Jun 242017


My friend Mr. Tracey Pitcox runs a truly fine organization out there in Brady Texas, called Heart Of Texas Records which is a label that features so many outstanding Country music artists I couldn’t possibly name them all on here. They also do the Heart Of Texas Music Festival which showcases the finest Traditional Country Music in the Texas local scene.

They also publish a darn fine Calendar every year, and many other fine things that embellish and benefit Country Music in their area. Many of his artists don’t always get out to my area as much as I’d like to see them, because let’s face it, I just cannot keep up with as many artists as I do. I cover so many genres and scenes that there is no possible way for me to cover them in person all the time, like they deserve.

On July 15th please join ME as I cover The Heart of Texas Roadshow at the Texas Troubador Theater
2416 Music Valley Drive
Nashville, TN

Guests: Darrell McCall Tony Booth,Landon Dodd, Mona McCall, Margie Singleton, Rance Norton and Bobby Lewis.

$ 15.00 Advance
$ 20.00 At the Door

You can stop HERE and buy tickets.

Mr. Darrell McCall has been recording Country Music for decades, he also was a disc jockey, and performed as a duo with Johnny Paycheck. He wrote Hank Williams Jr’s hit song “Eleven Roses in 1971 that became a number one hit for him. He has released eleven albums total, three of them for Heart Of Texas Records.

Mr. Tony Booth is a member of the Bakersfield Era of Country Music the likes of Buck Owens, and in fact did a lot of work with Buck Owens before the untimely death of Don Rich in 1972.  He was doing some trio work with Country Legends Mr. Curtis Potter and Mr. Darrell McCall before the death of Curtis Potter.

Landon Dodd hit my 2016 Top 50 of the year with his latest album “What Comes Natural To A Fool” because it had some truly fine steel guitar solos in it. He plays a lot of Texas Swing and two step Country.

Mona McCall s Darrell McCall’s wife and contributes a lot to his act, as well as her own music.

Margie Singleton had a duet hit in 1964 with Faron Young called “Keeping Up With The Joneses”. She originally signed to Starday Records in 1959 but in 1961 she switched over to Mercury and released her first album in 1962. She also originally recorded the Tom T Hall hit song “Harper Valley PTA” that Jeannie C Riley had more commercial success with.

Rance Norton put out one heck of a new album in 2017, and is one of the newer artists on this label. Watch for this young man and his band because they are growing fast.

Bobby Lewis is known as the man with lute, and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry. He is one of the many overlooked Legends of Country Music, and continues to record music today.

Jun 242017


Hey everybody it’s time to feature some NEW MUSIC from one of my Colorado friends, young Mr. Tyller Gummersall. This song was sent to me via email a few weeks ago, and dog gone it I have been SO insanely busy over here, it just took me a little while to get around to it.

However being involved in so many scenes and factions it is indeed my onus to let you all in on new music from old friends when it is presented to me. Whether it be any of the more mainstream traditional country acts that are within the upper echelon of the spectrum, or the younger and smaller local acts on the shorter end, I will certainly feature ALL of the music exactly the same.

Download or Stream Tyller’s new Up-Tempo, Uplifting tune “I’m Not Dead” on your favorite digital music service!

This song is the latest from Tyller that’s been produced by Grammy award winner Lloyd Maines. Their previous collaborations (Ty’s album Long Ride Home, singles Turned Around world and Love Me When I’m Down) have had much success:
– Over 120,000 Spotify/Pandora streams
– Positive reviews in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, American Cowboy, The Daily Country and more.
– Top 10 on the Texas Music Chart

He recently stopped by my email inbox and turned in some DARN FINE MUSIC wrote by him and Devon O’Day, a broadcaster at WSM (Nashville) and hit songwriter (recorded by Lee Ann Womack, Hank Williams Jr., Pam Tillis, Neal McCoy, Trace Adkins, and George Strait). The two met last fall while Gummersall was helping a friend deliver hay to O’Day’s place near Nashville. “The song puts to words the importance and emotion of the father-son relationship.” said Cowboys And Indians Magazine last month.

So you see folks this young man has been busy with his traditional REAL Country Music, and all of you festival dogs should be keeping an eye out for him because EVERY TIME the directors ask me for input he IS ON MY LIST. I’m out there foot soldiering for him and MANY other artists.

I like to drink a few beers and put his album on my player and write articles about other artists. When I’m in my Honky Tonk mood you can darn sure bet he’s on my rotation in the truck AND in the house here. I have LOTS of Colorado contacts in many genres and he’s one of them in this genre I love to hear play.

This picture is from his show I covered in Nashville at Two Old Hippies and you can read more about that show HERE. I went out and covered a BUNCH of shows that day, and he was one of them, man was I wore out after three shows in one day in Nashville.