Apr 202018

By Joshua Wallace


If you are looking for the perfect retro country throwback album that sounds like it could have either come from the 1960’s or the 2010’s, look no further than Joshua Hedley’s debut LP Mr. Jukebox.  I have known about Joshua Hedley for years and waited with anticipation for when he would finally release a full album of songs. This does not disappoint and it will put Mr. Hedley at the top of the traditional country music scene.  I’ve you haven’t been around east Nashville or heard of Joshua Hedley before, prepare to be blown away.

The first single from the album is the title track “Mr. Jukebox”.  It’s an ode to both the actual jukebox that you still find in proper dive bars and Waffle House establishments across the country and the bar bands who play all the classic country hits like they’re a jukebox.  It’s a catchy number that is sure to have heads nodding and toes tapping everywhere it is heard.

Another favorite track is “Weird Thought Thinker”.  It’s about traveling musicians and ramblers who are at home on the road and march to the beat of their own drum.  It’s another catchy track that pairs well with the previous “Mr. Jukebox.” I also dig “Let’s Take A Vacation” which looks to change the pace a bit with a ballad about falling in love all over again.  Finally, “Let Them Talk” is a great song about secret love affairs and the gossip they tend to brew.

I could literally talk about every track on the album, it is that good.  Before I go on though, I have to mention the amazing pedal steel talent of Eddie Lange all over this record.  He is just one of many great Nashville musicians spread throughout the album. Mr. Jukebox find’s itself as a forward thinking album that sounds like it came straight from the 1960’s.  You can hear the Ray Price and Ernest Tubb influence throughout the album. Joshua Hedley’s voice remains front and center even with all of the amazing musicians on the record. It’s a voice you want to highlight with his silky smooth vibrato.  This album will surely be high on my end of the year Top 50 albums list. Be sure you check out Mr. Jukebox which is released on Third Man Records on April 20th everywhere music is sold.


Favorite Tracks : Mr. Jukebox, Weird Thought Thinker, Let’s Take A Vacation, Don’t Waste Your Tears, Let Them Talk


Joshua Hedley – Mr. Jukebox (2018)


  1. Counting All My Tears
  2. Mr. Jukebox
  3. Weird Thought Thinker
  4. Let’s Take A Vacation
  5. If These Walls Could Talk
  6. I Never Shed A Tear For You
  7. This Time
  8. Don’t Waste Your Tears
  9. Let Them Talk
  10. When You Wish Upon A Star
Apr 202018

By Joshua Wallace


Charley Crockett is back with his fourth album following 2017’s Lil G.L.’s Honky Tonk Jubilee which consisted classic honky tonk covers.  Lonesome As A Shadow finds Crockett stepping out on his own and recording his own songs again with great skill and flexibility. While Lil G.L.’s Honky Tonk Jubilee was a pure country record, Lonesome As A Shadow finds Crockett playing with blues, soul, cajun and even rockabilly influences.  It should be no surprise that there is a strong Memphis influence as the album was even recorded at Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis.

One of the early pre-release tracks is a rockabilly inspired tune called “Lil’ Girl’s Name”.  This track is just one part of the melting pot of influences that make up this album. It fits within the context of an album that finds Charley exploring many sounds to find his own.  Another interesting track is “Goin’ Back To Texas” which has notes of Texas country music and cajun influences. I enjoy when an artist plays with different influences and does so successfully.

Another favorite is the slower tune “Help Me Georgia”.  This is almost a smooth jazzy tune with some smooth keyboard and sax work.  The title track “Lonesome As A Shadow” finds Crockett returning to a more country sound with some nice honky tonk piano work.  I find myself going back to this track more than others.

Lonesome As A Shadow is all about Crockett stepping out into his own sound and exploring what that sound is.  After doing an entire record of classic country covers, Crockett finds himself doing his own tunes with country, blues, soul, jazz and cajun influences.  While I enjoy an album that represents a melting pot of influences that is done well, I hope he can find his sound within this wide range of influences. Look for Lonesome As A Shadow out everywhere on April 20th.


Favorite Tracks : The Sky’d Become Teardrops, How Long Will I Last, Help Me Georgia, Lonesome As A Shadow, Lil Girl’s Name, Goin’ Back To Texas


Charley Crockett – Lonesome As A Shadow (2018)


  1. I Wanna Cry
  2. The Sky’d Become Teardrops
  3. Ain’t Gotta Worry Child
  4. How Long Will I Last
  5. If Not The Fool
  6. Help Me Georgia
  7. Lonesome As A Shadow
  8. Sad & Blue
  9. Lil’ Girl’s Name
  10. Oh So Shaky
  11. Goin’ Back To Texas
  12. Change Yo’ Mind
Apr 202018


By Joshua Wallace

Old Crow Medicine Show are back with their sixth studio album titled Volunteer.  This is also their first album of original material for Columbia Records. Volunteer is also their first album to be produced by Dave Cobb at the historic RCA Studio A.  With all of these recent changes for the band, I have been excited to hear what they would produce for Columbia Records since last year’s live 50 Years Of Blonde On Blonde release.  Volunteer does not disappoint and if you are a fan of OCMS, you will find much to like here.

The album opens with a barn burner in “Flicker & Shine”.  It’s a toe tapper that sets the pace for this album and lets you know that you’re in for a good time for the next 10 tracks.  “Dixie Avenue” brings the unfamiliar sound of an electric guitar to an Old Crow Medicine Show tune, but it works. The track is about reminiscing on the good old days as the band recounts some of their past experiences centered around the titular location.

Another hoppin’ track on this album is “Shout Mountain Music” which is a celebration of old time mountain music.  It’s a fun and infectious track that you can leave on repeat for a while. “Whirlwind” is a slower country love song that ends the album on a sweet note with a track that features some great pedal steel guitar.

