Oct 172018

The Spillway Bar And Grill has brought us so many great shows in the past, and has been one of the favorite venues for this website food wise. Now sometimes they struggle to book the amount of shows as their competitors, and that is a discussion best suited for your own private opinions. This isn’t the discussion forum like other websites are, I’m just going to focus on the music and how the positive things made this a VERY nice, and enjoyable show here.

The staff at the Spillway is always outstanding in my opinion, and I can understand spending a little extra time for food orders when this many people pile in here. The local community around Bowling Green is outstanding, and if you argue I’ll quickly decree how wrong you are as I implement this young man here Mr. Rye Davis.

I’m going to come out in public and say a few things about this man. For one, he is a terrific friend and always the first to extend his hand for a handshake. He LOVES people and he LOVES his audience in front of him, and he weaves a story in songs that are just as efficient as the big names that dwell on the echelon he is working to get on.

One one hand his music COULD BE deemed somewhat commercial if it had been out ten years ago, but with today’s tractor rap and bro stuff Mr. Rye Davis shines like a diamond in a goat’s ass! I mean the song called “A Heart To Call a Home” sounds like it came from 1988, and dammit that is VERY refreshing. He is one of my go to artists if I want to hear some well written songs, and little references you have to LISTEN to soak in. This is pretty much a show review juxtaposed with his album review, add a little more meat to this one here.

he played a short acoustic set tonight opening for The Steel Woods, but to be honest he is just as entertaining to watch play…at least for me he is. His first song on the set was the opening song on the album called “They All Know My Name”, which is a song of personal hope for him.

His next song was called “Blue Jeans” and I think it’s one of his more elegant songs. All in all I see a song as a paint, and your brain as a canvas and it’s up to the singer to paint a picture in your mind. This song does just that, and I think every man can relate. “She’d Know” was next followed by one called “Save You A Seat”.

His version of the Gary Gentry written song “The Ride” from the David Allan Coe 1983 Castles In The Sand album was truly enjoyable, and garnered involvement from the crowd. More great songs on this album include a song about loosing his virginity called “lavender Candles”, which blew my mind from both the lyrics and the steel guitar tone. It complemented the song almost as vivid as the way he delivered the lyrics.

Another song that blew my mind was called “Color On My Collar” which was a bout an encounter with a woman he met in a bar, and it was too loud to catch her name. He is aimlessly looking to find this woman and get to know her. This album is a MUST BUY!

  1. They All Know My Name
  2. Leave You Lonely
  3. Love You Till Morning
  4. She’d Know
  5. Lavender Candles
  6. Color On My Collar
  7. Sometimes
  8. Heart To Call A Home
  9. Make It Through The Night
  10. Blue Jeans

Van Winkle And The Spirits brought a great big entourage of musicians and a very eclectic sound here. Their influences show as the play their set here, and their EP is out now. They are currently recording a new album in Glasgow Kentucky, as we speak.

This band had some truly fine harmonies, and played very well together. Their first song was called “Heading out West” . This band consists of Mr. Jonathan Tomes, Mr. David Erickson, Mr. David Rich, Mr. Shawn Whitely and Mr. Nathan Johnson.

“Down The Road” was next followed by the song called “live A Dream”. Their best song of the set called “Waiting On The Rain”, and they concluded the set with a cover of Hank Williams Jr. “Dinosaur”.

The Steel Woods are four guys from Nashville Mr. Jason Rowdy Cope (who is currently on break),
Mr. Wes Bayliss, Mr. Johnny Stanton and Mr. Jay Tooke. Every time they roll through town here I try to catch them while they are playing smaller clubs.

You can pre order their new album called “Old News” HERE.

Through their entire set they played only one new song called “Red River”, and still included many covers. Not that I didn’t enjoy the covers, but perhaps now they have enough material to not have the need for covers? Well to be honest if they enjoy playing “Whipping Post” and their version of the Black Sabbath song “Hole In The Sky” I say LET THEM, because I for one surely enjoy their Isbell “Cover Me Up”.

I wasn’t sure how good this show would be without Mr. Rowdy Cope, but I was truly impressed with what they brought tonight. This was one hell of a damn good set tonight, full of fire and energy and the sound was amazing.

They came out to intro tracks and barrelled into “Wild And Blue” with note for note precise fury, and as we piled toward the stage, The Steel Woods began unleashing hell upon the Spillway in the form of  “Better In the Fall”.

The old Steve Young tune that Waylon made famous called “Lonesome Ornry And Mean” was next, as they wove their signature Steel Woods twang upon this song they  returned with another hard hit from the song “Uncle Lloyd”.  They then went into a damn fine cover of the 1981 song “Are The Good Times Really Over” from the Hag album “Big City”.

Some staple songs included in this set were “Straw In the Wind” the dark and poignant song of life back in time in small western towns. “Della Jane’s Heart” “Axe” and they closed with the song “Let The Rain Come Down”. This band is going nowhere but UP in this business, and has a terrific future ahead.