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2018 Becomes The Year Of The Songwriting Legends! MMF Side Article!

From the very dawn of 2018, we have been assaulted with references to so many Songwriting Legends returning to their zenith of success and to be honest I for one am overly ecstatic to see their names once again on the forefront.

In this article I shall touch on THREE Country Music (and other genres) songwriting legends that have emerged out of near obscurity to those that do not delve into history like many of us do. You know in many interviews I have stated that in order to make a PERFECT Country Music album you need THREE ingredients: Producer, Steel Guitarist and Songwriter. That is the trifecta for total unadulterated greatness in Country Music, and if you have all three, you have an iconic album…like Red Headed Stranger.

Much of the recognition of the Legends being involved with music festivals from the more independent people began about ten years ago with my friends out at Muddy Roots and other more smaller ones that offered us a more intimate setting. But here lately many are blooming and flourishing all over the United States like this one I am involved with Master Musicians Festival, now going on it’s 25th year…and they are featuring a name you hear a LOT in 2018….John Prine.

I really have no need to go into long drawn out details about how this new album that came out on Record Store Day was a commercial success for Mr. John in every way. It rapidly grew to become his best selling album in 20 years, and was at the TOP of SO MANY grab lists, some stores ran out of them. There is NO DOUBT that this man will adorn MANY TOP 50 of 2018’s (including mine).

John Prine has embellished not only Country Music and the Ryman, but he has influenced and grown ALL GENRES of music as well. I remember Miss Margo Price saying he sent her flowers on her first Ryman appearance, and has always dressed and acted with GREAT love for the ones that paved HIS roads. In just a few days I will be hooking up with my good friend Mr. W.B. Walker of the Old Soul Radio Show podcast, and we will chat about his introduction for Mr. John Prine during the Master Musicians Festival.

Mr. Rodney Crowell also recently came to my area with his new project “Adventures In Song” which is a complete interactive four day seminar for aspiring songwriters and others seeking refuge in this craft. Also. on July 13th he shall release this acoustic album:

Grammy-winning roots troubadour RODNEY CROWELL announces the July 13th release of his new album, ACOUSTIC CLASSICS, the debut entry from his newly-launched imprint, RC1. Exclusive pre-order bundles featuring the new cd and vinyl can be found on Crowell’s website,

A creative powerhouse with no off switch, the acclaimed songwriter, musician, author and poet is adding yet another title to his already esteemed pedigree; label head.  As prolific today, as he was in his twenties, Crowell has released sixalbums in the last ten years.  Next on deck is a re-distilled, acoustic presentation of 12 masterfully-crafted tunes from his 40-plus-year career in a truly intimate setting.  “With the help of some of my favorite musicians, I’ve made all acoustic instrument recordings of ten of my most recognizable songs. Also included is a couple more recently written that I want people to hear. There’s even a revised version of my most commercially successful song, “Shame on the Moon,” said Crowell.  “All in good fun.”

Marking Crowell’s 19th solo effort and the first release from his new label, RC1, the project features songs originally made famous by the likes of Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, The Oak Ridge Boys, Bob Seger, Tim McGraw and more. But for ACOUSTIC CLASSICS, Crowell peels back the layers of familiarity on these standouts of the American song cannon, revealing the original spirit behind each track’s creation.

01. Earthbound
02. Leaving Louisiana in the Broad Daylight
03. Anything But Tame
04. Making Memories of Us
05. Lovin’ All Night
06. Shame on the Moon Redux
07. I Couldn’t Leave You If I Tried
08. She’s Crazy For Leaving
09. After All This Time
10. Tennessee Wedding
11. I Ain’t Living Long Like This
12. Please Remember Me

Mr. Jim Lauderdale has made several announcements that he shall be releasing two albums in August, one of them has been lost for over 40 years. Lauderdale recently announced the upcoming release of Time Flies, alongside a collaboration album, Jim Lauderdale and Roland White. Lauderdale originally record that project with mandolin legend White in 1979, but never released it, and the album was lost for the next four decades. Recorded in Earl Scruggs basement, more than a decade before Lauderdale’s solo debut, the tracks were recently unearthed by White’s wife.

“I wasn’t able to get a deal for it at the time with my efforts. Several years later … I thought the time was right and called Roland to get the masters,” Lauderdale shares. “Roland said, ‘I thought you had them.’ We couldn’t find them anywhere. A few months ago as Roland was leaving the stage after sitting in with me at the Station Inn, he said, ‘I think my wife found our tape at the bottom of a box…’ These two records being released on the same day are good bookends to me for the rest of my recorded work.”

Time Flies and Jim Lauderdale and Roland White will be released on Aug. 3. The two-time Grammy Award winner has released 29 solo albums previously, in addition to being a prolific, award-winning songwriter in the country music world.

Jim Lauderdale, Time Flies track listing:

1. “Time Flies”
2. “The Road is a River”
3. “Violet”
4. “Slow As Molasses”
5. “Where the Cars Go By Fast”
6. “When I Held The Cards”
7. “Wearing Out Your Cool”
8. “Wild On Me Fast”
9. “While You’re Hoping”
10. “It Blows My Mind”
11. “If the World’s Still Here Tomorrow”

Jim Lauderdale and Roland White track listing:

1. “Forgive and Forget”
2. “Gold and Silver”
3. “(Stone Must Be The) Walls Built Around Your Heart”
4. “Six White Horses”
5. “I Might Take You Back Again”
6. “Try and Catch the Wind”
7. “Don’t Laugh”
8. “Regrets and Mistakes”
9. “February Snow”
10. “(That’s What You Get) For Loving Me”
11. “Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar”
12. “Nashville Blues”

Del McCoury And The Travelin’ McCourys Release New Albums During DelFest.

50 years ago Bluegrass Legend Del McCoury recorded his first album in 1968 called Del McCoury Sings Bluegrass, and this past memorial day weekend during Del Fest in Maryland he released a brand new 14 track album entitled Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass, and the Travelin’ McCourys also released their debut album as well.

I have been busy taking some time off to tend to personal business but what brought this article on was Mr. Del’s appearance at the Ryman for Bluegrass Nights At The Ryman, and you can purchase tickets for that event HERE.

I wanted to include a NICE article from the Cumberland Times:

Del McCoury will release a new album at DelFest that will celebrate his first solo album made 50 years ago.

McCoury recorded his debut solo album — “Del McCoury Sings Bluegrass” — in 1968. At this year’s DelFest music festival Memorial Day weekend, he will release a new album called “Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass.”

The new record will be a followup to his seminal album on Arhoolie Records recorded 50 years ago.

Del, 79, had been playing music since the late 1950s, including a stint performing with Bill Monroe in the early 1960s. McCoury had done some recording but none on his own.

However, it was 1968 when Chris Strachwitz of Arhoolie Records showed up at his home. Strachwitz, whose family is from Germany and Poland, came to the United States as a young boy when his family emigrated to the U.S. in 1947. Strachwitz became a U.S. citizen and fell in love with American roots music.

In the early 1960s, he set out to record American folk, blues, Cajun, country, Tejana and bluegrass artists throughout the U.S. He drove across the country taping numerous artists. His recordings became legendary and are now owned by Smithsonian Folkways.

Ronnie McCoury, Del’s son and the mandolin player in the Del McCoury Band, told the story to the Times-News.

“Fifty years ago, Dad made ‘Del McCoury Sings Bluegrass,'” said Ronnie McCoury. “In 1968, he didn’t have a band at the time. A fella named Chris Strachwitz, who had this Arhoolie Records, came to him.

“This fella (Strachwitz) had a love for American music. My dad played with Bill Monroe in 1963 and even though he only heard Dad sing one song, he never forgot his voice.”

One day, Strachwitz pulled up to Del’s home near York, Pennsylvania. “He came to my dad’s house and said, ‘I’m going to do a record on you,'” said Ronnie. “My dad had not done an album. He asked Dad if he could get a band together. The next two days they recorded in my dad’s kitchen and another fella’s kitchen. The fella (Strachwitz) is still living and his archives are amazing. He turned it over to the Smithsonian.”

Del’s new album contains 14 songs with the first single titled, “To make love sweeter for you.” Written by Glenn Sutton and Jerry Kennedy, the country-flavored tune was a number one hit for Jerry Lee Lewis in the early 1970s.

Ronnie McCoury said the new album has guest performers. Josh Schilling of the band Mountain Heart plays on the record. The McCourys also have three generations of the family on the album. Ronnie’s son Evan plays guitar and percussion on the new record.

In addition to Del’s new album, the Travelin’ McCourys will also release a new self-titled album at DelFest. The Travelin McCourys are made up of Ronnie McCoury and his brother Rob on banjo, along with Jason Carter, fiddle, Alan Bartram on bass and Cody Kilby, guitar.

Live Report : Tumbleweed Country Music Festival Night 3 (Saturday 06/16/18)

By Joshua Wallace

Saturday was the final day for Tumbleweed 2018. With the heat still pounding on this day as it had all weekend, I decided to stick with the main stage acts this day. This meant I would miss a few acts on the second stage that I wanted to see, but this heat required as little movement as possible to work in. I made my way down Buzzkill Hill for the last time to the festival grounds. I had some time so I hung out in the air conditioned Tumbleweed Tavern and I also got breakfast from one of the vendors who were already open. I had loaded breakfast tater tots that were very good. I also picked up a breakfast burrito and kept it for later in the day. I highly recommend checking out the food vendors when you are at a festival. Sometimes they can be expensive, but it is worth trying something you might not get a chance to try again as festivals can rotate vendors year in and year out.

Porter Union

Cole & Kendra Porter

Saturday’s acts on the main stage started with Porter Union. I have been a big fan of theirs since their 2017 self titled debut. They featured songs from this album heavily during their Tumbleweed set. I particularly loved “Thief” and “Out Of Spite” but one of my favorites of the set was one of Kendra’s songs which I think was titled “Maggie Jo” though I might be recalling that title wrong. Porter Union’s set was one of many highlights of the weekend and I look forward to hearing more of them.

Porter Union

Tony Martinez

Up next on the main stage was Tony Martinez. I had been a fan of his ever since I came across his Everybody’s Buddy EP last year. He had a small 3 piece band with him, but the star of the show was his interactions with the crowd and the amazing skills he displayed on the guitar. I particularly loved his original tune “Help Me Up (So I Can Get Down)” as a highlight of this set.

Tony Martinez

Mickey Lamantia

Mickey Lamantia and his band

Next on the main stage was the second performance from Mickey Lamantia. He performed an acoustic set on Thursday night, but this time he brought his full band which even included some amazing pedal steel playing from Dave Summers. Mickey’s set featured a lot of cuts from his 2018 album Every Bad Habit which is still high on my on giong Top 20 albums of 2018 list. I loved the full band version of songs like “When I Get On A Roll” and “Take Our Country Back”. The highlight of the set came when Billy Don Burns surprised Mickey by appearing on stage behind him for a few songs. Mickey in turn surprised Billy and allowed him to have his own spotlight and gave him some time to perform his own songs. Mickey also reprised his “Are You Sure Hank Did It This Way?” cover from his Thursday night set with more guests on stage. This set was another highlight in a day of them.

Mickey Lamantia with Billy Don Burns

The Steel Woods

Wes Bayliss of The Steel Woods

The Steel Woods

Following Mickey Lamantia was Kentucky’s own The Steel Woods. I was familiar with their debut 2017 album Straw In The Wind, but I had not seen them live yet. They are much heavier live than on record. This blends their heavy metal and southern rock influences well. Covers of The Allman Brothers track “Whipping Post” mesh well with Black Sabbath’s “Hole In The Sky”. I loved the heavier takes on their album tracks and one of my favorites of the set was “Straw In The Wind”. I look forward to the next record from The Steel Woods and hope that album reflects their live style a bit more as it was a crowd favorite.

Ward Davis

Ward Davis was next on the main stage. I had been looking forward to seeing Ward live again since I saw him last year with Cody Jinks at the Ryman. He launched into a set which included songs from his 2015 album 15 Years In A 10 Year Town and songs from his upcoming album which I believe is called Geronimo. I particularly love his solo take on “”Old Wore Out Cowboys” which he opened the song with saying that this was the song Willie Nelson said yes to. He also did his version of “I’m Not The Devil” and it never gets old hearing a crowd of over 1,000 fans singing along to that song. He was the only act I saw on the main stage that night get an encore. He came back out and got the crowd ready for 2019 with an amazing cover of Alabama’s hit “Lady Down On Love”.

Ward Davis Band

Billy Don Burns before Shooter Jennings

The final act that I saw at Tumbleweed 2018 was Shooter Jennings. Before Shooter’s set though, we were treated to a short set from Billy Don Burns. He played songs like “Lonesome 77203” and “Desperate Men” to get the crowd ready for Shooter. In addition to Billy Don Burns, I got to step out in front of the crowd and hype them for Shooter who was about to come on stage. This was one of the most unreal moments I have ever experienced and it was very cool. I have to thank the Tumbleweed staff for allowing me to do that.

