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The Midnite Jamboree’s Final Hope.


Folks lately I have been writing and supporting the Midnite Jamboree hosted by the Ernest Tubb Record Shops. Well my dear readers the time has come for us to give back to them..because we are very very close to loosing it forever. How much more Country Music history do we have to loose before we have nothing left? We lost half of Printer’s Alley and Little Jimmy Dickens in one week. Please folks YOU have a VOICE and I hope after reading my friends letter to us you will act now and help us. THIS LETTER is written and given to me by Country Music Legend Glenn Douglass Tubb. If nobody listens then we will loose this precious piece of history.


For those of you who are not aware of the historical importance of the Midnite Jamboree; I thought I would give you a brief history of the show. It was started in 1947 by my uncle, Ernest Tubb, the same year he opened the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and it was also the same year that he became the first Country music artist to play in Carnegie Hall in New York City. That was a pretty eventful year for him. He opened the record shop so that he and other Country music artists would have a place to sell their records. Most record shops back then wouldn’t sell Country music, or, as it was called back then, “hillbilly” music. He also started the Midnite Jamboree as a means to advertise his records and the records of his fellow artists. He also decided that the young artists who were trying to get the record companies to listen to them, needed a platform from which they could be heard, not just by the record company producers here in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles but by the public all over America. The Midnite Jamboree came on right after the Grand Ole Opry every Saturday night, at midnight. And at midnight, WSM Radio’s 50,000 watts really reached out because at midnight most all of the smaller stations went off the air and WSM became a clear channel station, reaching more people than the Grand Ole Opry did. This was a powerful tool for letting people know about the new records being offered by Ernest and the other artists. Down through the years, I think most of the Grand Ole Opry members have sung on the Midnite Jamboree at least once. Other artists have sung there too. Even Elvis Presley, the King of rock and roll, sang there when he was starting out. I remember Tennessee Ernie stopped in Nashville and sang on the MJ when he was on his way to California in 1947. This was when the record shop was on Commerce Street. It didn’t stay there very long because it was just too small. The people would walk up from the Grand Ole Opry to listen to the MJ and they would have to stand out on the sidewalk and out in the street to hear the show. The police finally said that something had to be done because the people were interfering with the flow of traffic. So, one night, my dad rented a flat bed truck and me and my brothers moved the entire record shop down to 417 Broadway where it is still doing business today. It is the second oldest radio show in the world, second only to the Grand Ole Opry. This year, in May, will mark the 68th year it has been broadcasting. The people who have sung on the stage of the MJ would read like a Who’s Who of Country music entertainers, some of who have gone on to be superstars and country music legends. Anyone who has been paying attention to what is happening on the internet has to know that the internet has broke the back of the record shop business because people are now downloading music for free instead of buying the records from a record shop. Consequently, all the big record store chains have gone out of business. Songwriters, artists, publishers and record companies have all suffered devastating losses also. Songwriting is now a hobby for most of us instead of an occupation. But the Ernest Tubb Record Shop was the sponsor for the MJ; it paid the cost for putting the show on the air every Saturday night; so when people stopped buying records, the record shop was no longer able to pay the cost for putting the program on the air. The bill usually runs between $2,200.00 and $2,500.00 each Saturday night, depending on how many musicians are on the stage on any given night. Since the record shop was no longer able to support the program, David McCormick, the owner and CEO of the E.T. Record Shops, started paying the bills for the program out of his own pocket, determined to keep the legacy that Uncle Ernest started alive. Now, he is no longer able to bear this financial burden alone. The Midnite Jamboree is a piece of Country Music history and I believe it should be preserved, just like any other National Treasure. Some friends and I have started a Midnite Jamboree Association which we hope will help pay the weekly costs for keeping this show on the air. There have already been iron on patches designed with the logo for the MJA, hat pins, lapel pins, tee shirts, caps, neat membership cards and other perks (about $75.00 worth) which is what the annual dues are for membership, so it’s really a good deal. You get a bunch of neat stuff and you help save a Country music historical treasure. And when you wear your cap with the MJA patch on it, or the hat pin or lapel pin, you will be showing everyone that you belong to an organization that is helping preserve and important part of Country music history. If we can get a thousand members, that will be enough to keep things going for the next generation. To join or get more info, you can send an email to Ken Mosher at or Glenn Douglas Tubb at < or write to The Midnite Jamboree Association, P.O. Box 159326, Nashville, TN 37215. Please make your checks payable to David McCormick or Glenn Douglas Tubb because we do not have all the paperwork completed to open the account for the MJA. All members will receive a copy of the song I wrote and recorded for the show I hosted on February 14th called THE MIDNITE JAMBOREE. You will also receive a copy of the Christmas CD that Dottie and I recorded just before I got sick and had to spend Christmas in the hospital. We didn’t get a chance to advertise the CD or try to sell it because I was busy trying to stay alive. So, we decided to make it a gift to everyone who joins. All the songs are original. All of my CDs are always filled with my own compositions. We are busy recording a new Gospel CD at this time. If we get it finished in time, we’ll include a copy of it also. Please help us keep this tradition going. It would be a real shame to see it all go under after David has worked and sacrificed so much for so long to keep it going. Thank you all for your time and attention. God bless you all.

Living for Him,


Country Music Legend James “Spider” Wilson Dies.


Last night I learned through social media that longtime guitarist for the Grand Ole Opry staff band James
(sometimes called Jimmy) “Spider” Wilson was taken to hospice care and passed away last night on the 26th.
He was one of the many people involved with Country Music that made the music famous from the background.
There were so many thousands of special people that took no credit for what they gave Country Music and he
was certainly one of them. The TRUE hero of the Opry were the ones that backed up all those that went through the doors.

He was born June 9th ,1935. In 1947 he began recording and playing with Little Jimmy Dickens and Buddy Emmons
and many more that went on to become Country Music Legends in their own rights.

In 1953 he began working on the Opry as a staff musician playing every friday night, Saturday matinee
and Saturday night show for many years along with Jimmy Capps Billy Linneman and other Country Music Legends.
Spider also played the Ralph Emery Show every weekday morning for many decades and  so much more.

He recorded and backed more Country Music Legends than I can possibly name in one article. I have been
introduced to his work whole studying Hank Locklin, Don Gibson, Justin Tubb and the list goes on and on.
If you have a vinyl record collection that beats or rivals mine you have this man’s name on the credits
of many of them…Ray Price, Dolly Parton…it just keeps going.

I never stop researching and learning about Country Music and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.
My friend Mr. Joe Rucker who was good friends with Hank Locklin shared a really nice story on his
personal page not long ago saying Hank would announce “Here comes Spider” when it was his time
to do the turnaround.

In 1957 Don Gibson wrote and recorded “Oh Lonesome Me'” and I found his guitar work on this
number a few times which I believe the original solos were Hank Garland. One of my personal regrets
is my age, I always wished I was born about 40 years before I was and to actually get to be a part of
this era of Country Music. I missed out on the greatest era in history and there is no doubt about that.

