Jul 132018

A few days ago I had the opportunity to stop and chat with Mr. Eric Bolander who hails from the small town of Garrison Kentucky, and brings a colorful flavor of acoustic folk and Appalachian Americana.

We are both preparing ( in our own ways for ) the upcoming Master Musicians Festival that is about to transpire July 13th and 14th. We are both excited to be a part of this hallowed event, that has continued for twenty five years now. The hotel staff here are WELL AWARE of the festival, and it’s importance to the community.


How are you Mr. Eric?

Mr. Eric:

I’m good man, I’m about to play the Southgate House right now with Arlo McKineley.


Yeah I want to get to interview him too, I have to get with Miss Julie because they are going to provide a quiet spot for the media to conduct them with y’all.  So let’s see, how did you get started in music?

Mr. Eric:

Well, that’s kind of a complex question and to be honest if you interviewed me tomorrow, it might be a different answer every time. I didn’t actually try to start playing guitar at all until I was eighteen, I went to college at for a year until I came to UK. But I met this friend and I bought a guitar, and he taught me some chords, and I watched a lot of bands and started singing along.

Next thing you know I’m in a band in my twenties playing all kinds of music..and here I am!


What inspired you to write your newest album “The Wind”, let’s talk about that?

Mr. Eric:

Well, the track off that album “The Road” I had that song written, and honestly I had that one when my first album came out called “Postcards To Myself”. I already had that one written as some of the new material I was working on, and I had lot of things that spawned from that song.

I would say that was my biggest influence, sort of a self influence there to a degree. Just mainly from subject matter like that.


Who influenced you the most out of any genre?

Mr. Eric:

Man, with what I’m doing the Americana and Folk thing, I would have to say John Moreland. He is one of my biggest influences because of the way he approaches songwriting.


What do you plan on bringing to Master Musicians Festival, like as far as a band setup?

Mr. Eric:

My trio, Seth Murphy plays cello, and we’re going to have Ben Caldwell on drums.


Besides the Southgate House, what have you got going on lately?

Mr. Eric:

A handful of things actually, besides tonight I’ll be on the bill at Kickin It On The Creek out in Irvine Ky. I have a handful of things that are shaping up right now, like a few more dates out in Missouri. And then the trio is doing a nice run around the first week of October, I’ll be updating the website in the next week or so with more tour dates and things like that.


Good deal, I had your poster with some dates on it on the side bar for a while.

Mr. Eric:

I have got quite a few dates that I’m still getting confirmed, and next week I’ll be ready to roll on that.


Just like Mr. Coby Langham I also found out about you as well from my friend W.B. Walker.

Mr. Eric:

That’s awesome, the recorded stuff or the live stuff?


The live one.

Mr. Eric:

Yeah that was fun, and it was nice to finally get to meet him. He’s a good heart, just a big music fan pretty much.


Same with me, I’m just an ordinary guy with a website. I had a bad past, and I just figured out how I can contribute to it as best as I can.

Mr. Eric

Well I appreciate it, Gary.


Alright buddy well it looks like I’ll see you in a few days at the festival. You take care and travel safe.

Mr. Eric:

Thanks Gary, you do the same.

Jul 102018


This weekend…man I am so super stoked to be experiencing a new festival, this is the twenty fifth year for this wonderful building block of the community, but it’s MY FIRST. You see I work for one hundred seventy five yearly festivals, and sometimes yes they all run together and I can only physically cover so many a year.

Master Musicians Festival we are ALL getting ready to converge upon Somerset Kentucky and quench our thirst for GREAT music from SO MANY genres, DON’T HATE that I deviate from Traditional Country sometimes. I love so many genres and that’s why I choose to specialize in festivals, because I meet SO MANY bands in one area.

So this evening I sat down on the phone with one of the Saturday acts Mr. Coby Langham since I knew of him and I enjoy his music, very little was featured about him. Well now let’s change that and get him out there to YOU my dear readers, so PLEASE greet him out there, buy some stuff to give him gas money. Let’s show this talented young man some LOCAL LOVE HERE!


You are one of the ones on a few rosters that doesn’t include as much bio on, so I wanted to get you on here. More than almost any one else because I’m really enjoying your music, and I’m not as familiar with you. I became familiar with you this year through W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show, whom I hope to get to chat with soon. It’s so damn hard to get each other at once..but that’s a GOOD thing.

So why don’t you tell us all more about ‘Sober Bible”, and what you got going on? Tell us what you are doing lately buddy?

Mr. Coby:

Well, that song is like most of the stuff I write. It comes from personal experience and that’s kind of why I started writing songs, it was just kind of a way for me to deal with things that were going on in my life. I never expected this to go anywhere, or anything like that.

That’s one of the most personal ones that I ever wrote and it’s pretty close to how things were in my personal life for awhile. It’s about stuff that my wife was dealing with at the time, it was really just for my enjoyment and all of a sudden everybody kind of started digging it. I decided to put it out there, and it’s really one of the only songs I actually recorded in the studio. The very first day ever in the studio we got that one down!


Who all played on that recording for you?

Mr. Coby:

Linda Jean Stokley from The Local Honeys played fiddle and sang backup vocals on it, and Zane Hilton played guitar on it, and my nephew Tyler Downey was on that as well.

Now, that was at Shangri-La in Lexington Kentucky, and Tom Hnatow produced and engineered that track for me.


Now, do you do a lot of touring right now?

Mr. Coby:

I’m not really, you know I’m a working guy and I have kids at home. It is growing however, I mean this year it was kind of a hobby playing around town a little bit. I live in Danville Kentucky, so just these last few months we have been getting out a little farther away.

We have been playing Somerset, I haven’t really done any touring stuff yet but we talked about it. I haven’t had the opportunity to do it with all of my responsibilities or the time really. It’s hard to do that and feed the family when you are just starting out.


Well, we’re going to try to help you!

Mr. Coby:

That sounds good to me buddy!


How did you get hired to play Master Musicians Festival, let’s talk that?

Mr. Coby:

I got a call from them out of the blue, I’m not really sure. I know a few of the people that are on the board that operate it, and I think some of them came out to hear me play in the past. I knew they liked my material, but I got a call from them and that was the EASIEST YES I ever said, along with opening for Colter Wall.


What do plan on bringing us at Master musicians Festival?

Mr. Coby:

We’re going to have a full band, lead guitar, bass and drums. We only got thirty minutes, so we cut out slower stuff and we will rock it out a bit. We will get everybody going and it should be a lot of fun!