Joshua Wallace introducing Shooter Jennings

Photo Credit to Country Music Armadillo 

Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings Band

After I left the stage, it was time for what I considered to be the headlining act of Tumbleweed 2019. I had not seen Shooter with this version of his band before and he did not disappoint. He launched into “Electric Rodeo” and “Steady At The Wheel” before going into a set that included tracks from all of his albums and even a few from his upcoming release Shooter. He played his new single “Rhinestone Eyes” along with a reworked version of “Living In A Minor Key” and his first single “Fast Horses and Good Hideouts”. During this song, I noticed a giant beach ball being tossed around in the crowd. As expected, it made its way to the stage but the crowd did not let it get on stage. Shooter never missed a beat and seemed unphased by the events. The highlight of this set for me was the psychedelic jam that he did with “The Gunslinger”. I had only heard “The Gunslinger” performed like this on the Live From Billy Bob’s Texas album, but it still made my jaw drop and was an awesome closing to the show paired with “Good Time Charlie”.

Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings

Shooter was the final act that I saw at Tumbleweed 2019. I know Robert Earl Keen and Ray Wylie Hubbard both killed it on the main stage but I needed to hit the road back to Georgia as I had a long overnight drive ahead of me. A few notable things about this day, Ward Davis was the first artist I noticed who mentioned the sound issues between the stages on stage. However, I heard that during The Steel Woods Zephania Ohora was playing solo on the main stage and had to cut his set short because of the noise from the main stage. I am assured that the two stages will not run at the same time next year and that Tumbleweed will be a better experience all around.

Shooter Jennings

This was my first year at Tumbleweed and I can guarantee you it will not be my last. This festival has consistently booked the best in real country music and I have faith that they will continue to do so. There are still a few kinks to work out but any new festival is going to have that as they figure out what works best for their location. Next year Tumbleweed is running a couple of weeks early with dates of May 30th – June 1st. Alabama has already been announced as one of the headliners and tickets are on sale now. You can wait till the rest of the lineup is announced, but they will be more expensive. I’m looking forward to 2019 and you can believe we will have coverage of Tumbleweed 2019 here at Gary Hayes Country.

Tumbleweed 2018

New And Improved Local Music Guide.


If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music


JD wilkes And The legendary Shack Shakers Unplugged
Exit Inn July 25th

Ward Davis
Warehouse Mt. Victor July 27th

Anderson East
Ryman Auditorium July 28th

Josh Card
Southgate House July 29th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
3rd And Lindsley August 1st

Sunny Sweeney
Southgate House Revival August 3rd

Don Gallardo
The Basement August 4rth

Shooter Jennings and Turnpike Troubadors
Beaver Dam Ampitheater August 4rth

Rye Davis
Spillway Bowling Green August 9th

Old Salt Union
Basement East August 11th

LSD Tour (Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam)
Ascend Ampitheater Nashville August 12th

Sammy Brue
Basement August 13th

Travis Tritt
Skypac Bowling Green August 16th

Raelyn Nelson Band
Tidballs August 18th

Confederate Railroad
Wilson County Fair August 21st

Howlin Brothers
Basement East August 23rd

Jimmy Fortune
Kentucky Opry August 25th

Whitey Morgan
Ryman Auditorium August 25th

Shooter Jennings
Beaver Dam Ampitheater September 2nd

Janie Frickie
Renfro Valley September 7th

The Reeves Brothers
American Legion Post 82
Sept 7th

Ryman Auditorium September 7th

Flatland Cavalry
The Basement East September 7th

David Allan Coe
O Connors Irish Pub September 8th

Janie Frickie
Red barn Convention Center September 8th

Old Crow Medicine Show
Ryman Auditorium September 14th

Shane Smith And The Saints
The Basement East Sept 19th

Bill Anderson
Red Barn Convention Center September 22nd

Cecil Allen Moore
American Legion Post 82
Sept 25th

Ashley McBride
The Basement East Sept 27th

Anderson East And Brent Cobb
Ryman Auditorium Sept 28th

John Prine
Ryman Auditorium October 5 and 6th

Rye Davis
Riblickers October 4th

Whiskey Myers
Plaza Theater October 5th

Leftover Salmon
Exit Inn October 7th

Exit Inn October 14th

Cody Johnson
Marathon Music Works October 19th

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit
Ryman Residency October 22-28th

Dwight Yoakam
Owensboro Convention Center October 26th

Marty Stuart
Rupp Arena Ky Oct 27th

Rye Davis
Sidelines In Glasgow Ky October 10th

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Cosmic Charlie’s Lexington Ky November 21st

Tyler Childers
Exit In November 29,30 and Dec 1st

GUEST WRITER Mr. Scott Mithun Shares Memories Of Pondstock AND Choice City Stomp!

Hey everybody Gary Hayes Here. I tell you what it has been a GREAT YEAR already for me and my crew, and I cannot be omnipresent. So every once in awhile I “rent out” my website to others I deem will embellish their respective music scenes with THEIR OWN articles.

I reached out to my good friend Mr. Scott Mithun host of Hellbilly And Outlaw Radio based out of Appleton Minnesota. PLEASE GO over and give all of these pages and bands I’m about to link a like or props. AND PLEASE BUY SOME STUFF!

Friday morning I started out to Fort Collins, Co from Appleton, Mn and after about 14 hours I made it. Friday Night was the Choice City Stomp Pre Party at the The Forge publick House In Fort Collins with Grant Sabin.Great Show!

Choice City Stomp started at 2 PM Saturday June 2nd in Laporte, Co. with Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club. Joey was good as usual, and It was a great night of Music, I’d say meeting and Listening to Dusty rust was the Highlight.

Sunday June 3rd Choice City Stomp Started off with Brian Johanson who I really Liked, and Wonky Tonk was another one that blew my mind. Choice City was a great experience. I also went over to Cloverlick Banjo Shop Sunday in Fort Collins as Singer/Songwriters took turns on stage.


Jimmy Richter does a great job with Choice City as Does his staff and everyone involved. I took Monday off and went up to Denver, Co on Tuesday to see Larry And His Flask and Acousta Noir at Globe Hall. Never seen either of these bands I was really impressed. I woke up early Wednesday and headed for Pondstock in Trenton, Ne it was about a 4 hour trip.

After getting the camper set up I headed another 2 hours to Kearney, Ne to a place called Gillie’swhere jimmy Swope, Jaw Knee Vee and Alex culbreth were playing. Always great seeing Jimmy! It was a great show and I finally got to meet Jared Olson who does shows out of his shop called J-Rod’s Rock Shop In Kearney. J-Rod also is in a few bands (J-Rod’s String Band) is one of them.

After the show I got back to Trenton to find out a Heavy Rain came through as I tried to get into Pondstock I about got stuck, so I went back to Trenton and slept in my Van in the Parking Lot that night. The Next Day Thursday June 7th I waited til it dried up a little and was able to make it in. Thursday started off at 7:30 with a Local band consisting of Vic Giron on Stand Up called Country Rebels which is always good.

I missed the last two sets of Thursday as Alcohol was a factor. Friday June 8th started at 4:20 with Randall Conrad Orlinger and ended with WhiskeyDick. It was a great day of music. Whiskeydick is one of my Favorite Bands!

Diakaiju was a very interesting band especially when they start shit on fire, even the top of their tour van. Saturday June 9th Pondstock started at Noon with Mr. Smith and ended with Grown Ass Man Band. Saturday was also a great day even though it got a little hot. the breeze helped a little though. Vic Giron does a great job as Usual, his  staff is always great, the Hedke’s are the best of people, Big Joe does a great Job with the Mowing and grounds.

Mark Lemons took great Photos and I met a lot of Facebook friends for the first time (Michelle Tschetter, Jared Mcpherson, Matt Wells, Mark Lemons, Big Joe, the Hedke’s, Matthew James, Alex Delor and Jimmy Richter).

I also got to see a lot of familar faces like Elaine Homes, Derek Weaver, Brooke Blanche and a bunch I’m probably forgetting. I got to hang out and make friends with a lot of band Members which was fun. My hat goes off to Choice City Stomp and Pondstock. From the festivals themselves to what it takes behind the scene the year before to make it Happen, If yo see Vic Giron, Jimmy Richter, Elaine Homes or Jared Olson (J-Rod) giive them a pat on the back for what they do! You gave me Memories that will last a Lifetime!
Thanks to All, Scott Mithun

Album Feature – Paul Cauthen – Have Mercy EP

By Joshua Wallace

I will admit, Paul Cauthen’s 2016 debut album My Gospel was difficult to get into at first.  It took me some time, but it warmed up to me and now I look forward to anything he releases. His newest album is the Have Mercy EP.  A seven track release that showcases his various influences from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley to Jerry Reed. It’s still funky and still damn good.  Let’s dig into some of these tracks.

I love the sentiment of the track “Resignation”.  It’s not about quitting your job, it’s about dropping out of live for a bit and heading to the bar for a drink to forget about all of your troubles for the day.  You’re resigning from everything and leaving the world behind. It’s also all set to the funky kind of tune you’d expect from Paul Cauthen. I dig it.

Probably my favorite track on this album is “My Cadillac”.  This one just has Jerry Reed and Elvis written all over it. It’s as if the King went funky, in a good way.  It seems like it’s about just causing trouble with your friends in an old cadillac. It’s an all around fun track and the best one on the record.  Another favorite is the love song “Tumbleweed”. I love how he takes the imagery of a tumbleweed and compares it to a woman here. There is a bit of a western influence going on in this track.  I can see this one being a single.

Finally, I love the song “In Love With A Fool”.  I have always heard Elvis in Paul Cauthen’s voice and this song just does it for me.  It sounds like it could be a 70’s Elvis cut, and Paul’s vocals echo the King perfectly.  The song itself is about loving someone who is on the road all the time and how strong they have to be and how much of a fool they have to be to love someone like that.  It really is a great tune.

If this is a bridge between My Gospel and whatever comes next for Paul Cauthen, I am looking forward to the next chapter.  This is a strong release and fans of My Gospel will not be disappointed. The Have Mercy EP is available everywhere fine music is sold today.

Favorite Tracks : Resignation, My Cadillac, Tumbleweed, In Love With A Fool

Paul Cauthen – Have Mercy EP (2018)

  1. Everybody Walkin’ This Land
  2. Resignation
  3. Have Mercy
  4. Lil Son
  5. My Cadillac
  6. Tumbleweed
  7. In Love With A Fool

Live Report : Tumbleweed Country Music Festival Night 2 (Friday 06/15/18)

By Joshua Wallace

Friday at Tumbleweed 2018 began the first full official day of the festival.  I want to start this off by addressing camping. The actual camping area was a very nice wooded campground with plenty of shade for everyone.  Camping was divided up into various fan groups so you could camp near people with similar interests. There was also a quiet camping area. I will now address the hill.  You might have heard it called Stumbleweed Mountain or Buzzkill Hill. The “hill” that the campgrounds were located on is no joke. I wish I had got pictures of the hill but pictures do not do it justice.  After you climb this hill a few times, you will begin to question the life choices which lead to you camping on such a hill. I kid you not, it is no joke. Prepare for this hill in 2019.

View of Main Stage

After finding my way down the hill for the day’s festivities I finally got  a good overview of the entire venue. The main stage is huge and it’s in a field that is perfect to hold around a few thousand or so crazy country music fans.  The second stage which served as the main stage Thursday night was located towards the back of this field and under a tent. There was also a usual assortment of food vendors and merch tents.  This layout did provide some challenges which I will touch on later, but overall it was a good layout for the festival.

Chad Vaughn

First up on the main stage Friday afternoon was the Tumbleweed 2018 Fan Poll winner Chad Vaughn.  His set started a bit later than scheduled due to some production issues on the main stage, but once that was taken care of everything was good to go.  I’m not as familiar with Chad Vaughn’s music but you could feel his excitement to be on the main stage of Tumbleweed. There were plenty of Chad Vaughn’s fans in the crowd which I hope is a good sign for him to appear at future festivals.

Chad Vaughn

Justin Wells

Justin Wells

Next, I made my way over to the second stage to hear Justin Wells.  I am very familiar with Justin Wells and his music, but I have never seen his solo act with a full band.  It will be very familiar to fans of his “Dawn In The Distance” album or even fans of his previous band Fifth On The Floor.  While it is not heavy southern rock like Fifth On The Floor, the influence is certainly there with many of the songs having longer guitar solos.  I would call it a lighter version of the familiar Fifth On The Floor sound. Justin Wells did many favorites from the Dawn In The Distance album alongside some newer tunes.  Justin even brought Porter Union on stage for a surprise appearance during “Three Quarters Gone” which was a nice addition to his set. Justin is preparing a new solo record to be released soon.  Gary Hayes Country will have all of the details on that record as they become available.

