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The 29th Annual R.O.P.E. Banquet And Awards Show.


I think this group and event needs an official Facebook page but every time I have attended this event I have always has a truly blessed time with everyone. It’s time once again to help promote the 29th annual R.O.P.E. banquet, unless you aren’t within the business the R.O.P.E. organization was founded in 1983 when a group of people decided to form a fellowship meeting of music industry people to discuss things and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It stands for the “Reunion Of Professional Entertainers” and holds a function in spring and fall, the spring event usually is a luncheon with Bbq around noon.


At the table next to mine was Jean Shephard, Jan Howard, Mac Wiseman and a news reporter. MANY great people performed this afternoon I went and trust me you WILL have a wonderful time there.

Steel Guitar Legend Mr. Ron Elliott and his wife Miss Leslie Ann Elliott do many things for this fine function and it is always at the Al-Menah Shrine Temple on Brick Church Pike in Nashville Tn. I’m quite sure this event will be honoring the lost Legends of Country Music from 2016 including Jean Shephard just last weekend because the top portion clearly says “A Tribute To The Hall Of Famer Merle Haggard”.

This function also includes the Malpass Brothers and Leona Williams and MORE and will be held Thursday October 6th at 6PM-9PM. As always I’m quite sure Mr. Keith Bilbrey will be doing the emcee duties for the night and Mr. Ron will be playing steel guitar.

I’ll tell you a little story here two years ago I went to this function and I was introduced to a young lady who has been blazing the local circuit and local bars at  a young age…Miss Emmi Sunshine. Mr. Keith and I looked at one another and said “Wow”..some truly great memories there like sitting with Miss Margie Bowes and everyone gathering around Mr. Mac Wiseman as he sang us his special timeless classics, oh friends I have many wonderful memories of R.O.P.E.


(Correct) News About Shooter Jennings.


Guys I have been so busy on this website focusing on albums and festivals in 2017 I haven’t caught up with all the current “news” for you. I HAVE updated my local shows listings and some of the aftermath of Americanafest and so much more so be sure to check out my homepage and see all the new articles.

Shooter Jennings is always busy on the road and behind the mic with his new podcast Beyond The Black which is in it’s fourth edition right now. It offers some personal insight into his album Black Ribbons and also some of his thoughts on things. And Shooter if you read this Thanks for everything buddy you and Miss Misty BOTH, for everything y’all have done and said about me.

I have listened to the first two episodes and I’m astounded at his level of research and knowledge on things, I never thought he was a dummy by ANY means but he has some interesting points of so many subjects. It kind of gets us closer to HIM as a person and if you know him you’ll know he always has time for everyone and has said some really nice things about me and I have a mutual love for him.

One thing that other media outlets have reportedly mistaken was that Waymore’s Outlaws were hanging it up with a farewell tour, apparantly this isn’t true and in fact SHOOTER is going to be playing HIS last shows with the band (possibly for now). He stated it’s been a fun three years but he wants to work with his L.A. Band more now, and Waymore’s Outlaws will continue as well. I know there is a big show planned at the V Club in Huntington…GREAT VENUE there trust me!


Now then this is from a official BCR Media email I got which explains the release of Black Ribbons on election day 2016 and I didn’t want to mess anything up on it. And you can damn sure bet you WILL SEE SHOOTER up on the Top 50 for 2016 and his album he produced for Billy Don Burns.

The extremely limited pressing of the Black Ribbons Ultimate Edition will be available for pre-order (signed or unsigned, your choice, for the same price) on Monday, Sept. 26th at 11 a.m. exclusively at BCR Media!! Full track listings will be announced same day. Get yours before they sell out, which they definitely will!! Keep an eye out for us on Twitter at @bcrlosangeles. Also on Monday, we’ll be announcing record stores that will carry Black Ribbons Ultimate Edition.

Crooked Smile Music Festival SPECIAL PREVIEW.



I been posting like a madman about next month, my final big job of 2016 Crooked Smile Music Festival which will happen October 14-15th in Winchester Indiana. So here’s the deal folks I been doing album features all year and I been impressed with the many albums I get sent. I have decided to be reclusive about these select few albums and combine them in a special PREVIEW of some of what’s to come when you buy your ticket to the festival.


Lonesome Red And The Blue Strings:

I mean it doesn’t get any more special than my “Sconnie” friends Mr. Eric and Miss Amanda Bestul from Iola Wisconsin, along with Mr. Ryan Zylka and Mr. Kevin Moore they make up this Traditional Country band. Mr. Eric plays guitar and steel simultaneously and he formerly played with our good friend Mr. Owen Mays. I met Me. Eric through him at a show in Nashville a few years back.

This album was short and just a taste of what’s to come I believe as they do more experimental music and truthfully I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us at the festival. The album began with the Lonesome Red Theme and went into “Man Of Constant Sorrow”.

Two more songs that Mr. Eric wrote called “More Than A Nickel” and “Whiskey Rain” make up the album other than a great cover of Alan Jackson’s “Mercury Blues”. I tell you what nobody does it better than Mr Eric and Miss Amanda when it comes to traditional Country music in this area. They’ve played countless hours of shows and they are deeply rooted within their knowledge of the classics and oldies. I’d rank him up there with Mr. J.P. Cyr when it comes to love of the old stuff like Rex Griffin and Riley Puckett.


The Kepone Cowboys are five guys that play Country-Rock-Metal and all kinds of stuff ro0lled into one big ear splitting album. Unlike Stump Tail Dolly and others that liken them they have a pedal steel and I’ll say this I cannot wait to meet Mr. Mark Smilor because I want to start a NEW series that could involve him.

Mr. Gary Fitzgerald Jr, Mr. Justin Wilcox, Mr. Bernie Hodges and Mr. David Chappell make up the band that plays hardcore Country and makes references from everyone from Hank 3 to Cash to Dwight Yoakam. In fact they cover “A Thousand Miles From Nowhere” quite well.

“Overdosed In Hampton” was a good song along with “Burning Down The Candle” and I highly suggest this album All Hat No Cattle to be added to your collection NOW. I’ll be featuring this band next month.




Folks this man gave me his album in hand at Muddy Roots this past year and I didn’t open it until a few days after and right away I noticed that the Urban Pioneers helped record this album thus I was instantly excited to pop it in my player.