Will it be all original music, or will there be covers?

Mr. Coby:

Oh no, it’ll be ALL ORIGINAL MUSIC. That’s what we’re trying to do mostly, I mean on some of the longer sets I may have to throw in a few covers. Most of the time we are just doing all original stuff though.


I look forward to covering you, I really do. I like your style and your music this spring at the V Club was really enjoyable. It was terrific meeting you!

Mr. Coby

Thank You it was nice to meet you too. We are defiantly a work in progress, and every show gets a little bit better. And feels a little better, and the boys Iv’e got playing with me are phenomenal. I feel really good about the direction we are going in by all means.


And who will be playing with you, are they the Citzen’s Band?

Mr. Coby:

Yeah, JJ Waters named them that, it was his idea. Iv’e got Zane Hilton on lead guitars, he is fantastic. Everybody keeps trying to steal him away from me. My friend Jason Sinkhorn he is playing bass. He basically learned to play bass guitar just for me, so he can help me out and I really appreciate that.

We just got a gentleman named Jason Foster to play drums, which has been a little fluid problem for us. But he is going to start playing with us as of the festival here this weekend. He is amazing man, he just jumps right in and plays with everyone.  It’s a hot little band right now, It’s nice to have these guys to help me out.


What got you started into music?

Mr. Coby:

I learned guitar when I was young, when I was fifteen I took lessons and I was really into the whole grunge thing. I played in some grunge cover bands when I was a kid, and I tried to write a little but back then it wasn’t going well. Now, there was a long time I didn’t pick the guitar up, I just had some babies and just kind of put it off to the side.

Just a few years ago I picked it back up after a really long time and I started back at it.


Who influenced you more than anybody? Any genre.

Mr. Coby

Well I always liked the old Country stuff, Dad played it around the house. A lot of Bob Seger, Tina Turner, but what got me really interested into music was my brother in law. He would invite me to his house and say hey you gotta listen to this.  He had Jason Isbell on, and he played it for me. I had never heard anything quite like it before, that talked about things the way he did.

He amazed me so much it made me want to start writing again, Kind of sparked me once again. I really like the old Waylon and George Jones, and I have been on a Huge Fred Eaglesmith kick lately.


Good deal, well listen it sure was nice talking with you and I hope this turns on more people to your music my friend.

Mr. Coby:

It sure was a pleasure, Gary and we will see you this weekend for the festival!

Jul 102018

One of my all time favorite concert collections that exist is the Live At Billy Bob’s Texas series, and I pretty much rush out and buy all the latest ones. Well, now on June 29th Red Dirt/ Texas country road warrior Mr. Josh Ward who is riding high on his 2018 new album called “More Than I Deserve”, recorded the fiftieth album in the series overall.

You know his album is already on my radar for TOP 50 of 2018, and I’ll be honest he may hit it TWICE if this live album is any good. I do include live albums, and I am eagerly awaiting this one in my player. His first single called “Home Away from Home” was a damn fine Honky Tonk shuffle song complete with all the bells and whistles of a GREAT Country music album.

All eleven songs on this album truly are relatable to me as a fan, and compliment each other truly well. I just love the arrangement of the lyrics and the way the fiddle and steel accompany his honest lyrics, I hear a LOT of Mr. Dwight Yoakam influence in his songs like “Another Heartache”. Also, I hear a lot of Mr. Daryle Singletary in his vocal deliveries, this album makes you want to crack open a cold bottle of your favorite beer and take up smoking Marlboro.

My friend from Kansas City Wildflower Soul Photography got to capture his VERY FIRST headlining show in Texas at Gruene Hall this past spring,and she did a mighty fine job of capturing that show on photo. In the business we kind of help each other out, and I got her to Shooter. Last year I got to name one of my Tumbleweed articles after her “Queen Of The Railriders”, because I SAW TRUE passion for the music in her.

In fact his camp announced that on September 2nd he will be returning to the iconic dance hall to headline another night of Country Music, to which I think he so richly deserves!

Jul 11
Moonshine Beach
San Diego, CA
Jul 12
B Ryders
Bakersfield, CA
Jul 13
Barrelhouse Brewing Co.
Paso Robles, CA
Jul 14
Stoney’s Rockin’ Rodeo
Sacramento, CA
Jul 18
Stoney’s Rockin’ Country
Las Vegas, NV
Jul 19
The Museum Club
Flagstaff, AZ
Jul 20
Last Exit Live
Phoenix, AZ
Jul 21
Hoots Pub
Amarillo, TX
Jul 25
The Big Barn – Dosey Doe
The Woodlands, TX
Jul 26
Thirsty Horse Saloon
San Antonio, TX
Jul 28
Alpo’s Barn
Muleshoe, TX
Aug 03
Schulenburg Festival
Schulenburg, TX
Aug 04
Hank’s Texas Grill
Mckinney, TX
Aug 10
Silver Saloon
Terrell, TX
Aug 11
Sam Houston Race Park
Houston, TX
Aug 17
Delcambre Shrimp Festival
Delcambre, LA
Aug 18
Mo’s Place
Katy, TX
Aug 24
Cody Johnson & Friends
Austin, TX
Aug 31
McAllen, TX
Sep 01
Brewster Street Ice House
Corpus Christi, TX
Sep 02
Gruene Hall
New Braunfels, TX
Sep 12
Black Sheep
Colorado Springs, CO
Sep 13
Warehouse 25 Sixty-Five
Grand Junction, CO
Sep 14
The Cowboy Saloon & Dance Hall
Laramie, WY
Sep 20
Washington County Fair
Brenham, TX
Sep 28
Minneapolis, MN
Oct 04
3rd & Lindsley
Nashville, TN
Oct 12
Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival
Conroe, TX
Jul 092018

Red Barn Convention Center

Image result for red barn convention center winchester

There are so many wonderful options up there in Ohio for local music as far as festivals and local bars, but THIS place called the Red Barn Convention Center that features some truly GREAT house shows including dinners, much like the newly built CabaRay dinner theater that Mr. Ray Stevens built.

If you click HERE You’ll find excellent dinner choices and seating prices. From 5:30 to 6:30 you can enjoy a nice home cooked meal, followed by a show. NOW you do NOT eat while the show goes on, you will move to your seats for the show in the front.

