Aug 192018

It sure was an absolute pleasure to eat that yummy Spillway food, and catch up with everybody tonight. I cannot stay too long tonight, due to work but I shall write about what I see tonight. He has been closed on Sundays, but when he gets good lineups he opens for them. Tonight we have Mr. Chris Moondawg Hall, Mr. Pat Haney and Mr. Shannon Lawson.

I have not had the pleasure to catch up with Mr. Moondawg for several weeks now, and I got some information about his third album Troublador. He gave me the very last physical copy he had, and I am always grateful to see him. Mr. Pat Haney tells some really funny stories, while he plays his songs.

What I do is move from artist to artist as they rotate one song per person. Once I throw all the information together, it makes up a wonderful article for me.

Mr. Moondawg Hall began his set with the song “Breckenridge County” which a song he wrote about his youth outside of Louisville Kentucky. This song contains some really fine lyrics and displays well crafted wordsmith talents, and I understand that he was well received at Tumbleweed Festival.

“Overheated In Austin” was next, which was a nice song. “The Best Ones” was his next song off his album Troublador.

Mr. Haney is playing songs called “Adeline” about a place called “Little Kentucky” which talks about the hillbilly migration from the coal mines, coming up to Detroit for better work. I recall this song from the last series we had him on, which talks about the mailman being afraid to deliver to the area. This story is about a man that received his letter too late.

Pat Haney is telling stories about how he is watching us, and he knows what you are doing at all times. However he played my all time favorite song here called “It Won’t Be Over No Coal”.

“Come On Back To Bowling Green” was his next song he blew us away with. He said it was actually a Tommy Womack song.

Mr. Shannon Lawson opened with a song called “Rainy Day Whiskey” which was a song about his grandfather who used to hide little pint bottles in the barn from his grandmother. His kinfolk has deep roots ties with the civil war, and some stories about J.D.Crowe.

Mr. Shannon is telling about Spencer County right now, and the Heaven Hill fire. When they would drive around as kids and drink, this song is called “Heaven Hill’s On Fire”.  This Bardstown song displayed some truly precise guitar licks and some TRULY FINE vocal abilities of high notes and Traditional Bluegrass structure.

He is playing a song he wrote from seeing a televangelist once, called “Jesus Is A Guarantee”. Another song with powerful lyrics and equally powerful guitar playing.

Aug 192018

If there is one performer of this recent surge of (what’s being called) “Outlaw Country” today, that has exceeded upon proving his relevance it’s THIS MAN….Mr. Whitey Morgan. Allow me to elaborate on this by taking yourself back to the Myspace days of 2007, when you could discover bands with their music RIGHT THERE for you to hear. That’s what happened to me with this Flint Michigan based outfit here, called Whitey Morgan And The 78’s, whom were ORIGINALLY called The Waycross Georgia Farmboys.

It was late in the year, almost 2008, when I discovered them after they released the first album “Honky Tonks And Cheap Motels”. I was dirt poor fresh out of a nasty divorce that cost me thousands, and bands like Hank 3, Bob Wayne And The outlaw Carnies, Honky Tonk Hustlas, and others were forming the Roots Music scene.

Whitey Morgan was already a hard working, hard touring unbelievable machine, however in 2010 the band itself took form with the release of the self titled album. Closer to 2012 when Mr. Brett Robinson joined the band on steel guitar, I interviewed him a while back in my Steel Guitarists Series.

He has a BRAND NEW album coming out on October 28th, and I’m sure he played some new songs at this past weekends Loud And Heavy Festival but I shall unveil the tracklist for you here. The album is called “Hard Times And White Lines”, and will be available soon.

1. Honky Tonk Hell
2.Bourbon And The Blues
3.Around Here
4.What Am I Supposed To Do
5.Just Got Paid
6.Hard To Get High
7. Carryin’ On
8.Fiddler’s Inn
9.Tired Of The Rain
10. Wild And Reckless

Another piece of news I wanted to touch on about him here was the second annual BBQ Birthday Bash on September 8th at Bandit Town USA out in California, and this year’s  lineup includes:

Alex Williams
Tony Martinez
Tennessee Jet
Jennifer Westwood And The Handsome Devils

I also would like to remind everyone that he is playing the Ryman Auditorium this weekend and tickets are still available, you can pick those up RIGHT HERE.