Oct 022016



Did I mention this event tomorrow night at 6PM at Grimey’s is FREE? Folks until the place fills up to capacity you can see Cody Jinks perform his new album “I’m Not The Devil” AND have the first opportunity to buy it on vinyl.

This powerhouse former metal performer has been blazing trails as of late with Whitey Morgan and has released some mainstay albums that MUST MUST MUST have a place within ANY collection if you are into Honky Tonk Country Music. I have been to his show many times and each time I go away completely blown away by his precise attention to detail in his lyrics and his stage presence.

You keep asking me “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”, well this man and his band The Tone Deaf Hippies HAVE BEEN filling shoes for several years now the mainstream media just doesn’t want you to know about him. They want you to know about the girly jeans and “Who’s gonna fill their flip flops”.

Mr. Cody is a powerhouse on Sirus XM Radio and many Outlaw Country channels and podcasts all over the United States. Did I mention this show is free? HOW can you pass up Cody Jinks for FREE? Well you could be like me and have to work second shift. Mr. Cody is rapidly gaining popularity among Roots Music festivals and Americana groups as well, and I’m quite convinced he is indeed a mainstay within the halls of local music.

Oct 022016



Well right now it’s time to begin wrapping up one of my top series of my website, festivals. I have two left to report on and one left to cover out in Indiana. Right now I would like to direct your attention to Florida with the very first ever Suwannee Roots Revival which occurs on October 13-16th 2016 at the Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park.

Very much like other festivals akin to this one outside alcohol is NOT allowed in the concert area and you CANNOT remove your wristband during the weekend. Most of the other rules and DO’s and DONT’S are pretty much common sense folks. You CAN have food and drinks and fires at your campsite and no glass or fireworks like all festivals, like I said they ALL are pretty much common sense.

This description of the location of the area is directly from their website:

Located just north of Live Oak, Fla, the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park is a one-of-a-kind music park and premier campground nestled on the shady banks of the historic, tea-colored Suwannee River in North Florida. The Spirit of the Suwannee is proud to host a variety of events throughout the year. In addition to these events, the park offers live music during the week in the Music Hall and a natural amphitheater for outdoor music festivals.

The grounds include 700+ acres for camping, hiking, canoeing, bird watching, jogging, observation at the world’s largest bat house, Way Down Upon the Suwannee River Trail Ride and New Year’s Eve Party, putt putt golf and pro-quality disc golf, a honey bee observation exhibit, beautiful rental cabins (and custom built cabins for sale), RV parking with full hookups, electric and water sites, shower and bath houses, full service restaurant, golf cart rentals, the Arts and Crafts Village, Country Store and much, much more. Or, you can just hang your hammock between two trees, put your feet up and relax as you listen to the quiet sounds of nature all around you.

Now folks if you are like me and you cannot camp I got a good list of hotels for you from their website and my own research HERE is their official hotel and a few more for you. I’m going to talk about the lineup next other than the fact you can use THIS LINK to purchase tickets for the event.






Oct 022016

Folks welcome to my ever popular album features series where I usually pair up 5 or more albums of the same “fitting” to feature NEW albums to you my readers. To be completely honest 2016 has been a year of heartbreak in deaths AND a breakthrough year for iconic bands and artists to release new material. Many bands have released live albums that WILL be included in my TOP 50 of 2016, and not to ruin it but THIS album is IN my TOP 50 BIG TIME. Folks this live recording of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band celebrating their 50th year as a band at the historic Ryman Auditorium during their tour also includes a PBS TV pledge special, had me in tears of both joy and sadness.



Jeff Hanna, John McCuen, Jimmy Fadden and Bob Carpenter who are the current members of the band hosted an iconic performance of some of the NGDB’s most beloved and timeless classic hits from their 5 decades of bringing us their brand of “whatever the hell it is they do” music. I mean honestly you can call it Americana, Country, Rock or whatever you want..I call it the Niity Gritty Dirt Band.

Even as the times have changed, so has the band’s sound and the lineups as well. The band prides itself upon featuring so many instruments that have been played by so many people within the brand itself that the songs cannot be duplicated exactly like they were recorded. This album also featured so many writers and stars that the guests alone make the album stellar and unbeatable by only ONE person I can think of to steal the number 1 spot from this album.

The album began with “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” by Bob Dylan who sadly wasn’t there this night, but was followed by one of song writing’s most revered Legends John Prine who played “Paradise” and “Grandpa Was A Carpenter”. You know folks despite Mr. John’s current health issues you wouldn’t even know he was sick, and actually AS I WRITE THIS John Prine performed a groundbreaking show at the Ryman in his tuxedo. John Prine has more dignity and reverence for ALL genres of music than anybody I could name you. When he passes on he will be forever immortalized through music within our hearts and souls, I can assure you. The opening line of Paradise is truly one of the most powerful verses of songs ever recorded.

Vince Gill came to pay respect to the band with Sam Bush who helped found the New Grass Revival, to play the song “Nine Pound Hammer” which is pretty much public domain it is so old, as well as “Tennessee Stud”. As well as one of the earlier members who also came out Jackson Browne to play one of their earlier hits “Truthful Parson Brown”.

Allison Krauss was on hand to perform the Mother Maybelle Carter classic “Keep On The Sunny Side” and the ever popular “Catfish John” wrote by Dallas Frazier. My favorite version of that song was done by Johnny Russell, however she has a voice of pure gold. One of the songs that always makes me cry is “Long Hard Road” also called The Sharecroppers Dream which was originally wrote by Rodney Crowell on one of their earliest albums.

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band has many iconic albums under their belt and one of them was Uncle Charlie and his dog Teddy from 1970 which includes the collectors poster of the band in it’s early days that features the controversial group photo of the Klu Klux Klan,that album featured the Jerry Jeff Walker song “Mr. Bojangles”. Also, former member Jimmy Ibbotson was on hand to perform “Fishin In The Dark” and this album ended (of course) with a group version of “Will The Circle Be Unbroken”, which was a concept album from the band that spanned their 50 years in three volumes. Although there has been talk of making a fourth volume no effort has been put forth…yet, and the NGDB holds the record for the largest public assembly for a concert from their appearance at the Ozark Mountain Jubilee where it was reported over 350,000 paid to see them play.