Oct 182018

By Joshua Wallace

I recently started seeing the name TJ Hernandez pop up in a few Facebook groups as someone to look out for. I also saw that he had a debut EP out with seven tracks to dig into. You know every time I hear about someone getting buzz like this, I have to check it out.  I’m glad I did because I’m here to tell you that TJ Hernandez is worth your time and money to give a listen to. TJ is out of a small town in southern Illinois called Godfrey, but he traveled to Goldsboro, NC to record this album.  He enlisted fellow troubadour Jonathan Parker to produce the record and it came out a winner. Let’s take a dive deeper into some of these songs.

The album kicks off with a track called “Corporate Man”.  It’s both an ode to the working man and a word of advice to the corporate man.  This track gives us our first taste of the awesome pedal steel work by Clyde Mattocks.  He is all over this album and it truly adds an irreplaceable element to the overall sound.  Another favorite track is the “100 Years Too Late” which highlights the pedal steel on a song about longing for the simple life and a time long gone by.  This is one of two tracks on the album co-written by fellow country singer Bryan James. We will get to the other one a bit later.

I love the soundscape created by the guitar work done by Phil Wise on the track “The Reflection”.  It’s a track about a man reflecting on his past while staring a glass of whiskey in the face and in my opinion is one of the highlights of the album and is worth checking out.  Finally, “One More” is the other track co-written by Bryan James. “One More” is a track about those nights where you just need to let go and take some of the bite out of the daily routine.  It’s an interesting take on the spurned lover and night out with the guys trope in country music.

This album is worth checking out if you’re a traditional country or honky tonk fan.  There is plenty of pedal steel sprinkled throughout this album and the production by Jonathan Parker is top notch.  I’m looking forward to hearing more from TJ Hernandez but for now, Who I Am is a great introduction to this new country singer and it is currently available to stream on most streaming platforms.  You can also get a copy from TJ himself at shows or you can find him on Facebook at TJ Hernandez Music for all the details on how to purchase a copy for yourself.

Favorite Tracks : Corporate Man, 100 Years Too Late, The Reflection, One More

TJ Hernandez – Who I Am (2018)

  1. Corporate Man
  2. 100 Years Too Late
  3. Who I Am
  4. Tumbleweed
  5. Ain’t Gonna Change
  6. The Reflection
  7. One More