May 152016


Man what can I say about The Planet Rockers that I failed to mention last year? I mean honestly they were one of my top 3 acts of last year’s Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekend, having played at the Palace. This year they were in the Ryman exhibit hall and they sounded absolutely amazing, like rolling thunder and loud enough to bring Unknown Hinson back to life.

These guys are like the Motorhead of Rockabilly, loud and obnoxiously heavy in the most awesome way I could ever write about. Once again lead guitarist Eddie Angel just absolutely slayed it on that stage with blazing leads and with Sonny George up there bellowing out songs like their opener “Big Wheel”  and “Spin My Wheels”.

If you missed their set Friday you missed you missed a iconic set for sure, as they went into ‘Yes I Do”. These guys have been around for a long time as their LIVE album A Night At The Twist And Shout from 1998 in my opinion is one of the best LIVE albums I have in my collection. A bunch of these songs are on that album as well like “Gravy Train” and “Truck Drivers Rock”.

They played “King Fool” and my personal favorite song they do is called “One’s All The Law Will Allow”, I just like the lyrics and they way he hollers out about that Jersey Cow and One Eyed Horse. One of the last songs I remembered was “Hot Seat”, and also I was getting ready to head back over to the Nashville Palace to finish off my night with my next two acts that were monumental in every way but before I tell you about that I remember hearing “Trouble Up The Road”.


Rosie Flores is one of Rockabilly’s most beloved Legends and one that I have never had the opportunity to cover on my website, her OR the next Country Music Legend the one and only Dale Watson. Both Texans played at the Nashville Palace where I finished up my second day of music watching partly because I locked my keys in my truck and had to wait on AAA to get there.  Not sure if you noticed that but AAA is actually a sponsor of me and has provided me with a membership and dog gone it I’m glad to have them there for me.

She opened her set with “Get Rhythm” and another called “I Want You To Know” and she also is in the process of recording a new album this year. Her set tonight was filled with many instrumentals showcasing her true guitar gun slinging fashion from a time many were dreaming of playing music. Miss Rosie paved the way for many of the other acts this weekend as did Dale Watson and Billy Harlan.

“I Want You To Know” was another song she played and she also announced that she is recording a new album as well and it will be out in fall. “King Of The Blues” was a good song she played and then she went into some songs that Dwight Yoakam made popular like “If There Was A Way”. In fact that’s my personal favorite album Dwight ever released, and actually my favorite album of 1990. It was his fourth studio album and by far his most popular to date.

Later on in the set Miss Rosie played another Dwight song “Long White Cadillac”, but first she played a song called “Country Boy” and another called “Drug Store rock” which was off the Rockabilly Philly album which I picked up on CD tonight. She closed up her set with “Tear Me Up”, and the crowd was truly pouring into the Palace ri ght now to hear the next act tonight and my final one before I went home.


Dale Watson is a Country Music Legend in his own right and has been burning up the roads since 1970. In many ways he paved the way for those that came after him but yet had his way paved by my last act I just covered Rosie Flores, having began his recording career upon her urging. He is a former house band member of the famed California venue the iconic Palomino Club, which was featured in the Clint Eastwood classics “Every Which Way But Loose” and “Any Which Way You Can”.

Honestly going into this show I was expecting a wide range of songs and was hoping he would dip WAY back into his list of songs for us tonight, and of course he features the famed Lone Star Beer commercials during his set. He opened with “Things I Shouldn’t Do” and followed it up with “Jonesin For Jones” of course that was a song dedicated to George Jones.

“Honky Tonkers Don’t Cry” was third and I did indeed expect this song tonight and was glad to hear it. He played a Merle Haggard song “Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down” and followed up with the ever popular “Whiskey Or God”. I wished he would come to Nashville more often but I’m going to be honest folks, he got off the bus and played and got back on the bus THAT FAST. He drove 11 hours to play for one and drove 11 back, THAT is road dogging it.

“I Lie When I Drink” was next another great song that initiates huge crowd interaction when they get to answer back “I Drink A Lot”. He played one called “Texas Boogie” before playing his anti-pop country anthem “Country My Ass” which pretty much got us all into party mode there, “Exit 109” was part of the set tonight as well.

He played “Suicide Sam” and several more of his truck driving songs that he is so well known for playing and recording like “Jack’s Truck Stop” and another called the “Birmingham Breakdown”. Honestly so far this was one of the top 3 sets of the entire festival in my opinion and I REALLY enjoyed it and couldn’t think of a better venue to see it than the Palace, in fact I’m on my way back down there for lunch and music ad records RIGHT NOW!

…oh wait he closed with “My Baby Makes Me Gravy”…and that Lone Star jingle again. You cannot forget the Lone Star sponsorship, I always wondered what kind of beer he liked?

