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Lacy J. Dalton Helps Rehabilitate Prisoners.


You know this morning I am right now preparing to make my way to Kansas City for the mighty Tumbleweed Festival, and within that event lies a young gal by the name of Miss Sunny Sweeney . She covered a song on her first album “Heartbreaker’s Hall of Fame.” in 2006 with a song Miss Lacy recorded called “Sixteenth Avenue” wrote by Mr. Thom Schuyler. It made me think about the need to write this article.

Apparently in Susanville California, every year from September to June  she donates her time to teaching the craft of songwriting to inmates of this correctional facility. This class includes many whom are serving 20 years to life sentences at the prison. As well as beginning and advanced guitar lessons and how to better express their feeling through songs, of all musical genres.

This program is entitled “Arts In Connections” and it includes special performances for the prison officials and the warden. It’s funded and supported by the Williams foundation, which is a national non profit organization that promotes work services in the arts development.

Apparently this prison arts project has been launched at several institutions with funding from the National Endowment For The Arts and other selected programs. One of the many goals of this program is to get the inmate’s work heard by Nashville officials much like was the result of a Country Music Legend we all know that was incarcerated at San Quentin…Merle Haggard.

They are also attempting to teach the inmates involved how to work together and become productive members of society once their sentences are completed. She’s hoping that her contributions to this program could possibly turn some lives around in a positive manner, it is one of those instances where it might not affect every person involved..but even if a few benefit from this, it’s a noble cause.


Album Feature: Charley Pride- Music In My Heart.

 Track Listing:
1. New Patches
2.Make Me One More Memory
3.Natural Feeling For You
4.All By My Lonesome
5.It Wasn’t That Funny
6.The Same Eyes That Always Drove Me Crazy
7.I learned A Lot
8.You’re Still in These Crazy Arms Of Mine
9.The Way It Was In 51
10.I Just Can’t Stop Missing You
11.You Lied To Me
12.Standing In My Way
13.Music In My Heart


Spillway Songwriter Series.

Spillway Bar And Grill Is the place to be tonight for another songwriters night. joining us for tonight’s entertainment is Mr. Keith Hurt, Mr. Mark Beagle and Mr David Vaughn Lindsay which tonight will be my album review of his new release called “Next”.

Once again like last time they turned off all the televisions and talking was kept to minimum. He opened the show like all the other times and explained how things work for this event. They moved all of the tables back down on the dance floor, to make a better ambiance.

As always the food was exceptionally good, I HAD to come down and get some wings and cheese sticks, the sound was absolutely wonderful like it always has been. You just cannot go wrong on a hot Sunday afternoon with good food and a cool bar, and some GREAT acoustic music.

Mr.Keith Hurt started out the rounds, and they all three took turns playing one song a piece. However to make this article a little easier to follow for YOU as a reader, I’ll write it as though each artist played an entire set at one time. Mr. Keith has a real elaborate style and vocal delivery, however his songs were very easy to enjoy.

He began his set with a song called “Wanna Be Somebody’ and then played a really pretty song called “Hummingbird” which included some very nice guitar playing. He then went into a short story about how he found a sugar bowl at a yard sale that he kept some personal items in….the song was called “Sugarbowl”.

This video included in this show is from his song called “Angel Kisses” . The song he played after the break was called “Ain’t It Cool” followed by a song that showed off his vocal abilities really well called “That’s A Good Thing”. Mr. David’s guitarist Mr. Dale Adams added some incredible leads to that song…and the amazing thing was they NEVER MET.

He closed with several more songs filled with intense guitar playing and growling out some of the lyrics with passion, I’m pretty sure the last one was called “To Get You By”.

The middle bar stool tonight was occupied by the big man that is mentioned in the new Colter Wall album called ‘Big Dave”. Mr.David Vaughn Lindsey who like I mentioned just released an album on Young Mary’s Record Co. called “Next”. I purposely waited to speak about this album until now for this reason.

The first song he played was actually the first song on this album and it was called “Love 2 Hate” and he also played the song called “King Of Fools” which is the fifth cut off the album. One of my personal favorite songs on the album was a song that was inspired by the passing of Jon Hensley, and it was called “Taste Of Rain”.

This record really captured his vocals really well, and the songs were all well written, “Love 2 Hate” was easily relate able to me, I have burned many A midnight oil…MANY all nighters to pull off this website. I’m one of the ones that some people love to hate, because i’m not afraid to be myself.

I recall his visitation services being VERY hot out and as soon as it was finished it came a hard rain, many friendships were rekindled that afternoon. He also played a song called “fighting For What I Did”. After the break the first song he played was called “Walking The Same Road”, and he said this was a rare song to find on CD.

He brought a really fine guitarist along that had some really good harmonics and some really good vocal accompaniments to Mr. David, and as I stated he added leads to many songs tonight. he is now playing a song called “Fool Like Me” from his Shot Time And Cigarettes days.

He played another song off the new album about making reoccurring mistakes called “My Bad”, and he closed his set off with a song from the album called “Every Day”. It was pretty enjoyable to witness the entire album played just acoustic, to be honest it is my personal favorite choice for musical expression.

The third spot on tonight’s Songwriters show was occupied by Mr.Mark Beagle who had some fine remarks about one of the local Legends around here Pat Haney who played the first Songwriter show, you can read more about that HERE. In my opinion later on in the evening he played the best song out of all of them, it was a well written uptempo spectacle of greatness!

He used the name Lee Harvey because someone told him he looked like Lee Harvey Oswald, however now he uses Mark Beagle. His first song was called “Cadillac’s To Town” followed by one called “Worn Out And Tattered”, and another called “Bartender”.

“Johnny Walker” was another great song he played, but I’ll be completely honest one of the last songs that he played in his set was a Bluegrass tune called “Blue Eyed Queen”. And that song was BY FAR the best arranged and most well written song of the entire round.

The story behind it was completely awesome, from the time when Del McCourry and Steve Earle collaborated on that Bluegrass album called “The Mountain” in 1999. Del McCourry told him there was no room in Bluegrass for perversion….and Steve Earle said well there is no room in perversion for Bluegrass.

To be honest I think “Carrie Brown” is one of the coolest Bluegrass tunes ever, and I want “Pilgrim” played at my funeral. He also had one song called “Truck Stop Queen” and another called “whiskey River” (Not a cover of the Willie Nelson song).

All in All people the Spillway is a terrific place to see live music of any type, because the food is beyond amazing. The entire ride up there I’m always in a quandary as to what to eat!


The Reverend Red And Duane Mark Reunite.

Rail Rider Records is proud to announce that Reverend Red and Duane Mark will be hitting the road together in September 2017!!! It has been nearly 2 years, since we have been able to get their tour schedules sync’d up, so it’s time to take this party from one end of the country to the other!

2015 this duo brought us the Fry Pharmacy Sessions where each of them had one side of the album, and I’m hoping that they will continue this format. I’m equally looking forward to Muddy Roots this year, where they are both featured.

Anchor gigs have been locked down and will be announced soon. The remaining dates are filling fast, so make sure a promoter or venue near you gets in on this, before the dates are all full! Send any booking inquiries to: or

Please note: All cities listed below are approximate areas…

08/28/17 – Mon – San Marcos, TX
08/29/17 – Tue – Houston, TX
08/30/17 – Wed – Monroe, LA
08/31/17 – Thu – Tuscaloosa, AL
09/04/17 – Mon – Knoxville, TN
09/05/17 – Tue – Ashville, NC
09/06/17 – Wed – Winston-Salem, NC
09/07/17 – Thu – Richmond, VA
09/08/17 – Fri – Baltimore, MA
09/09/17 – Sat – Harrisburg, PA
09/10/17 – Sun – Philadelphia, PA
09/11/17 – Mon – Scranton, PA
09/12/17 – Tue – Kingston, NY
09/13/17 – Wed – Hartford, CT
09/14/17 – Thu – New Bedford, MA
09/15/17 – Fri – Boston, MA
09/16/17 – Sat – Manchester, NH
09/17/17 – Sun – Albany, NY
09/18/17 – Mon – Syracuse, NY
09/19/17 – Tue – Toronto, CANADA
09/20/17 – Wed – Detroit, MI
09/21/17 – Thu – Grand Rapids, MI
09/23/17 – Sat – Chicago, IL
09/24/17 – Sun – Kansas, MO
09/25/17 – Mon – Tulsa, OK
09/26/17 – Tue – Austin, TX

40rty Stops By to Talk About Happy Murder And The New Blood Tubs.


You can find out more about the New Blood Tubs Gun Club by clicking HERE for the louisville Kentucky chapter. And HERE for the Indiana Chapter.

This article turns my attention to some of the Roots Music I feature on my website, and many people don’t share my enthusiasm for this genre of music but I never cared. See those involved might not LOOK like they do, but the musicians involved in Roots Music oftentimes GREATLY appreciate and idolize the Legends of Country and Bluegrass.

In 2010 I traveled down to Cookville Tn for a festival I had NO idea WHAT to expect, and I was really afraid to talk to anybody. I remember thinking that I’m a nerd and would get beat up, oddly enough I walked away from that festival having enjoyed some truly awesome music. I also met some of the people that would forever scribe a notch within my soul and inspire my website that has become my life.

I’m NOT good with nuts and bolts or mechanics BUT I CAN tell you George Morgan died July 7th 1975. See, music is the ONLY thing I’m really good at aside from hunting and firearms. I don’t honestly know many of this group personally, however the ones I DO KNOW I have an appreciation for.

Muddy Roots Music Festival has become a staple yearly core event for this website, and many of the bands that it has featured have went on further to become featured by me in other articles. And Mr. Anderson Allen AKA 40rty is now one of those people, he recently released a new album called “Happy Murder” independently.

We recently exchanged a few messages on social media, as Mr. Anderson was recently overseas for some shows in other countries. He’s been taking part in other festivals as well, and doing full bands shows. Here is a full track listing of his album Happy Murder:

    1. Welcome home
    2. Rolling Down The Road
    3. Happy
    4. Homies
    5. The Hangover Song
    6. Swan Song
    7. God’s Wounds
    8. Salem
    9. Mudershark
    10. Sorry
    11. Better And Better
    12. Fly Me To Heaven
    13. Land Of The Free

You know folks I have been hunting without missing a year of it for about 35 years. I am an avid waterfoul hunting enthusiast and bowhunter as well. My FAVORITE type of hunting however is small game with small bored shotguns like my favorite 20 gauge. It was purchased by my Grandfather out of a J.C. Pennys catalogue in the 1960’s, when department stores sold guns.

I’ll always remember MY first gun purchase. I was 13 and I earned money on my paper route to buy my first Marlin model 60 tubefeeder .22 rimfire rifle. See Marlin was heavily sold by K Mart before Wal Mart ever got popular in my area growing up.

Moonrunners Music Festival Day 1.

Hey everybody welcome to part 2 of my coverage of the 2017 Moonrunners Music festival in downtown Chicago, I tell you what today I upgraded my phone and got a Galaxy 8 and I truly wish I had gotten it for the festival, so right now I want to once again thank Mr. Scott Mithun for the use of his videos.

Before I go any further I’m hoping I do not offend anybody but there were a few acts I simply couldn’t catch and I hadn’t gotten the chance to have any set lists turned in or I didn’t get a chance to track them down. I apologize for this in advance, I think I did the best job I could at maintaining the current two stage overlap. It’s NOT EASY doing all what I do for this length of time.

The Bad Saddles opened the day up in the side bar with a very high energy set that I needed along with four big cups of coffee to get this day underway here on a windy morning. I was up and ready to kick ass out here and enjoy some damn fine music, and do some more merch table shopping. I also had my daughter with me and it’s extremely hard to say NO to her, so I was buying two of things this weekend.

This fine rock band makes It’s home here in Joliet Illinois and is a prominent member of the local scene in Chicago, as you will easily identify upon their amount of local support and how much they are appreciated. They opened with a fine number called “Tanglewood” and followed that up with “Devil Door”.

The video up above is from “Long Way From Tomorrow” and they played another simply called “Happy”. They then closed with two more song called “Keep On Smilin” and one called “Radiator Blues”. I’ll tell you what I truly enjoyed this band this early in the morning, it was honestly nice to hear a GREAT band right off the bat!

The Decayed was Mr. Jahshie’s thrash metal band with members of his other band Last False Hope (whom I’ll touch on in just a bit) and I watched them from up top on the catwalk stages that line the top of the main stage. There’s furniture along the tops of the balconies of the main stage.

This band was pretty wild and loud, and they opened with a song called “Beaten And Battered” and followed that with a song called “My Decay”. Like many other bands here this weekend The Decayed is also a prominent member of the local scene in Chicago here.

“Hopeless” was next along with a song called “Not This Time”. Along with furious guitar solos and hardcore beats songs like “The Dream Is Dead” filled our ear drums as they closed with “Better Way”. It was one of the heavier bands I truly enjoyed this weekend.

Mr. Soda Gardocki is a staple band from other festivals that I haven’t gotten the chance to cover extensively yet. He played in the side bar this weekend and I think he did a wonderful job up there keeping us busy.

I had to return to the computer to update some things and run background programs in order to properly cover more sets tonight so I only got to check him out while playing “July”. But you can darn sure bet I’ll be covering his set even more throughout the years I do this.

Folks right now It’s time to talk about that dirty blues maniac we call Husky Burnette who opened his set with “Kick Rocks” off his new album out on Rusty Knuckles called Ain’t Nothin But A Revival. That album also made my TOP 50 OF 2016, it was truly fantastic. You can easily see growth in this man’s music lyrically and musically. He is an absolute guitar wizard with a finger slide, his shows are intense high energy and ha makes that guitar neck his bitch!

He continued with “Rising” which I believe he told me was a brand new song, and another one called “Pay By The Hour” before he steamrolled into “Law’s Riding Up” off his first album “Face Down In The Dirt”.

Mr. Brett Conlin put on one hell of a fantastic set here in Chicago today, and it was a true pleasure to catch up with him. I got the chance to talk with him a little biyt and get acquainted with his music more.

He opened with a song called “Pine Box” and followed that with “Ship Of Sin”. Another really good one was “Glad To See You Go” that song truly showcased his vocal abilities really well. “Everything I Know” was another one I noticed right away that was a well written song.

“Here we Go Again, Anyway” was next followed by “Home On Time”. He closed his set with “Whiskey Blues”. I shall be seeking him out more and more in the next few months and I will most certainly feature him again.

The Devil’s Cut is another Midwest band that is currently dong some touring work with the Ditchrunners, you can read about that HERE

“Left To Loose” was first along with “Cordel” and one off their second album called “Glass Chariot”. You know their cause and their lyrics truly speak for themselves and their drummer spoke some wise words on their website I shall reprint here:

“We have one of the worst economies, and due to that you have limited places to play. However, that has also really helped to create an underground community where people stick together, getting behind what is going on at the grassroots level. This communal aspect really comes through in our work, wherein most of the lyrical material and/or musical feel is based around the struggles that we all face due to a failing system”, says drummer Derek Vaive.

“The Body Electric” was next followed by “42 Arrows” and I think the next song was a cover song called “Shakedown On 9th Ave”. They closed their set with “Old Ghosts And Classic Cars”. Later on in the evening they came up to play with St. Christopher.

Mr. A.J. Gaither is one of our Kansas City friends that is part of the Westport scene and just recently released a mighty fine live album from it. He is a powerhouse OMB or One Man Band as they are called, and tonight he played “Biscuits And Gravy” with a mighty fine beat.

He also played “Natural Habitat” and declared Reggies to be the Chicago mecca for his music scene like the Westport Saloon is for his. One could easily tell he was just ecstatic to be there, and felt quite welcomed.

I went next door to see Mr. Matt Woods playing “To Tell The Truth” off his new album that like quite a few on this festival it also made my TOP 50 of 2016 with his album “How To Survive”.

He followed that up with “A Good Man” and the song called “The American Way” that I heard at Muddy Roots for the first time. I loved the lyrics to this song and I have always admired the way he delivers the songs, his stage presence is amazing. He closed his set with “Love From Brushy Mountain” and finally he played “Deadman’s Blues”.

Still after all these years I think “love From Brushy Mountain” to be his finest work in every aspect and even thought I liked songs off his new album a LOT it’s going to be hard for him to beat that album. I am eager to see him attempt to beat it though, and I admire his road dog schedule.

