American Currents: The Music Of 2018.

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Mar 232019


Jeannie Seely

Many times the Country Music Hall Of Fame intrigues me, and I love to go there to learn about things. I usually go many times a year for the rotating exhibits like this one here. If ANY OF YOU enjoyed last year’s season one of Mr. Tyler Mahan Coe’s wonderful podcast called Cocaine And Rhinestones, you will be happy to find out that it has also been included in this exhibit.

Miss Molly Tuttle truly deserves to be included in this exhibit as she is making serious waves in the Bluegrass circuit as well as Miss Sierra Hull. Another happening I wanted to touch on was the fact that the family of Mr. John Hartford was included, and I’m not tonally sure why other than the fact that last year during the festival they released HIS ENTIRE CATALOG of music during the festival.

This particular exhibit will run from March 8th to February 9th 2020.

NASHVILLE, TN. – (March 11, 2019) – The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum recently held an invitation only event to reveal the new American Currents: The Music of 2018 exhibit. Country music royalty and Grammy award winning Grand Ole Opry Star, Jeannie Seely is included in the museums first exhibition of 2019 alongside her friend, Carly Pearce, and many other peers. The exhibit runs through Feb. 8, 2020.

“Anytime I can see Jeannie Seely and ‘current’ in the same sentence I’m thrilled!  It is such an honor to be represented anywhere in this building, and to be included in thisAmerican Currents exhibit with some of my peers is especially rewarding,” said Jeannie Seely.  “It is also very exciting to share the display with my friend, Carly Pearce, who I believe holds the future in her hands. I appreciate so much the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum including me in the class of 2018.”

Carly Pearce stated, “Country music has been my life since before I can even remember – even my parents said the only thing that would stop me from crying as a baby was the sounds of Vince Gill, Patsy Cline, Alison Krauss and many more legendary voices. So it is truly in moments like these, that I have to take a deep breath before believing it’s real and to have a mentor and friend like Jeannie alongside me in life and this exhibit is something I only could have dreamed. I hold the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum and the Grand Ole Opry in such high esteem and am so grateful to be a part of this moment. Thank you to my dear friend & mentor, Jeannie Seely, for completely surprising me with a sneak peek last week of the exhibit. I love country music more than anything in the world and can’t believe this is real.”

Each year, American Currents carefully examines the previous year in country music, defined broadly to include country-related styles such as Americana and bluegrass music, and offers rich detail about the noteworthy figures and events in country music’s recent past.

The 2018 class of American Currents is composed of artists, songwriters, broadcasters, and several class members were in attendance at a reception held last week to see their displays for the first time. Those attending the opening reception included: John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Matraca Berg, Bobby Bones, Alison Brown, Kane Brown, Becky Buller, Brad Clawson, Rodney Clawson, Tyler Mahan Coe, Chris Eldridge, Dom Flemons, Nicolle Galyon, John Hartford’s family, Sierra Hull, Manuel, Country Music Hall of Fame member Reba McEntire, Justin Moses, Missy Raines, Jeannie Seely, and Molly Tuttle.

Others featured in the exhibit include Jason Aldean, Brothers Osborne, Luke Combs, Dan + Shay, Florida Georgia Line, Miranda Lambert, Ashley McBryde, Carly Pearce, Pistol Annies, John Prine, Chris Stapleton, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban.

My Thoughts On The Hall Of Fame Choices.

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Mar 232019


By now there is no doubt in my mind that most of you already know the three choices that were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this past week on March 18th. I am quite adamant on the fact that every website in the internet world informed us of their choices, or streamed the live stream. I had a busy ass week, and I just simply didn’t have enough time to write an article informing you of the choices.

I will however, write an article shaming the Hall Of Fame on these choices and at the same time I can also applaud them for inducting Mr Ray Stevens. Let’s begin on that point. Under what ideology did the powers that be vote for Mr Ray Stevens over more well deserving candidates the likes of Mr Hank Williams Junior or Mr. David Allan Coe? Honestly if I sat and pontificated all of the possible inductees under this echelon of the scale I could name so many people more well deserving of this accolade than he in SOME areas. Yeah, I know everybody isn’t going to agree with me on this…

We ALL have our OWN ideologies on this subject here, every time they induct a few, you hear WHAT NO SO AND SO? I mean for God’s sake they can ONLY induct three or four yearly.  But are you going to convince me the Wilburn Brothers do not deserve to be inducted?

Well, let’s delve into Mr. Ray Stevens and allow me to present my point of applauding his nomination. Maybe after YOU read this you’ll agree, hell maybe it’ll turn you AGAINST the decision. But one thing is for certain, this ain’t a dictator website like another claims to be. It’s NOT MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY, and this isn’t a discussion where I’ll CRUSH YOU if you disagree. Hell ,call me on the phone and let’s have a friendly debate about this, I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU ALL…get out some coffee and let’s jam.

Mr. Ray Stevens contributed a LOT to Country Music as a whole, it’s not just the comedy songs you immediately dwell upon while mentioning his name. I mean, the Mississippi Squirrel Revival WAS a classic and funny song but if you didn’t know some of the things Mr. Ray Price has done for SO MANY, let’s take a look.

In 1966, after releasing some of his comedy songs like “Ahab The Arab” and more, he recorded the FIRST version of “Sunday Morning Coming Down” that was penned by Mr. Kris Kristofferson. That single hit the charts from Stevens as well as Cash’s version too, he hit more success with “Isn’t It Lonely Together” which Mr. O.C. Smith recorded. That single landed on the charts as well. BUT HERE is where we enter the point in his life that I deem him WELL deserving of this accolade here.

Between 1961 and 1970 he helped MANY younger stars BECOME STARS, as an A&R man, producer and arranger. I’ll be honest in saying I place him upon my high regard as the likes of Mr. Ken Nelson and others. “My True Confession” was co wrote by Stevens and Miss Margie Singleton, whom I also consider a HUGE Country Music Legend in her own right. VERY overlooked woman that many have no idea how immensely Miss Margie Singleton has embellished Country Music. He did so much work for Miss Dolly Parton, Dusty Springfield, and Patti Page.

Now here is where I do think the 1980’s out shadowed Mr. Ray Stevens as folks like Hank Williams Junior teamed up with powerhouse Jimmy Bowen to produce and release some of Outlaw Country’s finest works, and with the help of some “other” influences he broke barriers by releasing TWO albums a year in his prime. In the span of 13 years he released 21 albums….21. 18 of those were certified gold, and he gathered 8 number 1 singles, and 44 top ten singles….so tell me, has he burned so many bridges that the Hall Of Fame will NEVER induct him? Will we ever know?

You can argue this or agree but there is no doubt that some of the finest songwriting on albums from the 1970’s and 80’s came from Mr. David Allan Coe. Many people hold a grudge against him for releasing his adult albums in the early 80’s, however if you begin on his 80’s music and you cannot find him a suitable candidate for membership, I would digress. “The Ride” and “Mona Lisa Lost her Smile” were some true Country Music classics along with the great song “She Used To love Me A Lot”.

I want to move on to my area of disgust on the topic, the Modern Era choice. Obviously they WAY missed the mark on this one omitting (once again) Dwight Yoakam, as he practically revived Honky Tonk Country in the 1980’s. He brought back that Bakersfield style and juxtaposed it with real Honky Tonk Country, and took it to ever local club across America.

I thought that Brooks And Dunn did have a few good songs in their prime, but they could have given this position to MANY other people the likes of John Anderson or Vern Gosdin, who had just as many charted hits as they did. So you may ask, just how many singles have they released? Well, first off Brooks And Dunn DIDN’T EVEN EXIST until 1991, so I suppose they could be nominated as a Modern Era choice, but HOW can they when people like Mr .Dwight Yoakam or Mr. John Anderson were in their PRIME 7 years PRIOR to their debut?

The duo released 50 singles and 20 of them went went number 1. They had 19 more reach the Top 10, whereas Mr. Dwight has sold millions of overall albums, including FIVE number one ALBUMS on those same charts. A LOT of people will additionally imply that Mr. Keith Whitley is also deserving of this nomination, and I always say that had he lived, he would have surpassed many of these statistics within the realm of sales and achievements.

I truly think the Country Music Hall Of Fame’s panel of voters missed the boat here on this, but I honestly can rest on Ray Stevens. I can and will honor and congratulate his being in this hallowed institution, because I truly think he DOES deserve to be within it’s walls..I just think others deserve the honor first. In closing, like I previously stated these are JUST MY opinions and thoughts, and I’m sure they don’t mean much to many people. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there for anybody that DOES want to read them.





Album Feature – Townes Van Zandt – Sky Blue

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Mar 182019

By Joshua Wallace

This collection finds Townes Van Zandt at the height of his career in early 1973.  It was recorded in the home studio of the late Atlanta, GA based journalist and musician Bill Hedgepeth.  To give you a point of reference, this recording was captured the same year as the Live At The Old Quarter record which many people consider to be the best Townes Van Zandt collection available.  While this album does nothing to top that, it does provide some raw acoustic of tracks from that same time period.  It also provides us with a couple of tracks which never made it onto a Townes Van Zandt album.

The two new tracks are “All I Need” and “Sky Blue”.  Of those, I think “Sky Blue” is my favorite.  I love the finger picking on this track and it’s just a smooth Townes ballad.  I also dig the alternate version of “Blue Ridge Mountains”.  The original is a favorite on the High, Low And In Between album and this interpretation is a great alternative take.  I also really dig this stripped down version of “Pancho & Lefty”.  It’s a song that we have many versions of, but this one ads another layer to the mystique of what is probably the most infamous Townes Van Zandt track.  Finally, another great stripped down track is “Dream Spider”.  It would eventually become “The Spider Song” which appears on the 1993 release The Nashville Sessions.  I really love the different looks this album gives you at some of these classic Townes songs.

It’s not every day we get a new collection of Townes Van Zandt recordings, and especially a new collection with such a big impact.  From unheard songs to stripped down versions of classic hits to cover tunes.  This live home studio set is worth checking out for Townes fans.  It’s not the place to start if you’re new to Townes, but if you’re wanting to stretch your legs a bit into some deeper stuff, this is a good record.  Sky Blue is out everywhere you can find good music as of Friday March 7th, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : All I Need, Sky Blue, Blue Ridge Mountains (Smoky Version), Pancho & Lefty, Silver Ships Of Andilar, Dream Spider

Townes Van Zandt – Sky Blue (2019)

  1. All I Need
  2. Rex’s Blues
  3. The Hills Of Roane County
  4. Sky Blue
  5. For Ever, For Always, For Certain
  6. Blue Ridge Mountains (Smoky Version)
  7. Pancho & Lefty
  8. Snake Song
  9. Silver Ships Of Andilar
  10. Dream Spider
  11. Last Thing On My Mind

Mr. Jeremy Pinnell Kicks Off Aggressive Tour To Prepare For A New Album.