All ten songs on this album were written by Mr. Jesse himself, and honestly his songwriting was not bad at all, I enjoyed the simple Honky Tonk Country he plays. “Those Honky Tonks Are Calling Me Again” opens up this album is a steady pace of beer drinking music, and the next good songs was “Blood Sweat And No Tears”.

One of the best songs on the album was “Leave Them Pills alone” and “The Justice Tree”. The other songs on this album were pretty darn good and I’m looking forward to covering his set next month at Crooked Smile Festival.


Muddy Roots Music Festival Side Article: Stage 3 Open Mic Open Hearts.

This year at Muddy Roots Music Festival Mr. Jason declared the little tent stage AKA stage 3 was an open mic and when we all arrived on Thursday there was a sign up sheet. The stage was ran by Mr. Nick and Miss Kimberly of Cracker Swamp Productions, and Miss Devilyn Carver and her husband Aaron. They are going to be teaming up for future projects as well, and as far as I know it shall be open mic next year as well.

I caught some GREAT sets on this stage and also missed some as well, I’m going to include what I did catch and some of the happenings on this stage. Some of the acts on this stage were scheduled as well like…

Smokestack Relics are two brothers from Colorado that I will be covering in a few weeks in Indiana, Mr. Cameron and Mr. Collin played the little tent stage on Saturday. They played dirty swamp rock music with songs like “61 and 49” and others like “Cocaine For Breakfast” and another called “Give Your Soul To God”.

Adam Lee was a great performer I first heard with Matt Woods many years ago and to be honest I missed most of his set due to the Hackensaw Boys BUT I did catch “See You All In Hell”. His new album called Sincerely,Me is available on his website by clicking on his name up there.

Jeff Shepherd And The Jailhouse Poets played on Sunday as well and I did catch some of his set. “Wayfaring Stranger” “Carolina” began his set, and he continued on with “Hold On”.
He also released an album this year that I had Mr. Jahshie P from the Moonrunners tribe review. He also played “Gone” and “Katie”.

S.S.Web AKA Steering Ships With Empty Bottles is a punk rock and Roots Music band from Milwaukee. Now folks I was at this stage on and off all weekend so I might have missed some people and I’m TRULY sorry if I did I tried my best to remember everybody that played it.

Black Eyed Vermillion
Gary Moore II
WT Newton And The Ozark Blood
Clem McGillicutty And The Burnouts
Rachel Kate
Husky Burnette

Also on Sunday morning I got to participate in my own thing when we had a small Sunday morning worship service with our friend Ben Whitehead who gave a really nice sermon. One truly fun thing about Muddy Roots is the respect and (and of) the diversity of people there. Not everybody goes to music festivals to get obliterated and wasted, some even like to attend sobriety meetings which also take place there. I believe I had 3 beers the entire weekend, I haven’t much need for heavy drinking anymore.

All in All I thought that stage 3 needed it’s OWN article because all weekend long it was doing it’s OWN special thing and for that I applaud the entire crew. In fact I applaud the ENTIRE CREW of Muddy Roots Mr. Chris Cahill, Miss Kelly McNoldy and Miss Amber and Mr. Herbert for their hospitality and help. Without them Mr. Jason is just one person and it takes a BIG team to do what Muddy Roots does, not just one man with a dream. Honestly in 2010 I myself didn’t think it would grow into the Mecca that it is today, the first year there was about 300 people if I remember correctly.









2016 Music Festivals: Medicine Stone Music Festival.


Well folks as my festival season is winding down to an abrupt close and I reflect on all the great places and music I have been blessed to get to see this year I bring you the 4rth annual Medicine Stone Music Festival kicks off in Tahlequah Oklahoma September 22nd-24rth 2016. I have an inside scoop on the Tulsa music scene now from a very special friend and I’m SO grateful to her for the information on all the different bands she knows. I was contacted and told about this fine festival that features a lot of Texas Red Dirt music and Oklahoma music from the Tulsa area.

My physical presence as of yet has been slim to none in the Oklahoma and Texas area and I think it might be time to change that in 2017, and as I research this area and festival more I can pretty much say that I shall most likely than not be coming over to support them.

This festival happens September 22nd-24rth at the Diamondhead Resort in Northeastern Oklahoma near Tahlequah.It has the only full service bar on the Illinois river and from what I have saw of the property it is REALLY a nice facility in every way. From the website I’ll provide a map of the campground here.


It appears to have a main stage and also two smaller side stages one in the greenhouse and one at the bar where you check in at. Like some other festivals I have previously covered this one does not allow umbrellas in the music area or outside food and drinks, you can buy alcohol from the vendors but not bring it in.

Now there are package deals you can buy like a bunkhouse deal which provides sleeping facilities for 15 people and also bulk camping deals which include parking. I found a shuttle service to and from the participating hotels around the venue and I’ll include them after the lineup here.

Kaitlin Butts
John D Hale Band

10955768_407365109431066_6108168284722954301_n ticket-info-2016

Here’s what the local media has to say about the event from their website:

 “There’s no music festival like Medicine Stone.  It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be there! It’s like taking the most amazing artists and music and mixing in fans, families, and camping. It’s one of the best weekends of the year.  From the minute it ends, you’re already making plans to go again next year. ”
Troy Eckelhoff/Program & Music Director  99.9 KTCS  Ft. Smith, AR

 “Medicine Stone is all the GREAT parts of Red Dirt.  Amazing people, incredible moments, and extraordinary music–the kind that seeps into your soul and leaves you wanting more!Erin Harper/The Twister Tulsa- iHeartMedia

Medicine Stone 2015 was a gathering of family. This festival clearly defines Red Dirt music. As the days go on the musicians and the fans become the same. After the main first acts are done for the night, you can continue to hear music throughout the many camp sites.  The Illinois River is the perfect setting for the Medicine Stone Event. The 2016 festival cannot arrive soon enough!”  -Justin Neighbor/WDAF Kansas City and KMXN in Lawrence, KS

My Town Media and our stations in Pittsburg, Independence, Chanute and Pratt, Kansas have loved being a part of The Medicine Stone Music Event for the past several years!  We have been behind Red Dirt Music for quite a while…back to when people would give you a funny look and ask ‘What the heck is Red Dirt Music?’  Medicine Stone is a warm, friendly event with a family feel that just keeps you thirsting for more!  We look forward to being a part of Medicine Stone 2016.”   “Uncle” Joe Manns/My Country 101.7FM

So HERE is a complete link for TONS of local area hotels out there for you to take advantage of, I have a sneaky feeling you’ll see me next year! And HERE is the link to buy tickets.