Mr. Duane Mark was one is just recently covered on the road with Sissy Brown in Tennessee and this time he had Mr Tim Vee playing bass with him. There were a few songs I caught and couldn’t find the name but I did see him play “Beer 30” and towards the end I caught “Her Mother” and he closed his set with the same song as the last time which was one by Roger Alan Wade “If You’re Gonna Be Dumb You gotta Be Tough”.

Mr. Adam Lee makes Chicago his home as well as many of the other artists here, and I have always enjoyed his versatile vocals. He brought Matt Woods up to sing “Call Me Bass Call Me Trouble”. I saw them perform that at Muddy Roots already, GREAT song.

His new album called “Sincerely,Me” brought out songs such as “Good Days” and “Show Folks You Mean It”. He also played a song called “Ten Years To The Day”. All in All I have always enjoyed his Honky Tonk style as well as his various other forms of music, and he is a truly gifted entertainer. He enjoys performing and it’s evident in his demeanor and music, I look forward to writing MANY more articles about him and his music.

Still Alive was another of the Chicago area bands and I missed their set. Band Members Dan – Guitar and Vox Dom – Guitar and Vox Bryan – Bass and Mikey – Drums make up this four piece band that mixes punk metal and ska.

Folks I assure you it’s nothing personal if I miss sets, I have to momentarily return to my laptop to do what I do as best as I can. I can and always will add set lists I find out about, and I will gladly edit these anytime for any band. I’m always looking to hire help as long as their heart isn’t out for free tickets and they actually WANT to report on the MUSIC!

S.S.Webb is my friends Mr. Henry Berger and Mr. Cris Bissell make up this Roots Music duo from Milwaukee Wisconsin that I have wrote many articles about in the past. I encounter them at many festivals around the country and have always enjoyed their music.

I enjoy the talks I get to have with Mr. Henry on politics and music and everything else we talk about, like many of you I can usually talk politics and debate or agree and still remain friends, it’s something I enjoy doing. I enjoy learning from others and understanding other people’s points of view, he’s actually quite an interesting person. A road musicians life is in no way an easy job and the insight he gave me last weekend was even more proof of my point that what they do isn’t one big party like your average person assumes.

“Dead Man’s Bar” was first tonight from their album “North” and they followed it up with “Bring Me Home” off the “Revenge” album and another called “Pullin”. “Any Old Thing” was next off my favorite album “Skulls Will Sink” as well as their next song “Chaser”.

S.S.Webb stands for Steering Ships With Broken Bottles and they have a nautical theme to their band. A few songs I don’t find on their albums were “See You In The Morning” and “Most Anything”. They closed their set with ‘Let It Burn”. You can darn sure bet that when they get ready to release new music I’ll keep a close eye on them for a review.

Dave-drums, Curtis-guitar, Johnny-bass, Jeff-guitar, Mikey-percussion Manny-vocals make up the next band that plays Chicago hardcore music called Evil Empire this insert is from their website:

We have different interests, opinions, and personalities. We play music together to promote peace, knowledge, and truth. We don’t care if you’re into hardcore or emo. In fact, we don’t give a motherfuck. Just keep things real, stand up for what’s right. – Fuck all inequalities, smash imperialism, keep it real, have fun. That’s our stance. Teach yourself.

Miss Rachel Brooke is one I encountered many years ago and right now she doesn’t get out as much for personal reasons. So when she is on a bill and I see it I usually go support that festival right away. It was very nice to catch up with her and let her know I’m still out there doing this.

She opened her set with “Keep From Crying” and right off the bat displayed her signature obscure but distinguishable vocal style. She has one of the most unique voices in all of music, a quality many lack in today’s day. “Ashes To Ashes” was next along with “Fox In A Hen House”.

I went up into the back balcony to enjoy her set even further as she rolled into songs like “The Ghost Of You” and she played one called “Stocking Blues” (that might be an incorrect name) however it was a good song. She played the song that made the Muddy Roots compilation disc called “The Mystery Of Death”.

She played a few more in closing her set called “Dixie Darling” and one called “Empty House”, it was truly good to catch up with her and get a chance to see her again. I been a longtime fan of hers and I don’t plan on going anywhere for sure, you can darn sure bet that you’ll be hearing about this young lady in the future.

Last False Hope what can I say about Mr. Jahshie P and what he does for his music scene in the Chicago area, that I haven’t already touched on? He and Shooter have always teamed up to do terrific things for Underground Music up there, and this festival proves it.

Last False Hope blends Hardcore and Bluegrass together for an ultimate experience unlike any other, and I’ll be featuring them this summer as well at Muddy Roots. The first song of their I caught was “God Damn You” and another one they played was “Hollow”.

As with his other band Mr. Jahshie displays an untamed vigor onstage as he releases all his pent up emotions onto the audience while performing songs like “Wasted Nights” and the last one of theirs I watched “Why Do I Fuck Up Everything I Love”. I had to head back to my computer for another update before the night’s closing main acts took their respective places!

Mr. Ted Russell Kamp not only plays bass for Shooter Jennings he also plays his own music as well, and is a seasoned multi instrumentalist. He’s been a staple member of all of Shooter’s bands since 2006 when Shooter released “Let’s Put The O Back In Country”.

He opened with “Hold On” and went on into “My Heart Has A Mind Of It’s Own” off the 2013 album “Night Owl”. His next song was called “Every Little Thing You Need”. His next song was called ‘Rainy Day Valentine, which displayed his own identity as an artist. Mr. Ted has been a prominent producer and musician for many years as a solo act as well as being in the background. “Another Love song” was next followed by “Down to The Wire” before he closed with “If I Had A Dollar”.

Mr. Shawn James has some pretty powerful songs whether it’s him as a solo act of with his band the Shapeshifters. I haven’t ever crossed paths with him or his band so it was a pleasure to encounter him on this bill.

“Through The Valley” was one of his songs today as well as “Snake eyes”. Mr. Shawn channels his inner beast as he wails out lyrics to songs like “Delilah” from his album “On The Shoulders Of Giants”. His last song was called “Hell Hound”, which is also from that aforementioned album.

Call Me Bronco has been another band that has been covered on this website before on many occasions through various festivals and shows. They played their ever popular song “Burn The witch” as well as “4 AM” and “4 Shots”. I was getting ready for the next couple major sets out here tonight that are pretty much leading up to the wrap up of this festival for the weekend.

Saffron Lair: Bass/Backup Vocals, Tyler Palermo: Guitar/Backup Vocals and Violet Staley: Drums/Lead Vocals make up the next band called Won’t stay Dead another punk band from the Chicago area. I did catch some of their set however even with a song list I didn’t catch the names. I did manage to catch some of their set and I did enjoy it, but getting ready for tonight’s big juggernaut acts was a chore that I was salivating for some time over.


Left Lane Cruiser is just absolutely loud and insane music. And they shake the roof off the venue when they play, it sounds like a freight train rolling by!

Their first song was “Booga Chacka” followed by “Big Momma”. They too, just released a new album not long ago called “Claw Machine Wizard” in April. “Heavy Honey” was next followed by a rowdy cover of “Black Betty”. Their last osng of the set was called “Zombie Blocked” and they left the rock club in complete and utter disarray tonight before the main acts even took the stage.

Mr. Joseph Huber is one I just recently featured as he released a new album last month called “The Suffering Stage”. I got the opportunity to feature two songs before they went public, then I got to feature the new album.

He plays what I call “Feel Good Music”, playing string band type old mountain music influenced heavily by bands like Alabama. I have and will be featuring his music for many years to come. He opened with “Playground Is A Battlefield” which I relate to very well being from a run down area of his same hometown.

“Sons Of The Wandering” was next along with “16-10″ and ‘Drop In The Bucket” from one of his past albums. Another selection off of his new album called “You Showed Me”. Afterwards he played the ever popular “Hanging Road” off his album of the same name.

He closed his set with “Old Mountain Tune” and the older song “Dance Around The Daggers”. Always a treat to witness Joseph Huber’s wonderful music and get to visit with him afterwards, he truly is a great friend.

Mr. Billy Don Burns is a songwriting Legend and I recently got the opportunity to hang around him more privately in West Virginia not long ago. He came out and played “Dark Side Of The Spoon” and “Running Drugs Out Of Mexico” before Shooter came out.

Shooter Jennings is always doing things that I report on on this website. This time he was with his own band and it was cool to see him under this element for a change. Not that I dislike him with Waymore’s Outlaws because I don’t, it’s just fun to see him play ‘Electric Rodeo” and “Steady At The Wheel” on his own as well.

“Don’t Feed The Animals” was next followed by A song called “Triskaidelaphobia” and the “Real Me”. the ever popular “Outlaw You” which mocks the current state of Nashville bro country is always popular. Now make NO mistake I’m NOT one of the types that mock Nashville as a whole, in fact there IS a GREAT music scene here in town. It’s just the major mainstream crap that Music Row produces that is being mocked.

“The Last time I Let You Down” was next follwed by another one of my personal favorites “Nashville From Afar” which was on his 2014 BCR Mixtape, he releases one every year and tonight I got the 2017 one. “Wild and Lonesome” was next folks followed by “I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone” off Coutach for Giorgio.

“Born To Die” was next followed by “The Door” and “The Other Life”. I thought O’l Shooter was on the mark tonight and I truly enjoyed his show because my daughter was with me for the first time ever for a music show. It was SO MUCH FUN enjoying the show with her. I never imagined my daughter would get to meet Waylon’s younger son, and I cannot thank him enough for that.

“Maifesto Number 1” was next along with “All This Could Have Been yours” and “Summer Of Rage”. He changed from guitar to keyboards throughout the entire performance tonight and with his dead on band that plays like a well oiled machine closed out his set with “Gunslinger” “4rth Of July” and as always “Good Time Charlie” for our friend Colonel Jon Hensley. Shooter if you are reading this I promise you that Jon’s picture will never leave my website and if it does I’m not alive running it my friend.

Escape From The Zoo was band from Houston Texas I missed and I was told they absolutely killed it up there. You can click HERE and buy their music and support this band as well. Folks that’s about all I got for you this time around, I urge you to get off the couch and see a show, support festivals and these bands.

One last act that wasn’t announced and was a last minute deal was one that I didn’t even have to be in the venue to know, however I DID see some of his set. Saint Christopher is one that I have covered many times on my website, and his question is always the same..Was it loud enough?

He brought out Corey Staley- Bass, and Derek Vaive- Drums to play in the side bar. “Let It Rip” was first followed by “How Low Can You go”? “Never Forgive” was next followed by Joe Fox from The Devil’s Cut joining him for “Revolution Motherfucker”.

“Regret And Guilt” was next as he bowels forth his aggressive vocals lambasting corporate rules and values, which could be understood as “St. Christophers Blues”. My favorite song he does is “Ride” and he closed his set and the whole festival with “We Are Legend”.

Even though St. Christopher howls out against mass purchasing and greed he IS FOR THE LITTLE MAN and the REAL American Dream. BUY LOCAL and BUY SMALL.
BUY STUFF from independent people and stop and take a moment to greet the artists and let them know they inspire you or speak to you through music. Of course I’m NOT saying skip your electric bill…just help me keep local music going…won’t you?

2017 Music Festivals: Red Ants Pants Music Festival.

Well It’s time once again for me to return to the wonderful state of Montana for the Red Ants Pants Festival and I found out about this HUGE festival last year. One of my Montana readers turned me onto it.  This festival was founded in 2011, and is a non profit festival dedicated to promoting women’s leadership.

MUCH LIKE ninety percent of the festivals I promote in my HUGE series that now spans over 175 editions, this festival is completely home grown.  ALL of the festival profit is used to fund the grant cycle and also for women’s leadership programming by the Red Ants Pants Foundation.

This festival is so immense and has so much to do instead of JUST putting put the main and side stage I opted to record and create the ENTIRE stage lineups from their page. This project took some time to complete but HEY it’s a worthwhile festival, and it looks promising for an appearance by Gary Hayes Country.Com in the future.

This festival takes place THIS WEEKEND July 27-30th and YOU can buy tickets HERE.


Thursday, July 27th

11:00 AM             Festival Campground open to the public

12 PM-2:30 AM   SHUTTLE: Operation begins, will be running between town and the festival grounds

3 PM – 9 PM        DOWNTOWN: Will call & ticket booth open at Red Ants Pants shop

8:00 PM               DOWNTOWN: FREE Street Dance, Main Street White Sulphur: The Beet Tops with Square Dance Caller Chelle Karcher!

9:00 PM               DOWNTOWN: FREE Street Dance, Main Street White Sulphur: The Two Tracks

2:30 AM               SHUTTLE: Service ends


Friday, July 28th

8 AM – 2:30 AM  SHUTTLE: Operation begins, will be running between town and the festival grounds

9 AM – 1 PM       CRAFT FAIR: Meagher County Historical Association (Train Depot, 6th Ave SW & Main)

9 AM – 1 PM       BOOK SALE: Used book sale at the Meagher County-City Library (15 1st Ave SE)

2:00 PM               MAIN GATE: Will Call & Ticket Booth opens at the Main Entrance to the Festival Grounds

3:00 PM               FESTIVAL GROUNDS OPEN: All arts/crafts and food/beer/wine vendors open

3:00 PM               KIDS TENT: White Sulphur Springs FFA – Petting Zoo!

3:30 PM               SIDE STAGE: Thom Chacon

4:00 PM               MAIN STAGE: Pollo Loco

5:00 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Curtis/Sutton & The Scavengers 

5:00 PMish          DEMO AREA: Trailer Backing 101

5:00 PM               KIDS TENT: Montana Discovery Foundation – Exploring Fire Science

5:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: Darlingside

6:30 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Zoë Nutt & The Union

6:30 PMish          DEMO AREA: Ranch Roping 101

7:00 PM               MAIN STAGE: Lydia Loveless

8:00 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Sarah Burton

8:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: Shooter Jennings & Waymore’s Outlaws

9:30 PMish          SIDE STAGE: The Riverside

10:00 PM             MAIN STAGE: Turnpike Troubadours

2:30 AM               SHUTTLE: Service ends


Saturday, July 29th

7 AM-10:30 AM   CAMPGROUND: Meagher County Cattle Women’s Breakfast by the orange flag

8 AM – 2:30 AM  SHUTTLE: Operation begins, will be running between town and the festival grounds

8:00 AM               MAIN GATE: 3rd Annual Ants In Your Pants Fun Run! Meet at the Main Festival Entrance Gate (West)

9 AM – 1 PM       BOOK SALE: Used book sale at the Meagher County-City Library (15 1st Ave SE)

9:00 AM               CAMPGROUND: Yoga! North side of the campground near the gate. Bring your own mat and water!

10:00 AM             MAIN GATE: Will Call & Ticket Booth opens at the Main Entrance to the Festival Grounds

11:00 AM             FESTIVAL GROUNDS OPEN: All arts/crafts and food/beer/wine vendors open

11:00 AM             HAY WAGON: Rides begin, service throughout the day until the horses get tired

11:00 AM             SIDE STAGE: Beard and Moustache Competition

11:00 AM             KIDS TENT: Leather stamping class with Shooting Star Saddlery

11:00 AM             DEMO AREA: Crosscut Competition Practice – come try it out!

11:55 AM             MAIN STAGE: Local Welcome from Meagher County Commissioner Rod Brewer

12:00 PM             MAIN STAGE: National Anthem by Anna Berg, Sarah Schlepp, & Josie Berg

12:05 PM             MAIN STAGE: Monica Rizzio

1:00 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Izaak Opatz

1:00 PM               DEMO AREA: Biodiesel in Montana

1:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: Jeffrey Foucault

2:30 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Christy Hays

2:30 PMish          DEMO AREA: Historic Window Preservation

3:00 PM               MAIN STAGE: Sarah Potenza

3:00 PM               KIDS TENT: Women’s Foundation of Montana – Towers, Winches, and Catapults – Oh My!

4:00 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Doublewide Dreams

4:00 PMish          DEMO AREA: Axe Throwing 101

4:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: I Draw Slow

4:30 PM               KIDS TENT: Montana Discovery Foundation – Going on a Bear Hunt

5:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: Red Ants Pants Fashion Show

6:00 PMish          SIDE STAGE: The Lucky Valentines

6:00 PMish          DEMO AREA: Mule Packing 101

6:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: Parker Millsap

7:30 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Maiah Wynne

8:00 PM               MAIN STAGE: Asleep At The Wheel

9:30 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Ferdinand the Bull

10:00 PM             MAIN STAGE: Lucinda Williams

2:30 AM               SHUTTLE: Service ends


Sunday, July 30th

7 AM-10:30 AM   CAMPGROUND: Meagher County Cattle Women’s Breakfast by the orange flag

8 AM – 8 PM        SHUTTLE: Operation begins, will be running between town and the festival grounds

9:00 AM               CAMPGROUND: Yoga! North side of the campground near the gate. Bring your own mat and water!