2015 Music Festivals: The Ross Key Country Spring Fling.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Lone Oak Festival
Duck Creek Log Jam


Folks I’ll be honest Ross Key’s Spring Fling is JUST THE TYPE of festival I REALLY LIKE to cover and cover it I fact I’m on vacation that week. So I’ll be there for sure and I’ll be checking into how much I will need for a small tent down there. I MIGHT have a spot out here if it’s not too late to get one form them. Regardless THIS IS the type of local country music I LOVE to cover. This festival is close to my home and I GOT ROOM at the house for you!


Saturday May 23rd at Smitty’s Bar And Grill On The Hill in Lebanon Tn this festival will be hosted by Ross Key whom I met last year at R.,O.P.E. We got to talking and he invited my website out for some music so I said HELL YES and hey you can NOT BEAT the price….FREE! You know what, this is a great opportunity for me to point out something. When there are FREE community festivals like this one BUY MERCH from the performers, find a few you like and BUY CD’s and stuff from them!


Allen Karl

Ross Key – Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Howard Yearwood – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Tim Hood – Drums & Vocals
Troy Cantrell – Bass & Vocals
PJ Steelman – Steel Guitar & Vocals
Starr Belle – Keyboard & Vocals

Now I will say that I met P.J.Steelman last year at another festival and we had a good time together and I look forward to seeing him again. I will be researching some of the other performers and I will be contributing to this event in many ways. You know honestly I like to write my own information on these as much as possible BUT his bio was so interesting I just would like to re-print it here.

Born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia, Ross Key was born with a God-given musical talent. While he will tell you he had to work at learning each instrument he plays, he easily acquired the basics of music. Until 2011, Key lived within a 20-mile radius of his hometown. Key’s paternal grandparents told him he was a direct decendent (6th/7th generation) grandson of Francis Scott Key, the author of our nation’s National Anthem, the Star Spangled Banner. His uncle, Tommy Dunaway, played in the band with Mel Tillis, so as a child, he was exposed to the world of country music. Key recalls meeting Tillis’ daughter, Pam, when they were both small children.

Ross was given his first guitar by an older brother at age 12 and by 15, he was teaching guitar professionally at a local music store. He had his first paid, weekly gig by age 15 with his band, Key and the MasterLocks. He performed live on a local Jerry Lewis Telethon, and hired to perform at a McDonalds’ Grand Opening at that age. At age 16, he traveled Europe with the Boy Scouts of America, performing before King Gustaf of Sweden, which earned him a private audience with the King. He also performed before other political figures of that time throughout Europe. Key earned his Third Palm Eagle Scout badge by age 18.

A versatile musician, Key is an established professional entertainer, singer/songwriter and musician, incorporating his own material into his show which has garnered much attention from local and regional venues, radio stations, A&R’s, and record companies. Versatility coupled with a unique and distinctive style of his own, Key maintains a firm grasp on country music as it was performed by country music legends decades ago. His vocals range from soft and rasping to a hard, driving sound that creates an air of originality. Unlike many in his field, Key doesn’t duplicate or mimic. He makes each song his own, performing those songs that touch his heart in some manner. Key opens every show with his signature song, “Under The Double Eagle”, capturing the attention of audiences wherever he performs.

Key held the #1 spot for 24 months on ReverbNation’s local country music chart with his song, Saturday Night, and maintains a growing international fan base. Saturday Night still holds the #2 spot on his hometown country chart. In March and April 2011, Key debuted his talent in Nashville for the first time, performing in prestigious venues such as the Nashville Palace, Bluebird Cafe, and The Listening Room. However, it wasn’t until he attended a jam session in Lebanon, TN that he caught the attention of the then recently inducted CMA Hall of Fame, multi-platinum songwriter, Roy August. To-date, the pair have co-written songs for Key to record on a forthcoming album. His four week debut turned into a six week stay, having to return for another two weeks in May and June. In July 2011, Key officially moved to Nashville, leaving his native Lynchburg, Virginia for the first time.

Key holds a degree in Drafting and Architectural Science from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia. He is a master carpenter, plumber, and electrician.

Now folks there are MANY hotel accommodations off exit 238 and I-40. I shall list them on here for you
on here:

Econo Lodge (615) 444-1001
Day’s Inn (615) 449-5781
Sleep Inn & Suites (615) 449-7005
Comfort Suites (615) 443-0027
La Quinta Inn & Suites (615) 470-1001
Knight’s Inn (615) 449-2900

Demos Restaurant
Sunset Restaurant
Cracker Barrel
Gondola Restaurant
Waffle House
Logan’s Roadhouse
Taco Bell
Daily Buffet (Chinese) (located in the Walmart Shopping Ctr)
Ci-Ci’s Pizza
Pizza Hut



FOLKS you remember my three promises I made all of you when I first began this website?
I keep them always and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree. I NEVER will or went “to war” with any artist, I NEVER say anything horribly negative about someone’s music and I will NEVER do album reviews. With that being said I made MYSELF THIS promise, I’ll never blatantly try to solicit money from my readers directly. So I’m in a tight quandary here folks because the Midnight Jamboree needs financial and other support and help in order for the store to continue to bring it to you for FREE every Saturday like it has since over 60 years ago.

THE STORE IS NOT CLOSING NOR ARE ANY OF THE LOCATIONS CLOSING! So let me squelch ANY rumors or accusations against my website of spreading them, HOWEVER I will say I have been in direct contact with Country Music Legend Glenn Douglass Tubb and his associates and we MUST HAVE YOUR HELP to continue this.

I want to be honest with you right now THIS IS the most dire and important article I have EVER wrote and made. THIS is important and needs to be acted on right now. How can you help? Well for one ATTEND the Jamboree and support the store. Folks have stopped buying record albums and CD and more and more people have began buying online music and digital downloads. This is killing the record shop industry and we are loosing some really special historical places. True some folks are complaining the store has low stock and is not offering enough product but I ask you…if we are not spending money there for them to re-invest in that stock where will it come from?

Next weekend Mr. Glenn will be hosting a live Midnight Jamboree for Ernest Tubb’s 101st birthday and will once again feature Troubadors from the past including Jimmy Heap, Lynn Owsley and Leon Rhodes and more.
This will be the 3,549th LIVE broadcast of the event on WSM AM 650 and for a little while they will be rebroadcasting older shows because the store is having trouble hosting the event alone. So that’s where WE come in as FANS and friends of the Ernest Tubb Record Shops and Traditional Country Music in general.

