Mar 302018

By Joshua Wallace

This past Wednesday night I once again went down to 5th and Thomas in Tallahassee, FL for a show. This venue has been bringing a lot of high quality country acts to the North Florida area and it’s a good thing because this is an area that can be a country music desert sometimes. This time I was going to see Tyler Childers with the opening act of Blackfoot Gypsies. You know we’re a huge fan of Tyler’s work here at Gary Hayes Country and this was personally my first time seeing him live. I couldn’t pass up the chance to see him up close in a small venue with a capacity around 300.

Going into this show I was not very familiar with Blackfoot Gypsies, but they were a great live band. In fact, I liked them better live than what I had heard on record. I couldn’t really tell you what they played or give you a run down of the songs as I’m not familiar with them. However, I can tell you that they are a killer 70’s inspired country rock band. If you like your country rock loud and groovy you’ll dig these guys.

There wasn’t a long period between sets this time and Tyler came on at about 9pm to a packed house. This show sold out just days before and you could feel it in the room. He started off with a fan favorite tune called “Bus Route” and went on through a set full of favorites from Purgatory, some of his older stuff like “Deadman’s Curve” and even some newer tunes. His band was on point this night, even with a few feedback glitches that either came from Tyler’s guitar or the bass, I wasn’t sure which. There were a few extended jams like “Honky Tonk Flame” where I could close my eyes and zone out to the amazing pedal steel and lead guitar solos they did. When it was all said and done, Tyler played about an hour and twenty minutes in a set that included just about everything from Purgatory and a few select older songs mixed in with some newer stuff.

I highly recommend catching Tyler Childers on the road at some point in the near future. He won’t be playing small rooms like this for long and you certainly won’t be able to get this up close and personal. Over the next few days Tyler has a small run through the southeast. He’s got a lot of festival dates lined up this summer including Tumbleweed which Gary Hayes Country will be covering. Tyler also has a few dates in Nashville including May 18th at the Grand Ole Opry and May 19th and 20th at the Ryman opening for Margo Price.

Mar 302018

By Joshua Wallace

Sam Morrow’s third album Concrete & Mud is an album full of foot stompers and funky honky tonk.  This is evident in any of the album’s preview tracks from “Heartbreak Man” to “Quick Fix” or even “Skinny Elvis”.  This album is highly recommended if you like your country fast and loud. Let’s take a closer look at some of these tracks.

The album opens up with “Heartbreak Man” which is a country rock tune complete with an awesome riff and some great funky organ playing.  Another favorite is “Paid By The Mile” which takes you back to the days of 70’s southern rock with a tune about being on the road and wishing you got paid by the mile.  “Skinny Elvis” features the vocal talents of Jamie Wyatt on a killer foot stomping duet.

“Coming Home” is a nice ballad which offers a change of pace.  In this track Sam Morrow recounts his time on the road while at the same time wanting to be home.  Another good storytelling ballad is “San Fernando Sunshine”. This track reinforces the west coast feel that runs through the album.  The album closer is “Mississippi River” which features a more toned down rootsy sound similar to Morrow’s previous albums.

Concrete & Mud finds Sam Morrow stretching out his sound and getting into more of a funky and country rock groove.  It echos back to the days of southern rock dominance while keeping its roots in a Texas honky tonk. This album is highly recommended if you like your country fast and heavy.  Concrete & Mud is out everywhere on March 30th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Paid By The Mile, Good Ole Days, Skinny Elvis, Heartbreak Man, San Fernando Sunshine

Sam Morrow – Concrete & Mud (2018)


  1. Heartbreak Man

  2. Paid By The Mile

  3. San Fernando Sunshine

  4. Quick Fix

  5. Good Ole Days

  6. The Weight Of A Stone

  7. Skinny Elvis (Feat. Jamie Wyatt)

  8. Coming Home

  9. Cigarettes

  10. Mississippi River


Mar 302018

By Joshua Wallace

  Will Stewart has created an experience in his solo full length debut called County Seat.  This album transports you to the modern south, specifically Alabama. In these songs you will encounter characters and places of the south and it is gritty, beautiful, complex and sparse all at the same time.  County Seat sits strongly in the Americana with strong country, light rock and folk vibes throughout.

  You get your first taste of Alabama with the opening track of “Sipsey” which according to Stewart is named after the Sipsey Wilderness Reserve.  It’s a mid tempo rocker about trying to recapture the innocence and feeling of young adulthood. Another favorite is the single “Heaven Knows Why” about living with the darkness of everyday life and accepting that it will always be there.

  Dark Halls” reminds me of something Bob Dylan might have released in his younger days.  Will Stewart can turn a phrase like Dylan and it creates a great tune. Another favorite that references Alabama is “Equality, AL”.  This track highlights the loneliness and sparseness of the modern south where one light towns are commonly surrounded by miles and miles of pine trees.

  County Seat is a great debut full length album from Will Stewart.  It sticks to the theme of life in Alabama and the modern south throughout and creates a soundscape that at times feels sparse and at the same time, complex.  I highly recommend checking this album out when it releases on April 6th, 2018. Will Stewart will be a part of W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show 5th Anniversary Show on Night 2 which is April 7th.  Gary Hayes Country will have full coverage of both nights of the Anniversary Show, with a preview of that HERE

  Favorite Tracks : Sipsey, Heaven Knows Why, Mine Is A Lonely Life, Equality, AL, Dark Halls

  Will Stewart – County Seat (2018)

  1. Sipsey

  2. Rosalee

  3. Brush Arbor

  4. Otis In The Morning

  5. Heaven Knows Why

  6. Dark Halls

  7. Equality, AL

  8. County Seat

  9. Mine Is A Lonely Life