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This week I bring you Craig Gerdes. I really enjoy his music and believe that you will also. If you haven’t you should check him out. Please remember to like this page so you don’t miss any upcoming interviews and share this post to help spread Craig’s music to others.

ROUND 1 – If you were asked to describe your music to a group of people that had never heard it, how would you describe it?

Craig – “I would say it’s genuine, relatable, real life stuff. I might write & sing about my own life experiences or someone else’s. Either way, I like to think that’s what makes the music relatable & real to people.”

ROUND 2 – Can you tell us your favorite lyrics of all time and tell us why those lyrics made such an impact on you personally?

Craig – “My favorite lyrics..”You stayed with me through thick & thin…You watched me lose…you watched me win…You picked me up off of the ground…You never one time let me down” from the song Natural High written by Freddy Powers for Merle Haggard. That line always makes me think of my wife Janel & all she has done for me, so those lyrics have always been really special to me!”

ROUND 3 – What is your inspiration for writing and performing songs, what keeps you pushing forward?

Craig – “I’ve written songs since I was a little kid & it’s always given me a sense of peace & accomplishment. So when I write a song & sing it & someone comes up to me & tells me how much they can relate to that song, or how that song took them to a different place in time, even if it’s only for 4 minutes. That means the world to me.”

ROUND 4 – Most people love pets so to step away from the music a little, do you have any pets and if so can you tell us about them?

Craig – “Yep! We have a Siberian Husky named “Sember” I’ve always had a special love for dogs. I consider them magical in a certain type of way. They have a way of teaching us things, real life things you can’t learn from other people & Sember is no exception, she is definitely a big part of our family!”

ROUND 5 – What are your favorite hobbies outside of the music World?

Craig – “I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors, being in the timber cutting firewood has always been one of my favorite things aside from that, I like to cook & spend time with my family when I’m not out making music.”

Last Call – This is a place where you can tell your fans and the people who may be hearing about you for the first time anything that you would like them to know.

Craig – “I truly enjoy meeting & talking with all of the people that I meet out on the road. Making new friends & listening to their stories..Its those people that inspire me & I only hope I can return the favor by inspiring others through my music.”

Nov 212017

My friends time after time I have been preaching on how much I LOVE Muddy Roots music events in my area. True at times there a lot of personal things flying around focused on Muddy Roots events, however you can save that for the social media page you own. ON THIS ONE I’ll focus on MUSIC, and how much I appreciate the bands, and the people that make the events roll. THAT’S YOU…YOU ARE the one that spends time and money there. It lives because of YOU!

A few weeks ago Mr. Jason put together a smaller lineup based more on bands with a darker ambiance than the usual Muddy Roots based bands. THIS IS WHERE you can find out more about this event, which Mr. Jason has said will most likely happen next year.

I had my opening weekend of rifle deer season this weekend, so I only got the chance to see a few of the remaining acts on that Saturday night. I just wanted to write a short piece on this event, basically I was there to be social and enjoy the bands I did get to see. I know Miss Alina flew all the way from Moscow Russia to be with us, and I wanted to see her play.

Miss Alina Vivita brought a different style of music to us tonight, and it was very enjoyable. It was more of a folk type of music with a very interesting style to it, and she complimented the lineup truly well, and certainly was well worth going to see!

I wasn’t really going out of my way to retrieve the song lists or delving into the show in the usual capacity that I typically do, I was honestly there to unwind and watch the music for my own total enjoyment. Basically sort of taking some time off the website to enjoy nature and deer hunt.

I remember getting to meet her at Westport Roots Festival this past spring, and it was nice to get to see again. Now this event took place at the location that Mr. Jason hosted the first Muddy Roots Spring Weekender in 2013. It’s out in Adams Tennessee about 20 minutes from my house, and on a normal weekend I would have been there the entire time. However I hunt to eat for the winter and not only for the sporting aspect of it.

I got to spend a good amount of time with many of my friends that attend these events like the next band WhiskeyDick whom I wrote about in my Muddy Roots Main articles this summer. They played a really nice instrumental that I caught on video, which is included in this article.

They played “Devil’s Eyes”, off of their First Class White Trash album, and WHAT WOULD a WhiskeyDick show be without them playing “Bastard Sons of Texas”? I mean, honestly this duo has existed for ten years plus and is still wowing audiences all over America AND overseas.

Before they performed their signature songs “Drunk As Hell” and also their song called “Yee Haw” I captured this video of their eclectic instrumental abilities, before they brought up Mr. James Hunnicutt who played Friday. They also all brought up our personal friend Mr. Jared McPherson, who had a guitar stolen from him during Muddy Roots. They all pitched in and bought him a new guitar, which showed true love for their fans overall. Mr. Jared is always willing to lend a hand and help the shows out.

After playing a song for our fallen heroes they played a great song called “Black Tooth Grin” and then closed with a Lynyrd Skynrd that made this a VERY enjoyable set and a VERY enjoyable portion of the festival. Another of the bands that performed tonight that I got to enjoy was Sons Of Perdition however much of the band apparently couldn’t make it.

He had Mr. Josh Danforth on the accordion with him and they also played many horror themed songs before the main act of the night which was O’l Lonesome Wyatt and Those Poor Bastards whom I haven’t had the opportunity to write about much lately. i cover so many genres and bands, I cannot easily catch up with everyone at the same time.

I got to watch Those Poor Bastards play a totally enjoyable set, including songs like “World Is So Evil” . This band has plenty of material to play songs from for this show, as their catalogue is vastly large. You know Those Poor Bastards are one of those bands that don’t get to travel as much, however they keep recording fresh and good material. Some of Lonesome Wyatt’s work with Miss Rachel Brooke is some of my favorite work he has ever done.

Also included in their set were the songs “Crooked Man” and the song “No Light”. All in All this festival located in Adams Tennessee at the Red River Campground will hopefully be a reoccurring piece of the Muddy Roots program of events.