OK I’m going to post a DIRECT QUOTE from Mr Glenn himself:
Many of you are asking how you can help save the Midnite Jamboree. Well, first of all, we are forming a Midnite Jamboree Association for people to join who love Country music and want to keep the Midnite Jamboree on the air. For those of you who are familiar with the MJ, you know what a blessing it has been for so many new artists and for the older established artists who may not have the opportunity to sing on the Grand Ole Opry. Also, those who are familiar with the MJ, you are also familiar with David McCormick, who owns and runs the Ernest Tubb Record Shops and the MJ. He has done so much to help so many people and never asks for anything in return. He has borne the burden of paying the expenses for the MJ for all these years (about $2,500.00 per show) , but the record shops can no longer support the MJ because people have quit buying records, thanks to the free downloads on the internet. For those who want to help, please contact Ken Mosher. For those artists out there who want to get involved; we would like to do a benefit concert this coming June during FanFair (or whatever they call it now). Please talk to your fellow artists and see who would like to appear on the show. If we could get a couple of really big names (Garth, Willie) we would need a big venue and that would be great. That would take care of the expenses for a year or more. Let’s keep the Midnite Jamboree going for the next generation of Country singers. Every cent that is raised will go to keeping the MJ on the air. God bless you all and keep you safe.

What we plan to do is to form a committee of members that pay a yearly one time fee to belong to the group.
They will be sending you items for your yearly fee and to refrain from soliciting anything from you you MUST email one of us for information on the fee. I have been selected to help in various ways for this cause.
ALL OF THIS MONEY will go directly to the store to continue the Jamboree.

WHO TO CONTACT: Gary Hayes or Facebook
Ken Mosher or Ken Mosher
Both of us can and will tell you where to send your fees and how much this will cost.

Do I need to continue to tell you readers just how important it is not to loose the Midnight Jamboree or any of the stores? How special are those places to you? Are you like me where you just get glassy eyed and warm all over when you walk in? We already lost half of Printer’s Alley and more places downtown than I can name and in my opinion we lost Tootsie’s. Country Music took It’s hardest blow it will ever take this year when we lost our beloved Little Jimmy Dickens…what would he want us to do? Sit on our butts and complain on social media saying “We hate pop country” or would he want you to GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN THERE AND FIGHT for what we want?

2015 Music Festivals: The Duck Creek Log Jam.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Lone Oak Festival


Well folks It’s time to talk to you about the Duck Creek Log Jam in the Hocking Hills area of Ohio. Folks I’ll be honest this festival is for the good old hardcore campers for the fact that it has no showers. To be honest my personal needs require me to stay in hotel rooms and I get some great deals when I feature them on here. Most festivals have really close hotel accommodations available and as always I am adding info to these articles ALL THE TIME! We’ll check into adding some hotel locations to this festival.

I usually print this on EVERY festival I cover on this…you are permitted to bring your own adult beverages but PLEASE don’t be ugly to others. THAT’S the number one rule to ANY music event. You know another big thing that bothered me last year was witnessing the destruction of the campground property. IF YOU see anyone defacing the nature or harassing wildlife or defacing the property PLEASE tell Mr. Kyle or the staff. We have to buy merch and support these people with our wallets and our hearts, our voices can and will be heard better if we are respectful of the business. Only then can we witness the growth of Roots Music or any kind for that matter.

This festival takes place Memorial Day Weekend May 22-24 in Ohio’s Hocking Hills area which is one of the most gorgeous places in the state. I have been in the area and in the near future I fully plan to come up and help this festival grow. We ALL have that ability just by going and when you do let the director know how much they are appreciated. They need to be informed your likes and dislikes on order to become great and if you do it in a positive manner NO director would be upset with your dislikes.

The Duck Creek Log Jam is held at the Duck Creek Camping and Outdoor Events Area. Located directly adjacent to Lake Logan State Park, Duck Creek is nearly 100 acres of beautiful landscape in the Hocking Hills. Diverse stands of trees, including our bald cypress grove, abundant wildlife, and secluded feel make Duck Creek the perfect setting for any outdoor event. This festival is outdoors rain or shine and has three stages, a main stage and two smaller stages. It has a Pine Grove Stage and a Cabin Porch Stage. It also has smaller little stages that encourage impulse performances. Now WHO will be on those three stages you ask?

Whiskey Shivers
The Howlin Brothers
Sol Driven Train
The Hocking River String Band
Buffalo Wabs And The Prince Hill Hustle
Caol Town Rounders
The Great Wide Open
Bibs And Barefeet
Bicentenial Bear
Honey And Houston

Now folks there will be more bands announced in the future and we’ll keep an eye out for any additions.Like all festivals as they announce more the ticket price goes up. There is a ten dollar parking fee per vehicle not included in the ticket price and there are vendors with ice and food but NO adult beverages sold on site…also
No glass bottles are permitted. Cans only.
No pets.
Swimming is permitted during daylight hours only and in designated areas. No night swimming.
Unauthorized sale of food or alcohol is prohibited.
No unauthorized vending.
No fireworks.
No weapons or knives.
No illegal drugs or controlled substances. If you need a nitrous tank and the guy with the backpack to have a good time, this festival is not for you.
No golf carts, ATVs or other motorized vehicles.
All coolers, vehicles, tents and persons are subject to search while on the premises.

To buy tickets you can click right HERE and folks for 125
that’s a GREAT deal for three days of music in the gorgeous area of Hocking Hills!


Moe Bandy To Host Benefit For Whitey Shafer


This was supposed to take place tonight and I’ll be honest we have some extremely inclement weather here in the Nashville area. Tennessee is covered in ice and my area is covered in snow and we can’t get around much. So I got behind on some website articles and keeping up with as much as I keep up with is hard. So right now I’ll tell you about a wonderful benefit that is taking place on March 18th at the Nashville Palace.

Country Music Legend Whitey Shafer is probably one of my personal favorite songwriters along with Dallas Frazier and Don Schlitz. My favorite song he ever wrote was ‘The Baptism Of Jessie Taylor” which was made a hit by Country Legend Johnny Russell. Through his long career that began 1967 he went on to write a ton of classic country music by himself and with his partner the one and only Lefty Frizzell. Together they wrote “I Never Go Around Mirrors'” and “That’s The Way Love Goes” for Merle Haggard.

By himself he wrote many hits like “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” for George Strait along with “All My Exs Live In Texas”. One of his most popular hits he wrote was “I Wonder Do You Think Of Me” by Keith Whitley. Now the reason that Moe Bandy was selected to host this benefit show for Whitey was because Whitey wrote Moe Bandy’s first 5 top hits. Moe Bandy himself once stated that he has recorded 33 songs that Whitey wrote.

Moe Bandy in my opinion is one of Country Music’s most overlooked Legends and he has never been given the attention he deserves. He’s had ten number one hits 40 top ten hits 65 charted releases and 5 albums certified Gold.
He has been performing his music in Branson lately and for many many years he has been around.

Now Moe Bandy and several others have organized a benefit show for Whitey as he has developed COPD which is a lung disease. it stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder and it killed my adopted father a few years ago. It is an absolutely cruel disease that attacks your oxygen intake.

