Music Festivals 2016: The Duck Creek Log Jam.

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Mar 222016

The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam

Up there in them Hocking Hills of Ohio is the 5th annual Duck Creek Log Jam for 2016 on Memorial Day Weekend. Mr. Kyle and his crew do some truly great things for string bands and Bluegrass and Roots music up there in Ohio and this festival is a prime example. It’s known for it’s family friendly atmosphere in a stripped down non corporate setting and you will not pay 5 bucks for a bottle of water!

There are two camping areas for you, and honestly many other festivals are following suit in this fashion. One is family area where you are required to be quiet after the music stops and the party down zone where you CAN continue to party and pick all night long. Now HERE there is also what they call Dispersed Camping which means you can camp out in the woods instead of an open area, and the staff can help you find a really cool spot! AND NEW this year is their fully direct already set up facilities where all you do is pay and show up and it’s ALL SET UP for you, you can get more info on that HERE.

There is a 10 dollar parking fee due when you arrive but the venue is really spacious and nice, and there are no showers at this festival and the vendor area is quite large. You cannot have campfires just anywhere instead they have community fires for you, and this is a HUGE campground so I’m assuming there is more than one fire going.


There’s a festival map with complete layout of all three stages and all camping areas. Before I discuss the lineup and any hotels I research for this area I should point out that there are no pets allowed here and no golf carts either.

The Tillers
Tyler Childers
Ben Miller Band
Larry Keel Experience
Whiskey Shivers
Trout Steak Revival
The Howlin Brothers
Hocking River String Band
Coal Town Rounders
Strung Up
Gage Brothers
Knockin Spirits
Mr. Eric
Fret Mashers

So let’s see if THIS LINK will work and it will take you to ALL the hotels in the area along with prices and information.

Mar 222016


You know folks there are MANY Country Music websites that will write articles about Steve Young and write you facts about his life, well I’m going to do that too. But I’m going to tell you some real things too because much like the Billy Don Burns song…I was there. Many of my songwriter friends I look up to like Tom Ghent and Billy Don Burns also looked up to Steve Young.

Last Thursday I was with Shooter Jennings covering one of his shows with his father’s band Waymore’s Outlaws and I saw Mr. Dallas post on social media he died, and I wasn’t sure what was going on so I didn’t tell anyone. Mr. Steve played some work on Shooter’s new album Countach and I know Shooter was VERY influenced by him as he wrote “Lonesome On’ry and Mean” which was covered by his father Waylon Jennings and became a classic.

Steve Young was a part of what my friends and I have billed as the “Altamont Seven”. Up there on a bitter cold weekend mountain festival in Altamont Tennessee what turned out to be a commercial failure to some, turned out to be a prominent part of local music history.

That weekend forged some powerful friendships and alliances to which still apply to my life today, both professionally and personally. It also ushered in one of biggest ordeals in local music for many years, the death of Wayne Mills. Little did we know that just a short period after this event Wayne Mills would be lost, and many people mourned the loss..Mr. Steve was one of them.

In 1969 he released his debut album which was called “Rock Salt And Nails” wrote by Utah Phillips and later covered by Tyler Childers who I’ll be featuring in West Virginia in a few weeks, and after that he released 14 albums none of them charted accept his 1976 album “Renegade Picker”.

In 1972 he released his second album “Seven Bridges Road” which became his most commercially successful song being cut by the Eagles and also by the Winters Brothers, and he also charted with the song “It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way” I have dug up the link to my article I worte for the Altamont Seven HERE.

He released so many albums that were commercially and historically overlooked and they contained so many truly awesome songs like his 1975 “the White Trash Song” and “Montgomery In The Rain” which one of my heroes Buddy Emmons played steel guitar on, another classic song he wrote was called “All Her Lovers Want To Be The Hero”. I’m sure that I can speak for many when I say Mr, Steve will be sorely missed and will always be loved here on Earth but I’m quite sure he is playing rounds with some of the finest pickers to have ever graced the stage.

Mar 222016


Well folks in case you missed my coverage of last week’s Shooter Jennings and Waymore’s Outlaws show at the Wanted Saloon you can find it Here. Now this article has SOME info on the new Billy Don Burns album that BCR is releasing on Record Store Day (April 16th) on limited edition white vinyl…yep only 1000 copies will be sold.


I also wanted to further include more tour dates for the next leg of their tour, right now they are up in Chicago with Jahshie P and my Moonrunners friends after having Sunday night off. I’m honestly not sure when my next time I’ll be able to see Shooter and Miss Misty and the gang…it makes me sad but you know in order for me to cover the literally thousands of bands I do cover, it’s something I have to deal with.


Here’s most of my thoughts on his new album Countach, you know I read a LOT of “Country Music” websites printing things like “it’s the weirdest country music album ever”, and I’m scratching my head thinking it’s not Country however it has some Country roots mixed in..make sense? It’s AWESOME in my opinion but just STOP trying to put into a category, it deserves a place in all kinds of categories.

It is Shooter letting us into his heart and mind, it’s him sharing what influenced him to become Shooter Jennings..hell he named Black Country Rock after David Bowie and Giorgio had ties with him too. I’ll tell you what “The Never Ending Story” was quite a big part of my youth like Shooter, in fact I feel very close to him with childhood memories. This portion of the album took me so far back in time it was absolutely uncanny, and I loved it.

The entire album was portions of all kinds of bits and pieces of things like a part of his father’s iconic songs juxtaposed with the creator of a popular computer role playing game (RPG) from when we grew up. There’s also some work form Country Songwriting Legend Steve Young, who wrote songs for his father. Sadly when I was covering Shooter’s set last week we lost Steve Young to Hillbilly Heaven and we miss him.

I think he should be applauded for straying off the lines and doing what he wants and risking insults of some of his fans digressing this album, or ANY of his other albums. I know that so many people had to encourage Shooter to even attempt this album, and I’m glad he did because as a fan it gives me a better glimpse at what makes him tick..he has so many influences and directions and it’s not selfish to express them in your own way at that much risk of critical shots from “Country Music Websites”.