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Mar 182019
I am truly anticipating some new music from this man right here, even though his last album was just recently released in 2017, and secured a TOP SPOT on many year end lists. I’ll be watching this man closely in the next few months for anything new to add to this article for you fans.
Northern Kentucky singer-songwriter Jeremy Pinnell will be hitting the road hard this spring, jump-starting the tour with a handful of SXSW showcase performances in Austin next week. He’ll not only be performing tracks on this tour from his previous two acclaimed studio LPs – Ties of Blood and Affection from 2017 and his 2015 debut OH/KY, but he’ll also be road-testing brand new compositions slated for his next studio album.
3/19 Nashville TN @ American Legion Post 82
3/29 Nashville, TN @ Acme Feed & Seed
3/29 Nashville, TN @ The 5 Spot
3/30 Little Rock, AR @ Whitewater Tavern
4/05 Nashville TN @ Acme Feed & Seed
4/06 Huntsville AL @ Sidetracks Music Hall
4/07 Nashville, TN @ The Basement East (w/ Jaime Wyatt)
4/12 Columbus OH @ Rambling House
4/13 Huntington WV @ The V Club
4/14 Lynchburg VA @ White Hart Cafe
4/16 Washington DC @ Velvet Lounge
4/17 Brooklyn NY @ Skinny Dennis
4/18 New York NY @ Rockwood Music Hall
4/19 Pawlet VT @ The Barn
4/20 Portland ME @ Andy’s Old Port Pub
4/21 Cambridge MA @ Atwood’s Tavern
4/23 Syracuse NY @ King of Cups
4/24 Rochester NY @ OTR Woodfire Tavern
4/25 Buffalo NY @ Sportsmen’s Tavern
4/26 Maumee OH @ Village Idiot
4/27 Chicago IL @ The Hideout
5/02 Indianapolis IN @ The HiFi
5/03 Nashville TN @ Acme Feed & Seed
5/05 Asheville NC @ Sierra Nevada Brewing
5/17 Dayton OH @ Yellow Cab (SOLO)
5/21 Nashville TN @ American Legion Post 82
5/23 Davenport IA @ Triple Crown Whiskey Bar
5/24 Kansas City MO @ Westport Saloon
5/25 Laporte CO @ Swing Station
5/26 Denver CO @ The Hi Dive
5/31 Livingston MT @ The Murray Bar
6/04 Seattle WA @ Sunset Tavern
6/05 Portland OR @ White Eagle
6/06 Phillipsville CA @ Riverwood Inn
6/07 Oakland CA @ House Concert
6/08 Bakersfield CA @ El Conquistador
6/09 Los Angeles CA @ Grand Ole Echo
6/12 Mesa AZ @ Roosters Country
6/15 Fort Worth TX @ Magnolia Motor Lounge
6/20 Little Rock AR @ White Water Tavern
6/21 Nashville TN @ The Basement
6/29 Cincinnati OH @ MOTR Pub
(additional dates to be announced via Sofaburn here)

Music Festivals 2019: Roots Roadhouse Festival.

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Mar 182019


March 31, 2019; 3pm /All Ages
@ Echo and Echoplex  (entrance at 1154 Glendale Blvd)

Los Angeles, CA January 29th, 2019– Roots Roadhouse is the kick off event to the Grand Ole Echo –The Los Angeles-based live roots music series.  Roots Roadhouse is an all day festival taking place at Echo and Echoplex stages plus the Echo patio stage and string performers and square dancing at the Old Time Is A Good Time Stage.   

Roots Roadhouse is inspired by the outlaw country spirit and cosmic cowboy soul; different genres are showcased during the mini fest that are all part of American roots music.  This years performers  include the “Ragin’ Cajun” Doug Kershaw with the Dave & Deke Combo,  bluesman Cedric Burnside, honky tonk singer Dallas Moore, rockabilly king James Intveld, murder ballad balladeer Amigo the Devil plus Zephania Ohora, Ruby Boots, Alice Wallace and Teddy & the Rough Riders.

In addition to the live performances there will be BBQ from Shadygrove foods, vintage clothing and instrument vendors and country music memorabilia on display.

Spaceland, Echo and Grand Ole Echo Present

March 31, 2019; 3pm /all ages
@ Echo and Echoplex  (entrance at 1154 Glendale Blvd)


Over 20 Artists! $33 Advance / $35 Day of Show / $48 VIP


Line up for Echo & Echoplex Stages: (set times tbd)
Alice Wallace
Amigo The Devil
Cedric Burnside
Dallas Moore
Doug Kershaw
elijah Ocean
James Intveld
Ruby Boots
Sam Morrow
Teddy And The Tough Riders
Zepheniah Ohora

Grand Ole Echo  “Back Porch” Stage:
Blue Rose Rounders
Dylan Earl
Gus Clark
Leroy From The North
Sie Sie Benhoff
Victoria Baily

Old Time Is A Good Time Stage:
Capgun Holdups
Have More Fun Stringband, with Square Dance caller Jeremy Horton
High Life Cajun Band
Water Tower
Wicklow Atwater

A limited quantity of tickets at a discounted price are up for sale and will remain posted until we sell out of them.



For more information: 

News From Mr. Tyller Gummersall.

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Mar 182019

2019 Update!

The first few months of this year have been filled with lots of fun news. From being featured in a Spotify playlist alongside George Strait, to being accepted into a great Texas songwriters showcase . Many moons ago I ran into a young man named Mr. Tyller Gummersall, and he is from the Rocky Mountain region.

After I covered his set in Nashville the two of us became friends, as well as his parents, whom were VERY pleasant people with true, honest American values. Mr. Tyller himself holds an absolute honest and true love for Country Music Tradition, which was evident in the presence of Mr. Lloyd Green in his life.

And now, I would like to share more information with you about this man and his music. I wait with intense anticipation for his full new album, and you can darn sure bet this website will be one of the ones that feature it on the forefront.

New Music!

I’m very happy to be releasing some brand new music!
This song “Why Do I Buy Whiskey” was written by myself and Devon O’Day. Devon is an amazing person and host of Nashville Today on WSM radio. She also has penned songs for the likes of George Strait and Lee Ann Womack.I was able to record this song (and some others) with the help from some very special fans – thank you all so much!We cut this tune at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN all analog straight to 2inch tape. And this track features stellar players, it was so much fun to record with these folks!
– Brad Pemberton on Drums (Steve Earle)
– Aubrey Haynie playing fiddle (Kevin Fowler, Zane Williams, Luke Combs)
– Mike Bub on Bass (Dierks Bentley, Del McCoury Band)
– Kinsey Rose singing Harmonies (Vince Gill).

Look for Why Do I Buy Whiskey wherever you consume music online.

Live Performance News!

I’m honored to have been selected for the Larry Jo Taylor Songwriter’s Showcase!
I’ll be performing March 25th in Stephenville, TX(learn more) and hopefully earn a spot at Larry’s legendary festivallate April.

The Bluegrass Hall Of Fame Welcomes The Riders In The Sky.

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Mar 182019

Riders In The Sky Live 5/4! 

For more than forty years, Riders In The Sky have led the way in Western music, a genre pioneered by Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. Known for legendary wacky humor and way-out Western wit, the band has continued to take their music to new audiences.  In 1982, Riders In The Sky became the first, and to date only, exclusively Western music artist to join the Grand Ole Opry, the longest running radio show in history, and thus began a love affair with radio. In 1988, they recorded comedy skits for the album Riders Radio Theatre and launched the long-running international weekly radio show of the same name on public radio.

In 2001, Riders In The Sky garnered their first Grammy for “Best Musical Album for Children” with the immense success of Woody’s Round Up from the Toy Story movie franchise.  A few years later, they earned another Grammy in the same category for Monsters Inc. – Scream Factory Favorites, the companion album to Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

Riders In The Sky bring their Western style and ‘Cowboy Way’ to the Hall of Fame for an entertaining trip out west on Saturday, May 4th.  Tickets are on sale now!

Remembering Hall of Fame Member Mac Wiseman
We’ve lost a treasure in bluegrass music with the passing of Hall of Fame member, Mac Wiseman. Known as the ‘Voice with a Heart,’ he left an indelible mark on the genre. To read more about Mac Wiseman and his impact on bluegrass music, click here for his inductee biography.  Here’s a clip of Wiseman from our Video Oral History Project, filmed in 2006:



The Birthplace Of Country Music Museum Features Miss Elizabeth Laprelle.

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Mar 182019


Saturday, March 30, 2019
Birthplace of Country Music Museum

Song and Voice Workshop

2:00 – 4:00 PM  | FREE with RSVP

Elizabeth LaPrelle will teach a variety of traditional Appalachian songs as repertoire, using them as a springboard to talk about the voice and how to use it in solo performance. Participants will also get the chance to explore the “mountain” sound through listening to a few examples and practicing a few exercises together. Everyone who wants to will get a chance to sing solo!
Click to RSVP

Elizabeth LaPrelle in Concert

7:00 PM  | $15 Ticket

Elizabeth is exceptional in her devotion to and mastery of the ancient and deep art of Appalachian singing, and her voice, stark and unaccompanied, can lift and carry the listener away to another time. A concert including a variety of haunting and evocative Appalachian ballads and old-time songs, this is a performance not to be missed.
Click to Buy Tickets
Elizabeth LaPrelle has been performing and studying Appalachian ballads and old-time songs since she was 11 years old. Raised in Rural Retreat, Virginia, Elizabeth attended old-time fiddlers’ conventions and sang harmonies with her family, who encouraged her to sing her own favorite American folk music. As a teen Elizabeth learned the “mountain” style of singing from mentors Ginny Hawker and Sheila Kay Adams, which led her to explore archives and field recordings for ancient and little-known songs. She received her undergraduate degree from the College of William and Mary with a major in Southern Appalachian Traditional Performance, and in 2011 formed performance duo “Anna & Elizabeth” with Anna Roberts-Gevalt. She now tours the US regularly both performing and teaching.

More News On Mr. Del McCourry.

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Mar 172019

So I have been following Bluegrass Legend Mr. Del McCourry for years now, many years ago he played a GREAT show at Muddy Roots. I also recently saw him at 3rd and Lindsley where he and Grammy award winning artists The Travelin McCourrys both tore the place apart. His energetic stage shows are inspiring many younger Bluegrass artists like Mr. Billy Strings and Miss Sierra Hull, along with more Country youngsters like Miss Emi Sunshine.

He recently celebrated his birthday as he took over the Grand Old Opry HERE IS WHERE you can go read about his 80th birthday there. He has many guests and special friends show up to love on him proper, and now he even has his OWN festival every year in Maryland. DelFest is a heavily supported festival on here.

He is included in many of the nation’s festivals in many states, and they are ALL included here in one website. Festivals like The Blue Ox, Old Settler’s Music Festival, Merlefest, The Aiken Bluegrass Festival, ROMP, Grey Fox, High Sierra, Rockygrass, Whimmydiddle, and Pickin In the Pines.

DelFest just recently released their entire daily schedule and entire show program  I have included that all into this article at the bottom. I also have included some of his show dates below.

View this email in your browser

Daily SchedulesAnnounced

Start planning your musical adventure now!

The daily grids for DelFest are now posted on our site. Enjoy our interactive scheduler where you can sort by day or by stage, view additional artist info, and even create a personalized schedule and sync to your phone or calendar.

Check out the Daily Schedule here >>

Final Lineup Additions Announced

DelFest is excited to announce the addition of The Kruger Brothers, Darin and Brooke Aldridge, Bowman, Bowman & Dré, The Sounds of Laurel Canyon, and The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys! And just like that, we have ourselves the 2019 DelFest Lineup!

Single-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day Passes On Sale Now

Tickets at current discount price will be gone soon!

3-day, 2-day and single-day tickets for DelFest are on-sale now, along with Show Sherpa (hassle-free camping) and On-site Parking Passes. 4-Day Passes are on sale at the current price now through April 1st (no joke!) Get yours before prices go up. Ticket Payment Plans are available!


Learn to play Bluegrass from Grammy Winners, The Travelin’ McCourys!