What a star studded lineup that evening to perform for twenty bucks!
Rhonda Vincent
Mark Wills
Teea Goans
Johnny Lee
Joe Stampley
Becky Hobbs
T Graham Brown
Gene Watson
Jeannie Seely
David Frizzell
Dallas Frazier
Eddy Raven
John Conlee
Jimmy Fortune

Artist Feature: Tim Lynch


Well folks when I went to the Clarksville show featuring Shooter Jennings at the Warehouse I ran into this opening band. Folks I give you The Tim Lynch Band and he is from Clarksville Tennessee. I had heard of them but just never ran into them or got an opportunity to see them until then. I REALLY enjoyed his set and I got to talk with him for a little bit. He has a really talented bunch of guys playing for him and he has built quite a big following in this area. People I asked say nice things about him, and he also knew Wayne Mills so we share the memories of him.

I bought his album ‘Untitled” and he played one song in his set off that album it was called Walking Away”. I honestly thought his songs were raw and well written and his whole CD was real good. I enjoy his song “68 To Cadiz” cause I related really well to it being from that area. There were several other really good songs I found on the album I bought and I plan to watch him and follow him and support him more in the future. You’ll be seeing more articles on him for sure folks. I’ll be announcing any show dates he has in the future and tell you more on how you can support his music.

Artist Feature: Roger Simms And The Whiskey Down Band.


This past weekend I been busy as heck with other endeavors and I got a call from a fellow that I remembered from one of last year’s festivals. He was hiking and traveling all over the country just playing his music and having a good old time doing it! After all, isn’t that what these road dogs do? Honestly it’s not an easy task being a road musician. He is settled down now and got married and is down in Texas working hard to become established in the Texas music scene.

This is Roger Simms And The Whiskey Down Band and he is currently working pretty hard down there developing his sound and his style. He is going into the studio next week and beginning some recording with Ricky Hodges and at the same time he is in the Beaumont Texas area putting together his band.

He is also currently booking shows and gaining dates in his area and has merch available by going over to Facebook and contacting him on there. I was told his shirts are 12 plus shipping costs and he also has hats for sale.

He has performed with the likes of Dale Watson and more and he has quite a few years of stage experience under his belt. He is definitely an up and coming performer at festivals and shows all over the country. I am convinced with proper management and promotions he will do quite well out there when he implements his desired style to his look and to his music. Like many of his counterparts he is heavily influenced by the “Outlaw” country artists of the 1970’s, upon talking with him he mentioned Billy Joe Shaver and Johnny Cash.

In the next year or so I shall be expanding my operations toward Texas and I pretty much will placing him on my list of bands to see out there as I pummel Texas with my website. I’ll be certain to continue to keep an eye out for him and what he’s doing. I know from my standpoint as a consumer of music I want to be wowed with something original within Outlaw Country Music song wise and I hope he picks up a really good steel guitarist that compliments his style. MORE to come on this young man for sure folks!

Ernest Tubbs 101st Birthday At The Midnite Jamboree.


I got here very early to do some shopping and the theater is not open yet but I did
see Leon Rhodes come in and I helped him get his rig in the store. He said well now I
just have to learn how to play this thing. He sure is a hoot..all them older guys are.

I stopped over at Music City Grill first but there was no band just yet as they were
between sets. So I had a beer and an appetizer and came over here to browse a bit.
I’m here tonight to see the Midnite Jamboree hosted tonight by country music legend Glenn Douglass Tubb.
If his uncle Ernest were alive today he’d be 101. The store and the Jamboree need us right now and I feel at home here. I love to soak in the walls of history and watch the videos. I could honestly spend all day here because my brain is like a sponge when it comes to country music.

Leon Rhodes who played guitar for the Troubador’s from 1961 to 1967, along with Jimmy Heap Jr.on drums will also be appearing tonight with Mr. Glenn. Guitarist Jimmy Kay was also there along with many others. In the store I ran into Rob McNurlin who I’ll be writing about later this week, he has a new album out and I got to have a really nice conversation with him.

Ernest Tubb was the first country artist to ever play at Carnegie Hall in New York. He joined the Opry in 1943 and pioneered many new up and coming acts to the Opry, some of them becoming members as well. In fact he ushered in Loretta Lynn who to this day still plays the Opry her required amount as a member.
He was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1965 and contributed many thing to the Hall Of Fame too. Overhead on the speakers they played Jimmie Rodgers “TB Blues” as the curtain opened.

Tonight’s broadcast we show number 3,549 of the longest running radio program in existence short of only the Opry.
Miss Roxanne Attwood was there to substitute for Jennifer Herron who is usually the host that comes on and does the sponsor adds. Mr. Glenn told us all a story first about how in 1947 they started the show in a building on Commerce Street and the public began pouring out into the street the show drew such a large audience. Soon Glenn Tubb and his family loaded all the records into the store on Broadway which is now the current main store of the Ernest Tubb Record Shops. The Jamboree remained there until they opened the store on Music Valley Drive and the Troubador Theater relocated the show there.

Glenn Douglass Tubb opened his set with a song he wrote as the theme song for the Midnite Jamboree and it was called “The Midnite Jamboree”. It was a really nice upbeat song that shared a lot of history and I LOVED IT! And he then played “Thanks A Lot” and trust you me with Mr. Leon up there it was truly a blessed treat to see and hear.

Then he invited his first guest Bill White to come up and play a few numbers. I really and truly enjoyed his picking and singing, and I shall be delving into his music a little further soon and will try to feature him in an article. His first song was “Blue Eyed Elaine” and he followed with “Journey’s End”. I liked the way he dressed and presented himself.

Glenn told us a story about an interview someone once did with legendary producer Owen Bradley and they asked him when did country music start? He replied the day that Ernest Tubb came to town. And Glenn followed with one of my favorite songs he sings called “the Day That Ernest Tubb Came To Town”. He followed that with his most well known song he co-wrote with Jack Moran called “Skip A Rope”. I believe it was first recorded by Henson Cargill but it was cut well over 20 times.

One of the doctors from the cancer unit at Vanderbilt Hospital who is a very talented singer came along as his second guest. She is from Sri Lanka and I thought she did a wonderful job as she sang “He’ll Have To Go” made popular by Jim Reeves. Apparently over there they LOVE traditonal country music and she made it apparent.
She then sang a duet with Mr. Glenn and it was the Hank Sr. gospel song “When God Comes And Gathers his Jewels”.

The band the played a really nice instrumental version of ‘Half A Mind”. And then the next guests were Russ And Becky Jeffers. They also did a really nice job performing their songs I enjoyed them as well. We had a really awesome night of good old fashioned traditional country music. They played the ever popular duet song “If Teardrops Were Pennies” that was done by more people than I can count. They also played ‘When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold”.

Glenn Douglass Tubb played a new song for us called “There’s A Healer In The House”. You know I have known him a lot of years and I have never met a more kind hearted individual. He exemplifies the way a REAL Christian man should act and treats others with such love. He is more than a Legend he is a hero to me and many others. And he closed the show with the popular hymn “I’ll Fly Away”.

