Ameripolitan Awards LIVE Blog.

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Feb 252019

Folks this is the LIVE Blog, and as such I’ll not be able to tag people or correct everything as easily, Please bear with me. In one hour I’ll start this blog:

Right now they are all on the red carpet, and we got two rooms full of my heroes. It’s filling up quickly, and I am just trying my best to be observant and listen to the information…the stories.

Here starts the band, and the welcoming portion of the sixth annual awards show. Hosted by Mr. Dale Watson and Mr. Big Sandy themselves.

Mr. James Hand is performing right now.

Miss Brennan Leigh and Mr. Marcel Riesco present the winner for Honky Tonk Female.

Miss Whitney Rose.

My buddy Mr. Jimi Palacios is introducing Mr. Gary P. Nunn

Mr. Gary P. Nunn performed ‘What I Like About Texas”.

Miss Carolyn Sils And Mr. Steve Griggs present the honky tonk male.

Mr. Jesse Daniel wins!

Mr. Mustang Mitch is introducing The Reeves Brothers

The Reeves Brothers are performing “Old Number 7 Blues”.

The Reeves Brothers are presenting the Honky Tonk Group Award

The Honky Tonk Group are the Two Tons Of Steel.

Mr. Eddie White is introducing Mr. Roy Head.

Miss Whitney Rose And Mr. Pat Reedy announce the Outlaw Female award

Miss Summer Dean Wins Outlaw Female

Mr. Jesse Daniel And Miss Abby Girl present Outlaw Male

Ray Wylie Hubbard Wins Outlaw Male

Ray Wylie Hubbard is performing “Snake Farm”

Two Tons Of Steel And Miss Tommy Ash present the Outlaw Group

Mike And The Moonpies win outlaw Group

It’s now time for the Keeper Of The Key Award presented by Reverend Horton Heat. Presented to Mr. Larry Collins. Also, performing will be the Reverend Horton Heat.

Mr. Jim Heath is educating is about what Mr. Larry Collins means to music.

Mr. Chris Scruggs And Miss Rosie Flores present the Musician Of The Year award.

Mr. Deke Dickerson wins musician of the year award.

Mr. Dwane Hall and Miss Cheryl Deseree present the venue of the year award.

Robert’s Western World wins Venue Of the Year.

Mr. Wayne The Train Hancock is playing “Reefer Boogie” now.

Miss Beck Rustic and Mr. Shaun Young present the Festival Of The Year award.

The Rockin Race wins festival of the year.

Miss Cherry Rat and Mr. present the DJ of the year award.

The winner is Woody Adkins

Mr. Billy Mata is performing “Stay A Little Longer’.

Miss Sophia Johnson and Mr. Lawrence Peters present the Western Swing Female Nominees.

Miss Grace Adelle wins.

Miss Sophia Johnson and Miss Carolyn Sils performing right now.

Miss Rose Sinclair and Mr. Billy Mata present Western Swing Male Award

Mr. Zephaniah Ohora and Miss Wendy Newcomer present The Western Swing Group Nominee.

Big Cedar Fever Wins.

Ameripolitan Rockabilly Awards texas Hell Kitten introduces The Go Getters.

Miss Bailey Dee And Miss Lara Hope present the Rockabilly Female Nominees.

Miss Tammi Savoy wins Rockabilly Female

Mr. James Intveld and Miss Sarah Gayle Meech present Rockabilly Male Nominee

Mr. Jimmy Dale Richardson wins Rockabilly Male

Miss Kim Lenz and Mr. Peter Sandberg present the Rockabilly Group nominee

The Delta Bombers win

Big Sandy will perform tonight.


Album Feature – The Drugstore Gypsies – Easy Access

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Feb 252019

By Joshua Wallace

2019 is a banner year for southern rock.  The Drugstore Gypsies take southern rock influences and mix it with classic rock like The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin or AC/DC.  If you like your southern rock heavy, this band is for you. They have riffs for days and this album proves it. Easy Access is their sophomore effort following up their self titled 2017 debut.  I was very high on that record as well and if these two albums are any indication, this Texas band is one to keep an eye on.

“Never Settle” kicks the album off hot and heavy with a blazing solo that kicks off the track before settling into one of many thick riffs on the album.  This track is pure pedal to the metal rock n’ roll and I like it. Switching things up a bit, “End Of The Show” is more of a ballad track that proves the band is about more than just riffs.  This track is about a certain kind of connection fans can get with a band they see live, but probably not the connection you’re thinking of. It’s a fun track to switch things up a bit from the heavy rock throughout the rest of the album.

“Let The Night” opens up with another killer riff before the song goes into a Rolling Stones kind of groove.  This track is also a great showcase for Duke Ryan’s great vocals. Another favorite is “Take It From Me” which starts off with some awesome piano work before settling into a bluesey slow jam.  It’s a nice showcase for John Wilson on the keys.  Finally, “Lady Of The Night” kicks things off with some cowbell before settling into a thick rock riff. This band has riffs for days and this album shows it. I dig the solo on this one.

The Drugstore Gypsies have released one hell of a rock n’ roll album.  They pull from a lot of different influences including southern rock, classic rock and the blues.  I hope to check them out live some time soon, I missed them the last time they came through my area but I won’t make that mistake again.  Easy Access is available everywhere you can find good music as of Friday February 22, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Never Settle, End Of The Show, Take It From Me, Let The Night,  Bat City, Lady Of The Night,

The Drugstore Gypsies – Easy Access (2019)

  1. Never Settle
  2. The Rapture
  3. End Of The Show
  4. Take It From Me
  5. Let The Night
  6. Bat City
  7. Lady Of The Night
  8. Comin’ Around
  9. Run And Hide
  10. Right On The Money