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How National Earth Day Hates Mr. Joe


You know folks, I have made several promises on this website to you my dear readers and one of them was I shall NEVER “go to war” with anyone ever. But there comes a time when you need to stop letting someone stomp on you like a doormat and stand up for your rights. Tonight is the time for me my friends as my arch nemesis Joe Placzkowski AKA “Mr. Pepper Hater” has struck me blindly with a harsh meme of my faults on social media which rendered me scarred.

You see we got this guy Trigger on another website that claims to have Taylor Swift and Shooter Jennings writing hateful songs about him instead of stroking his ego, this guy Mr. Joe has printed a politically incorrect meme about my lack of alcohol consumption at music festivals. Well let me stress this right now folks, I am to date inebriated at this point in time while researching bands for the upcoming Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie. I will NOT consume alcoholic beverages during said event so I can bring the BEST coverage anywhere!

You see folks yesterday was National Earth Day and I have relevant, logical proof that Mr. Joe is not only a threat to our precious Earth, he is in fact plotting to hoard ALL “white paper plates” for his own diabolical possessions. You see folks he produces his “paper plate comics” with these plates that he hoards and also illegally creates mockeries of many of your favorite Muddy Roots festival attendees.

I don’t know folks might could he just has nothing better to do at work than PRODUCE these horrible cartoons on our precious paper plates or might could he just doesn’t know that dollar general sells PLASTIC PLATES which do not harm our Earth. Well, the reason is because I firmly rightly reckon he hates China which is where the plastic plates come from. See folks I have proof that he is not concerned with public safety as this is from his very own website:

I now have a new favorite customer. I have named him Mr. Pepper. Please do not confuse him with Dr. Pepper. Mr. Pepper just screamed in my face because we are trying to murder his seven year old child. The packages of habanero peppers are right next to the packages of mini sweet peppers, and somebody slid the little sign that says “Mini Sweet Peppers” too close to the habaner peppers. Heres basically how it went…

Mr. Pepper: “Are habanero peppers sweet?”

*I slide the label over an inch back to where it should be*

Me: “No, somebody just moved the sign over.”

*He shakes the pepper package in my face*

Mr. Pepper: “This is like this every time I come in here! The habanero peppers aren’t labeled very well!” I know what they are, but my wife doesn’t! I give these peppers to my seven year old son! If my wife gave a habanero to my son, we would be in the hospital!”

Me: “I fixed the sign.”


* I take the little sign off the shelf, and he storms off*

Apparently, his wife can’t read the package That says “habanero chili peppers.” Poor Mrs. Pepper, she just can’t read very well. Mislabeled peppers are a safety concern, but not almost putting my eye out with a package of peppers, while shoving them in my face to prove a point. I guarantee right now, he’s on the internet going on a rant (much like what I am doing currently) about how stupid we are, how we are murdering the children, and how this has to be shared to save the world! We just sell peppers, but with the way people complain that we are murdering babies, I feel like the conductor on The Penguins cartoonish child abduction train from Batman Returns. These are great days we are living, bros…

So there you have it folks as I leave you with this question….will YOU stand idly by and allow THIS MAN…this Mr. Pepper hating white paper plate hoarding villain to hover over YOUR right to have a plentiful paper plate supply? I say NO NO let him use plastic which is safe.

List Of Weekly Local Music Shows In Nashville And Kentucky.

Folks I am constantly checking on local venues in Tennessee And Kentucky to bring you the BEST possible list of bands and artists to see. This does NOT include my festival articles you must go to them and check on who’s playing where for that. Have a show YOU want to report to me? You can email.


