Oct 052018

By Joshua Wallace

JP Harris is back with another album of hard hitting honky tonk songs.  This album is the first full length since his 2014 release Home Is Where The Hurt Is.  I really dug that album and have been looking forward to hearing his next proper album.

The record kicks off with a barn burner in “JP’s Florida Blues #1”.  It’s a great honky tonk track about the sticky situations you can find yourself in on the road that kicks the album off on a high note.  Another favorite is “When I Quit Drinking“. It’s a slower heartbreak ballad about what happens when you put the bottle down as opposed to the typical drinking heartbreak song.

The title track is another ballad that takes more of a sentimental and reflecting tone.  It features some really nice dobro playing in the instrumental and it adds something different to the album.  Another favorite is the track “Hard Road” which follows the slower title track with a faster honky tonk song and I particularly dig the guitar work on this one.  Finally, the album ends with “Jimmy’s Dead And Gone” which starts out as a rambling acoustic tune but quickly turns into a full band jaunt that ends the album on a fun train song.

JP Harris does not disappoint with this outing.  If you have been a fan of his previous work, especially the Home Is Where The Hurt Is album, you will dig this one.  I’m looking forward to everything JP Harris puts out and hopefully I get to see him live sometime down the road. This album is out everywhere today and you can check out where JP Harris will be on the road at his website at https://www.ilovehonkytonk.com/.  

Favorite Tracks : JP’s Florida Blues #1, When I Quit Drinking, Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing, Hard Road, Jimmy’s Dead And Gone

JP Harris – Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing (2018)

  1. JP’s Florida Blues #1
  2. Lady In The Spotlight
  3. When I Quit Drinking
  4. Long Ways Back
  5. Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing
  6. Hard Road
  7. I Only Drink Alone
  8. Runaway
  9. Miss Jeanne-Marie
  10. Jimmy’s Dead And Gone