Oct 252018

By Joshua Wallace

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s are back with their 4th studio album Hard Times and White Lines.  This follows the 2015 release of the highly acclaimed Sonic Ranch album. Every new album from Whitey Morgan is an event, and is sure to top many folks album of the year list.  I am here to tell you, this is another album from Whitey Morgan on par with 2010’s self titled release. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of these tracks.

The first song anyone heard off the album was the epic “Honky Tonk Hell”.  For me, this track draws comparisons to The Eagles “Hotel California”. From the epic and unforgettable intro to the description of the location in the title.  Whitey’s track relies heavily on the pedal steel guitar of Brett Robinson. He creates a killer riff alongside the dueling lead guitars of Whitey and Joey Spina that will make this a memorable track and live favorite for years to come.

Another favorite track is “Around Here” which showcases Whitey’s songwriting ability in a track about drinking yourself out of beer trying to erase a memory.  It’s another great tune that shows that while Whitey can do amazing covers, he’s also a great songwriter. Speaking of amazing covers, two of my favorite tracks on this album are covers.  First up is ZZ Top’s “Just Got Paid” which Whitey turns into an amazing riff heavy honky tonk song that must be heard live. There is also a Dale Watson cover on this record of the track “Carryin’ On”.  This is one of my personal favorite Dale Watson songs and Whitey turns in a great rendition.

“Hard To Get High” picks up the low down on the booze theme from “Around Here”.  This ballad is about how it’s hard to even get high when you’re feeling low. It’s a nice slower number that breaks up some of the heavier stuff on the album.  Another slower track is “Tired Of The Rain” which starts out as an acoustic number before the full band kicks in. This album does have a running theme of hard times throughout the tracks and this one is no different.  Whitey can make good sad country songs like no other.

Hard Times and White Lines comes at a time when the world needed a killer honky tonk album, and Whitey Morgan and company delivers.  It has sad ballads, songs about getting drunk, honky tonks and hard times. It has some killer riffs created by the team of Whitey Morgan and Joey Spina on lead guitar accompanied by Brett Robinson on pedal steel and Tony Martinez on acoustic guitar.  This is an album that flat out delivers everything a honky tonk fan wants and then some. Get your favorite beverages ready and clear out a dancing area in your favorite listening spot. Hard Times and White Lines is out wherever you want to listen to music on Friday October 26th, 2018.     

Favorite Tracks : Honky Tonk Hell, Around Here, Hard To Get High, Just Got Paid, Carryin’ On, Tired Of The Rain

Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – Hard Times And White Lines (2018)

  1. Honky Tonk Hell
  2. Bourbon And The Blues
  3. Around Here
  4. What Am I Supposed To Do
  5. Just Got Paid
  6. Hard To Get High
  7. Carryin’ On
  8. Fiddler’s Inn
  9. Tired Of The Rain
  10. Wild And Reckless