Justin Wells w/ Porter Union

Dale Watson

Dale Watson & The Lone Stars

After Justin Wells I moved over to the main stage to check out Dale Watson.  I would never grow tired of hearing Dale live even if I could hear him play once a week.  Dale’s set featured all of the hits you’ve come to know and love such as “I Lie When I Drink”, “My Baby Makes Me Gravy” and “Exit 109”.  Dale had Celine Lee out for a few songs as well. She did a track off her new record titled “Sayonara Sucka” and also performed some duet tracks with Dale.  I particularly loved the duet “Like Johnny Missed June”. Dale also played new tracks which will be featured on his album which is due out this summer.

Dale Watson looking out over the crowd

Tyler Childers with the largest crowd yet at Tumbleweed


Tyler Childers was up next on the main stage.  His band was on fire as always. Tyler brought his “A” game even though he was staring down the setting sun at one of the hottest parts of the day.  He started out with “Bus Route” and quickly moved through fan favorites from Purgatory and his unrecorded catalog of tracks. My favorites of this set were “Feathered Indians”, “I Got Stoned and I Missed It” and “Whitehouse Road”.  Tyler Childers is an act that seems to get better every time you see him whether you’re seeing him in person or on Youtube. His voice is truly like no other out there today.

Tyler Childers and The Food Stamps

Tyler Childers

Alex Williams

After Tyler Childers I went over and checked out Alex Williams on the second stage.  I have been looking forward to seeing Alex Williams live since his debut album came out last year and he does not disappoint.  His set featured his debut record heavily with fan favorites like “Freak Flag” and “Little Too Stoned”. He also played some newer tracks off his next record such as the track “Dust and Bones”.  I was blown away by this one and it should be a lead single for his next album. It is that good. I look forward to being able to catch Alex Williams with a full set in the near future.

Alex Williams

Bryan James

Bryan James with Al Enzian on dobro

Following Alex Williams, I split my time between Bryan James on the second stage and Marty Stuart on the main stage.  Bryan James featured a full 5 piece band which featured Al Enzian on dobro. The set had a mix of covers and tunes off his Between The Devil and The Angel and This New Way’s Getting Old LPs.  This was the first time I noticed the second stage being drowned out a bit by the sound coming from the main stage but you wouldn’t know it from Bryan James’s performance. His band brought it and had their own crowd going wild the entire set.

Bryan James Band

Marty Stuart & The Fabulous Superlatives

Harry Stinson of The Fabulous Superlatives sings a song

Over on the main stage, Marty Stuart put on a clinic of honky tonk and hillbilly music.  Along with his band The Fabulous Superlatives, Marty put on one hell of a 90 minute set for the Tumbleweed crowd.  He played many of his fan favorites across his long career and did not leave anyone wanting. I always love hearing his version of “Orange Blossom Special” and it is a highlight of every time I get to see Marty play.  Marty even gave the spotlight to Harry Stinson for a few songs including a Woody Guthrie cover.

I ended my night with Marty Stuart’s set on the main stage.  I wanted to stick around for Jericho Woods on the second stage, but I was done by then.  I can say that I was able to hear a bit of Cody Johnson on the way through the festival grounds to my campsite.  I got to hear my favorite track of his “Chain Drinking” and a couple of cover medleys. It is worth noting that if you do plan on retiring to your campsite early during this festival, the music from the main stage is so loud you can tell which song the artist on the main stage is playing from your campsite.  That being said, I had no trouble passing out once I got to my tent. My report of the final day of Tumbleweed 2018 will be coming up on Monday featuring the likes of The Steel Woods, Ward Davis, Shooter Jennings and more. 


Live Report : Tumbleweed Country Music Festival Night 1 (Thursday 06/14/18)

By Joshua Wallace

Tumbleweed 2018 was an amazing weekend of real country music from top to bottom.  There were 2 days and 3 nights of killer lineups across 2 different stages. Sure, it was a sweltering 95+ degrees during the day without relief in sight, but that didn’t phase people from enjoying some good music.  Tumbleweed 2018 kicked off Thursday night with a pre-show party featuring Sol Records recording artists Craig Gerdes and Dallas Moore among other independent country music recording artists in an evening titled “Rise Of The Independents”.

Evan Bartels

The evening kicked off with Evan Bartels & The Stoney Lonesomes.  I was not very familiar with their music but I quite enjoyed what I heard.  They did an amazing cover of the Cody Jinks hit “Cast No Stones” that became the first sing-a-long of the weekend.  I look forward to hearing more from this band.

Evan Bartels & The Stoney Lonesomes

Mickey Lamantia Acoustic

Up next was an acoustic set from Mickey Lamantia.  Mickey also had a full band set scheduled for Saturday at the main stage, so this had a bit of a different feel to it.  It kind of reminded me of what you might hear on Mickey’s Whiskey Wednesday Facebook show with plenty of covers and originals mixed in.  Mickey’s set also featured guests including Bryan James and Austin Lee who joined Mickey in an acoustic take on the Waylon Jennings hit “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?”.  This set had me ready to hear Mickey’s full band later this weekend.

Mickey Lamantia feat. Bryan James and Austin Lee

Josh Morningstar

Mickey Lamantia was followed by Josh Morningstar.  Readers of Gary Hayes Country are very familiar with Morningstar, but there were quite a few here who were not.  Josh has a quality about him on stage as he sings his songs and tells his stories that cannot be duplicated on a studio album.  His stories help make each song as he goes on through the set. My favorite of the evening was his rendition of the story behind “As Long As You Ain’t Coming Back” off the Songs For Fools With Broken Hearts album.  It is always refreshing to hear these familiar stories in front of an audience who might be hearing them for the first time.

Josh Morningstar

Craig Gerdes

Craig Gerdes and his band

Up next was Sol Records recording artist Craig Gerdes.  He released his debut album for Sol Records this year titled Smokin, Drinkin, and Gamblin.    I loved the live version of “Dead In A Box In Kentucky” which is my favorite song on that record.  This set featured many cuts from that album along with select covers from the likes of Merle Haggard and Johnny Paycheck.  Speaking of Johnny Paycheck, Craig’s band featured Jim Vest on pedal steel guitar this evening. Jim Vest played on Johnny Paycheck’s original take of “Slide Off Your Satin Sheets” and was featured on Craig Gerdes cover of it.  It was a real treat to watch a master of the pedal steel guitar go to work in this set. This was one of the highlights of this evening.

Jim Vest on the pedal steel guitar

The Dallas Moore Band

Finally, my Thursday night ended with a set from Dallas Moore.  I have been a fan of Dallas Moore for years now but this was my first time seeing him live.  The wait was well worth it as I was treated with many righteous renderings of songs from across Dallas’s catalog.  He played a lot of his new album Mr. Honky Tonk including my favorites “Mr. Honky Tonk” and “Shoot Out The Lights”. Dallas also touched on plenty of back catalog tunes such as “Texas Tornado” and “Up On That Mountain”.  Chuck Morpurgo was on fire this evening on Dallas’s lead guitar. I am really looking forward to seeing them again very soon.

Dallas Moore and Chuck Morpurgo

I did not get a chance to see the sets from Austin Lee or Evan Webb.  I have heard reports that both brought down the house and are well worth catching live if you get the chance.  

This was the pre-show evening of the festival and it was also a first chance to see the festival grounds. I knew from the first moment I walked in that the Tumbleweed Tavern with air conditioning would be a place I would frequent.  It was a larger building with tables and chairs set up around window unit air conditioners and ceiling fans.  The building also featured real restrooms which were very welcome when they were working.  The entire set-up was a welcomed break from the overbearing heat of the weekend.  I will be talking in more detail about the festival grounds in my later reports.  Look for reports on Friday and Saturday at Tumbleweed Country Music Festival soon.

A Great American Tapestry The Many Strands Of Mountain Music.


The Birthplace Of Country Music Museum in Bristol Virginia, is a hallowed ground for someone like me. Someone who just absolutely thrives and salivates over the oldest of old time traditions. In my opinion for music and life in general it is the elderly that are it’s greatest asset. I’m going to include their mission in this article as well as information on a terrific presentation I think would benefit all of you to see.

Mountain music was commonplace in America for decades longer than one can imagine, and it shaped Bluegrass and then modern Country Music before Superstar Legends such as Uncle Dave Macon and Hank Williams ever thought of performing. Many will tell you that the Carter Family was the first family of Country Music, but I digress and argue that the Stoneman Family was in my opinion.

Whomever YOU DEEM as correct I bet there were many mountain families already coming down from hills and hollers performing Ozark and Appalachia laced ballads of murder and moonshine. I can tell you from experience and seeing it for myself that is the case.

Black culture in the mountain music world was WIDELY overlooked, but this presentation embraces it fully and gives it the credit it deserves. I wonder how many wonderful performers were undiscovered and unknown in the 20’s and 30’s besides DeFord Bailey? I think NOW we shall soon see here in this movie.

WHAT COMPRISES the Birthplace of Country Music

The Birthplace of Country Music is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to perpetuate, promote, and celebrate Bristol’s rich musical heritage; to educate and engage audiences worldwide regarding the history, impact and legacy of the 1927 Bristol Sessions from which we derive our name; and to create recognition, opportunities, and economic benefit for our local and regional communities.

BCM accomplishes this mission through its three primary branches (Museum, Festival, and Radio), special projects and events, and a multitude of community and educational outreach programs. A brief description of the three primary entities follows:

Birthplace of Country Music Museum – The Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, opened on August 1, 2014. The Museum is 24,000 sq. ft. on two levels. In addition to core exhibits the Museum also houses a large space for special exhibits, a performance theater, the radio station, a learning center and The Museum Store. The Core Exhibits are highly interactive and feature a number of video experiences as well as various artifacts relating to the 1927 Bristol Sessions and other aspects of Bristol’s musical legacy. The Museum has received numerous awards including the highest awards in its state organizations, and has been recognized for Leadership in History by the American Association of State and Local History.

Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion – The annual music Festival began in 2001 and has been a part of BCM since December, 2012. A 2015 Economic Impact Study showed that visitors to the Festival from outside the region had a $16.1 million impact on the region. The Festival generally hosts over 130 bands on 20 stages in downtown Bristol during the third weekend in September. Attendance has grown to approximately 45,000. Among its many accolades the Festival has been named as one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 20 Tours and Festivals”, and has won a Grand Pinnacle Award from the International Festival and Events Association.

Radio Bristol – The station went live broadcasting from the Museum on August 27, 2015. Radio Bristol features a low power FM channel, three channels streaming different but related genres of music, and one channel streaming video. Streaming stations can be accessed online or using the Radio Bristol App on mobile devices. Radio Bristol is garnering attention from radio, cultural, and business organizations for its unique and innovative approach to history, music, and media. The station has listeners throughout the United States and in more than 140 countries.

Independently, each of these branches strives for excellence in bringing the arts to wide audiences. Together, the entities interact synergistically through collaboration, mutual support, and the ability to bring innovative thinking to important arts programming. The result is fulfillment of the BCM Mission and progress toward its Vision.

Our Mission

The Birthplace of Country Music seeks to perpetuate, promote, and celebrate Bristol’s rich musical heritage; to educate and engage audiences worldwide regarding the history, impact and legacy of the 1927 Bristol Sessions from which we derive our name; and to create recognition, opportunities, and economic benefit for our local and regional communities.

Our Vision

The Museum, Festival and Radio entities that comprise the Birthplace of Country Music organization are all successful, respected, popular, and acclaimed, and are having a significantly positive impact on Bristol and its surrounding region – both economically and in creating recognition of Bristol’s place in the history of music.

Our Legacy

In the summer of 1927, just two months after Charles Lindbergh made the first flight across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St. Louis, and during the season that Babe Ruth was blasting out 60 home runs for the Yankees, record producer Ralph Peer of the Victor Talking Machine Company was making music history in Bristol TN/VA.  Between July 25 and August 5 of that year, Peer conducted recording sessions using the new Western Electric electronic microphone during which 19 performers (or groups of performers) recorded 76 songs.  Those sessions – the now famous “Bristol Sessions” – are known as the “Big Bang” of modern country music, and were called by Johnny Cash “The most important event in the history of country music.”

The 1927 Bristol Sessions featured the first recordings of both Jimmie Rodgers, and the Carter Family.  Jimmy Rodgers is now referred to as the “Father of Country Music” and was the first person inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  The Carter Family, featuring A.P., Sara, and Maybelle Carter, is now known as “The First Family of Country Music” and are also in the Hall of Fame.  The 1927 Bristol Sessions not only initiated the careers of these superstar performers, but initiated the broad commercialization of country music.  Many of the songs and stylings of those sessions still resonate and influence the music of today.  For these reasons, in 1998 the United States Congress officially designated Bristol TN/VA as the “Birthplace of Country Music.”