2016 seating chart web01


Jul 082018

I been pretty busy in 2018 so far, with everything I supervise and do myself. I truly do my best to keep an eye on over five thousand bands from multiple genres, and one hundred seventy five festivals nationwide. Ergo, I have indeed been keeping my eye on Mr. Cody Jinks here lately..in fact I just went to visit with Mr. Josh Morningstar who recently wrote the first single from the upcoming album “Lifers” out on July 27th, and will include eleven new songs. You can pre order the new album HERE

I wanted to wait until my time was right to lump a bunch of Cody Jinks information together into one heaping plethora of greatness and NOW I SEE that he has announced a September 15th show at Ascend Ampitheater in Nashville Tennessee. Now my dear readers, as far as I know tickets aren’t on sale yet, BUT that link for the Ascend Ampitheater is the ticket page.

We knew that he was becoming bigger than the Ryman as well, and three nights of shows are still not satisfying the multitude of fans that are salivating for more Jinks. You know I truly do identify with his new song “Lifers” and I’ll tell you why.

Much like him, I have been beating the pavement for five year, with doors slammed in my face at every turn. But I kept on believing in myself and my passion for real music that I revel in. So many sleepless nights and all nighters behind this damn keyboard. MANY sleepless weekends under intense outdoor heat covering festivals.

I believe that Cody Jinks is an inspiration to me to continue doing it myself and doing things MY WAY, and keep working hard no matter what life throws at me!

Image may contain: outdoor and text
He then just recently released a video for that new song called “Lifers” which I understand was met with some harsh criticism by a number of fans. Well I’ll be honest and truthful no matter who you are or what you do, that’s always going to happen to you. People are going to hate you for no reason, and love you for false ones.

He then announced his own festival, I mean I know quite a few bands doing that but NOT with this type of a gigantic response to the announcement.  So instead of writing a whole new article for Loud And Heavy fest I shall include all of the information on this article here for you.

If you enjoy what I do for this festival I COVER 175 FESTIVALS YEARLY! So go check out some more of the other ones on here, and maybe you’ll discover some new bands you never heard before. Loud and Heavy Fest 2018! August 18 in Fort Worth Texas @ Panther Island! 10 Awesome Bands: Cody Jinks –Whiskey MyersCorrosion Of ConformityWhitey MorganNikki LaneColter WallThe SwordSunny SweeneyPaul CauthenWard Davis.
Ticket Info: http://found.ee/LoudandHeavy

Loud and Heavy Fest's photo.
This from the website concerning the venue:

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, along the banks of the Trinity River, there’s no other venue in Texas that’s better suited for Loud and Heavy’s debut than the beautiful Panther Island Pavilion. Guests at the very first Loud & Heavy Festival will enjoy numerous acres of festival space and 2 stages of music featuring 10 hand-picked artists by Cody himself. Local food vendors, space for childrens activities, art, exclusive merchandise, and exciting sponsors are also on tap for this special celebration. Access to the beach, riverfront tubing and water activities are available until 7PM outside the festival gates for an additional fee (visit Backwoods Paddlesports for more details), all with a view of DFW’s downtown skyline.

After you park your car, you will cross the Trinity River via the walking bridge that drops you directly into the venue for Loud and Heavy. The main entrance, Box Office, and VIP entrances will all be on the venue side of the walking bridge. Panther Island Pavilion is connected to 72 miles of beautiful trails via the Trinity Trails network and offers easy access to Sundance Square, with world-class shopping, restaurants and bars. With the highest decibel levels in the city, PIP will allow us to stay true to our name as we go Loud & Heavy all afternoon and evening on August 18th!

Omni Fort Worth Hotel

4-star hotel
Upscale pick with dining & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Embassy Suites by Hilton Fort Worth Downtown

3-star hotel
An all-suites hotel with free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 16% less than usual
Hilton Fort Worth

3-star hotel
Historic hotel with free WiFi
Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel

3-star hotel
Warm rooms, plus an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Fort Worth Downtown

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with free breakfast & pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Fort Worth, TX

3-star hotel
Suburban hotel with free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Hilton Garden Inn Fort Worth Medical Center

3-star hotel
Colorful rooms with a casual restaurant
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Fort Worth University Drive

2-star hotel
Lodging with free WiFi & hot breakfast
Free breakfast
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Fort Worth Downtown

3-star hotel
Extended-stay hotel with an outdoor pool
Courtyard by Marriott Fort Worth Downtown/Blackstone

3-star hotel
Modern hotel with a pool & deli
Free Wi-Fi
Residence Inn by Marriott Fort Worth Cultural District

3-star hotel
Suite hotel with free breakfast & a pool
Free breakfast
Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Worth Downtown

Casual hotel with an indoor pool & a gym
Free breakfast
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Fort Worth Downtown/Convention Center

3-star hotel
Informal hotel with a bar & a gym
Free breakfast
Courtyard by Marriott Fort Worth Historic Stockyards

3-star hotel
Informal hotel with an outdoor pool
DEAL 20% less than usual
Aloft Fort Worth Downtown

Free Wi-Fi
The Ashton Hotel

4-star hotel
Elegant retreat with a fitness center
Free Wi-Fi
Stockyards Hotel

3-star hotel
Landmark property with an Old West vibe
Free Wi-Fi
Hyatt Place Fort Worth Historic Stockyards

3-star hotel
Modern hotel with free WiFi & breakfast
Courtyard by Marriott Fort Worth University Drive

3-star hotel
Modern suburban hotel with a pool
Free Wi-Fi
SpringHill Suites by Marriott Fort Worth University

3-star hotel
Simple lodging with kitchenettes
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
About pricing

Jul 082018
Image may contain: text

When it comes to Americana and Jamgrass, there are so many festivals that are popping up all over the country that makes a person with a propensity for being addicted to that sound salivate and become excited. This year is the fifth installment of The Redwood Ramble over in the San Fransisco area of California.

Camp Navarro hosts this event from Thursday, July 12th to Sunday, July 15th, 2018. There is also  a charitable recipient for the festival every year, and this year they have chosen  Bread & Roses Presents. Bread and Roses is a nonprofit arts organization with a human services mission that brings hope, healing and joy through live music and the performing arts to people who are disadvantaged, marginalized, or otherwise isolated in diverse institutional settings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jul 062018

Image may contain: text

This festival is all the way across the state of Kentucky on the other side folks, and you know I mostly feature the little guys and the “do it yourself” ones. But THIS ONE is in it’s 25th year, as one of the finest family orientated festivals in our area, and It’s all because of so many sponsors.

