 St. Pete Fl The Ale And The Witch
Jan 21 Ft. Lauderdale Fl The Poorhouse
Jan 22 Tampa Fl The World Brewery
Jan 23 Gainesville Fl Lossey’s
Jan 24 Orlando Fl Will’s Pub
Jan 28th Valdosta Ga Ashley’s Street Station

As always I’ll add any dates they give me for this tour.
He often pairs up and does short jaunts like a lot of them do periodically
and I like that because it gets me to see some artists on my “to-do” list
Come closer to Nashville guys and I’ll bring a truckload of people in support.
You HAVE TO take my word for it people…this is a GREAT pairing.

2015 Music Festivals: 30A songwritersfestival

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender


150 artists doing shows in 25 venues all along Hwy 30A in Northwest Florida..the 30Asongwriters Festival really looks like a fun time.
And honestly this festival is so large that this article is truly a challenge to bring you the BEST coverage possible.
This festival takes place January 16-18th 2015 and is sure to be a HUGE 6th year for this festival.

So let’s talk about the lineup for the festival, we have a little bit of everything on here
but I’m not seeing any pop country much so I thought it was interesting.
If you would like to research some of the artists simply click on the name.

Graham Nash
Indigo Girls
Leon Russell
Jason Isbell
Shawn Mullins
Sara Watkins
Glen Phillips
Jeffrey Steele
Chely Wright
Bobby Bare Jr.
Steve Poltz
Angaleena Presley
Over The Rhine
Jesse Harris
Mary Gauthier
Hayes Carll
Bob Schneider
Ellis Paul
Allison Moorer
Deana Carter
Peter Karp and Sue Foley
Toby Lightman
Liz Longley
Heather Maloney
Charlie Mars
Randall Bramblet
Old Salt Union
Gabriel Kelley
Brigitte Demeyer
Will Kimbrough
Craig Fuller
David Olney
Pierce Pettis
Grant Peeples
Pete Sallis
Gretchen Peters
The Smokin Novas
David Berkeley
Jeff Black
Crystal Bowersox
Grayson Capps
Robby Hecht
Ruston Kelly
Phil Madeira
Jonathan Singleton
Tommy Talton
Reed Waddle
Daphne WillisWebb Wilder
Nichole Witt
Alan Rhody
Joe Leathers
Billy Montana

I have not been provided with a time of performance schedule yet.
There are 25 venues involved with this festival and I would like to tell you about them to the best
of my ability.
I think you all will truly enjoy the venues involved.

Rosemary Beach Town Hall
South Barrett Square
32461 Rosemary Beach , FL

Caliza Restaurant
23 Nonesuch Way
32413 Alys Beach , FL

Reptory Theater
216 Quincy Circle
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

Bud And Alley’s
2236 East County Hwy. 30A
32459 Seaside , FL

Fish Out Of Water
34 Golden Rod Circle
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

The Boat House
238 WaterColor Boulevard
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

85 DeFuniak Street
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

63 DeFuniak Street
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

Gulf Place Ampitheater
45 Laura Hamilton Boulevard in Gulf Place
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

Central Square Records
89 Central Square 2nd floor
32459 Seaside , FL

104 North Barrett Square

Summer Kitchen
60 North Barrett Square
32459 Rosemary Beach , FL

Vue on 30A
4801 W County Highway 30A
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

Pizza Bar
2236 East County Hwy. 30A
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

The Gathering Spot and Sushi Bar at WaterColor Inn
34 Golden Rod Circle WaterColor Inn
3245 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

723 Whiskey Bravo
3031 East County Hwy. 30A
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

The Lakehouse
238 WaterColor Boulevard
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

Old Florida Fish House
5235 E County Highway 30A
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

The Bowry On 30A
2052 West County Hwy. 30A Redfish Village
32459 Santa Rosa Beach , FL

You can buy some weekend passes for this event HERE.
But you better HURRY because this event takes place is just a few weeks. I’m not totally sure if you can purchase
individual venue tickets as of yet.

