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R.O.P.E. 30th Annual Golden Awards.

On October 5th 2017 my wonderful friends at R.O.P.E. will be having their annual banquet and awards show at the Al Menah Shrine Temple over on Brick Church Pike. Seated at my table one year was the man they will be paying a special tribute to next month, Country Music Legend Mr. Mac Wiseman.

I have been truly blessed to have been involved with this fine organization for many years now, and it is run and operated by many people I regard as heroes and Legends. I think this group and event needs an official Facebook page but every time I have attended this event I have always has a truly blessed time with everyone. It’s time once again to help promote the 30th annual R.O.P.E. banquet, unless you aren’t within the business the R.O.P.E. organization was founded in 1983 when a group of people decided to form a fellowship meeting of music industry people to discuss things and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It stands for the “Reunion Of Professional Entertainers” and holds a function in spring and fall, the spring event usually is a luncheon with Bbq around noon.

R.O.P.E. (which stands for the Reunion of Professional Entertainers) began one evening in May of 1983 when forty-three folks in the music industry got together to discuss the idea of having an organization.  Prior to the organizing of R.O.P.E., generally the only times these folks were together was to either work and/or attend the funeral/visitation for a fellow comrade. Wanting to correct this situation was the beginning of this great organization that is known as R.O.P.E., International.

Like Webster’s rope that is made of several strands, our ‘R.O.P.E.’ is made of many different fields of the music and entertainment industry.  Our membership roster includes artists, musicians, songwriters, record producers, booking agents, record promoters, disc jockeys and music business executives.  Some are retired while many are still very active in their respective field. Our members represent many years of musical and entertainment history.



5 Shots With Fairbanks: Justin Wells

Justin Wells – The Dogs
Justin Wells – The Dogs From Justin’s debut solo record, Dawn in the Distance. Directed by Casey Pierce. Shot at American Legion Post 82, Nashville, TN. Spot…

Erin Enderline
Emi Sunshine
Porter Union
Brent Cobb
Joshua Morningstar
Cody Jinks
Tennessee Jet
The Steel Woods
Dallas Moore

I’ve been a fan of Justin Wells for awhile now ever since I was lucky enough to be introduced to him by my good friend Geoffrey William Todd. I finally got the chance to see him live for the first time this year on August 4th after he wrote me and told me that he was playing a solo show at The Family Wash in Nashville. It wasn’t disappointing even though it was a solo show without his band. Justin was amazing, and not only was he an amazing singer but he was also a really friendly genuine guy. He came and sat at my table and talked with me and my friends before the show for awhile and then hung out and talked for awhile after also. Once he found out I had driven in from out of state to see him and was planning to drive home right after the show he even gave me his number and text me on the way home to make sure I got made it home ok. I don’t know of many people that would do something like that. Justin you know that you are family in my book and I am happy that I can help be a small part in spreading your music. Please everyone remember to like this page to ensure you never miss an artist interview and share this article to help the spread of Justin’s music so more people can hear of him. Thanks!

Round 1 ~ Most artist have a special place that they go to clear their heads and write songs, what is your special place?

Justin ~ There’s been a few places over the years. The location doesn’t really matter, but I’ve gotta be by myself. Dead sober (even coffee gets in the way of my writing). Of sound mind.

Round 2 ~ Can you tell us who some of your favorite artist are right now that you feel is representing Country the way it should be?

Justin ~ That’s tough. I’m not really hip to what’s what these days, country or otherwise. Lyrically, there’s not really anybody that holds a candle to Matthew Ryan or John Moreland. Musically, guys like Sturgill and Shooter are inspiring because they don’t give a shit about trends, genre, “cred”, whatever. In terms of someone who honors the country music genre specifically, I think it’s Jason Eady. Jason is that rare artist who is a slave to the craft and the execution and fuck all else.

Round 3 ~ Is there a new album in the works, any news on when we might hear that?

Justin-Perpetually, and no.

Round 4 ~ I know people collect a wide variety of stuff, I personally collect autographs, guitar picks and Walking Dead Merch. Is there anything that you collect?

Justin ~ (Fun fact, I rode the school bus with Robert Kirkman, creator of the Walking Dead.) These days, not really. I’m a comics nerd, but haven’t really kept up with it in years. I don’t miss the movies though.

Round 5 ~ Can you tell us about some of your favorite things to do outside of the music World?

Justin ~ I have two worlds: my “music world” as you said, and my world as a husband/father. I juggle both as good as I’m able, to varying degrees of success. The short answer: my favorite things are Andrea, Zoë, and AnnaLee.

Last Call ~ This is an open message to your fans, so just tell them what ever you would like them to know.

Justin ~ To everybody, fan or not: If everybody agreed, the world would be boring as shit and the only thing anybody would listen to is Tom Petty (that part’s not so bad). Try not to let other folks’ actions piss you off. Let the clowns clown. It’ll all work out. I love ya’ll.