Muddy Roots Music Festival Day 3 Part 2: Good Friends.

Pre Party
Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
Day 2
Day 3 Part 1


Folks by now I was absolutely immersed in my work for Muddy Roots now let me tell you that I often was hanging out in my friend Kristie’s vendor tent she runs a jewelry business called Rebelkchild and she often comes with me to festivals and helps me take pictures and runs for food when I can’t. She had a tent set up by Ellie Monster clothing.


The first band in this portion of my articles was a band I have often covered on here called Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy and they too hail from Kansas. I love these guys and their slam banging punkgrass with trumpets or whatever you want to regard it being as.

They played two new songs that are currently named “Gnowles” and also “Bowels And Constance” however it was stated the names might change or might stay that. The very first song they played that I noticed was “Anonimity” and they also played “OBIS” from their second album.

The last song I noticed from them as I had to go catch more was “Stop Believin'” from their first self titled album which is only available on vinyl right now.


Finally I get to cover Hackensaw Boys on my website I have had the opportunity to include them many times and situations kept coming up to where I could not make it. One of the main sings I remembered was “Flora” , many of the songs were played off their new album Charismo which is named after their world known trash drum set that gets dismantled and rebuilt over and over again and has been used from the beginning. This band has had a remarkable past members list and has revolved many times around, however they always come out sounding like champions.

“Content Not To Seek Thrills” and followed by “Ol Nick” were next. This band was quite possibly the best set at the entire festival accept for Del McCoury. I truly had a wonderful time watching them tear the stage apart., and it was cool Mr. Evan the bass player remembered me from West Virginia when he played with Mr. Joshua Morningstar.

“Happy For Us” and Wolves Howli’n” were both next and they quickly played right into “World Upside Down” which completely killed us tonight. They also played “Don’t Bet Against Me” and they included a song from their first album called “F.D.R.” and before their set broke up from that large of a crowd I had to sneak off to witness what was going at stage 3 again.


The Tillers play one of my favorite songs…ever…period. It’s called “Willy Dear” and if you get the chance LISTEN to the words. It was not included in tonight’s set list sadly. “Geroge Street Beat” was one of the beginning songs we got to hear along with “Unpainted Picture”.

The next song was a Woody Guthrie tune called “All You Facists Are Bron To Loose” which is an obscure cover song in my opinion. Another good song off Hand On The Plow was called “Shanty Boat”. The Tillers come from the Ohio area and have ruled the local bar scene for many years the present members include : Michael Oberst- banjo, vocal, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, Sean Geil- guitar, vocal, dobro, banjo, mandolin Aaron Geil- upright bass, vocals Joe Macheret- fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals.

“Tecseamuh On The Battlefield” was next along with “The Weild and The Wild” and also included a song I’m not sure about what the name was but it was named after the Rabbit Hatch General Store that burned down recently on the Kentucky line. It was basically called “The Old General Store”. The Tillers never ever fail to amaze me on stage as they play their way into our hearts and minds.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy was amazingly not much older than me by two years and hails from Louisville Kentucky. He is well known for his do it yourself style of music and tonight he preformed a lot of Merle Haggard’s songs.

“Down Every Road” “Friend Of Yours In California” filled our ears as did the beloved memory of a Bakersfield Legend this night. Why I could hear the Norm Hamlet steel guitar licks on “I Always Get Lucky With You” wrote by the great Freddy Powers who also died this year from a long battle with Parkinson’s.

“That’s The Way Love Goes” and a really good song called “Old Pal Of Mine” followed suit in his set list tonight as well as “Some Of Us Fly Some Of Us Fall”. His presence up there and his demeanor was well beyond what I thought his age was. I had NO idea he was just a dab older than me and I truly enjoyed this man’s set. His last song was “Wouldn’t That Be Something”.

Two more acts in this series folks and they were both running over each other tonight so I caught most of the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band blessed the Big Tent Stage tonight with their hard sound and hard lifestyle. I mean seriously this band plays 280 shows a year and travels their ASS off to provide us with music.

They come from the infamous Brown County area of Indiana where so many festivals take place that I deal with it’s unreal. As they played “Who’s That Knocking” and one called “Shut The Screen” this three piece band completely kicked our butts tonight and they had the tent just JAMMED with people. They were loud fast and hardcore up there without much talking.

“Front Porch Trained” meant he didn’t have any fancy guitar teacher or high dollar books to play this stuff he proclaimed I’m front porch trained and BAM he hit you in the “Stomp Your Feet” and have “Two More Bottles Of Wine” before I throw the main deal at you people…a man that is revered as a Legend here at Muddy Roots that played last year.

The wonderful Del McCoury Delano McCoury is indeed one of Bluegrass most beloved and revered Legends left alive today within the high ranks of Appalachian Music. He began his own festival in Maryland called Delfest which still runs today.

He has played many many times on the Grand Old Opry and has contributed to all genres of music over and over again and I know he didn’t get along with Steve Earle but I truly enjoyed his album they recorded and I regard it highly. He began his set with two songs I didn’t catch as I was climbing the sound tower that Mr. Ronnie usually inhabits.

The very first song I noticed was “Hillcrest Drive” and then they played “Hard On My Heart”…easy on the eyes. They played many instrumentals like one they called “5 String Flamethrower” and “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”.

They dug deep into their many album list tonight as they played a staple song called “Blackjack County Chains” and another called “Nashville Cats” and “Run Racehorse Run”. What an absolute treat we were delivered tonight as he continued to play anything the crowd hollared out to him even played the “Tennessee Waltz” which wasn’t even his song.

“1952 Vincent” was indeed one of his signature songs as well as “Nothing Special” and one that came from a newer album called “Del And Woody” called “Corn Bread And Creek Water”. Much love and respect to Woody Guthrie out here this weekend as he wound down his set with “I Need More Time” I began to pack up the truck and make my way out of the festival to go back home, I knew it would take some time to say goodbye to everyone and gather up my things. I have one more final article in store for you folks and my Muddy Roots job is complete…stay tuned.

Muddy Roots Music Festival Day 3 Part 1: Well Rested.

Pre Party
Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
Day 2

This morning I was WELL rested after a great nights sleep at the hotel I want to tell you again how truly wonderful America’s Best Value Inn Cookeville was to me these past few years, Mr. Owen Mays and I found this great reasonably priced hotel just down from La Quinta Inn where I used to stay until 2013.

