Oct 242018

Mr. Nathan Kalish lists my adopted hometown of Milwaukee Wisconsin as his hometown as well. I say adopted because basically….I WAS, and my maternal mother had me in Milwaukee, I was adopted at 12 days old. But enough about me let’s talk about a man I think is VASTLY overlooked by the mainstream media AND EVEN the underground media.

I get busy as all getout, and I have been meaning to catch up with his music to feature it to you, my readers for some time now. Let me share the video first, and afterwards I shall feature his new album more called “I Want To Believe”

Nathan Kahlish is a touring singer-songwriter and band leader from the American Midwest, currently calling Nashville home after having spent most of the last decade on the road. His latest album ‘I Want to Believe’ was produced by David Beeman (notably of Pokey LaFarge’s most recent) and is an independently released country-Americana record with a tip of the hat to psychedelic, folk and rock ‘n roll. The songs vary from wistful introspect to knee-slapping social commentary while managing to keep a cohesive familiarity recognizable to fans and followers.

His new album has ten tracks that contain tales of alien encounters and has some comedy as the alien says “complicated my butt” and they want to see Chuck Berry. Apparently the alien plays drums? It goes into a song called “Roswell”, that explains his distaste for today’s society. I myself do not really discuss my personal politics on this blog or on my social media pages, I deem that none of anybody’s business. However on the other side of the coin I do fully understand artists venting their frustrations into their music.

Artists often do unleash their political love or dislike for the current President as often as some did for previous ones. It is to be expected on both sides of the spectrum in many fashions. He expresses his ire in a song called “Bullies Win Again”, to be honest I saw this type of song when every President was elected. These type of songs speak to people no matter what “side” of politics they reside on, as long as a song SPEAKS to someone I hold it’s value high!

The album begins with a dark and poignant tale of a nightly gigging musician, that partakes of the partying and bar fighting lifestyle, and opens his eyes just long enough to see his girlfriend get dressed for work. Even for the ones that do NOT DRINK, I never realized how intense this lifestyle was until I started following them around the country.

One thing I truly enjoy about Mr. Nathan’s vocal delivery here, it is extremely unique on his own right and in every way. He is clearly paving his own way while vividly showing his influences in his lyrics and that signature style of singing.

One of the most well written songs on this album is called “Frail Shadow”, which I related to well being a 21 year clean heroin addict myself. I know all too well about self destructive behavior and loss of loved ones as a result of it all.

I Want To Believe Tracks:
1. Bar Fight
2. Winter Phase Revisited
3. Bullies Win Again
4. Frail Shadow
5. My Best
6. Desert Scene Take One
7. Roswell
8. Do You Ever
9. End Of The World
10. Fly Over State Of Mind