Steve Earle And The Dukes
The Warehouse At Mt. Victor July 27th

Ricky Skaggs
Ryman Auditorium July 28th

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers
Mercy Lounge July 29th

John Moreland
Basement Eat July 29th

David Frizzell
Troubador Theater July 30th

Ricky Skaggs And Kentucky Thunder
Beaver Dam Ampitheater August 20th

John Conlee
Lake Barkley Convention Center August 10th

Loretta Lynn
Carson Center August 12th

Mark Chesnutt
Big O Festival Owensboro Ky August 13th

Rodney Crowell and Steve Earle
Ryman Auditorium August 16th

Earl Thomas Conely
Renfro Valley August 20th

Richie Owens And The Farm Bureau
The 5 Spot August 20th

Cory Morrow
City Winery August 24rth

Nikki Lane
Live On The Green September 2nd

Elizabeth Cook
Live On The Green September 3rd

Cody Canada
Spillway September 9th

Gene Watson
Renfro Valley September 10th

John Anderson
Renfro Valley September 16th

Caleb Caudle
Americana Fest Spetember 22nd

Holly Williams
Ryman Auditorium October 1st

Ryan Bingham
Ryman Auditorium October 2nd

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Schlemohorn October 4rth

John Conlee
Renfro Valley October 8th

Rhonda Vincent
Renfro Valley October 29th

John Conlee
Lagala Bowling Green Ky October 9th

Gene Watson
Kentucky Opry October 7th and 8th

Sturgill Simpsom
Ryman Auditorium October 28th and 29th

Travis Tritt
Skypac November 3rd

Charlie Daniels
Volunteer Jam 2016 November 30th

The Devil Makes Three
The Cannery Ballroom Feb 4rth 2017

Kenneth Marr Throws Backyard Party.


Kenneth Marr has been my friend for many years, and in fact designed my logo for this website for me. He’s done graphics work for many of us, and next weekend he is throwing a backyard party with NO COVER just tip the bands. I’ll be honest I have indeed featured all of these artists and I’m hoping to hear some new tunes from John King And The Mud River Revival.

For absolute certain they were among my top albums of 2015 and every time I go see them I enjoy them more. I’m telling you this will be a family friendly event EVERYONE can attend and have fun. I honestly cannot say enough good about anybody on this bill here and I assure you next weekend I’ll have house guests for this one.

Mr. Kenneth expanded the stage to facilitate a full band now along with full lights and sound to bring you a truly fine outdoor type venue out in the country. As above stated it is a kid friendly party for the most part as I’m SURE Moondawg Hall would be most honored to play with any unattended toddlers before and after his set that night. He juggles and dances for their entertainment and can even make balloon animals.

Gravel Switch
Kendra Hope
Moondawg Hall
John King And The Mud River Revival

All of these artists I have had the opportunity to cover at the Spillway before in Bowling Green Kentucky. Now, Smith’s Grove isn’t far from Bowling Green and next week Saturday is SURE to be on hell of a fun backyard cookout complete with tons of music fun..and I’ll be there to document all the music as I usually do.

This will be my final music show until May when I cover TWO major festivals for the first time EVER..AND I host and sponsor a whole stage for the first time ever as I host the Honky Tonk stage for the Westport Roots Festival in Kansas City, Missouri. I shall also be at Opryland the 12th-15th for the Nashville Boogie so STAY TUNED for coverage of BOTH!

Record Store Day 2016 Brings Us Closer To Billy Don Burns.

I have always been told my way of doing things on my website was eclectic in many forms. I don’t honestly review albums I feature them and I’ll tell you honestly “here is what you’ll get”, although I do often input my opinions. In this article I’ll tell you all about my personal experience Saturday for Record Store Day and also I’m going to feature the main reason I was looking forward to it.


I went to Mellow Matt’s in Bowling Green Kentucky because I tell you what they have the friendliest staff EVER and carry ALL the GOODIES for someone like me. Reasonably priced used LP’s and CD’s. In fact I know people in other states that paid up to 35 for the same albums I pay 20 for. Now, honestly price means nothing when I TRULY WANT the piece of music but it means I’ll spend that on more music. I also saw many festival handbills being handed out and I in turn gave out Moonrunners flyers to people and I got ones for ROMP and another festival I’m already involved with John Hartford Memorial Festival.

I got there at 6:45 and that picture is from my view of the line already at the door, and it did my heart SO good to see so many people supporting their local area record stores. Every year Shooter Jennings and his label Black Country Rock releases a new addition for us to enjoy on Record Store Day. This year he released Billy Don Burns: A Night In Room 8. And this is my feature of that album, there’s a running meme joke on facebook that I listen to the same album 7 times in a row on nights. It took me more times than that to absorb this album’s rich history and meaning.