Nov 192017

Lately I have been so busy at festivals and CMA Fest ( to me it’s STILL Fan Fair) that I haven’t been able to update this as much as I’d like to, and I apologize. It’s NOT easy to do what I do, but I keep on rolling on as best as I can. So if YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at

Dallas Moore
Spillway Bar And Grill November 24rth

Martina McBride
Carson Center November 30th

Mark Chesnutt
Plaza Theater Glasgow Ky November 30th

The Steeldrivers
3Rd And Lindsley Dec 1,2 and 3rd

Whitney Rose
Basement East December 2nd

Asleep At The Wheel
City Winery December 3rd

Chance McCoy
The Basement December 4rth

Kristiana Murray
The Basement December 5th

Tyler Childers
The Basement December 9th

Carson McHone
The Basement December 15th

Shooter Jennings And Jason Boland
3Rd And Lindsley December 17th

Hillbilly Casino
The Basement December 23rd

Whitey Morgan And Alex Williams
Plaza Theater Glasgow Ky Dec 31st

Greensky Bluegrass
Marathon Music Works January 20th

Dwight Yoakam
Ryman Auditorium January 16th and 17th

The Basement Feb 10th

Willie Watson
3rd And Lindsley Feb 11th

Nov 192017


Erin Enderline
Emi Sunshine
Porter Union
Brent Cobb
Joshua Morningstar
Cody Jinks
Tennessee Jet
The Steel Woods
Dallas Moore
Justin Wells
Johnathan Parker
Kayla Ray
Ward Davis
Sunny Sweeney

This week I bring you all Mr. Dustin James Clark. Please share this interview to help spread Dustin’s music to others. Remember to like the page if you like it to ensure you don’t miss any upcoming interviews. Thanks I hope you enjoy.

ROUND 1 – Being a traveling musician I am sure you see and hear a lot out on the road, can you tell us about one of your favorite memories?

DJC – “I have a lot of great memories but my most recent was playing in Nashville at The Nashville Palace for my Uncle’s Celebration of Life. It was such a great show and I just sat and listened to all of the amazing stories about my Uncle from so many amazing people. The highlight of my night was getting on stage with Robbie Turner “The Man Of Steel” and playing Lonesome O’nry and Mean as well as a few originals and a couple of my Uncles Songs. Then I listened as Mr. Turner told me about how when he first met my Uncle which is a gut busting story in itself, to ending up at Waffle House at 2 am sharing more stories with Robby and my family about my Uncle. It really made me realize how special and strong music and the life within it can be.”

ROUND 2 – Do you come from a musical family or is music just something you grew to love doing?

DJC – “I do but you wouldn’t know it for the most part. A lot of people in my family sing and are good at it but only in the car or every once in a while maybe on a drunken karaoke night would you ever witness it. Except for the exception of three of my family members. My Cousins Jackie and Joey who have sang at a lot of events as I grew up and taught me a lot. But most of all my Uncle Earl Clark who I just recently lost. He sang locally as I do for many years and in the 70s was invited by Ernest Tubb to Nashville. My Uncle’s first job in Nashville was driving for Waylon Jennings as well as Jerry Reed, Tanya Tucker, I believe Willie Nelson among many others. He finally got some big breaks in the Early 90s writing hit songs for Tracy Lawrence (Renegades, Rebels, and Rouges and Can’t Break it to my heart) George Strait (I found Jesus on the Jailhouse Floor and One Step at at time). He also wrote songs with His friend Billy Don Burns, Hank Cochran, and Mack Vickery like Desperate Men. He is my hero my Idol and the reason I write songs and play in Honky Tonks. I know it’s a long winded answer but I have looked up to him since I was a young boy singing songs like My Heroes have always been cowboys around my grandparents Christmas tree when he would get off the road with Waylon and come home for the Holidays. (We always changed it to My Heroes have always been Clark boys) I always wanted to follow in his footsteps. He passed on his guitar to me which I hope to honor him with by writing many songs on it like he did.”

ROUND 3 – How would you describe your perfect day?

DJC – “My perfect day doesn’t need much. Just being at home with my beautiful wife Jessica, my three fur babies Rhaina, Bocephus, and Emmet and our cat Waylon. Relaxing and watching movies and not thinking about or hectic and intense lifestyle.”

ROUND 4 – What are some of your upcoming goals and plans?

DJC – “My biggest goal for the near future is to get the money together to get back in the studio. I have a lot of songs old and new I would love to record. My first E.P. The Land Of The Free came out last July so I’m itching. I’m thinking about releasing some songs from an unreleased low budget E.P. from 2010 to help raise funds. We are also looking to tour after the first of the year. My biggest goals are to play some more music festivals. We had such an amazing time at Tumbleweed this year and can’t thank Doug and his crew enough for letting us be apart of it and supporting the True Country Music movement.”

ROUND 5 – What are some of your favorite things/hobbies to do outside of the Music World?

DJC – “My favorite hobbies are shooting, riding horses, mountain biking, camping and spending time with my wife and animals as I mentioned earlier. I also do some work for a farm that is pretty much like getting paid for a hobby. I’ve got a pretty amazing life as I get paid for two things I love!”

Last Call – Open message to your fans.

DJC – “I want to thank each and every person who has supported me locally for the past 10 years as well as my family. They have seen it all and have always been there. Without them I would not be where I am. I want to thank all of my new fans and all of the people who I won’t name but y’all know who you are if you’re reading this for helping promote my music just like they do every other independent artist that we have all come to know and love. You all are really making me realize that even though time has taken a toll on me as a singer I picked the right choice to follow my dreams and stay true to myself and that eventually I would find my audience. It’s amazing the support that comes form this community. I am blessed for all my new musical family Like ML750, Austin Lee, Cole and Kendra, Casper McWade, John D. Hale and so many more! Hello to all the people who may read this who don’t know me. I hope you enjoy what I try my damndest to do for true country music fans. A special thanks to you Josh for another platform for independent artist to interact with new fans. I can’t say it enough how amazing a community has been spawned from what is in my opinion the Flocker effect. Love y’all!

Nov 192017

From The Desk Of Mr. Joshua Wallace:

On Saturday, November the 11th I had the chance to catch Chris Stapleton All American Road Show tour. This stop featured opening acts Brett Cobb and Marty Stuart. Due to unexpected heavy traffic around the arena, I was in a traffic jam from 30 minutes before the show started to an hour into the show. I got into the arena just in time to catch Marty’s last few songs. The set sounded killer as I’ve always expected from him. His “Orange Blossom Special” and “Time Won’t Wait” were highlights of what I saw. I wish I had caught Brent Cobb, but I will see him somewhere down the road in a smaller venue.