A Great American Tapestry


The Birthplace of Country Music Museum presents a film screening and Q&A session with director David Weintraub of A Great American Tapestry: The Many Strands of Mountain Music.

Date: Saturday, June 30, 2018

Time: 7:00 p.m. (Film run time :70 minutes)

Location: Performance Theater at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Tickets: $5


The Center for Cultural Preservation presents a film by David Weintraub: A Great American Tapestry: The Many Strands of Mountain Music.

A Great American Tapestry tells the story of the Southern mountains’ musical birth and evolution through the strands of the Scots-Irish legacy, oft-overlooked African-American tradition, and through the longest lived music in the Americas—the indigenous tradition.

The film features Grammy award-winners Rhiannon Giddens and Dom Flemons (The Carolina Chocolate Drops), singer-songwriter Amythyst Kiah, folk performer and lecturer Sheila Kay Adams, David Holt (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), and folk balladeer and storyteller Joe Penland.

PLEASE DONATE To Help Old Settler’s Music Festival Continue To Exist.

Keep the Old Settler’s Vibe Alive!We hope you were able to join us for the 31st Annual Old Settler’s Music Festival, and that you enjoyed the first year at our new location.  The music was amazing (as always), and the spirit of friendship, family and community was stronger than ever. This year, however, has presented Old Settler’s with significant challenges, and we are reaching out to you, our OSMF family, for financial help.

We have been frugal with the festival’s finances and worked hard to be in a position to purchase our new home – 145 beautiful acres of rolling hills, open meadows and wooded campgrounds – in 2017. We had detailed plans to move the festival to the Tilmon site in 2019. But because of the abrupt termination of our 2018 location agreement, legal fees to defend OSMF from a would-be festival trying to take OSMF’s brand, accelerated land preparation costs, and county-mandated infrastructure changes, we lost revenue this year and need your financial support.

As a registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit staffed almost entirely by unpaid volunteers, Old Settler’s depends on the kindness of friends like you—ticket buyers, sponsors, former and current volunteers, artists, recipients of free tickets, vendors, or supporters of any kind. Can you donate to help KEEP THE OLD SETTLER’S VIBE ALIVE? With your help, we can carry on the tradition.

Any amount you’re able to give adds up and allows us to preserve and improve upon OSMF for generations to come. By doing so today, you will not only help secure the future of the festival, you will make it possible to further develop the land into a premier camping and festival site in Central Texas. Without your financial contribution, the future of OSMF is uncertain.

Please help KEEP THE VIBE ALIVE. Click this link and make your tax-deductible donation today.  And then please help us get the word out by sharing it through Facebook, Twitter, email or any other means available!

We thank you for your dedication to OSMF and your continued support.

Old Settler’ Music Festival Board of Directors
Johnny Harvey (President), Gary Hartman, Kevin Vaughn

Executive Director
Jean Spivey

Folks you know I HAVE supported this festival a TON, you can read all about it HERE. They have had many issues in the past and now they need our help, PLEASE donate whatever you have even a dollar!

New Luke Winslow – King Coming SOON.

Luke Winslow-King Blue Mesa Album Art


Blue Mesa


LP includes digital download











Luke Winslow-King’s latest album is an example of craftsmanship at the highest level, radiating a warmth and timeless elegance. Adept at mixing country, blues, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll, and folk influences intuitively and masterfully, Luke shapes a mood from many sources and shepherds it to a unifying place of acceptance and hope. Blue Mesa is both stately and approachable, manifestly proficient but deeply personal.

From the first track, Luke effortlessly draws the listener into his genre-expansive, dynamic world. “You Got Mine,” co-written with friend and legendary local musician “Washboard” Lissa Driscoll (who passed away in September 2017), enchants with its laid back grace. Delicate touches of Paul Simon and Robert Cray color this paean to unconditional friendship and camaraderie. With crisp guitar lines evoking Mike Campbell, the gospel-tinged call-to-action “Break Down the Walls” and the easy-country amble “After the Rain” sit astride the solemn and the uplifting. The subtle Stax-inflected soul of the title track casts a disintegrating relationship against the inspirational scenery of the desert Southwest. “Farewell Blues,” a song written after he found out about his late father’s cancer diagnosis, has a resolute drifter’s wandering heart to guide it.

But no matter where he goes, the current of the Crescent City still tugs at Luke’s music. The sweaty riffs of “Thought I Heard You” are as hot as the beer is cold and the syncopated horns on “Chicken Dinner” are a big, playful flirtation. The psychedelic swamp boogie of “Leghorn Women” brims with charm, both suave and sinister, while the Tom-Petty-on-the-levee vibe of “Born to Roam” makes it a classic-in-the-making road trip anthem.

Luke Winslow-King’s latest album is an example of craftsmanship at the highest level, radiating a warmth and timeless elegance. Adept at mixing country, blues, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll, and folk influences intuitively and masterfully, Luke shapes a mood from many sources and shepherds it to a unifying place of acceptance and hope. Blue Mesa is both stately and approachable, manifestly proficient but deeply personal.

What sets this album above the singer and guitarist’s previous work is how he’s absorbed the offerings of a life in music. Born and raised in the Northern Michigan town of Cadillac, he moved to New Orleans at 19 and spent the next 15 years fully immersing himself in the musical waters that flow through there. Now that he’s moved on, it is the larger world, and the people and places in it, that enthralls him. From these travels and friendships comes a deeper and richer perspective on the American musical traditions he fell in love with at an early age.

From the first track, Luke effortlessly draws the listener into his genre-expansive, dynamic world. “You Got Mine,” co-written with friend and legendary local musician “Washboard” Lissa Driscoll (who passed away in September 2017), enchants with its laid back grace. Delicate touches of Paul Simon and Robert Cray color this paean to unconditional friendship and camaraderie. With crisp guitar lines evoking Mike Campbell, the gospel-tinged call-to-action “Break Down the Walls” and the easy-country amble “After the Rain” sit astride the solemn and the uplifting. The subtle Stax-inflected soul of the title track casts a disintegrating relationship against the inspirational scenery of the desert Southwest. “Farewell Blues,” a song written after he found out about his late father’s cancer diagnosis, has a resolute drifter’s wandering heart to guide it.

But no matter where he goes, the current of the Crescent City still tugs at Luke’s music. The sweaty riffs of “Thought I Heard You” are as hot as the beer is cold and the syncopated horns on “Chicken Dinner” are a big, playful flirtation. The psychedelic swamp boogie of “Leghorn Women” brims with charm, both suave and sinister, while the Tom-Petty-on-the-levee vibe of “Born to Roam” makes it a classic-in-the-making road trip anthem.

Blue Mesa was recorded across the globe in the Tuscan fortress village of Lari, Italy and features long-time collaborator and Italian blues guitar dynamo Roberto Luti, Chris Davis of King James and the Special Men, and Mike Lynch (Bob Seger, Larry McCray) on organ, among others.

Luke Winslow-King has collaborated with New Orleans legends and wunderkinds alike, including Dr. John, John Boutté, Luti, Little Freddy King, Washboard Chaz, and Meschiya Lake. In addition to holding down residencies at numerous venues and releasing four studio records over the course of nine years, he has toured extensively in North America and Europe, appearing on notable stages such as Austin City Limits, New Orleans JazzFest, Azkena Rock Festival (Spain), Paradiso (Netherlands), Maverick Festival (UK), and countless more.


Luke Winslow-King
w/ Channing and Quinn, The Accidentals, Donna the Buffalo
06/16/2018 Tour Dates Delton Michigan US Buttermilk Jamboree
Luke Winslow-King 06/20/2018 Tour Dates Bainbridge Washington US Treehouse Cafe
Luke Winslow-King 06/21/2018 Tour Dates Prosser Washington US Brewminatti
Luke Winslow-King 06/22/2018 Tour Dates Long Beach Washington US Adrift Hotel
Luke Winslow-King 06/23/2018 Tour Dates Port Townsend Washington US Rainshadow Recording Studio
Luke Winslow-King 06/24/2018 Tour Dates Portland Oregon US White Eagle
Luke Winslow-King 06/25/2018 Tour Dates Bend Oregon US The Annex
Luke Winslow-King 06/26/2018 Tour Dates Twain California US Feather River Hot Springs
Luke Winslow-King 06/27/2018 Tour Dates San Francisco California US Hotel Utah
Luke Winslow-King 06/28/2018 Tour Dates Los Angeles California US Hotel Cafe
Luke Winslow-King 07/01/2018 Tour Dates Huntsville Utah US Earl’s Lodge
Blues, Brews & BBQ
Luke Winslow-King
w/ Dave Herrero, Los Straitjackets, Nick Lowe
07/03/2018 Tour Dates Berwyn Illinois US Fitgerald’s American Music Festival
Luke Winslow-King 07/13/2018 Tour Dates Harbor Springs Michigan US Blissfest Festival Farm
Luke Winslow-King
w/ My Son The Hurricane
07/14/2018 Tour Dates Harbor Springs Michigan US Blissfest Festival Farm
Luke Winslow-King 07/18/2018 Tour Dates Hancock Michigan US Orpheum Theatre
Luke Winslow-King
w/ Y La Bamba
07/21/2018 Tour Dates Grand Rapids Michigan US KAXE Amphitheater
Luke Winslow-King 07/27/2018 Tour Dates Ottawa Illinois US Dockside Bar & Grill
Luke Winslow-King
w/ Samantha Fish
07/29/2018 Tour Dates Galva Illinois US Wiley Park
Luke Winslow-King 08/16/2018 Tour Dates Lowell Michigan US Lowell Riverwalk Plaza
Luke Winslow-King 08/17/2018 Tour Dates Wellston Michigan US Hoxeyville Music Fest
Luke Winslow-King 08/23/2018 Tour Dates Tonder DK Tonder Fest
Luke Winslow-King 08/24/2018 Tour Dates Tonder DK Tonder Fest
Luke Winslow-King 08/25/2018 Tour Dates Tonder DK Tonder Fest
Luke Winslow-King 08/26/2018 Tour Dates Tonder DK Tonder Fest
Luke Winslow-King 08/27/2018 Tour Dates Hamburg DE Nochtwache
Luke Winslow-King 08/28/2018 Tour Dates Berlin DE Quasimodo
Luke Winslow-King 08/31/2018 Tour Dates Leon ES Festival Valle de Tobalina
Luke Winslow-King
w/ Joshua Hedley, Gretchen Peters, The Ben Miller Band
09/01/2018 Tour Dates Amsterdam NL Paradiso
Luke Winslow-King
w/ David Ramirez
09/02/2018 Tour Dates Venlo NL Grenswerk
Luke Winslow-King 09/03/2018 Tour Dates Krefeld DE Kulturrampe
Luke Winslow-King
w/ Tami Neilson
09/04/2018 Tour Dates London UK Bush Hall
Luke Winslow-King 09/05/2018 Tour Dates Bristol UK The Hen and the Chicken
Luke Winslow-King 09/06/2018 Tour Dates Oxford UK The Jericho
Luke Winslow-King 09/07/2018 Tour Dates Chester UK St. Mary’s – A Creative Space
Luke Winslow-King 09/08/2018 Tour Dates Scrooby UK Scrooby Village Hall
Luke Winslow-King 09/09/2018 Tour Dates Old Portsmouth UK The Square Tower
Luke Winslow-King 10/18/2018 Tour Dates Arnhem NL Luxor
Luke Winslow-King
w/ Wim Mertens
10/20/2018 Tour Dates Groningen NL Oosterpoort
Luke Winslow-King 10/21/2018 Tour Dates Den Haag NL Paard
Luke Winslow-King 10/23/2018 Tour Dates Santander ES Sala BNS

New Shooter Jennings Album Coming In August, NEW Videos!

Shooter Jennings has announced his next studio album simply titled Shooter is coming out on August 10th, 2018. This is a follow up to 2016’s largely electronic inspired Countach (For Giorgio) and is his first true country album since 2013’s amazing The Other Life record.

On Friday Shooter Jennings released his second single from his upcoming album, and as I write this my right arm Mr. Joshua Wallace has been down in Missouri at Tumbleweed. he is with Shooter Jennings right now as we speak, and we expect to hear some new songs from this album. Mr. Shooter has told me himself this is the most Country album he has ever released, so I’m eagerly awaiting it!

Shooter released the second single from the album today titled “Fast Horses and Good Hideouts”. It’s a follow up to the first single which was released last year titled “Do You Love Texas?” which featured a chorus of Texas country music singers. All of the proceeds from that single went to Hurricane Harvey relief funds.

