2015 Music Festivals: Farmageddon Fest.


Americana Fest
Ruckus In the Boonies
Outer Banks Island Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Ink N Iron

Farmageddon Records Music Festival is the next one on my list of 2015 music festivals and this one takes place in Sprague Wisconsin on August 6th-9th. This event takes place in the very scenic and serene facility called The Wilderness Inn and there is so much to do out there besides music that you just cannot miss this festival. You can click on the Farmaggeddon name to direct you to the website to buy tickets to the event.

Against The Grain
Ando Ehlers
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
Brook Blanche
Black Eyed Vermillion
Blackgrass Gospel
Black Irish Texas
Barrel House String Band
Cactus Attack
Call Me Bronco
The Calamity Cubes
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Cash O Riley
Darci Carlson
Devil’s Cut
The Dirty Mugs
The Ditchrunners
Filthy Still
Fishgutzzz And His Ignorant Band
The Ford Theater Reunion
Gallows Bound
The Goddamn Gallows
The Hangdog Hearts
James Hunnicutt
Jayke Orvis
Jimmy Swope
The Kountry Kittens
Lou Shields
Mikey Classic And His Lonesome Spur
Monzie Leo And The Big Sky
The Raven Clawhammer
Sasha Boole
Saint Christopher
Soda Gardocki
Tail Light Rebellion
Uncle Sinner
Wicklow Atwater And The Fallen Flame
Yes Ma’am
The Adam Cathcart Memorial Video Showing

So folks I’m sure Mr. Darren won’t mind me sharing his portion of the website where you can have some hotel information for those of you (like me) that cannot camp or don’t want to. Also some frequently asked questions about this festival.

1. Sunrise Motel – N9695 HWY 80 Necedah – (608)565-2418 (11miles S of Wilderness Inn)
Single – $45|DBL $55 equip’d w/ micro, coffee, ref, AC incl.

2. St. Joseph Resort: stjosephresort.com

3. Wilderness Park – 3650 21st Ave Necedah – (608) 565-7285 (9miles E of Wilderness inn)
*9th st road leads you to location and to wilderness inn, close to river. $15 reservation fee, $19 campsite fee per night, $1 showers available. General store on park site.

4. Necedah Motel – W5645 HWY 21 Necedah (608)565-2263 (10miles S of Wilderness Inn)
*DBL: $47 | SGL $37 everyday rates. Micro/Ref/AC incl.

5. Reel Inn –see reelinn.net

6. Buckhorn Campground / Resort – W8450 Buckhorn Park Ave Necedah (608)565-2789 – (20miles south of Wilderness inn Off Castle Rock Lake) locals pay $15 for lake site, $12 for other areas. Non locals pay $2 extra to general fees of $15 or $12. There is a convenient store where person sells pizza (Angelo’s pizza) Showers are free for campers only

7. Josie’Hideaway – N15945 STATE ROAD 80, NECEDAH (5 miles north) (608) 565-3595

8. Knuts Pub – N16105 County Road G, Nekoosa, Wisconsin 54457

**** Wisconsin Dells WI is 20-30miles south of Wilderness Inn (Sprague/Necedah areas) There are more incredible hotels and parks for you to enjoy. Check out website here: wisdells.com ****

Q: Where can I set up my RV?
RV parking and set up is based on a first come first serve. We will have RV spots available for those of you with RV passes. If you bought your RV passes online, you are guaranteed a spot. Our staff will touch base with RV pass buyers 3 weeks prior to festival.

Q: Parking:
Parking available adjacent to Festival site. If you park on the street, please respect the neighborhood. Do NOT block driveways, clean up after yourselves, and keep your noise level down. Remember, there are people that live next to festival grounds, therefore, do NOT use yards as toilets or trashcans.

Q: Street Closures:
Extended road on 9th street is off limits and leads to state patrolled The National Wildlife Refuge. Please do not cross boundaries. You will get fined by the state, and trespassing will affect our festival.

Q: Is there Wildlife?
Yes, Necedah is home to bears, wolves, coyotes, various birds, endangered animals and plants. Hunting is prohibited on the National Wildlife Refuge. DO NOT cross property lines from festival and campgrounds to the Refuge. Signs will be posted.

Q: What is The Necedah Wildlife Refuge?
The Necedah Wildlife Refuge includes various endangered species. You may walk the refuge trails where signs are posted. To see Wildlife Refuge map http://www.mobilemaplets.com/showplace/513 and website www.fws.gov/refuge/necedah

Q: What are we allowed to bring?
Coolers, blankets, tents and short back chairs are allowed. Cameras are ok, (No tripods or intrusive equipment 100 feet near stage or sound personnel please) NO GLASS containers allowed on campgrounds, parking grounds or festival grounds. There will be vendors providing food, and The Wilderness Inn bar will be providing affordable beer and liquor. Please use recycling bins provided throughout festival, parking, and campgrounds. Please respect the site by picking up and taking everything with you that you bring in.