Folks THIS IS the time for action. I cannot stress this enough how important this program is to our music and to our community. It is integral that we keep this history and music available to your younger generations to learn form and enjoy. If we allow this valuable resource to disappear we only have ourselves to blame for the devastation.
We MUST ACT on behalf of Mr. David and the store! PLEASE folks go down there and PURCHASE MUSIC. I cannot stress this enough that all of you go buy a record or a CD from the store to prolong the longevity of the store and the radio show.

Sturgill Simpson Is Coming To 3rd And Lindsley.


This event is already sold out before I could even get the article up fast enough for this venue. Many of you know about this underground heavyweight sensation that sells out shows all over the country. He’s been deemed many things and lately he’s been labeled “The Savior Of Country Music” by many. So is he? Well it’s a task that even he himself has denounced many times in public as he recently signed with Capitol Records and went mainstream.

I’m hoping he does what Eric Church is doing with the Drive By Truckers, I hope he begins to bring the underground music above ground to the masses. He may not be the lone savior of the current state of Country Music nut he is certainly in a good position to become a warrior for it.

You know Chris Miller from Blue Ribbon Radio said it best in a Facebook thread the other night “I just want people who make good music to be able to pay their bills and feed their families”. I agree with my friend on this, I am not so much concerned with what’s mainstream or underground but if artists who get major airplay and have major financial backing can get smaller artists to a larger audience I am all for it.

On Feb 28th and March 1st he brings his pure Country Music music to 3Rd And Lindsley in Nashville. He’s doing two shows that weekend and they are both sold out completely and did so fast. If you can find some of the third party ticket holders to sell you tickets I applaud your efforts and I’ll be catching him down the road soon.

Country Legend John Conlee Performs New Song On The Opry Tonight.


Tonight as I was listening to the live stream of the Grand Old Opry we were treated to Country Legend John Conlee performing a new song called “Walking Behind The Star”. Now, he has not announced a new album as far as I have heard but that doesn’t mean I just haven’t found out yet.

Tonight he celebrates his 35th year as an Opry member and he announced the new song. He has been performing it all over Texas on his tour dates and he has a show date close to me but I won’t be able to make the show because of other ventures.

This song was dedicated to the men and women of law enforcement and he does a lot of benefit work for Wounded Warrior projects. Since his first major hit in 1978 ‘Rose Colored Glasses” which also spawned his first two number one hits he has been performing effortlessly all over the country. However the only video that I could find was not very good quality.

I’m hoping like Jim Ed Brown and a few more other Country Legends he will be making more new songs and new albums so I can announce them. You must understand that this is a very crucial article because with the loss of Little Jimmy Dickens and George Hamilton we have very few Legends that we can admire. We NEED this new music from him and the others, and we NEED to continue to listen to the Opry and go there to support the ones we still have with us.

2015 Music Festivals: Merlefest.

Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Lone Oak Festival


Well folks out there in Wilkesboro North Carolina we got a HUGE festival going on April 23-26 2015 called Merlefest. And before I even tell you the lineup I must say they JUST ADDED a 58 year old Honky Tonker that I’d say is pretty much safe to call him a Legend…DWIGHT YOAKAM.

I’m going to provide links to all the bands on my lineup on this article and it’s NOT going to be easy! The lineup on this one is a BIG BIG deal folks. This festival is not small time or little in any way.

Merlefest was founded in 1988 in memory of Eddy Merle Watson as a fundraiser for Wilkes Community College.
I thought at first it had something to do with Merle Haggard but no it was named and founded in memory of Doc Watson’s son who died in 1985. Doc Watson who died on May 29th 2012 often played the festival and provided much to the growth of the festival.

It is held on the campus of the Wilkes Community College in Wilksboro North Carolina and all these bands will play on 13 different stages…I’d have to hire a ton of help to cover this festival  I’m going to up front and honest about this festival there is NO smoking or drinking allowed. So if you are coming down there intending to party hard…don’t. Cause this festival is for music lovers that choose not to imbibe in that. You can click on the main link up there for maps and directions to the festival. Here is the lineup to this behemoth festival and TRUST ME if you are just like me and like to enjoy the music in public in a sober fashion
this is a GREAT festival.

Dwight Yoakam
The Avett Brothers
Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn
Hot Rize
Lee Ann Womack
North Mississippi Allstars
The Del McCoury Band
The Marshall Tucker Band
Earls of Leicester
Robert Earl Keen
Steep Canyon Rangers
Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis
The Gibson Brothers
Paul Thorn
Trampled By Turtles
Sam Bush Band
The Kruger Brothers
The Waybacks
Sutton, Holt and Coleman
Peter Rowan
Richard Watson
Nashville Bluegrass Band
Jim Lauderdale
Shannon Whitworth
Donna the Buffalo
Chatham County Line
Del Barber
Cahalen Morrison and Eli West
Blue Highway
Baillie and The Boys
The Spinney Brothers
The South Carolina Broadcasters
The Larry Stephenson Band
The Honeycutters
The David Mayfield Parade
New Country Rehab
Bob Hill
Blind Boy Paxton
Bill Mize
Jim Avett
Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
Andy May
The Two Man Gentlemen Band
The Stray Birds
The Ragbirds
The Jason Lee McKinney Band
The Honey Dewdrops
The Black Lillies
The Black Cadillacs
Roy Book Binder
The Grassifieds
Pete and Joan Wernick
Moore Brothers Band
Mark Johnson
Lorraine Jordan Carolina Road Band
>Logan Brill
>Joe West & The Santa Fe Revue
Jesse and Noah Bellamy
Jeff Little Trio
Jack Lawrence
Front Country
Emory Lester
Doug MacLeod
Carol Rifkin and Friends
Brandon Whyde and The Devil’s Keep
Bill Mathis
William Ritter and Sarah Ogletree
Wayne Henderson
Veronika Jackson
Brushy Rides
Andy Buckner
Unspoken Tradition
Underhill Rose
Reverend Robert Jones
Tut Taylor
Tony Williamson
Time Sawyer
The Sheets Family Band
The Local Boys
The Gravy Boys
Uncle Ted White
Steve And Ruth Smith
Sons Of The South Bluegrass Band
Mountain Park Old Time Band
The Sigmon Stringers
Mitch Greenhill
Locust Honey String Band
String Madness
Lee Bidgood
Laura Boosinger
Joe Smothers
Happy Traum
The Loose Strings Band
Glenn Bannerman
Farmer Jason
Charles Welch
Bobby Miller and The Virginia Dare Devils
Blue Ridge Heritage Cloggers
Bethel University Bluegrass Bands
Bearwallow Bluegrass Band
Bayou Diesil
Whitewater Ramble
Bandit’s Roost
Alberti Flea Circus
Kiran Singh

There are songwriting contests and nature walks that you can do while there and there will be hotel information being added to this article soon. There is a family area and an acoustic showcase for kids and plenty of family orientated things to do. Parking is included in the ticket price and there are plenty of shuttle services and disabled services for patrons.