This one is actually thrown primarily by the The The Don Franklin Family Of Dealerships, BUT has SO MANY sponsors that they can keep ticket prices incredibly reasonable because of that. You can buy tickets HERE
This massive event is relentlessly organized and ran by a twelve member volunteer Board Of Directors, and I have dealt with one of them via email on this project, I can tell you they are VERY dedicated to bringing YOU a special experience this year…just like the previous twenty four years.

Now folks, unlike many of the festivals I feature on here THIS ONE has NO CAMPING. I’m going to include some of the history of the MMF on here, and I’ll be updating this with interviews and MORE in the coming months! As most of you know I ONLY TRY to feature the “Do It Yourself” festivals over the more corporate events…you’ll NEVER SEE ME at Bonaroo folks! Keep it LOCAL!

25 Years of the Master Musicians Festival

25 Years of the Master Musicians FestivalPhotograph by KSD

2018 is the 25th year for the premier summer event in the Lake Cumberland region. The 2017 festival headliner was Dawes, while recent years featured Dwight Yoakam, The Counting Crows and Willie Nelson.

Past performers have included Mark O’Conner, “Pigmeat” Jarrett, Doc Watson, Nickel Creek, Richie Haven, JD Crowe, Punch Brothers, Robert Lockwood, Jean Ritchie, The Avett Brothers, Steve Earle, Old Crow Medicine Show and hundreds of other captivating acts.

The Master Musicians Festival was named the Southeast Tourism Society’s “Festival of the Year” for 2013 and has been featured in numerous publications and web reviews.

Willie Nelson

Photograph by John Fitzwater


MMF poster 2008 15 years

MMF-brochures COX8578-500

John Prine
Amanda Shires
J D McPherson
The Felice Brothers
The Dead South
Arlo Mckinely And The Lonesome Sound
Dawg Yawp
Grayson Jenkins And The Resolutions
Joslyn And The Sweet Compression
Bendigo Fletcher
LaMay And Reese
John R Miller And The Engine Lights
Magnolia Boulevard
Nick Dittmeier And The Sawdusters
Coby Langham And The Citizen Band
Eric Bolander
Luna And The Mountain Jets
Bee Taylor
Dave Ernst And Early Favorites
Reverend John And The Backsliders
John Clay

Festival Location

Festival Field on the Campus of Somerset Community College
808 Monticello Street
Somerset, Kentucky 42501

Festival Information


Free parking.
Beer and wine will be available for purchase with a valid ID for those 21 and over.
No outside alcohol will be permitted. Coolers subject to inspection.
No pets, except service dogs.
All show times are approximate.
No shade tents or umbrellas permitted; on-site shade tents are provided.
A variety of concessions will be available or you can bring a picnic.
Arts & crafts for sale by The Sheltowee Artisans and other independent artists.
Persons with Disabilities Assistance is available. Contact us at least 24 hours prior to festival opening.

Best Western Somerset
2-star hotel
Basic hotel with a pool & free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi

Hampton Inn Somerset
3-star hotel
Relaxed hotel with pool & free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi

Americas Best Value Inn Somerset
2-star hotel
Pool & free breakfast in basic hotel
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Quality Inn & Suites
2-star hotel
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Country Inn & Suites By Carlson, Somerset, KY
2-star hotel
Unfussy hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 18% less than usual

Courtyard by Marriott Somerset

Modern hotel with a pool & a bistro
Motel 6
Free Wi-Fi

Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Somerset Central
2-star hotel
Modern hotel with free breakfast & WiFi
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL Get 6% off plus free Wi-Fi with loyalty sign-up

Comfort Inn
2-star hotel
Relaxed hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Best Western Somerset
2-star hotel
Basic hotel with a pool & free breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Red Roof Inn Somerset
2-star hotel
Low-key lodging with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Doolin House Bed & Breakfast

7 Gables Motel
Motel · 8064 US-27
MSI Lodging Systems

Hotel · 233 Parkers Mill Way
Villager Resort Cottages

Resort · 86 Villager Resort Dr
Woodson Bend Resort

Waterfront lodging with a golf course
Free Wi-Fi
Lee’s Ford Resort Marina

Free Wi-Fi
Economy Inn
Motel · 422 Monticello St
Hillcrest Motel

Motel · 1475 KY-80
Lake Cumberland Resort

Forest retreat with cabins & lake access
Lake Cumberland Resort

Resort · 314 Enchanted Forest Way
Red Roof Inn & Suites Corbin

3-star hotel
Casual hotel with an outdoor pool
Free breakfast

Jul 062018

2016 Country Music suffered a devastating loss as Miss Joey Feek opted to halt chemotherapy, and finish her last days of life at home under home hospice care. She showed the world unprecedented faith in God and the willpower to place all doubts and fears in God’s hands.

My 2017 Top 50 featured Joey And Rory’s re released 2005 album called “Strong Enough To Cry”, only this album was called “If Not For You’. If you haven’t checked out this album,It’s a MUST HAVE in your collection.

I’ll admit that I am a trifle bit late on this one, however I learned that Mr. Rory Feek has been continuing on with his traditional Country Music that we all have come to identify him and Miss Joey for. At one time there was NO disputing the passion that either of them had.

Aug. 10 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall
Aug. 11 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall
Nov. 23 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall
Nov. 24 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall
Nov. 30 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall
Dec. 1 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall
Dec. 7 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall
Dec. 8 — Columbia, Tenn. @ Hardison Mill Farm Concert Hall

Those are the upcoming 2018 dates for the songs and stories of Rory Feek as he performs a series of shows billed as an evening with Rory Feek.  Out in Columbia Tn about an hour outside of Nashville, on their farm, they built a stage and venue to perform on. Instead of touring and incurring the road expenses, he will be hosting shows there, so we can enjoy his music there.

“What Rory does on stage is more like a TED Talk with music, than it is a concert,” Feek’s manager, Aaron Carnahan, says in a press release. “Rory’s an unusually gifted storyteller who is able to weave songs, stories and video components seamlessly together in a way that not only entertains an audience, but also profoundly impacts their character and marriages and the way they look at life.”

Rory Feek has faced so many personal challenges in his personal life that one cannot dispute his faith or his love for his daughters. I have some really good feelings about him and his future endeavors, and I think there is some terrific Country Music coming from Rory Feek.

