May 212016

The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam


I told you folks I have a whole list of festivals for you all over the nation. This one is located in Virginia at the Virginia Motorsports Park and it is called The Dinwiddie Music Festival and it is primarily a Bluegrass festival. This event takes place on June 9-11th and once you see the lineup you’ll agree it’s quite nice and is about 20 miles south of Richmond Virginia.

There is dry camping available on grass and asphalt and this festival has shower facilities as well. RV lots are also available and NO alcohol in the concert area however I’m not sure about camping areas. They also didn’t say about extra fee for camping. Little different style with this edition folks it all in print right here for you and HERE is the ticket link and below is the entire schedule.


Dark Hollow Bluegrass Band
Bluegrass Brothers
Flatt Lonesome
Larry Stephenson Band
Darrell Webb Band
Larry Cordle And Lonesome Standard Time
Commonwealth Bluegrass Band
Mill Run
Donna Ulisse
Joe Mullins And The Radio Ramblers
Dailey And Vincent
Code Blue
Malpass Brothers
Junior Sisk
Mountain Faith

As always I have researched hotels in the area HERE and let me tell you…it’s WAY cheaper than a lot of other festivals I frequent. Combined with the ticket price this festival is relatively affordable in many ways. Who knows I might be able to get there one day!

May 212016

Moonrunners Music Festival
Crooked Smile Fall Fest


OK Folks the time has come for me to unleash my festival fury upon you unsuspecting readers with my series of June festivals that are coming in quick fashion. I’m already covering one next weekend and I have two under my belt in 2016 already and this one is another close festival to me, I wouldn’t be able to run this job from my house but it is still pretty close. I cannot promise whether or not I’ll be down there for one day or two but I’m planning to be there for what I can of the ROMP Fest that is put on by the International Bluegrass Music Museum in Owensboro Kentucky, and it happens over four days.

June 22-25th 2016 will see the summer heat and the ROMP festival fly into our area for folks to enjoy Bluegrass music and Roots music at the same time. This is the thirteenth annual fundraising event for the museum which is dedicated to the preservation of this precious genre of music. Riverpark Center Complex in Owensboro Kentucky is where this event takes place.

This park has a playground area for kids and a spray area to cool off with, and camping is available for 15 dollars extra and 70 for RV’s. You are required to vacate the area by 11AM the following day of which you pay. The camping area will open to the public at 8 AM wends some campsites require you to walk a short bit. Here is a detailed map of the festival grounds and you can buy tickets HERE.


The lineup is here”
Old Crow Medicine Show
Del McCoury Band
Sam Bush Band
Jerry Douglass And The Earls Of Leicester
The Infamous Stringdusters
Marty Stuart And His Fabulous Superlatives
Steep Canyon Rangers
Lee Ann Womack
Larry Sparks And The Lonesome Ramblers
The Travelin McCourys
Della Mae
Bryan Sutton
23 String Band
Town Mountain
Billy Strings
Wood And Wire
Jon Stickley Trio
Front Country
The Tillers
Old Salt Union
The Lil Smokies
Bumper Jacksons
Breaking Grass
Sheriff Scott And The Deputies
Annabelle Watts

OK Folks so you know the routine here is a link to over 12 hotels in this area I have found and you can search for competitive prices HERE because if you are like me I cannot camp. I’m pretty sure if I go for one day I might just drive home afterwards. I sure would love to see Old Crow Medicine Show.

May 212016


Folks this article is part of my “Fan Fair Survival Guide” of articles for those of you that would like some REAL Country Music activities that time of the year that downtown Nashville is filled plum full of sparklebritches and plastic coated cowboy hats.

The media does NOT WANT you to know about the fact there is a WSM stage with really good Country Music acts on it and there are other social gatherings going on like this one. Folks this R.O.P.E. Now for those of you that don’t know what that organization is, let me tell you about it. This portion of their history is from the R.O.P.E. website:

R.O.P.E. (which stands for the Reunion of Professional Entertainers) began one evening in May of 1983 when forty-three folks in the music industry got together to discuss the idea of having an organization.  Prior to the organizing of R.O.P.E., generally the only times these folks were together was to either work and/or attend the funeral/visitation for a fellow comrade. Wanting to correct this situation was the beginning of this great organization that is known as R.O.P.E., International.

Like Webster’s rope that is made of several strands, our ‘R.O.P.E.’ is made of many different fields of the music and entertainment industry.  Our membership roster includes artists, musicians, songwriters, record producers, booking agents, record promoters, disc jockeys and music business executives.  Some are retired while many are still very active in their respective field. Our members represent many years of musical and entertainment history. 

Wednesday June 8th we will once again gather at the Al Menah Shrine Temple for the annual luncheon with the stars. Folks this place has a REALLY nice stage and facility for this function and I myself will be there eating and reuniting with old friends. This show goes from 12-4 PM and will be a cost of 35.00 and the deadline is JUNE 3RD!

To order tickets here what you do:
Send a check or money order to R.O.P.E. P.O.Box 2048 Madison Tn 37116
call 615-860-9257
e mail

SO FAR we have performing (more to be announced as time passes).
Dickey Lee
Teea Goans
Tommy Cash
Tn River Boys
Dianne Sherrill
Jan Howard
Bobby G Rice
Bobby Lewis

May 212016

isaak on stage


You know I don’t know if this is a bad thing or good thing but I bet not many (if any) media outlets report on this show. Honestly I think it’s sad because I’m TELLING YOU that THIS was a special show of GRAND elements in every way, and it did my heart good to hear those words from the OPRY stage….Muddy Roots Presents.