Artist Feature: Mandy Mae Hallman (And Friends).


Well folks as I been promising I am finally getting to cover Mandy Mae Hallman who like me was raised in Wisconsin, only she is younger than me. When I moved down here she was a baby and sixteen years later I met someone who is walking in my shoes and I can relate to her. You know life down here in Nashville can be hard on the soul and I don’t want her to suffer like I did but then again it builds character and it makes a good song.

This gal makes a good song and I been enjoying her music for quite some time now. I want’…no I must bring you her music tonight. I have her other album she made with five original songs on it and I am here to get her new album called walls. This album was produced by Gary Sadker and was recorded at Cupit Music.

This gal was raised in my home state of Wisconsin and for those of you that know me personally I don’t talk about it much. I went through the same circumstances as she is now, when I moved here I knew nobody and I did know the southern culture and fit in quite well down here. I turned my life into this Country Music empire but it took years of hard work and a big boost from my heros. Now I have met all my heros, I been on every stage in town and pall bared for some of my greatest heros.

If Miss Mandy keep us her hard work and dedication to this craft she will go places and I’m quite confident she will turn her dreams into a living after she pays her dues. I kind of keep an eye on her and make sure nobody hurts her and make sure she doesn’t fall into any traps within the industry. She is becoming quite a polished performer and delivers her lyrics pretty well up there. She’s not nervous and her body motions are fluent with the mood of her songs.

Mandy Mae Hallman OK You can buy her music on here and check out her page on Reverbnation to buy her music.
I would HIGHLY SUGGEST buying her music on here and tell her I sent you. CD Baby also has her album, so there is your link folks.

She has great parents and a very supportive family and they come visit her frequently. She was raised right and when you meet her you’ll agree with me that she’s a truly gifted individual. I’d come down and see her anytime I could. So last night I went down to Belcourt Taps last night for her songwriter’s showcase with her friends Tara Tinsley and Joshua Hammons.

They swapped out songs together in a round form which is the most common way we do songwriter’s rounds here.
We usually sit in three and four spots and trade turns playing songs and the one on the left to the audience usually begins and that was Tara Tinsley. Her first song was ‘Go If You wanna Go” and honestly the room was not being considerate and quiet and I missed some of this song. But I thought her second song ‘3 Hour Drive” was her best of her entire set. It was well written and fit together good. Her third song about realtionships was called “Baby It’s Too Late” and it was another good song that I thought everybody could relate to. “Better Early Than Never” and “Never At All” were her closing songs.

Mandy was in the middle and the crowd loved her last night, she’s talented and just completely awesome.
Her first song I didnt catch the title of and I never heard her play it before. I’m pretty sure it was ‘Why Is Love Giving Up On Me” or it was “I’m Not Ready”..for the first round the bar was not being quiet for me to hear that well. Her second song was called “I’m Still In’ and that’s included in her new album and it ‘s a good song and she wrote it herself. I think she’s trying her own skills a little more and not relying on as many co writes as she explores new avenues. Her last three songs I recognized and love them, “Whiskey Goes With Lonely Too Well” is an upbeat good song. But “Katie” is her finest song she plays, your brain is a canvas and a song paints a picture on that canvas. That song creates a really nice picture in my mind. She closed her set with “Same Guy Different Levi’s” and that also is one of my favorite songs.

Joshua Hammond was the third person on the set and fit in well with the ladies. Now me personally I like all male or all female rounds more than mixed rounds. “Between A Rock And A Heartache” and it was his best song in my opinion of the night. “Dixie Is Her Name” and “Nothing’s For Sure” were his two middle songs I thought they were a little too commercial for my tastes, but that’s probably a good thing for him that they were. I think if he pitches his work to the right people he will get a cut on commercial mainstream music. His last song “Everclear” was really well written and I honestly liked that song as well, it had some creative  lines in the lyrics.

Shooter Jennings And Waymore’s Outlaws: Show 2.



Last night was the final night Shooter Jennings brings his tour with his father’s band Waymore’s Outlaws to my area. I attended two shows and you can read about my first adventure HERE. Tonight he is headed out to Georgia and I just spoke with Joshua Morningstar and he is ready to re join the tour. Last night Joshua Morningstar was not on the bill but I found some other bands I will be telling you about now and in other articles. I stumble upon many good artists by going to these shows early to check them out.

The Warehouse in Clarksville Tennessee is a real nice place to see a show in my immediate area. The ONLY complaint is it is a smoking venue so if you are allergic or just don’t like smoke you will need to expect that. It is a roomy and large venue and easy to access from Hwy 79. When I got there I found out there was no Wi-fi and I couldn’t use my tablet which is not a problem I’m always prepared to do this with pen and paper.

First up were The Ballistic Pintos which is a local band from Clarksville. They were playing “The South’s Gonna Do It Again” by Charlie Daniels. They played several songs and I was busy setting up everything and getting settled in my booth area. Later on in the evening I moved backstage to cover the show better. They also played the Tony Stampley hit “Whiskey On Ice Women On Fire” that Hank Williams Jr. made famous on his “High Notes” album from 1982.

The next band up was The Jon Royce Band and they were not bad at all, I enjoyed their set. They had some really good songs like one called “Take Me Home” and another called “Maker’s Mark’ which was celebration of his one year with sobriety. in the future I will be doing more work on some of these artists.

ESPECIALLY this next band the Tim Lynch Band from the Clarksville and Hopkinsville area.
His sound was made amazing last night and his guitarist is VERY good and made good use of his pedals. I’ll be featuring him in an artist feature later after I check out his album further. He involves the audience and has some really good upbeat songs. I liked his sound it was different from the rest and his appearance is just honest. His song ‘Halfway To Rockcastle” is a song everyone can relate to really well.

Waymore’s Outlaws played another top notch set last night and it was just as good as the first show I went to.
“Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way” from Waylon’s 1975 release “Dreming My Dreams” was once again their show opener and it was followed by “Rainy Day Woman” which they did not play last time.

‘Iv’e Always Been Crazy’ is one of my personal favorite Waylon albums from the 1970’s and one of the best albums Richie Albright ever produced for Waylon. “luckenbach Texas” is always a staple song on their set and is always enjoyable to hear. They played the ever popular Willie Nelson and Waylon song “Good Hearted Woman”. The Outlaws play the classic songs that we all recognize and enjoy as they all played for Waylon for many years. Last night it was said drummer Richie Albright played for Waylon for well over thirty years and Steel guitarist Fred Newell played many years with him as well.

They ended their own set with the ‘Theme From The Dukes Of Hazzard” which was wrote by Waylon and on his album “Music Man”. That song of course was well received by the audience last night. Lead singer Tommy Townsend has been in top form at both shows and they recorded a very good live album at the Goose On The Lake festival several years ago.