Jul 062018

By Joshua Wallace

When I first heard Devildriver was producing a country covers album, I was intrigued.  I’m all for the mixing of these genres because the current fan base has so much crossover potential.  These kind of projects also tend to force a band like Devildriver to come out of their comfort zone and record in a style they might not typically be used to.  I have fond memories of the Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters album Bikers Welcome Ladies Drink Free. That album found Ministry’s Al Jourgensen doing country tunes close to the style of Hank 3.  Devildriver take a different approach on this record and do some classic outlaw country tunes 100% in their style. This can deliver some mixed results but in some cases, it does work, especially if you are a fan of both genres.

One of the most notable inclusions here is a cover of Hank 3’s Country Heroes.  The track features the return of Shelton himself contributing vocals in his more metal and snarly voice.  It’s an awesome track to kick off the album with and lets you know what you’re in for from the start. Another cover that kind of works is “Whiskey River” which features Randy Blythe and Mark Morton of Lamb of God.  It can be odd to hear these songs with typical metal screaming vocals, but once you get into the track, it works in an odd way.

The first track beyond “Country Heroes” where everything really clicks is “Ghost Riders In The Sky”.  You might have heard bands like The Outlaws doing a heavier version of this tune already, but Dez Fafara and company take it up a notch.  The song is instantly recognizable even through the growling vocals, and Jon Carter and Ana Cristina Cash’s clean vocals bring something different to the table.  “Copperhead Road” is another track where everything seems to just work in the arrangement. It is instantly recognizable as a metal version of the song and will likely be the tune to crossover and win over country leaning fans.  Finally, I really dig the version of “The Ride” here. Dez Fafara trades vocal lines back and forth with Lee Ving of Fear and the mix of growling vocals and clean vocals works to create a different and awesome take on the David Allan Coe classic.

There are some instances where the band fails to capture the feel of the original country version.  Takes on “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)” and “I’m The Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)” fall flat and are the most unrecognizable from the originals.  The album as a whole is a mixed bag. It’s an interesting project for a band like this to take on, and while it is sure to polarize their fanbase and the outlaw country fanbase, it is clear that Devildriver have a passion for these songs and create their metal versions with full respect of the source material.   These kinds of projects are always a case of some arrangements being awesome and some falling flat. It is the nature of the beast. Devildriver’s Outlaws ‘til the End: Vol. 1 is out everywhere today.

Favorite Tracks : Country Heroes, Whisky River, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Copperhead Road, A Country Boy Can Survive, The Ride

Devildriver – Outlaws ’til the End: Vol. 1 (2018)

  1. Country Heroes feat. Hank 3
  2. Whiskey River feat. Randy Blythe and Mark Morton of Lamb Of God
  3. Outlaw Man
  4. Ghost Riders In The Sky feat. John Carter Cash, Ana Cristina Cash and Randy Blythe
  5. I’m The Only Hell (Mama Ever Raised)
  6. If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will) feat. Wednesday13
  7. The Man Comes Around feat. Lee Ving of Fear
  8. A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
  9. Copperhead Road feat. Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists
  10. Dad’s Gonna Kill Me feat. Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory
  11. A Country Boy Can Survive
  12. The Ride feat. Lee Ving
Jul 032018



Back in the the glory days of MySpace when social media was first taking shape to manifest to the next echelon it is today, the Roots music movement was at a high point. My website was young and inexperienced, but ideas were forming in my brain and bands like the Calamity Cubes ( who were the FIRST BAND Mr. Jason booked), Hillbilly Casino ( who has played EVERY Muddy yet), and The Goddamn Gallows came forth to identify with Roots Music. This was 2010, and I was part of that as a fan. I LOVED these bands and the Muddy Roots idea to bring us all into the same central location. It was close for me, and I knew the venue before Mr. Jason even announced the event, so naturally I went.

I have no problems with different cultures or anybody really, as long as they observe the one rule this festival had…..”Don’t Be A Dick”. But when I got there I’ll admit I felt a trifle bit uneasy, because being the human being I am I judged on appearance and not on heart. I was basically afraid of everyone, accept for my VERY FIRST MySpace friend Mr. Bandana.

Now, those of y’all that KNOW ME know I address everyone by Mr. or Miss in my everyday conversations. Well I was pretty much raised to be that way and respect others however HE IS how I began acting that way toward others. If he liked you, he treated you like Gold. If he hated you, best thing to do was leave him alone. He had a DEEP appreciation for these bands coming up, and we shared a knowledge about them that turned into a friendship.

The second year, however turned into my LOVE for these people and the community they formed. It was HOT and by HOT I mean humid and well……HOT. I was enjoying myself but having a VERY HARD TIME keeping my insulin cold. I was getting sick and almost had to leave, you have to expect to eat garbage food at a festival, and I was. Well, Mr. Jason rode past on his golf cart and saw I was sick. He parked and came to me and asked me if I was alright, and I explained my dilemma.

He told me to climb on to the cart and took me to the office (Scooters Bar) where Mr. Herb basically insisted I put all my insulin in his bar fridge AND granted me access to it 24-7. I was floored by this gesture of trust and concern, and from THAT day on I was part of the Muddy Roots family. This is the ONLY music festival I cover where I have attended EVERY ONE. I’m going to add this part from their email I got last month:

9 years in and we’re starting to get local support from local from municipalities and tourism boards. Here’s the thing. Y’all come to town and support local economy and mom and pop shops with your purchases. It’s getting noticed so good on ya!
Did you know that our fest attendees buy every can of Pabst Blue Ribbon from not only the venue at Muddy Roots but all stores in and near Cookeville during the festival? You came for the music but ended up supporting the locals by purchasing in town. This whole thing is bigger than us.
A few years back the Upper Cumberland Business Journal gave us an Ovation Award for tourism. Now local Chambers reach out in support. Hell, even the mayor of Oostkamp came to our Belgian Festival and played drums with the opening act last week. We’ve come a long way from just being the underground movement to making a positive impact. And we’ve done it all without compromising who we are and the music we love.
We host 2 festivals in Tennessee, 1 festival in Belgium, multiple vintage train rides out of Nashville, and own a record shop downtown. We also control a stage at the East Nashville Tomato Arts Fest and a large portion of the TN State Fair. You can count on even more projects down the road so stick around! It’s our daily goal to bring folks to town or bring our culture out to them. Every one of you play a part in that. Thank you.
On top of that, I have a day job selling real estate in Middle TN. So it’s literally my job to bring you to town and find you a place to stay. It’s an easy task for me since I love this place so much. It’s fun for me to show folks around town. That goes double if you are buying or selling a vintage home or pretty countryside estate. There are a TON of ranch homes and bungalows in the area and a hand full of neighborhoods that date back to the 1800’s. ( Shameless plug – Visit my real estate website at www.findahomeintn.com )
Other than all the Muddy Roots events in Tennessee you also have a wealth of music history. We have tons of museums, landmarks, and tours. Don’t forget all the distilleries, wineries, and breweries. Oh, and have you seen our waterfalls and caves?!!! Just move here dude.
Want to be part of our events?
Sponsorship, vendor booths, and advertisement are available by contacting muddyrootsevents@gmail.com
We’ve announced dates bands are playing the Muddy Roots Music Festival. Look for set times announced on our IG an FB. Get your tickets now HERE!