Travel and Lodging: This is a new feature on the festival series. You can click on the name links
below and it will take directly to the nearby location.
South Walton’s 16 unique beach neighborhoods, which are home to many 30A Songwriters Festival venues, are located on the northwest gulf coast of Florida between Destin and Panama City, and 25 miles south of I-10 along Emerald Coast Parkway. Major corridors in close proximity to South Walton include: I-65, I-55, I-10 and US Hwy 331. South Walton is bordered on the east by Inlet Beach and on the west by Seascape. Getting here is easy.

J.B.Beverley To Release A Reissue Of A Classic Wayward Drifters Album.


Folks I’ll be honest there’s a ton of musicians and bands I feature, and there are a few
of them that I personally enjoy getting to know as personal friends.
He’s been a good friend for years, a guest in my home and a great performer all in one.
And I’m damn proud to tell you my readers about ANYTHING he’s got going so you can
support his work.

This morning I got this video conformation he is re-releasing his classic 2006 album
“Dark Bar And A Jukebox” from Helltrain records. And when he releases the link to order it
I’ll include it in this article for you!
He also touches on “Watch America Roll By’. which in the future will also be available.

I enjoyed his newest album “Stripped To The Root” on Rusty Knuckles label
and I got to see him several times in 2014. I got to hang out with him quite a bit
this year and he’s always been a very good friend to this old guy.
In my opinion his set was one of the top 3 of Muddy Roots Music Festival AND
he certainly left us wanting more at Outlaw Fest. DAMN FINE SET!

January 2015 will already be a KILLER month for music releases and if he joins
the ranks of new album releases I’ll be dropping my wallet in surrender.
My bank account is already waiving the white flag to 6 or 7 artists.

Whitey Morgan And The 78’s DESTROY Nashville.


I have just got off a long weekend of music as I covered shows Friday night AND last night.
I’m really tired and relaxing at home today behind the keyboard.
I spent the afternoon down at the Hall Of Fame and other places and realized I FORGOT my
media card in my laptop…so these pictures are property of my good friend Alabama Mike.
He helped make this article possible, and I want to publicly thank him.

The Exit In is one of Nashville’s oldest venues.
And in my opinion one of the best places in town to see a show…and WHAT A SHOW it was!
Whitey Morgan And The 78’s are a busy bunch of guys.
They easily play 200+ shows a year and this show was their last one before a 15 day vacation
to spend the holidays with family.

His new live album “Born And Raised LIVE In Flint Michigan” was FLYING off the merch shelf
in vinyl form (I bought one) and I was told that the limited edition white vinyl SOLD OUT
in under 24 hours.
The acoustic “Grandpa’s Guitar” will be available Tuesday so I couldn’t buy it yet.
Whitey told me last night backstage his NEW album coming out in January will “Blow The Other
Albums Away”! And praised the producer highly.
Whitey is a very intelligent man, a highly charismatic entertainer and he has a mind for
business. He knows how to do what he does better than anyone and this show was more evidence
of that.


As soon as he took the stage and Mr. Brett began making that steel guitar ring with twang
he began his stellar set with “Long Time Since I Had A Good Time”.
And THAT got the whole place dancing and drinking..the place went wild!
They continued with “Bad News” and “Buick City Blues”.

He then covered Johnny Paycheck’s 1979 “Stay Away From The Cocaine Train”. That song
reached number 34 on the charts and it’s off his album “Everybody Needs A Family”.
“Memories Cost A Lot” was next and he played “Prove It All To You”.

One of my favorite songs he sings is “Honky Tonk Queen”. Sadly my all time favorite
is “If It Ain’t Broke” and he did not play that one…but hey he STILL tore the place to pieces.
He played “Crazy” before bringing up J.P.Harris who did a show on Tuesday and together they
played the Merle Haggard classic “Swinging Doors”.

A new song called “Drunken Nights In The City” was truly a treat to get to pre sample.
I got to sample a TON of new songs coming in January from several artists this weekend.
“Love And Honor” was next and then another Paycheck tune “11 Months and 29 Days” off
the same titled 1979 album.
He got a request and covered Jimmie Rodgers “T For Texas”. which I enjoyed and followed it
by “I’m On Fire” originally done by Springsteen.