I am going to touch on the acts that performed on the Old Wood Stage and the Big Tent Stage within the next two articles and the Little Tent Stage which is stage 3 will have it’s own article altogether because there were so many great acts on all three stages and I had to do a TON of flip flopping.


Julian Davis started my day..shouldn’t he start EVERY day? I mean what better than to have the sixteen year old picking machine such as this to take you back into the 1950’s and then whup your ass and bring you back into the 1980’s as he turns “Ace Of Spades” into a Bluegrass tune.

He is from Pittsburgh Kansas and he makes that evident with his opening song “Kansas Plains”…Kansas was WELL represented here this weekend by all forms of music and the tribe ran deep from the Westport Saloon gang. he followed up with “Fan It” and “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms”.

The instrumentals and vocals were in absolute tip top shape this time as they always are and his new album is for SURE on my TOP 50 of 2016..high up on it. He possesses great musicianship and great poise while maintaining a relaxed look up there, it just is IN this young man’s bones. Songs like “chocolate Jesus” prove that evident and maintain that opinion in my book.

His version of Pokey LaFarge’s “In The Jailhouse Now” and the cover of “Ruby” left me with even more appreciation of his live show, and I just cannot get enough of his sets at festivals. What a truly blessed beginning to a great day of music on the Junebug Ranch.

The Hardin Draw was next up on the agenda and I have covered them in the past a few times, in fact last Thursday night they were at the Basement East. David Talley-Vocals/Guitar, Aaron Swisher-Mandolin/Vocals, Jason Dietz-Bass, Laura Beth Jewell-Fiddle/Vocals Patrick Johnson-Electric Guitar/Vocals, Lauren Horbal-Drums/Percussion make up this Nashville based band that often frequents many festivals I cover.

“Judas” is always is terrific song to start out with and they also played “Old Friend” and the last one that I remembered was called “Adelle”, now mind you right at this time I AM in flip mode from all sets in order to catch just a little bit of everybody’s music. Today was a terrific landmark schedule of epic proportions of so many good bands that I wanted to see and hear.


Brook Blanche played a solo set on the Old Wood Stage so I wandered that way for some of his set, to be honest I wasn’t totally familiar with his solo work at all, I knew very little about it. “Through The Night” was the first song I knew of his set, and when I returned home I had some time to research his set more.

“Misery” was next and was one of the best songs of the entire set, as Mr. Brook sat and belted out his songs in his gravely signature style as the night began to set in upon us. Another good song was “Head Of The Table” as he brought up other people to sing with him and entertain us.

He closed his set with “Your Side” and lastly “Prettiest Girl”. I tell you what I was truly enjoying his solo music but of course I’ll always be a Calamity Cubes fan in many ways, there isn’t much that will ever change my opinions of their music. If I ever hear any news on their continuation or their end I will inform everyone on that.

I want to take a moment to touch on one thing about Muddy Roots in the future, as of 2017 it will officially take over the helm of Moonrunners in Chicago. I have always been a huge supporter of that festival sadly I haven’t yet had the opportunity to attend it. I don’t exactly live down the street from it to be honest. So starting in spring of 2017 I’ll have some more information on this addition to the Muddy Roots brand.

Now then speaking of solo sets we also had the Colonel J D Wilkes drop by the Old Wood Stage to play a really cool piano that used to be featured in Tin Pan Alley and he played us some truly amazing songs.


His first song was “Alabama Stomp” and later on he brought up Mr. Julian Davis again to play with him and there were several more up there with him as well. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to catch the entire set that he played however I DID GET to see and hear him play “Sugar Baby” and a new one he called “Bible, Bottle And Skull”.

You know every time I hear him and study his music the stories and information he shares with the crowd is truly amazing and you benefit greatly from his show, you go away knowing more than when you came and I firmly believe that’s important. “Shake Rattle And Roll” was next and another he called “Red Wing”.

I really like all his bands he has and his solo work too, I really like “The Devil Gets His Due” it’s one of my favorite Dirt Daubers songs. And I also love “Cockadoodledon’t” by the Shack Shakers, did you know Joe Buck played bass on that album? YEP. All in All it was indeed a truly epic set..and was getting better as the night went on.


Kristiana Murray and Logan Ledger have some REALLY GOOD harmonies and an even better steel guitar sound in fact I enjoyed their set as one of the best of the festival. I missed the first part of their set due to stopping for stage 3 but I did see them play songs like “Tell Me Darli’n”.

Another great song was called “I’m A Jukebox” and that was truly a well written song in every fashion right there. They also played some classic duets like “Someone I used To Love” and the Everley Brothers classic “Kathy’s Clown” also covered by many more.

They closed their set with a few more songs like “Sunrise” and “What’s In Our Hearts”. And I can easily tell you what’s in their hearts, SOLID Country Honky Tonk music folks…you can catch these two all over Nashville. I got to see them at the Nashville Boogie pre-party this year, amazing!

My List Of Daily Local Shows In Nashville And Surrounding Areas.

Folks I am constantly checking on local venues in Tennessee And Kentucky to bring you the BEST possible list of bands and artists to see. This does NOT include my festival articles you must go to them and check on who’s playing where for that. Have a show YOU want to report to me? You can email.



Hellbound Glory
12th And Porter October 8th

The Willies
Lost River Cave Bowling Green Ky October 14th

Chris Stapleton
Ascend Ampitheater October 15th

Possessed By Paul James
Joshua Black Wilkins
The Basement East
October 15th

Dead Soldiers
Harp And Fiddle August 19th

Dead Horses
Exit Inn October 20th

Rhonda Vincent
Renfro Valley October 29th

John Conlee
Lagala Bowling Green Ky October 9th

Gene Watson
Kentucky Opry October 7th and 8th
the Honeycutters
International Bluegrass Music Museum @ Owensboro, KY

Thu, Oct 27, 2016

Sturgill Simpsom
Ryman Auditorium October 28th and 29th

Goddamn Gallows Halloween Bash
Gallows Bound
Hillbilly Casino
Stump Tail Dolly
Exit Inn October 29th

Travis Tritt
Skypac November 3rd

Matt Woods
The Basement November 3rd

Kelsey Waldon
Station Inn November 5th

Bonnie Bishop
3rd And Lindsley November 16th

Daniel Romano
The Basement East November 16th

Mandy Barnett
Schemerhorn Symphony Center

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Mercy Lounge September 23rd

Radney Foster
City Winery November 26th

Charlie Daniels
Volunteer Jam 2016 November 30th

Old Crow Medicine Show
Ryman Auditorium December 31st

The Devil Makes Three
The Cannery Ballroom Feb 4rth 2017

Ronnie Milsap
Schemerhorn Symphony Center March 5th 2017

John Conlee
Merle Travis Music Center May 5th 2017

Muddy Roots Music Festival Day 2: The Rise Of Stage 3.