Billy Don Burns is an overlooked Country Music Legend of our time, and sadly not everybody even recognizes his name when they discuss Country Music. He had a very prominent role in the 1970’s and 80’s as a songwriter and backing musician, who often got snuck into the Opry by Lynn Owsley when he was playing for Wanda Jackson. This was in 1972 before Lynn took a job with Ernest Tubb in 1973 and became a full time Texas Troubador, and was still getting Billy Don Burns into the Opry. He often talks about these times in his song “I Was There”.

In the early 80’s he broke off a wedding engagement to Lorrie Morgan and began Gypsy Women Music Publishing which also sent him touring around the world after writing songs for Hank Cochran, Connie Smith and Mel Tillis and many more I constantly find on my LP collection over the years, however many of the songs on the album ” A Night In Room 8″ were penned later on in his career. Some of these songs I have heard Mr. Billy perform at various times in my life and one of the songs I recognized as a cover song and that was “Lesson Too Late For The Learning” which was wrote by Tom Paxton. It was covered by hundreds of people and appears on more than 40 of my own records.

This whole album was recorded personally by Shooter Jennings in room 8 at the hotel in Joshua Tree California in the very hotel room where Gram Parsons died in 1973. It includes many stories about various things in Billy’s life and how some of the songs came about. Folks this isn’t a big huge full band production..this is an acoustic up close and personal piece of Country Music history in pure stripped down form, and I’ll be honest so far it’s my top album of 2016. It’s going to take ONE HELL of a special meaningful piece of music history to beat it’s spot, I’m not all about big huge produced projects or names.

“Dead Or Alive” was a song I recognized that is about visiting Billy The Kid’s grave in Texas. I have seen Billy perform this song many places and along with the story about smoking joints and naked women in graveyards it made the song pretty much an Outlaw Anthem in it’s own right.

“Where Was Love” was a classic Billy Don Burns tale of getting caught cheating on him by one of his girlfriends and basically he wrote it while he caught her cheating on him and she was screaming I Love You at him as she was getting dressed. The back cover is comprised of some truly iconic pictures that in my opinion are the beginning of some timeless pieces of history, one reason because the Colonel Jon Hensley is in some of them and two because My. Billy is seen playing the album in the room. Miss Mary Sparr and Miss Misty Jennings took some truly wonderful pictures of the occasion.

Another one I have heard him play was “Outlaws At The Cross” and although the other songs on the album contained more backstory this songs is one of my most enjoyable on the album. It’s a reminder than an old addict like me can be forgiven as Jesus was crucified with murderers and thieves. It makes me remember him saying “Believe In Me and Thou Shalt Be With Me In Paradise and also the fact we are supposed to do all things to his glory.

“When Gram Parsons Died I Was Playing Hank” was actually a true story he was indeed playing Hank Williams in 1973 at Opryland for a job. I have several pictures in my home museum of him doing just that. I collect a lot of artifacts from the old forgotten amusement park form a time when Country Music WAS Country.

I’ll be honest it took me awhile to become comfortable with writing this it touched my soul so deeply in many ways because pretty much people like Bobby Mackey and Billy Don Burns raised me. The people of his ilk had a very profound effect on my youth and my raising. Do I suggest this album NO I pretty much will tell you if it’s not in your collection you are pretty much not a Country Music fan, it’s stronger than a suggestion.

Music Festivals 2016: The Muddy Roots Spring Weekender.


The Muddy Roots Spring Muddy Roots Spring Weekender
The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam

Muddy Roots Srping Weekender is one of the few Muddy Roots functions I have never been to. I did attend the first ever one in Adams Tennessee but since it has moved to the Nashville Indiana area I am usually always tied up with other projects.

I heavily support Muddy Roots other two festivals, in fact the main festival in Cookeville I have only missed one year of due to health issues. I was in the hospital and had a portion of my colon removed and had a long recovery and missed the festival, and last year the Nashville Boogie was an unprecedented success. I will be including coverage of the Nashville Boogie as much as I can it’s grown so large I cannot cover it all by myself.

Ok folks so this installment takes us to Nashville Indiana and the Brown County Campground as they present the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender. It’s a smaller more secluded version of the main festival in Cookeville which I’ll also be at. Folks I tell you what I WILL ALWAYS be working for Mr. Jason on the promotions front and he does a LOT to keep me rolling.