10:00 AM             MAIN GATE: Will Call & Ticket Booth opens at the Main Entrance to the Festival Grounds

11:00 AM             FESTIVAL GROUNDS OPEN: All arts/crafts and food/beer/wine vendors open

11:00 AM             HAY WAGON: Rides begin, service throughout the day until the horses get tired

11:00 AM             DEMO AREA: Crosscut Contest Preliminaries – women’s, men’s, and co-ed divisions!

12:00 PM             MAIN STAGE: Hot Club of Cowtown

1:00 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Rodney Rice

1:00 PMish          DEMO AREA: Timber Skills! Cross Cuts, Chain Saws, and Carpentry

1:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: James McMurtry

2:30 PM               KIDS TENT: Montana Discovery Foundation – Edible Anthills

2:30 PMish          SIDE STAGE: Lazy Bones

2:30 PMish          DEMO AREA: Crosscut Competition Finals

3:00 PM               MAIN STAGE: Mandolin Orange

3:00 PM               FOUNDATION BOOTH: Silent auction bids due!

4:00 PM               SIDE STAGE: Old Sap

4:30 PM               MAIN STAGE: The Bellamy Brothers

8:00 PM               SHUTTLE: Service ends


Monday, July 31st

12:00 PM             CAMPGROUND CLOSED – Happy trails!!!

We offer an enormous campground adjacent to the festival grounds.

• $25 per person covers you from Thursday at 11am – Monday at 12pm.
• Kids 12 and under are free, if accompanied by an adult.
• Camping bracelets available for purchase at campground entrances and main ticketing tent
• NEW for 2017: General Admission camping passes can be purchased online. You MUST present your printed proof of camping pass purchase at the campground entry for your purchase to be honored; there is NO will call for camping passes.
• The campground is divided into “Regular” and “Quiet” sections.
• Any camper, RV, tent, sheep wagon, teepee, or vehicle is welcome.
• Showers available on site for free.
• Potable water, porta-potties, hand washing stations, and trash receptacles are provided.
• Breakfast and ice available for purchase.
• There are no RV hook ups or power hook ups.

Sites are first come, first serve, but there is plenty of room for everyone. This is Montana-style camping, folks. Please only take the space you need and be nice to your neighbors!!

We ask that you leave no trace of your campsite upon departure, including trash. The Jacksons have been very generous in allowing us to use their ranch, so please show your thanks by leaving it in good shape. Thank you!

Festival Camping Rules

*NO PETS Seriously folks, leave them at home. We love listening to loud music, camping and carrying on in the hot sun, they don’t.

*NO OPEN FIRES (small camping stoves are allowed, but please use good judgment! This is Montana fire season and we don’t need to demonstrate how quickly a grass fire burns:) Thanks!

*NO WEAPONS, FIREARMS, OR FIREWORKS. Security will be checking weapons at the gate. You will be able to retrieve them at the end of the event. To save the headache just leave them at home. Thank you!

*PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER CAMPERS. Everyone is here to have a good time. PLEASE JUST BE NICE!!




*NO RUNNING ON THE DOCK. Just kidding, we don’t have any docks. LOL I saw that guys!

I usually include a nice Google map for every festival however I couldn’t find an address for this event so HERE is the local area motels:

Local Hotels:    

The All Seasons Inn and Suites: 406.547.8888
The Spa Hot Springs Motel: 406.547.3366
Tenderfoot Motel and Cabins: 406.547.3303
Gordon’s Highland Hotel: 406.547.3880 (Includes camping and tent sites with RV hookups.)

 Lodging a little further afield: 

Bob’s Bar Restaurant and Motel, Neihart: 406.236.5955
Checkerboard Cabins: 406.572.3373
Crazy Mountain Inn, Martinsdale: 406.572.3307
Cub’s Den, Monarch: 406.236.5922
Grassy Mountain Cabins and Lodge: 406.547.3357
Heriem House: White Sulphur Springs, nhereim [at] yahoo [dot] com, sleeps 6
Martin’s North Forty, Wilsall: 406.220.3225
Montana Sunrise Lodge, White Sulphur Springs: 1.888.379.5468
Roots To Rise Garden B&B, Wilsall: 734-657-3056

FULL LIST Of Local Shows In Tennessee And Kentucky.

Lately I have been so busy at festivals and CMA Fest ( to me it’s STILL Fan Fair) that I haven’t been able to update this as much as I’d like to, and I apologize. It’s NOT easy to do what I do, but I keep on rolling on as best as I can. So if YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at

Jimmy Fortune
Cave City Ky Sept 28th

Mandolin Orange
Mercy Lounge September 29th

Gene Watson
September 29th and 30th Kentucky Opry

Aaron Watson
Ryman Auditorium October 4rth

Gene Watson
October 6th Kentucky Opry

Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
3rd And Lindsley October 13th

Josh Turner
Owensboro Convention Center October 13th

Dr Ralph Stanley Tribute
October 19th

Cody Jinks
Ryman Auditorium October 20th and 21st

Joe Diffie
Owensboro Kentucky October 21st

IIIrd tyme Out
The Nashville Palace November 2nd

Kathy Mattea
Madisonville Ky November 2nd

Riders In The Sky
City Winery November 12th

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
The High Watt November 15th

Lydia Loveless

Full list Of 2017 New Albums.

Hi everybody!


Hey I had an epiphany the other night while I was working on another project, WHY DON’T I make a weekly list of newly released albums of music that I love, and update it every couple nights.? Much like my list of weekly shows that I publish every week I shall now be posting every other night a good sized list of new albums I find from a TON of sources.

Here lately I have been following so many different genres that I can’t even keep track of them myself, oftentimes I have to come on to this article for myself.

I’m not going to break it down into (what I will consider) my own genres, why should I? It’s just ALL damn good music no matter WHAT you call it, and I think you’ll agree that these are truly champion choices. I find out about SO MANY new bands and festivals every day by scouring the internet and subscribing to mailing lists and word of mouth.

My TOP 50 of ANY year is probably my most popular article of anything I ever publish that gets viewed by tens of thousands of people, my TOP 50 will indeed derive from this list here and I shall update this list several times a week. If YOU have some terrific suggestions for me you can hit me up on

Sunny Sweeney-Trophy
JonEmery Dodds-Hell Rooster
Billie Gant And Nick Geise-On And On
Richie Allbright-Poets,Prophets,Heroes And Friends
Old 97’s-Graveyard Whistling
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band- Front Porch Sessions
Split Lip Rayfield-On My Way
Natalie Hemby-Puxico
Ags Connolly-Nothin Unexpected
Dale Watson And Ray Benson-Dale And Ray
Band Of Heathens-Duende
Scott H Biram-The Bad Testament
Truckstop Honeymoon-Big Things And Little Things
Truckstop Gamblers-Here
Nikki Lane-Highway Queen
Infamous Stringdusters-Laws Of Gravity
Marty Stuart-Way Out West
Poor Man’s Whiskey-Rock Star On The Weekend
Southern Culture On The Skids-Electric Pinecones
Pert Near Sandstone-Discovery Of Honey
The Gibson Brothers-In The Ground
Cory Branon-Adios
The Traveli’n McCourys-Let Her Go
Tift Merritt-Stitch Of The World
John Hord-The Home You Made For Me
James Scott Bullard And The Late Night Sweethearts-Box Of Letters
William Matheny-Strange Constellations
Black Irish Texas-To Hell With The King
Jamie Wyatt-Felony Blues
Otis Gibbs-Mount Renraw
Austin James-Full Throttle
A.J. Hobbs-Too Much Is Never Enough
Fred Eaglesmith-Standard
Jeremy Steding- Odessa
Whitney Rose-South Texas Suite
Kris Kristofferson-The Austin Sessions
Kate Grom-Heroine
Lindi Ortega-Til The Goin Gets Gone
Drew Holcomb-New Year
Brad Good Band-One Red Light
Pat Waters-Heartbroke
Derek Anthony-Dreamcathcer
Greg Wickham-If I Left This World
Rebeca Loebe-Blink
The Drugstore Gypsies-Self Titled
Buzz Cason-Passion
Great American Taxi-Dr.Feelgood’s Traveling Medicine Show
Allison Krauss-Windy City
Travis Linville-Up Ahead
Patty Reese-Let In The Sun
Valerie June-The Order Of Time
Richard Lynch-Mending Fences
Koe Wetzel-Noise Complaint
Rodney Crowell-Close Ties
Tanner Fenoglio-This Town
Jess Wade-Country Comforts
Chris Shiflett- West Coast Town
Sam Outlaw-Tenderheart
Lillie Mae-Forever And Then Some
Blackfoot Gypsies-To The Top
Bobby Osborne-Original
Sarah Shook And The Disarmers-Sidelong
Scott H Biram-Bad Testament
Kody West-Green
Brett Hendrix-Brett Hendrix
Todd Adelman And The Country Mile-Time Will Tell
The String Cheese Incident-Believe
Andrew Combs-Canyons Of My Mind
Tim O Brien-Where The River Meets The Road
Joseph Huber- The Suffering Stage
Angaleena Presley-Wrangled
The Hooten Hallers-Hooten Hallers
Joey Feek-If Not For You
Jericho Woods-Better Now
Leslie Tom-Leslie Tom
Willie Nelson-God’s Problem Child
The Dead South-Illusion And Doubt
Colter Wall-Colter Wall
Delbert McClinton-Prick Of The Litter
Sarah Shook And The Disarmers-Sidelong
Justin Townes Earle-Kids In The Street
Lorin Walker Madsen- Slave Of The Road
Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters-Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycutters
The Country Side Of Harmonica Sam-A Drink After Midnight
Rob McNurlin-Tent Of The Wicked
Hot Rod Walt And The psycho Devilles-Swingin On The Moon
Mike And The Moonpies Live At Winstar Casino (From December 2016)
Kasey Chambers-Dragonfly
BR5-49- Meet Me In Saint Louis
40orty-Happy Murder
The Dustbowl Revival
Bob Wayne-Bad Hombre
J.P.Harris-Why Don’t We Duet In The Woods
Jessi Colter-The Psalms
John Moreland-Big Bad luv
Andrew Pope-Stoned On The One
Reid Farris-Reid Farris
John Hord-The Home You Made For Me
Barnyard Stompers-Outlaws With Chainsaws Part II The Payback
Drew Holcomb And The Neighbors-Souvenir
Leslie Tom-Leslie Tom
Travis Linville-Up Ahead
Greg Wicham-If I Left This World
Rebecca Loebe-Blink
Allison Krauss-Windy City
Jason Eady-Jason Eady
Sallie Ford-Soul Sick
Scott Hrabko And The Rabbits-Summer
Kimberly Dunn-New Smoke Show Volume 1
William Matheny-Strange Constellations
Daniel Romano-Modern Pressure
Bobby Bare-Things Change
Steel Woods-Straw In The Wind
Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit-The Nashville Sound
Steve Earle And The Dukes-So You Wanna be An Outlaw?
The Mastersons-Transient Lullaby
Hannah Aldridge- Gold Rush
Charlie Worsham-Beginning Of Things
Old Salt Union-Old Salt Union
Jonathan Parker-Back To Earth
John Buchanon- Proving Grounds
Jon Byrd- Dirty Ol River
Donna Lynn Gaskey-The Love She Shows
The Dustbowl Revival- The Dustbowl Revival
Andy Hall- Let The Steel Play
Jeff Tweedy-Together At Last
Joe Holt-The Person I Admire
Sam Baker- Land Of Doubt
Yonder Mountain String Band-Love Ain’t Love
Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On-Nobody’s Fool
Pierce Edens-Stripped Down Gussied Up
North Mississippi All Stars-Pray For Peace
Kayla Luky-Back To Dirt
Robyn Ludwick-This Tall To Ride
Amilia K Spicer-Wow And Flutter
The Borther Brothers- Tugboats
Sera Cahoone-From Where I Started
David Childers-Run Skeleton Run
Slaid Cleaves-Ghost On The Car Radio
Jefferson Ron-Live At Hillbilly Haiku
Don Gallardo-Live On Sunday
Selwyn Birchwood-Pick Your Poison
Rick Shelly-Hope Wrapped Razor Wire
Willie Payne Harrison-East Nashville Blues
Shawna Russell-Back around
Hunter Rae Band-Lovin’ Ain’t Free
Blake Torry-Toast to The Stars
Damon Curtis-Changing Lanes
Aaron Copeland-Aaron Copeland
Clayton Landua-Native
Introducing…The Powell Brothers
Mary Bragg-Lucky Strike
Julia Hatfield-Hopeless Romantic
Read Southall Band- Borrowed Time
Kody West- Green
Zephaniah O Hara And The 18 Wheelers- The Highway
Billy Payne- Maverick Hillbilly
Jenny Don’t And The Lonesome Spurs- Call Of The Road
Zac Wenzel- Diary Of A Madman
Greg Ashley And The Western Playboys
Rodney Crowell- Close Ties
Tyler Childers- Purgatory
Gallows Bound- Appalachian Witch
Lilly Hiatt- Trinity Lane
Moonshine Collective- Moonsville III
Peter Rowan- Old School
Lou Shields- Bad Ax Country
Everymen- Everymen
Moonshine Wagon-Porca Miseria
Laura Cortuse- California Calling
Black Tarpoon- A Maceing Grace
Charlie Parr- Dog
Ray Wylie Hubbard- Tell the Devil I’m Coming As Fast As I Can
Emi Sunshine- Ragged Dreams
Rhonda Vincent And Daryle Singletary- American Grandtsand

Joshua Wallace Covers The Great Peacock, Colter Wall And Paul Cauthen.

Folks as most of you know i cannot be omnipresent, and recently I looked around for some dedicated friends to help me do this. See now I’ll be able to cover more ground through the eyes and ears of others. Mr. Joshua has been my personal friend for many years, and I have a huge deal of respect for him as a person.

With that being said please take a moment to enjoy his coverage of an Atlanta show with these fine artists. I’m sure if this article is as well received as I anticipate we will publish more articles for other bands, that Mr. Joshua writes.

All photos and article content by Joshua Wallace.

2017 Music Festivals: Ruckus In The Boonies.


Friends It’s time for promoting my friends on the west coast Ruckus In The Boonies. My buddy Aaron “Dogbite” Harris works relentlessly hard to make this yearly event happen in a big way. His label Ruckus In The Records and Bucknums Tavern once again temaed up to bring you a weekend of Roots Music Fun.

I recently spent some time with headlining act Billy Don Burns who is a Country Music Legend in his own right,  and also posses a powerful stage presence. The Urban Pioneers have always been a powerhouse Roots Music/ Bluegrass act, and Liz Sloan on fiddle is truly one of the most amazing musicians I have ever witnessed.


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

Billy Don Burns is a true Country Music Warrior. He wears his battle scars with honor, depicting the stories of his life in his songs with brutal and beautiful honesty. He’s respected far and wide for his long career in songwriting and performing, and he’s still out there. He’s lived it and breathed it through lifetimes of country music passion and pain.

Billy Don Burns


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

Mix one part Texas fiddle and one part Tennessee banjo, add doghouse bass and a splash of guitar and you have a delicious cocktail for your ears known as the Urban Pioneers. This string band hammers out a variety of original songs that encompass old time hillbilly music, western swing, rockabilly, and even a few gypsy type songs for good measure.


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

The Blues are a religion and Brian “Husky” Burnette sho nuff preaches it. You can feel the testimony as he blends Delta and Hill Country Blues with Rock n Roll. His music is gritty, soulful, low-down and dirty.


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

Tom Vandenavond is a contemporary ghost with a wisdom in his music that exceeds his years. His sound embodies the nature of solitary travel and the inevitable connections made from a life on the road.


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

I am a singer, songwriter, musician from Washington State, USA. I hold my mind, heart & soul open, put them into song & travel the world sharing this with as many of you as I can to help make this world a better place 🙂 Musically speaking, my influences are across the board & ever growing so, who knows what the next album might hold in store!


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

Absinthe Rose is a folk, country, punk songwriter that takes from personal experiences. DIY but NEVER alone! Growing up in the punk scenes at the early age bouncing from San Fransisco, Medford, and Las Vegas.  Absinthe Rose


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

they call it “indiegrass,” the rustic American musical blend that celebrates and chronicles the physical and emotional gauntlet the Harmed Brothers have always ridden, zigzagging endlessly in vans across the nation. It’s an inclusive sound, the melding of two unique voices adorned each night with the contributions of the many pickers, singers and songwriters the Brothers have encountered in their travels.


Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

Coffin Hunter is the brainchild of Jack Gibson, long time bass player for thrash metal icon Exodus. It comes out of his love for playing banjo and love of vintage Nashville music. It is a combination of Jerry Reed, C. W. McCall, and a Sergio Leone soundtrack. It is truly American music. Coffin Hunter

Other Featured Artists

Ruckus in the Boonies 2016

    • Lorin Walker Madsen
    • Dusty Rust
    • Hammerlock
    • Stone Elk
    • Last Giant
    • Stoned Evergreen Travelers
    • Dog Bite Harris
    • Smokestack Relics
    • Acousta Noir
    • Graverobber’s Jukebox
    • Old Death Whisper
    • Rock Bottom String Band
    • Keil Grove
    • Gunsafe
    • Tales from Ghost Town
    • Felix Thursday
    • Tyler Giles
    • The Bridge City Sinners
    • Cory Peterson
    • Nicole Pike
    • Billy Hood
    • Krista Blackburn
    • Elly Swift
    • Catfish Black
    • Abraham & the Old Souls
    • Josie Evans
    • 36″ Wheels
    • Texicano Folk Rock Punk
    • Hard Money Saints
    • John Dough Boys
    • Pretty Drunk

Northwestern Motel & RV Park
3.8 (10)
Motel · 389 Main St
Antlers Inn
3.6 (5)
Hotel · 103 Main St
Hyatt House Bed And Breakfast
Stage Stop Motel & RV
3.0 (2)
Motel · 503 Main St

Heart Of Texas Records Comes To Nashville.

Heart of Texas Records is visiting Nashville today and I am truly excited about this as I don’t get to visit with them as much as I’d like to. The Texas Troubador Theater is hosting today’s event as they feature some of this label’s finest talent. Some of Country Music’s greatest Legends will come alive tonight with timeless classic Country Music hits that are sure to accommodate your appetite for the more Traditional  sound. I need to get my butt out to the Texas area sometime and visit the museum there, as I absolutely LOVE Country Music history.

When I got there I found Mr. Tracy Pitcox and met him finally after many years of communicating through emails and IM on social media. He took me backstage and I got the opportunity to finally meet Mr. Tony Booth, several more of them I already knew through R.O.P.E. and other functions. I wanted to publicly THANK HIM for his hospitality and support to allow me to do this for him.

So first we had Illinois native Mr.Dennis Stroughmatt who plays Creole Cajun music, but tonight he began the show with those wonderful twin fiddle sounds I often associate with Texas Traditional  music. I’m telling you folks the double stop intros were plentiful yesterday afternoon. YES FOLKS I do realize I misspelled his name SORRY.

He posses a truly heartfelt and commanding voice and his songs were full of those wonderful twin fiddle double stops, always identified with Texas Traditional Music. He was a truly fine addition to this lineup tonight, and I know it’s not easy to handle that fiddle and bow while singing.

I also didn’t realize until this morning my knucklehead self forgot to turn my phone sideways for a better video. I shot some truly good videos I just need to learn to tweak what I do to make it better. This new phone I bought has the ability to allow me to maintain the entire website from my telephone.

He performed “Heart Over Mind’ from Mel Tillis, and his second song was a song written in the 1960’s by Hank Cochran called “Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me? It was made vastly commercially popular by Ray Price. this young man truly embellishes Traditional Music with the way he performs.

Next up was powerhouse family member Diane McCall who performed the song “Sugar Cane Moon” made popular by Bob Wills. You know much like the name Williams, Tubb or Morgan, the last name of McCall is just as integral to Country Music as the others.

She also performed another fine classic Country song today, and I also thoroughly enjoy admiring the music that this family graces Country Music with. I haven’t had the chance to see her for many years, since one of the Wayne Mills tributes where I saw her with Mr. Tom Ghent.

Razzy Bailey is an overlooked Country Music Legend by all means. He performed “Baby Come See Me When It Rains”, and he also came out and made jokes and we had a wild time then. Razzy Bailey had much success as a songwriter and publisher back in the 60s and 70s.

He has always been a truly funny performer and much like Johnny Russell he can flip from the jokes to being heartfelt and serious at the drop of a hat. Mr. Razzy Bailey is still one of my personal favorite Legends around, these guys from days of old didn’t need to be filthy to be funny.

Margie Singleton is a true Country Music Legend as well, having been a regular duet partner that often joined George Jones and Faron Young. In the 1950’s she signed to Starday Records and was also a regular guest on the Louisiana Hayride.

In fact just recently Bear Famiy Records released a multi disc set of George Jones EARLY material and she’s on that set and probably in a major fashion. If it’s one series I REALLY LOVE it’s the Bear Family series, I’ll pretty much snatch up ANY set they release even if it makes my wallet cry.

In 1963 she had a huge hit with the song she played for us today called “Old Records”. She also played that song numerous times on the Grand Old Opry in the past. She spent years singing backup vocals for Charley Pride, Tammy Wynette and also recorded the original version of “Harper Valley PTA” that Tom T Hall wrote. Although her version didn’t garnish as much commercial success as Jeanie C Riley, she is still credited as the original recorder of that song.

Bobby G Rice is another overlooked Country Music Legend, who earned Male Vocalist of the year in 1973. He earned much commercial success for the song “You Lay So Easy On My Mind”, which he performed for us today. I have the pleasure of seeing Mr. Bobby quite often at R.O.P.E. and other local hometown Country Music functions.

He’s been entertaining audiences for forty five years this year, and his signature song has been recorded by more different artists than I could even name. He has had thirty Billboard Chart hit singles and has appeared on a long impressive list of television and radio shows.

Rance Norton came out and performed the song “Honky Tonk Healing” which I remember from the David Ball album Thinkin Problem. It was written by David Ball and Tommy Polk for that album.

He also performed the song “Just Start Walking” for us tonight, and it was indeed a pleasure to see him and some of the younger performers today. These guys are the future of the Texas Traditional Country Music movement, and always pointing out that resource is important.

Darrell McCall was a former member of Ray Price Cherokee Cowboys as well as Faron Yuong and Hank Williams Jr. He later went on to write Eleven Roses for Hank Williams Junior and more.

He played “Country Girl” for us that was originally performed by Faron Young and many others. However the best song that he played was the ever popular song “It’s The Water”. I truly enjoyed watching this song being performed.

My favorite portion of the show was watching one of my TOP 50 Of 2016 Landon Dodd. He played a song called “Same Old Town” first. That is an old Skeets song from long ago, and he also played “One Bar At A Time” by Stoney Cooper.


Mona McCall is the wife of Mr. Darrell and we enjoyed her playing the song “Sweet Lips” and “Bandera”. Coming toward the end of the show it was nice to see the main man of the night Mr. Tony Booth who is a true Country Music Legend in his own right.

He played the song “Cinderella” that Buck Owens recorded in the 1970’s and that song was put on his album “Roll Out The Red Carpet”. He played “Walkin The Floor” the time less Ernest Tubb Classic song and then played another song called “Keys In The Mailbox” that Buck Owens recorded.

The remaining two members of the Survivors trio of Tony Booth, Darrell McCall and Curtis Potter came out and sang “Wasted Words” and “i Thought I Heard You Call My Name”. Sadly Country Legend Curtis Potter died recently and the last two members graced us with their fine songs.

Tumbleweed Side Article: Interview With Mickey Lamantia


Well last weekend Mr.Mickey Lamantia stopped by to chat with me about Tumbleweed Festival and more. Mr. Mickey has created an online phenomenon called Whiskey Wednesdays, that is currently generating an online response of thousands of people. He recently opened for Country music Legend Mickey Gilley out here at the Nashville Palace, which is where I currently sit while writing some articles for another project in town. while I wait for the show to begin I am just typing some other articles out.

This phone conversation was quite possibly one of the longer ones out of this entire project thus far, however to be honest I’m not totally wrapped it up yet…I got one or two more up my sleeve for this festival. I have a large deal of admiration for this man for his avocation of  gun rights, and as an avid sportsman and fellow firearm enthusiast I seek those that promote firearm safety.

He’s proudly playing on the main stage for us in a few weeks in Kansas City for the much anticipated Outlaw Country and Red Dirt festival that boasts large attendance. It has kept me quite busy this month, and I have had to pull a few late nights because of the work involved, but you know what? It’s worth every minute I invest, the music and the friends I have made from this job is insurmountable.

I involve my website with so many different scenes and genres of music, and the Outlaw scene (if you want to use that term) has been good to me. Truthfully I just call it all real music really, I mean I feature so much different avenues from various regions of the world. So without any more yapping about anything here is my time with Mr. Mickey.


Why don’t you tell me how you got started in music, and when?

Mr. Mickey:

Well pretty much my uncle played in bands, and I followed him around in my teens. He played in a lot of bars and he did George Jones and Waylon type stuff, he was really good in his prime. He could’ve made it big but we are in a tough spot up here in around my area.

I got to open up some shows for Willie Nelson when I was twenty two, I got to meet all those guys, the road crew and the whole band was really good to me.  I kind of got away from it when I got the prison job, but I played acoustic shows for years. I just never put any effort into carrying on the momentum I got when I was younger. I started writing songs, and a couple years ago I thought man I got some good songs and I asked myself, should I try to get back into it as a songwriter? So I thought I’d put forth the effort and it got me to where I’m at at the moment, and it’s been a good ride so far.


Whom influenced you more than anybody else?

Mr. Mickey:

Randy Travis.


That’s one reason I respected you a lot, I saw the admiration that you have for him. It showed a lot!

Mr. Mickey:

Yeah, it’s truly sad to see him like that and what he’s going through. But you know, all those years of writing songs like he did it’s got to be absolute frustration not to be able to sing like he did. He really has trouble communicating , I mean he knows what’s going on, when I seen him at the Palace he knew. I saw him watch my set and I played a Jamey Johnson song, you know he and Jamey are close. I played In Color  and he loved it, and I did my song for him called Digging Up Bones, and you know he loved it. It was so damn cool to see him enjoy the fruits of his labor like that.

I met him twice now, I met him before and after the incident. I was twenty two and I got a picture with him and then I got the picture at the Palace this year, I was really excited that we almost re created the same photo all those years later.


How did you land that opening slot for Mickey Gilley? I’m sorry I missed that by the way.

Mr. Mickey:

Well a couple guys that I know took an interest in me Joe Kelly and Steve Popovich from Nashville got it for me. We are probably going to be working together and they got me a couple of shows one was with Gilley and one was with the DJ from Sirius XM, Dallas Wayne. You know Steve Popovich’s dad actually discovered Meat Loaf.


I did some work with him and Mr. Phil Lister, on a couple of projects and he was really nice guy. His dad is really interesting yes.

Mr. Mickey:

Yeah, they are straight up and honest which is hard to come by in this business. In the two years I been doing this I think I found every snake in the grass. Everybody who wants to try to take you somewhere but isn’t going anywhere themselves. There’s a lot of bottom feeders in this business, they find some innocent girl and they take their money and all their dreams.

My first EP I paid eight thousand dollars for it was called The Dash. After that I kind of messed around a little but I said right there and then that it won’t happen again. I found Bill McDermott who is a great producer, and we did Outlaw Life, it was just night and day the production and the whole thing was just amazing. Bill and I will work together for as long as we can that’s for sure.


Tell me more about your job as a correctional officer.

Mr. Mickey:

I been working for the state up here for nineteen years now, actually I left in 2005 and I was a police officer down in Florida. And I went back to the prison, I been back here for eleven years. I’m hoping to be out of here in another six months, that’s the plan. As a correctional officer you see everything, I actually wrote a song in the maximum security cell block, I took out a pen and paper and I wrote out Sad And Lonely. I never changed a word in that song, because I deal with a lot of stuff on a daily basis.


Tell us more about your show you have on social media, Whiskey Wednesdays?

Mr. Mickey:

We were sitting around one night  drinking some whiskey and having some good times, and I had heard about this facebook live thing. I said well let’s try it and we did it and we had like four hundred people at a time on that thing. I thought well we got to do something every Wednesday so we’ll do a show called Whiskey Wednesdays. Same time every week and we’ll do a different bottle of whiskey every week. So what we did was go find small companies like Sons Of Liberty in Kingston Rhode Island which had home delivery.  They are actually really good companies so made a proposal and came up with a logo, you know I branded myself before we got this idea going. That being the ML 750 which stands for seven hundred fifty milliliters in a bottle of whiskey, right? Well, I flipped it around and came up with that logo, and they loved that idea.

So what they did on their end is gave us six bottles of whiskey a month. Usually we have a group of people come over to the house and drink and we do it. It got to the point where the highest I had was forty thousand views, and we averaged anywhere from ten to twenty now. That’s almost football stadium Gary.


You are doing good on social media man, I been following you..I follow three thousand bands so I don’t always get follow you 24-7 but I noticed one of your video got a million views buddy!

Mr. Mickey:

Yes we just crossed over one million views on that one. Just some guys sitting around with an acoustic guitar, so that’s pretty cool. I really take pride in my songwriting, if someone comes up and says hey man you are a really good singer, I always say I appreciate that. But if someone comes up and says I really like your lyrics and your delivery, that’s more exciting to me.

Whiskey Wednesdays on social media if it wasn’t for that I got two kids and a full time job. I won’t put my kids at risk, I struggle but I won’t do that to my kids.


You are doing the right thing, trust me buddy you are. I waited until my child was eighteen to bust this website wide open, you know my child support was done and she’s off doing her own thing. I just took that hat off and flipped this one on, the music’s always going to be there buddy.

Mr Mickey:

With the kids I say I’m not going to take that chance, it’s coming to a point where the call is going to be made for me I think at some point which is good, because that’s what I want. I think Steve and Joe Kelly are the missing piece to what I’m doing.

So, we created a solid foundation with social media we got thirty thousand people on my facebook page, and then my Whiskey Wednesday page, Twitter and Instagram. We have done a good job for just being ourselves and I have been all over the country with social media.


Ok…one thing my website does is it specializes in festivals. That’s the reason I was called upon and hired to do what I’m doing, so let’s talk about tumbleweed…what do you think about it?

Mr Mickey:

Well I’m calling it the Woodstock of Outlaw Country Music man. I think it’s effeminately potential for much cleaner atmosphere but at the same time I think you are going to find bands that are obscure. You got Jamey playing there and Billy Joe Shaver, but then you got guys like Cody Jinks and Whitey Morgan. But then you got a lot of guys below that who I think are going to surprise you even though some of those acts are one o clock. I think a lot of those bands are going to ride out of this Tumbleweed Festival soaring, you know.


Well, that’s what I started this series for, the ones the crowd might not know as well. Everybody knows Jamey Johnson and it’s cool to interview him but you know I would rather interview you guys. Because a lot of people may not know your music, and let’s bring it to them. That’s my point, and why I’m doing this.

I have been out there on other assignments, I been out to the facility and I think it’s a wonderful venue. He’s doing this thing right so far, this is a science. He’s doing some thing I think are right and some thing I think are wrong but he’s going to succeed in the end.

Mr. Mickey:

Well they used one of the bigger Nashville booking agencies, but one of them had watched a Whiskey Wednesday. I went to bed and he had sent me a message at about midnight, and asked if I had a booking agent or a manager. He called my manager, and he called me up and said hey we got this offer for this thing in Kansas City. He said so and so is on it and they are legit, and we got twenty four hours to accept.

I said you just call the guy up and take that job. So that’s how I got it, I got tumbleweed through Whiskey Wednesday too, which is pretty cool.


Well, the director sent me an email and said festivals is what you do and I have a vendor partner that I work with. She runs the back end and I handle the stage up front, we have this down to a science we don’t drink and we are all about making money and promoting music.

Mr. Mickey:

Well we are going to bring a great show at three o clock. My last trip to Nashville I got to hang out with Robby Turner, Waylon’s last steel player.


That’s my next question for you. (laughing)

Mr. Mickey:

You don’t miss a thing, do you? Yeah Robby called me the next morning and said I had this divine intuition to call you. So he invited us back out that night in his set and me and you will play some music together. And I love Robby because he played with Waylon and he’s played with Stapleton, so I said alright.