The DelFest Academy (held just before DelFest – Sunday May 19 through Wednesday May 22) is a friendly, encouraging, and intensive four-day learning experience with some of the finest musicians in bluegrass serving as instructors for students of all levels. The Academy offers instruction for guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, bass, and dobro led by all-star instructors providing lessons to students which target their individual needs and leave ample time for plenty of one-on-one interaction. In addition to our Grammy-winning host band, The Travelin’ McCourys [Rob McCoury (banjo), Ron McCoury (mandolin), Jason Carter (fiddle), Cody Kilby (guitar), Alan Bartram (bass)], returning to teach this year will be Sierra Hull on mandolin and husband Justin Moses on dobro, along with Frank Solivan and members of Dirty Kitchen – Mike Munford (banjo) and Chris Luquette (guitar). Also returning is an academy favorite Ronnie Bowmanon guitar and vocal class joined by wife, Garnet Bowman.

Learn more about The DelFest Academy



Wed, MAR 20
Del & Dawg @ South Orange Performing Arts Center
South Orange, NJ
Thu, MAR 21
Del and Dawg @ Landmark on Main Street
Port Washington, NY
Fri, MAR 22
Del & Dawg @ Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
Troy, NY
Sat, MAR 23
Del & Dawg @ Tarrytown Music Hall
Tarrytown, NY
Thu, MAR 28
Lucas Theatre For the Arts
Savannah, GA
Fri, MAR 29
Terminal West
Atlanta, GA
Fri, APR 12
Old Settler’s Music Festival
Dale, TX
Sat, APR 20
A Little Help From My Friends show with The Gibson Brothers, Sierra Hull, Justin Moses, Dre Anders, & Cody Kilby @ Paramount Bristol
Bristol, TN
Fri, APR 26
The Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries
St. Louis, MO
Sun, APR 28
Wilkesboro, NC
Thu, MAY 02
City Winery
Chicago, IL
Fri, MAY 03
Stoughton Opera House
Stoughton, WI
Sat, MAY 04
Hopkins Center For the Arts
Hopkins, MN
Thu, MAY 09
Del & Dawg @ Paramount Theatre
Charlottesville, VA
Fri, MAY 10
Del & Dawg @ Grand Opera House
Wilmington, DE
Sat, MAY 11
Aiken Bluegrass Festival
Aiken, SC
Thu, MAY 23
Cumberland, MD
Fri, MAY 24
Cumberland, MD
Sat, MAY 25
Cumberland, MD
Sun, MAY 26
Cumberland, MD
Fri, JUN 07
Del & Dawg @ Camp Greensky Music Festival
Wellston, MI
Sun, JUN 09
Pagosa Folk N Bluegrass Festival
Pagosa Springs, CO
Fri, JUN 14
Blue Ox Music Festival
Eau Claire, WI
Fri, JUN 28
ROMP Festival
Owensboro, KY
Sat, JUL 06
High Sierra Music Festival
Quincy, CA
Thu, JUL 18
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
Greene County, NY
Fri, JUL 19
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival
Greene County, NY
Sun, JUL 21
The String Cheese Incident w/The Del McCoury Band @ Red Rocks Ampitheatre
Morrison, CO
Thu, JUL 25
Georgia Mountain Fair
Hiawassee, GA
Thu, JUL 25
Georgia Mountain Fair
Hiawassee, GA
Sun, JUL 28
Lyons, CO
Sun, AUG 11
Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival
Alta, WY
Thu, AUG 15
Music Box Supper Club
Cleveland, OH
Fri, AUG 16
Whimmydiddle Country Music Festival @ RiversEdge Ampitheater
Hamilton, OH
Sat, AUG 17
Great Lakes Center for the Arts
Petoskey, MI
Sat, SEP 14
Del & Dawg @ Fox Tucson Theatre
Tucson, AZ
Sun, SEP 15
Del & Dawg @ Pickin’ In the Pines Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival
Flagstaff, AZ
Sat, SEP 21
Bourbon and Beyond
Louisville, KY

New Music Coming From My Friend Mr. Tilford Sellers.

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Mar 172019

Back a few years ago in 2014 at Muddy Roots , I finally got the chance to cover a set on the wood stage by one of local music’s most talented young men Mr. Tilford Sellers and his band The Wagon Burners. He blazed a Honky Tonk trail through the underground of Indiana and many festivals, and he loved and appreciated vintage Country music like I did. He and I had a mutual respect for one another, and our brains connected from the moment we met. We pulled over and had a lengthy conversation about our insatiable appetite for steel guitar TONE and PROPER stage attire, people like Porter Wagoner inspired him, rhinestone suits and record label stickers. He LOVED the Sun Records label and KNEW the difference in releases from MCA and RCA, like I do.

In late January 2018 Mr. Patrick Bowman AKA Tilford Sellers was killed by a tow truck driver under the influence of meth, who carelessly ran a stop sign and crashed into Mr. Patrick, and other drivers, killing him. In Columbus Indiana he was with his fiancee in his car and was killed by a man named  Ruel Pedigo, this from a news article:

Ruel Pedigo, 49, is now charged with Reckless Homicide and Causing Death While Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Controlled Substance in the Blood, and Causing Serious Bodily Injury when Operating a Motor Vehicle with a Controlled Substance in the Blood.

The charges followed a nearly four-month investigation that found Pedigo had Methamphetamine in his system when the tow truck he was driving ran into several vehicles at a stoplight on State Road 46 in late January.  The crash killed 36-year old Patrick Bowman and seriously injured Bowman’s Fiancee, Sarah Fliehman.

“Columbus Police, with the help of State Police went through airbag diagnostics, downloaded information from vehicles that were involved in the crash,” said Columbus Police Lt. Matt Harris.  “They also looked at nearby security camera footage.”

Harris says the key evidence came from a blood draw from Pedigo shortly after the crash occurred.

“When we received the results back, it showed Mr Pedigo had methamphetamine in his system” Harris said.

“Patrick was a loving fiancé, brother, son, and valued friend to many,” a family statement said.  “There are no words to describe the devastation we all feel.  Patrick’s death has left a horrible void in so many lives.”

Bowman is remembered as a talented singer-songwriter with a promising career in country music ahead of him.  Bowman performed under the stage name “Tilford Sellers” and recorded original country music with his band “Tilford Sellers & the Wagon Burners.”

“We believe Patrick would want to be remembered for his music,” the family statement said.  “Patrick was one of five nominees by the Ameripolitan Music Awards for the 2018 Honky Tonk Male Artist of the year.  His music career was looking brighter every day.”

Bowman’s family says he was in the process of recording an album at the time of his death.  That album is now set for release in late summer or early fall.  All proceeds from the album will go to a scholarship fund in his name, administered through the Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County.

The fund is taking donations for the scholarship.  A link to that donation website can be found HERE.
According to Mr. Patrick’s family there will be a hearing on March 25th for the man responsible for his death, and a jury trial is scheduled for May 14th 2019.  I will be keeping an eye on the outcome of this incident, as well as the information in this article.

I am EXCITED to be one of the first press sources to release this announcement of an ALL NEW ALBUM of music from Tilford Sellers called “Another Day With You” , and this will be available on CD AND vinyl album. It will be on both black and blue vinyl, complete with detailed insert jacket. ALSO the rough version of his vocals will be made available, however the name of that has not yet been revealed. The cover of the rough vocals will be different featuring all of the musicians involved, and all of the proceeds for this project will be donated to the Patrick Bowman Memorial Music Fund administered by the Heritage Fund Of Bartholomew County, Indiana.

Thanks to Mr. Ryan Payton for capturing these songs on this forthcoming album I am about to tell you about, Mr. Ryan played steel guitar on this album as well as the electric guitar and mandolin and more. Mr. Wes Eberhardt played bass, Mr. Justin Meier played upright bass, Mr. Thom Woodward played electric guitar. Mr. Brad Wallace played drums and Mr. Jerry Miller played electric guitar and more. Tilford Sellers began recording this album in November of 2017, and was only partially completed when he was killed.

He was in the midst of being nominated for an Ameripolitan Award in Memphis for Best Honky Tonk Male, and on the day before his fatal accident he recorded the vocals for this album. I was told he only needed one take for every song, that’s how passionate he was about the lyrics.

His band rallied together and used his actual guitar and pedal systems, and his own amplifier to complete the guitar work. They spent many many hours in the studio making this album. They followed all of his actual written notes and arrangements, and played everything exactly as he would have done it.

  1.  It’s Wrong You’re Gone
  2. Tanker Full Of Tears
  3. Home Away From Broken Home
  4. She’s Coming Home
  5.  Love Is A Lie
  6. Living These Songs
  7. Ft. Worth Jail House
  8. Drunk On Your Love
  9. Heartbreak’s Door
  10. Another Day With You

Now, according to his family there will be two record release parties for this. One will be in Indianapolis and another at a location I haven’t been told about yet.  As soon as I get a link for this album to purchase I will include it on here to purchase, as I shall be purchasing it myself for sure. This statement is from social media here:

Another Day With You by the late @tilfordsellers will soon be available on colored/black LP, CD and digital download. There will also be a CD of the demo versions of each song.

All proceeds from each sale will go to the Patrick Bowman Memorial Music Fund. Recipients of this award may use the money for tuition and/or music related expenses such as music lessons, equipment, travel, studio time, etc.

Many thanks to the Bowman family, Dave Becker, Kyle Battin, Eddy Price, Ryan Payton, Lisa & Steve Thompson, Thom Woodard, Justin Meier, Brad Wallace, Jerry Miller, Wes Eberhardt, Paul Mahern and everyone else who helped bring this beautiful album to fruition.

The SteelDrivers Announce New Tour Dates.

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Mar 162019


New dates announced and on-sale TODAY! 
Ticket information HERE

New dates on-sale TODAY

PHOTO:  Jeff Fasano
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mar. 8, 2019) — It’s been 11 years now since GRAMMY® award-winning band, The SteelDrivers, released their self-titled debut recording project.  The world-class musicians continue their musical journey on the 2019 Bona Fide U.S. Tour in distinct style with performances from Folsom, California to Annapolis, Maryland and everywhere in between.  Shows in markets shown above go on-sale TODAY.  Tickets links can be found HERE.  
“Our dedication and determination remain just as intact today as it did over a decade ago,” says singer, songwriter and fiddler Tammy Rogers.  “I liken us to what the Rolling Stones would sound like if they played banjos, fiddles and mandolins — it’s that rock-n-roll edge played on traditional instruments and our shows continue to reflect that high-level energy and fun!”  
Throughout their long career — one that encompasses four highly acclaimed albums — The SteelDrivers (2008), Reckless (2010), Hammer Down (2012) and The Muscle Shoals Recordings (2015), their inspiration has ultimately always been about the music. A sound The Tennessean once described as “gutsy, gritty bluegrass songs.”  The Philadelphia Inquirer put it even more succinctly, “You can call it power-bluegrass or country soul, but whatever you call it, Nashville’s SteelDrivers have bushels of it.” 
Part of their lure is the freedom each musician gets to express themselves without any reservation, even as the group maintains their signature sound.  Rogers is widely recognized as one of the most versatile and expressive fiddlers on the scene today.  Brent Truitt and Richard Bailey are certified string benders who take their respective instruments to new levels of expertise.  Newest member and Kentucky native Kelvin Damrell’s vocals and fretwork add a fresh voice to the mix, whileMike Fleming continues to anchor it all with rock solid rhythm and a firm foundation.  
The band’s Rounder Records project The Muscle Shoals Recordings reached #1 on the BillboardBluegrass Chart and received a GRAMMY® award for “Best Bluegrass Album.”  The SteelDrivers re-released their 2008 self-titled debut album on vinyl.  It is available here.   To learn more,  
The SteelDrivers tour dates (more dates will be added):
09   York, SC                              McCelvey Center  SOLD OUT