“I Ain’t Drunk” is always a good song and usually a staple song on all his sets I have ever
been to live.
He covered ‘Fire On The Mountain” and played the Dale Watson penned tune “Where Do You Want It”?
And performed one encore which was the Waylon song “Hank Done It This Way”.
He left the place screaming for more and I’m sure if he could have he would have played well
into the wee hours of the morning.

Spillway in Bowling Green Welcomes Dallas Moore


Dallas Moore burns up America’s roads, he is one of independent music’s hardest working
performers. He has a work ethic much like Bob Wayne and Scott h Biram as to how many
shows he does a year. can catch him in so many places it is unreal.
He is gearing up for his Album Release Party on January 31st.

I’m excited…really excited to finally see Dallas Moore here in a venue. I LOVE festivals
but I LOVE indoor music as well. This is a full band show review here I am doing.
This is in Bowling Green Kentucky at Spillway Bar And Grill.

Jasmine Caine is opening the show and she does the lead singing and plays bass.
They are a three piece band and she’s doing a DAMN FINE job covering metal tunes
including Symphony Of Destruction by Megadeth and alternative tunes too.
I’m going to be supporting her shows more in the future and stray off the country path
a little bit to share her talent with you..she was enjoyable to see live.

I’m going to be telling you all Moore (Ha Ha pun intended) about his new album
soon and he’s got a lot more dates lined up for us I’m sure of it.
I’m on my weekend hiatus of working this job all weekend, I enjoy my life
very much. I’m out in the venues supporting LIVE music and bringing it to YOU
my good readers.

 photo 100_8400_zps7e4771e5.jpg

He is heavily promoting the album “Dark Horse Rider” before it even comes out.
I was just told he is playing 9 songs off the 10 song album which like I said
will be available January 31st on SOL Records.

He opened the show with “Honky Tonk Heros” and the show is underway folks!
He came down here from Texas and shows in Cincinnati. Roll’n On is his second
song he’s doing right now.

He barreling right into “Hank To Thank” and he is tearing this place apart
with “Great Big Woman”.
Dallas Moore is one of my top 3 guitarists that local-independent music has to offer.
He ranks up there with James Hunnicutt and Rory Kelly.
After that he went right into “Hot Blooded Mama” a song I really like to hear live
that he co-wrote with Billie Gant.

Now he is playing his new album “Dark Horse Rider” in it’s entirety for us all.
I’ll announce the pre-order THE MINUTE it becomes available to do so.
The first song is “Bottle And A Bible”…next song was “Raising Hell And Slinging Gravel”.
I’m telling you THIS WILL make 2015 a STELLAR year!

His new single was taken by XM radio and TONS of other countries as well.
“Beats All I Ever Seen” is the name of this single.
He took a break to honor Wayne Mills by singing “The last Honky Tonk”.
‘Riding High” was his return to his ‘Dark Horse” playlist and “Up On That Mountain”
was his last installment of it.

He went back to playing songs off “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” album with
“Twisting Through Texas” like a tornado.
“Slipin And Sliding” is what he is playing now..what a great show.
His guitar solos alone are just awesome to listen to live.

“Crazy Again” is a good song to hear live too. Man I could sit here all
night and listen to Dallas play!
‘Blessed Be The Bad Ones”…he’s getting to the end of his set tonight and
wrapping it up with some GREAT songs.
‘Rollin In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” is off his EP album he made with his mother recently.
And he’s covered “Whipping Post” from the Allman’s.
Jasmine Caine is joining him right now for “Simple Man”.

I am always in awe of his ability on the guitar….I swear if you can ever catch him live

Country Music’s Beloved Dawn Sears Dies.


I got the news early this morning that Dawn Sears has lost her battle with lung cancer.
I daresay even now she did not receive the recognition she deserves for her contributions to
Country Music to the community and to the Time Jumpers.