Shooter Jennings the youngest son of Waylon Jennings and the only child Waylon had with his last wife Country Legend Jessi Colter played one of the best shows I ever saw him play even though he was a little under the weather. Waylon and Jessi had a hand in releasing Wanted: The Outlaws which became the very first platinum selling country music albums in history.

Anybody that tells me that musicians don’t have jobs is absolutely mistaken. It is a rough and tough life and constant running around. You have to be in charge of so much going on at once and you need some extremely trusting and business minded people working for you as well. Shooter was not feeling well last night and he STILL got up there are gave me and the whole venue one hundred percent of his heart last night. He took the time to have a picture with me and for that I thank him. He faces a lot of scrutiny and he gets judged pretty hard by many and I think that’s unfair because he does A LOT for A LOT of people. That new BCR Mixtape brings people like Jayke Orvis and James Hunnicutt out to a whole new audience, and he is becoming one of the finest producers around.

“Aint Living Long Like This” and ‘Black Rose” were his opening set songs last night and I always enjoy his shows with Waymore’s Outlaws. He followed up those with ‘Waymore’s Blues”. His next song was once again off the BCR Mixtape and is called ‘She Talks To Rainbows” and I understand it is a Ramones song. You can watch the new video on the official Shooter Jennings website.

Next one he played was “Playing Possum” from his BCR EP “Dont Wait Up For George”. I’ll tell you what Ol Shooter tore up the place last night, what an awesome show. One of my favorite newer songs he does was “Nashville From Afar” and that’s also off the Mixtape CD that is only available at the live shows.

I like his first album, and it’s pretty much my favorite album he’s done so far. Off that album “Put The O Back In Country” he played “Solid Country Gold” and several more like ‘Gone To Carolina”. It sounded really good with the Outlaws accompanying him on them all. He played “Some Rowdy Women” and had steel guitarist Fred Newell once again multi tasking by playing an upright guitar as well. And as always Jerry ‘The Jigger” Bridges was in good form last night. His next song was another Waylon classic song called ‘Whistlers And Jugglers’ which is indeed a classic song from his father’s catalog.

“4rth Of July” was a song that I have always heard him play on every set I ever saw him play. And I reckon one could say it was his most commercially acclaimed song he has, as it was featured on radio when it was released. It doesn’t exactly mean much to my interest if mainstream radio embraces ANY band, artist or song. If I like it I like it and I LOVE Shooter’s music whatever genre you want to place him into. Artists usually release albums that do not always sound the same every time and there are few artists that I LOVE EVERYTHING they ever did. I don’t love every album or song he ever did but in general his music is completely awesome and he is one hell of a guy.

I have said it in the past many times…Shooter and his manager Jon have done SO MUCH for my website and for me as a fan. The first time I ever got to really talk with him was in 2013 when he played Muddy Roots Music festival and I got to see first hand how much he does for others.

Tommy Townsend sang an original Waymore’s Outlaws song “Same Old Outlaws” which you can find on their live album recorded at Goose On The Lake festival. You can find out more about the festival in my series that covers all the different festivals that are not giant corporate machines. Shooter closed his set for the evening with “US Hwy 41” and left the crowd going wild.

The spirit of Waylon Jennings is always a influence with me and many more. I’m sure many of you reading this grew up with his father and mother. But mind you Shooter is keeping his father’s image and work alive but at the same time he is maintaining his own style and producing many types of music. I know he faces many people that dislike him and call him names and he continues to keep being his own entity. He’s doing what he does because it is his heart and you cannot argue with that.

Ray Wylie Hubbard Announces New Album.


That 68 year old dirty Texas hippie redneck foulmouthed Outlaw Ray Wylie Hubbard announced today his new album will be called Ruffian’s Misfortune. You can pre-order the album HERE on his facebook page and it will be available in stores April 7th.

He is currently busy writing his autobiography, A Life…Well, Lived, and I saw on his website that he has as usual several Texas dates booked in the near future. He first gained underground popularity in 1973 when Jerry Jeff Walker cut his song “Up against The Wall Redneck Mother” and has become a regular road warrior ever since touring Texas and Oklahoma almost non-stop.

He is prominent on the Texas music scene and I have honestly never got to see him live yet and I am trying to keep my eyes open for him doing some Tennessee and Kentucky dates. I would defiantly travel a long distance to see him perform. This new album includes the duet “Rough On Ford Trucks And Chevrolets” with Sammy Hagar.


Scott H. Biram Has A Busy 2015.


Well folks I’m just preparing for my weekend of music work on the website I have some exciting things to bring you and I wanted to take a short few moments out to share some United States show dates with you for the Dirty Ol’ One Man Band Scott H Biram.

He’s been busy as heck overseas and on U.S. soil as well promoting his newest album on Bloodshot Records.
And when he comes to YOUR area you MUST go see his show you will NOT be disappointed.

Feb 04 Mercury Lounge Tulsa, OK
Feb 05 The Record Bar Kansas City, MO
Feb 06 Lizard’s Lounge Wichita, KS
Feb 07 3 Kings Denver, CO
Feb 09 The Knotty Pine Victor, ID
Feb 10 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 11 Neurolux Boise, ID
Feb 13 Dante’s Portland, OR
Feb 14 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA
Feb 15 The Shakedown Bellingham, WA
Feb 17 Bottom Of The Hill San Francisco, CA
Feb 18 The Echo Los Angeles, CA
Feb 19 Casbah San Diego, CA
Feb 20 Crescent Ballroom Phoenix, AZ
Feb 21 The Flycatcher Tucson, AZ

He is then going overseas to perform some shows in other countries, and I am hoping he does some summer and fall festivals. I’ll be including MANY MORE festivals in my series so be sure to keep watching that as well.

2015 Ameripolitan Awards.



Well my friends I’ll be honest..I’m not totally one hundred percent crazy about the idea of any awards show BUT I’ll inform you on it AND I will not say anything negative about it other than the fact I myself personally did not want to vote on one friend of mine against another. Honestly I REALLY enjoy ALL of the music involved and I have a lot of respect for ALL of the nominees involved in this ordeal. I certainly don’t favor one radio station or podcast above another especially with underground and roots music because THEY ALL contribute and they ALL are needed.

I did not vote and I wanted to wait until the voting was closed so I wouldn’t make readers feel like I was or am trying to influence their choice to vote on one certain person or organization. I LOVE THEM ALL! I want to influence you in a positive way and steer people towards show attendance and merch sales during those shows. I’m hoping with the decrease in gasoline prices that show attendance will escalate toward an increase.
With all that being said I will include the nominees here and links to them all, and how to purchase tickets to go see the event. One Day I have a Texas trip planned for sure. If YOU voted I do NOT mean to speak negative or argue with anyone, It’s just MY personal choice and I thank you for supporting the event.