Pre Party
Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2

So starting with day 2 I’ll post the links for the others up above so you can go back to them or you might have missed one or two. Today built a large climax leading up to what I thought was a truly mastermind idea on everybody’s part in ALL those that made it possible: Stage now word was buzzing all over the grounds what Cracker Swamp Productions was up to teaming up with Miss Devilyn Carver and her husband. I’ll tell you what the four of them along with Nick’s son and John Noll and his crew was cooking up more than we could ever anticipate for an open mic stage and I pretty much decided that morning it was getting it’s own article.

I had to cut day 2 short due to some other business matters that evening and I also didn’t want to overdo it but the weather was SUPER splendid the entire weekend, I was fully prepared to sweat buckets and had rain gear and body wipes. I had antibiotics to fight the Muddy Roots mono that clings on the moonshine jars that get passed around out there, I have gotten the yuckies EVERY YEAR but this one because I was smart..I’m not 23 anymore.


My first band to cover from day 2 was The Rock Bottom String Band which is from San Marcos Texas. I have heard the name before and I never encountered the band in any of my travels I was indeed supposed to feature them at a different festival once but got sick and couldn’t go.

Alex Schultz,Adam”Akorn”Korn,Frankie”Fuckin Banjo”Alibro,Ryan Seilerand ,Tara Miller make up this band that truly impressed me way to early in the daytime on the Old Wood stage. I was writing notes on this band before I even was ready to work on this one. They opened their show with one one I recognized off their self titled album called “The Grey” and I missed a few more until I noticed “Home”.

They must be working on some new material to release a new album because they proclaimed the name of their new song to be called “Puppy Love”. They followed with “Alley” and “Scraping By”. A little bit of singing from all the different members of the band on selected songs make it an enjoyable set and I look forward to seeing them again in Kansas City in 2017 which I have been told will happen.

“Witches” “Bitter Sweet” and the last song I caught was “Till We Die” before I wandered off to the open mic tent to catch some of those bands playing on it. As I previously stated I’ll be including as many of the bands as I can remember in another single article for the stage 3 action. I’ll tell you what there were so many great bands and artists that played the open mic stage and some of them were scheduled too however.

Dylan Walshe has been a Muddy Roots staple for some time now and I been enjoying every set he does, quick with a toast of beer and quicker with a an old Irish folk tune like “Come My Little Son” he can really become a presence at any festival and that’s not a bad thing like sunburn which was a presence too.


The first song I noticed when I got to the big tent stage was “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” and perhaps the best tune on his album “Love Is Blind”. The song he does that involves the audience more than any was “Straight To Hell” not to be confused with Hank 3, you know I plan to write a book about my stories of underground music and I already have one for Mr. Dylan as I mistakenly tried to take his beer. That beer would’ve been “Gone”…Cheers Laddie.

Several more great acts upon the hallowed Open Mic stage before some powerhouse underground Legends from Wichita Kansas the almighty Split Lip Rayfield in all their greatness including the ever famous junk bass “Stichgiver” played by Mr. Jeff Eaton and built from a 1978 Grand Marquis gas tank strung with weedeater cord.

Wayne Gottstine on mandolin and Eric Mardis on banjo make up the trio that also once had Kirk Rundstrum who died of cancer in 2007 sadly. His spirit was there tonight as they barreled into “Never Make It Home” and one of my favorites “Aces High” NO NOT Iron Maiden’s Ace’s High although there WERE TWO acoustic heavy metal songs this weekend.


According to the band The name “Split Lip Rayfield” was inspired by a real-life youth who went to high school with Eaton’s parents in Missouri. He acquired the nickname “Split Lip” due to constant chapped lips so bad his lip would split, and thus the name lingered in his mind.

The last two songs I caught of theirs was “Redneck Tailgate Dream” and “Biscuits” truly this set was really high octane and blasted off fast as Mr. Wayne is undoubtedly one of the fastest mandolin pickers underground music has to offer in any realm of America. Lightning fast tempo changes and chops abound on the stage when they are in prime form.

Once again my dinner was provided by my wonderful friends at G’z Bbq who always ask me how my sugars are and they serve ALL protein and if you have not had their food yet you are TRULY missing out!

It was nice to see Mr Jayke Orvis again solo, now lately he has been playing mandolin again for the Goddamn Gallows on a regular basis. Mr. Joe is out with the birth of his child and we HAVE a confirmation of the Broken Band lineup BACK ON for Westport Roots Festival in Kansas City 2017. I have NO confirmation of a continuation of the lineup as of this time but I CAN announce that happening.

The first song I remember being played was a new one that I didn’t know the name to so that’s a GOOD sign that he is planning more new solo music aside from what the Gallows are doing. “Pick Up The Steam” was my first official song I witnessed as I got set up for the last two sets before I had to leave.

“Streets” and the Hank Williams hit “Kaw Liga” proceeded “Crooked Smile” from what I consider an epic roots music album. Mr. Jayke has been involved in many iconic roots music albums including the .357 String Band’s Fire And Hail, produced by Mr. Andy Gibson who played steel for Hank 3 and was mentored by Mr.Kayton Roberts.

“Thunderbolts And Lightning”  followed by “Dreadful Sinner” were at the middle of the energetic show that the entire festival was enjoying. Mr. Jayke had the big tent going crazy with other songs like “Feelings Like This”. He played others songs in his set and finally played “All My Time Has Come” which included the crowd quite well.

Joe Huber was my final set I caught for the evening as I said I had some other business to tend to and SUNDAY was powerhouse for me it was choked full of sets I wanted to see. So Mr. Joe opened his set with “Fell Off The Wagon” and “Drop In The Bucket”.