14   Boulder, CO                        Boulder Theater

15   Steamboat Springs, CO      Strings Music Pavillion

16   Aspen, CO                          Wheeler Opera House

28   Beaumont, TX                     Jefferson Theatre

29   Arlington, TX                       Arlington Music Hall

30   Wichita, KS                         Orpheum Theatre
06   Louisville, KY                      Brown Theatre
13   Dale, TX                              Old Settler’s Music Festival
09   Munhall, PA                         Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall

10   Lewisburg, WV                    Carnegie Hall

17   Shipshewana, IN                 Shipshewana Event Center

24   Augusta, GA                        Papa Joe’s Banjo-B-Que

25   Floyd, VA                             9th Annual Chantilly Farm Bluegrass & BBQ Festival

26   Cumberland, MD                 Allegany County Fairgrounds

21   Morehead, KY                     Rudy Fest
25   Reno, NV                            Robert Z. Hawkins Amphitheater

26   Folsom, CA                         Harris Center

27   Petaluma, CA                      Mystic Theatre

28   Seattle, WA                         Tractor Tavern

04   Chillicothe, OH                    Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre
17   Pelham, TN                         The Caverns
29   Annapolis, MD                     Rams Head On Stage
30   Fairfield, CT                        The Warehouse
31   Brunswick, ME                    Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival 
05  Columbia, SC                       The Senate
06  Greenville, SC                      Peace Center
07  Franklin, NC                         Smoky Mountain Center for Performing Arts
13  KCMO, MO                          The Folly Theater
14  Washington, MO                  Oxfest Music Festival 
20  Bean Blossom, IN                Uncle Pen Festival
05   Owensboro, KY                   Bluegrass 
25   Park City, UT                       Egyptian Theatre
26   Park City, UT                       Egyptian Theatre
27   Park City, UT                       Egyptian Theatre

Music Festivals 2019: folk Shit Up 2019.

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Mar 162019

I will be keeping an eye on some live streams from this festival going on right now. Here is some information if you would like to attend.

Tickets can be purchased at the link below

$15 1 Day Pass
$20 2 Day Pass

Official Lineup

Days N Daze (HTX)
Freight Train Rabbit Killer (Kansas City, MO)
Michael Strike and The God Damn Band (WISCO)
The Grim Folks (SATX)
Carrie Asher- musician (SATX)
Rock Bottom String Band (SMTX)
the texicano folk rock punk (Odessa, TX)
Tejon Street Corner Thieves (Colorado Springs, CO)
Pickles (ATX)
Southern Sinners (Beeville, TX)
Nicholas Gomez (SATX)
36″ Wheels (SMTX)
One Trick Pony (ATX)
Grupo Frackaso (SATX)
Black TarPoon (CCTX)
The Dixie Underground (ATX)
Grin & Bear It (SMTX)
WhiskeyDick (FWTX)
Duane Mark (ATX)
Sissy Brown (Lawton, OK)
Mullet Mike and The Throbbers (SATX)
WT Newton (Chicago, IL)
Old Wolves (WISCO)
The Real McCoys (HTX)
TrumpCard (ATX)
Filthy Arsenal (Denton, TX)
Domestic Weather (SMTX)
Trash Cats (Huntsville, AL)
Asa Martin (NM)
Pour Choices (WISCO)
Battered Image (SATX)
Tres Leches? (Kenefick,TX)
The Altitude (Denton, TX)
Red Direct and The Gogo Fuck Yourselves (SMTX)
Saul and Los Howlers (SATX)

Cerebral Imaging Productions
Allen Wayne Nichols

Abel Apple Alvarado
Samantha Jo Rubio
Bueno Creations
Chris Gonzales
Jessica Flores
Malice in Chains Jewelry by LJ Tucker

Vendors Include
Punk With A Camera
Sabor Catrinas Food Truck
Bryan Ridgeway
Merch Vandal

Special Thanks goes out to Patreon Supporters for helping to make this event possible.
Rock Bottom String Band
Devin Dear
Angel Josue Bautista
Stef Cmielewski
Max Richard
Nathan Gregory Bornstein
Andrew Avila
Gustavo Gallegos
Moni Avila
Rael-o Salas

3rd Annual Hagfest Coming To Southgate House.

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Mar 152019

Image may contain: text

Two years ago my friend Mr. Joe Macheret was telling me about an idea he had about a certain music function.  It actually started out being for the Ohio based talent like the Tillers, whom in my opinion recorded an iconic 2012 live album called Farewell To The Southgate House.

In late 2011 the sisters took over the venue, and maintained the live music tradition that the Southgate has provided Newport Kentucky since the 1970s. Today, the venue is still one of the oldest churches in the area, and this show here is one of the best on their yearly roster. This year the lineup is truly the best one they have ever concocted in my opinion.

Many of these bands I have much experience with covering in the past, and some of them I have none. I think in the many years I have been doing this job I have covered thousands of bands in 30 states, and I LOVE this area. Mr. Billie Gant and I go back to 2013 where he and I first met along with Mr. Joshua Morningstar at Altamont. Honestly I go back to MySapce with Mr. Joey Allcorn, and his music, he and I have been friends for many years. He recently took a short hiatus and that’s OK, we all need that at times. He is back healthy and happy and ready to once again entertain us all.

It’s ALWAYS a GOOD time around that rascal Mr. David AKA Laid Back Country picker, he tore apart Kickin’ It On The Creek , Master Musician’s Festival and MANY MORE upcoming in 2019 like Tumbleweed in Kansas City. Mr. Nathan Kalish released a REALLY GOOD album recently that we reviewed, so I PROMISE you that you will enjoy his music.

Mr. Adam Lee I haven’t ran across since Moonrunners in Chicago two years ago, and I ALWAYS enjoy his music. Joe’s Truck Stop is AMAZING live, and I love Mr. Joe VERY MUCH. See I’m going to tell you this..other websites cover these bands too, but they do not cover them with the level of friendship that goes into how I do it. This from their press release:

Much more than a tribute show, Hagfest celebrates the music and lasting legacy of the great Merle Haggard, his contemporaries, and his own heroes whom he was readily known to pay tribute to himself.

The lineup is curated by Cincinnati musician and songwriter, Joe Macheret (of Joe’s Truck Stop and The Tillers) to include some of the best Country, Honky Tonk, Western Swing, and Bluegrass inspired songwriters and musicians currently out working. The lineup includes legends like Otis Williams (of Cincinnati’s King Records fame) and Bill Kirchen (the Titan of the Telecaster), up and comers Jaime Wyatt and Josh Morningstar, and a slew of regional and local talent!

The festival has grown each year, and we’re hoping that continues. It’s creating a community of like minded folks who acknowledge something unifying and special in the music we all love, and that includes both the audience members and the musicians. We also donate most of our ticket proceeds to the Appalachian Prison Book Project, a cause we believe Merle Haggard would be proud of.

Hagfest will include nineteen acts on three stages! Although the bands and performers will most likely play their favorite Hag hit or deep cut, we want to celebrate the originality of the great songwriters on this lineup. Just the same way Merle Haggard was celebrated for writing so many of his own songs and paving a path for original songwriters inspired by Honky Tonk, Western Swing, Country and Dixie Blues, Bluegrass, Jazz, Old Time, and so on…

Hagfest 2019 lineup:
Otis Williams and the Midnight Cowboys
Bill Kirchen
Jaime Wyatt
Josh Morningstar
Comet Bluegrass All-Stars
Laid Back Country Picker
500 miles To Memphis
Nathan Kalish
Joe’s Truck Stop
The Tammy Whynots
Luna And The Mountain Jets
Adam Lee
Billie Gant
Joey Allcorn
Slippery Creek
Chelsea Ford And The Trouble
The Hammer And The Hatchet
Michael Moeller
Robert Lowell

$ 20.00 – $25.00 / All Ages

Tickets: HERE.

Album Feature: Dave Ernst Hickory Switch.

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Mar 132019

This one was a real treat here today, because last year at Master Musicians Festival, my friends over at Eastwood Records gave me a pre view of this album. I got to hear some of these songs live, before the initial album feature so I got a little more material than I usually do from the start.

This band packs one hell of a live whallop in my opinion, and they had a true swampy and gritty style. On the eight song EP called “Hickory Switch” (which was molded after grammy’s ever feared stick that scalded your ass), they display a true alt-country style that reminds me of an early Blackberry Smoke and others.

Last year I did not know that “Rocket Fuel” was indeed a cover song as I was not as familiar with Mr. Todd Snider as I am now. One must remember I follow thousands of bands in many genres, things slip past me. I truly could relate to the song “Wreckin’ Just Fine”, and I liked the lyrical play there. I damn sure have wrecked a few things in my life just fine, and placed some trust in a few that messed me up just fine as well.

“Pallbearer” was one I remembered last year hearing live. It’s a slower song, that displays somber lyrics from Mr. Dave. I only knew my paternal father for a few years before he passed away, so I cannot relate with him on that one. I did get to see both my fathers off for their eternal rest, but I only got to pall bear for one of them. Many of my own life’s lessons are vibrantly still in my mind, and this song exemplified many things both my fathers taught me. This was a great song about a great man, that believed in the Lord and hard work. This album pretty much emphasizes and glorifies America in it’s greatest, religion and influences.

“Turned Away” man, I tell you what, I have been turned away from so many women and so many opportunities in other areas in my life that this song couldn’t possibly have personified me any more. This song made me reflect back on many periods of my life in my years, and I thought it was one of the more better written songs on the album. All things considered this album was a strong contender for a TOP 50 spot in my end of the year list, I truly think it could easily secure a spot.

Track Listing

1. Superstar

2. Wreckin’ just Fine

3. Pallbearer

4. Rocket Fuel

5. Turned Away

6. Tailfin

7. Driver 8

8. Hickory Switch

So the first band I covered today was from Louisville Kentucky called Dave Ernst And The Early Favorites, whom have a highly anticipated album coming out in August, but as of now they have an EP out called Superstar. Mr. Frank Green on bass, Mr. Dave Coultas on guitar, Mr. Chris Fuller, Mr. Mike Nix, Mr. Scott Lankford on drums compose the Early Favorites, a damn fine rock, Americana and more….band.

“Turned Away” was their first song they played which displayed some damn fine musicianship and a good blend of Kentucky Rock with other sounds. Followed up with a song called “Rocket Fuel” , this band is just bursting onto the scene here with not much video available or spotify presence. So that means you’ll just have to go and check them out in person and buy the music.

“Pallbearer” was next and that was my favorite song of their set along with song called “Tailfin” which got my attention being about classic cars. Their closing song was the title of their EP called “Superstar”. You’ll have to catch up with this band in the near future folks, and take my word for it…they have big time better days coming soon.