She began in the genre in 1990 with her debut album “What A Woman Wants To Hear” on Warner Bros. Records.
After her album had little commercial success with three minor singles she decided to leave the genre
altogether. However a man that was rapidly rising to fame at that time asked her to join his road band
as a vocalist. That man being Vince Gill who’s high pitched voice and smooth notes was garnishing
rave reviews in the early 90’s.
His smashing album “I Still Believe In You” in 1993 was an evidence of her awesome ability to
At the time he called her to work Vince Gill had released what I consider to be one of the saddest
songs in Country Music history “when I Call Your Name”.

In 1994 her Decca album “Nothin’ But Good” spawned one single that entered the charts called
“Runaway Train”.
In 2002 she released an independent album with a self title.

Since then Miss Dawn had been performing with a super group in the Nashville area called the
Time Jumpers founded by Ranger Doug Green and many more.
She also provided Vince Gill with backup vocals her entire career.

Recently she organized a benefit concert to help raise money for cancer research
and THIS was the article I wrote for that.


The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation Releases Tribute Album.


The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation has teamed up with Country Legends including
Merle Haggard and David Frizzell and more to bring you an album called “Remember Me,
the Buddy Holly Country Tribute”.

We really need this album, we need this man immortalized within our music history books.
This man and those like him are integral for the understanding of Country, and Rock music.
Much like Hank Williams this man also died way too young and way too soon.
Ironically he only recorded three albums much like Keith Whitley although Buddy Holly
was not known to be self destructive.

He also was one of the first of his kind to write, produce and perform all his own songs.

Merle Haggard, David Frizzell, Helen Cornelius, Jimmy Fortune, Sonny Curtis and T Graham Brown together make up one unbelievable tribute and most of all an enjoyable account of Buddy’s short but dynamic career in music.

“Merle starts this great tribute with his version of ‘Remember Me’. Jimmy Fortune, Helen Cornelius and David Frizzell are ending with their version of ‘Remember Me’. The songs in between are the reasons you will Remember and Love Buddy Holly!”

— David Frizzell

1. Remember Me;
2. Rock Around With Ollie Vee;
3. Brown-eyed Handsome Man;
4. Peggy Sue;
5. Oh Boy;
6. That’ll Be The Day;
7. Everyday;
8. Mailman Bring Me No More Blues;
9. Maybe Baby;
10. Rave On;
11. Think It Over;
12. Early In The Morning;
13. It’s So Easy;
14. Wishing;
15. Learning The Game;
16. Drown in My Own Tears;
17. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore;
18. True Love Ways;
19. Maria Elena;
20. Walk Right Back;
21. Remember Me

If you would like to order a copy of this album and DVD set you can do so by clicking HERE.

The mission of The Buddy Holly Educational Foundation is to honor Buddy’s legacy as well as to make Buddy and Maria Elena Holly’s dream of extending musical education, including songwriting, production, arranging, orchestration, and performance, to new generations regardless of income or ethnicity or learning levels. We will empower a new generation to follow in Buddy’s footsteps.

Many of today’s Country Music Legends were influenced greatly by Buddy Holly and his band the Crickets
also spawned one of the Outlaw Era’s most beloved icons Waylon Jennings who played bass for him.
And his band also spawned Tommy Allsup.
As many of you Buddy Holly only lived to be 22 as he died in a plane crash in 1959.

In fact Bob Montgomery who just died this week was one of Holly’s pallbearers.
Buddy Holly’s entire career only lasted a year and a half yet he was and still is one of the most
influential artists of the 1950’s.

Many are familiar with the ever popular story of when Waylon refused a seat on Buddy Holly’s plane
and traveled by bus and Buddy said “I hope your bus freezes” to which Waylon replied “Well I hope your
plane crashes”..a statement that haunted Waylon Jennings for a lifetime.

There’s so many stories and so much history tied in with Buddy Holly it’s a CRIME NOT TO order
this album for your collection.

Hillbilly Casino Live Album Is Released.


IT IS HERE…Live In The U.S.A. is the live album from Hillbilly Casino.
Right now it is temporarily ONLY available online by clicking HERE.

