Jan 242016

Well folks it is time again to feature some more festivals for 2016, and trust you me I have about 200
of them to bring you throughout the United States. Right now I would like to feature another one I plan to attend in Chicago Illinois and that is none other than Moonrunners Music Festival for the fourth year now.

This one happens on July 4rth weekend which is later than usual for this one and it falls right into a good time for me I SHOULD be able to make it and I fully plan to be there right now. Mr. Jahshie P and his crew brought in some REALLY heavy hitter to foot this three day indoor festival that boasts two stages in two separate rooms.

Reggies Rock Club has been a pillar of the music community in downtown Chicago for eight years now, and I’m not totally sure about hotels yet, allow me some time to dwell on that folks. I can however direct you to the link to buy tickets to this event HERE.

You know a lot of folks don’t honestly realize the historical relevance of the city of Chicago and it’s role in forming Country Music as well as Roots Music.In the 1920’s when America was war ridden and weary from depression
and change Chicago was a bustling city and an epicenter for country music at one of it earliest roots. America was facing major industrialization and the cultural upheaval of the blues before it even HEARD the name Hank Williams.

The “National Barn Dance” was a radio program in the 1930s and 1940’s that launched the tenure of Gene Autry and singing cowboys and one of Country Music’s greatest females..Patsy Montana. It also brought out one of Country Music’s finest performers of his time, Bradley Kincaid. Rural farm America couldn’t come to grips with all this change and this program precluded the Opry. Due to the fact that in the late 1920’s WSM wasn’t being broadcast as strongly, the heartland immediately grabbed onto this show.

In 1993 two friends got together in a Chicago bar called Crash Palace, now called Delilah’s and compiled a wishlist of band names on a bar napkin and later formed the legendary underground label : Bloodshot Records. Two bands that stuck out to me from this era were the Bottle Rockets and The Sundowners.  Bloodshot also has been a home label to a few of this festival’s headlining artists Split Lip Rayfield and Scott H. Biram both of whom are Roots Music Legends in their own rights.

The Supersuckers
Split Lip Rayfield,
Scott H. Biram,
Dale Watson and his Lone Stars,
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club,
Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock,
Those Poor Bastards,
Hellbound Glory,
Urban Pioneers,
Joseph Huber,
Rachel Brooke,
Black Eyed Vermillion,
Gallows Bound,
J.B. Beverley,
Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy,
Izzy and the Catostophics,
Rickett Pass,
Filthy Still,
Call Me Bronco,
Ford Theater Reunion,
The Peculiar Pretzelmen,
Escape from the Zoo,
WT Newton,
Kiel Grove,
Last Daze,
Pearls Mahone,
Last False Hope,
Joshua Morningstar,
That Ol’ Coondog,
Th’ Piss Poor Players,
Aran Buzzas,
Brittany Avery,
Still Alive,
Death and Memphis,
The Kountry Kittens,
Hunter Grigg,
Stump Tail Dolly,
the Tosspints,
Gary Moore II,
Tony French, Curio,
Blackgrass Gospel,
Black Actress,
Murphy’s Lawyer,
Clem McGillicutty and the Burnouts,
Rock Bottom String Band,
Traveling Broke and Out of Gas,
Spike McGuire,
The Ridgelands,
Lonewolf OMB,
The Elixirs,
Mason ‘Damn’ Tinsley,
Noah Tyson,
Matthew ‘Mule’ McMckinley

Jan 242016


Folks I just made an update not long ago that they moved him from ICU and into a regular room. I had NO IDEA he was that sick and just about an hour ago it was reported from CEO of Heart Of Texas Records Tracy Pitcox that Country Legend Curtis Potter has died in a Texas hospital of complications from pneumonia at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene Texas tonight.

I’m just going to reprint here what was made public:

“Curtis had been battling congestive heart failure and pneumonia during the last week,” Heart of Texas Records president Tracy Pitcox said. “Before becoming ill, he was actively performing, booking dates and getting ready to return to the recording studio.”

At the age of 16, Potter was given his own radio television show on KRBC in Abilene and was part of the Bill Fox and Slim Willet shows.

In 1959, Potter joined the Hank Thompson organization. Thompson was impressed with the young vocalist and invited him to front the Brazos Valley Band and play bass guitar for him. In the thirteen years that Potter was with Hank, he traveled all over the United States, Europe, the Far East and even a much sought after Carnegie Hall appearance.

Potter’s first major hit was “You Comb Her Hair Every Morning” recorded on Dot Records and released May of 1969. That song would gather enough attention to become the catalyst of a forty five year recording career.

In 1973, Capitol Records released Potter’s shuffle “Walkin’ Talkin’ Breathin’ Case of Sorrow“. It was followed by a Texas Dance Hall album with Darrell McCall and Ray Sanders. In 1978, Dave Franer signed Curtis to Hillside Records releasing two very successful projects.

In 1984, Potter helped to form Step One Records in Nashville. Step One would become the largest independent label in the world releasing projects on Gene Watson, Ray Price, Kitty Wells, Hank Thompson and Clinton Gregory.

Potter and Willie Nelson had a number one video on Step One Records in 1995. “Turn Me Loose And Let Me Swing” was taken from the album “Six Hours At The Pedernales” and teamed Potter and Nelson recording twelve songs in a six hour session at Nelson‘s studio.