Steeped in the musical traditions of the American South, Kentucky-based alt-country songwriter Dave Ernst is set to release his debut LP Hickory Switch, an introspective look into the relationships and experiences that have shaped Ernst’s life. The album, produced by Peter Searcy (Squirrel Bait) and mixed by Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), blends traditional instruments and inspired angular electric guitar work which lends itself to a familiar yet current sound. Ernst and his live band, the Early Favorites, have been described as “Uncle Tupelo 2.0” and “a goddamn rock and roll mountain”, both labels that Ernst is happy to wear.
The people, places, and stories that come alive in his songs all help to paint the picture of life, lived through heartbreak, joy, betrayal and redemption all while striving to keep the faith. At their core, these songs can stand on their own as stripped-down singer-songwriter tunes, but Ernst & his band wanted to take them elsewhere, keeping it twangy while adding more modern production flourishes along the way. This is a versatile and accessible collection of songs, and a band that would fit equally as well on a bill with Anders Osborne or My Morning Jacket.
Take the title track “Hickory Switch” for example–a reference to a well-documented form of discipline in which children have to go into the yard and pick out their own switch. It’s an authentically southern coming-of-age tale complete with soaring guitars and Ernst’s gravelly, barrel-aged vocals. “Wreckin”–a clever use of the homonym for “reckon”–is a slightly more jangly number, but still delivers plenty of grit & growl as guitars trade licks with barroom piano and a shuffled drum beat
Wearing his influences on his sleeve, Ernst pays homage to his friend Todd Snider with a searing cover of “Rocket Fuel” and a more reserved tribute to R.E.M. with an acoustic cover of the legendary band’s early single “Driver 8.” These aren’t covers for the sake of covers; rather, these two re-imagined works serve to complement the overall feel of the record, and don’t feel out of place for a moment. They were a part of his journey just like the originals contained within–as Ernst says, “Some of my songs have been in the works for years…I am so happy to work them out with [the Early Favorites] and really look forward to playing them live.”
Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, but spending many summers in Marion County, Kentucky, allowed Ernst to experience both the the rural and suburban nature of his home state. Music was very much a part of his childhood; his mother sang in the gospel trio The Treble Tones in the 60s and 70s and his grandfather was the guitarist in a traveling country “orchestra” (as he called it) for over 20 years. Ernst’s mother bought him his first guitar as a teenager and he set off to learn every R.E.M. song he could–an influence you can still hear in his music to this day.
Upon developing a strong musical profile in various garage bands in high school, Ernst was ultimately asked to join the seminal Louisville major-label band Big Wheel, fronted by ex-Squirrel Bait singer Peter Searcy, sharing stages with the likes of Big Star during their tenure. Searcy & Ernst went on to form the band Starbilly and chased the major label dream for years recording for both A&M and Atlantic Records. Their indie release on Chicago’s Buzz records was a radio success, and gave them the opportunity to tour the country and play tons of radio festivals where they got to see the best (and worst) of 90s music up close and personal. Once Starbilly eventually faded, Ernst spent his time performing both as a solo artist and with various Kentucky-based bands.
In 2016, Ernst was diagnosed and treated for Thyroid cancer; a potentially devastating life event which threatened to derail his career. Not one to let such a challenge keep him down, he wasted no time in getting back to work after treatment by demoing new material in early 2017. Dave Ernst & the Early Favorites performed their first live show in July 2017, and were signed to Eastwood Records shortly thereafter. The road to and beyond recovery for Ernst is nothing short of inspirational.
Gearing up for the March 1st release of Hickory Switch, Ernst and his band are practical about their goals, taking things one day at a time while enjoying the journey. “We are all having a blast,” says Ernst, “At the end of the day we just want to have a great time and make some music that makes us proud and has meaning to those listening.” Seems like they’re off to a great start doing just that.


Album Feature – Quaker City Night Hawks – QCNH

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Mar 122019

By Joshua Wallace

QCNH is actually my first exposure to this Texas country rock outfit.  It is to the best of my knowledge their fourth full length release.  I am going to have to dig deeper into this band’s discography because I’m digging their blend of classic rock sounds with southern rock influences on this record.  This album is another release in a banner year for southern and country rock music.  2019 is turning out to be amazing if you like your rock n roll with a bit if twang.

The album kicks off with “Better In The Morning” which is a rocking number that has a smooth Tom Petty riff on a track that highlights the band’s smooth vocals.  Speaking of smooth vocals, look no further than the funky “Suit In The Back”.  The band evokes ZZ Top vibes with it’s heavy funky feel on this track.  I really dig the fuzzy guitar solo on this one.  “Pay To Play” starts out with some interesting percussion before stretching out to create a bass heavy smooth acoustic jam.  This is one of the tracks that shows the versatility of a band like Quaker City Night Hawks.  Speaking of versatility, you actually find some honky tonk piano on the groovy “Fox In The Henhouse”.  When it’s mixed in with a crunchy riff and bluesy vocals it creates one hell of track.  The solo kicks things into high gear and never lets go.

An early contender for favorite track of the year is “Hunter’s Moon”.  It has a riff that evokes some classic metal vibes.  It would feel right at home on a 70’s throwback metal album but here it just ads to the ever growing versatility of this record.  The band features an epic folk moment in the track “Elijah Ramsey”.  It reminds me of something like Led Zeppelin’s “The Battle Of Evermore” in that it has the same epic scope to it.  “Tired Of You Leaving” brings back the smooth vocals over a slow funky track.  Just when you think the band couldn’t add another element to their sound, the chorus brings in the horns and it just adds to the pallet of the track and album as a whole.

This album from the Quaker City Night Hawks has everything you would want in a funky countrified southern rock record.   This 3 piece from Forth Worth, TX brings it all to the plate and mixes it together for one killer record.  I for one look forward to experiencing them live one day as I love a band that can bring a variety of sounds to the table.  QCNH is out everywhere you will find good music as of March 1st, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Better In The Morning, Suit In The Back, Pay To Play, Hunter’s Moon, Elijah Ramsey, Tired Of You Leaving

Quaker City Night Hawks – QCNH (2019)

  1. Better In The Morning
  2. Suit In The Back
  3. Colorado
  4. Pay To Play
  5. Fox In The Henhouse
  6. Hunter’s Moon
  7. Elijah Ramsey
  8. Grackle King
  9. Tired Of You Leaving
  10. Freedom

2019 Music Festivals: Heart Of Texas Music Festival.

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Mar 122019

Deep in the heart of Texas is a man named Mr Tracy Pitcox who spearheads a Texas Music community called Heart Of Texas Records. You sometimes hear me metion their performers in my articles, like this spring where I watched Mr Justin Trevino take home an Ameripolitan Award.

He runs a beautiful museum out there, that I have yet to see but it is definitely high up on my bucket list for the near future. Every year they host a week long festival featuring a huge list of great Texas Traditional Country music, and every year I featureh whatthey do.

30th Heart of Texas Country Music Festival

Brady, Texas

Tickets On Sale Online Beginning January 29, 2019 9:00 AM

30th Heart of Texas Country Music Festival

Brady, Texas

Tickets On Sale Online Beginning January 29, 2019 9:00 AM

March 15 (Friday) Brady Civic Center

8:00 PM       Johnny Rodriguez With Landon Dodd & The Dance Hall Drifters  $25

March 16 (Saturday) Brady Civic Center    

10:00 AM     Tommy Horton At The Heart of Texas Country Music Museum (Donation)

2:00 PM        Heart of Texas Concert Featuring (Headliner To Be Announced), Darrell McCall, Norma Jean, Tony Booth, Heather Myles, Justin Trevino, Mary Lou Turner, Kaye Tolson, Mona McCall, Landon Dodd, Dallas Wayne & Frankie Miller $21

8:00 PM        Heart of Texas Dance Featuring (Headliner To Be Announced), Darrell McCall, Tony Booth, Heather Myles, Justin Trevino, Mary Lou Turner, Kaye Tolson, Mona McCall, Landon Dodd, Dallas Wayne & Frankie Miller $25

March 17 (Sunday)  Heart of Texas Events Center

3:00 PM       Norma Jean’s Cowboy Church Show with Special Guests Mary Lou Turner, Kaye Tolson and Tommy Horton (Donation)

March 18 (Monday)  Heart of Texas Events Center

7:00 PM        The Tommy Hooker Band      $15

March 19 (Tuesday)   Heart of Texas Events Center

7:00 PM        Justin Trevino’s Two Step Tuesday Dance with Robert Weeks, Mona McCall and Jim Loessberg $15

March 20 (Wednesday)  Heart of Texas Events Center

12:00 PM        Heart of Texas Steel Guitar Show (Free Admission)

7:00 PM         Jeff Woolsey and the Dance Hall Kings   $20

March 21 (Thursday)  Brady Civic Center 

12:00 PM       Heart of Texas Jam Featuring The Kenastons (Free Admission)

8:00 PM         Jake Hooker & The Outsiders And Jody Nix & The Texas Cowboys $25

March 22 (Friday)  Brady Civic Center 

9:00 AM        Darrell McCall & Friends Golf Tournament Call (830) 570-7582

8:00 PM         Johnny Bush And The Bandoleros With Tony Booth  $25

March 23 (Saturday)   Brady Civic Center 

10:00 AM       Tommy Horton & Chuck Hancock At The Heart of Texas Country Music Museum

2:00 PM          Heart of Texas Concert Featuring Moe Bandy and the Americana Band, Darrell McCall, Tony Booth, Amber Digby, Heather Myles, Norma Jean, Landon Dodd, Mona McCall, Dottsy, Rance Norton, Kim Murray & Chuck Hancock $21

8:00 PM           Heart of Texas Dance Featuring Moe Bandy and the Americana Band, Darrell McCall, Tony Booth, Amber Digby, Heather Myles, Landon Dodd, Mona McCall, Dottsy, Rance Norton, Kim Murray & Chuck Hancock $25

We highly suggest that you book your hotel rooms at this time to guarantee that you will have a place to stay in Brady. The hotel contact numbers include: Best Western (325) 597-3997, Holiday Inn Express (325) 597-1800, Sunset Inn (325) 597-0789 and the Gold Key Inn at (325) 597-2185. Please tell them that you are coming for the Country Music Festival as most have a special rate for those attending the functions. RV reservations at (325) 597-2152 and ask for Tina Keys.

The Heart of Texas Country Music Association grew from the Hillbilly Hits Fan Club, a group established to promote the Hillbilly Hits Radio show from KNEL FM 95.3 in Brady. The traditional Country Music radio show is hosted by Tracy Pitcox and features requests and interviews with the legendary figures of the industry including George Jones, Willie Nelson, Kitty Wells, Ray Price, Bob Wills, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn.

The association, which boasts 1,000 members, promotes the Mason and Llano Country Opry shows at the Odeon and Lantex Theaters. The organization has sponsored many Country Music entertainers at those venues including Ray Price, Gene Watson, Kitty Wells, John Conlee, Freddie Hart, the Geezinslaws and Jean Shepard among others. The group also plans various trips to Branson and Nashville and operates Heart of Texas Records with projects currently by Tony Booth, Johnny Bush, Amber Digby, Landon Dodd, Dottsy, George Hamilton IV, Tommy Hooker, Georgette Jones, Dallas Wayne, Bobby Lewis, Bobby G. Rice, Mona McCall, Rance Norton, Kim Murray, Diane McCall, Joe Paul Nichols, Kaye Tolson, Guyanne McCall, Hank Thompson, Mary Lou Turner, Ferlin Husky, Don Wallace. Country Jim Sloan, Chuck Hancock, Floyd Tillman, Justin Trevino, Frankie Miller, Darrell McCall, Pretty Miss Norma Jean and Curtis Potter.

The Heart of Texas Country Music Museum located in Brady, contains items from over 100 country music entertainers including Patsy Cline, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Hank Thompson and even Jim Reeves’ 1956 tour bus.

