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Well folks as my festival season is winding down to an abrupt close and I reflect on all the great places and music I have been blessed to get to see this year I bring you the 4rth annual Medicine Stone Music Festival kicks off in Tahlequah Oklahoma September 22nd-24rth 2016. I have an inside scoop on the Tulsa music scene now from a very special friend and I’m SO grateful to her for the information on all the different bands she knows. I was contacted and told about this fine festival that features a lot of Texas Red Dirt music and Oklahoma music from the Tulsa area.

My physical presence as of yet has been slim to none in the Oklahoma and Texas area and I think it might be time to change that in 2017, and as I research this area and festival more I can pretty much say that I shall most likely than not be coming over to support them.

This festival happens September 22nd-24rth at the Diamondhead Resort in Northeastern Oklahoma near Tahlequah.It has the only full service bar on the Illinois river and from what I have saw of the property it is REALLY a nice facility in every way. From the website I’ll provide a map of the campground here.


It appears to have a main stage and also two smaller side stages one in the greenhouse and one at the bar where you check in at. Like some other festivals I have previously covered this one does not allow umbrellas in the music area or outside food and drinks, you can buy alcohol from the vendors but not bring it in.

Now there are package deals you can buy like a bunkhouse deal which provides sleeping facilities for 15 people and also bulk camping deals which include parking. I found a shuttle service to and from the participating hotels around the venue and I’ll include them after the lineup here.

Kaitlin Butts
John D Hale Band

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Here’s what the local media has to say about the event from their website:

 “There’s no music festival like Medicine Stone.  It’s hard to describe what it feels like to be there! It’s like taking the most amazing artists and music and mixing in fans, families, and camping. It’s one of the best weekends of the year.  From the minute it ends, you’re already making plans to go again next year. ”
Troy Eckelhoff/Program & Music Director  99.9 KTCS  Ft. Smith, AR

 “Medicine Stone is all the GREAT parts of Red Dirt.  Amazing people, incredible moments, and extraordinary music–the kind that seeps into your soul and leaves you wanting more!Erin Harper/The Twister Tulsa- iHeartMedia

Medicine Stone 2015 was a gathering of family. This festival clearly defines Red Dirt music. As the days go on the musicians and the fans become the same. After the main first acts are done for the night, you can continue to hear music throughout the many camp sites.  The Illinois River is the perfect setting for the Medicine Stone Event. The 2016 festival cannot arrive soon enough!”  -Justin Neighbor/WDAF Kansas City and KMXN in Lawrence, KS

My Town Media and our stations in Pittsburg, Independence, Chanute and Pratt, Kansas have loved being a part of The Medicine Stone Music Event for the past several years!  We have been behind Red Dirt Music for quite a while…back to when people would give you a funny look and ask ‘What the heck is Red Dirt Music?’  Medicine Stone is a warm, friendly event with a family feel that just keeps you thirsting for more!  We look forward to being a part of Medicine Stone 2016.”   “Uncle” Joe Manns/My Country 101.7FM

So HERE is a complete link for TONS of local area hotels out there for you to take advantage of, I have a sneaky feeling you’ll see me next year! And HERE is the link to buy tickets.

Sep 182016

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Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
Day 2
Day 3 Part 1


Folks by now I was absolutely immersed in my work for Muddy Roots now let me tell you that I often was hanging out in my friend Kristie’s vendor tent she runs a jewelry business called Rebelkchild and she often comes with me to festivals and helps me take pictures and runs for food when I can’t. She had a tent set up by Ellie Monster clothing.


The first band in this portion of my articles was a band I have often covered on here called Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy and they too hail from Kansas. I love these guys and their slam banging punkgrass with trumpets or whatever you want to regard it being as.

They played two new songs that are currently named “Gnowles” and also “Bowels And Constance” however it was stated the names might change or might stay that. The very first song they played that I noticed was “Anonimity” and they also played “OBIS” from their second album.

The last song I noticed from them as I had to go catch more was “Stop Believin'” from their first self titled album which is only available on vinyl right now.


Finally I get to cover Hackensaw Boys on my website I have had the opportunity to include them many times and situations kept coming up to where I could not make it. One of the main sings I remembered was “Flora” , many of the songs were played off their new album Charismo which is named after their world known trash drum set that gets dismantled and rebuilt over and over again and has been used from the beginning. This band has had a remarkable past members list and has revolved many times around, however they always come out sounding like champions.

“Content Not To Seek Thrills” and followed by “Ol Nick” were next. This band was quite possibly the best set at the entire festival accept for Del McCoury. I truly had a wonderful time watching them tear the stage apart., and it was cool Mr. Evan the bass player remembered me from West Virginia when he played with Mr. Joshua Morningstar.