This new single is released with Episode 1 ( Friday Episode 2 was released) of a variety show which hearkens back to the old Hee Haw variety show complete with a number of guests joining shooter on a cornfield set to tell corny jokes. This variety show also includes an in studio performance of the new song “Fast Horses and Good Hideouts”. It is hard to tell, but it sounds like the audio here is different from the single so they probably went with the recording they made for the video. The song is an amazing track and I am looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. After the performance, the video serves as an album trailer with clips from some of the rest of the songs.

Shooter is out everywhere on August 11th, 2018. Shooter is hitting the road this summer and fall to promote the record and I will be seeing him at Tumbleweed on June 16th and hopefully again in Tallahassee, FL on June 29th. I’m looking forward to hearing this new stuff live.

Shooter – Shooter (2018)

  1. Bound Ta Git Down
  2. Do You Love Texas?
  3. Living In A Minor Key
  4. D.R.U.N.K.
  5. Shades & Hues
  6. I’m Wild & My Woman Is Crazy
  7. Fast Horses & Good Hideouts
  8. Rhinestone Eyes
  9. Denim & Diamonds

June 16 – Kansas City, KS @ Tumbleweed
June 21 – Belton, TX @ Schoepf’s Backyard
June 22 – Splendora, TX @ Coals Smokehouse
June 23 – Pilot Point, TX @ Western Son Distillery
June 24 – Dallas, TX @ Taste of Dallas @ Gas Monkey Garage
June 27 – Bonita Springs, FL @ Southwest Florida Event Center
June 28 – Tampa, FL @ The Attic
June 29 – Tallahassee, FL @ Fifth and Thomas
June 30 – Blairsville, GA @ Granddaddy Mimm’s Distillery *
July 4 – Wayne, NE @ The Beaumont
July 5 – Lincoln, NE @The Royal Grove
July 6 – Tulsa, OK @ The Shrine
July 7 – Amarillo, TX @ Will Rogers Riders Rodeo
July 12 – Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall
July 13 – La Crosse, WI @ Cavalier Theater
July 14 – Mankato, MN @ Vetter Stone Amphitheater †
July 27 – Houston, TX @ Lawn at White Oak Music Hall †
July 28 – New Braunfels, TX @ Whitewater Amphitheater †
August 2 – Sacramento, CA @ Sofia Tsakopoulos Center
August 4 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Moe’s Alley
August 8 – Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern
August 10 – Pioneertown, CA @ Pappy & Harriet’s
August 11 – Hollywood, CA @Troubadour
August 22 – Washington, DC @ City Winery
August 23 – Milton, WV @ Milton Performing Arts Center
August 24 – Winston-Salem, NC @ The Ramkat
August 25 – Black Mountain, NC @ Jam In The Trees
August 31 – Columbia, MO @ 9th Street Summerfest †
September 2 – Beaver Dam, KY @ Beaver Dam Amphitheater †
September 6 – Lexington, KY @ The Burl
September 7 – Bristol, TN –@ Maddie & Hall
September 8 – Atlanta, GA @ Harley Davidson of Atlanta
September 9 – Columbia, SC @ The Senate
September 14 – Springfield, MO @ The Riff
September 15 – Lee’s Summit, MO @ Legacy Park Amphitheater
September 22 – Tahlequah, OK @ Medicine Stone Festival †
September 27 – St Paul, MN @ Turf Club
September 28 – Wisconsin Dells, WI @ Kilbourn City Live
September 29 – Ferndale, MI @ Magic Bag
October 4 – Saskatoon, SK @ Broadway Theatre
October 5 – Cadillac, SK @ Cadillac Hall
October 6 – Edmonton, AB @ River Cree Casino ‡
October 13 – Ashland, KY @ Ashland Riverfront
October 20 – Fort Worth, TX @ KFWR Annual Ranch Bash
November 8 – Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn
November 11 – Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall

* w/ Waymore’s Outlaws
† w/ Turnpike Troubadours
‡ w/ Jessi Colter


Tangled String Music Festival.

Image may contain: cloud, sky and text
We’re excited to announce a new music fest downtown Huntsville! The first annual Tangled String Music Festival will be Saturday, June 23rd.

Gates are at 3:00pm.
Music starts at 4:00pm

And we have a talented lineup from all over the Southeast: Singer and Texas fiddle player Amanda Shires, who has been touring with her husband Jason Isbell, as well as folk legend John Prine, was the Americana Music Association’s emerging artist of 2017. She headlines the one-day fest. We’ll also have golden-voiced phenom Joshua Hedley whose new record “Mr. Jukebox” on Third Man Records echoes the classic country sounds of Roy Acuff, Johnny Paycheck and Willie Nelson; Nashville’s gritty funny Lilly Hiatt, the daughter of songwriter John Hiatt; veteran Southern rockers and songwriters Bloodkin of Athens, Ga.; and Grammy-nominated drummer/singer Cedric Burnside, grandson of late blues legend R.L. Burnside, who tours with a two-man stripped-down act that captures the raw energy of Mississippi’s hill country blues. Plus craft beer and wine and food trucks. Downtown, by the spring, under the trees at Big Spring Park East.

Amanda Shires.png



Three FULL days of bluegrass and jamgrass at Blue Ox Music Festival. Tickets are still available! Don’t wait to purchase yours:

In the event you cannot make the show, we are offering a FREE live stream online at Grab a brew and a cozy spot on your couch – It’s streamin’ time!

JamGrass TV will be LIVE from the Blue Ox Music Festival —June 14-16, 2018. This FREE live stream includes performances by Pert Near Sandstone, Greensky Bluegrass, The Infamous Stringdusters, Billy Strings, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Del McCoury Band and more!

Tune in all weekend long:


JamGrass TV's photo.


The full streaming schedule is as followed:
Thursday, June 14:
5:30-6:30 PM CT — Them Coulee Boys
7:00-8:15 PM CT — Billy Strings
8:45-10:00 PM CT — Horseshoes & Hand Grenades

Friday, June 15:
11:30AM-12:30 PM CT — Lindsay Lou
1:00-2:00 PM CT — Mipso
2:30-3:30 PM CT — Mandolin Orange
4:00-5:00 PM CT — The SteelDrivers
5:30-6:30 PM CT — The Del McCoury Band
7:00-8:15 PM CT — The Infamous Stringdusters
8:45-10:00 PM CT — Pert Near Sandstone
10:30PM-12:00AM CT — Greensky Bluegrass

Saturday, June 16:
11:30AM-12:30 PM CT — Danny Barnes
1:00-2:00 PM CT — Charlie Parr
2:30-3:30 PM CT — Jeff Austin
4:00-5:00 PM CT — Tyler Childers
5:30-6:30 PM CT — Steep Canyon Rangers
8:45-10:00 PM CT — Pert Near Sandstone

News On The Dead Winter Carpenters.


Dead Winter Carpenters New Single “Roller Coaster” Released May 4, 2018
Recorded at Prairie Sun Recording in Cotati, CA
Featuring Jackie Greene on B3 Hammond
Out Now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and more →
ASHEVILLE, NC — Hailing from North Lake Tahoe, California, Dead Winter Carpenters have built a reputation for pouring their heart and soul into each song, with their progressive nature shining through loud and clear as they blend acoustic and electric sounds. They are excited they they to release a new single May 4, 2018 of their original song, “Roller Coaster,” which features Jackie Greene as a special guest on Hammond B3 Organ. Earlier this week, JamBase premiered their official music video for the song which features scenes from Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the band’s recording session.

Greene says, “Dead Winter Carpenters are one of the finest roots-rock groups working today. It was such a pleasure to get to play on this cut!”
“Roller Coaster” was written by Jesse Dunn, who also sings lead and plays acoustic guitar. Jenni Charles (co-founder of the band along with Dunn) shows off her impassioned fiddle playing and sings the harmonies which the band is well known for. Nick Swimley blazes in on Telecaster, Brendan Smith and Dave Lockhart hold the beat down on drums and bass, while Greene seasons the tune with his distinctive B3, all adding to the rock and roll flavor of the song.

“Everything about this life is temporary,” says Dunn. “As the days roll by, more obstacles are thrown our way. ‘Roller Coaster’ is about these daily battles that we all face while doing our best to remain hopeful, live with intention, and be good to those we love.”

“Roller Coaster” was recorded by Kevin Bosley and Zak Girdis at Prairie Sun Recording, a GRAMMY winning studio known for classic analog recording in a rural setting based of Sonoma County wine country of California. The track was mixed by Matt Wright and Zak Girdis and mastered by John Cuniberti. Additional recording was done at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn by Ken Rich.

The band’s catalogue includes the group’s 2016 release, Washoe, of which Good Times’ writes, “Dead Winter Carpenters introduce more indie rock to their saloon sound. The album sees the band evolving and growing, but staying true to their high-energy, mountain music roots.” Other studio projects are their self-titled debut in 2010, Ain’t It Strange in 2012, the much-acclaimed 2014 EP, Dirt Nap, of which No Depression says, “Each track tells a story, just as each instrument and voice coalesces into the band’s rich and textured sound.”

Reminiscent of genre-benders like Jack White, Chris Thile, and Sam Bush, Dead Winter Carpenters harmoniously fuses refined musical ability with a scarcely restrained tendency to let it all hang out. The result is a controlled burn, a riveting sound, and a connection with fans that sells out shows and has the band sharing stages with the likes of Jason Isbell, Greensky Bluegrass, and Hard Working Americans.

A steadily touring band since forming in 2010, Dead Winter Carpenters has entertained growing crowds at notable festivals including Harvest Music Festival (AR.), High Sierra Music Festival and Strawberry Music Festival (CA), WinterWonderGrass (CA & CO), DelFest (MD), Northwest String Summit (OR), John Hartford Memorial Fest (IN), Salmonfest (AK), and more.

Dead Winter Carpenters is a band with the ambition, talent, and authenticity. Look for them to continue to delight – and invite – fans from many music camps. Ride the roller coaster…

Dead Winter Carpenters on Tour
5/4 Fri – Pearl Street Warehouse – Washington, DC
5/5 Sat – SpringDig Festival – Berkeley Springs, WV
5/11 Fri – The Mohawk – Austin, TX
5/12 Sat – 502 Bar – San Antonio, TX
5/13 Sun – Banjos to Beats – Dallas, TX
5/16 Wed – Sainte Rocke – Hermosa Beach, CA *w/ Big Sam’s Funky Nation
5/17 Thu – Concerts in the Park – Palm Desert, CA
6/1 Fri – Concerts in the Park – Sacramento, CA
6/2 Sat – UC Theatre (SEVA Benefit) – Berkeley, CA *w /Rising Appalachia
6/9 Sat – Silver Cloud Campout – Haugan, MT
6/15 Fri – Weiser River Music Festival – Weiser, ID
6/17 Sun – Commons Beach – Tahoe City, CA
6/23 Sat – Village Summer Jam – Mammoth Lakes, CA
7/28 Sat – Guitarfish Music Festival – Cisco Grove, CA

For more information and updates from the road, please visit,,, and

DelFest Recaps From The Press House.

About DelFest:

DelFest is held at the beautiful Allegany County Fairgrounds in Cumberland, MD (2.5 hrs from Baltimore and DC). The festival originated from the desire to create a family-friendly music festival celebrating the rich legacy of McCoury Music while creating a forum for world-class musical collaborations and to showcase fresh new talent with a down-home feeling. Produced in association with High Sierra Music, the 11th Annual DelFest will again offer a quality festival experience stamped with the unique McCoury touch.

Personally chosen by Del, the Allegany County Fairgrounds in Cumberland, MD served as the perfect location for DelFest–nestled along the Potomac River in the scenic Appalachian Mountains, the Fairgrounds are convenient to four major airports and easily reached by rail or road. The city of Cumberland is also a great host offering multiple hotel options, a charming downtown and great amenities including biking, a steam train engine and museum, and some top notch dining.

In addition to traditional stage sets by these world-class artists, attendees can again expect to see one-of-a-kind collaborations, special guest sit-ins, various tributes to Del McCoury and his musical legacy, intimate appearances, both at unique “playshops” — informal workshops where the emphasis will be on performance rather than instruction — and in late night indoor performances and picking sessions. Delfest will be immediately preceded by a 3-day Music Academy hosted by The Travelin’ McCourys and other all star players.

DelFest kicked off its 11th annual musical gathering today (Thursday, May 24th), tucked away in the beautiful Allegany mountains of Cumberland, Maryland. Festivities kicked off at 4 p.m., welcoming attendees with a personal, open soundcheck by Del McCoury himself. The day continued with sunshine and upbeat, funky West Coast collective the California Honeydrops.

Powerhouse and multi-instrumentalist Rhiannon Giddens followed after, with chilling renditions from classics like Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton, to name a few. As night fell, festival goers were captivated by a magical illustration of Del laughing, projected onto the rock face of the the festival’s natural cliff border.