The main event was Chris Stapleton. This evening his wife was absent from the show due to being pregnant with their twins. I wish them the best and hope he takes some time off when she has them to be at home. That being
said, while her absence was noted, Chris and the band didn’t miss a beat.

He has quite possibly one of the most solid 3 piece bands in country music. His band is simple, yet amazing. He is front and center and the main sound you focus on throughout the night, but J.T. Cure is amazing on the bass and Derek Mixon is a great drummer. As a unit, they can veer from country to Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired extended blues numbers to folk rock and solo folk songs. It is truly an all American road show.

During the set, Chris plays just about everything you would want to hear from both of his currently released albums and even some stuff from the yet to be released From A Room Vol. 2. In fact, on this night he debuted a song called “Nobody’s Lonely Tonight” which was a slow country blues ballad that I can’t wait to hear on the record. With this show being miles from Tom Petty’s home in Gainesville, FL, Chris also did a Tom Petty cover with “Into The Great Wide Open”. Let me be the first to say, I will never tire of Tom Petty covers at concerts. I would not be upset if it becomes as regular as covering Skynyrd when a band stops in Florida.

For another highlight of the show, he brought Marty Stuart back out and covered Waylon Jennings “I Ain’t Living Long Like This”. This song featured some amazing back and forth solos from both Marty and Chris. As far as the rest of the set, he plays about everything you would want to hear. Noticeably absent was one of my favorites from From A Room Vol. 1 titled “Up To No Good Livin’”.

That aside, he plays pretty much everything from “Traveler” to “Tennessee Whiskey” with some hilarious extended band intros to the somber “Whiskey and You”. He works some amazing extended jams into his songs and I loved what he did with both “I Was Wrong” and “Outlaw State Of Mind”. He also paired “The Devil Named Music” with a
snippet of “Freebird” at the beginning of the track and that got a great reaction from the Jacksonville, FL crowd.

I highly recommend checking out Chris’s All American Road Show tour while you can. It features some great opening acts regardless of where you see him and Chris has one of those voices that you have to hear live. My
apologies to Brent Cobb and Marty Stuart for missing all or most of their sets. Finally, this article has no photos because I was in the upper level in the back of the arena across from the stage. Chris’s stage for this tour features a huge light array that makes pictures from afar not turn out so well. However, I can assure you that you will have an amazing time wherever you sit in an arena for this show.

Nov 192017

One thing I failed to mention in the last part of this article series was the host himself Mr. James Riley, and you can find him over at Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour where he features some TRULY FINE music. If YOU LOVED ANY of these fine artists I have featured here, you can surely find them all over there, as well as Muddy Roots.

Mr. James is a 2017 Ameripolitan Music Association award winner for Best DJ. I’ll be attending the 2018 awards and you’ll be hearing more on that subject VERY SOON from my partner Mr. Joshua. Right now I’d like to bring you the second and final portion of this music festival that took place at the Nashville Palace last weekend.

Many of the past bands today played at the Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie and I don’t really get to run across them on a normal basis, so this supplement event to the Boogie is fun. I hope he continues to make this a regular event on his current roster, and we can all help make this one grow. I know the Nashville Boogie is in fact one of his more focused on and bigger events, and trust me it’s a VERY fun festival to cover.

As usual Miss Jane Rose And The Deadend Boys put on a really fun set here, I remember enjoying their set at the 2017 Nashville Boogie, and like I mentioned this is one of the bands that I get to enjoy at festivals. She has two albums out called “Damaged Goods”, and another called “Poultricide”. They are a four piece Rockabilly band, however this past spring during the Boogie they had Miss Mary Rogers on her saxophone to accompany them.

Her first album boasted her opening song called “Wrong Kind Of guy”, which displayed some very cool lead guitar licks and that recognizable Rocking beat that the Deadend boys usually bring to the table. I always expect full throttle beats and they always deliver! My favorite song she does is “Hot Rod Daddy”, I mean what is Rockabilly anyways but Hot Rods and jive shuffle beats? Now for me I enjoy Rockabilly and Bluegrass as frequently as Country and Red Dirt…folks you’ll find THAT HERE as well as Americana and more. If it’s NOT mainstream…and you love it…YOU ARE HOME HERE!

“Bad Little Betty” is a popular song on their set list many times, as well as “How Could you?” Their set also included many other great classic Rockabilly songs such as the Wanda Jackson classic we heard in Day 1 called “Fujiyama Mama”, and her very own version of “Hound Dog”. Now folks her version isn’t any comparison to the original (that’s NOT a putdown), her version is defiantly slower and in a different tempo.

Also in her set was a song called ‘Fool”, “Whiskey Nights” and a really good song called “Have My Husband”. all in all this band is always a excellent band to schedule early to set the pace for fun and exciting music. I will always have a few terrific things to say about her and the Deadend Boys, with her signature vocal yelp that distinguishes her from others to me.

Miss Laura Rebel Angel (Laura Palmer)- Upright Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Violin, Keys, Vocals , Mr. Brian Hack – Lead Guitar and Mr.Phill Lentz- Drums make up this New York based band called The Screamin Rebel Angels.

Miss Laura was an absolute firecracker up there today, tossing that upright bass all over the place like a mad woman. Opening with crazy fast paced songs like “Bumble Bee”, from their first full 2013 album called Hitchhike. Most of their songs were really crazy and eclectic in style, and I could easily tell their influences from many directions.

‘When I’m With You” was a really fun song to admire, and to be honest I enjoyed many of the beginning bands just as much as the headliners here. ‘Wild Side” was next with more great lead guitar licks and beats, EVERY OUNCE of passion and heart is poured into their live set folks..this band truly “gets it” and they defiantly are an entertaining band. They need to be booked at the Nashville Boogie in the future, that would be fun to see them again.

Their set also included “May Day’ also on the Hitchhiker album as well as a few that weren’t on either album, like the one called ‘Hands Off’ and another called ‘My Kind Of Man”. You know I’m going to be completely honest folks Rockabilly is one of my weaker subjects, that’s NOT to say I don’t thoroughly enjoy it VERY MUCH. I am just saying that I don’t easily spot covers like I can with Country or Bluegrass. It’s kind of like what BR5-49 used to do, they would play cover songs so obscure the general public would think they were originals, well with Rockabilly that CAN happen to me. I am always researching songs to learn that about it, I LOVE the style and the sound of it all.