So how about this folks I have a map of the whole campground for you and it’s located right off of I-65. I have been to the venue for another function and it’s GORGEOUS! So this event takes place May 20th and 21st and will feature a iconic underground band that is one of the bands that started it all for me Split Lip Rayfield, in fact you will hear about them on a few festivals in 2016.

Split Lip Rayfield
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
The Tillers
Woody Pines
The Calamity Cubes
Joseph Huber
Austin Lucas
Al Scorch
Buffalo Wabs And The Price Hill Hustle
Dead Soldiers
Glade City Rounders
Matt Heckler
Husky Burnette
RL Cole
Keenan Rainwater
Joe’s Truck Stop
White Trash Blues Revival
Monzie Leo And The Big Sky
The Imperial Rooster
Hammer And The Hatchet

You can click HERE and buy tickets and by the way I make NO money off your ticket purchase it goes ALL to the festival companies NONE of my festival articles do. As always I found some hotels in the area for those of you that are like me and do not camp. So with all this information in mind why not go set aside some time to relax and let Muddy Roots entertain you?

Brown County Cabins
Comfort Inn
Abbey Inn
Creekside Retreat
Always Inn

W.B. Walker’s 3 Year Anniversary Show.

I’m here in West Virginia for W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show and he is having his third anniversary show here at the The V Club in Huntington. He has a ton of great music coming our way tonight and I have been invited to come over and cover the action, so I left early Friday morning and made a few stops along the way I’ll talk about later.

The V Club has a wonderful staff and sound man and it is quite a spacious venue. I was told it was really one of the best venues around that area. It had quite a nice smoking area for patrons with an additional bar outside for those that smoke. Wonderful painted murals adorn the outside walls from previous artists that have played iconic shows there.


I spent yesterday evening with Mr. Brandon and we had a few beers and listened to a bunch of great music, talking about stuff all night. West Virginia is absolutely beautiful and I’m having a really nice time out here enjoying all the music and hospitality, the music industry is all about treat guests in your home like family and it comes back to you..and you pass it back around. That’s basically how independent music survives, we all have our favorite bands we invite into our lives.


I got the humbled opportunity to ride all over Dingess West Virginia with him and his wife and they taught me history of their area, we got to share many good meals and if you are ever in that area stop at Reno’s for a steak. MAN were we full before going back to the house and I got to finally spend time with him in his backyard bar..actually front yard. There we shared many memories and listened to HOURS of music, I was welcomed like family (as Mr. Brandon would say) HELL I was treated better than family.


This show tonight was perhaps one of the most crowded and most difficult indoor shows I have worked in quite some time this place was so intensely packed I couldn’t get toward the stage for pictures after a certain amount of time. I could barely get toward the bar for a coke…and that’s NOT a bad thing at all, WOW local music truly is a popular thing here in West Virginia. On his own Tyler Childers can sell out the whole venue and Mr. Brandon strategically placed these ten artists together on one hell of a bill.


The whole show opened with Senora May Childers who recently got married to Tyler Childers and was featured on his one year anniversary show. As of today she has nothing officially released and these songs are tentatively named, the first song was “I Only Want You” and that was followed by “Forgive”.

Most of the song titles she did not announce and like Mr. Brandon said “She’s an enigma”  however she’s one hell of a talented young lady. In fact the first time I heard her she was Senora May Lanehart so I’m glad she found the love of her life, I haven’t and that aspect I do not wish on me.

She did announce the third song as “Flowers Wilt” and followed that up with ‘Country On Your Plate”.  After a song called “Don’t Blame Me Darli’n, she brought up Tyler Childers and they played “Sad Songs And Waltzes” which I really enjoyed.


The Horse Traders are indeed a hometown band here that were featured on his two year anniversary show, and I’m honored to finally be here to cover it. They sounded just awesome up there tonight, and opened their set with a song called “Hey Carolina”. If you remember I featured them on my coverage of Outlaw Fest a few years back.