I always absolutely enjoy his set and in fact next month I have him on my Crooked Smile coverage, and I am looking forward to it VERY MUCH. “Old Mountain Tune” was next along with “Working Man’s Blues” and “Same River”, you know a few years ago I called his music feel good music. He just plays some truly wonderful mountain music deeply rooted within Country and Bluegrass and much like Mr. Jayke he is from Milwaukee where I was raised.

“Shovel On My Shoulder” was next, and trust me folks when he releases new music I shall feature it with high praise although his three solo albums are quite sufficient right now new music from him would be cool. The final two songs of his set were two of his album titles “Tongues Of Fire” and “Hanging Road”.

He merely sits on a chair and plays heartfelt music for us out there in that old (usually hot) field but this weekend the weather was SO gorgeous and mild we didn’t have a problem all weekend. I remember one year I think it was 2012 Mr. Joseph was on the wood stage and he played “Can’t You Feel The Floods Coming” and RIGHT THEN it began to heavily’s one of the moments I shall NEVER forget. He has been a part of many of my Muddy Roots memories throughout the years.

Country Music Legend Bobby Mackey Receives Lifetime Achievement Award.

I took a small break from my Muddy Roots articles work to take a short trip up to
Cincinnati Ohio to come to Bobby Mackey’s Haunted Honky Tonk as Mr.Bobby is
presented with A lifetime achievement award for 38 years open for business and his
contributions to Country Music as a whole.

I could sit and write an entire article about him and his role in my youth as one of the
many overlooked country music artists I sought out as a child amiss the ocean of
mainstream music society offered. He was one of the few artists on Lefty Frizzells label
in his younger days before opening his world famous honky Tonk in Wilder Kentucky
right on the Cincinnati city limits 38 years ago.

Of course I had to stop at Skyline chili and get coney dogs, life on the road is hard stuff
and Cincinnati is good to me and has a great local music scene with many bands I
dearly love. Today we just had an open mic session and many people played before Mr.
Bobby Hayes welcomed us and introduced tonights house band, and my good friend
Luther Jackson emceed tonights event.


The house band was Willie Faulkner, Rick Jacobs, Donnie Keitch and Ron Fitzgerald and
they played classic country music for us as we enjoyed socializing with one another as
we got ready for tonights special guest. They played “Swing’n Doors” and “Crazy Arms”
along with “White Lightning” and “He Stopped Loving Her Today”.
Guitars Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music along with Fast As You and Sing Me Back Home
before they brought up Mr. Tiny Terry Wogan to perform “American Trilogy” , “Mustang
Sally” and “Going Where The Lonely Go”.

Tiny Tim

Harry Alexander performed “The Fireman” by George Strait as well as “Only The Lonely”
and “Walking The Floor Over You”. They didn’t have the electric bull going and this was
mostly personal friends and associates here on his behalf to celebrate him. I tell you
what there is a table upfront of ladies that have been coming here for the entire 38
years it has been open.


You know I haven’t saw any ghosts or witnessed any paranormal stuff here tonight but
I took the ghost tour last time I was here and we had fun. Mr Bob Hudson was next and
he performed “Rambling Fever’ and “Silver Wings” for us as we moved along. Next they
featured Jimmy Cash as he played “Folsom Prison” and “Ragged Old Flag”. And once again
the house band played” The Bottle Let Me Down” and “Neon Moon”.


Along with a newcomer from Wisconsin Kylar Kuzio who played the John Conlee classic
“Rose Colored Glasses” and mother young man David Berry that wrapped up this first
segment of music here tonight from some great artists that signed up to play. I’m not
sure how long tonight will last but I cannot stay way too late due to a four hour ride
home to work tomorrow.

Bobby Mackey’s band came out to entertain us first with some songs as Mr. Bobby got
to sit up front at the head of the room while they played “That’s Why I’m Walking” made
famous by Stonewall Jackson. And my God they did “Look At Us” perfect I mean they did
the signature John Hughey steel guitar intro just right.


Mr. Tom Winkler is telling stories of years ago about this iconic Honky Tonk joint and
how it has come time for him to be given his award for his contributions to Country
Music. He has been operating this iconic venue for 38 years and has recorded more
classic country music than I can name and providing the trip state area with true real
honest Country Music. On behalf of the tri state area and I am honored to report on his receiving this lifetime achievement award.

For one of the first times ever he is getting to be a part of the audience and listen to his
Best Damn Band perform for HIM and now Miss Kaylar is playing the Bobby Mackey
classic “Johanna”. Mr.David Berry is now playing “Jesus On The Wall” with a guitar that Mr.
Bobby ordered for him and sent him.


Mr.Bobby has given his wife and manager along with his band members loyalty
aawards. He was telling us the story of how he acquired the bar and the lady that gave
him the key to the building. The mayor and the Fire Chief of Wilder Kentucky are here
to help present this award to him. There are folks who were hanging around this bar
when it opened all those years ago.

Chuck Rich has been playing steel guitar for 25 years and played steel guitar for Kenny
Price. He told stories about Willie Brown and Mr.Ernie as they got their awards and
who he called the younger one of the bunch Mr. Harold from Mississippi. His wife Miss
Denise also got awards for running this business as Mr. Bobby plays the music like he
said he doesn’t micro manage he does the music. And the man who personally invited
me his manager Mr.R.J. also got an award for his services to this establishment as well.

me and bobby

All in all it has been a truly great trip up here today and Mr Bobby was also made a
member of the Wilder Fire Department and told he now has to respond to fire calls. It
has been a true honor to witness this event and it was nice to be in the area again and
see all my Cincinnati friends once again.

Muddy Roots Music Festival Day 1 Part 2: The Tennessee Stomp.

Well folks as the night closed in upon us for the first day of music it honestly was chilly at night, I mean people had blankets on..that’s an uncommon sight for this festival. I’m usually sweating buckets and red faced from the sun, I brought body wipes extra socks and rain gear. I was thankful I didn’t need any of that stuff man what an enjoyable time we all had.

The Blackfoot Gypsies are just good old fashioned rock and roll from Nashville Tennessee and they are a four piece band. This is the first time I have had the chance to cover their set and it was getting close to my dinner break but I did manage to check them out. I don’t have the greatest camera in the world and some of these shots will be taken from Miss Elaine Holmes I’m always usually busy studying the music folks I leave the photos for others like our buddy Dave Flewwelling.

This from their website: With 4 years, 4 releases, and countless miles under their belt as a 2 piece band, Zack Murphy and Matthew Paige have called on fellow brethren Dylan Whitlow (bass) and Ollie Dogg (harmonica) to join forces and help expand their already wide spectrum of American music.