“We are excited about Heart of Texas Country Music Festival,” Tracy Pitcox said. “We have enjoyed a great relationship with many of our KNEL listeners. Our group grew from a small core of listeners to a 1,000 member organization that promotes traditional Country Music throughout our state. We are certainly looking forward to celebrating this milestone.

Outlaw Music Festival Returns .

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Mar 112019








Pre-sale starts this Wednesday at 10 AM
View this email in your browser



Pre-sale Begins Wednesday
Use Code: OUTLAW2019

Pre-sale begins Wed, March 6, at 10 AM
Ends Thursday, March 7 at 10 PM



Willie Nelson & Family
Phil Lesh & Friends
Alison Krauss
The Revivalists
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Particle Kid


Willie Nelson & Family
Phil Lesh & Friends
The Revivalists
Alison Krauss
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Particle Kid


Willie Nelson & Family
Phil Lesh & Friends
Alison Krauss
The Revivalists
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real
Particle Kid


Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Alison Krauss
Matt Mays
Opener TBD


Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Alison Krauss
Old Crow Medicine Show
Opener TBD


Willie Nelson & Family
The Avett Brothers
Alison Krauss
Old Crow Medicine Show
Opener TBD


Willie Nelson & Family
Phil Lesh & Friends
The Avett Brothers
Counting Crows
Alison Krauss
Opener TBD


Willie Nelson & Family
Phil Lesh & Friends
The Avett Brothers
Alison Krauss
Old Crow Medicine Show
Opener TBD


Willie Nelson & Family
Phil Lesh & Friends
Alison Krauss
Old Crow Medicine Show
Opener TBD


Willie Nelson & Family
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Alison Krauss
Casey Donahew
Steve Earle & The Dukes
Hayes Carll
Colter Wall

Album Feature: Zac Clifton Honky Tonk Heaven.

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Mar 092019


Right now I’m going to tell you all about an album that could quite possibly acquire my most hallowed position of album of the year in March. By the end of this article if you don’t concur with me than my words didn’t so this album justice by any means. I’ll be honest right now I don’t even know where to start on praising this album here! I was expecting a good album because of the fact that Mr. Bobby Flores produced it, and I TRUST his music and personal taste in music.

When I learned about this young man Mr. Zac Clifton from east Texas, I had to contact him and find out more. His management sent me out the press kit, and my jaw hit the floor! This young man has the youthful vocals, however possesses the ability to deliver a believable drinking song like the “Drinkin Way Of Life”. You can JUST SMELL the booze emanating from this young guy’s breath as he softly moans that lonesome Country sound. The way he throws around his voice on some of the songs kept me on my toes at attention for more.

One thing I want to stress is that ALL of these songs are written by HIM, accept one that was co written. From the opening song “Rough, Rocky Roads” you find out that he is the real deal here, with some road experience under his belt buckle. He has the look and the vocal swagger to kick the shit out of anything on the radio today, and a nasty scowl to match.

You want steel guitar, well this album has Mr. Tommy Detamore, need I go further? Many of the contributing musicians were Mr. Bobby Flores ( who in my opinion is a LEGEND), Mr. Brady Gandy and Mr. Jake Hooker.

You can gather all of his influences on songs like “Talk To the Healer” as he sings a song like Hank Williams Sr. would have delivered it to me, but to write such a piece you can TELL this young man praises God in all things he does. I want to hug this young man and tell him mom and dad raised him RIGHT, and he eases my worries about today’s youth.  He goes into a song that paints such a plethora of pictures in my head called “Honky Tonk Heaven” that is kind of like the Dolly Parton song, but different in his own style. The song gripped me so tightly and made my brain paint such a picture, I cried…I literally cried.

This is his debut album here, and the only thing negative I can say about his future, is the fact that mother nature may have her way with his voice in the next few years. The fact remains that he may not be able to sustain such a youthful mannerism, however with age comes experience. You give this guy a few nasty relationships there is NO DAMN TELLING what kind of songs he will craft!

1. Rough, Rocky Roads
2. Always Gonna Want You
3. Drinkin’ Way Of Life
4. This Morning Ain’t As good As Yesterday
5. Talk To The Healer
6. A Drunk Needs A Reason
7. Tequila And Lime
8. Without You
9. Honky Tonk Heaven
10. Prayer Of A Soldier
11. Fiddle On the Wall

Music Festivals 2019 Nationwide: Rio Frio Fest.

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Mar 092019


Image may contain: text

Del Fest
Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Winter Wonder Grass Series
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival
Suwanee Spring Reunion
ROMP Festival
Red Ants Pants
Aiken Bluegrass festival
Hoxeyville Music Festival

Texas folks have some very awesome festivals this year, and this one right on the Frio river is no exception. The Texas Red Dirt community has some truly wonderful festivals this year, and one of my favorite festival companies sent me the absolute HOOK UP on when and where the Texas festivals are!

I have some informational articles on Read Southall Band and Mr. Jason Boland made my TOP 50 OF 2018. Also, Mr. Dalton Domino has some other articles on him lately. So yes, all of these bands have been prominently featured on this website.

Koe Wetzel • Roger Creager
Shane Smith & The Saints
Read Southall Band • Shea Abshier
Randall King • Chris Colston
Kevin Fowler • Jason Boland
Walt Wilkins • Clay Hollis
Dalton Domino & Kody West
Mario Flores • Gabe Garcia • Lucas Ebert
Chris Saucedo • Sarah Hobbs • Isaac Jacob
Waitin’ on Hayden

And more to be announced!

Shane Smith & The Saints

• Lodging: River Cabins to Luxury Homes
plus RVs and Camping – You Choose!

• 3 Day Pass – Good for All Concerts
Thursday through Saturday Plus
Activities, Events, and Cookoffs

• Single Day Tickets or 3 Day Passes Available
First Come, First Served

As always with my festival articles here are some maps and directions for this event.

Rio Frio Fest Lodging


You choose! River Cabins to Luxury Homes, RV or Camping on or near Rio Frio Fest concert grounds.

*You choose based on availability at time of your reservation

FREE shuttles to concerts – Be safe and take the shuttle. Ask your lodging provider for details.


Lodging Discount for 3-Day Rio Frio Fest 2019 Passes Available Until January 28, 2019 or until sold out.

Limited number of discounted tickets available. Sold on a first come, first served basis.

Ask your lodging provider for a Rio Frio Fest Discount Code.

How to Make Your Lodging Reservation

• Visit
• Contact the lodging / RV location of your choice.
• Ask your lodging provider for additional days or individual night stays (based on availability and lodging provider restrictions).

*After confirming lodge reservations, purchase your Rio Frio Fest concert tickets of choice immediately and utilize your discount promo code.  (based on availability at the time of purchase) Promo code discount expires January 28, 2019 or while supplies last. (Promo code applies to 3-Day Music Pass ONLY.)

*While most lodging/ RV/ camping sites offer the Rio Frio Fest promo discount code, some may not. It is your responsibility to confirm this with your lodge or risk no access to concert discount

*Concert tickets are not included with your lodging reservation. Participants must purchase tickets and may apply promo code (some restrictions apply) while supplies last for discounted passes.

First come, first served.

Promo code discount expires on January 28, 2019 or until sold out. (Promo code applies to 3-Day Pass ONLY.)

(Be sure to confirm that your lodging of choice is participating in the Rio Frio Fest packages and ask for a discount ticket promo code)

Rio Frio Fest FAQs & Directions

  • Spring Break on the Frio?

It’s a Texas thing! Just ask anyone who has been to Concan, TX… It’s one of the most beautiful and fun spots in Texas! The Rio Frio Fest is going to turn up the heat even more by bringing your favorite musicians (every day and night) and of course, outdoor activities, Big Crawfish Boil, and more!

  • How do I use the FREE shuttles?

FREE shuttles to and from the concerts and activities are available!  This is what a real Spring Break is all about! The Concan community offers buses and other shuttles throughout most of the Concan lodges, camping and RV communities. Ask your lodging provider about pick-up schedules and hours of operation. Here’s to a safe Spring Break!

  • How do I make lodging reservations and receive discounted concert tickets and Rio Frio Fest program?

Go to the Lodging banner on this website and then click the Hill Country Rivers website link and click on the “Concan” tab. Pick any lodge that fits your needs. River Cabins to Luxury Homes, from Lodges that sleep 16+ people to RV and camping sites, you choose! Be sure you confirm with the lodge (before making your reservations) that the lodging includes a discounted promo code for reduced concert tickets. Promo code discount expires January 28th, 2019 or until sold out. (Promo code applies to 3-Day Music Pass ONLY.)

  • Where is the best lodge to stay?

It all depends on what your needs are. You can stay on the Frio River, at the Concan Golf Course, the legendary swimming hole, or even right next to the concerts and activities. ALL lodging choices are in close proximity to the festival site. Plus, many lodges offer free shuttles to and from the festival site (ask your lodge if they provide a free shuttle or if they are close to shuttle drop/pick up location.)

  • What dates should I go?

3 day passes (best value) and single day tickets are available. Enjoy one or all of these amazing concerts. See the performance schedule to fit your style for Spring Break fun. It’s good Texas times and music the entire week! See schedule here.  Concerts will sell out.

  • Do ALL Concan/ Frio area lodges include the Rio Frio Fest discount promo code for reduced concerts?

While most do, some may not. You must ask and confirm that the lodge includes the promo code BEFORE making your reservation. If for any reason, a lodge does not include the discount code, ask them to contact Dickson Productions before you make your reservations.

  • How do I pay for my lodging and concert pass?

You will arrange lodging reservations with your lodge of choice. Payment is strictly between you and your lodge. Once your lodging reservations are confirmed, immediately purchase your RFF concerts of choice and utilize your promo code (provided by your lodge) to receive exclusive discounted tickets (some restrictions apply).  Rio Frio Fest tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Note: You must have met all payment requirements by your lodge at beginning of your stay to obtain your Rio Frio Fest promo concert discounts.

  • What does my Rio Frio Fest promo code include?

Exclusive reduced price concert tickets, Rio Frio Fest program, and schedule are included when you check in providing all concert details, Concan community free concerts, activities, helpful hints and more.

Note: Some lodges provide free shuttles to and from the concerts. Ask the lodge when making reservations. 

  • Am I guaranteed entrance into ALL Rio Frio Fest activities and concerts?

You are guaranteed entrance to all House Pasture Cattle Company nightly concerts (for dates of purchase) with your pre-purchased Rio Frio Fest concert tickets. However, some daytime concert and activities areas may have limited capacity. While these daytime activity areas have lots of room, they may fill to capacity and a one out- one in policy will be in effect.

Exception: In the case of inclement weather, all events are subject to be moved indoors. If indoor venue is filled to capacity, a one out- one in policy will be in effect.

  • How do I get my festival concert tickets, official event program and schedule?

After completing your online purchase, you will receive a ticket voucher (please print.) Ticket vouchers may then be exchanged for the appropriate wristband at one of our Dickson Productions check-in locations (times and location will be provided on your ticket and online). Rio Frio Fest program and schedule will be provided at your lodge and/or concert grounds.

You may redeem your Rio Frio Fest 3-Day wristband at the Dickson Productions desk, located at House Pasture Cattle Co., Wednesday, March 13th through Saturday, March 16th from 2:00pm to 10:00pm.

Pick up your wristband in advance to avoid the wait on the night of the show!

  • Where are the concerts and activities held?

