Oct 042018

By Joshua Wallace

Josh Card is geared up for a major end to 2018 and who knows what 2019 holds.  He is about to drop an amazing new album titled With A Heavy Heart.  I have heard this record and I can tell you friends, it is a good one.  Along with the new album, Josh Card is going to be featured at the Party In The Pines Festival in White Springs, FL on the Showcase Stage.  He will be playing that festival Friday night October 19th alongside acts like Zac Brown Band, Kip Moore, The Cadillac Three and Adam Wakefield amongst others.  In this feature, we will talk to Josh Card about his new album, the Party In The Pines fest and anything else that happens to come up. Let’s get to it!


What can you tell us about this new record?

Making this album was no easy task, or walk in the park. I’ve risked everything, sacrificed more than I could explain, and put it all on the line to make this. Therefore, I didn’t take it lightly. I put everything I have into this. Musically, emotionally, creatively, everything. It’s an honest representation of me. The songs are written from who I am and what I’ve lived. Musically, it’s a Country record, and I feel happy saying that. I wanted to write a genuine country music record, and feel that I did. The band performed at a top shelf quality and helped bring my vision to life with the songs. It’s for fans of traditionally styled country music, but has the energy and honesty that I think any music fan can appreciate. I didn’t approach it with a mold. I had a vision but allowed it to naturally develop in the studio without trying to push it to be any expected thing. I’m very proud of what we made and can’t wait for the world to hear it.

How did working with Dean Miller come about?

I was familiar with Dean from some work he has done in the past, and obviously because of his father. Roger Miller was such an incredible talent, so I knew there was no way he didn’t inherit some of his Dad’s musical gift. Then he more recently produced an album for my buddy Dallas Moore and I thought he did a great job with him, so I reached out to Dallas and asked him how the experience was and he had nothing but great things to say about Dean and working with him. Dean and I started talking, and as I explained my vision and ambitions for the album, we just clicked. He totally understood every single thing that I had to say, and was on board completely. He was able to see my vision. It was a great experience start to finish, I can’t say enough great things about Dean as a professional, producer, and person. Getting to hear stories about growing up around all my musical heroes was the cherry on top too!

Tell me about the song “Forgotten Love” on the album.

Forgotten Love is the most sentimental song I’ve written thus far in my career. My grandmother suffered from severe dementia as a result of loss of oxygen to the brain after a massive heart attack. It progressed more and more until we she no longer knew who we were. She would come back time to time, but most of the time her family were strangers to her. Earlier this year was my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, and I called my grandfather to wish them happy anniversary, and I could hear his sadness as he said she didn’t know him that day. I got off the phone and wrote this song. We made a video for the song in hopes of raising awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association, and the video told the story of what my grandparents went through along with so many others that suffer from it. My grandmother passed this August, so I’m thankful the song and video got done to carry on in her honor.   

You cover a Neil Young song “Unknown Legend” from his 1992 album Harvest Moon.  What does that track mean to you and how did the cover come about?

My attraction to music comes mostly from two things: lyrical content and the feeling and emotion of a song. Those two things do more for me than any technicality or  impressive playing in a song can. That’s what this song is all about for me, the feeling. This song makes me feel like I’m in a 77 Chevy shorty van, cruising down a Texas highway with the windows down, with one hand flowing in the wind, while a dream catcher dances from the rear view mirror, having no real destination. It’s a great story too about a free living woman progressing through life. It’s an incredible song, I just hope I did it justice with my countrified version of it.

I think we’re both looking forward to the Party In The Pines festival in White Springs, FL later this month, what does appearing on the showcase stage there mean to you?

I was pretty damn excited when I got asked to play on this year’s Party In The Pines festival, as it’s close to my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. I was somewhat surprised by being asked to play, as my music doesn’t really fit in with their line up if mostly commercial, radio country, but that’s part of the appeal to me. I’m hoping maybe some unsuspecting people will be there for the bigger names and hear us and say “Damn, that sounds like country music, I didn’t know people still played that.” Maybe we’ll turn some folks on to the movement of independent artists playing more traditional styles Country music that wouldn’t otherwise know about it. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

What is your favorite song on the record to play live?

That’s a tough one. They each have their own things that I love about singing them. Narrowing it down to one song, though, I suppose it would be Choice To Make. It’s a fun honky Tonk song. Dancin’ folks can cut a rug to it, it’s fun to play guitar on, and it’s kinda my story of chasing this dream I’ve had my entire life. That could change as we progress and start playing more of the new songs as the album comes out, we’ll see.

Any last comments before we wrap things up?

All I can really say is Thank You to every person that has come to a show, bought a shirt or record, taken a picture, sang along to a song, told a friend about me, and helped keep us out on the road. You’re what makes this all possible. I’ve been so grateful for the continued support and as long as people show up I’ll keep coming to your town. That’s what keeps music alive. Not the radio, not the streams, not the awards shows, but the shows. There are a ton of incredible independent artists like myself, putting in the miles and hard work to do this, and we couldn’t do it without you. So, thank you.

There you have it folks, our time with Josh Card is done.  We will be reviewing his new record With A Heavy Heart soon and we will be checking in with him again at the Party In The Pines Festival.  If you would like to pre-order Josh Card’s new album go to his website at https://www.joshcardmusic.com/ and don’t forget to check out the tour dates while you are there.  If you’re interested in the Party In the Pines Festival check out https://partyinthepines.com/ where they have 2 day passes still available and you can even get single day VIP passes to see Josh Card on Friday night.  We will have full coverage of this festival later this month so stay tuned!