The Infamous Stringdusters were greeted with a massive crowd and were later joined by Ronnie McCoury and Cody Kilby for the Bob Dylan standard, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” to celebrate Dylan’s birthday. Opening night continued into the wee hours with late-night sets from rising progressive bluegrass band The Lil Smokies and Portland-based rock-roots fusion Fruition.

 DelFest continued its 11th annual musical gathering today (Friday, May 25th), tucked away in the beautiful Allegany mountains of Cumberland, Maryland. Festival-goers enjoyed exceptional performances on the Grandstand Stage, including a Grateful Dead-heavy set from Joe Craven; Baltimore-based roots soul artist Cris Jacobs; Americana-folk duo Mandolin Orange; and a two-night stand from rock-roots fusion Fruition.

Other notable daytime performances included Heaven McCoury’s band (Ronnie’s son) The Broomestix, West Coast Americana mavens The Brothers Comatose, and The Dawg Trio, comprised of David Grisman, son Sam Grisman, and banjo phenom Danny Barnes.

 During the daily press conference, attendees and media were treated to an intimate Q+A session with fan favorites Mandolin Orange, Greensky Bluegrass, and Birds Of Chicago. The live-streamed discussion highlighted the respective acts’ unique musical journeys and delved into their mutual appreciation of McCoury’s impact. The backstage event was the first of three artist press conferences set for the weekend, all of which will be hosted in real time on DelFest and Relix’s Facebook pages. Click here to watch the archived footage from today.

At 6:05 p.m., Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder swooned the crowd with iconic bluegrass standards like Kentucky Waltz and Uncle Pen. Del McCoury took to the mainstage as the sun was setting, his set being a celebration of both the festival itself and his new record, Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass, which was released today.

Per usual, Del and the boys took requests from the crowd with songs from the new record mixed in — including the Shawn Camp-penned “Hot Wired”, the band joined by Heaven McCoury (electric guitar), making for three generations of McCourys on the same stage. Greensky Bluegrass kept the crowd rowdy with their unique Michigan-bred brand of bluegrass, inviting Jon Stickley on stage, as well as a larger-than-life wearable cardboard art installation of Del himself.

The late night shows were dripping with West Coast vibes, including eclectic and brass-driven crooners, The Dustbowl Revival, wholit up the stage with soulful harmonies and a powerful horn section. The California Honeydrops followed, delivering a high-energy performance that kept the crowd dancing until the early hours of the morning.

DelFest continued its 11th annual musical gathering today (Sunday, May 26th), tucked away in beautiful Cumberland, Maryland. Festival-goers enjoyed exceptional performances on the Grandstand Stage beginning with The Broomestix’s “Gospel Warm Up”, followed by Dre & The Gospel Collective. Mandolin phenom and fan favorite Sierra Hull took to the main stage at 1:30 p.m. and after a short weather delay, Billy Strings, as expected, had the crowd up and dancing.

The Wood Brothers, backed by a picturesque sunset, played songs from their new record and favorites from past releases — closing with a rowdy rendition of “Ophelia”. The Del McCoury Band took the stage for the final time this weekend at 8 p.m., followed by an epic festival close-out set from Delfest veterans Old Crow Medicine Show in which the Grand Ole Opry mic stand was ushered out, Del joining the boys for a moving “Lost Highway”.

Fans quickly made their way to The Music Hall for late night sets by Horseshoes & Hand Grenades and The Travelin’ McCourys.

Other highlights from today include:
→ Joe Craven’s set was, per usual, high energy — the crowd enjoying Craven’s spin on Jerry Garcia material in The Music Hall, as well as a special vocal appearance from his daughter Hattie.
→ Due to the storm, Twisted Pine swapped their electric set for acoustic arrangements, stepping to the edge of the stage and filling the room with a large sound sans amplification. 

→The Kruger Brothers, originally from Switzerland, blended elements of jazz, folk and classical compositions in The Music Hall.
Today’s press conference, live streamed via Relix Magazine’s Facebook page, featured a legendary lineup with patriarch Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show, andBilly Strings. Interviewed by Osiris co-founder and Relix moderator RJ Bee, the four had an intimate conversation about the history of DelFest and the McCoury family’s impact on them as artists, including Secor recalling Old Crow memories of supporting the Del McCoury Band as newcomers, noting that matriarch Jean McCoury was quick to welcome them into the McCoury family fold, making sure that the band of then 20-somethings were well fed. Secor also speculated, after observing Del and Jean sidestage for Billy’s set, Strings is the newest adoptee of the McCoury family. To watch click here.

2018 Music Festivals: Moccasin Creek Music Festival.


So I gotta tell you a little story here of misfortune, misery and life on the road. See folks I travel and run almost as hard as the bands do. I been all over the United States and had all sorts of mishaps. Funny thing was this past weekend I was broke down on I 57 in Illinois on my way to Wisconsin for a different festival, and I was not far from this one here in Effingham Illinois called The Moccasin Creek Music Festival and this year it’s a good one! I’m going to just leave this portion of their website here for you to read, before I give you the how, when and who’s of this one!

Americana. Keep it pure. Keep it simple.

Moccasin Creek Festival is an annual 4-day music festival, which typically celebrates other arts and crafts as well. It takes place at beautiful Lake Sara in Summit Township, just west of Effingham, Illinois. The lake was created in the 1950’s from five creeks that run through the basin. One of those creeks was named Moccasin Creek by a surveyor named Tipsword in the 1850’s, because of moccasin tracks he found on the banks.

The founder of Moccasin Creek Festival is Bill (Poss) Passalacqua, an Effingham native who has built his life around writing, performing and promoting music. The Passalacqua family has a rich musical history, and Bill has three brothers, all of whom are musicians. Each of them have followed in father Larry’s musical footsteps. Folk, bluegrass, alternative country, roots rock, and blues – “Americana” music. This is what MCF is all about – in an outdoor setting, using a venue with great acoustics, at a beautiful time of year.

Food and beverages sold on site. Kids activities. Camping is next door to the festival venue, as well as cabins for rent. There is a beach and golf course within walking distance. Boats, canoes and kayaks for rent. Effingham is only 5 miles away, and has thousands of hotel rooms available, as well as a plethora of restaurants catering to almost any taste. Comb through the website, and check out MCF on Facebook and Twitter. Most answers to your questions can be found here, if not, feel free to contact us. We’re looking forward to the event, and we hope you are too!

Thursday June 21

Time Stage: Artists:

6:00pm The Shady Stage Reverend Robert

7:00pm The Shady Stage Sarah Beatty

8:00pm The Shady Stage Wildflower Conspiracy

9:00pm The Mighty Pines The Mighty Pines


Friday June 22


Time. Stage: Artists:

1:00pm The Shady Stage Steve Clark

2:00pm The Shady Stage Dana Michael Anderson

3:00pm The Shady Stage Paper Moon shiners

4:00pm The Shady Stage Brock Zeman

5:00pm The Shady Stage Rod Picott

•• Dinner Break••

6:00pm The Big Stage CATL

7:00pm The Big Stage David Olney

8:00pm The Big Stage The Steel Wheels

9:00pm The Big Stage The Bottle Rockets


Saturday June 23


Time Stage Artists

11:00am The Shady Stage Mr. Pancake

Noon The Shady Stage Heather And Marty

1:00pm The Shady Stage Charlie Roth

2:00pm The Shady Stage The Tillers

3:00pm The Shady Stage Taylor Steele And The Love Preachers

4:00pm The Shady Stage Old Salt Union

5:30pm The Big Stage Bill Poss

6:00pm The Big Stage Chain Station

7:15pm The Big Stage Amanda Anne Platt And The Honeycuters

8:30pm The Big Stage Chicago Farmer

9:30pm The Big Stage Billy Strings

10:45pm The Big Stage Greg Klyma Band


Sunday June 24


Time Stage Artist


11:00am The Shady Stage The Greyhounds

Noon The Shady Stage LP And The Honeybee

1:00pm The Shady Stage Chuck hawthorne

2:00pm The Shady Stage Chain Station

3:00pm The Shady Stage Matt poss

4:00pm The Shady Stage Billy Strings

Yes, you read the schedule correctly. You can see Billy play twice.

Now let’s post some more videos I found from this event! There are two stages here the Main Stage, and the Shady Stage. This venue looks to be a very beautiful place, and it’s on my radar for SURE!

Country Inn & Suites in Effingham, our premier sponsor hotel, will be offering a 10% discount to Moccasin Creek Festival attendees on the weekend of the event. Call them and reserve your room today!

(217) 540-5555

Country Inn & Suites will also serve as the hub of the free shuttle service to and from the event. See details below!

LAKE SARA CAMPGROUND website facebook

Directly adjacent to the festival grounds and able to accommodate all your camping needs – tents, campers, as well as fully equipped RV & Coach camp sites complete with water, electric, sewer & cable hook-ups! Click on the links above to view their website and their Facebook page.


Within walking distance of the festival, Anthony Acres Resort provides fully equipped efficiency units on the shore of the lake. Guests will enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Sara as well as easy access to the waterfront. Each unit will provide it’s guests with a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. For contact info, click on the icon above to view the Anthony Acres Resort website.


For a complete listing of all hotels in the greater Effingham area, click on the website link above.

LARSON’S LANDING (the festival venue) website facebook

There’s more to the Moccasin Creek Festival venue than just a stage. For example:

Pinky’s Restaurant – just a short walk away from the festival stages, Pinky’s features bar & grill type food, such as burgers, wraps, BBQ, chicken strips and the like. They’ve got a huge deck looking out over the lake too – a great place to enjoy some food and drink!

Boat rentals. Tube rentals. Boat slip rentals on short or long term basis. Outdoor boat storage. A bait house that sells gas to the boaters, stocked with all sorts of beverages and snacks. Do you need a stage to host your own event? Rent yourself some fun. Hours: Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend; Saturday and Sunday, 12pm to 8pm. (holiday hours may vary) Visit their Facebook page by clicking on the link above!


website facebook twitter pinterest instagram

Located in Central Illinois where Interstate 57 meets Interstate 70, the City of Effingham has a little something for everyone. With 18 hotels and over 60 restaurants, Effingham provides the very best in service and hospitality and welcomes visitors to come spend a few days exploring what our vibrant city and surrounding communities have to offer.

EFFINGHAM TAXI website (217) 342-3119

If you need a ride, talk to Effingham’s premiere Taxi service!


A shuttle service will be making hourly runs at the top of each hour between the Country Inn & Suites and LaQuinta Inn & Suites and the Moccasin Creek Festival beginning at 2:00PM on Friday and 11:00AM on Saturday, with the last run taking place at midnight on both nights. There will be no shuttle on Sunday.

This service is being provided by FISH, a local Human Services Organization. They’re providing it FREE of charge, but will be accepting donations. Please DONATE! Make it worth their time and effort!

News On The Upcoming Missy Raines Album And New Video.

61BPeLvcrpL._SX425_ On August 18th of this year the good people at Compass Records will be making her new album Royal Traveller Available to us! And just recently they announced her new video for the song called “Swept Away”, which debuted on one of my favorite Bluegrass websites called “Bluegrass Situation. You can pre order this album HERE.

We haven’t had any new material recorded by Miss Missy since 2013’s New Frontier, so this new album comes with much anticipation and I for one am eager to hear more of what she has for us. This new song has a really nice sound to it here, and the harmonies are simply heavenly. And in case it was unaware to you Miss Allison Brown was one of the founders of Compass Records, so it’s almost a guarantee to be released on that label.

The Bluegrass Situation premiered Missy Raines‘ new music video for “Swept Away” on Friday, April 27th. The video features Missy’s fellow First Ladies of Bluegrass: Alison Brown, Molly Tuttle, Sierra Hull and Becky Buller, each the first woman to win an International Bluegrass Music Association Award on her respective instrument. 

I have honestly been following this new wave of young ladies that are on the influx of Bluegrass right now, purists dislike them and the new Bluegrass fans love their distinctly different sound. The famous three part harmony structure is missing here, ergo the purists dislike it.