Nightly concerts will be held at the outdoor (and/ or indoors) concert grounds next to the House Pasture Cattle Company. Click here to see a map- HPCC. Additional concerts and activities will take place at the Neal’s Lodges Joe Jimmy’s Stage or Neal’s Water Hole, plus the Frio Country Resort’s Riverside Cabins area-“The Beach”. Needless to say, there’s always a party going on!

  • Can I purchase concert tickets only (without lodging?)

Dickson Productions will release a limited amount of nightly concert tickets; all tickets sold on first come first come served basis.

  • Where is Concan, TX?

It’s about 81 miles West of San Antonio; an easy and nice road trip through Southwest Texas. Click here to view a map and directions- Concan, TX

  • What is the weather going to be like?

It will be about the same as any Texas beach, except Rio Frio Fest will heat it up even more with a non-stop lineup of concerts and activities like no other. Experience the South Texas Hill Country and the beautiful Frio River and enjoy the good times and great people that embrace that “Texas state of mind” with Texas music and activities plus the natural beauty this special part of Texas offers.



Emergency 911
Local Police / Fire 830-278-9147

ATM at House Pasture Cattle Co.

First State Bank
Highway 127 West, Concan, TX 78838
(830) 232-4490
Lobby/Drive Thru
9:00am-3:00pm M-F
Drive up ATM – 24 Hours

For free shuttle information, please check with your lodging provider. Please utilize the shuttles or designated a driver – DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE!

For any lodging questions, or for information about additional activities, ask your lodging provider.

Festival Guidelines:

Rio Frio Fest is committed to providing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, but there are certain guidelines that must be followed to ensure a safe, fun and genuine festival experience for everyone. Please adhere to the following:

Rio Frio Fest Concert Grounds (House Pasture Cattle Co. / Joe Jimmy’s)
Evening Concerts

• No Coolers
• No outside food/alcohol permitted. (*alcohol will be sold at the festival)
• No re-entry for minors or single day ticket holders (no exceptions)
• Wristbands are non-transferable and must be intact on your wrist at all times.
• No pets allowed on the festival grounds, or parking lots (licensed ADA assistants accepted).
• All participants and their belongings are subject to search upon entry or re-entry.
• Lawn chairs & blankets allowed only in designated areas
• Children 12 years old and under admitted free with adult. Children must be supervised and within normal voice range at all times.
• No unauthorized vending – if you’re not a registered vendor you may not sell or distribute anything on the festival grounds
• Please use the proper trash receptacles to clean up after yourselves
• Park in designated parking areas only. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense.
• No illegal or illicit substances of any kind
• Festival goers must abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
• Drones are prohibited at any RioFrioFest function or activity.
• DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Ask your lodger about a shuttle services to and from the event or arrange a sober ride.

* This is an all ages event. In order to consume alcohol you must be at least 21 years of age with a valid state or government issued ID. Due to the dry county, all IDs will be checked and registered at the front gates and a drinking wristband will be issued.

River Stage
“The Beach”

The following items ARE ALLOWED at the Riverside Stage ONLY.

• Coolers
• Outside Food / Alcohol
• Lawn Chairs / Blankets
• Water Toys (tubes, floats, etc.)


• NO GLASS containers
• Park in the designated areas ONLY
• Do not park past barricades
• Always be aware of pedestrians and drive carefully

These are general guidelines for Rio Frio Fest participants. The venues, lodges, and community may have additional guidelines or rules that you must adhere to.

Map of Concan, TX

GREAT Albums I missed Number 1…SHAME On Me.

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Mar 092019

This is not an easy job I have here, and other weblogs can make it look easy because they have 5 people contributing! Aside from what my faithful partner Mr. Joshua Wallace does, I DO EVERYTHING myself and not really by choice. With that being said I receive a TON of albums in the mail and email, that many PR companies want me to feature or the bands. MANY of them I absolutely enjoy and want to share them with you, my dear readers.

However with over 200 festivals we cover, both of us doing road coverage in several different states, keeping up with music news, the Opry, local weekly shows, Ameripolitan Awards, SXSW, Americanafest, and all else, there is NO WAY for me to keep up on featuring all of these albums.

So I decided to make a bunch of articles in the next few weeks to remedy this problem, the first one being all about my Cajun buddy Mr. Hal Bruni. I met him for the first time down at Outlaw Fest in 2014, with all of the connections I got being one of the few positive things stemming from that job. Some damn fine stage acts were on that bill that weekend of rain.

His new album was released in 2018, and was called Painkillers: The S&M Sessions, Vol 1. This album preceded his 2013 album called Blue Collar Town, and was produced by Mr. Jake Thompson, Mr. Hal Bruni, and Mr. David Nix in Duncanville Alabama. It was mastered by my good friend Mr. Brian Debruler with SOL Records.

“Road To Glory” was a Wayne Mills cover that was written by Mr. Wayne Mills and Mr. Rick Simms, and can be found on the 1999 live album they did. I thought he did a splendid job on this song and put in some truly fine guitar solos into the mix, however it was by no means the pinnacle of this album in itself.

The album opened with a true story about the music industry called “Smoke And Mirrors”. It’s basically a song about the relentless facade of the people in the music business. Music is always a pure and positive form of therapy for the soul, but the PEOPLE aren’t always what they appear to be. The listeners and music fans often have a propensity to flock towards fake musicians and fake music, and this song is basically a testimony to that subject.

Being a reformed drug addict the song “Painkillers” spoke to me as a person, although I have never met the woman of my dreams and I never will. It made sense to me as a man, my soul believed ever word of the song. Much of my youth was squandered on drugs being high, and today I deal with all of the health issues that stem from those former life choices. You can search for toxic solutions to your wounds, but all they do is cause more pain.

This is a truly beautiful album in many ways, and one of the only drawbacks was the overall length of the album. It captured his vocals much better than his first album, and the songs showed prominent growth as a writer overall. There seemed to be more trust in his lyrics on this album than before, and he targeted a more true direction here.

We all have “Baggage” in our old age, and this song remains a staunch and poignant testimony to old age and the burden of everyone’s life’s choices hanging over their heads, as they age. Mr. Tyler Hall played some super fine steel guitar on this album, on songs like this one here. Other players on this album were Mr. Jason Parker on bass, Mr. Davis Nix on drums, and Mr. Jacob Thompson.

Track Listing:
1. Smoke And Mirrors
2. The Ballad Of Shaky Jane
3. Baggage
4. Painkillers
5. Tennessee
6. Road To Glory

Sunny Sweeney at Ashley Street Station In Valdosta, GA

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Mar 062019

By Joshua Wallace

Photo Credit : Joshua Wallace

On February 23rd, 2019 we were lucky enough to have Sunny Sweeney down here in Valdosta, GA at the local dive bar called Ashley Street Station.  I had just seen her open for Cody Jinks at a sold out Florida Theater in Jacksonville, FL for nearly 2,000 people and this was a much different show.  This was a much more intimate, more rowdy and more rockin’ set.  Ashley Street Station holds around 200 or so on a good day and this was a good crowd.  The night opened with W.D. Miller playing some original tunes followed by local singer Jen Anders.  Following that, Sunny came on and rocked the house for about 2 hours straight and it was a good time.

W.D. Miller 

W.D. Miller started the evening off and played a few tunes off his 2018 album “Burnt Bridges and Broken Hearts”.  He played originals such as “Samael (My Name Is Sam)”, “Barroom For A Shelter” and “How In The World”.  One of the highlights was during “Samael (My Name Is Sam)” when W.D. went off mic and his voice filled the room with song.  Jen Anders followed with another short set.  Her set contained mostly cover tunes mixed in with an original or two.  The covers Jen did were all in her acoustic style and she got the crowd ready to go with her acoustic renderings of familiar songs.

Jen Anders

Sunny Sweeney took the stage shortly after Jen Anders and got straight into it with the first new song of the night called “Tie Me Up”.  She played about 5 new songs in this set list and each of them sound amazing.   I for one cannot wait for her next album.  She also got to some highlights from her last album Trophy with tracks such as a couple of favorites of mine, “Pills” and “Pass The Pain”.  I love the stripped down guitar version of “Pass The Pain”.  It’s a different sound from the original and I like when bands can bring something different live.  She also did a great cover of Don Williams’s “Tulsa Time” which I enjoyed.

Sunny Sweeney and Harley Husbands lead guitar, Adrian Myers drums, Dillon Sampson bass guitar

At some point in the set, the band requested tequila shots.  This is a common occurrence at a dive bar, so nothing new here.  At some point later, shots turned into bottles, again nothing unusual around these parts.  Things got interesting when the band discovered a scorpion in one of the bottles of Jose Cuervo.  Sunny challenged a member of the audience to drink it for a free t-shirt.  You know what? Someone actually did and it was crazy.  These are the kinds of things that can happen when you see someone at a small dive bar such as Ashley Street Station.

Sunny Sweeney and a bottle of tequila on the floor

The band got to some other newer songs on the set list as well including “Body In A Box Car” and “I Drink Well With Others” which will appear on her next album.  She also got to some deeper tracks like “Uninvited” from her Provoked album and “Staying’s Worse Than Leaving” from her 2011 release Concrete.  This deeper set was heavy on tracks from her Trophy album as the band also got to “Bottle By My Bed”, “Better Bad Idea” and “Nothing’s Wrong With Texas” to name a few.  It wouldn’t be a Sunny Sweeney show without the radio hit “From A Table Away” which is also one of my favorite tracks.

Sunny Sweeney brings new tracks to Ashley Street Station

One of my favorite newer tracks that Sunny is playing live now is called “Poet’s Prayer” and she dedicates it to artists playing out on the road.  On this night, she dedicated it to W.D. Miller who opened up the show.  She ended the set with a great rendition of “Bad Girl Phase” from Provoked.

I highly recommend seeing Sunny Sweeney live in a setting like this while you still can.  Her stock is rising and it won’t be long before she is headlining big theater shows like Cody Jinks is.  She is actually just starting a run of opening dates for Bob Seger’s final tour.  After that, she is always on tour and you can find her current dates at  I hope you get out to a show.

Introducing Country Roots Records.

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Mar 062019

I do a lot of work for a lot of people on this website, however I want to go back and share with you some of my own history. Around 2008 my divorce was in it’s infancy, and I found my paternal father in Kentucky. I began to live with him to get back on my feet again, and live once again for me. I focused my attention upon an idea I had for an underground music website, and how I could help proliferate the scene.

I had always listened to bands like Wayne The Train Hancock and the Old 97s, but never attended any festivals simply because there really weren’t many that featured it. Then, in 2010 I found this man and his dream he called Muddy Roots.

I didn’t know anybody, and I had no idea that my website would evolve into a ambassador for the brand, and all of it’s derivatives. I just knew I loved what he loved..history and obscure bands like the Jin Palace Jesters and Hot Club Of Cowtown, and on the flip Legends like Red Simpson.

The very first year I went I was completely timid and yet captivated by what I witnessed. Myspace was helping me find these bands like the Calamity Cubes, who happened to be the first band Mr. Jason ever booked. Muddy Roots turned me on to thousands of bands that culminated into my website around 2013, and shaped it into what it is today.

As the past few years I will be featuring articles from both he Muddy Roots Main Festival in Cookeville Tennessee, and the Nashville Boogie, which is an indoor Rockabilly and Western Swing festival in May.

