Oct 102018

By Joshua Wallace

Updated 10/17/2018 at 2:45PM:

The festival removed the post which I posted on the 15th and followed up with the following:

Under threat of legal action from the talent agencies, we were forced to remove our previous informational statement. We’ll be updating everyone as soon as possible.


I have reached out to Party In The Pines to find out if they would like the text from that post removed from this article and I will delete it if they respond.  Until then, it will remain printed in the previous update.


Updated 10/15/2018 at 4:45PM:

The festival posted the following on their Facebook page :

The Bienville Entertainment team is working diligently to facilitate refunds to purchasers of tickets, camping, Party In The Pines sponsors and vendors; as soon as possible! We are seeking professional help to work through this difficult process. As you may know we have paid approximately $1,500,000 to the talent agencies, and their intention is to keep all of it. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward. We will be updating you by email, Facebook and Partyinthepines.com


Original Story :

This is a developing story.  I will update this as I get more info.  Here is the current statement from Party In The Pines :

It is with heavy heart that we inform you that Party In The Pines music festival scheduled for October 19th – 20th has been canceled due to circumstances beyond our control.  We are working on a plan to compensate ticket holders and sponsors.  Details will be posted to our website and social media pages soon.

We realize this impacts many people in many different ways.  We apologize to our supporters and team members who have worked hard to bring this event to our community.


I realize that does not give much information or explanation for a cancelation of a major festival 10 days out.  Most of what is posted online currently is unconfirmed.

I did find a story from the Lake City Reporter giving a little more info on this from the owner of Bienville Plantation Robert Morey.  He states that all of the festivals funds are being held by the artists talent agency but repaying everyone is first priority.  That is all I could currently find beyond the press release statement.

I will look for more confirmed information on this once Hurricane Michael has passed through my area in South GA and this article will be updated as soon as I can get it to you.