Q: Can we BBQ?
es. you can BBQ, however your fires must be contained in a metal ring provided by the Wilderness Inn. Camp stoves, and BBQ charcoal pits are permitted. No open fires allowed.

Q: Will there be food available:
Yes, there will be multiple purveyors of food and drink featuring the best festival foods Juneau County has to offer. Attendees are welcome to bring their own picnics. Please keep it clean. Secure and pack all your foods accordingly to diminish possible bear/wolf incidents.

Q: Is there smoking allowed?
Yes, please use cigarette butt buckets. Help keep the festival clean and prevent fires from occurring.

Q: Are dogs or pets allowed on festival grounds?
Service dogs are allowed on festival grounds; however, your service dog must be on a leash at all times. Due to previous festival complaints and incidents, Dogs MAY NOT be within 100 ft. of Stage, electrical equipment, merchandise, port-o-potty, vendor, and bar areas. Please tend to your service pet. Due to wildlife, Dogs are prohibited on the National Wildlife Refuge.

Q: Can I bring my children?
Yes, the festival is family-friendly. All patrons must register all children at check in and provide personal information in case children are missing. Children will have wristbands with parent contact information. You are responsible for your children’s behavior, please watch your children. Make sure you have the appropriate ear plugs for very young children. There will be large crowds and loud music, so be prepared for that. Children 11 yrs and younger may attend Farmageddon Records music festival at no cost.

Q: What time are we allowed on Festival grounds?
Early bird check-in begins on Weds July 9th at 5pm. Due to set up and preparation, patrons are not allowed on festival grounds. The Wilderness Inn and Bar will be open for business. For those early bird arrivals, we ask you do NOT camp at the festival site on Tuesday; you will be kicked out of private property. Please respect venue and festival wishes. For early bird arrivals, please contact Darren Brink for scheduled check in.

Q: Restroom Facilities?
There will be port-o-potties on site.

Q: Free Water?
There will be free water available. Bottled water available for purchase.

Q: Medical attention?
Yes, we will have a first aide tent available for all patrons. Nearest medical care facilities are MileBluff Necedah Family Medical Center www.milebluff.com 608-565-2000 AND Fire and Rescue services 608-565-2412. If any incident or care is needed, please find our security personnel or call 911

Q: Will recycling be available?
Absolutely! Please use recycling and waste bins. REMEMBER to pack out what you bring in.

Q: Disabled Accessibility?
Yes. First come first serve basis.

Q: Can I ride around in my ATV / Mototrcycle / Bike?
No vehicles on campsite grounds. People are sleeping and their camp is set up. Respect campers. Absolutely NO ATV’s on Festival grounds.

Q: Festival Etiquette!
*You may bring blankets and low chairs. Blanket/ground cover size should be limited due to space restrictions. Blankets and groundcovers left unoccupied for more than an hr will be subject to removal.

*unauthorized sales, solicitation and distribution are prohibited.

* Please respect our neighbors. Don’t block driveways, don’t litter, don’t use front or backyards as bathrooms etc. Please respect venue owners and neighbors.

* Please do not sell alcohol, drugs or any sort of wares. Only Farm-Fest approved vendors will be allowed.

* Only officially scheduled performers will be allowed. We have neighbor’s, we ask that there is no amplified music after quiet hours.

* Please pack out anything you bring onto festival, parking and campsite areas. Please make sure to recycle and put garbage in bins.

Q: Merchandise?
We will be selling T-shirts, Cd’s and various artwork from our artists. If you are scheduled to perform, please contact Wendi Story here

An ATM will be available inside the Wilderness Inn Bar.

Q: Lost & Found
The lost and found is located at the First Aide station.

Q: Is there a Festival Map?
There will be site maps available to pick up at the festival. Updates on Farmageddon Records Music Festival Facebook page are frequent, please check periodically.

Q: Press inquiries?
We do not issue press passes, photography is fine. Due to artist request, all photographers must remain off stage. No tri-pods or intrusive equipment allowed on stage, near sound technicians or near load in/load out areas. There will be a barrier where photographers may take photos. For any questions or concerns, please contact stage management here.

Q: What else do I need to know?
*Aisles and walkways must be kept clear at all times.

*Dress comfortably and remember to be prepared, rain or shine.

*Please be aware of personal belongings, The festival cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen items.

*Farmageddon Records will have a general store with sundries and miscellaneous items for your convenience.

Q : I have more questions, who can I contact?
You may contact Darren Brink for any questions or concerns.