I will have several opportunities to catch up with this young lady in the next few months leading up to my year end TOP 50 list, so let’s see if she can land a spot on my TOP 50 in 2018? Time will tell!



ul 06
Wolf Hills Brewery
Abingdon, VA
Jul 07
Reeves Theater
Elkin, NC
Jul 21
Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore (w/Missy Raines on bass)
Lone Tree, CO
Jul 22
Rocky Grass Academy
Lyons, CO
Jul 23
Rocky Grass Academy
Lyons, CO
Jul 24
Rocky Grass Academy
Lyons, CO
Jul 25
Rocky Grass Academy
Lyons, CO
Jul 26
Rocky Grass Academy
Lyons, CO
Jul 27
Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival – Alison Brown, Becky Buller, Sierra Hull, Missy Raines & Molly Tuttle
Lyons, CO
Jul 28
Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival- ArtistWorks Bluegrass All-Stars: Bryan, Darol, Michael, Mike, Missy & Tony
Lyons, CO
Aug 04
Old Town House Concerts
Fort Collins, CO
Aug 06
Targhee Music Camp
Alta, WY
Aug 07
Targhee Music Camp
Alta, WY
Aug 08
Targhee Music Camp
Alta, WY
Aug 09
Targhee Music Camp
Alta, WY
Aug 10
Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival
Alta, WY
Aug 12
House Concert
Missoula, MT
Aug 13
Myrna Loy Center
Helena, MT
Aug 14
Cisel Hall, MSU
Billings, MT
Aug 15
Rawlins Music Academy
Rawlins, WY
Aug 18
57th Philadelphia Folk Festival
Philadelphia, PA
Aug 19
57th Philadelphia Folk Festival
Philadelphia, PA
Aug 24
Stonefield Cellars Winery, LLC
Stokesdale, NC
Aug 26
Cumberland, MD
Sep 15
Mohican Bluegrass Festival
Loudonville, OH
Sep 16
Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
Cleveland, OH
Sep 22
Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion
Bristol, TN
Sep 25
Bluegrass Ramble Official Showcase Band
Raleigh, NC
Sep 26
Bluegrass Ramble Official Showcase Band
Raleigh, NC
Sep 27
Bluegrass Ramble Official Showcase Band
Raleigh, NC
Show All Dates

Rodney Crowell’s Adventures In Song Comes To Tennessee June 14th.

“I’m looking forward to the evening performances. The instructors will illustrate what we were talking about in class and we’re going to have a good time.”

Adventures In Song will be limited to just 75 registrants! During the days we will break out in to small, rotating groups with our distinguished instructors and during the evenings the entire group will be together for meals, concerts, open mics, etc.

Here are just some of the fun things and topics Rodney, Bernie, Benmont, Joe, Lisa, Don, Allen, and Brennan will be hitting while there!
Compositional Skill
Chord Structure
Narrative Construction
Avoiding Soft Rhymes
Self-Editing and Self-Criticism
Guitar Instruction
Finding and Improving your Singing Voice
Evening Concerts
Open Mics

Additionally, participants will be introduced to a songwriting tool that Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell used to test the lyrical strength of a new song. The “Eye to Eye” is an exercise in which, without the aid of an accompanying instrument, one songwriter looks directly into the eyes of the other and recites the words of a new song. If you make it through without averting your eyes, chances are you’ve got a good one and so much more!



Tour Dates
APR 27 • MerleFest • Wilkesboro, NC
APR 29 • Third Coast Music Festival • Galveston, TX
MAY 24 • The Queen – Downstairs • Wilmington, DE
MAY 25 • City Winery • Boston, MA
MAY 26 • The Opera House at Boothbay Harbor • Boothbay Harbor, ME
MAY 27 • Stone Mountain Arts Center • Brownfield, ME
JUN 8 • Memorial Hall • Cincinnati, OH
JUN 9 • The Paramount Center For The Arts • Bristol, TN
JUN 10 • Harvester Performance Center • Rocky Mount, VA
JUN 14 • The Franklin Theater • Franklin, TN
JUL 16 – 20 • Rodney Crowell’s Adventures in Song • Carmel, CA
JUL 27 • Southern Fried Festival • Perth, UK
AUG 25 • The Hamilton Live • Washington, DC
AUG 26 • Tin Pan • Richmond, VA
OCT 4 • Sutter Creek Theatre • Sutter Creek, CA
NOV 15 • McCallum Theatre for the Performing Arts • Palm Desert, CA
NOV 18 • The Freemont Theater • San Luis Obispo, CAMore dates to come!

So many of us have enjoyed the success this year of the Legend himself John Prine, including this man who is another songwriting legend Mr. Rodney Crowell. He began writing in Nashville in 1972, and in 1975 Emmylou Harris recorded his song “Bluebird Wine” on her album called “Pieces Of The Sky”.

In 1977 he was playing with Harris band and began his side band The Cherry Bombs. In late 1978 he released his debut album “Ain’t Living Long Like This”, the very song that Waylon Jennings released as well. one of his first albums also had one of my favorite songs he did that Lee Ann Womack re made called “Ashes By Now”.

In the 1980’s he gathered huge commercial success from his song ‘Till I Gain Control Again”, which was recorded by many artists. That song was her first number one Country single, and also Miss Emmylou Harris recorded it in 1975.  In 2003 he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and in 2007 was inducted into the Music City Walk Of Fame.


Freddy Fender Autobiography Available Now.


As a personal connoisseur of obscure and rare Country Music and the Legends that delivered the songs I often salivate over researching the ones that are less known by many. They were underappreciated and kind of swept under the rug in a way, some were even forgotten about crudely.

Perhaps it’s because they were destructive or homicidal and abusive like Spade Cooley,  maybe they were sad depressed individuals…who knows? Well many times the children of some of these Legends do because they witnessed it first hand.

Such is the case of Wasted Days And Wasted Nights A Meteoric Rise To Stardom written by his daughter Miss Tammy Lorraine Huerta Fender, as she tells the story of her late father the KING of Tex-Mex Mr. Baldemar Huerta or as we knew him Freddy Fender.

The Opry embraced him, and adored him, the people loved his mix of Spanish crooning juxtaposed with English that wove a perfect love song into our hearts in the 1970’s. Freddy Fender rose to fame on Country Music pedestal during two of my favorite periods of Country Music history…The Outlaw Era, and the Nashville Sound. To be frankly honest, Freddy was accepted by both scenes (if I can coin that term here) and found a place within both branches of Country Music.

Details of his impact on multi cultural influence within Country Music are told in full vivid detail here as is his rise to fame, his stay at the top, his addictions and downfall…and like many stars the likes of Johnny Paycheck…his redemption told in a compassionate manner by his child as she witnessed it all.

The early years of Freddy Fender are touched on here, subsequently the death of the late Hank Williams in 1954 and how it had a profound impact on Fender as a youth in 53. He dropped out of school and began playing in clubs in 1957, and how he grew as an artist to form the Texas Tornadoes.

His rise to fame and his addiction riddled downfall are also discussed in full detail, as well as his 21 years of sobriety. His redemption and becoming a saved child of God are heralded here as well, as the reader is taken through every nook and cranny of his personal and professional life.


Album Feature – Jesse Dayton – The Outsider

By Joshua Wallace

Outlaw country singer Jesse Dayton is back with a new album and the follow up to 2016’s The Revealer.  This new album is called The Outsider and picks up right where that one left off. This is still the Jesse Dayton we all know and love with his crass lyrics and outlaw country sound.  The Outsider brings in some quieter acoustic moments throughout the album to give some diversity, but it is still 100% badass.

I really dig the track “Changin’ My Ways”.  It’s a nice ballad about trying to change your ways for love and the troubles that comes with that.  I love the guitar solo on this track, and it really is a highlight. One of the preview tracks for the album was “Hurtin’ Behind The Pine Curtain”.  This one is a country rocker. It has a bit of a rockabilly twang to it’s edgy sound and I dig it.

Another favorite is the protest track “Charlottesville”.  I’m not always a fan of these political tracks, but this one is well done and has a punk rock acoustic string band sound that is awesome.  “Belly Of The Beast” takes you back to the roaring 70’s and the sound of outlaw country stars like Waylon Jennings. It pairs nicely with “Charlottesville” as it is also a bit of a political track.  Finally, I really like “Killer On The Lamb”. This is another more acoustic country number that has an outlaw country heart. I especially love the banjo work on this track.

This new album from Jesse Dayton brings in some new sounds, but overall it sounds like a continuation of The Revealer which is a good thing.  Jesse Dayton may get ignored by traditional mainstream outlets but he doesn’t really need it cranking out records like this. The Outsider is out everywhere today.

Favorite Tracks : Changin’ My Ways, Hurtin’ Behind The Pine Curtain, Tried To Quit (But I Just Quit Tryin’), Charlottesville,  Belly Of The Beast, Killer On The Lamb

Jesse Dayton – The Outsider

  1. May Have To Do It (Don’t Have To Like It)
  2. Jailhouse Religion
  3. Changin’ My Ways
  4. Hurtin’ Behind The Pine Curtain
  5. We Lost It
  6. Tried To Quit (But I Just Quit Tryin’)
  7. Charlottesville
  8. Belly Of The Beast
  9. Burnin’
  10. Killer On The Lamb


They were birthed in Fort Payne Alabama in 1969, and were called “Wild Country”. They released two albums under that name that are highly sought after by vinyl collectors alike, and many consider them holy grail finds if found for under 100.00. In 1977 they officially changed their name to Alabama or AKA The Alabama Band, and heavily used the confederate flag and trucks/truckers on their covers.

Mr. Randy Owen and his cousin Mr. Teddy Gentry began the original lineup from day one, soon to be joined by another cousin Mr. Jeff Cook. Their zenith was lived in the 1980’s where they amassed 27 number one hits, released 7 multi platinum albums, and garnered every award possible. They ARE THE most successful country music BAND in existence from a commercial standpoint.

A little known tidbit here, earlier on the band had to use studio musicians for various reasons and the steel guitarist Mr. Fred Newell, who currently plays with Waymore’s Outlaws and Shooter Jennings played many of the lead guitar duties on their first few albums. Another fun tidbit is their 4 song album which was distributed at McDonalds is another holy grail CD if found intact.

One unique thing about the band is the fact all three front line members share vocal duties at times, kind of like the Eagles, whom influenced them heavily. Their style and vast arrangement of material often ended up placing them with rock festivals and acts such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Georgia Satellites, although the next day they could wind up being paired with Charlie Daniels Band or Waylon Jennings on a bill.

It was that style of marketing that soon catapulted this band into Legendary status in the length of many decades of hits and multi platinum albums. Overall in every genre Alabama is one of the world’s best selling bands of all time, having sold over 75 million albums. Their two greatest hits albums from 1986 and 1998 are combined two of the highest grossing greatest hits albums in history amassing over 5 million in sales.

They enjoyed a ton of commercial success maintained through the nineties until their health forced them to decline more shows. In 2010 Mr. Randy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and fought hard, he was eventually granted a clean bill of health and remains stable. In 2013 the band announced their reunion tour and in 2015 they released “Southern Drawl” their first new album in 14 years.

The band remains heavily on tour and often appears on the Opry, but in april of last year Mr. Jeff Cook announced his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease to which he stated he will be reducing the number of shows he performs. Mr. Doug has informed my staff that THIS PERFORMANCE WILL BE HEALTH PENDING for all three members of the band, so PLEASE I ASK YOU to be courteous of Tumbleweed AND THE BAND in the event of any cancellation due to health issues. IT HAPPENS…..THEY ARE HUMANS TOO. As much as we love them, they hurt and get sick like we ALL DO.

Tickets on sale FOR 2019 ON June 14th at 10am. Today at 10am they go on sale for the Alabama Fan Club Members. You will be able to purchase tickets starting at 79.00 HERE.

To come out to tumbleweed 2018 please click the above link,as always we have FULL INFO including hotels and maps of the entire grounds. Band links, videos and MORE!



I hope you doomer metal junkies are happy, Mr. Jason has gone ape shit mad! I need to be honest and truthful THIS IS my TOP favorite festival to go to, for many reasons and I’m sure you’ll agree with most of them I list in this article. I always take great pride in reporting on this festival because Mr. Jason makes ALL OF US a part of this festival, and always acknowledges that Muddy Roots Music Festival couldn’t happen without YOU!

In the last few years I have had the humble opportunity to watch Mr. Jason grow this little 400 person shindig that started on MySpace with a merch printing business into a GLOBAL phenomenon that has had the chance to go corporate by several offers but has chosen to remain almost completely independently run. In other words you won’t be expecting to pay 4 dollars for a bottle of water, in fact one of the special offers that was infringed upon was the free campfire wood because in 2014 someone decided to light the whole pile on fire!

You can DAMN SURE BET I watch for thieves at ALL these festivals I honor and support for the festival director AND the bands, I “hang out” at the merch tables to see shit going down it’s NOT cool and I WILL turn you in! Pickpockets and ANY rubbish I witness will be HARSHLY dealt with, and PLEASE DO NOT harass the wildlife at the The June Bug Ranch or damage Mr. Jason’s property. We are guests and we are welcome to drink and do as we please isn’t that cool enough that we don’t need to commit crimes? We have ONE rule: Don’t be a dick. You don’t have to toss your shirt over a mud puddle for a lady, but treat EVERYONE nice, we don’t have drama here.