I hope you doomer metal junkies are happy, Mr. Jason has gone ape shit mad! I need to be honest and truthful THIS IS my TOP favorite festival to go to, for many reasons and I’m sure you’ll agree with most of them I list in this article. I always take great pride in reporting on this festival because Mr. Jason makes ALL OF US a part of this festival, and always acknowledges that Muddy Roots Music Festival couldn’t happen without YOU!

In the last few years I have had the humble opportunity to watch Mr. Jason grow this little 400 person shindig that started on MySpace with a merch printing business into a GLOBAL phenomenon that has had the chance to go corporate by several offers but has chosen to remain almost completely independently run. In other words you won’t be expecting to pay 4 dollars for a bottle of water, in fact one of the special offers that was infringed upon was the free campfire wood because in 2014 someone decided to light the whole pile on fire!

You can DAMN SURE BET I watch for thieves at ALL these festivals I honor and support for the festival director AND the bands, I “hang out” at the merch tables to see shit going down it’s NOT cool and I WILL turn you in! Pickpockets and ANY rubbish I witness will be HARSHLY dealt with, and PLEASE DO NOT harass the wildlife at the The June Bug Ranch or damage Mr. Jason’s property. We are guests and we are welcome to drink and do as we please isn’t that cool enough that we don’t need to commit crimes? We have ONE rule: Don’t be a dick. You don’t have to toss your shirt over a mud puddle for a lady, but treat EVERYONE nice, we don’t have drama here.

We’re breaking all sorts of social rules. We always have!
Them: You can’t do that!
Us: I can’t even hear your mouth words.
We’re the same folks that booked Black Flag and Little Jimmy Dickens on the same lineup. Same crew that set up independent music festivals in 4 U.S. states and 2 other countries! We rock 2 record labels and slang vinyl out our record shop in a parking structure near the Ryman. We do this all out of pocket with support of blue collar folks like yourself!
WE MAKE NO SENSE TO “INDUSTRY” FOLKS! You might as well put your ipod on shuffle. Do people still have ipods? Not sure. How can you market to people without a tag or a label? We are the “in between” and there are more of us than you know. It’s more natural to not be a slave to just one genre.
And no other fool but us would be as courageous as we have been with our lineups on an independent budget. This year we really expanded our reach. It’s always our goal to find the roots of independent and organic “scenes” and bring them to our field. When you do that you find the heart in sister scenes and meld them. But 2018 we went super bold and grabbed a hand full of big dogs from the genres instead of one or two. We kept with our own brand of up and coming bands to support.
This is not a festival, it’s an independent movement. It has been an inspiration for dozens of smaller events like this. Be part of it.
Show up!
Tickets include free camping and hot showers. Beers are cheap but you can bring your own. Vegan to BBQ to Pho vendors on site but you can cook. You are free to enjoy yourselves so long as you’re respectful to everyone else. We treat you like adults and not children in a corporate barricade. Oh, and we have 2 large waterfalls nearby.
Sponsorship, vendor booths, and advertisement are available by contacting muddyrootsevents@gmail.com
We’re working on band scheduling for the Muddy Roots Music Festival now. Look for set times announced on our IG an FB. Get your tickets now HERE!


High On Fire
Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners
Meat Puppets
Reverend Beat Man
Jimmy Duck Holmes
Goddamn Gallows
Fu Manchu
Dead Boys
The Dexateens
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
Kid Congo
Mondo Generator
Kings Of The Fucking Sea
Those Poor Bastards
Pinata Protest
Murphy’s Law
Reagan Youth
James Hunnicutt
The Calamity Cubes
Hillbilly Casino
Sarah shook and The Disarmers
Carrie Nation And The Sepakeasy
Joshua Black Wilkins
Stump Tail Dolly
Megan Jean And The KFB
Viva Le Vox
Left Lane Cruiser
Rachel Kate
Pine Hill Haints
Black Tarpoon
Blackgrass Gospel
Rock Bottom String Band
Blue Cactus
Rebecca Jed
Call Me Bronco
Kitty Dearing
Andrea Colburn And Mud Mosely
Ranch Ghost
Freight Train Rabbit Killer
Brea burns
The Tillers
Smoky White Devils
Cutthroat Shamrock
Midnight larks

From Interstate 40, take exit 287 (TN-136/Hilham Road) North through the town of Cookeville. Keep left at the fork on Waterloo Road. Cross the bridge, follow Waterloo Road for approximately 1 mile and you’re there!
Google Map It
CLICK HERE for ALL frequently asked questions like camping (included) and security info, I CAN tell you NO glow sticks, pets,fireworks or firearms (please be like me and leave them home or at the hotel). The medical tent will even hold your medications for you can keep insulin cold for you. You CAN BYOB all you want and drinks and food AND the vendors are VERY reasonably priced and GOOD. Both bars offer 3 dollar tallboy PBRs and mix drink specials, ice is available via delivery to your campsite.

Hot showers are included and the port a potties are cleaned all day in the main stage area VERY NICE staff cleaning them all day. All three stages are within walking distance of one another and the merchandise area is very nice, plus there is a bar in the main area. You CAN have reasonable fires at your camping area and you CAN cook.

One cool thing is the availability of meeting the bands and artists as they spend time with EVERYONE before and after their sets and there is NO green room or areas you cannot go (however the bands DO have a private dining area where they can eat in private)….please respect their meal.