This album was recorded at the Exit In in Nashville Tennessee, and it includes 19 songs
with 3 NEW original songs. If you pre-order NOW before the 17th you WILL have it
by Christmas.

I have featured these guys MANY TIMES on this website I don’t rightly think I need to
go into detail on who they are, they are a VERY active band.
Hillbilly Casino has been a Muddy Roots staple band all 5 years and in 2014 they were
most certainly one of the top 3 acts.
They will be part of the Nashville Boogie at Opryland which also is a Muddy Roots event.

1.) Crutchero/Debt with the Devil (Abstn/Taylor)
2.) One Cup Beyond (Abstn/Firebaugh)
3.) No Toll Taken
4.) Heartburn and Heartache
5.) Jibber Jabber
6.) 80085
7.) PBR (Abston/Taylor)
8.) Dog on a Chain
9.) Big Dan (Crutcher)
10.) Hybrid Moments (Glenn Danzig)
11.) The Hole featuring Yelawolf ( (abston/Firebaugh/Ylawolf)
12.) Psycho (Nick Curran)
13.) (It Feels Good To Be A) Psycho
14.) Trainwreck (Crutcher)
15.) Mimes of the Old West (Mark Robertson)
16.) Something’s Getting Redy To Give
17.) Violets in May
18.) Hot for Teacher (Van Halen)
19.) Tennessee Stomp

So catch this band on the road somewhere and stop over at their merch table
and pick up shirts and albums.
Let’s keep this band rolling on folks.

2015 Music Festivals: Muddy Roots Spring Weekender.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival


Hey will not hear of this event much. In fact I think I’m one of the only websites given any green light to promote this event. In any instance my friends this time Mr. Jason has made it an exclusive and secret event in many ways. First off there’s ONLY 300 TICKETS available for it and you can buy them HERE…hurry only 250 left.

OK now folks like I do on most of my festival coverage articles here’s a list of
the artists involved and you can click on the links to go to their website.

Whats That? There isn’t any names up there? Well THAT IS RIGHT! The bands are NOT ANNOUNCED!
Just go there and Muddy Roots will knock your socks off with tricks and surprises of all kinds.
It could be ANYBODY from S.S.Webb to Rickett Pass to Jason Boland And The Stragglers….WE DON’T KNOW
ONLY Mr. Jason does. And he’s tight lipped about it. I might try to get him wasted on some old Kentucky Homemade Shine one night and get him to tell me. And I WON’T TELL…ha ha ha. All I WILL SAY is there will be 16 bands.


The following is a map of the event that will take place in Nashville Indiana Friday and Saturday
May 22nd and 23rd 2015. Heres a WHOLE LIST of cabins, prices AND photos available.

M*A*S*H* cabin | 10 singles | Cold water sink | C-1 – $400 FR-SUN Island cabin | 10 singles| can join with Artist Cabin | C-2 – $350 FRI-SUN Artist cabin | 10 singles | Cold water sink | C-3 $400 FRI-SUN Rock N’ Roll cabin | 1 queen, 7 singles | C-4 -$350 FRI-SUN -PENDING Bike Shack cabin | 1 queen, 7 singles w/loft that sleeps 3 | Cold water sink | C-5 – $400 FRI-SUN -PENDING Pioneer cabin | 2 doubles, 4 singles | C-6-RESERVED All Sport cabin | 2 doubles, 4 singles | Cold water sink | C-7-RESERVED Babbling Brook cabin | 1 double, 3 singles | C-8-RESERVED Love Nest cabin | 1 double, 3 singles | C-9-RESERVED Bartels Log Cabin | sleeps 6 | 1 queen, bunk beds and a loft, indoor commode |Cold water sink | C-10-RESERVED


TENT CAMPING – Primitive and free. Tents only in tent area. No vehicles.


OK folks here’s a list of hotels in the area and I’ll be adding more later on.

La Qunita Inn of Columbus Indiana will be one of my first choices. They have GREAT
Wi-fi and breakfast was REALLY good.And the pool and hot tub were above nice.
And TRUST ME with a severe case of RA like me…a hot tub is GOOD. Starting at 92 and up,they are 10.4 miles away.

Days Inn of Columbus Indiana is another great hotel chain I have used for hunting and fishing in the past in several states. Starting at 59 and up they are 10.3 miles away from the campgrounds.

Motel 6 of Columbus Indiana is another chain of hotels that are only 10.4 miles from the campground but I have never
stayed with them before.I cannot report on their hospitality but they have reasonable rates at 44 dollars and up.

Abe Martin Lodge is located IN THE PARK AREA and is only 5 miles from the campgrounds and starts at 59 dollars and up.

Songwriter And Producer Bob Montgomery Dies.

Buddy Holly BBC1

I have said it before and I’ll say it again..Country Music has three building blocks to it’s foundation.
Songwriters, producers and steel guitarists. Now true the steel guitar wasn’t truly introduced fully into
Country Music until the 1940’s from Ernest Tubb and Hank and others.
So really the first two are the more prominent two..some of Country Music’s Godfathers were
producers like Art Satherley.
Mr. Art was solely responsible for Vernon Dalhart recording some of the very first recorded Country
Music in history. In the dawn of our era he produced some of those recordings.

We had Ken Nelson in the Bakersfield Sound era and he revolutionized Country Music by
producing some of Buck Owens finest work and the Outlaw Era has people like Jimmy Bowen
who produced Hank Williams Jr. and Richie Allbright who produced Waylon albums.

In modern times now we have Shooter producing great music and people like Andy Gibson
who formerly played steel for Hank Williams 3 now produces GREAT underground music
for people the likes of Sarah Gayle Meech and others.

On Thursday December 4rth the world of music lost Bob Montgomery who began as a
planned singing duo with Buddy Holly before he formed the Crickets.
In the late 1960s, he moved to Nashville, where he started House of Gold Music. It became a major
publishing house, scoring hits for country stars including Alabama, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers,
Dottie West and the Judds.

He wrote “Misty Blue,” which became a country hit for Eddy Arnold in the mid-1960s. About a decade
later, the song was a commercial smash for the R&B and soul singer Dorothy Moore.
He sold House of Gold Music in 1983 to Warner Bros. He also worked over the years as
a producer and record-label executive.

Montgomery co-wrote some of Holly’s songs, such as “Heartbeat”, “Wishing”, and “Love’s Made a Fool of You” as well as the pop standard “Misty Blue”. He also wrote “Back in Baby’s Arms” for Patsy Cline which was his most
successful song commercially.

His son Kevin recorded a version of this song, which appeared on his album True. Montgomery produced Bobby Goldsboro’s 1968 #1 hit “Honey.”

Bobby Montgomery truly was one of the pioneers of the legendary producers of our time.

Pearls Mahone New Album Release Party.


Folks there are two things I never do when spending time with artists and bands. One is if we are both
at another artists show together I will NOT pester them about their own music or what they have
going on. They are there to relax and enjoy another person’s show and I can respect that.
The second is if they are staying in my home I treat them like guests, I don’t hand them a guitar
and have them play..unless it’s a planned thing. I don’t make them drink 100 beers and party all
night long, and I don’t treat them like a artist I admire…they are friends.

HOWEVER when the show starts or festival starts it’s picture time and I’m fixin to be a pest!
With that being said I recently went to a Hillbilly Casino show for my birthday and I got to
spend more time with this talented young lady Pearls Mahone.

She’s based out of Chicago area and is heavily involved in Muddy Roots Festivals and in fact
she’s on the bill for the Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender.
She has played Moonrunners Festival two years in a row, and also played both previous Farmaggedon Fests.

She toured Europe this past year playing in seven different countries in thirty days.
And she is heading to Texas and Nevada for a two week tour in a few weeks.

She’s always been really super nice to me and I enjoy seeing her and talking with her
and by day she is a school teacher. She has a very successful life and I enjoy getting to see her
on social media doing things like sharing her new house with us.
I think she has a terrific voice and I enjoyed her cover of “Thanks A lot” on her last album
And the song “Blow Your Top” is also a good tune.
My favorite has always been “Three Rounds Left”.