“Right To Wrong” was one of their songs off their EP called “Pounce Like A Tiger” and their set also included the song called ‘Pretty When Your’e Quiet” but one of the best songs of the set was a song called “Come On Let’s Go”. They closed their set with a few more songs like “Out Of This World” and “Sizzle”, and the last song on their full album called “Saved”.

This part is interesting so pay close attention to the Wild Records portion of this event. These next couple bands were truly fun to watch and catch up with. The members rotate bands and instruments, and it was really fun learning the music I wasn’t familiar with. It was fun seeing their multiple talents here, like this band Josh Hi-Fi And The Rhythm Kings. Mr. Josh Sorheim is also an accomplished piano and lap steel player in his own right, and for his age I was extremely impressed with his abilities.

Mr. Josh Sorheim – Vocals / Guitar, Mr. Robert Greenig – Drums, and Mr. Sam Arreola – Upright bass make up this band that rotates members to other bands on this very same label….and ALL of this music was REAL and it was bad assed!

His album called “Riding The Rails” was a MUST purchase add to my CD collection and will remain in my constant rotation until I’m DEAD…I missed the first song because I was outside at the truck but when I came back to work here, they were pounding out a WAY COOL stroll version of Merle Travis’ version of “Sixteen Tons”.  Following that was an awesome original song called “Dixie Line” that was from his album, and after you watch these two videos if YOU skip out of buying the album it’s YOUR fault. You missed out on a GREAT find, and a GREAT band.

‘Texas Belle” was another truly fine original song he wrote and is on his album, and they followed that up with a Bob Wills cover song of  ‘Miss Molly” which I believe is from around 1942 area. There were plenty of train songs, like a truly great original song called “Old 109”..I mean what’s a music set without a train song? These guys rotated bands a lot today but displayed some damn fine craftsmanship today up there, and left me impressed.

He told a wonderful story about a song he wrote for one of his heroes Casey Jones. Speaking of craftsmanship, trust me you’ll truly enjoy this story and how it came about. This is one of the many that you truly have to listen to intently to absorb the level of content it possesses. Overall this was one of my favorite sets of the weekend!

“Steamboat” was next and you can find that on his album mentioned above, next was a Johnny Cash cover called “Walkin The Blues” it was off the Man In Black album from 1956. Now that album was re-issued twice within the years, and you can find it on the Bear Family Records sets as well. He closed his set with “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms” and another obscure one written by Mr. Buck Trail and released by Moon Mullican in the late 50’s.

Miss Dawna Zahn- Vocals, Mr.Austin John- Electric guitar, Vocals and Mr. Hank Miles- Upright bass, Vocals make up my next band aptly called the Highjivers, and they come from my local area here. They have been around since about 2014, and I remember covering them before.

I’ll tell you upfront that Miss Dawna is an absolute powerhouse up front on lead vocals. and did the Big Momma Throton version of “Hound Dog” great, I remember this version from records of my youth. She was very prominent back in the 50’s. Like I said, many of the covers here within this scene are very old and articulate. They are carefully covered with great reverence and respect for the Legends.

“Hotwire Woman” was first in their setlist tonight with very upbeat beginnings and intros. This band is choked full of fully loaded blasting guitar licks and Rockabilly beats enough to satisfy even the pickiest of Rockabilly fans. I’m not very much of a Rockabilly purist myself, so I am pretty open minded on this subject.

Tons of soul here tonight on stage as they went into such songs as “Sweet Talkin And Lyin” and others like “I Can’t Believe It”. All in All so far I thought that everything was formulated pretty well for this event to be an off season supplement to the Spring Nashville Boogie. It was kind of like being there in a way…

I apologize to the band I did not get any video of them, I had slight charging issues that I corrected by the next act. “Blood In My Mouth” was next followed by a very energetic song called “Get My Way”. “Always Talkin Down” was another one of their songs in this set here tonight.

I pretty much enjoyed everybody on this lineup but I really admired this gals vocal abilities, she can WAIL up there and she has tremendous vocal stamina indeed. This band is worth 20 to see just them alone! “Smokestack” and another called “Anyway You Please” were two of the middle set songs here tonight. The next time out paths cross I’ll have to make it point to take videos. And as they closed with a song called ‘Knee High And Rising” we all got ready for a Legend up next.

Before the next act on the main stage I went up front to briefly see my old friend from Australia. His name is Mr. Stu Arkoff who if you remember used to play with a band called Zombie Ghost Train.I truly enjoy watching him play and I enjoy seeing him even more, talking with him is a joy. His knowledge is vastly overlooked within my music community, if you just bother to stop and listen to will discover great new names.

OK Folks here’s where the band swapping goes into effect, and what amazes me about the versatility and knowledge of this band of young men. Mr. T.J. Mayes is another Wild Records recording artist and once again he displays remarkable guitar licks.

Mr. Josh Hi-Fi played drums for this man, and they JUST START PLAYING whatever for whomever, man they are just like a well oiled machine no matter what. I know, I know I’m elaborating too much perhaps, but Damn it’s a fun time seeing this friendship up there. All this talent on one label and all the band members swapping up playing things is neat to admire from afar.

“Tommy Gun” was first with a rip roaring beginning choked full of more guitar licks and steady beats. Follow that up with a song called “Lock Without A Key” and it brought us to the really cool song called “Bottle Bottom Bop”. That song was probably the best one of the set.

The different guitar tones abounded tonight as well, with many high octane solos, which is pretty much what I enjoy about Rockabilly. I want my ears blasted out and BY GOD I got that tonight, as they went into a song called “45 RPM” which by the way on Sunday there was a record convention. Now usually I don’t have a lot of time for record conventions BUT this one has a few vendors that bring in other kinds too like Metal.

Another good song they played was called ‘Dig It Up” and another was “Gypsy Woman”. See I’m actually one of those that go to these functions to listen close to the songs and lyrics. Not very often during the set do I network or socialize much.

“Rise Up Shine” was next along with “Hey Little Diddle”, “Devil Of A Woman” and his set closed with “Short Fuse”. If you are one of the many that take my word for it on bands PLEASE listen up here and go see this band or bands here. You will NOT BE disappointed in any form.