They did a song called ’19” and followed that with a song called “Sunday Drive”. I’m hoping they come to the Nashville area so I can cover more of their shows, I’ll be telling all my friends that book shows about this band. Their next song was called “Ain’t No Ash” and right now they are playing a song off their album called “Cheap Wine”, and this venue is quickly becoming packed full of people. I can tell this has already become a huge success here in downtown Huntington tonight, and I hope this is the beginning of a long string of anniversary shows for W.B. They closed their set with a song called “Even Mountains”.


Next up was Josh Nolan whom I never featured on the website before tonight but right now the show is on stage break. Mr. Josh is from Stanton Kentucky and does shows all over the area, in fact on may 14th he is playing Paducah Kentucky.

He opened his set with “Do It Right” and then he played a song he was going to call William Wallace but he called it ‘Brave Heart Too” it was really a fantastic song, he’s a truly talented acoustic songwriter! I liked the style and fashion he delivered songs to us tonight here and I am admiring his songwriting skills with songs like “Waiting On the Night” .”East Kentucky Skyline” was his next song which was a more upbeat song, and he closed his set with “Till The Words Run Out”.


Next up was Luna And The Mountain Jets they are billed as an Appalachian Rock band from east Kentucky that plays in this area. They opened their set with a song called “Thanksgiving Day” and another called “Walkin Away”. Folks this is a truly energetic band with really good lead guitars and high energy songs.

They did a truly awesome cover of “Heard It Through The Grapevine” which actually impressed me a ton because it’s a song I don’t believe I ever heard any band cover before. Then they played one called “Silent Sunday Morning” and followed that up with “Lies And Envy”.

The last two songs of their set were “Firefly” and “It’s Okay” was the closing song for their set tonight, I tell you what I shall certainly be including them on future projects.


Next up was my 2015 Artist Of The Year none other than Joshua Morningstar! Now I don’t honestly reckon I need to elaborate on who he is because I have featured him so many times on here and I have been blessed to see him grow as an artist. I also featured him on my two year coverage article, and many other times in the past.

In the years I have known him I have featured him many times and shared many hotel rooms with him, and YES this year I will be featuring him on many more festivals I’m sure. He has come a long long way since we first met up there at Altamont. He opened his set up with a Billie Gant song called “The Night That They Shot Rueben Dixon Down” and followed that up with a song called “Brand New Angel”.

“Wished I Woulda Blues” was a song that I haven’t heard in quite some time live that I really enjoyed and then he went right into a new song that he said will be on his new album called “Today She Left For Good, She’s Left I Miss Her Bad”.

His set was full of tribute for the recently late Legend Merle Haggard and after playing “Motel Madness” he played a Merle Haggard song called ‘Working Man’s Blues”. After covering ‘Driving Nails In My Coffin” later on in his set he played a new song he wrote called “Merle Haggard Died Today” which has been getting a bunch of shares on other sites as well as his own. It has indeed become an internet sensation and I believe that in a short time it will become a live sensation as well.

‘All I Been Living For Is Gone” was another one that was included in his set that we truly enjoyed here tonight as well as a song he wrote about Billie Gant incidentally called “You Don’t Follow Billie Gant”. That song stems from Altamont as well as many others that each of us wrote and were inspired by. His full time band he travels with now called “The Pick Ups” were really good tonight they consist of Evan Bell and Bobby Miller. They closed their set (as always) with “I Saw The Light”. I tell you what it’s good to always have someone out there that you KNOW loves you and Mr. Joshua is one of them. WHEREVER I AM he is always welcome with me as well as his band, and I look forward to continue to watch him grow.


Now Justin Payne WHO CAME TONIGHT FROM THE HOSPITAL to not cancel his set came up to play before Colter Wall and he still played a song called “Pieces Of My Life”. Honestly this was the first time ever I saw a man show up in a hospital bracelet, I think that’s a world record and it shows his love for Mr. Brandon. In my opinion HIS ONE SONG was more iconic than any of the other acts because it had that much heart and soul.

At this time during the show I was so wrapped up in writing and documenting what was going on, and the place was getting so packed I could not get close to the stage so I was fortunate enough to be blessed with the share of Melissa Stilwell Photography for the rest of the photos in this article.