In 2005, Potter signed with Heart of Texas Records. Potter released “Them Old Honky Tonks” “Chicago Dancing Girls” “Down In Texas Today” and “The Potter’s Touch.” He also recorded two projects with Tony Booth and Darrell McCall under the name “The Survivors.”

His last album “Songs Of The Cherokee Cowboy” was a tribute to his hero Ray Price. Nelson joined Potter once again in the studio to record the title track for the album.

Potter’s last professional appearance was on December 31, with McCall at the Heart of Texas Events Center in Brady, Texas.

He is survived by his wife Pat and children Shane Potter, Sharlotte Smith, Rozlyn Froid and James Potter.

Funeral services are pending.

Folks if you follow my website and you know ME as a person you know how special the Legends are to me, and that I have been following him from day 1 since he was admitted to the hospital.

Jan 242016


OK Folks I’m sitting here writing this with cabin fever, and maybe it is the cabin fever but this new album from Hank Williams Jr. has got me scratching my head…it does. All in All I halfway liked it, I honestly do. But I have a few polite negative things to discuss about this album. Let me first start out by saying I’m NOT a studio expert or studio brain like my buddy Mr. J.D. Myers or Mr. Drew Burasco..Nor am I a producer like Mr. Dave Cobb who has become a Nashville terror with keys in hand.

I’m not an expert songwriter like Mr. Tony Stampley who wrote “Club U.S.A.” on this album which was a good upbeat song that was actually a high point on this album, and so was “Those Days Are Gone” which in MY opinion should have been the name of this album, cause they ARE gone…for Hank anyways..partly. “Those Days Are Gone” actually made me cry and NOT in a bad way, because the beat and the sound and his props to Ernest Tubb are indeed gone from mainstream country. You have to go see Whitey Morgan and Cody Jinks to hear that beer joint music now.

You know one thing that has me scratching my head here guys, all these one liner jokes between the songs…what’s up with that? I mean didn’t he and Kid Rock release a song a few years back telling us about how Hank 3 is “naughty” for using the F Word? Well so WHAT’S UP with his statement ” I Pulled A Bobby Mercer On That Motherfucker”? Ohhh ok since he bleeped it out I am not supposed to understand the point, gotcha Randall.

“Dress Like An Icon” was so full of name dropping it just turned me off because there was no real “meat” to the lyrics. It didn’t have the structure I expect from Hank Wililams Jr being the Icon that he truly is, I mean the man raised me and probably everyone reading this. He and Mr. Merle Kilgore and Mr. Jimmy Bowen all teamed up to create classic REAL Country material we ALL love. THOSE songs had structure and depth, not a list of two million names that influenced him but on the other hand I thought ok WHO but Hank Jr. has the right to name drop? So honestly I was kind of miffed on that whole deal right there.

I enjoyed the Mel Tillis song “Mental Revenge” that was made famous by Waylon Jennings and so many more, this a truly classic song and Hank Jr. did a FABULOUS job singing this song. However he has a very loud and powerful voice and to ( to me at least) they recorded his vocals VERY poorly on this whole album, and a lot of the music is REAL good his vocals at times lacked the “omph” we know out of him.

In the song that HE wrote “It’s about time” he periodically states we have had enough of this wired pop country sound, yet all these years he has oftentimes lambasted his own son for doing the very same thing? What validates this, considering the fact he has none other than Brantley Gilbert and Justin Moore help him re-do “Born The Boogie”? I try to remain polite and neutral but dammit THAT just rubbed me totally wrong, shame on him HOW can you hate pop country but like that? If YOU DO that’s totally YOUR opinion and I shall respect it but this is mine and I didn’t. Does the album remain in my rotation…YES it does. Am I saying Brantley Gilbert and those guys had bad vocals, No honestly I didn’t think they sang bad it’s just they represent what he is lambasting in other songs on the same album. And most importantly that song was the same that raised my Hank 3 debate.

Now then folks I’m sure that you have heard on every other Country music website in the universe that he has teamed up with 2015 sensation Chris Stapleton for some dates in 2016 and I would like to tell you about them too. You know Stapleton sold out THREE Ryman shows back to back in minutes, because all the mainstream people now love him from winning THREE CMA Awards last year. Much like sports teams all the mainstream people had to flock to the I Tunes and download the album instead of being real people and buying the real thing..and maybe one or two of them will actually spend time to research him and learn who the Steeldrivers are.

This is going to be one HELL of a good concert with the two of them together, in fact I think it will indeed be one of the best shows of 2016. Because despite ho critical I was of Hank Jr’s album he DOES put on one hell of a great show live any way you slice it and his live albums from Cobo Hall and others are highly sought after albums from collectors like me.

Aug. 5 – Tampa, Fla. @ MIDFLORIDA Credit Union Amphitheatre
Aug. 6 – West Palm Beach, Fla. @ Coral Sky Amphitheatre
Aug. 12 – Houston, Texas @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion presented by Huntsman
Aug. 13 – Austin, Texas @ Austin360 Amphitheater
Aug. 19 – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (Cleveland) @ Blossom Music Center
Aug. 20 – Clarkston, Mich. @ DTE Energy Music Theatre
Aug. 26 – Noblesville, Ind. (Indianapolis) @ Klipsch Music Center
Aug. 27 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ Riverbend Music Center