“Happy For Us” and Wolves Howli’n” were both next and they quickly played right into “World Upside Down” which completely killed us tonight. They also played “Don’t Bet Against Me” and they included a song from their first album called “F.D.R.” and before their set broke up from that large of a crowd I had to sneak off to witness what was going at stage 3 again.


The Tillers play one of my favorite songs…ever…period. It’s called “Willy Dear” and if you get the chance LISTEN to the words. It was not included in tonight’s set list sadly. “Geroge Street Beat” was one of the beginning songs we got to hear along with “Unpainted Picture”.

The next song was a Woody Guthrie tune called “All You Facists Are Bron To Loose” which is an obscure cover song in my opinion. Another good song off Hand On The Plow was called “Shanty Boat”. The Tillers come from the Ohio area and have ruled the local bar scene for many years the present members include : Michael Oberst- banjo, vocal, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, kazoo, Sean Geil- guitar, vocal, dobro, banjo, mandolin Aaron Geil- upright bass, vocals Joe Macheret- fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals.

“Tecseamuh On The Battlefield” was next along with “The Weild and The Wild” and also included a song I’m not sure about what the name was but it was named after the Rabbit Hatch General Store that burned down recently on the Kentucky line. It was basically called “The Old General Store”. The Tillers never ever fail to amaze me on stage as they play their way into our hearts and minds.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy was amazingly not much older than me by two years and hails from Louisville Kentucky. He is well known for his do it yourself style of music and tonight he preformed a lot of Merle Haggard’s songs.

“Down Every Road” “Friend Of Yours In California” filled our ears as did the beloved memory of a Bakersfield Legend this night. Why I could hear the Norm Hamlet steel guitar licks on “I Always Get Lucky With You” wrote by the great Freddy Powers who also died this year from a long battle with Parkinson’s.

“That’s The Way Love Goes” and a really good song called “Old Pal Of Mine” followed suit in his set list tonight as well as “Some Of Us Fly Some Of Us Fall”. His presence up there and his demeanor was well beyond what I thought his age was. I had NO idea he was just a dab older than me and I truly enjoyed this man’s set. His last song was “Wouldn’t That Be Something”.

Two more acts in this series folks and they were both running over each other tonight so I caught most of the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band blessed the Big Tent Stage tonight with their hard sound and hard lifestyle. I mean seriously this band plays 280 shows a year and travels their ASS off to provide us with music.

They come from the infamous Brown County area of Indiana where so many festivals take place that I deal with it’s unreal. As they played “Who’s That Knocking” and one called “Shut The Screen” this three piece band completely kicked our butts tonight and they had the tent just JAMMED with people. They were loud fast and hardcore up there without much talking.

“Front Porch Trained” meant he didn’t have any fancy guitar teacher or high dollar books to play this stuff he proclaimed I’m front porch trained and BAM he hit you in the “Stomp Your Feet” and have “Two More Bottles Of Wine” before I throw the main deal at you people…a man that is revered as a Legend here at Muddy Roots that played last year.

The wonderful Del McCoury Delano McCoury is indeed one of Bluegrass most beloved and revered Legends left alive today within the high ranks of Appalachian Music. He began his own festival in Maryland called Delfest which still runs today.

He has played many many times on the Grand Old Opry and has contributed to all genres of music over and over again and I know he didn’t get along with Steve Earle but I truly enjoyed his album they recorded and I regard it highly. He began his set with two songs I didn’t catch as I was climbing the sound tower that Mr. Ronnie usually inhabits.

The very first song I noticed was “Hillcrest Drive” and then they played “Hard On My Heart”…easy on the eyes. They played many instrumentals like one they called “5 String Flamethrower” and “Foggy Mountain Breakdown”.

They dug deep into their many album list tonight as they played a staple song called “Blackjack County Chains” and another called “Nashville Cats” and “Run Racehorse Run”. What an absolute treat we were delivered tonight as he continued to play anything the crowd hollared out to him even played the “Tennessee Waltz” which wasn’t even his song.

“1952 Vincent” was indeed one of his signature songs as well as “Nothing Special” and one that came from a newer album called “Del And Woody” called “Corn Bread And Creek Water”. Much love and respect to Woody Guthrie out here this weekend as he wound down his set with “I Need More Time” I began to pack up the truck and make my way out of the festival to go back home, I knew it would take some time to say goodbye to everyone and gather up my things. I have one more final article in store for you folks and my Muddy Roots job is complete…stay tuned.