Oct 202018

The only regret I have in the cover photo is that it hides the star of the show…the cowbell man Mr. Tony Kent, the most wild source of energy on stage tonight. He alone can earn this band my ticket money without anybody else.

I haven’t returned to the Glasgow Plaza Theater since I covered Whitey Morgan there on New Years Eve. Not because I didn’t want to, but I run a pretty fast schedule here, and I cannot be everywhere at once. I have never covered Whiskey Myers live before, I mean one must remember I cover thousands of bands and two hundred festivals on some form of promotions.

The Plaza Theater itself is a VERY NICE venue to see a show, it has SO MUCH parking and is easily accessible from the main roads. The only thing that isn’t controlled is the standing up front, I don’t really mind it at all, but some people get pretty rude with it. I’m not going to elaborate on the opening act today, because he was RUDE to children and fans. That’s all I have to say about him, although some of his songs were not bad at all.

Whiskey Myers is usually loaded in with the Texas Music Scene and the Southern Rock crowd as well, and I don’t normally let that dictate what I cover or ignore. I just choose to focus on what I do like and spend time supporting that I do like.

They began their earlier tenure in Palestine Texas, playing shows around the area thusly generating a following within the Red Dirt/Texas community along with bands like Flatland Cavalry and Jason Boland And The Stragglers. That is a very interesting subject to me, I become infatuated with the bands involved in that.

We haven’t heard any new music from then since the 2016 album called “Mud” , which boasted many of the songs on their set list tonight including the title track itself “Mud”. Also included from that album was the show opener here called “Deep Down In The South”, which is a rocking tune about life down here. This song here on the album showcases that old cowbell you will see on the stage showcased in wild fashion.

“Early Morning Shakes” was next from their 2014 debut album, as the band got more serious and dropped their name Lucky Southern for the now popular Whiskey Myers. Also from that album was the third song of their set called “Headstone”.

They displayed their true southern roots for us tonight, as they played “On The River” and another called “Frogman”. Their distinct swamp type rock could easily assist them in being placed with bands like Blackberry Smoke or The Steel Woods, while maintaining a prominent Red Dirt presence the likes of  the above mentioned Jason Boland And The Stragglers.

You truly get the understanding of being “Cut From A Different Mold” as they blow through all of their heavy rocking songs until they lull the crowd down with the ever popular ‘Ballad Of A Southern Man”,which glorifies the firearms and flag waving genre often laughed at by mainstream people.

That song speaks to me as well, and gives me goosebumps for sure. it’s usually a staple portion of their show I understand, and I’m glad I got to hear it live here tonight. This band is absolutely amazing to see live, they sound good and they have a eclectic stage presence especially Mr. Tony the cowbell man. He marches around like a crazed madman until the audience hollers for more.

They closed their set with “Calm Before The Storm” and a very long, very rocking version of the Rolling Stones song “Jumping Jack Flash”. All together given all of the factors this was indeed one of the better indoor shows I attended in 2018, and I absolutely implore you to catch Whiskey Myers on tour this year…I’ll see you at Tumbleweed boys!

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