Mr. James Intveld is an upcoming Legend in my book.He’s been doing what he does for many years and I have been enjoying his music for many years. He is a fine musician and an actor, also he has many other talents. He graced the stage tonight with dignity and reverence for the Legends of Country Music in his true form.

Even the pickiest of Country Music purists cannot argue that Mr. James Intveld is an answer to the moniker “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”? You know many people mention Cody Jinks and others but Mr. James is often overlooked by them all, and I cannot figure out why?

He brought along a band full of fine Classic Country veterans that accompanied his Classic style of songs like “Let’s Get started” and his cover of Waylon’s 1972 song “Stop The World And Let Me Off” written by Carl Belew. After some originals off of his first few albums, he played “Home Of The Blues” written by Mr. Glenn Douglas Tubb.

“I Keep Cryin Over You” was next followed by “Love’s Gonna Live Here Again” and “Pretty World Today” made popular by Wynn Stewart. The song was written in 1967 by Mr. Dale Noe. As he continued on with others I noticed a song called “Hotel Time” and “Ain’t Nothing But A Man In Love”.

“One Sweet Letter” was another really nice song followed by the Hank Thompson classic “One Six Pack To Go” from his prime years in 1967. “Boogie Woogie Country Girl” was another good song and he closed his set with “Only A Girl For Me”. I’ll tell you what Mr. James truly has passion for this genre and like all the others tonight, there was true love and respect for the Legends.

Bloodshot Bill was one I have wrote about a few times, and he’s always pretty good. It was better this time with a full band, over his usual one man band theme. However I understand the one man band thing, being the big Biram fan I am.

Bloodshot Bill is not for everyone his unusual vocal delivery of making noises while he sings is often not appreciated by some. And he is someone not many of my friends enjoy but you know… I DO. However during this set I was also up front enjoying Mr. Chuck Mead in the front bar.

I saw Bloodshot Bill play “The Girl Who Dances Alone” and play many instrumentals. I was bouncing back and forth pretty hard because even though he is a prominent fixture of my local scene, I don’t get to see Mr. Chuck very often. I watched him play many old BR5-49 songs from the Glory Lower Broadway Days.

“Waitin For The Axe To Fall” is a song they used to do, and honestly I’m not sure if it’s an original or a cover. My research says It’s not a cover, however I cannot find that one yet. “There Stands The Glass” was of course a Carl Smith song, which made me fall in love with BR5-49. they had a knack for playing obscure covers the general public knew nothing of.

“Little Ramona” was off their first self titled album and I know Mr. Chuck Mead wrote that one, also I got to see the former bassist Smili’n Jay McDowell AND ALSO their former bassist Geoff Firebaugh was there to play with the next band. The last song I got to watch him play was “Sweet Sweet girl To Me”.

I like to go up front and look for setlists because it helps me write other portions of articles while the current band is playing, with no fear of missing songs. However THIS BAND I need NO set list for, Hillbilly Casino I mean this band needs no kind words any further….OK so I lied.

They WILL BE on my TOP 50 of 2017, oh crap did I ruin that? Well also they will be a short focus on an upcoming article on involving kids into our music scene. I watched Mr. Nic play with his children and other children at many music functions. I’m not trying to flatter him falsely, I admired his qualities as a MAN many times by how he treats the kids, I remember Mr. Bandana once said if a toddler hands you a toy phone YOU ANSWER THAT SUMBITCH!

They opened with a Fats Domino song and followed that up with a new song off their new album Red,White And Bruised called “She’s Got Tricks”. I guess I already leaked one choice, that album will be on my TOP 50 of 2017. This set like their others involved some hellacious guitar work from Mr. Ronnie Crutcher.

“Low Down” was next followed by “PBR” which I’m amazed they don’t have a sponsorship from PBR. “Stop, Drop And Roll” was next along with “Trainwreck”. Many of the songs they played tonight were off the new album, and I understand it’ll soon be available on vinyl.

“How do You Think” was another song they played tonight, along with “More Blue Than Green”. The last song they played was hollared out by Smilin Jay McDowell and that was “Psycho”. EVERY TIME I get to see Hillbilly Casino I always leave happy, I mean who can leave a jam show like that sad? I sincerely hope that Mr. Jason continues this supplement  event so we can prepare for the Boogie in spring!

Nov 062017


Erin Enderline
Emi Sunshine
Porter Union
Brent Cobb
Joshua Morningstar
Cody Jinks
Tennessee Jet
The Steel Woods
Dallas Moore
Justin Wells
Johnathan Parker
Kayla Ray
Ward Davis

This week I’m happy to be able to bring you Sunny Sweeney. I’m sure if your on my page then you have already heard of her but if for some reason you haven’t. She is a vey talented singer songwriter and one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Please like this page to ensure you never miss an upcoming interview and also share this post to help spread Sunny’s music….Thanks 🙂

ROUND 1 – So I will start off by asking you the same question I asked Ward in his interview. Can you tell us in your words what it meant to you and how it felt to play 2 sold out shows at The Ryman?

Sunny – “It was the most humbling experience and am very excited that Cody and Ward let me share a part of their special night. Having played the Opry before on that same stage, it didn’t really compare to having my own band stand there with me.”

ROUND 2 – Can you tell us your favorite lyrics of all time and tell us why those lyrics made such an impact on you personally?

Sunny – “There is no way to choose just one, but one of my favorites is “This Time” by Waylon because the lyric is so spot on but mostly it’s the guitar in that song (live version) that did it for me”

ROUND 3 – What is your inspiration for writing and performing songs, what keeps you pushing forward?
Sunny – “my inspiration is every day life…watching people and hearing stories….living those stories… but the reason to write songs and keep doing what Im doing is because of the fans. They are the sole reason for inspiration to keep pressing on.”

ROUND 4 – Most people love pets so to step away from the music a little, do you have any pets and if so can you tell us about them?

Sunny – “So glad you asked…yes. Doug. He is my 4 pound Yorkie man aka Prince Charming. Not many men can compare to him. He does a lot with me and is often with me (if only he could lift my bags)”

ROUND 5 – What are your favorite hobbies outside of the music World?