Some of the songs I remember them playing from what I know of them and have researched of them were “Dance” and “Don’t Wanna See Your Face”. They also played “Rock It Up” off their first album “Dandee Cheeseball” I had to go get something to eat before the last three acts of the evening and go say hello to more people, you know me bouncing all over the place!


Hillbilly Casino is honestly NO stranger to this website and if they ARE strangers to your favorite music website they need to hang their heads in shame. These four guys absolutely tear up the stage with pure and raw energy, I don’t know where the heck they get it from…maybe it’s all the Jager. In fact Mr. Geoff got a Jager dispenser from the band for his birthday, man I tell you what I have had MANY battles with bottles of that booze true enemy of diabetes!

Mr. Ronnie Crutcher on guitars, Geoff Firebaugh on bass, Matt Armn on drums and Nick Roulette on lead vocals make this band up and trust me that’s enough for a HELL of a set that started with “No Toll Taken” and some songs off Two Step Windup like “Shoe Leather” and “The Hole”. I’ll tell you what The Hole is a JAM and it’s my second favorite song they favorite is Big Dan..that was not in this set.

“One Cup Beyond” was their hopped up coffee song that doesn’t bring up “Heartburn And Heartache” at all. If I can go out of set list order here and I often do, they played “Iron Fist” and it sounded and pounded people! It’s like hellbilly rockabilly all over the place during their set.

“Jibber Jabber” was next followed by one of the BEST marketing schemes I have saw in independent music their song 80085 that says Boobs on their shirts! Almost as clever as S.T.D. with Stump Tail Dolly. THEN when Mr. Ronnie whups out the banjo for “Violets In May” you think it’s over but NO they have to thump the place over with their signature song “Tennessee Stomp”.


Slim Cessna’s Auto Club is a band that will roll through Nashville on December 8th at the Exit Inn and you should go catch their show because it was really good. I didn’t catch the entire set there tonight I had to go on a short break before the next and final band that night.

I did catch “This Is How We Do Things In The Country” and “Children Of The Lord”. I truly wanted to get to see more of their set this night but I had the tummy done barked and I had to send a brat down there to check things out, so I wanted to take the time out to bring forth one of the TRULY GOOD food vendors there.

Music City Wienery is the best meat on the street folks, Mr. Chase and his wife and crew made the BEST hot dogs and brats. Now I’m going to tell you my dear readers I AM A PICKY EATER, I could send you a leg long list of stuff I don’t eat, and he bent over backwards to satisfy me as a customer and treated me as a friend. Veggie dogs for the vegans and fritos chili in a bag…yeah they did that and I truly loved every bit of how he treated us.


Miss Elaine Holmes again with more picture credits on this portion of the event, ok so go thank her for letting me use her property for some of these articles folks. Go appreciate the document keepers like photographers you know a LOT of people kind of underrate them at weddings and music events. They think any dummy can use a camera and that’s not the case, they are media crew too and they help me do this.

The Calamity Cubes were the very first band Mr. Jason ever booked for the first Muddy Roots and I remember it well, 2010 and I was VERY shy and didn’t talk to anybody really. I went to see Kara Clark and wound up loving MANY great bands there, and in the 7 years I made MANY MANY friends AND birthed a website there.

The four of them busted up the cool night air with classic tunes from their catalogue like “Daisy” and “Bottom’s The Limit”. Now later on I’m going to tell you about Mr.Brooke Blanche’s solo music as he along with his band mates are doing their own thing as well. There were rumors of this being the last Calamity Cubes show and I have NO knowledge of it being true or false but I DO KNOW this show was amazing.

“Devil In Her Eyes” and “Same God” flowed through the big tent like the Muddy Roots gospel this night as pretty much the whole entire attendance has their eyes locked on the Cubes all night. Children and adults both packed the tent tight with electricity of music. Perhaps the greatest two songs they do were “The Battle Of Hair Ribbon” and their last song “Empty Bottle” which is in my opinion one of Roots Music’s most iconic songs of all time.

Another classic song they performed for us was “Deliah Rose” and “Lilly Belle” this set was truly worth staying up late for as I knew I had to cut Saturday night short for other business ventures and I wanted to conduct them off the festival site because they involved a different brand, if you are going to do it right!

Muddy Roots Music Festival Day 1 part 1: Gorgeous Weather.

So when I returned to the festival for the first official day of music getting set up and getting caught up with so many people was a difficult task. So many different branches of people and places there all in one festival makes this a truly difficult task to undergo albeit a fun one to try to undergo. I had a fabulous breakfast at the hotel which is included in the price and was gassed up and ready to hit it.


Deadly Lo Fi was the first band on the woods stage (stage 1) however the Open Mic stage was going on stage 3 already, I’ll be talking about that on several occasions. Deadly Lo-fi has a new album out now called “Home Sweet Homicide” and they come to us from Georgia.

Despite it being early they drew a pretty good crowd out there and played “True Love And Murder”. Most of their music is horror based rock and roll songs with songs like “Jack The Ripper” however that was a cover song. They played one called “Picture Show” before an older one I noticed called “El Gato Taco” off “Bless Their Hearts”.

The last one I remembered from their set was “Walk Into The Sun” before I wandered back to the big tent (stage 2) for the first act there Mr. Bruno Esposito AKA Lone Wolf OMB.


Lone Wolf is a one man band from the Florida area that ironically plays guitar right handed but sets up his foot based drums lefty. My thought (being a lefty myself) was right handed guitars are easier to buy, and obtain. At this point I firmly began what I call my “float mode” where I do not stay for entire sets so I can catch everything going on.


The songs I recall him doing was “Can’t Be Satisfied” which was a Muddy Waters cover song. He has a really good slide blues thing going on with his set and I always enjoy him. He played “John Henry” before I broke away to buy my first round of shopping and see the Rusty Knuckles crew from North Carolina. They provide a hangout for so many bands and patrons that weekend and it’s always great to see those guys and catch up on the scoop of what business ventures they have going on.


A Pony Named Olga and my next band usually travel together and they are from Berlin, they label their music as Country Punk and Polka Billy and they played stage 1. I had to research them before the festival and I recognized “666-13”. They have quite an energetic set and can do a pretty good job of keeping the crowd going.