MY RESERVATION is at America’s Best Value Inn it is RIGHT ACROSS from Wal Mart and Shoney’s plus MANY more good places.
La Quinta Inn has a REALLY GOOD breakfast with HOT eggs and bacon ALL YOU WANT! A NICE clean pool and laundry facilities. This hotel is a little more money BUT it’s a GOOD bet next door to Waffle House.

My website will be handing out soap, toothbrushes and socks this year FREE also toilet paper at certain times during the festival I’ll also have sunscreen with me for everyone at ALL times. THIS FESTIVAL IS USUALLY HOT so PLEASE bring plenty of water, sunscreen and ice for yourself. Don’t try and have a liquor consumption challenge and end up in the E.R. have some drinking sense and remember the show, and the fun.

It’ll change all their lives.
Earlybird tickets are already sold out. Weekend passes are capped.
This will absolutely sell out.
Check out all the fest pics at www.andhowimaging.com

As always with ALL my festival articles HERE is a LONG LIST of hotels right off Hwy 40, about 20 minutes from the ranch where we have this festival.  I know there are many questions about this event and we have ONE RULE:


So with that in mind I’ll say there are NO golf carts allowed, I’m not sure about service animals I myself have never seen a patron with one. DRINK WATER…..IT’S HOT OUT THERE…..DRINK WATER.  There is a NICE first aid station and medical corner of the main tent, THEY CAN keep insulin cold and THEY WILL lock up maintenance pills for you (I have diabetes) and I CAN AND WILL assist you personally with anything you need.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mt. Juliet – Nashville Area
Ad 4.4

2-star hotel
Standard lodging with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
La Quinta Inn & Suites Cookeville
Ad 4.1

3-star hotel
Understated hotel with a pool & a gym
Free Wi-Fi
Motel 6

2-star hotel
Simple budget lodging with seasonal pool
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 20% less than usual
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Cookeville

2-star hotel
Standard option with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
TownePlace Suites by Marriott Cookeville

Extended Stay Hotel
Simple all-suite hotel with a 24/7 gym
Free breakfast
DEAL 10% off
Image Hotel Management
Business Management Consultant · 930 Woodwinds Dr
Image Hotel Management

Hotel · 970 S Jefferson Ave
Star Motor Inn

Motel · 1115 S Willow Ave
Low-key option with a Southern eatery
Free Wi-Fi
Best Western Thunderbird Motel

2-star hotel
Budget hotel with Mexican dining
Free Wi-Fi
Comfort Inn & Suites

2-star hotel
Modern budget hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Cookeville – Tennessee Tech

2-star hotel
Basic hotel with free breakfast & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Key West Inn

2-star hotel
Quaint low-rise hotel with modest rooms
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 17% less than usual

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with free Wi-Fi & breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
DEAL 13% off
Hampton Inn Cookeville

3-star hotel
Modern hotel with free Wi-Fi & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Alpine Lodge & Suites

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with an outdoor pool & BBQs
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 23% less than usual
Eastwood Inn

Hotel · 1646 E Spring St
Cookeville Manor Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast · 7241 Hilham Rd
Highway 56 Motel

Motel · 5485 S Grundy Quarles Hwy
Travelodge Cookeville

Free breakfast
DEAL 28% less than usual
La Quinta Inn Crossville

3-star hotel
Comfort Suites

2-star hotel
Relaxed hotel with free hot breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
Red Roof Inn Crossville

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with a pool & free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi

Jul 022018

Folks as you know I follow over 175 festivals per year and out there in Virginia Red Wing Roots Music Festival is one of them. Here is some new information about their new stage they will unveil during their 2018 festival.

Stage Renovation at Natural Chimneys

We are excited to share one of our biggest behind-the-scenes projects this past year. We’re renovating the Southern Stage! When work began in May, members of The Steel Wheels joined a group of volunteers in dismantling the stage at Natural Chimneys Park. By the time the sixth annual Red Wing Roots Music Festival begins on July 13, a much bigger and better stage will have taken its place!

The timber frame structure, now going up at Natural Chimneys, represents our biggest investment yet in the park, which has hosted the festival since the beginning. The $100,000 project is made possible by the generous support of several local businesses and individuals and will be owned by Natural Chimneys, benefitting both the festival and the surrounding community for a long time to come.

Blue Ridge Timberwrights, a timber frame builder based in Christiansburg, Va. and primary supporter of the stage renovation, will have naming rights to the stage (final name TBD). Two other area contractors and Red Wing sponsors are also playing significant roles. Herr & Co. Building Contractors is serving as the project’s general contractor, while Venture Builders Inc. is coordinating and supervising the labor. Rounding out the effort are well over 1,000 hours of volunteer labor donated by supporters of the festival. THANK YOU ALL for your contributions to make this a reality!

The many artists who have performed at Red Wing over the past five years are a continuation of Natural Chimneys’ long tradition of musical performance, which includes an appearance by country legend Hank Williams Sr. in 1950. By building the new stage, Red Wing hopes to remain a part of that tradition long into the future.

Stay tuned for more photos of the new stage on our Facebook page!


Get Involved in the Great Outdoors!

In addition to celebrating great music, we also enjoy the Shenandoah Valley’s great outdoors, with organized hikesbike ridesfun runs, and morning yoga, as well as, swimming available all weekend long. Over the last several years we have partnered with Shenandoah Valley Bicycle CoalitionShenandoah Mountain TouringVA MomentumThe CenterFriends of Shenandoah Mountain, Potomac Appalachian Trail Club – Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter, and Walkabout Outfitter to heighten your Red Wing experience.

Featured Artist:


Ellis Dyson & the Shambles  expertly blends old-time influences ranging from Piedmont murder ballads, to traditional jazz, to big band swing. The result: whiskey-soaked, foot-stompin’ songs that bring party music of departed eras to crowds both young and old. The Shambles have made waves with their theatrical and explosive live shows and masterful musicianship that electrifies every audience. Bursting with exuberance and effortless expertise, this playfully hootin’ and hollerin’ act is guaranteed to bring the ruckus. []

Sponsor Spotlight    

Herr and Company Building Contractors and Venture Builders, Inc. have played an instrumental role in bringing the new, gorgeous, timber frame stage to Red Wing and Natural Chimneys Park. It could not have happened without them. They each play a big role during the festival, as well. In addition to creating and sponsoring Shady Grove (our mist pavilion and relaxing family “fun zone”), Venture Builders provides construction support from set-up to tear-down. Mike Herr from Herr and Co. is part of our Site Operations team during the festival. He’s one of the people buzzing around the festival grounds making sure that all the equipment and systems are in working order. Thank you to both companies for the ongoing love and support of Red Wing!