Sunny _ “sleeping. I’m totally not kidding. Every woman needs her beauty sleep.”

Last Call – This is a place where you can tell your fans and the people who may be hearing about you for the first time anything that you would like them to know.

Sunny “well, in my world, there is a personal obsession with social media. Please check out my facebook, instagram and twitter

Nov 052017

Yep, here I Am again at the Nashville Palace for yet another weekend of great live music. This time I’m here on behalf of Muddy Roots as he throws his first ever Music Valley Jamboree. You know he’s really trying hard to grow the already booming Nashville Boogie within the local Country Music scene here in Nashville. Mr. Jason has proven time and time again that local music IS tangible and wanted by doing things like bringing acts like Mr. Woody Pines to the Opry house.

The Nashville Boogie is a whole new scene for some, and for others like me and this website it is a hub of comfort. I heavily argue with people from the Texas scene ALL THE TIME that there IS REAL Country Music in Nashville, it just needs to be exposed to the people…and I do that heavily.  It truly does my heart a world of good to promote not only people like Miss Margo Price but also ones like Miss Kristiana Murray, and Miss Tommy Ash.

On weekends I tell you what, the Palace front bar is one of the best GO TO places now because of the staff, and the easier parking than downtown. Plus you don’t pay an arm and a leg, and you get bands like Mr.Kyle Eldridge And The Rhythm Rounders out of my home state of Kentucky. This young man tears it apart much like Mr. Julian Davis and the Heyburners, and Young Miss Emi Sunshine. He’s playing a REAL FINE SET here right now, consisting of  Mr. Kyle Eldridge – Guitar/Vocals,Mr. John MacQueen – Upright Bass and Mr. Justin Dunwiddie – Drums.

This video is one of his originals called “Get Up And Leave This Town”. It’s still early tonight folks and there isn’t a large crowd yet but the beers are cold and the music is RED HOT, I’m already enjoying myself here tonight. This young man is easily displaying WELL TRAINED chops on his guitar, and his band is ON POINT.

He opened his set with a song called “Just Can’t Live That Fast” and another called “Too Hot To Handle” before going into “San Antonio Rose” was the 1940 signature song of Mr. Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys whom obviously heavily influenced him here, as he plays another one called “I hear You Talking”, which was also covered by Asleep at The Wheel, and Mr. Faron Young in various forms.

“Blue Skies” was next followed by a VERY good version of the Bluegrass Classic “I Ain’t broke But I’m Badly Bent” and another with great instrumentals called “Rockin Gypsy”. Also, his set included a song called “Just Too Lazy” from the Farmer Boys of 1955, the album being Charming Betsy.

Mr. Billy Harlan is from MY neck of the woods up there in Western Kentucky. I tell you what It’s truly fun to see so many wonderful faces from the Boogie crowd here tonight, and many great bands to be had tomorrow as well, I may treat myself to a few vinyls for my record collection as well. But, you know one thing I dislike wholeheartedly about the new ownership of the Palace are the food choices, and rules….until I delved into WHY they exist. You know as a journalist it bears a HUGE result if you say negative things about businesses before checking out both sides of your dilemma.

I LOVE to snack on cheese sticks, and that’s NOT ON the back room menu. SAME PLACE but different menus, I sometimes avoid eating at venues for choices I like better however the food is still REALLY good…I’m not usually very hard on places because I’m an EXTREMELY picky eater, probably worse than anyone you ever met, and I suggest the pulled pork nachos. The staff here ALWAYS goes out of their way to make my food ANY way I ask, and I am beyond grateful.

However Mr. Jason told me the menu is different in both rooms because they don’t want to overrun the kitchen from both directions, and honestly I can understand that now. I could appreciate that fact, and the entire staff ran their butts off ALL weekend to give us the greatest music show ever!

You might remember me featuring Mr. Billy Harlan from previous Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekenders where this man Mr. Billy Harlan has played. He is a local legend around my area, having been a radio disc jokey and prominent Rockabilly musician. He’s from the area of the Everley brothers and Merle Travis, that being the Greenville area.

Right now, he’s opening his show up with “I Wanna Bop” and he is playing “School House Rock”, and another one wrote by Felice and Bordeaux Bryant called “Bye Bye Love” made popular by The Everley Brothers. The backup singers did a beautiful slow rendition of “Dream”. Mr. Billy did say the song “Be Boppin Annie” was shunned by the radio back in his day because it mentioned the word Fanny, to match Annie. What a wonderful show this has been so far WOW.

He played his song called “I Ain’t Elvis”, and brought up Miss Cheryl Deseree and Miss Tracey K Houston for some songs too adding to all the excitement. All the while these events transpired the front bar was blasting with some truly fine music also. My friends Miss Mae Bliss, and Miss Rebecca Jed (whom are the Bucksnort Beauties) were up front watching Miss Celine Lee play her first Nashville Palace show. They took some pictures for me, and helped me out so I could stay back here and work. I’ll touch on that toward the end of this article here, after my Wanda Jackson portion.

Mr. Billy Harlan took us back in time to the days of Rockabilly bop music when record hops were the popular thing on Saturday nights, and a SODA was NOT A coke, it was a SODA! He filled the stage with many tales of old and often stopped to talk about his many memories of the Everley Brothers and everyone that came from my area.

The front bar is booming with people and parties, the back bar is slamming with good music and I’m in hog heaven here with The Cowpokes another truly fine Classic Western band that East Nashville is proud of. BOTH bars are full of people tonight, with the likes of Dale Watson up front along with SO many more. Like I said the Nashville Boogie is rapidly growing in leaps and bounds, and the scene is stronger than ever. Old friends and new friends are made and rekindled here, and I’m so happy to be a part of this.

This band is prominent in their weekly show they have at the American Legion every Tuesday night, that features a LOT of the acts I mentioned in this article. They are doing many great things for my community here in Nashville, but most of all they make sure we have a good time.

They played “Big Big Love” made popular by Mr. Wynn Stewart , followed by the Mel Tillis classic “Heart Over Mind” from 19. Now, one of their originals was a song called “I’m Gonna Dance With You”. I’m writing the rest of this as they get the stage set up for Miss Wanda Jackson, hard to decide if I’m more excited for her Country or her Rockabilly portion of her catalog.