Teea Goans
Tara Dunphy
Margo Price
Miss Leslie
Amber Digby

James Hand
Charlie Thompson
Sam Outlaw
James Intveld
Jake Penrod

J.P.Harris And The Tough Choices
The Cactus Blossoms
Adam Lee
The Derailers
Casey James Prestwood and the Burning Angels

Kim Lenz
Miss Ruby Ann
Lil’ Esther
Marti Brom
Kay Marie

Jinx Jones
Paul Pigat
James Intveld
Eddie Clendening
Jason D williams

The Millwinders
Big Sandy And His Fly Rite Boys
Deke Dickerson and The Ecco-Fonics
Emmy Lou
Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun

Carolyn Martin
Elana James
Pinto Pammy Foreman
Stacey Lee Guse
Kristyn Harris

Bobby Flores
Cornell Hurd
Dave Stuckey
Doug Moreland
Alvin Crow

Hot Club of Cowtown
Billy Mata And The Texas Tradition
The Western Swing Authority
Jason Roberts Band
The Lucky Stars

Sarah Gayle Meech
Darci Carlson
Izzy Cox
Emily Herring
Grace Askew

Jesse Dayton
PeeWee Moore
Scott H. Biram
Johnny Falstaff
Roger Alan Wade

The Freight Shakers
Jane Rose And The Dead End Boys
Eric Strickland And The B Sides
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
Dallas Moore Band

The Continental Club, Austin TX
Mercury Lounge, Tulsa OK
Knuckleheads, Kansas City MO
Luckenbach, Luckenbach TX
Zoo Bar, Lincoln NE
Lee’s Liquor Lounge
The White Horse, Austin Texas
Viva Cantina, Burbank CA
Lil’ Red’s Longhorn Saloon, Fort Worth TX
Sportsmen’s Tavern, Buffalo NY
Four Corners Music Hall, Untermeitingen Germany

Henri Herbert – Piano
Redd Volkaert – Guitar
Earl “Poole” Ball – Piano
Tjarko Jeen – Guitar
Kenny Sears – Fiddle
Ed “Pee Wee Charles” Ringwald – Steel Guitar
>Chris Casello – Guitar
Pete Anderson – Guitar
Joel Paterson – Guitar
Kenny Vaughn – Guitar

Mojo Nixon – Sirius XM Outlaw
Elizabeth Cook – Sirius XM Outlaw
Woody Adkins – KOPN 89.5 FM, Colombia MO
Gordon “Big G” Ames – KERV 1230 AM, Kerrville TX
Eddie Stubbs – WSM 650 AM, Nashville TN
Johnny Knoxville and Roger Alan Wade – Sirius XM Outlaw
Luthur Jackson – WOBO 88.7 FM, Batavia, OH
George Klein – Sirius XM Elvis Radio
Justin Trevino – KEQX 89.7 FM, Dublin TX
Eddie White – 2RRR 88.5 FM, Sydney Australia

Viva Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV
Horton’s Hayride, Long Beach CA
Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Bristol VA
Legends of Western Swing, Wichita Falls TX
Country Gold Festival, Kumamoto Japan

So folks on Tuesday Feb 17th you can go support this award show in Austin Texas and you can buy tickets HERE and folks like I said I am NOT blasting The Ameripolitan Awards..I just felt like I did not want to “push” any ONE nominee’s win
over another when I love them both.

2015 Music Festivals: Moonrunners Music Festival UPDATE.


Moonrunners Music Festival
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
Nelsonville Music Festival
Muddy Roots Music Festival
Outer Banks Island Bluegrass Festival
Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
30A Songwriters Festival
Ruckus In The Boonies
Crooked Smile Music Festival
John Hartford Memorial Festival

Well folks IT’S TIME to start getting all the lineups in and ready for 2015.
You KNOW I have been researching all the different festivals all over the
United States. And a few in Europe I will soon be paying some attention to too.
Will I ever go global? Well folks honestly I’m still wanting to do more in Texas
and Illinois and Alabama and Georgia first.
Will I ever hire help? Yes I might do that someday as I grow bigger yet still.
There’s SO MANY people that need my help out there and need to become promoted.
This website doesn’t charge ANY fees to be reported on or take ANY income other
than my Google ads so if you click on them you make me income I then in turn invest
in band merchandise and travel fees.

So folks here we go….Moonrunners Music Festival takes us to the “Windy City” of Chicago Illinois.
It takes place May 8th and 9th 2015 at Reggie’s Chicago.
This installment will not have hotel accommodations included just yet, I’ll add that later.
HOWEVER I DO have the ENTIRE LINEUP minus a few small bonus additions.

Reggies is one of the most popular live music venues in the Chicago area!
Hell it has a complete record store upstairs and a big rooftop deck.
It has two rooms and two stages and I understand they run simultaneously during this event.
Time Travel Magazine has rated Reggies one of the top ten things to do in Chicago
in 24 hours.

I have been researching the food (as I ALWAYS DO) when I check out venues and they
have a really good selection of plates and their wings are highly rated for the area.
They have HOMEMADE TV DINERS…I would have to check that out! They serve food from 11AM-Midnight.
And they have over 17 big screen televisions for sports while this music is going on?
I’d be content as all getout on that right there.
Wingfest 2012 has proclaimed their wings BEST in the Chicago area.

So DRUMROLL PLEASE………..The Lineup for 2015……………..
The Unseen
Bob Wayne And The Outlaw Carnies
roger Alan Wade
Lucky Tubb And The Modern Day Troubadors
Joseph Huber
Jayke Orvis
Joe Buck Yourself
Molly Gene One Whoaman Band
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Last False Hope
The Jailhouse Poets
Carmen Lee And The Tomorrow River Two
The Imperial Rooster
Lone Wolf OMB
The Drunken Cuddle
Sean K Preston
Utah Country Swillers
Mad Polecats
Barnyard Stompers
Lou Shields
The Calamity Cubes
Matt Woods with Adam Lee Special Set!
The Dead Soldiers
Call Me Bronco
Still Alive
Neverland:A Michael Jackson Fiasco
The Urban Pioneers
Aran Buzzas
Joshua Morningstar
The Smokestack Relics
The Ghost Bandits
Green Room Rockers
Psycho Bitches Outta Chicago

Honestly a TON of these bands and artists have all been prominently featured on this website. And some will be the focus of my “Artist Feature” series. They are new to the website but not new to the industry.
I literally have a HUGE list of features for you in the coming months and I got a good sized list of other festivals for you too!

Now this is an update FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER on ANY festival I EVER featured on here
The director of Moonrunners Festival Jahshie P has extended a VERY friendly gesture toward event attendees with different budgets. He has opened his inbox for PAYMENT PLANS for tickets to the festival. You can click on his link up there and contact him and set up whatever he offers.

How it is structured is an answer you’ll have to ask him as I have respectfully agreed to stay
out of their numbers, please understand my stance on this issue.
You do not find goodwill and good treatment of YOU THE FAN at those big corporate festivals with 5 dollar bottled water!