“Turn Off The Machine” was my favorite song off their set and they followed that with “Totalitarian Polka” and “Move Your Arse” from one of the two albums they released in 2014. The last song I noticed as I migrated was “Take Your Pony”, it’s a shame these bands don’t get to my area but I’ll be keeping an eye out on them for new music.


Trixie Trainwreck is from California and truly was an enjoyable set this weekend. She does a little bit of everything tied into her music all at once and it includes a down home feeling.

The first song I caught was “Daddy’s Gone” which I noticed on her only album I know about along with “Hard Working Girl”. Now then she has another song called “Take These Chains” not to be confused with the classic Hank Williams song of the same title. She didn’t play many covers which is partly the reason I enjoy Muddy Roots..the artists play more originals. I can go to bars around here to hear covers, I love original music.

She did however play “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” which was a cover song along with “Hard Working Girl” and “No Good Town”. Now as I mentioned Hank Williams before she did play “Lonesome Whistle Blow” by Hank and as I was packing up my stuff she played “Easy”, “Bumble Bee” and the last song I caught by her was “Hey Momma I’m In Jail”. I must honestly say this set vied for one of my top spots of the entire festival indeed and there might be some that don’t agree with me but they can write their own articles and I’ll respect their opinions.

The last band I’ll cover on this portion of my articles is the mighty Whiskeydick which is a heavy metal and Honky Tonk duo form Texas under the Rusty Knuckles label.

Every time they play around here I never get to catch their show it’s just never in the cards. THAT is why I love festivals that bring so many bands into one small area at once. “Devil’s Eye’s” was first and then came the best one they do “18 Wheels From Hell” and “Bastard Sons Of Texas”. However I’ll admit this Muddy Roots wasn’t the same without Mr. Bandana up there on the side of the stage on his chair. Every time I heard a golf cart buzz up I thought I would see him roll up to offer a ride.

“Honky Tonk Song” was next along with another good one called “Horse Made Of Acid” I tell you this was a truly great set here they picked some great songs for Muddy Roots, as they closed their set with “Drunk As Hell” and “Yee Haw”. So far the weather was PERFECT and the music was even better. The next portion I’ll tell you a little more about the Open Mic stage and Friday night’s big shows of the evening.


Muddy Roots Pre Party: The Wrath Of Stump Tail Dolly.

Muddy Roots Pre Party

Man the weather is downright gorgeous what a perfect day for a festival! Welcome folks to my first article of coverage for my biggest job of the year 2016 Muddy Roots Music Festival. I’m just getting back into touch with many of the folks here and enjoyed a wonderful pizza at Gondola Pizza House if you are in the area you need to stop there and eat. So as per Mr.Owen Mays I am staying at my usual hotel America’s Best Value Inn right off of 40 on Jefferson Street. We are all out here in the big tent stage where the pre party is going on with James Hunnicutt and Stump Tail Dolly are playing tonight.

I tell you what folks I have so much new information for you and different things to tell you about this year that Muddy Roots has planned and is doing in the future. This year stage 1 was ran by Reelsound Productions and stage 2 and 3 were ran by Chattanooga Pro Audio and they both did a truly wonderful job providing the sound for the bands. I’m going to talk about some of the awesome food and places I visited this weekend, and some of the new albums and new bands I got to cover. Also, stage 3 was managed and ran by Mr. Nick and Miss Kimberly from Cracker Swamp Productions like the last two years. This year stage 3 was open mic sign up was Thursday and man I tell you what there was some truly good people playing on it I’ll touch on all this series.


James Hunnicutt opened his set with one of his signature songs called “My Pain” which he sang specifically for my friends daughter Mickee as this was her first portion of Muddy Roots. Preserving future generations of support for this festival or any festival really is essential for growth. Mr. Chris Warrick and Miss Mandy are great friends I have met through this festival.

Mr. James and I met for the first time on a sad note at Porter Wagoners funeral, in Woodlawn cemetery in Nashville during the Myspace era when all this type of music was taking form. As he played another of the songs I knew “99 Lives” , he absolutely had the crowd captivated. Another song he played that I haven’t heard him ever do was called “Till Tomorrow”. “One Last Kiss” was next and as always it sounded great every time I cover James Hunnicutt shows I am always truly pleased with what I hear. In fact now here recently you can get his albums on vinyl. However I’m sure his cover of “Long Black Veil” was not on his albums.

He was playing a Danzig cover as I was visiting with people and he let the audience recite “Don’t Let Teardrops Fill Your Eyes” and we are doing a wonderful job of doing just that folks, I’m already having a blast out here at one of my favorite festivals ever. He is playing an acoustic version of Judas Priest “Break’n The Law ” complete with solo wow he has really good vocals for that song and that was his closing song of his set.


The next band on the list is a Hybrid band I have briefly touched on in the past and haven’t got the opportunity to cover it yet Stump Tail Dolly. Even the sound check sounded like rolling thunder and doom with a shot of spice. Their first song was called “I’ve Endured” complete with flashing stage lights and effects. Stump Tail Dolly or S.T.D. is a blend of Country and Metal and even Bluegrass. Little did they know that back in 2013 when Bob Wayne brought us Country Legend Red Simpson that this combo would trickle into what is such a different sound outright.

Rusty Knuckles brings us their debut album with 5 songs on it total. And to be honest I been so attentive to their style and chords I am not catching all of the song titles. But these guys and gal are tearing up the tent with ferocious instrumentals. Right now they are playing a song that had a huge video shot for it called “Billy” And as the crowd is moving like a flock of geese they are unveiling a new kind of classic fiddle tunes with their own style and sound to it. This band needs to be included in Roots Music festivals all over because they absolutely are amazing…like tonight’s weather.

What a truly blessed opening for me at this years Muddy Roots. Even the song they are playing now has some funk included in it, I believe she said this song was called “The Bogaloo”. I’m pretty sure the new one they played that they announced will be on their next album is called “America” and after their show I got the wonderful opportunity to talk with Mr. Ryan just a little more candidly than usual, which I enjoyed his views.

I’m going to tell y’all the weather is PERFECT in fact it’s the BEST festival weather I ever witnessed so far in 2016! The hotel is gorgeous and roomy the coffee tastes like pencil lead and my ride was perfect. There was so much going on at once I got some partial set lists and some are out of order but it’s ALL GOOD I think I have a pretty exciting series of articles for those of you that didn’t get to attend this grand event that brings pretty much the entire local music community together into one spot.