Feb 072016


Travis Harris And The West Coast Turnarounds are right now in the process of recording their new album called “The Truth And Other Lies”, and they are taking pre-orders now for that project. I have watched them announce several shows in their area and I always try to get up to their area to see them when I can. I’d like to see them on some festival lineups however I don’t recall seeing them so far.

They recently taped an appearance on Tim Farmer’s Homemade Jam which airs on PBS and it hasn’t been announced when it will initially air on television but that was indeed a huge step in the right direction for this band.

Here is a short video of their latest work and some interviews with all the band members. I’m going to be watching them and try to catch up with them in the near future and find out some more news on what they are up to. I usually see Mr. Travis at Muddy Roots for a brief time and I’ll always get the scoop on what his band is doing.

So for now folks go catch up with them and order the album:

********************* 2016 Dates **********************

Jan 8 Austin City Saloon Lexington, KY
Jan 29 Tim Farmer’s Homemade Jam Lancaster, KY
Jan 30 The EndZone Somerset, KY
Feb 13 Austin City Saloon Lexington, KY
Feb 20 Jeremy Hicks Music Festival Somerset, KY
Feb 26 The EndZone Somerset, KY
Feb 27 Bobby Mackey’s Wilder, KY
March 9 Red Barn Radio Lexington, KY
March 11 Austin City Saloon Lexington, KY
March 25 The EndZone Somerset, KY
April 2 Kirk’s Saloon Minerva, KY
April 9 Austin City Saloon Lexington, KY
April 22 The EndZone Somerset, KY
April 23 WDVX Blue Plate Special Knoxville, TN
May 13 Austin City Saloon Lexington, KY
May 20 The EndZone Somerset, KY
Jun 11 Austin City Saloon Lexington, KY
Jun 18 CountryFest Alexandria, KY
July 8 Austin City Saloon Lexington, KY

Feb 072016

The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam

folks like I said I literally have well over a hundred more festivals to bring to you all over the United States. Some of them I’ll be bringing live coverage to you with my articles and I try my best to add coverage to new festivals that have been pleading for my coverage.

Pickin In the Pasture is one of the further festivals that I have included in my list last year. It is located in Rockingham Vermont and on the website it is reported to be in Bellow Falls Vermont near the Connecticut River State Park.


This festival takes place in June on the 3rd and 4rth 2016 and it is quite an impressive lineup of Roots Music bands that I’m sure we all enjoy at other festivals as well all across the country. One of the bands I am noticing on many festival lineups at a few of them is the new sound of Mr. Ryan Clackner’s newest venture called Stump Tail Dolly. They are indeed blazing the roads this year red hot, and I look forward to catching up with them to see them perform. Now before I release the lineup to you I will include some photos with some FAQ information should you decide to include this festival in your plans.





A lot of these bands I have and always will report on with articles because I truly enjoy their music and I get to see them several times yearly. Now I have done some research and I will include some hotel links on this article but right now let’s take a look at the 2016 lineup:

Possessed By Paul James
Willy Tea Taylor
Dead Soldiers
Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy
Gallows Bound
Filthy Still
The Harmed Brothers
Tigerman Woah
Cactus Attack
Stump Tail Dolly
JD And Six Feet Deep
Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers

These are the hotels that I have researched from the area and have found for festival patrons like me that cannot camp on the festival grounds. Like always if anybody has any more information for me I will always include more.

Rodeway Inn Belows Falls
Yagna Inn
Hetty Green Motel
Saxton’s River Inn

Feb 072016


January 9th we mourned the loss of one of the most overlooked Icons of the Bakersfield Era of Country Music, Red Simpson. I have a few memories of him that I included in my article of him when he passed on. Much like Country Legend Mel McDaniel he left us with a piece of his legacy for us fans to enjoy before he died.

February 4rth he released his first new album since 2005 titled “Soda Pops And Saturdays”. This album features some never heard before songs that Red Simpson wrote and also some classic songs of his that he re recorded in 2015 for release on this album.

The song “Here In Frisco” is a song that was originally on the 1975 release “I’m Moving On”, which was a good song on this album and I have also heard Dale Watson sing it as well. Of course there were some really good Classic songs on this album like “My Name Is Red Simpson” and “Diesel Smoke”.

Red Simpson was actually quite active on stage up until late last year when he developed some heart problems and needed some heart work done. I actually heard he was healing well and it was quite a surprise to me that he passed away, it was sad because he had planned an epic concert at the Nashville Palace in Nashville once again VIA Muddy Roots.

HERE is where to order this album from Back Roads Records. And here is a complete track listing from the album that will also be available at the Crystal Palace.

Soda Pops and Saturdays
Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
I Might Be Old
Truck Drivin’ Man
Lucky Old Colorado
The Flying Saucer Man and the Truck Driver
Reachin’ for the Moon
Truck Drivin’ Fool
Jericho Jones
My Baby’s Waitin’
Here in Frisco
My Name is Red Simpson