Joshua Black Wilkins man what can I say I’m listening to one of his vinyl records right now that I bought this weekend and I’m truly enjoying it. This man is one hell of a great photographer that had done a lot of work for many TV shows and artists, I was told he shot the covers Justin Townes Earle albums and worked for the TV show the Walking Dead. Now, if you are like me you know nothing of the Walking Dead but it’s a VERY popular television show out right now.

He opened his set with a song off the “Fair Weather” album called “Western” and his second song was a good choice off the ‘Settling The Dust” album called “I Heard You Whisper” which he played upon request for someone.  At this time it was becoming so packed I had to stay in my booth and work and I could not go up to the stage for pictures!

“I tremble” and another song “Put Your Hat back On” were two more choices off  the “Fair Weather” album we all enjoyed and my favorite one he plays is called “Shame On Alabama” and that’s off an album called ‘Pretty As A Junkyard”. Now that album is where I became familiar with him, and we have crossed paths at Muddy Roots Festivals but I never got the opportunity to cover his set until now so I was well pleased with this job.

His set closed with “Coke Sweats” ..the song not literally coke sweats..and he closed with a song off “Hellbent And Brokenhearted” called “In My Time Of Dying”.  Truly a damn fine set this evening and I look forward to covering his music more in the future I’ll have to come down to Nashville for him sometime.


Caleb Caudle comes to us from Winston-Salem and he was also included in my Top 50 albums of 2015 last year with his latest offering “Carolina Ghost”. Tonight he played a TON of songs off the new album and I got buy it and to my surprise it was CLEAR VINYL…YES! I am TRULY pleased with my purchase it sounds awesome on record.

His opening song was called “Drag” was one of the only few songs that were not on his new album, and he followed that with ‘Piedmont Sky” which was on the new album. He truly did a damn fine job up there tonight and was a good fit with the other acts on this bill, Mr. Brandon did a good job placing all the bands time wise too.

His next songs were “Gotta Be” and “Uphill Battle” and he followed those with songs that featured one of my favorites Lydia Loveless on vocals (on the albums, she wasn’t there in person) ‘No Laughter In This House” and “Trade All The lights”.

Much like everyone else tonight Merle Haggard’s memory was greatly praised tonight and he played “Misery And Gin” off his 1980 classic album “Back To The Barrooms”. That song was written by Snuff Garrett who in my opinion is VERY overlooked as a contributor to Country Music, I mean the man wrote the script for Every Which Way But Loose along with Jeremy Joe Krosenberg and was laughed at for pitching the monkey movie to Warner Brothers. It ended up being one of the top 200 highest grossing films in history.

He closed his set with my favorite song he does called “white Dove’s Wing” and also “Carolina Ghost”. I tell you what if he’s in your area you BETTER NOT miss this show folks you won’t be disappointed! He left us wanting more off the new album.


Colter Wall came down from Canada to play for us and along with Caleb Caudle his album Imaginary Appalachia made my “Top 50 albums Of 2015” and was a very popular choice to me last year, even though it was a short album ever y song was truly good.

He opened his set with a song called “Kate McCannon” and a Woody Guthrie song called “Philadelphia Lawyer” now I’d like to point out all the Merle Haggard references tonight. This song was on one of Merle’s live albums where he and Bonnie Owens sang the song, and there are many more versions of this song.

“Hotel Yorba” was next and another GOOD song off the album called “The Devil Wears A Suit And Tie”, and another we recently heard Whitey Morgan do called “Waiti’n Around To Die” which was originally a Townes Van Zandt song. “High And Lonesome” was next followed by a new song that he told me was as of yet untitled.

He has a really low and unique voice and a really good stage presence, and for being so young his style and influences have a lot of age to them. His last song was called “Sleeping On The Blacktop”. And NOW came the last act of the night and apparently the act that makes this place go nuts because they are packed like sardines in here. And a LOT of beer is being consumed tonight here…


Now, this is Tyler Childers third year of doing W.B.Walker’s anniversary show and BY GOD you can tell this is HIS stomping grounds! This place went absolutely NUTS when he came on and immediately the audience began singing all the words.


His voice is so very distinguishing away from other artists in his own mountain soaked fashion and it’s tainted with tales of despair, poverty and pills. In fact his first song was “Nose To The Grindstone And Your Mind Off The Pills”. This is truly modern day Country Music folks from the kingdom of broken bottles and struggles to get through life.

“Follow You To Virgie” was his second song and that was followed by “If The Whiskey Could Talk”. At some points it was so loud with crown participation it was hard to hear Tyler sing, that’s not a negative cut either. This is truly the real deal hometown man right here.

He continued with the John Prine classic “Muhlenberg County” and also played “Rock Salt And Nails” my favorite song he does. That song was made equally famous by Country Music songwriting Legend Steve Young and was written by Utah Phillips. “Charleston Girl” was next and then he brought out his band the Foodstamps.

They played “Deadman’s Curve first along with ” White House Road” and they closed their set with “Trudy” from Charlie Daniels..he did an encore after the entire place shouting ONE MORE SONG….ONE MORE SONG.. that song was “Working Man’s Blues”. I done said it before the spirit of Merle Haggard was truly in the house tonight, and I cannot thank W.B.Walker enough for inviting me to be a part of it all.

It was truly an experience I would never ever trade back and I’m really glad I went because it you never know what life will bring next for any of us. Treasure your time with your friends and the artists you love because in a instant, in a flash they can be gone.

Album Features.


Jill Kinsey: Just Jill

Jill Kinsey is a road hot blazing gypsy that is part of a group I used to feature quite a bit on here called the Last Honky Tonk Music Series. A lot of the shows don’t happen close enough to me to cover on a regular basis however some of the members I keep close tabs on and Miss Jill is one of them. If different groups don’t always return enough attention to the posts I usually focus on other ventures. I need return support in order to continue having the ability to continue to do this. However like I said I enjoy her music and also Moondawg Hall who I’ll be featuring later.

She released this album a few weeks ago by herself and it was recorded and produced by the Talent Brothers who recently released a pretty good album last year. This album contains thirteen songs Jill wrote herself or co-wrote, most of which were not bad. The most well written song on the album was the second one called “Woman Scorned” I truly enjoyed that one the most, I liked the way she sang the song it fit her vocals well.

The album opened with a song called “Cocaine Blues” and at first glance I was disenchanted with it because I thought it was a Johnny Cash cover. It however is FAR from that and it actually was indeed a good song and was good to see the album open with two upbeat songs that were well written.

“Saved” was the next song on the album which was a song about sex and the devil that had a pretty good beat to it, the lyrics didn’t really do much for me on this one but that’s just my opinion. Nonetheless it was still a pretty good driving song to jam too. “California Angel” was another good song on the album that featured her vocals really well on the song, it seems that the more upbeat songs showcase her vocals better than slower songs and she has a truly distinct style all her own. I could easily pick her out of a crowd of other singers.

“With You” was a slower waltz styled song that had a good melody and had a terrific mix on her vocals but I thought she presented more upbeat songs better than slower ones. However I will say that this song was really commercial and I could see several mainstream artists singing this song and charting with it. I thought the lyrics were really outstanding it was a song anyone could relate to.

“Educate Yourself” was another really good song that stood out above all the others with the tempo of the song. All in All this album was pretty darn good and I highly suggest you stop over and pick it up for your collection and check out her shows on the Last Honky Tonk homepage and see if they are coming to your area.


The Cactus Blossoms: You’re Dreaming

This is the third album from this powerful duo that has more soul and harmonies than most of the bands out there today, I simply cannot understand WHY radio or mainstream music has not gone nuts over these men. Immediately upon hearing this album the hair on my arms and neck stood up and I brought back to the Everly Brothers and Marty Robbins harmonies. I’m going to literally warn you folks..if you are a Country Music purist you will absolutely LOVE this album.

It opens with the upbeat and singing song “Stoplight Kisses” which like I previously said sounds like it came straight out of the 1970’s oldies rockabilly however all but two of these songs were originally written by half of this duo. Along with the title track “You’re Dreaming” both of the album’s openers just totally flow into your brain like fine wine.

“Clown Collector” was a cleverly written hopping song about women and how they collect deadbeat men in their lives..clearly a scenario I can relate with. They want snazzy looking clowns with sparkly Luke Bryan britches.
Follow that with the meaningful song “Powder Blue” which was also equally clever on the pen along with the mind.

This Minnesota duo does a lot of touring nationwide although I haven’t really seen their names on many festival lineups this year I plan to go out of my way to see them perform. There is indeed a live album from 2013 where you can get a better look at their live shows. The only downside to this whole wonderful album is that it is only eleven songs however it ends with the iconic “Traveler’s Paradise”. Trust me you will NOT be disappointed adding this album to your collection.


Margo Price: Midwest Farmer’s Daughter

I’m not going to lie folks, this one is probably in my Top 5 of my Top 50 of 2016 already. It would be completely mind blowing to find an album to beat it. She sings solid gold Country pain in her whiskey soaked vocals. This whole album will completely take back to the Honky Tonk to throw peanuts on the floor and drink heavily.

The album opens with “Hands Of Time” which is a popping good Country song about the family farm, but it doesn’t showcase her band or her voice as well as “About To Find Out” which was a steel guitar infused twang anthem of modern day music. This woman kicks modern day ass the likes of Loretta in the late 70’s along with stellar steel guitar solos and good old fashioned piano.

“Tennessee Song” was also a truly damn fine song and I truly enjoyed the opening of this whole album her voice is gritty and real, and she has her own niche in Country Music. She isn’t trying to sound like anyone but Margo Price and her band the Pricetags are truly a well oiled machine. Tennessee Song is a hard drumming fist pounding twangy barrage of solid Country that will stomp you right in the mouth.

“This Town Gets Around” was a good swing song that she played at Muddy Roots last year I remembered about Nashville. And honestly it’s all true, all the lyrics are totally easy for anyone to relate to. It also has that swinging hillbilly steel guitar tone that is accompanied by fiddles, she don’t write the shit that gets bought and sold and that’s why I love her!

The last great song “Weekender” was a classic prison song about the Davidson County Jail and trust you me you’ll enjoy the piano and the steel on this song as well. I thought this song was a truly great finale as it showed off her vocals better than any other song on the album to me. It’s something modern day radio needs these days…hell the WORLD needs Margo Price!

The Vision Of A Muddy Mountain: Muddy Roots Attempts To Buy Guntown.


You can bitch about what Music Row has done to our country music until you are blue in the face or you can click the link and be part of the solution. Help us open a Country & Western music theme park in Kentucky! Jason Galaz.

You know folks if I have to explain to you just exactly WHAT or WHO Muddy Roots is you might not be an avid reader of my website because I cover a LOT of what Mr. Jason does within the music community. I truly appreciate and enjoy all he does for my community and others. With the coming of the Nashville Boogie his company brought forth Americana and Roots music along with Rockabilly and others to the forefront where the major media has pushed it under the carpet. And this isn’t an article by somebody from some newspaper that just heard about Muddy Roots…I been a supporter since the first ever Cookeville festival happened in 2010, and I am a music lover and more importantly he is a friend.

REAL Country DOES exist It’s just being hidden from you, and Muddy Roots is proving this with ACTIONS not words! Hell who else would dare bring Chris Isaak and Woody Pines to the Opry house? Who else would bring the likes of Dale Watson to the Opryland Hotel? WHO ELSE would record the Legendary Billy Harlan at studio B?

Now on April 20th Mr. Jason has revealed plans to attempt to buy Guntown Mountain in Cave City Kentucky, about two hours from my house. The old western themed 30 acre amusement park re-opened in 2015 as “Funtown”, however it was closed last September and condemned for numerous code violations and deemed unsafe by the city.

Guntown Mountain was indeed a timeless part of Kentucky’s history that was destroyed by a negligent owner and as Mr. Jason reported to us it will need a lot of renovation and work but it CAN be achieved through public support and help. This week he has opened a Fundraiser campaign to raise the funds needed to buy this attraction and transform it into a mecca of music.

It’s current owner had a long history of neglect for the property and faced many legal issues due to his personal life and was forced to file for bankruptcy. The County Commissioner has now ordered the property to go to auction and Mr. Jason recently announced his intentions of purchasing the property, and restoring it to it’s previous epic of grandeur.

He currently plans to reopen the theme park as a Country and Western Music based Muddy Roots world headquarters and currently plans to also retain the other festivals as well.