May 152016

I’m here at the second day of the festival and this begining portion is at the Opryland Hotel. There are two stages here, one is in the Ryman Exhiit Hall and one is in the Event Center. Ill be bouncing all over today as I attempt to tackle yet another day of music. I am trying my new toy which is a bluetooth keyboard paired up to my smartphone because I am prepared for any scenario while writing. Todays first band is Little Leslie And The Bloodshots which was a Rockabilly band from NYC and honestly as I’m writing this I’m watching another band so I can speak in past tense…they did a truly fine set.


They opened their set with a song called “24 Hours More” and one called “Nothing Without You”. Now it was announced that the trio is indeed recording a new album this summer in July, which I’ll be watching for so I can bring you folks more information on it. Three of the new songs they played today for us at the Boogie one was called “Bad Girl” and the other was called “You Don’t Fool Me”. Later on in the set they also played a new song called “Losing My Mind”.

Very energetic lead singer and bassist this band here has lots of really good photo opportunities from them tonight as you can obviously see. ” You Can’t Break My Soul” was really a good rocking song, very fast paced songs full of dancing.  “Long Gone So Gone” was another decent song and the place was filling fast I couldn’t really get up near the stage to buy an album. There were a few more songs I caught before I had to move on to the next stage and they were “I Got A Man” and one of their last songs was “Happy When Your’e Gone”.

I then made my way next door to the Opryland Events Center where I finally ran into my buddy Ronnie Reels from Reelsound Productions who in my opinion is one of the finest sound guys in the business in every way, I highly suggest him for your favorite festival. My next band today comes all the way from England and is a four piece band called The Doel Brothers which also had a really good steel player.


Like I said earlier I was going to buy vinyl right? So I did indeed pick up their album and really admired their set here today, however I didn’t catch the whole thing in order to catch other bands. They opened with “Wild Woman” and another one off their album called “Something’s Cooking”. After playing one called “You Ain’t A Woman” they played a Tennessee Ernie Ford song called “Kissing Bug Boogie”. I’d like to stress that when I bought their record I also got the CD so that was a delight to get to listen to the album in the truck.

“Troubles” was a good song and another from the Sun Records Era called “Laughing And Joking” and another called “Hurting Honey” which I’m not sure if that was an original or not. But they let the band loose when I was packing up to leave for the next band as they played “Further To Go” and “Who Needs You”. The last one I remember seeing being done was “Side Step”. Truly enjoyable vintage western attire and styles from these bands here this weekend and all the different backgrounds and areas all made this festival even more enjoyable. This truly was a growing trend from last year and honestly I see NO signs of stopping now!


If you remember my series of articles from last years Nashville Boogie you will recall JP Cyr And The Radio Wranglers who earned a TOP 50 spot on my 2015 list last year, and didn’t fail to thrill me this year again. Why, because they opened their set with a Leon McCauliff song called “Never Lived In Tennessee”.

They then played a Jean Shepard song “Twice The Loving Half The Time” which showcased once again their young lady that plays the fiddle for them. They played an original called “No Trouble No More” which I remember from last year and another by Ernest Tubb called “Walking The Floor Over You”.

“I’ll Be All Smiles” followed up with “Southbound Train” were two more songs they featured here tonight at the Palace. They also played a T Texas Tyler song called “Gal Don’t Need A Man”, which like last night was truly an obscure cover song. I was really impressed by some of these rare covers and some of them I learned because I wasn’t aware of them! I’m pretty sure their last ones were called “Hard Life Blues” and they closed with “Invitation To The Blues” made popular by Ray Price. And as soon as they ended their set I quickly had to take the trolley back to Opryland for my next band who was a Legend!


Rockabilly Legend Billy Harlan was here tonight and He performed some classics and some new songs he recorded in legendary studio B for Muddy Roots Records recently. Mr. Billy holds great stature in the history of my area of Kentucky around the time of Hank Williams death in the early 1950’s.

He began his set with “I Wanna Bop” like all the previous times I have covered his set on this website, and followed that up with “School House Rock”. Along with his newest song called “I Ain’t Elvis” he treated us to some Everly Brothers hits as well, after he played “Be Bopping Annie” and another called “This Lonely Man”.

“Bye Bye Love” was an early Everly Brothers song written by Felice and Boudleax Bryant along with “Walk Right By” and “When Will I Be Loved”. Like I said he has great history with those that came from the Muhlenberg County area of Kentucky the likes of Merle Travis who wrote Sixteen Tons and also contributed a lot to Country Music. He closed his set with “My Fate Is In Your Hands” and played “I Wanna Bop” again.

Mr. Billy is a Legend not only as an artist and writer but as a Disc Jockey as well form an era I am highly interested in, the early 1950’s directly after the death of Hank Williams and the impact it had in every community. I guess what intrigues me the most is how hard it really did impact the music world that early with no technology. There was no social media..hell, there was barely video recording or film however Hank’s death garnished one of the largest historical gatherings in Alabama state history.