The video I have included in this was their instrumental song before they played “Iv’e Got A New Heartache”. Also included in their set tonight was “All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers”. Another really good one that Classic BR5-49 used to play was called “Honky Tonkin”, off of their first album, which I consider a classic.

The Cowpokes displayed an all star well oiled machine as the piano and steel accommodate one another with blazing solos and killer beats. And they do true justice to songs like “Jambalaya On The Bayou” and others like the slow paced “Tennessee Waltz”. They closed their set with “So You Call Me A Playboy”, and a few others that made up for a hell of a killer set!

Tonight’s headliner set is none other than Country and Rockabilly Legend Miss Wanda Jackson. Tonight was her birthday and she is playing one hell of a KILLER SET tonight right now, Goodness. She pulled out some mighty fine songs from her past 60 year career to put on a memorable show for us.

She began her set with the hit song “Riot In Cell Block #9”, after they led her out to play. She looked absolutely comfortable up there on stage, and time has not faltered her style in any fashion. Her wit and her stage presence both continue to shine on stage. She still loves to entertain people, and tell stories of times past, much like those others of her ilk she represents a period of Country Music history unknown to many. I think she’s one of the more underappreciated Country Music Legends for sure.

“Rock Your Baby” was next, as she went into some of her more Rockabilly era songs from the early to mid 1960’s. Unfortunately due to some technical errors I didn’t get a usable video of Miss Wanda, I apologize for that folks because it truly was an iconic set. “I Gotta Know” from the 1960 album Rockin With Wanda, was next followed by one of favorites from being a young man called “Funnel Of Love”.

The “Big Iron Skillet” was another one my mom used to listen to years ago from the album Wanda Jackson Country! in 1970 which also included the songs “Mean Mean Man” and another called “There’s A Party Going On”. It was the album that she released her cover of Miss Tammy Wynette’s 1967 debut ‘Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad”.  She STILL displayed a wonderful yodel on the song “Bet’ Cha My Heart”….yodeling at 80? YES.

I believe she was the original singer of the song “Fujiyama Mama” that gets covered on many rockabilly sets of many female artists. After she played “I’m No Good’ and another called “Shak’n All Over” we had the pleasure of hearing the classic song “Mean Mean Man”.

She began to close her set with “I Saw The Light” and “Whole Lotta Shak’n” was the encore as they led her out. This truly was an amazing first night to this two day event. I’ll be here all weekend reporting live on this event. I wanted to touch a little more on some of what was going on up front while I stayed in the back and worked the parlor room.

Dale Watson helped make that show an even more memorable one, as Miss Celine played her very first Nashville Palace show. Her band consisted of many powerhouse members including Mr. Chris Casello on lead guitar and steel guitar, AND he plays them simultaneously, and that’s always fun to watch.

Miss Sylvia Neal was playing the bass last night, and Mr. Mike Bernal was playing drums, which even though I was back here most of the entire evening I heard some of the music from the hallway. I’m going to post some of the pictures that Miss Mae took for me last night.

Nov 052017

This past weekend (October 20th and October 21st), I made a trip up to Nashville, TN to see Cody Jinks play at the Ryman. I only had tickets for Saturday night, but I planned to make a weekend of it. I spent the weekend hanging out with Gary so much of my article will mirror his.

Friday night we got into Nashville late. We caught a bit of Sarah Gayle Meech at Layla’s. The place was packed even with a crowd of people already heading into the Ryman for Friday night’s Cody Jinks show. I haven’t seen Sarah since she played Muddy Roots in 2013. While we were at Layla’s for her set she played through several originals and covers. We eventually headed over to Robert’s next door to catch a bit of the Don Kelley Band. They have a killer guitar player and did a great extended jam of Ramblin’ Man.

We had planned to hang out at Robert’s and catch Sarah Gayle Meech’s set there, but the place got too crowded and we had a long day on Saturday so we left about 10:30pm. I found out later that evening through the Flocker Facebook group that Cody Jinks himself played a couple of songs on the Robert’s stage that night. He ran through Waylon’s “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?” and Merle Haggard’s “Mamma Tried” with an assist from Sarah Gayle Meech. It would have been amazing to see this, but we got some much needed rest for the day ahead.

Before going further, I have to comment on how much Broadway has changed. When I was there in 2008, the main attractions were Layla’s Bluegrass Inn, Robert’s Western World and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. Since then so many new places have opened up it is crazy. Those are still the main attractions if you want traditional country on Broadway though.

We got good seats at Robert’s Western World this time and hung out there until it was time to go into the Ryman. Eileen Rose and The Silver Threads were playing and did a full four our set of country classics. I was able to
request Jerry Reed’s “Eastbound And Down” and Johnny Horton’s “Honky Tonk Man”. Both are personal favorites.

I highly recommend squeezing into Layla’s Bluegrass Inn or Robert’s Western World for a fun filled day of country music. These establishments have classical country acts playing all day from open to close. A trip to Nashville isn’t complete without stopping in.

Anticipation was building for the main event of the weekend. Night 2 of Cody Jink’s 2 night residency at the Ryman Auditorium. Excitement was in the air as many people had been to night 1 and had already witnessed an
amazing evening and were ready to do it again. This night would be my first time seeing Sunny Sweeney, Ward Davis and Cody Jinks so I was ready for it.

Sunny Sweeney got the night started off right with a full band set that heavily featured tracks from her latest album Trophy. Some of the highlights for me included a great performance of my favorite Sunny Sweeney song “Pass The Pain” and “Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass” which was a great live crowd participation song. It was a short opening set and I hope to see Sunny play a longer set in the future.

Next up was Ward Davis. I was less familiar with Ward’s music going in, however I had enjoyed his album 15 Years In A 10 Year Town so much that I bought a copy at the merch table prior to the show. His live show blew me
away. He did a rendition of “Highwaymen” with Whitey Morgan and Cody Jinks joining in on the third and fourth verses. He also did a couple of favorites from the album “No Going Home” and “Unfair Weather Friend”.

He played a couple of songs which should appear on his next album. These songs were titled “Geronimo” and “Colorado” and I think “Colorado” has the potential to be a radio hit. It’s a co-write with Cody Jinks just like
Cody’s big hit “I’m Not The Devil”. He closed out the set with a stirring rendition of Ronnie Milsap’s “Stranger In My House”. I quite enjoyed Ward’s set and he’s got a new fan here. I’ll be looking forward to his next album.