We’re breaking all sorts of social rules. We always have!
Them: You can’t do that!
Us: I can’t even hear your mouth words.
We’re the same folks that booked Black Flag and Little Jimmy Dickens on the same lineup. Same crew that set up independent music festivals in 4 U.S. states and 2 other countries! We rock 2 record labels and slang vinyl out our record shop in a parking structure near the Ryman. We do this all out of pocket with support of blue collar folks like yourself!
WE MAKE NO SENSE TO “INDUSTRY” FOLKS! You might as well put your ipod on shuffle. Do people still have ipods? Not sure. How can you market to people without a tag or a label? We are the “in between” and there are more of us than you know. It’s more natural to not be a slave to just one genre.
And no other fool but us would be as courageous as we have been with our lineups on an independent budget. This year we really expanded our reach. It’s always our goal to find the roots of independent and organic “scenes” and bring them to our field. When you do that you find the heart in sister scenes and meld them. But 2018 we went super bold and grabbed a hand full of big dogs from the genres instead of one or two. We kept with our own brand of up and coming bands to support.
This is not a festival, it’s an independent movement. It has been an inspiration for dozens of smaller events like this. Be part of it.
Show up!
Tickets include free camping and hot showers. Beers are cheap but you can bring your own. Vegan to BBQ to Pho vendors on site but you can cook. You are free to enjoy yourselves so long as you’re respectful to everyone else. We treat you like adults and not children in a corporate barricade. Oh, and we have 2 large waterfalls nearby.
Sponsorship, vendor booths, and advertisement are available by contacting
We’re working on band scheduling for the Muddy Roots Music Festival now. Look for set times announced on our IG an FB. Get your tickets now HERE!


From Interstate 40, take exit 287 (TN-136/Hilham Road) North through the town of Cookeville. Keep left at the fork on Waterloo Road. Cross the bridge, follow Waterloo Road for approximately 1 mile and you’re there!
Google Map It
CLICK HERE for ALL frequently asked questions like camping (included) and security info, I CAN tell you NO glow sticks, pets,fireworks or firearms (please be like me and leave them home or at the hotel). The medical tent will even hold your medications for you can keep insulin cold for you. You CAN BYOB all you want and drinks and food AND the vendors are VERY reasonably priced and GOOD. Both bars offer 3 dollar tallboy PBRs and mix drink specials, ice is available via delivery to your campsite.

Hot showers are included and the port a potties are cleaned all day in the main stage area VERY NICE staff cleaning them all day. All three stages are within walking distance of one another and the merchandise area is very nice, plus there is a bar in the main area. You CAN have reasonable fires at your camping area and you CAN cook.

One cool thing is the availability of meeting the bands and artists as they spend time with EVERYONE before and after their sets and there is NO green room or areas you cannot go (however the bands DO have a private dining area where they can eat in private)….please respect their meal.

MY RESERVATION is at America’s Best Value Inn it is RIGHT ACROSS from Wal Mart and Shoney’s plus MANY more good places.
La Quinta Inn has a REALLY GOOD breakfast with HOT eggs and bacon ALL YOU WANT! A NICE clean pool and laundry facilities. This hotel is a little more money BUT it’s a GOOD bet next door to Waffle House.

My website will be handing out soap, toothbrushes and socks this year FREE also toilet paper at certain times during the festival I’ll also have sunscreen with me for everyone at ALL times. THIS FESTIVAL IS USUALLY HOT so PLEASE bring plenty of water, sunscreen and ice for yourself. Don’t try and have a liquor consumption challenge and end up in the E.R. have some drinking sense and remember the show, and the fun.

It’ll change all their lives.
Earlybird tickets are already sold out. Weekend passes are capped.
This will absolutely sell out.
Check out all the fest pics at

As always with ALL my festival articles HERE is a LONG LIST of hotels right off Hwy 40, about 20 minutes from the ranch where we have this festival.  I know there are many questions about this event and we have ONE RULE:


So with that in mind I’ll say there are NO golf carts allowed, I’m not sure about service animals I myself have never seen a patron with one. DRINK WATER…..IT’S HOT OUT THERE…..DRINK WATER.  There is a NICE first aid station and medical corner of the main tent, THEY CAN keep insulin cold and THEY WILL lock up maintenance pills for you (I have diabetes) and I CAN AND WILL assist you personally with anything you need.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mt. Juliet – Nashville Area
Ad 4.4

2-star hotel
Standard lodging with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
La Quinta Inn & Suites Cookeville
Ad 4.1

3-star hotel
Understated hotel with a pool & a gym
Free Wi-Fi
Motel 6

2-star hotel
Simple budget lodging with seasonal pool
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 20% less than usual
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cookeville

2-star hotel
Standard option with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Cookeville

Extended Stay Hotel
Simple all-suite hotel with a 24/7 gym
Free breakfast
DEAL 10% off
Image Hotel Management
Business Management Consultant · 930 Woodwinds Dr
Image Hotel Management

Hotel · 970 S Jefferson Ave
Star Motor Inn

Motel · 1115 S Willow Ave
Low-key option with a Southern eatery
Free Wi-Fi
Best Western Thunderbird Motel

2-star hotel
Budget hotel with Mexican dining
Free Wi-Fi
Comfort Inn & Suites

2-star hotel
Modern budget hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Cookeville – Tennessee Tech

2-star hotel
Basic hotel with free breakfast & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Key West Inn

2-star hotel
Quaint low-rise hotel with modest rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 17% less than usual

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with free Wi-Fi & breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 13% off
Hampton Inn Cookeville

3-star hotel
Modern hotel with free Wi-Fi & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Alpine Lodge & Suites

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with an outdoor pool & BBQs
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 23% less than usual
Eastwood Inn

Hotel · 1646 E Spring St
Cookeville Manor Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast · 7241 Hilham Rd
Highway 56 Motel

Motel · 5485 S Grundy Quarles Hwy
Travelodge Cookeville

Free breakfast
DEAL 28% less than usual
La Quinta Inn Crossville

3-star hotel
Comfort Suites

2-star hotel
Relaxed hotel with free hot breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Crossville

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with a pool & free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi

Album Feature – Austin Lee – Bettin’ Away My Life

By Joshua Wallace

Bettin’ Away My Life is the debut EP from independent Nashville recording artist Austin Lee.  I first heard of Austin due to his name being on the lineup for Tumbleweed 2018. When I went to create the playlist for that festival, there was nothing available from him for me to put on it.  Well, now there is. This six record is long for an EP clocking in at 23 minutes. It’s got some amazing production and big names behind it for a debut release. Robby Turner who you all know has worked with the likes of Waylon Jennings, Chris Stapleton and Colter Wall does pedal steel on the album and it was recorded in Nashville, TN at Dogfox Studio.

The EP opens up with a hot track called “Reckless”.  This is a more rocking track with a lot of twang. This is a good opener and lets you know what you’re in for with the rest of the album.  Another favorite is “Too Damn Long” which leans heavily on Robby Turner’s pedal steel for a great sound. If by this point you get the idea that Bettin’ Away My Life is all about relationships and breakups, then you wouldn’t be far from right.

The title track takes a break from relationship troubles to turn to the troubles of a young country singer in Nashville who is betting away his life in a town where dreams come to die.  I love that line and it’s a true depiction of how hard it is to “make it” in Nashville. Finally, another favorite is “You And Jack”. This is another song that pairs women and whiskey. This time the hurt comes from both.  It’s a nice ballad that doubles as a good drinking song too.

I really like what I’m hearing in this debut EP from Austin Lee.  He has a good sound and good songwriting skills that show he can go places.  I look forward to what is to come for Austin and hope to get a full length album soon.  In the meantime, I will be seeing Austin Lee at this year’s Tumbleweed Country Music Festival.  I will have more to say on this young artist then. Be sure to check out Austin Lee’s Bettin’ Away My Life where ever you get digital music and pick up a CD from Austin at shows.      

Favorite Tracks : Reckless, Too Damn Long,  Bettin’ Away My Life, You And Jack

Austin Lee – Bettin’ Away My Life (2018)

  1. Reckless
  2. Let Go
  3. Too Damn Long
  4. Bettin’ Away My Life
  5. You And Jack
  6. Drive

IBMA Announces World Of Bluegrass Itinerary.

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First off this article will be updated more than a few times before September. Initially it was intended to be a series on the IBMA and it’s huge merger with the Foundation For Bluegrass. I had originally intended upon announcing the merger last fall, but I opted to  hold off until now because of the huge press conference that recently transpired discussing the future of this event.

It was confirmed and secured that this event will yearly transpire in Raleigh north Carolina through 2021, and will continue all operations into maintaining it’s status as one of the main pillars of the Bluegrass scene. Much of this all stems from the above mentioned merger, because I believe that the result of that business move were grants and donations that are essential for Bluegrass to thrive.

Bluegrass is, was and probably always will be a smaller genre that struggles to stay afloat in today’s mega money market of pop country sponsors and partnerships. I believe lack of mainstream attention is one of main reasons of it’s detriment in today’s mainstream society. If there was no hunger for it, then why can’t they explain the success of the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” and other Bluegrass type outlets that garnered commercial accolades?

I suppose the ever popular argument exists that Bluegrass just doesn’t generate enough revenue on a consumer level will always be their complaint, but nonetheless my website will always strive to promote and adulate Bluegrass music as a whole. This genre of music exemplifies so many wonderful things about musicianship and love of life (and death) how could a music website NOT continue to further adulate it?


Monday, September 24

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Pre-Registration Pickup


Tuesday, September 25

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Pre-Registration Pickup and Onsite Registration Sales
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Leadership Bluegrass Master Class
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
New Attendee Orientation
11:15 AM – 12:05 PM
1:00 PM – 1:50 PM
2:15 PM – 4:00 PM
Gig Fair
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
International Committee Meeting
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Constituency Meeting: Recording, Distribution, and Marketing
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Constituency Meeting: Merchandisers & Luthiers
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
Keynote Reception and Address
6:00 PM – 1:00 AM
World of Bluegrass Kick-Off Party and Bluegrass Ramble Showcases
10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Late-Night Marriott Showcases


Wednesday, September 26

8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Pre-Registration Pickup and Onsite Registration Sales
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
FREE Health Fair
9:00 AM – 10:50 AM
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Momentum Awards Luncheon
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Exhibit Hall Open
1:10 PM – 2:00 PM
Constituency Meetings
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Afternoon Showcases
2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Song Critique Session
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
DJ Taping Session
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Networking Receptions
6:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Bluegrass Ramble Showcases
10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Late-Night Marriott Showcases


Thursday, September 27

8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Pre-Registration Pickup and Onsite Registration Sales
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
FREE Health Fair
9:00 AM – 9:50 AM
10:00 AM – 10:50 AM
IBMA Town Hall Meeting
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Special Awards Luncheon
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Exhibit Hall Open
1:10 PM – 2:00 PM
Songwriters Showcase
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
IBMA Women’s Council Meeting
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Afternoon Showcases
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Song Circles
6:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Bluegrass Ramble Showcases
7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
IBMA Awards Show
10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Late-Night Marriott Showcases

Tuesday, September 25










Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle And Dwight Yoakam Embark On LSD Tour.

Next week on June 12th THREE powerhouse Country Music acts are teaming up for the first time eve, and between the three of them have amassed 49 Grammy Awards and recorded more than 100 albums. Steve Earle recently released the album “So You Wanna Be An Outlaw” and has been playing great live shows. Also he is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the song Copperhead Road.

Lucinda Williams helped my friend Colter Wall play the Ryman his first time, recently released a STELLAR album in the ‘Ghost Of Highway 20″ and also re issued a classic album of her past “Sweet Old World”. She has been recording and keeping the trails hot since 1980.

Dwight Yoakam is creating a BUZZ on my page here with his forthcoming album and tour. He has also launched his own Sirus XM station and will be heavily involved in this tour.

This will be the very first time these three powerhouse acts have ever teamed up to play together, and will wind down in August before festival season begins to calm down.

See LSD tour dates here:

June 12 — Boston, MA @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion

June 13 — New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre

June 15 — Bethel, NY @ Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

June 16 — Gilford, NH @ Bank of NH Pavilion

June 17 — National Harbor, MD @ MGM National Harbor

June 19 — Baltimore, MD @ Pier Six Pavilion

June 20 — Cincinnati, OH @ PNC Pavilion at Riverbend Music Center

June 21 — Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theatre

Aug. 1 — San Francisco, CA @ The Masonic

Aug. 3 — San Diego, CA @ Open Air Theatre

Aug. 4 — Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre

Aug. 10 — Raleigh, NC @ Red Hat Amphitheater

Aug. 11 — Charlotte, NC @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre

Aug. 12 — Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater

Aug. 14 — Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Aug. 16 — Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theatre

Aug. 17 — Rochester, MI @ Meadow Brook Amphitheatre

Aug. 18 — Indianapolis, IN @ Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn