2015 Music Festivals: Crooked Smile Fall Fest.



OK Folks right now I am currently in the process of finishing my coverage for another festival and I have decided to travel up to Winchester Indiana to cover Crooked Smile Music Festival Crooked Smile Music Festival, so in two weeks I shall embark into territories I have never been. In the spring I promised you readers I’ll be covering some NEW ones and I chose this one for many reasons.

This festival will take place October 16th and 17th at the Circle X Ranch once again this is in Winchester Indiana. I’ll be providing you with a lineup and some local information, and upon talking with the director of this festival because the ranch is a non-profit organization there are NO vendors. The link to purchase tickets is up HERE.

So let’s look at the lineup you’ll see this weekend and REMEMBER to tell them I sent you if you learned about this one form me ok?



20 Bands * FREE Tent Camping * All Ages Welcome * BYOB is OK

Weekend Pass $50 adult… $60 at gate

Kids under 13 $20… $30 at gate

Only 120 total tickets will be made available


Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy

Husky Burnette

Filthy Still

Urban Pioneers

Jimmy Swope

Sean K Preston

Smokestack Relics

The Drunken Cuddle

Duane Mark

The Piss Poor Players

Joe’s Truck Stop

Matthew Mule McKinley

P.G. Allin

Matt Olson

Achilles Tenderloin

Mickey And The SOB’S

Joshua Morningstar

Mallory Wymer

Lonesome Red and the Blue Strings

Nick Gibbs

Plus an All Star tribute to Owen Mays

I’ll be staying at a local hotel Randolph Inn And Suites directed to me by the director of the festival. VERY reasonable rates and this whole trip will be affordable. Right now there are promo codes for the remaining 30 tickets that are left so get YOURS NOW! And I’ll see you there.