Finally, the main event of the weekend was Cody Jinks. His band comes out to the same walk out music Metallica uses which is Ennio Morricone’s “Ecstasy Of Gold”. At this stage in their career, Cody Jinks and The Tone Deaf Hippies are top notch. I put them on par with Jamey Johnson’s band or Willie Nelson’s Family Band as one of the best outlaw country bands in the world. They played a long set around 2 hours that includes just about everything you would want to hear as a fan.

The set focused heavily on the albums Adobe Sessions and I’m Not The Devil but also featured a healthy
number of songs from previous albums. Some personal highlights included “I’m Not The Devil”, “The Way I Am” featuring Whitey Morgan, “Cast No Stones”, “We’re Gonna Dance”, “Vampires”, “No Guarantees”, “Chase That
Song” and “Fast Hand”. It was a set heavy on original material that is sure to please any fan.

They even did their cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. With these shows at the Ryman Auditorium, it feels like Cody Jinks has moved up a notch in the world of country music. The days of seeing him at smaller venues are all but over and he has a band that is fit for the big stages he will be seeing in the near future. I fully believe the sky’s the limit for Cody Jinks and it is a great time to be a fan of traditional and outlaw country music.

Nov 012017

Mr. Josh Morningstar has moved up in the world of this game in many ways, he’s got a RV now named “Melody” and he’s done got him a weekend (not weekly) gig here at the Nashville Palace .MANY good acts pop into the Palace from time to time like on the 18th they have Jake Penrod and YOU BETTER check that out,because it’s not everyday he comes to town. The Nashville Palace has rapidly become a bustling hub of Country Music industry folks for many reasons, but I think one of them is the free parking and amount of it. You know Lower Broadway is FUN…but 30 dollars to park! I’ll be completely honest with the new ownership of the Palace I’m not completely ecstatic about the new food options, but the Palace is spacious and the crew is AWESOME! Miss Julea is indeed the bees knees and one of the smartest Country Music historians I have ever encountered. She appreciates the unknown and obscure Country Music artists, and I learn a LOT from her.

So this will be a four hour set, I’m going to warn you outright that this article will include more covers than originals. Ergo, one has to understand the reasons of his doing this tonight..because he IS an entertainer, and let me tell you he has moved to a whole new echelon of showmanship than in 2013 when I first encountered him. As an entertainer you need to accommodate your target audience, and tourist needs. Many people here tonight were tourists that were here wanting to party to those well known Classic Country Music hits we all love.

That’s NOT to say that Mr. Josh is not writing DAMN FINE Country Music, and isn’t on his way to bigger and better things, no no no. That’s just simply implying that the target demographic here was older tourists wanting to hear songs like Mr. Ernest Tubbs 1946 hit “Driving Nail In My Coffin” written by Mr. Jerry Irby, and also recorded that same year by Floyd Tillman. You see Mr. Josh has been delivering well performed cover songs to the masses for many years, and you know what to be honest if it’s played well, covers are OK.

I’m here with friends enjoying the chaos going on down here in the front bar tonight, as he opened with the song “Crazy Arms that Ralph Mooney wrote and Ray Price made famous in 1956 during his Cherokee Cowboy portion of his career. Mr. Ray was one of those with a multiple stage career, being many years of Honky Tonk, and some years of that Nashville Sound pop country of it’s time. Mr. Josh Morningstar and I share a like minded passion and a deep thirst for the old, the classic and the obscure lying in the halls of Country Music’s past.

If you watch someone like me, you’ll see me at places like the Palace, carefully scouring each piece with interest and study. Did you know the only reason Waylon wore vests was for extra pockets?  Did you know that at the Palace there are no pictures of Waylon?  I regard the gal in charge there Miss Julea as one of the top notch people in town as far as knowledge of this genre, she’s a SHARP COOKIE, and a good friend.

Mr. Josh upholds the mighty Merle Haggard as one his prominent influences, as do we all. He played a mighty fine version of the following at different times throughout the set: “Workin Man’s Blues” from 1969, which was the A side to “Silver Wings”. He played the 1969 “Okie From Muskogee” that Haggard wrote with his longtime drummer Ed Burris who died in 2011. The last Haggard song he played was “Fightin Side Of Me” from 1970, that song has my favorite song by Haggard on the B side called “Every Fool Has A Rainbow”.

Some of the originals he played were many of my favorites as well, songs like “All That I Been Living for Is Gone” and his title track song “Whole Lotta Crazy”. That song is one of his best play on words songs he has ever written, and it had a good Honky Tonkin thump that is missing in much of today’s music. It just has many things that are missing in “Country Music” today. “Crying Eyes Of Blue” he’s been playing for a while and you can find that on his album “Songs for Fools With Broken Hearts”, it may be hard to find now. He played “Damn These Birds” a song about drug dealers he used to mess with back in the day. The song that starts with a C, and is in the key of C…is none other than “Cocaine”..C what he did there? “Some where Soft To Fall” was one his own as well.

“Talk To me Texas” was originally a  Mr.Tracy Byrd song however the great Mr. Keith Whitley brought it to greater commercial success than Byrd did before his untimely death. He played a REAL good job of Mr. Dale Watson’s “I Lie When I Drink”, the Mr. Billy Sherrill penned hit “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, and MANY Mr. Hank Williams hits we ALL know. “Kaw Liga”, “Your Cheatin Heart” Hey Good Lookin” and “Tear In My Beer”.

More of his middle set song covers included: “Rambli’n Man”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Guitars, Cadillacs, and Hillbilly Music”, “11 Months And 29 Days”, “How I Got To Memphis”, “Whiskey River”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “Amanda”, “Dang Me”, “Diggin Up Bones”, “blues Man”, and “Honky Tonk Heroes”.

Mr. Frank Parish, Miss Michelle Lucas, Mr. Bobby Miller, and Mr. Greg Johnson rocked the stage tonight with many other songs like ‘Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound”, Mr. Billie Gant’s “Stop Fucking Up Country Music” “Long Time Gone”, and the Mr. Billy Don Burns hit “Haggard And Hank”. You truly missed a good show if you didn’t make this one folks, and as always you purchase his new album HERE.

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