While Volunteer might not be their best output, it will leave fans excited about all that is to come from Old Crow Medicine Show and their partnership with Columbia Records and producer Dave Cobb.  OCMS are one of the premier string bands in the country and in my opinion will continue to be for the near future. You can pick up Volunteer wherever music is sold on April 20th.


Favorite Tracks : Flicker & Shine, Dixie Avenue, Shout Mountain Music, The Good Stuff, Whirlwind


Old Crow Medicine Show – Volunteer (2018)


  1. Flicker & Shine
  2. A World Away
  3. Child Of The Mississippi
  4. Dixie Avenue
  5. Look Away
  6. Shout Mountain Music
  7. The Good Stuff
  8. Old Hickory
  9. Homecoming Party
  10. Elzick’s Farewell
  11. Whirlwind
Apr 202018

Well I got here a little bit late and I missed some of  Mr. Andrew Pope’s set however I did get some great video of him. I will do some more features on this young man in the near future. The video I shot of him was entitled “Wish I Was In Austin”. I’ll include a little piece on him here as I prepare to cover Miss Jamie Wyatt.
You may remember his latest album made my Top 50 Of 2017. We also got to hear one of his new songs called “Gonna Be Gone”.

Miss Jaime Wyatt is hot off her album release that graced many of a TOP 50 album lists last year, opening up her set with the song called “Wishing Well.” Half of Nashville is here tonight including Miss Tommy Ash and her husband, Mr. Colter Wall, Mr. Whey Jennings, Miss Sarah Gayle Meech, and many others.

Her next song was called “Stone Hotel” ,and was the song I related to the most off that wonderful album. I have high expectations for this young lady here and I eagerly await her new music and new album, which she did reveal some new music tonight here.

Her album Felony Blues was absolutely amazing, and she deliers the songs with great poise as she belts out “Giving Back The Best Of Me”.  She is currently doing her own version of Merle Haggard’s Misery And Gin. Being from California herself she pulls off the twang quite well.  This young lady represents what Traditional Country today is in every fashion.

This video I took was a BRAND NEW SONG about “Ain’t Enough Whiskey”, and she followed it up with another song called “By Yourself.” Very strong powerful ballad she has here. All together that’s what I’m eagerly listening for are the new materials from everyone here tonight.

She closed her set with one of my favorites from her album called “Wasco”. Altogether I was completely impressed with her live sound and song arrangement tonight, top notch show so far. So I guess you could say you heard it HERE First, and as her new album releases, you can BET we WILL be featuring it.

It’s finally time for my old buddy Mr Shooter hopefully armed with some new material as well, but if not he will still blow the roof off this joint tonight. I don’t think I have ever been to a bad Shooter show, and I have been to a LOT  of his shows.

He began his set with a nice refresher course on some of his older songs from that terrific o in country album like “4rth Of July” and “Solid Country Gold”. Also included was a really good performance of “Steady At The Wheel”.

The Nashville Palace had a truly fine set up here for the VIP area and had ample seating for everyone here. There was a little feedback problem during “”Electric Rodeo “but “Gone To Carolina” sounded great. Included in his set tonight we’re five new songs that will be on his forthcoming album aptly called Shooter. As of right now I’m not sure if I can divulge any video of them or not, so I will include the video for “living In A Minor Key”.

The video I have included was of the song Living In A Minor Key and after that he played a new song called “DRUNK”. He also included the song The Door from the Don’t Wait Up For George album, which he always tells the story of being ripped off by a faker.

Right now he is on his keyboard playing “All Of This Could’ve Been Your s”and “”Manifesto Part 1” which  was included in this set tonight.  And these next three songs are all new ones as far as I remembered, as I aforementioned the new album will drop around August and be called “Shooter”.

I know this one is called “Denim And Diamonds” and the next new song is called ‘Fast Horses And Good Hideouts”, it was a slower song with powerful lyrics , and he followed that up with another song called ‘Wild And Lonesome” which was on the album The Other Life. From chatting with Mr. Shooter on previous occasions he has expressed great enthusiasm concerning this album.

He closed his show a final new song called “Rhinestone Eyes”, all in all the new songs were amazing and this album will contain songs that flow well with one another. Wild And Lonesome had some truly fine fiddle work and backing from the band.

This was the portion of the show that I enjoy the most the energetic climax of songs like the powerful and angry “Outlaw You”. You know folks Mr. Shooter doesn’t totally hate the pop country scene, hell he even acknowledged Luke Bryan’s public apology once. But he DOES dislike fake music just like his fans, and he doesn’t jump on any bandwagons or copy anybody. Mr. Shooter isn’t totally Country all the time either, he lets his influences emanate through his music on many levels.

“White Trash Song” that he co worte with Mr. Scott H Biram was next before he called up Mr. Andrew Pope, and Mr. Tommy Townsend up to sing a Hank Williams Jr. song called “The pressure Is On”. I got to ask Mr. Tommy how the moonshine business was, and more about HIS solo album out soon on BCR.

He concluded his show with “Gunslinger” and as always in honor of Colonel Jon….”Good Time Charlie”. I join him in honoring Mr. Jon always on this website with his picture up on the sidebar. And it will NEVER come down, as I use it to inspire my own self when I need guidance. To not be afraid to say “that sucks” or “That did not speak to me musically”. IT’S OK to dislike things but promote what you LOVE and ignore what you HATE, and never waste time bashing what you don’t like in public. Mr. Jon always supported local music, and paid door fees, most of all he admired ALL OF US that did the same. Jon will live forever in Shooter, and Mr. shooter has a HOME on this website….If YOU go see him THANK his crew for me.