February sixth at The Hideout in Chicago she will be releasing
her second album “Echos From The Prairie”.
Also she has been taking her show to Europe as I heard plans of her doing that.
If you are in the Chicago area in February I strongly urge you to go check her out and tell
her I sent you!
As soon as it’s available to order I’ll be picking up my copy and supporting her new album.
And heck you might even see me feature it on here….

The 5 Spot Welcomes J.P.Harris And The Tough Choices.


The 5 Spot is a really cool place to see live music in East Nashville.
I just recently celebrated my birthday there with some other bands and had a GREAT TIME.
And they also have some great songwriter series shows going on there that I wrote about.

J.P.Harris and his band The Tough Choices will be
featured there on December 9th The 5 Spot will welcome his pure bred traditional country music
to Inglewood.

His website clearly states that J.P.Harris just strictly plays country music.
It’s not classified as Roots or Americana or any other genre but Country.
And his life has basically been just what he sings, Country.
Leaving home at only 14 with a backpack and living on trains and hitching rides.

In 2011 after two years of touring and doing shows with no recorded music
he went to Louisiana and recorded his first album in three days..and in May of 2012
he released “I’ll Keep Calling” to little commercial attention but BIG underground
It won The Nashville Scene “Best Country Album” of 2012.

His latest album “Home Is Where The Hurt Is” is exactly that…deep Country lament.
These guys tour pretty much constantly and play almost as many shows
as Dallas Moore and Bob Wayne.
He plays tons of music festivals as well, and I see him prominently featured in Texas.

I just wished there was more time for me to catch as many shows as I’d like to
but sadly I work another job as well, and I work second shift.
Just take my word for it..if you love steel and fiddle like I do you WILL LOVE
this man and his band.

Country Legend Jim Ed Brown Releases First New Album In 30 Years.


This past year my emotions ran wild several times with tears of joy because of several Country Music
legends releasing NEW Albums and continuing to be active.
Honestly one of my favorite Country Legends has always been Jim Ed Brown, and he’s always been
one of the remaining reasons why I continue to go to the Opry.

What Opry management considers to be ” the ones in the way” of the Opry are actually
the WHOLE REASON I STILL GO. Once the management or father time takes them all away
I really won’t even want to go to the Opry anymore.
What they don’t understand is that younger generations of people are TEAMING like
soldiers toward Country Music ‘s roots and Legends like these are highly revered.

January of 2015 Plowboy Records brings us the very first NEW album from Jim Ed Brown in thirty years.
I have to say this right now, I’m smiling and tears are rolling down my face in joy.
Because WE NEED THIS MAN with us..and this past fall it was announced by Jim that he is battling
cancer and is now receiving chemo and other treatments.
We have all been praying and wishing him well, but leaving him to fight. This 80 year old
man is one of our most prized Legends and in my opinion one of the TOP 3 we still have with us.

His website released a press statement from him “I guess the whole world does. It’s always good to hear a new song. I love what I do. People have always been great to me. They have accepted me into their homes and lives. It’s unreal what radio and television has done for me. I am a very blessed man”.

This new album will have twelve solo recordings including his first single “When The Sun Says Hello To The Mountain”.
We can also expect Vince Gill and The Whites to be included in this project as well.
NOT to be confused with the Mac Wiseman song “When The Sun Says Goodbye To The Mountains”…mind you.

Jim Ed Brown joined the Opry in 1963 and had a number one hit with his sisters Maxine and Bonnie in 1959 with
“The Three Bells” and it stayed on the charts for 10 weeks.
He went on to perform solo (as he does now) and with Helen Cornelius he made several duet albums and in
1977 they won the CMA Vocal Duet Of The Year.

He is most noted for his 1966 hit “Pop-A-Top” which was also covered by Alan Jackson.
In the 60’s and 70’s he grew both lyrically and presence wise on the stage and became
well respected among his peers.