I am tied in with many festivals and many different companies and groups (if you will) but Mr. Jason and his vision and the way he does things has always been my personal favorite. It may not be yours or you may not agree, but you aren’t writing this, I am and he has done some very nice things for me as a friend. It’s nice to know others out in this nasty world have your back in times you truly need it.

OK SO one thing I’d like to stress early on I had a balcony seat and even though Chris Isaak DID come up into my section and sing…oh yes he wandered all over the stands and performed I did not get very good pictures of the show. For that I am truly sorry however I DID get one hell of a report put together for you on this show..ready?

Woody Pines opened the show and every time I see them I enjoy them more and more. I skipped their late performance during the festival to come home and work so I could ready the other articles before this show I KNEW it was going to be awesome.

The show opened with “Long Gone” and then the band went into a really awesome jazz tune called “Dinah”. “Satisfied” was a cool song off the album “Counting Alligators” that is my favorite album they have. You know Muddy Roots Records bought control over all the titles and reissued them so NOW you can buy them at the merchandise booth during their shows.

“Anything For Love” was next off the new album and then he went into an intro story about a song off his fourth album called “Hobo And His Bride”. Now I’m going to try my best to remember the whole story, if you ever drive in Kansas and drive and drive you will see trains. The band was traveling alongside a train with a hobo waving to them on it and they fell behind the train. Several hours later they came up on it again and saw that indeed there was TWO hobos in a boxcar and she had a wedding dress on.

Woody Pines has several train songs out there that are really good and I enjoy his viper jazz swing music. He closed the show with “One Black Rat” off the new album, self titled. I highly suggest you check out their albums especially “Rabbit’s Motel” and the new album.

Chris Isaak is honestly an artist that appeals more to women than men in a nutshell, however being more mainstream of an artist I do enjoy some of his music. BUT his live show blew me away, it was amazing! Some of the best crowd interaction I have ever saw in music and some of the best stage presence I have ever witnessed, not many could pull off such a terrific show at the Opry House without it being an actual Opry show.

The floor got quiet and the lights went up and he blazed into the song “Dancing” which I felt was a good intro but not upbeat enough for an intro however it was good. One of my favorite songs he does was next “Somebody’s Crying” was a good song he did a really good job on it, with that smooth voice he has, but I’m telling you he CAN hit high notes…wow and he can carry a solid tune. He absolutely commands center stage and shows it who’s boss.

He did a really awesome acoustic song called “Two Hearts” you know what he reminds me of John Denver in his own different way, very powerful balladeer and showman. Songs are very positive and full of love lyrics and I guess that’s why earlier I said he was more directed towards women…just my opinion.

He is one of the few entertainers that still wears rhinestone suits and very cool showy costumes, he said it takes us as the patrons to support live music or he would wander around town and kids would say look mom there’s a figure skater. One of the ladies in the crowd approached the stage and gave him a tie clip and he put it on, like I said VERY GOOD crowd participation to this set tonight. Beyond what I anticipated as a paying customer.

“Don’t Leave Me On My Own” is just a wonderful song both vocally and well written. I’m so glad he played this one cause I listen to it a lot, I love his vocal range on it. And it really made the crowd feel good people were going nuts, then he went into the slow song “Kiss Me Like A Stranger” which is one his newer songs as well as “Reverie” which he played later on in the show.


isaak in crowd

Chris Isaak does many good covers and has recorded many of them that he included in tonight’s set. “Oh Pretty Woman” was one of them and I’m sorry for skipping around in my notes but he played “Great Balls Of Fire” with a piano that actually bellowed a ton of smoke out into the audience. His band was stellar in their own right and he showcased them each for us tonight and acknowledged their contributions to his own talent, which made me respect him all the more. Tonight I came away with a new respect for him as a performer…he truly gave me satisfaction of value for my ticket price. At one point within the show he wandered around the entire audience and performed some songs in the aisles and took pictures with people. He took a gal’s phone and took a selfie of them and gave it back to her, needless to say she went nuts.

“Down In Flames” and San Fransisco Days” were next and those were songs that I wasn’t familiar with he has so many albums under his belt as of late. Another acoustic song he did really well was “Forever Blue” I tell you what this man just naturally loves to entertain. He was so at home and inside his comfort zone behind the mic with us, for one evening we were his family and his heartbeat. He made me feel very important as a fan, and that’s a rare quality for a performer of what I consider mainstream status. I get that from local bands because they appreciate the fans more than most mainstream performers.

“First Comes The Night” and as I talked about before “Revelry” were next along with another cover “I Cant Help Falling In Love With You”. “She’s Not You” was another good song he did tonight that was one of my favorites, it’s one of my guilty pleasures… it’s not a typical song you’d think I mention I like.

He played “Blue Hotel” and they all did a really wonderful instrumental as he introduced the band to us. He played his own version of “Ring Of Fire” and a heartfelt tribute to Merle Haggard with “Lonesome Fugitive” and closed his set with “The Way Things Really Are”. I guess all in all I cannot say anything more than I have already said about this show, or this festival. It just keeps getting bigger and better every year now honestly to my opinion..nothing will EVER BEAT that field in Cookeville where it all began for me and for many others. So until I see YOU in the Cookeville fields for the main Muddy Roots..goodbye folks until the next festival.