The next night he came to my ML 750 party in Nashville and we jammed and I got to play with him on one side, and another guy that played with Janis Joplin. We got invited back to the studio and the next thing I know I got a beer in my hand. After that we took off and went back to Rhode Island, and we went back and forth talking a little bit.

I thought now wait a minute this festival has Cowboy Eddie Long, Brett Robinson, Austin Tripp and I thought you know what Robbie Turner really deserves to be in that mix.


Hell Sunny Sweeney has Tommy Detamore, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Mr. Mickey:

So you have all these great steel players, and I think he really deserves to be among them that weekend. So I called him up and said hey Robby is there any way we can work it out that you can play for me? And I think it may have been on his mind already, but he said we will work it out. you go ahead and make the announcement. So I did and it was a very popular announcement. Robby  is a good guy and I think that we will play at three and he will get to hobknob with all these guys. They’re all friends anyways so you know, and I really truly thought from my heart you should be on this festival.


I have a steel guitar series where I feature different ones every article. I’m going to try to do a live one with Robby Turner and Cowboy Eddie Long if I can. I covered Brett Robinson and Austin Tripp, but I want to contact him and do a LIVE interview with him.

Mr. Mickey

Well you know he was the last person to play for Waylon. Waylon had gone to him and said let’s cut some acoustic tracks, I won’t tell you what they are for but you know it was kind of like a special thing for Robby.I want you to produce them and then they are yours to do what you see fit with.

So Waylon went and cut Belle Of The Ball again and he did thirteen songs on the album. Robby got one of the guys from the band and they played in Robby’s garage. I got to listen to it, just like he listened to my album, we sat around listening to music.

That’s one cool thing about Robby is he’s got a big heart. He actually took us back there and let us listen to those cuts by Waylon,and I think they are released now but there was some fight with Sony over it. You can ask Robby about it, but that’s one of the cool things about my time in Nashville.


I have never heard of that, the last obscure stuff I know of was the stuff that Shooter released on Record Store Day.  That I knew about and I have.

Mr. Mickey:

Well, this is something I don’t think anybody knew about. There’s a big story on it, and he was offered all kinds of money for it. You talk to him and he’ll tell you the whole story about it, and it’s a very interesting story.


He’s pretty easy for me to get a hold of around town, but interviewing him live at Tumbleweed is going to be a better ambiance. I think it’s going to be more exciting for everybody involved to do it there.

Mr. Mickey:

Like you said it’s going to be a festival that will be a huge success. We got a bunch of good bands playing before us that are great. You know both bands that finished neck and neck are going to be there, the Piedmont Boys and Porter Union. it came down to the last ten minutes the Piedmont Boys were up like thirty one votes. I think Doug saw the effort and he noticed the quality of everyone involved, and decided well hell let them both play. And then Dustin James Clark who came in third is playing.


Well that should be a pretty good interview and I thank you for this much time, Jesus that was a lot of coffee.

Mr. Mickey:

Alright brother, well I have rehearsal soon so you have a good weekend.

Country Music Legend Kayton Roberts Dies.


Tonight as I was working on some other projects for festivals and my weekly show updates, I was texted that around 11PM Central Time Steel Guitar Legend Kayton Roberts passed away, as a result of a stroke.  You’ll find Kayton Roberts on so many albums by bands that one person cannot completely stop studying the long list of music he left behind.

Kayton Roberts moved to Nashville in 1967 & began playing rhythm guitar for Hank Snow. In 1968, Kayton changed to steel & for 30 years, he toured with Snow, playing the Grand Ole Opry & , and also toured the world, playing many shows across Canada, Japan, and New Zealand, as well as shows across Europe. After Hank Snow passed away in 1999, Kayton continued to perform, recording on sessions with Chubby Wise, Marty Stuart, Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, Aaron Tippin, George Jones, Allison Krauss, Hank Williams III, John Fogerty and others.

If you look up the words Console Steel Guitar on the computer you’ll find this:

The console steel guitar is a type of electric steel guitar intermediate between the lap steel guitar and the pedal steel guitar. Console steel guitars typically have multiple necks and/or more than six strings per neck, and are too large to be easily played in lap steel fashion.

They are particularly favoured in Hawaiian music, especially the twin neck eight string per neck configuration. Don Helms played a Gibson Console with Hank Williams. Also, Hank Williams III‘s steel guitar player Andy Gibson plays a Fender Dual Professional steel guitar. Kayton Roberts, who has also played with Hank Williams III, uses this same particular model as well.  I know that after Mr. Kayton played on the first two Hank Williams 3 albums he had much influence on Mr. Andy Gibson whom took over the steel guitar duties for the iconic album “Straight To Hell” which also ushered out Hank 3’s departure from Curb Records.

One of my favorite recordings of Mr. Kayton was the Riders In The Sky album “Weeds And Water” from 1983, additionally he went on to perform with my friend Rob McNurlin who recorded a Gospel album with Johnny Cash’s Martin guitar, you can read about that HERE.

Mr. Rob was one of the many people that proceeded to proliferate this man and his iconic red steel guitar with the Canadian Flag moniker upon it, and I hold Rob McNurlin in extremely high regard as a musician, as a fellow Christian, and more importantly a friend.  Never did I recall Mr. Kayton ever using pedals of any kind, nor do I recall anything but his favorite Fender Amplifier accompanying him on any stage.

His latest trip to the studio was with Marty Stuart, playing steel on the title track of his Ghost Train CD.

From what I have all studied about Mr. Kayton the first playing job he had, out on his own was around Gainesville, Florida.That was with a fellow named Toby Dowdy, and radio was big back in those days, back in 1951…that also was the year he bought his first upright guitar. He worked out of a radio station called WRUF and television was just getting started back in those days. He was with Toby and there a TV show over in Jacksonville, FL called “The McDuff Hayride.”

As I stated above he played rhythm guitar for the Rainbow Ranch Boys for the first year before taking over the Steel Guitar duties for his hero “Big” Joe Talbert who was the influential sound for much of Hank Snow’s early career. However as the years went on Hank Snow began using studio players that weren’t up to the same standards as Talbert was, and it discouraged Kayton.

That was until the great Chubby Wise met him inside of a barber shop and befriended Kayton. Now at that time Hank Snow had a pedal steel player by the name of Jimmy Crawford, who played for that first year that Kayton was a Rainbow Ranch Boy. Jimmy Crawford got a job with Faron Young and announced he was leaving, which left the steel guitar spot void. After showing Hank Snow that he could easily mimic Joe Talbert, Kayton took over the Steel Guitar duties.

Above in that video he is seated on the commode playing steel guitar in an iconic Aaron Tippin video, which was for his first album that Kayton played on called “You’ve Got To Stand For Something”. Two of my favorite albums Shelton Hank Williams 3 has released featured Kayton Roberts on steel guitar in the studio on them.

You know as I continue to study him further I found out that Little Roy Wiggins was NOT the originator of the “ting a ling” sound made popular by George Morgan in the beginning but in fact it was Billy Robinson.  I discovered that because Kayton originally wanted to play for George Morgan, who died in 1975.

This little portion here is from an interview I found when asked what his sound was made of:

Well, my main tuning is C6th, that’s my bread and butter neck. It has a little variation. Staring with the first string on the small end: E, C, A, G, E, C#, A, A (an octave lower). You will notice that I have two A’s together…the second is real low for that boom effect. It’s almost like a big third more than anything else. I use it only occasionally when I’m doing some thump style. Getting back to that C#, normally if you’re playing this C6th tuning and you rake across it, it will sound out of tune. But, if you rake across the strings and leave the second string out, then you’ve got a whole new tuning…and you see that second string there, the C, if you pull that a half step, it will fall right in tune with that tuning. You can really play some jazzy sounding stuff with it. It makes a whole new ball game. It’s like having a dual tuning. And on the other neck I’ve got a special tuning…it’s for rides and special things. The first string is F, D, A, F, G, Eb, C, F, but I couldn’t remember these if I didn’t right them down. I keep a list at home in case someone calls and wants to know. Don’t mind sharing these cause I don’t have any secrets. Of course, Hank doesn’t like notes played on the high register, so I’m usually limited to playing on the lower end.

Why Tyler Childers Deserves EVERY Accolade And More.

OK Folks, now that all the “big websites” have ranted and raved about our friend Tyler Childers I just wanted to wait until that was done and print MY article.  Because as a Tyler Childers fan it is my onus to come forward and say how proud I am of him, and the juggernaut he has blown into.

See many moons ago I was just getting started here at and my old friend W.B.Walker WHOM MIND YOU NEVER MET ME YET..started a little podcast from his house called W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show. I covered ALL of his yearly parties from YEAR ONE read them here:


You know I might not have heard of Mr. Tyler until recently had it not been for Old W.B. Walker, and that little radio show. I call him the “Paul Harvey Of Podcasting” because of his magnetic personality and on the mic persona he possesses. Here is one special story I have from him, and his MANY years on the road.

You know ALL THE OTHER WEBSITES are going to promote him in a bigger way than I will probably because I’m just A Hobby Blog….(He gets that joke).

But all pun aside folks this young man is the real deal, he sings with more FEELING and pain than anyone I have ever met, and his calloused hands and tattered jeans represent the working class of people reminiscent of Merle Haggard in his prime.  Well folks Mr. Tyler Childers has slept in vehicles, and eaten enough gas station food. it’s HIS TIME to move to a whole new echelon in the music business. To be honest I am extremely excited to be able to get to see him perform bigger venues through the years, and I hope one day maybe just maybe they will be SMART ENOUGH to let him play the Opry.

Mr. Tyler is defiantly NOT a reticent person, and you can see that in his songwriting. How vividly his songs paint pictures in your mind and leave an old timey implant into your soul. You see folks I’m just a music fan, but once I consider you a friend, I do for life. And I KNOW in my heart his record “Purgatory” coming out on Thirty Tigers next month will be a groundbreaking album in every way.

1.Swear To God
2.Feathered Indian
4.Born Again
5.Whitehouse Road
6.Banded Clovis
8.Honky Tonk Flame
9.Universal Sounds
10.Lady May

I been saying for years now that I agree with W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show on Tyler Childers he’s an upcoming powerhouse juggernaut.I mean he is developing a heavy following in every city he visits brick by brick and day by day, and tonight was proof of that as this show garnished an impressive turnout for a Sunday night in my opinion.

The place was packed and the whole crowd sang along as he poured his entire soul into the old Utah Phillips song “Rock Salt And Nails” which was also made popular by Steve Young. I remember the very first one year anniversary show of W.B.Walker where they broadcast it from his living room couch, and I was turned onto Tyler’s music. My My My how time has grown us ALL. I was just a little blog and now much to Mr Tyler’s argument I have graduated into a Hobby Blog.


There were quite a few reasons why I went up there last night, and THIS young man was one of them. This is Tyler Childers. I first heard of him from W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show podcast. And during his one year anniversary show I heard all I needed to put him in my cross hairs for coverage. This young man has an incredible way of delivering his lyrics. I cannot describe how unique his voice is other than this: you know how you hear older music lovers say nowadays you cannot tell one singer from another? You cannot identify many singers from other singer..well..this man indeed has a style all his own. The very first time I ever heard him open his mouth the feelings and imagery came out flowing with simplicity and influence in mountain life. You can tell where he came from and I featured him on the article I wrote for the one year anniversary show. And I drove three hours to see him live and this is my accounts of what I saw.

He opened his set with my personal favorite song he does called “Rock Salt And Nails”, which is actually a Utah Phillips song originally. He does such a great job with the first two lines it just grabs you like a bear trap and makes you want more. He then proceeded into playing “Nose To The Grindstone” which has a really good tag line of mind off the pills.

Another good song he played was called “I got stoned and I missed it”..that’s one I have never heard him play before. It was followed by “Charleston Girl” and one called “Wandering Boy” all of which were good songs but in my opinion he opened with his best weapons in his arsenal. He did play a few covers like the ever popular Kristofferson tune “Help Me Make It Through The Night” from his 1970 self titled album.

“Highland Road” was another good song that I really enjoyed as well as “Dead Man’s Curve”. He then played a new song and honestly I didn’t catch the name of that one..I’ll be honest. It was indeed very loud in the bar area. ‘Follow You To Virgie” was played next and then he followed up with a cover of a John Prine song that is popular called “Muhlenberg County”.

“if The Whiskey Could Talk” is a well written song he does and I like the way he delivers this song as well. He had a really damn fine set and choose some good songs, and played “White House Road” too. He was called up for an encore and he played the 1974 release of “Trudy” made popular by Charlie Daniels and you can find it on his ‘Fire On The Mountain” album.


Well folks I gotta add this little bit in..I wrote this on Monday. O’l Brandon Walker
AKA W.B.Walker sent me a preview before it was released to the public.
I want to thank him for ALWAYS thinking of!
However due to some dashboard problems of my featured image and some
others I couldn’t publish it earlier.

Miss Kasey Littlefield from Blue Ribbon Radio came up with a splendid idea!
Have a drinking game..every time Mr. Brandon says “Hell” or his signature “Aaoowww” have a drink.
I PROMISE you’ll be inebriated early on this Episode 51 of W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show.

This young man from West Virgina quickly became personal friends with me through social media.
I think he messaged me a question about Hank Williams Junior one time and we got to talking
and just became instant GOOD friends.
I’ve never met him face to face and I’d love nothing more to have him and his wife as
house guests.

This podcast was his longest ever and I began listening several months ago.
It was a little over three hours and featured LIVE music from Roots Musician
Tyler Childers,Justin Payne and Senora Lainhart and also played music from
TONS of great bands and musicians.
I’ll tell you what THIS MAN turns me onto to a LONG LIST of people and also
is a GOOD WAY to preview some you have heard of and don’t want to run out
and buy..yet.
PLUS he tells you HOW AND WHERE to buy it!
He is passionate about this music just as much as me and THAT is how you can
relate to him so well.
He has character in his voice and I have often called him the “Paul Harvey Of Podcasts”.

Tyler Childers began the show with “Trudy” from Charlie Daniels epic (Epic greatness AND label)
1974 release “Fire On The Mountain”.
And another called “White House Road” that is on his release “Live On Red Bran Radio”.

He played music from The Prison Book Club and Fifth On The Floor.

Tyler Childers and Justin Payne played a REALLY good song called “Rock Salt And Nails”.

Now folks I’m darn well sure that through the years you will probably be able to hear quite a few more stories of my times with some of these artists before they break into the big time…and my Hobby Blog will be right there watching them.

God Bless Your Journey Mr. Tyler.

2017 Music Festivals: The Red Wing Music Festival.

The Steel Wheels present the fifth annual Red Wing Roots Music Festival on July 14, 15 & 16, 2017, brought to you by Blue Mountain Brewery and WNRN.

Three days, four stages and 40 bands at the beautiful Natural Chimneys Park and Campground in Mt Solon, VA, in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley.

The full 2017 line up includes
Steve Earle & The Dukes
Lake Street Dive
Tim O’brien
Sarah Jarosz
Mandolin Orange
Pokey LaFarge
The Steel Wheels
The Cactus Blossoms
River Whyless
Liz Vice
Town Mountain
The Dustbowl Revival
Billy Strings
Larry Keel Experience
Jon Stickley Trio
The Stray Birds
C.W. Stoneking
The Lil’ Smokies
Stephane Wrembel
The Suitcase Junket
The Lonely Heartstring Band
Front Country
Western Centuries
Dori Freeman
I Draw Slow
Lindsay Lou &amp
The Flatbellys
Molly Tuttle
Laney Jones
The Harmaleighs
Caleb Stine
The Honey Dewdrops
Erin & The Wildfire
The Judy Chops
Rob Cheatham and
Strong Water

Days Inn Harrisonburg
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Motel 6
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Classic hotel with free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi Free breakfast
Crimson Inn
4-star hotel
Eco-conscious hotel with kitchen suites
Free Wi-Fi
Augusta Motel
2.8 (4)
Motel · 1930 Lee Hwy
Super 8 Harrisonburg
2.9 $65
2-star hotel
Budget hotel with free breakfast & Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi Free breakfast
Country Inn & Suites
4.2 $129
2-star hotel
Classic pick with pool & exercise room
Free Wi-Fi Free breakfast
Howard Johnson Express Inn Staunton
3.5 $64
2-star hotel
Basic hotel with free breakfast & a pool
Free Wi-Fi Free breakfast
Motel 6
3.4 $55
Simple motor lodge with free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
Frederick House
3-star hotel
Elegant inn set in 7 historic houses
Free Wi-Fi Free breakfast
Affordable Corporate Suites
2-star hotel
Extended-stay hotel with free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi
Quality Inn
3.7 $94
2-star hotel
Straightforward hotel with outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi Free breakfast
Econo Lodge East
3.1 $69
2-star hotel
Simple hotel with free WiFi & breakfast
Free Wi-Fi Free breakfast



12pm  Caleb Stine
2pm  The Judy Chops
4:30pm  Darlingside
7pm  Mandolin Orange
9:30pm  Lake Street Dive


1pm Laney Jones & The Spirits
3:15pm  The Suitcase Junket
5:45pm  C.W. Stoneking
8:15pm Town Mountain
10:45pm  The Dustbowl Revival

THE ROOTS STAGE sponsored by Blue Sprocket Sound

2pm  The Honey Dewdrops
4:30pm  Liz Vice
7pm  Driftwood
9:30pm  The Lil Smokies


1pm Appalachian Stories
2pm Birds of Prey
4pm Red Wing Academy
5pm Shadowgrass
6:15pm The Steel Wheels Kids Set
7:15pm Square Dance



1:00pm  Stephane Wrembel
3:00pm  The Cactus Blossoms
5:30pm  River Whyless
8pm  The Steel Wheels
10:15pm  Steve Earle & The Dukes


12:00pm  Dori Freeman
2:00pm  Western Centuries
4:15pm  Lonely Heartstring Band
6:45pm  Tim O’Brien
9:15pm  Billy Strings

THE ROOTS STAGE sponsored by Blue Sprocket Sound

1:00pm  Erin & The Wildfire
3:00pm  Front Country
5:30pm  Jon Stickley Trio
8pm Big Ol’ Square Dance
10:30pm  Larry Keel Experience


1pm Appalachian Stories
2pm For Goodness Snakes
3pm Guitar Masters
4pm The Judy Chops Kids Set
5pm The Fernandez Sisters
6pm The Wildmans



12pm  Molly Tuttle
2pm  The Stray Birds
4:30pm  Sarah Jarosz
6:45pm  Pokey LaFarge


11am  Gospel Set w/ The Steel Wheels
1pm  Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys
3:15pm  I Draw Slow
5:45pm  Tribute Set

THE ROOTS STAGE sponsored by Blue Sprocket Sound

12pm  Strong Water
2pm  The Harmaleighs
4:30pm  Rob Cheatham & Co


1pm The Fernandez Sisters
2pm The Wildmans
3pm Shenandoah Alley
4pm Dr. How & The Reasons To Live
5pm Square Dance


Tumbleweed Side Article: Jaime Wyatt Interview.

Folks recently I featured a brand new album by Americana “newcomer” Jaime Wyatt now Newcomer is in quotation marks because she’s not technically a newcomer. She just had a few personal “setbacks” that kept her held back for a little while. But to be honest during her 8 month stint in the County Jail, helped lay the groundwork fer her triumphant latest album aptly dubbed “Felony Blues”.

I took quite fondly to her lyrics and her style because being a 21 year clean former addict myself from a heroin addiction, lyrics like hers truly hit home. She is beacon of light and hope for those out there suffering. This young lady is the REAL DEAL, and after you read what I chatted with her about you will see..she’s a TOTAL music junkie like I am. Some of her responses made me smile like a kid at Christmas, I cannot wait to meet this woman and give her a big ol Kentucky hug. She’s a truly wonderful person with a bright positive spirit, and the music scene is blessed to have her on our side.

She’s playing Tumbleweed Music Festival on the Saturday late night stage, and I found out just how completely enthusiastic she is about the entire situation. I think everyone involved in this ordeal pretty much is grateful and feels blessed to be a part of this event. So without further adieu this is what she had to say Saturday night as we spoke on the phone.

You got your first deal at an early age, how did you get started playing back then?

Miss Jaime:
My parents used to play games with me called making up songs, and I actually started writing songs as a young kid. I got truly serious about it, and learned what a song truly was around twelve or thirteen. I taught myself pretty much, and I started playing out around fourteen in coffee shops and closer to fifteen I was playing in bars in town.

Whom influenced you more than anybody else?

Miss Jaime:
Well ,Bob Dylan had a major impact on my songwriting, I loved his wordplay and they way he told stories in his songs. I also liked the Rambling Jack Elliott thing they had going, John Lennon, and the Rolling Stones, and Otis Redding.

Otis Redding man that’s a good one!

Miss Jaime:
Oh yes he literally gave his music EVERYTHING, (sighs) yes he and Merle Haggard were just everything.

I figured You would say Merle Haggard, because you really did a good job on Misery And Gin. That is a real special song to me because I have always admired Snuff Garrett, and everything that he has done for Country Music.

Miss Jaime:
Yes, all those wonderful soundtracks on those movies didn’t come out on records until later. I recently scored Bronco Billy on vinyl. Merle was pretty much everything to me, his lyric were a little bit less traditional in a Country sense. I’m simple, but I like to add on things to make it more complex.

* (Snuff Garrett wrote that song specifically for the movie Bronco Billy).

After you had your personal troubles, you recorded your album Felony Blues. Who produced it and how did it come about?

Miss Jaime:
My friend Drew Allsbrook produced it at his studio in California. He’s extremely brilliant and he knows how to work with what’s in front of him, in order to get really nice tones. And also I felt so comfortable around these people, very laid back. He took time to understand me and he can play EVERY instrument you can imagine.

I brought him this cover of a Rhianna song I like and we started recording it, and it sounded so good so I started slowly making this record. So whenever I had money from going on tour, and whenever we had gigs whether it was playing duo or solo. I would always go back and put some money down, and eventually we finally finished it in about a year.

Let’s talk about Tumbleweed for a few minutes, what are your feelings about it?

Miss Jaime:
I was completely shocked that I got that gig, because these are all my heroes and people I look up to. As far as songwriting and being on the road, and making beautiful music. I always like to see Whitey Morgan, I recently saw Jamey Johnson and that was amazing, he’s like a beast and his voice is SO SO GOOD.

I’m VERY excited to play with all my heroes, and also I’ve never been to Kansas City. I drove through on tour but I have never in the city. One of my best friends is from the area, it’s her hometown, so she’s pretty excited about it.

I was pretty excited to be a part of it too, when they emailed and asked me if I wanted the job, I said SURE I’ll take it. Most of these side articles these are all my idea, and a lot of the people that are going they know Jamey Johnson pretty well, and I’m trying to get most of the people that they might not know.

You are one of the top ones I wanted because I have never ran across you actually, yet. There was one time you were in town and I had to work that night, and our paths have never crossed. I plan to soon change that for sure.

Miss Jaime:
ME TOO, Are you covering the event?

I am, I’m going to write articles about the event as it happens and I’ll probably break it down into two different articles, I’ll be writing things I observe and the good and bad about the festival. The set lists and who plays what. My website specializes in festivals, and I cover 175 of them a year. I write individual articles for each one and let the consumers know about location and what bands are there. I include maps and nearby hotels.

Miss Jaime:
Well I’m certainly excited to be a part of Tumbleweed and it’s very shocking, and it’s going to be awesome meeting you there. We’ll see you at the end of the month, nice to speak with you.

Absolutely, and Thanks for letting me do this with you.

Tumbleweed Festival Side Article: Earl Clark Dies And Dustin James Clark Carries On.

So lately I have been doing a LOT of work for other ventures and festivals, and I keep returning to Tumbleweed Festival for interviews with different artists involved. You know I keep saying as time unfolds here in the music world, this festival continuously becomes all the more relevant to Country Music history before the gates even open.

I think just about every one of the artists involved in this event, and the people involved have all been influenced in some way shape or form by the Jennings family. You know It’s become sort of A yawning situation how EVERYONE these days runs around name dropping Waylon, and they really have NO idea anything about him. Right now his daughter in law Miss Kathy is having TONS of legal issues with bootlegger shirts and people using Waylon’s images for MILLIONS of dollars in profit. The whole idea of the Waylon moniker (The Flying W) and the use of it on tattoos and clothing has exploded into a mega bomb of use by fake people that have NO idea of what he TRULY brought to Country Music as a whole.

HOWEVER, there are a majority of us that actually DO look up to Waylon Jennings and HAVE been influenced by him. Many of the people my age (46) have been raised by Waylon Jennings and people like Billy Don Burns ,whom I recently spent time with yesterday at a private party, and he learned this morning about the fact that Country Music Legend Earl Clark suffered a heart attack. As a result of that he passed away last night, and it was posted on the wall of this young man Dustin James Clark. Now folks, this man won one of the contests that Tumbleweed conducted that allowed the fans to vote on the outcome, which resulted in his performance at this festival. I stopped on Monday and spoke with him on the phone about some things that I’ll share with you in just a bit. First let’s touch on what Earl Clark contributed to Country Music and just who this man was and how he embellished the genre that Tumbleweed is praising in a few weeks.

In 1998 Mr. Earl Clark wrote the title song off George Strait’s album “One Step At A Time”, and in this above video Mr. Dustin sings an original called “Take The Comfort Out Of Southern Comfort”. Honestly the song “Neon Row” is one of my favorite B Side songs that mainstream radio didn’t really embrace that George Strait sang. George Strait is probably one of Country Music’s most notable mega stars that choose to not record songs he wrote himself, in order to proliferate the job of songwriter for a living. George Strait was solely responsible for the success of people like Mr. Dean Dillon and Mr. Rich Fagan, and the list went on and on. Additionally Mr. Earl went on to write “I Found Jesus On The Jailhouse Floor” which can be found on the “Honkeytonkville” album from 2003.

Mr. Earl Clark and Mr. Billy Don Burns co wrote the song “When Waylon Came To Nashville” and upon talking more with Mr. Dustin he gave me this interview they did together to share with all of you reading this. You can click HERE and it will take you over to the interview they did together a few years ago in 2011. GO TO SCHOOL AND LEARN THIS! I just listened to this interview TWICE and this is GOOD STUFF.

Both of these two men have been invited to Nashville by the late Ernest Tubb, and it lead to Mr. Earl driving the tour bus for Waylon Jennings in 1975, and he went on to drive buses for Willie Nelson And The Family, and also Mr. Jerry Reed. That lead him to having his songs heard, and it resulted in a LONG string of cuts for him. Tumbleweed is also going to be featuring Waylon’s former steel player Mr. Robbie Turner, but THAT is another story that I’ll be tying into an interview with another Tumbleweed performer.

The story was that Billy Don Burns, Mr. Mack Vickery and Mr. Earl all wrote that song and I found a piece from an autobiography: A few years ago, I was driving back from Johnny Paycheck’s funeral. Mack Vickery and Earl Clark were with me. They were both good friends with Waylon. Mack had written “Cedar Town Georgia” and “The Eagle” for Waylon. Earl used to be his bus driver. I was trying to get my mind off of Johnny dying. Somebody said something about “we’ve lost Waylon and Paycheck, both.” I said, “Let’s write a song about Waylon.” We drove back to an office we had rented at the Spence Manor on 16th Avenue. The three of us wrote “When Waylon Came To Nashville” but it wasn’t quite right. When Mack died, I got the song back out and rewrote the chorus. I played it for Earl and he liked it. Five years ago, I was working some shows with Brigitte London and Waylon’s band. We went into a studio somewhere in Mississippi and recorded it.

In 1993 A Young Man named Tim McGraw used a song Mr. Earl wrote called ‘what She Left Behind” that Tim still performs acoustic at the end of some of his shows, and although he decided to go into the direction of pop country he really did have kind of a Traditional Country start. Another artist that equally had early commercial success with a more Traditional tinge to him was Tracy Lawrence, who recorded Mr. Earl’s song called “Renegades Rebels And Rogues”.

So this brings me to the second portion of this article and the interview I had with Mr. Dustin James Clark.  Here’s what we had to talk on the phone about recently:
Why don’t you tell us how you got started playing music and recording your songs yourself?
I grew up into really, pretty much as far back as I can remember. My uncle had left the area that I’m form, and I guess right around late 70’s early 80’s right before I was born he started driving for Waylon Jennings first.  When I was a little kid he’d come in from being out on the road with Waylon Jennings. He would come to my grandparents house for Christmas and all that, and we sang all those old Country songs around the tree. It was engraved into me so, as the years progressed I think I was thirteen I started writing songs.
I joined a few rock bands like most of us did, and got away from Country roots for a while. As 2007 and 2008 rolled around I started really writing country songs. I came back home from working out of town for quite a few years and I joined a band, and playing in Honky Tonks and it was on from there. Next year it’ll be ten years for me.
Who influenced you the most besides Waylon?
Mr. Dustin:
Well Jason Aldean was hitting big back then and honestly I’m a huge Jamey Johnson fan, and when his second album the Black and White album came out, it blew me away. I got it on vinyl and I remember just sitting in the basement and wearing it out. It had such a nostalgic feel compared to everything else coming out at the time. I didn’t see real getting back to the old school Honky Tonk until Jamey Johnson.
What do you call your music, is it Outlaw Country? Classify it for me?
Mr. Dustin:
I would consider it more Honky Tonk, a lot of my stuff has a shuffle and Honky Tonk feel to it. If I had to put a label on it I am 90’s Country with a Honky Tonk sound.
Tell me more about being on The Voice.
Mr. Dustin:
Yeah, see it was 2013 I tried out for the show here in St. Louis I got a front of the line pass from one of the producers and went up there and kind of went straight in. I went through two processes here and then they sent me out to L.A.  to meet with some of the producers of the show, with some of us people. We did one more round there,  and they picked us to go out and do more auditions.
Everybody told me I should go try out and just to get people off my back I went out there, and turned out the joke was on me and I was out in L.A. and on a stage in front of Blake Shelton. It was really a cool experience you know the show really lives up to it’s name. We never met any of the  but we did a lot of behind the scenes things in L.A. for about two months sequestered in a hotel.
The coolest part about it was the behind the scenes and being in a hotel with a hundred of the most amazing musicians from across the country and really having all kinds of genres just mellowing together. We did all kinds of cool stuff. I made a lot of lifelong friends and good connections through the voice.
Let’s talk about Tumbleweed for a while, what are you going to bring us?
Mr. Dustin:
Man, I’m going to bring myself that’s all. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I do over the years that I have been doing this.  That’s all I can do, bring myself and my songs and lay them out on the table.
I think It’s going to be fun, he’s got Red Dirt going and I don’t consider it Outlaw Country anymore in my opinion I don’t like to label anything that anymore. Most of it’s just more underground, and most of it’s all awesome music . He’s got a little bit of everything.
Mr. Dustin:
That’s right and you know they all try to put labels on it, and I do a lot of stuff  differently. I got Outlaw tattooed on my arm and they think Hey you’re trying to say you are this or that. And I do that to pay homage to my roots, you know Waylon Jennings and all those guys. Really just the fact that anybody doing something other than mainstream music these days whether it’s a little bit of rock or Country…Bluegrass or anything, I kind of do label that Outlaw just because they are going against the grain. Country Music has gotten so far away from it’s past that really anybody that doing anything on their own, that’s really what they’re doing is going against the grain.
I cover a wide variety of music I do Bluegrass and Red Dirt and I do Roots Music I’m tied in with Muddy Roots really deeply. I dip into so many different scenes and I have heard your music, but I don’t think I ever met you yet. I’m looking forward to meeting you really.
Mr. Dustin:
It’s a blessing to go through the contest which was a whirlwind in itself and those guys didn’t have to ask us to come out and they did. It’s just been an amazing experience and we cannot wait to get out there and let the whole experience come full circle.
I went to another festival in Kansas City, I saw the venue and by God it’s a nice facility. I didn’t see the stage but the area is huge and  he’s on to something. They invited me out and I agreed to work for him because festivals is what I specialize in. This is a science and a market and I enjoy doing it and watching them flourish, and my crew knows what to do and when. I’m looking forward to it.
Mr. Dustin:
I am too, we started a little thing out here and my whole goal is to do what they are doing. I think getting these guys out here in one place a these big festivals is fun. There’s really something special going on  in with what call “Our Movement” right now. That’s from the Red Dirt too  you know anything that has more Traditional root in Country Music. It’s taking off like wildfire and I couldn’t be happier, and what I do is going to pan out there has never been a better time I don’t think.
I went from a thousand viewers a day to eight and nine thousand viewers a day just when this stuff boomed. There’s a huge market for this music and people are spending money going to these shows. You know Wade Bowen and them, they don’t get out here as much so when they do I’m there. I started tying more Red Dirt into what I do to bring them over here because there was actually a shortage of it.
Now he’s in such a centralized area geographically that people from Texas and people from my area can get to Kansas City and take part in this. It’s right dead smack in the middle.  All of us we’re all coming towards Kansas City  and trust me it’s an easy city to drive in and I love it, the music scene out there is beyond great.
Mr. Dustin:
The mainstream has alienated good music, hell you can’t call a radio station and ask them to play Waylon…hell half the time you cannot ask for Alan Jackson anymore. It’s all top stuff and that has alienated so many people, and people are starting to look on their own. The older generation is going too Youtube and Spotify and looking for real music, and finding what Tumbleweed is offering.
So you just have your one album out right, or is there more?
Mr. Dustin:
Yeah, I did an EP in 2008 it’s decent quality and It’s old but I thought about releasing it as a prequel album. But the Land Of The Free is my first album that I put the most time and money into. We are hoping to get back into the studio real soon. I have got about another forty or fifty songs, and I’d like to get a full album out.
Who produced the Land Of The Free?
Mr. Dustin:
The Walker Brothers, in Missouri. I was on the voice with them and I actually gone to look at their studio before the voice even happened. We just ended up in the same place and created a great friendship.
Alright Sir well thank you for your time and we will see you at Tumbleweed.
Mr. Dustin:
Thanks as well, and I look forward to playing and forming new friendships.

News On Band Of Heathens.


I recently went out to the Basement to see Band Of Heathens not too long ago, and had a really good time with them and Hayes Carll who was the opening act that night. In fact I almost enjoyed their set more than Mr. Hayes Carll, I’m not concerned with anybody that wishes to digress with me on that.

Since then both bands have been burning up the roads all over America and recently the Band Of Heathens released some more tour dates I wanted to bring to your attention. Their latest album called “Duende” came out in January this year, and you can darn sure BET it makes my TOP 50 of 2017 at midway through the year already.

From their website:

The group recently premiered their new song “Trouble Came Early” with Relix. The group describes how the inspiration for the song “came about from reading A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage, after a strange night out we had in a bar after a show. Some guy who was blacked-out drunk ended up pulling a knife and coming after us. Fortunately everybody made it out alive, and a seed was planted for the classic character who can’t escape the call of the bars.”

  • July 8, 2017
    Flagstaff, AZ, Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 9, 2017
    Solana Beach, CA, Belly Up
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 10, 2017
    Huntington Beach, CA, Don The Beachcomber
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 11, 2017
    Paso Robles, CA, Hope Family Winery
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 12, 2017
    Santa Cruz, CA, The Catalyst
    The Band of Heathens w/ The Jolly Llamas
  • July 13, 2017
    Mendocino, CA, Mendocino Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 14, 2017
    Navarro, CA, Redwood Ramble
    The Band of Heathens – SOLD OUT
  • July 15, 2017
    Mill Valley, CA, Sweetwater Music Hall
    The Band of Heathens w/ Mendonesia
  • July 16, 2017
    Berkeley, CA, Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 26, 2017
    Arlington Heights, IL, House of Music and Entertainment
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 28, 2017
    Cincinnatti, OH, Fountain Square
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 29, 2017
    Maryville, TN, The Shed Smokehouse & Juke Joint
    The Band of Heathens
  • July 30, 2017
    Atlanta, GA, City Winery
    The Band of Heathens w/ Carly Burruss
  • August 7, 2017
    Crested Butte, CO, Alpenglow Free Summer Concert Series
    The Band of Heathens
  • August 8, 2017
    Salida, CO, SoulCraft Brewery
    The Band of Heathens
  • August 10, 2017
    Boulder, CO, Fox Theatre
    The Band of Heathens
  • August 11, 2017
    Carbondale, CO, The Carbondale Creative District- 4th Street Plaza
    The Band of Heathens
  • August 12, 2017
    Lone Tree, CO, Sweetwater Park Summer Concert Series.
    Band of Heathens
  • August 13, 2017
    Denver, CO, Levitt Pavilion Denver
    The Band of Heathens
  • August 26, 2017
    Missoula, MT, River City Roots Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • September 1, 2017
    Fort Worth, TX, Shipping & Receiving
    The Band of Heathens
  • September 8, 2017
    Taos, New Mexico, Big Barn Dance Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • September 15, 2017
    Lexington, KY, The Burl
    The Band of Heathens
  • September 16, 2017
    Tell City, IN, Pour Haus
    The Band of Heathens
  • September 23, 2017
    Montgomery, AL, Fall Equinox Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • September 24, 2017
    Franklin, TN, Pilgrimage Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • September 30, 2017
    Tomball, TX, Main Street Crossing
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 5, 2017
    Plano, Texas, Courtyard Texas Music Series
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 6, 2017
    Austin, TX, Austin City Limits Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 7, 2017
    Austin, TX, Austin City Limits Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 8, 2017
    Austin, TX, Austin City Limits Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 13, 2017
    Austin, TX, Austin City Limits Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 14, 2017
    Austin, TX, Austin City Limits Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 14, 2017
    San Antonio, TX, Sam’s Burger Joint
    The Band of Heathens
  • October 15, 2017
    Austin, TX, Austin City Limits Music Festival
    The Band of Heathens
  • January 6, 2018
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, Sandy Beaches Cruise 24
    The Band of Heathens
  • February 4, 2018
    New Orleans, LA, Cayamo
    The Band of Heathens

Tumbleweed Side Article: Sunny Sweeney Feature.

I [fb_button]

I been hard at work for Tumbleweed Festival lately, as I have been on vacation from my “normal” job. I have talked with many people and artists. My friend and partner Miss Kristie who runs the vendor company Rebel K Child does what I call “The Back End” of the festival. That’s the area YOU are in as fans and BY GOD IT’S THE IMPORTANT AREA, you see I’m in the “Front End” of the festival backstage making sure the set list is correct, and the band is hydrated correctly. Without the support of the fans there would BE NO local music, I don’t care WHAT genre you play.

It’s MY JOB to be a sober, positive representative of the brand I am working for to bring YOU the BEST coverage of the event from a media standpoint. It’s MY JOB to KNOW every song EVERY artist played and what they said on stage, it’s MY JOB to bring you news and upcoming events that YOUR favorite people are doing.

You know many old tales abound about how all the Outlaw stars hung out at each others  houses partying all night, and it may have happened periodically. But this business is push push push, and if you hang around me long enough you’ll see I don’t screw around. I’m VERY PROMPT and timely, if you are scheduled to call me at 4 or I’m scheduled to call you at 4 you better bet your butt I’ll call.

We don’t always have time to STOP and chat, and that was the case with Miss Sunny Sweeney last week, I DID get to talk with her a little bit and I did get to ask her some things about this event. When I asked her what she planned to bring to the table to Tumbleweed she had just one reply…”Country Music”. Who’s to argue with her, I mean hell she has been hard at work for several years develpoing her own style.

She’s often placed alongside Red Dirt artists which Tumbleweed will be bringing into the mix with Outlaw Country artists out there in Kansas City. But to be honest she’s been around longer than many of the Red Dirt artists, as her first album “Heart Breaker’s Hall Of Fame” was released in 2006 before she signed on with Big Machine. It was re released in 2007 as her debut album and back then many of the primary Red Dirt artists weren’t in the spotlight yet, aside from a few I could name and that’s NOT saying anything negative because I love Red Dirt Country.

She doesn’t consider herself Red Dirt or Texas Country, once again I asked her  what she classified her music as and she quickly replied “Country”. I did get to ask her what writing with Mr. Bob DiPiero was like (he was the co-writer on the song “From A Table Away” on her second album). And she replied that “it was really fun to have that experience, and he was a truly nice guy”.

She broke barriers with her third album “Provoked” which took a totally different direction for her as a songwriter and featured some different vocals. Additionally I enjoyed her third album more because I love the song “You Don’t Know Your Husband” which was co wrote by Pistol Annie member Angaleena Preseley.

I dissected “Provoked”  as an album more heartfelt and personal, however she carried it even further into that personal realm with her new album from Thirty Tigers called “Trophy”. That album is already on everybody’s TOP list already for 2017 I’m quite sure.

When I asked her what she wanted to reflect toward her fans when she made Trophy she had this to say “Well I always try to write songs that let everybody know where I am in my life. And I would presume it would be safe to say that I wanted people to know where I was in my life, and I wanted to reflect those feeling through the songs I’m singing about”.

We chatted for a short period of time about all kinds of things, and I wanted to feature her and let people that didn’t really know her or her music become familiar with it. Unlike  many of the other artists on this bill Miss Sunny and I have never met in person, I have been around her but always in passing. So I think basically she and I had more of a personal conversation and that’s OK too, because one thing I have ALWAYS RESPECTED about Miss Sunny is the fact she is an AVID Opry performer. On August 25th she will play her 50th Opry appearance, and to be honest when you watch her play there you can FEEL the love she has for that institution.

The Opry is special and it is `hallowed wood, and if it wasn’t they wouldn’t have taken the wood from the Ryman in 1974 and placed it into the new stage. Sadly Country Legend George Morgan was the last person to play the Opry at the Ryman AND the FIRST to play the Opry on the new stage before passing away July 7th 1975.

I told her that I would include this in my article for DARN SURE that I have been heavily pushing for her to be inducted into the Grand Old Opry membership, I firmly believe that as often as she performs on that stage and the passion she possesses for the proliferation of Country Music history, she deserves to be inducted as a member in the near future. It is a life goal of mine to make certain my daughter can have the ability to call her a Country Music legend.


News On Matt Woods.


Mr. Matt Woods now that’s a name you have heard me talk about MANY TIMES on here. I covered his fantastic sets at Moonrunners Music Festival this past spring, and many times at Muddy Roots Music Festival as well. I mean his new album also made my TOP 50 OF 2016 and on it there is a song called “American Way” that fits the Fourth of July holiday today.

I wanted to touch on some upcoming events that have to do with this friend of mine, I cannot run across him enough times a year, that true smile he has when he sees fans. He is truly one of the most REAL guys you’ll ever come across, and he performs a BAD ASS set at Muddy Roots. I LOVE how he does Deadman’s Blues and connects with me as a music lover.

I’ll be honest people, I have followed these road dogs around for so many years, they accept me as one of their own. Many of them regard me as integral to their scene as any other band, many years of travel have earned that. I’m there y’all, with my laptop pounding away at my keyboard while people like Mr. Matt spill their hearts out onstage for me to write about.

This year he is out and about doing solo stuff but soon to be piling his band the Natural Disasters to do FULL BAND shows, he has an Eastern United States tour planned and a European Tour planned according to his email newsletter:

The second festival I am excited about this summer is the Wildwood MusicFest & Campout in Sheridan, OR. I will be performing there Saturday July 22 at 6pm, but as with Choice City, I plan to be around all weekend and checking out a ton of great music, friends and food. If you are in the Pacific Northwest, don’t you dare miss out on this one!


Full tour dates are listed below and many of the west coast show are with my good pal Michael Dean Damron. I have been looking forward to getting back together with Mike for some shows. They are always a great time. We both are stoked to see everyone along the way.

Finally, I can announce the premiere for our latest music video. Chirs Metts at Goldstream Productions gave the song “Fireflies” a fantastic treatment and we have been waiting for the right moment to get it out to the world. It will premiere on The Bluegrass Situation on July 13th. We will be spreading the word once the link is up and hope you will be looking forward to checking it out and doing the same. Head over there now and check out what they do at The Bluegrass Situation. They are great folks doing a wonderful job of covering everything going on in the world of Americana these days.


Cheers for now, friends! As always, thank you for the support and I’ll see you at the show!

-Matt Woods

***with Michael Dean Damron

July 4 – San Luis Obispo, CA at House Concert (send message via website for info)
July 5 – Morro Bay, CA at Libertine Pub (w. The Turkey Buzzards) ***
July 6 – Santa Cruz, CA at TBA ***
July 7 – Sacramento, CA at Torch Club (5pm Happy Hour Show) ***
July 7 – Folsom, CA at Gaslight Taproom (8pm) ***
July 8 – Portland, OR at Slim’s ***
July 9 – Medford, OR at Spark House Concerts (6pm)
July 10 – Bremerton, WA at Hi-Fidelity Lounge (7pm)
July 13 – Bellingham, WA at The Green Frog ***
July 14 – TBA
July 15 – Vancouver, WA at Loowit Brewing (w. The Mutineers)
July 22 – Sheridan, OR at Wildwood MusicFest and Campout (6pm)
July 23 – Boise, ID at House Concert
July 25 – Columbia, MO at Logboat Brewing (7:30pm)

2017 Music Festivals: The Redwood Ramble.

Redwood Ramble is another darn fine July Bluegrass Festival I proudly endorse. Now folks this THIS ONE is a SPECIAL one because it helps the community, THIS MAN is doing some truly wonderful things for the less fortunate through music. Folks YOUR MONEY is funding this and helping this organization embellish the state of California.

You KNOW folks I cover 175 festivals yearly on this website and this one is nothing short of amazing in how they have it structured and how it graciously gives back to the area. I am amazed what is happening here, WOW!

I mean DON’T WE ALL want to be good to others and help our community and promote GOOD MUSIC? So basically since this is my first year covering this longtime running event I shall embed as much as I can into this article so you can get the FULL preview of it, if you do decide to come. Ultimately the MORE I research this festival the MORE I see it stressed to bring CASH along, there are NO ATM’s.

You need to check out the NO No’s on the main menu of what to expect, there are a lot of rules, but honestly most of it all is common sense. It covers open jams and busking to where you can and cannot smoke. You can NOT HAVE personal campfires folks.

So a lot of the information below was carefully brought from 5the official website, but placed with my own care here. I want EVERYONE to be able to see if you are in that area to be able to come enjoy this festival, and tell them I sent you! There just looks like SO MUCH TO DO and see all in one weekend I couldn’t partake in all of it at once, I know some of the vendors involved and can vouch for them as well.


Dear Ramblers,

If you are looking for the latest Ramble News and Announements, visit our Facebook page. For general event information, you will find it below and on the menu above.

The Fourth Annual Redwood Ramble will take place at Camp Navarro from Thursday, July 13th to Sunday, July 16th. Funds raised from this year’s Redwood Ramble will go to support Project Avary which offers long-term support, resources, guidance and training for children with incarcerated parents. Since its founding 16 years ago, Project Avary has worked to change the lives and outlooks of these young people and, in doing so, help curb the generational cycle of incarceration To better understand the impact that Project Avary has on the lives of the children it serves, I encourage you to watch the following introductory video and visit their website.

On behalf of Ramble On Productions I thank you for your support of the Redwood Ramble, and in turn Project Avary, and I look forward to seeing you this summer!

Steve and the Ramble Crew

There a many festivals I promote on the west coast for FREE to them because basically local music and independent music deserves to be brought to the forefront by people like me.  I think this man Mr. Steve and his crew deserve to be commended on their accomplishments on running such a positive business and FAMILY friendly event that EVERYONE can partake and enjoy.


The Redwood Ramble is a small family-friendly event that will celebrate music, nature and community at Camp Navarro – a beautiful, secluded 100 acre site under the redwoods in Mendocino’s scenic Anderson Valley – from 11AM on Thursday, July 13th until until 5:00PM on Sunday, July 16th, 2017.

Located approximately 2.5 hours north of San Francisco, the Redwood Ramble will feature more than 20 bands over the course of the weekend, as well as special performances and an open mic on the Amphitheatre stage. You can also expect plenty of camp jamming throughout the weekend, along with a variety of other activities for kids and adults. For lots more information about what will be happening during the event, we encourage you to visit the What to Expect page.

The event is produced by Ramble On Productions, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, with 100% of any profit being donated to charity. Please visit our Partners page for information about this year’s selected charity. It should be noted that event organizers are donating their time and will not receive any compensation for producing the event.


In the fall of 2013, the Strawberry Music Festival was canceled due to the devastating Rim Fire in and around Yosemite. In response to this tragedy, a group of Strawberrians, displaced and saddened by the fire and the cancellation of the festival, gathered at Camp Navarro on short notice for an event dubbed, “Joy Kills Sorrow, an Alt-Strawberry Survival Party“. What happened that weekend exceeded all expectations and inspired the creation of the Redwood Ramble to carry on where Joy Kills Sorrow left off.

What the Heck is a “Ramble” Anyway?

Ramble, as used here, is a gathering of friends and musicians in an intimate setting to enjoy music and each other’s company. The term was popularized by the late, great, Levon Helm of The Band, who hosted his hallmark Midnight Ramble Sessions at his property in upstate New York right up until his death. In fact, the Midnight Rambles continue on in his honor.



You will see these two entrances clearly marked on the Ramble Camp Map.

You will see these two entrances clearly marked on the Ramble Camp Map.

It is not necessary to arrive early to secure a camping spot because as there is more than enough space for all. To give you a sense of the situation, not long ago Camp Navarro hosted a 1,500 person festival on the property and the Redwood Ramble will have around 500 people. So, when you arrive, we encourage you to breathe deep, take a walk around and find a spot in that calls out to you. There are three primary camping areas, the two RV/Trailer Areas and the Main Campground Loop. To get yourself oriented check out the Ramble Camp Map below.

Click Map to Enlarge

RV/Trailer Areas

If you have a vehicle that is longer than 18 feet (including any trailer), then you will need to purchase an RV/Trailer Pass and camp in one of two designated RV/Trailer areas. This is because the road around Main Campground Loop will not accommodate large vehicles. The first RV/Trailer area is located in a shady redwood grove over near the Cabins. This area cannot accomodate extremely large vehicles and is on the other side of the property from the main campground loop. The second RV/Trailer area is located in the upper parking area near the Campground Loop, so if you have friends who are tent camping in the Main Campground, you will be closer to them if you settle in that area. Only a very limited of number RV/Trailer passes will be available, so be sure to grab your RV/Trailer Pass early to assure that we can accommodate you. Once you purchase a pass you will be guaranteed a space in one of the two RV/Trailer areas, but whether you can choose between the TWO will depend on availability of space when you arrive. Note there are no hookups in either of the two areas. Lastly, be aware that there will be very limited tent space, if any, available in the RV/Trailer areas.

The Main Campground

The main campground is huge and the farther you go, the more magical it gets. Camp Navarro used to be a Boy Scout Camp, so there are 11 separate “Villages” spread out along the campground loop. These villages have open space for tents as well as varying numbers of Adirondack shelters, which are three sided wooden structures with bunks that people can use. Please note that the villages are shared use and cannot be “claimed” for the exclusive use of any one group.

Car vs No Car Areas – The Main Campground is divided into “Front Range” and “Back Range” areas. Front range camps are closer to the music and the shower house, but you will not be able to camp next to your car in these areas. Instead, you will drop your gear at your camp and then move your car to a parking lot 100 yards or so away. The back range camps are located a minute or two walk deeper into the forest and away from the shower house, but you have the benefit of camping near or next to your car. The villages that allow camping with cars will be clearly labelled and also appear on the Ramble Camp Map. To use these areas you will need to carefully pull your car into a village and completely off the road, being sure not to drive over or park on any vegetation.

Quiet Camping Areas and Jamming Protocol – Some people like to jam (or listen to jamming) until the wee hours and others do not. In order to satisfy everyone, we have designated certain areas where you can jam late into the night and others where you need to wrap things up at a resonable hour. Please check out the Ramble Camp Map for all the details. This information will also be posted on the gate post for each of the camping villages when you arrive.

Alter-Abled Access/Camping

If you are in need of special services to support any health or mobility issues, please contact us in advance and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

Lastly, please make sure you know the Do’s and Don’t of Saving Space.

2017 Music Festivals: Muddy Roots (Main Festival) Cookeville.


I need to be honest and truthful THIS IS my TOP favorite festival to go to, for many reasons and I’m sure you’ll agree with most of them I list in this article. I always take great pride in reporting on this festival because Mr. Jason makes ALL OF US a part of this festival, and always acknowledges that Muddy Roots Music Festival couldn’t happen without YOU!

In the last few years I have had the humble opportunity to watch Mr. Jason grow this little 400 person shindig that started on MySpace with a merch printing business into a GLOBAL phenomenon that has had the chance to go corporate by several offers but has chosen to remain almost completely independently run. In other words you won’t be expecting to pay 4 dollars for a bottle of water, in fact one of the special offers that was infringed upon was the free campfire wood because in 2014 someone decided to light the whole pile on fire!

You can DAMN SURE BET I watch for thieves at ALL these festivals I honor and support for the festival director AND the bands, I “hang out” at the merch tables to see shit going down it’s NOT cool and I WILL turn you in! Pickpockets and ANY rubbish I witness will be HARSHLY dealt with, and PLEASE DO NOT harass the wildlife at the The June Bug Ranch or damage Mr. Jason’s property. We are guests and we are welcome to drink and do as we please isn’t that cool enough that we don’t need to commit crimes? We have ONE rule: Don’t be a dick. You don’t have to toss your shirt over a mud puddle for a lady, but treat EVERYONE nice, we don’t have drama here.

This article is my yearly dig into the muddy world of Cookeville on Labor Day Weekend of which I proudly have not missed a year of yet, and I don’t plan to. If you have medical problems this festival can take GOOD care of you and it’s VERY safe at least in MY adventures it has been. So let’s get into the where how why and whats of our 2016 Muddy Roots “main festival” in Cookeville Tennessee Onnnnnn:

Aug 31- Sep 3, 2017
Cookeville, TN.
It’s the great Muddy Roots “Homecoming!” We’re calling all bands and friends from around the globe to come on back home to the field that started it all. Over 100 bands are playing! You can expect everything from Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Americana, Blues to Punk Rock and everything in between. This is the #1 DIY fest in the world which really means it’s a big ass backyard party.

From Interstate 40, take exit 287 (TN-136/Hilham Road) North through the town of Cookeville. Keep left at the fork on Waterloo Road. Cross the bridge, follow Waterloo Road for approximately 1 mile and you’re there!
Google Map It
CLICK HERE for ALL frequently asked questions like camping (included) and security info, I CAN tell you NO glow sticks, pets,fireworks or firearms (please be like me and leave them home or at the hotel). The medical tent will even hold your medications for you can keep insulin cold for you. You CAN BYOB all you want and drinks and food AND the vendors are VERY reasonably priced and GOOD. Both bars offer 3 dollar tallboy PBRs and mix drink specials, ice is available via delivery to your campsite.

Hot showers are included and the port a potties are cleaned all day in the main stage area VERY NICE staff cleaning them all day. All three stages are within walking distance of one another and the merchandise area is very nice, plus there is a bar in the main area. You CAN have reasonable fires at your camping area and you CAN cook.

One cool thing is the availability of meeting the bands and artists as they spend time with EVERYONE before and after their sets and there is NO green room or areas you cannot go (however the bands DO have a private dining area where they can eat in private)….please respect their meal.

MY RESERVATION is at America’s Best Value Inn it is RIGHT ACROSS from Wal Mart and Shoney’s plus MANY more good places.
La Quinta Inn has a REALLY GOOD breakfast with HOT eggs and bacon ALL YOU WANT! A NICE clean pool and laundry facilities. This hotel is a little more money BUT it’s a GOOD bet next door to Waffle House.

My website will be handing out soap, toothbrushes and socks this year FREE also toilet paper at certain times during the festival I’ll also have sunscreen with me for everyone at ALL times. THIS FESTIVAL IS USUALLY HOT so PLEASE bring plenty of water, sunscreen and ice for yourself. Don’t try and have a liquor consumption challenge and end up in the E.R. have some drinking sense and remember the show, and the fun.

Earlybird tickets have sold out.

Weekend passes include FREE camping and hot showers.
Not to mention that beauty of a waterfall we have a half mile up the road.
It’ll change all their lives.
Earlybird tickets are already sold out. Weekend passes are capped.
This will absolutely sell out.
Check out all the fest pics at

As always with ALL my festival articles HERE is a LONG LIST of hotels right off Hwy 40, about 20 minutes from the ranch where we have this festival.  I know there are many questions about this event and we have ONE RULE:


So with that in mind I’ll say there are NO golf carts allowed, I’m not sure about service animals I myself have never seen a patron with one. DRINK WATER…..IT’S HOT OUT THERE…..DRINK WATER.  There is a NICE first aid station and medical corner of the main tent, THEY CAN keep insulin cold and THEY WILL lock up maintenance pills for you (I have diabetes) and I CAN AND WILL assist you personally with anything you need.

The Rebel K Child jewelry vendor booth will be the official hangout for Gary Hayes and my website. I’ll have my own Wi Fi out there this year, and I’ll be handing out toilet paper and dry socks if weather is nasty.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mt. Juliet – Nashville Area
Ad 4.4

2-star hotel
Standard lodging with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
La Quinta Inn & Suites Cookeville
Ad 4.1

3-star hotel
Understated hotel with a pool & a gym
Free Wi-Fi
Motel 6

2-star hotel
Simple budget lodging with seasonal pool
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 20% less than usual
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cookeville

2-star hotel
Standard option with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Cookeville

Extended Stay Hotel
Simple all-suite hotel with a 24/7 gym
Free breakfast
DEAL 10% off
Image Hotel Management
Business Management Consultant · 930 Woodwinds Dr
Image Hotel Management

Hotel · 970 S Jefferson Ave
Star Motor Inn

Motel · 1115 S Willow Ave
Low-key option with a Southern eatery
Free Wi-Fi
Best Western Thunderbird Motel

2-star hotel
Budget hotel with Mexican dining
Free Wi-Fi
Comfort Inn & Suites

2-star hotel
Modern budget hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Cookeville – Tennessee Tech

2-star hotel
Basic hotel with free breakfast & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Key West Inn

2-star hotel
Quaint low-rise hotel with modest rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 17% less than usual

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with free Wi-Fi & breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 13% off
Hampton Inn Cookeville

3-star hotel
Modern hotel with free Wi-Fi & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Alpine Lodge & Suites

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with an outdoor pool & BBQs
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 23% less than usual
Eastwood Inn

Hotel · 1646 E Spring St
Cookeville Manor Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast · 7241 Hilham Rd
Highway 56 Motel

Motel · 5485 S Grundy Quarles Hwy
Travelodge Cookeville

Free breakfast
DEAL 28% less than usual
La Quinta Inn Crossville

3-star hotel
Comfort Suites

2-star hotel
Relaxed hotel with free hot breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Crossville

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with a pool & free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi






The bands playing the 2017 Muddy Roots Music Festival will be sharing FREE downloads with you all year long to promote their performances in our field. Get yours now HERE.

The Bucksnort Beauties, Tommy Ash And Patrick Kinsley And A Fistful Of Dollars.

I’m Here tonight at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge out here in Madison Tennessee, one of my favorite live Music venues in the area. Tonight as I begin my July vacation I’ll be busy watching The Bucksnort Beauties  Miss Tommy Ash and another band I have never featured before called Patrick Kinsley And A Fistful Of Dollars.

This venue went through some changes since the last time I was here and some of them were for the best. They expanded the menu now, the last time I had their Italian Beef sandwich and I LOVED IT. Tonight’s show began later so I ate beforehand, but had a later snack. They now have table numbers like the Palace does, and I noticed they had a pretty cool POS system there.

They moved the jukebox and the wall of records to another spot on the bar, and they still play decent REAL MUSIC when the bands aren’t playing. I pretty much had no complaints about the entire evening whatsoever, and will of course continue to come here for shows when I can. YOU MUST go see Mr. Joe my big buddy and tip him good please, we have been friends many years. Many good stories of being around him, and many good bands were enjoyed around him. Also Miss Amy Dee Richardson whom also bar tends, stop and see them BOTH, watch some Dukes Of Hazzard on the TV or Bonanza and hear some REAL Country Music. I give this place FIVE STARS, MUCH better menu and FUN!

OK So I ran a contest that night and it stated that anyone whom guessed where I was going to go eat would be mentioned in this article. It was my good friend Miss Gail Norman and she works at Roberts Western World and also here in Springfield at Willie Mae’s Barbecue. So when you are in my area go stop and see her, and say hello because the food is wonderful, and please tell her I said hello.

The Bucksnort Beauties were up to play first, and played several new songs, and I’ll be including several videos from those songs. One of their new singles that’s not on their EP called “Wildfire And Moonshine” was called “Cockadoodledoo”and you can read more about that album HERE. I took two videos from their performance tonight including their live performance of “Cockadoodledoo” and another called “Chuckwagon”.

Now the second video Chuckwagon got off to little rough start but dammit it was a dog gone fine song they have new there, and like last time they did a truly fine job up there tonight. Another new song they included was called “Get Down To It”,which was a pretty well written song.

Their first song was indeed one from their EP called Zachiriah Head” and that song was followed by the ever popular “Good Bad Girls” full of those gorgeous Bucksnort Beauties harmonies that one associates with this band.  They followed that song up with “Good Bad Girls” which is also on the EP.

Aw the hell with all y’all, they done went “Back To Arkansas” tonight before they  played “Boom Chicka Boom”. And one of my personal favorite songs called “Spit On the Diamond” and make it shine baby, because they are pretty much “Country Like That”.

They closed their set with a song I liked called “Whiskey Tonight”which I did indeed imbibe in as I am beginning to enjoy my vacation this week, as I prepare more Tumbleweed work and work for Muddy Roots as well.

Miss Tommy Ash WOW…I’m speechless. She brought a huge powerhouse band that displayed a Bakersfield influence as well as old style Honky Tonk. I have indeed admired her music for some time now, but until now have yet to see her live, nor have I ever had the chance to feature her on the website.

FINALLY I got to get some stuff from her and write about her music, I’m telling you cover songs don’t always make me go crazy,but when you start playing Bob McDill written Don Williams songs as rare as “She’s In Love With A Rodeo Man” you got my attention.

But see she opened with a song off her 2013 album called “Sinner’s Blood” in fact, that said album is called Sinner’s Blood, and she followed that up with a song called “When I’m Gone”. Here is a video from her set tonight featuring that very song. I mean I FOCUSED ON IT, just LISTEN to that guitar tone and that twang. I think this guitarist truly embellishes her vocals and their combined stage presence is nothing short of “right hand man” type of function so many big names had in history.

“Trip To The Moon” was next, which featured some truly amazing songwriting skills. BUT FOLKS this next song I wished I would have caught on video. I mean what is a Honky Tonk show without a drinking song like “Sugar In A Bottle”? I mean THIS SONG is COUNTRY as HELL! There is a steel guitar lick in this song that was so cool I kept turning back to it several times, I was blessed enough to get to sit and chat with Tommy’s husband (and lead guitarist) Mr. Ben Blanc Dumont and Miss Tommy herself. He had to stop during a Dwight Yoakam song and admire a certain steel guitar lick like I do, so you CAN FEEL the passion they have for this genre. It’s NOT just some show they play for tips, you can easily ascertain they do this for the LOVE of Country Music.

Her next song was a Delbert McClinton song that was recorded in 1976 by EmmyLou Harris called “Two More Bottles Of Wine” however if you are not an aficionado like we are, you might not even notice it’s a cover song at all. I overheard someone say WOW that’s a well written song she has..hmmm. The general public amazes me sometimes but nonetheless they enjoyed her.

“Ain’t Cha Mama” was next followed by “Lost It All” and possibly one called ‘sold The Farm” I’m not totally sure of the name of that one, however she did effectively alter “Only Momma That’ll Walk The Line” and closed her set with “Keeping The House”. Altogether I would have to say THIS WAS one of the better sets overall I have been to so far in 2017, I am BLOWN AWAY by her power to lead such gifted band members like that. The timing was impeccable and the key modulations were flawless, not ONCE did anybody loose pace. Accompanying her and her husband are Mr. Brandon Goldstein on drums and Mr. Jeff Malinowski on bass guitar.

Patrick Kinsley And A Fistful Of Dollars was a four piece Country Rock band that I also have never witnessed before, I HAVE heard of them however. Mr. Patrick has some gritty vocals aged much more than his physical body, accompanied by hard rocking guitar tones and good beat.

“Rattling The Cage” was first an outlaw story of his father who had to take care of a loose lipped tattle tale from the eyes of himself as a child. Kind of a modern day “Coward Of The County” type deal about learning from your parent’s mistakes.

This man has pretty well written lyrics and some twisted stories with some truly good hooks. “Between Heaven” was next followed by another good one called “Bethlehem”.   So, now this video is from a song called “Don’t Wanna Fight” and I enjoyed this song VERY MUCH.

See I related WELL to this song. I’m too old for that fighting bullshit no more, and I don’t party and drink like I used to..those days are over with. I defiantly need to sit and chat with these boys further one day in the future and you can DAMN sure bet I will be seeking them out later on. There were some lead guitar licks in this song that were great, and it truly spoke out for the soldiers that don’t wanna fight no more. He truly has empathy for our men and women over there fighting for our right to be there enjoying music.

“Little Tin House” was next followed by ‘Holding What We Got”. They closed their set with “Poison” and a song called “A Little Further North”.