Blue Mountain Beer Garden

Featuring Blue Mountain Brewery, Old Hill Hard Cider & Bluestone Vineyards

Blue Mountain Brewery is back with craft brews in our two Blue Mountain Beer Gardens! As always, WNRN will be pouring the brews again this year, with special tappings each day. This year special tappings will include Peanut Barrel Ana, Drink a Peach, Raspberries on Acid, Wookies Don’t Die, Barrel Soft-serv and Local Species. The full selection of craft brews is listed below. A large portion of the proceeds from the beer gardens supports WNRN. You’ll find plenty of Blue Mountain beers available in both beer gardens, but if cider or wine is more your speed, Old Hill Hard Cider and Bluestone Vineyards can be found in the main beer garden off of the Music Meadow. Old Hill Cider will offer Betwixt, Virginia Strawberry, Yesteryear, and their brand newOff The Press. Bluestone Vineyards will serve Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Beau (a sweet wine), and a rotating list of Grateful Dead inspired legged wines. 

Blue Mountain Brewery Beers: 
Kolsch 151
Rockfish Wheat
Full Nelson
Hopwork Orange
Satan’s Pony
Dark Hollow
Broken Mandolin

Purchase Red Wing VI Tickets

So Good, I Can Already Taste It.


You may have come for the music, but the delicious festival food helps fuel the fun!
Klines Dairy Bar is not only a sponsor and vendor, but they also helped fund the new stage in memory of Janet Arehart. Mike Arehart shares, “Kline’s Dairy Bar has been an intricate part of the community for almost 75 years. To be able to support such amazing music locally and to continue to build community events and community spirit has always been our goal. As a personal fan of The Steel Wheels, bluegrass and roots music, I am proud to be a part of bringing more opportunities to our area. Don’t forget to enjoy our homemade custard-style ice cream, the perfect pairing with summer and music!”
In addition to Kline’s, several of our food vendors are also loyal Red Wing sponsors. As always, we’re excited to have Lucas Roasting CompanyBella FestaBlue Ridge Kettle KornBlue Mountain Grill, and Hanks Grille and Bar as part of our festival food options! There are many other returning favorites and some new flavors to be discovered. You’re sure to be happily fed!

Featured Artist: KUINKA

A reinvention rather than a refutation, the name Kuinka comes from the Finnish for “how”; how does a band bristling with spirited creativity continue to evolve artistically and challenge themselves while staying true to their own roots? For Kuinka, the answer comes in the form of a release, a giving over to the muse, and a joyful acquiescence to faith in their cumulative virtuosity as songwriters regardless of genre or instrumentation. []

2-day Discount on 3-day Tickets!

(Ends Friday at 5pm)

With less than 250 3-Day tickets remaining to Red Wing VI, it looks like we’re going to sell out once again. And since you are on our email list, we’re guessing you’re one of our loyal followers. If for some reason you haven’t been able to purchase your tickets yet, or if you have a friend you’ve been nudging to join you for Red Wing, we’re offering a $10 discount on 3-Day tickets when you use Promo Code: RedWingLove at checkout. This sale ends Friday at 5pm so act quickly! Also – heads up! Saturday single-day tickets are sold out and Friday and Sunday’s are moving fast. If you’re planning to come for just one day, grab those tickets now!
Purchase Red Wing VI Tickets

 Sponsor Spotlight     

Gaines Group Architects is a long-time Red Wing supporter and they played an integral role in the newly renovated Blue Ridge Timberwright Stage. In addition to providing the design and architectural drawings for the project, they worked closely with the project manager to create a feasible upgrade. If you have any building needs, considering calling them as you begin dreaming into your project!
Hank’s Grille and Bar has been catering Red Wing artists and staff for years with their southern cuisine and BBQ. Now you can enjoy them during the festival, as well. Find them in the Music Meadow!



THANK YOU to all of the Red Wing VI sponsors!

Interested in sponsoring the festival this year? 
Visit our sponsor page to learn more about our packages and additional sponsors.

Purchase Red Wing VI Tickets
Jul 022018

Just a few years ago at Muddy Roots we heard two NEW songs from powerhouse Kansas based band Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy. Now this week they have their NEW album dropping July 4th called “Gnosis”. Now OF COURSE I have the real low down on the new album with all the bells and whistles you need to get a good taste of this long awaited new album.

It’s been a while since Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy put out a new album, and I understand as of now they have a new lineup along with other features. This new song puts a judgmental spin on the rich and powerful in today’s society, in the end we will ALL end up six feet deep the same. WHO BETTER to be the bringers of death and torture than Carrie Nation And The Speakeasy?

From their newsletter:

We’re happy to announce (to newsletter subscribers first) that our first album in 5 years will be available on July 4 on CD and digital download. Gnosis, our third original album, is a 6 track concept EP that is intended to be listened through in full. In this age of singles, we wanted to put out a concept album. However, we’re also in the age of short attention spans. This 24 minute work journeys through aggressive acoustic sounds, existential vocal themes, and ethereal improv transitions in a digestable length that we hope will get you excited for what’s next. Since we shortened this concept album, we will be releasing a follow up EP(next year hopefully). So keep your eye out on social media and streaming sites for the new albums! You can check out our webstore for this release and new the new merch associated with it

Carrie Nation was a highly noted radical member of the Temperance Movement of the early 1900’s that opposed alcohol before the United States passed prohibition. She was most noted for being active in the Kansas area, where this band is based from. She was noted for attacking places that served adult beverages with a hatchet, and always had a bible in tow.

She also opposed tight clothing on women, violently against corsets and other garments that she viewed as sexually damaged women. She later officially registered her first name as CARRY as well as Carrie, to identify her name as Carry A Nation, which she believed she was doing.

Often attacking taverns with her hatchet with her local branch of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union based out of Medicine Lodge Kansas, and campaigning for the enforcement of the ban on the sale of liquor.

So THERE is a little bit on info on the meaning of this band’s name, and where they got their name from. There WILL BE MORE on this album later in the week from me, here is a track listing of the album:

  1. Rumpletum
  2. Bowels And Constants
  3. All Men Created Equal
  4. We All Believe
  5. Trismegistus
  6. Gnosis

Find Nashville Singles at SingleNashville.com