But at this juncture I wanted to take time out to tell you about a new venture that Muddy Roots has been involved in, and that is called Country Roots Records. Now, recently Muddy Roots released the new Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners album called “That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More)”. That particular album made my TOP 50 OF 2018, and just recently Mr. Pat Reedy played a terrific set in Memphis at the Ameripolitan Awards showcases.

It’s totally normal to begin a newsletter with a framed design of yourself as “The Mudfather.” It’s a long story and I’ve got to get on to the news. We’ll leave it to legend.
We’ve had something in the works for a few years now and it is finally here. That would be an ALL-COUNTRY record label on our plate. Yes, this is technically our 3rd label but they all go hand in hand. Country Roots Records is a division of Muddy Roots Music Recordings dedicated to albums that come from Country Roots!
We’re pulling in talent from all corners of the earth. Well, all corners of the U.S., the U.K., Europe and Brasil for starters. And that’s not just the artists. We are also building a publicity and film team.
This is what happens when the underground current gets too strong. I’ll sweep you away in a river of mud. Country mud, this time.
We have TONS of releases in the works. We’re going to tell you about them below.
Be sure to follow Country Roots Records on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.
Troubled Times- Ben Jarrell Album Preview
We’ve pulled a few prior releases from other artists to the new label but this is our first NEW RELEASE ON COUNTRY ROOTS RECORDS!
Ben Jarrell reminds us of the real reasons we love country music! Born in South Alabama, Ben is now based out of Nashville, TN. His debut album, Troubled Times, recorded at Southern Ground Studios Nashville, is a fresh blend of hard-hitting Southern Rock, Outlaw Country, and Americana all topped with emotionally engaging lyrics. Ben tells stories that everyone can relate to but very few have ever lived! You can order your copy of Troubled Times

You will all be hearing more of Mr. Ben Jarrell on here my friends as he releases his new music.

Ol’ Pat Reedfy is back at it! We’re working on the next album now, due out this Autumn. John James of the Deslondes is producing. He’s touring every from Alaska, the West Coast, The Mid-West, the U.K. & Europe this year so bring your ass out!
“Everyone has a different songwriting process. Mine seems to be a hangover and a dump truck,” Reedy says, laughing. “I definitely had to write some of the songs really quickly because I was supposed to be doing something else.” – Wide Open Country
“Sounds Like: Gritty AM-country gold spinning on a truck-stop jukebox”
-Rolling Stone Country

This company has many great releases coming. Ameripolitan winner Miss Grace Adelle you can read more about that HERE.

Think classic Gene Autry style Christmas Record. That’s what we’re working on right now. The Farmer & Adele hit the studio in March.
With the sounds of classic songwriting in their music and the future in their sights, The Farmer & Adele are reimagining the modern cowboy/cowgirl while respecting its beginnings. Based out of Nashville, TN, The Farmer & Adele – led by Grace Adele and Keenan Wade – leads the pack of a new wave of musicians revitalizing western swing music. With a star-studded record, award nominations and their own morning radio show, The Farmer & Adele are a one-two punch of classic meets modern.
The Farmer & Adele have also quickly rooted themselves into the fabric of music communities near and far. The band’s debut effort, Into the Wide Open Sky, was selected to be featured as part of Nashville Public Library’s Boombox series, a closely curated music collection highlighting the best artists in Nashville. Most recently, the band was nominated by the Ameripolitan Music Awards for Best Western Swing Group. Also, their annual Country and Western Christmas Party tour is a beloved tradition that travels annually nationwide, featuring classic Christmas tunes, original holiday songs and their own take on The Nutcracker with a western swing twist.

And I’ll also be heavily covering their festivals..You can read all about the Nashville Boogie HERE. I shall have a TON of information up SOON about Muddy Roots Music Festival.

Hello Gary,
It’s totally normal to begin a newsletter with a framed design of yourself as “The Mudfather.” It’s a long story and I’ve got to get on to the news. We’ll leave it to legend.
We’ve had something in the works for a few years now and it is finally here. That would be an ALL-COUNTRY record label on our plate. Yes, this is technically our 3rd label but they all go hand in hand. Country Roots Records is a division of Muddy Roots Music Recordings dedicated to albums that come from Country Roots!
We’re pulling in talent from all corners of the earth. Well, all corners of the U.S., the U.K., Europe and Brasil for starters. And that’s not just the artists. We are also building a publicity and film team.
This is what happens when the underground current gets too strong. I’ll sweep you away in a river of mud. Country mud, this time.
We have TONS of releases in the works. We’re going to tell you about them below.
Be sure to follow Country Roots Records on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.
Troubled Times- Ben Jarrell Album Preview
We’ve pulled a few prior releases from other artists to the new label but this is our first NEW RELEASE ON COUNTRY ROOTS RECORDS!
Ben Jarrell reminds us of the real reasons we love country music! Born in South Alabama, Ben is now based out of Nashville, TN. His debut album, Troubled Times, recorded at Southern Ground Studios Nashville, is a fresh blend of hard-hitting Southern Rock, Outlaw Country, and Americana all topped with emotionally engaging lyrics. Ben tells stories that everyone can relate to but very few have ever lived! You can order your copy of Troubled Times
Todd Day Waits is in the studio now working on a 7″ release with Country Roots Records. We’ll have that pressed and waiting for his European tour this summer!
He’ll have dates with many of our friends over their including The Country Side of Harmonica Sam and Marcel Bontempi’s Snake Oil Company. More info at link below.
Ol’ Pat Reedfy is back at it! We’re working on the next album now, due out this Autumn. John James of the Deslondes is producing. He’s touring every from Alaska, the West Coast, The Mid-West, the U.K. & Europe this year so bring your ass out!
“Everyone has a different songwriting process. Mine seems to be a hangover and a dump truck,” Reedy says, laughing. “I definitely had to write some of the songs really quickly because I was supposed to be doing something else.” – Wide Open Country
“Sounds Like: Gritty AM-country gold spinning on a truck-stop jukebox”
-Rolling Stone Country
Think classic Gene Autry style Christmas Record. That’s what we’re working on right now. The Farmer & Adele hit the studio in March.
With the sounds of classic songwriting in their music and the future in their sights, The Farmer & Adele are reimagining the modern cowboy/cowgirl while respecting its beginnings. Based out of Nashville, TN, The Farmer & Adele – led by Grace Adele and Keenan Wade – leads the pack of a new wave of musicians revitalizing western swing music. With a star-studded record, award nominations and their own morning radio show, The Farmer & Adele are a one-two punch of classic meets modern.
The Farmer & Adele have also quickly rooted themselves into the fabric of music communities near and far. The band’s debut effort, Into the Wide Open Sky, was selected to be featured as part of Nashville Public Library’s Boombox series, a closely curated music collection highlighting the best artists in Nashville. Most recently, the band was nominated by the Ameripolitan Music Awards for Best Western Swing Group. Also, their annual Country and Western Christmas Party tour is a beloved tradition that travels annually nationwide, featuring classic Christmas tunes, original holiday songs and their own take on The Nutcracker with a western swing twist.
Nashville Wine On The Rails
Ever been day drinkin’ on an original 1950’s streamliner train? We charter an ol’ passenger train out of Nashville and haul folks all gussied up the rails to a couple different venues. This January we went to the Mill at Lebanon, TN.
Check out the photos by Jeremy Reaux below
3 Music Festivals In 2 Countries
Muddy Roots Europe 7th annual (Belgium)
Announcing bands soon!
The 8th annual Belgian Muddy Roots festival date is announced and tickets are on sale.
Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender 5th annual
5th Annual Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender
2019 room reservations are already available through our website!
Day & Weekend passes available!
Follow our FB & IG for 2018 pics and updates.
10th annual Muddy Roots Music Festival.
We started announcing bands. It’s already to hot to handle.
Interested in learning more about
Muddy Roots Record releases?
Our shop is now closed to the public. Consider it our war room. We’re going to sell off our non-muddy records. 90% DISCOUNT ON ALL VINYL. (Not our label stuff)
12″ New vinyl, Bullseye El Toro Vinyl
El Toro Records Sweden
Side A: “Jesus Christ Twist”
Side B: “Howlin’ Wind”
Just $4 ya cheap bastards.

Album Feature – Urban Pioneers – Come Out Swingin’

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Mar 042019

By Joshua Wallace

The Urban Pioneers are back with their sixth album.  It’s a follow up to last year’s double releases of Hillbilly Swing Music and The Urban Pioneers String Band Play 10 Old Timey Favorites.  This album goes back to more of a country and bluegrass feel for the band and I feel like it is one of their strongest releases yet.  Jared McGovern continues to grow as a singer and songwriter while Liz Sloan continues to be an amazing fiddle player and singer in her own right.  Let’s take a deeper look at some of these tracks.

The album kicks off with a mostly instrumental jam in the title track “Come Out Swingin”.  The track lets you know what you’re in for as the band comes out swingin’ for the opener.  It’s mostly an instrumental till the very end with a quick chorus of the title.  I love the Tejano stylings of “Hungover Texans”.  It’s something different for the Urban Pioneers as the band continues to show different sides of their music.  The folk punk band out of San Marcos, TX called 36″ Wheels who originally did the song.  I love the addition of the accordion by Abel Casillas on this track.

Another favorite is “Holdin’ On” and this track is a slower track that showcases Jared’s songwriting.  This track is also some of vocals from this band across their six albums.  Liz Sloan’s fiddle solo is great here as well.  “People Vs. Me” is another example of Jared’s great songwriting.  It’s about his his own personal run in with the law.  The story of that is out there and I won’t recount it here, however Jared turns it into one hell of a protest ballad about the entire experience.  However, the best protest song on the album, and possibly my new favorite Urban Pioneers song is “TPAA”.  I can actually see this being a crowd favorite for live shows as it’s a fun protest song against corrupt cops everywhere.

I have been following the Urban Pioneers since before day one of this band and I have seen them grow as a band.  I’ve seen their style evolve and the core unit of Jared McGovern and Liz Sloan grow as musicians and as a unit.  This sixth album from the Urban Pioneers represents some of their best work, and that is hot on the heals of Hillbilly Swing Music which also represented some of their best work.  You can find this album everywhere as of Friday February 22nd, 2019 and the band is always on tour in support of their music.  They’re currently on tour with Scott H. Biram and The Goddamn Gallows and you can find those dates below with ticket details on the band’s website.

Favorite Tracks : Come Out Swingin’, Hungover Texans, Holdin’ On, People vs Me, Flint, MT, TPAA

Urban Pioneers – Come Out Swingin’ (2019)

  1. Come Out Swingin’
  2. Ragamuffin
  3. Hard Work and Dedication
  4. Old Fashioned Love
  5. Piggy Man
  6. Hungover Texans
  7. Holdin’ On
  8. Singin’ Tractor Driver
  9. People vs Me
  10. Election Day
  11. Flint, MI
  12. TPAA

From March 7- April 7 On tour with The Goddamn Gallows and Scott H Biram

Thu, MAR 07 – Beachland Ballroom & Tavern – Cleveland, OH
Fri, MAR 08 – The Shrunken Head – Columbus, OH
Sat, MAR 09 – Mr. Smalls Theatre – Millvale, PA
Sun, MAR 10 – King’s Rook Club – Erie, PA
Tue, MAR 12 – The Bug Jar – Rochester, NY
Wed, MAR 13 – The Stone Church – Brattleboro, VT
Thu, MAR 14 – The Shaskeen Pub and Restaurant – Manchester, NH
Fri, MAR 15 – Cafe 9 – New Haven, CT
Sat, MAR 16 – Stanhop House – Stanhope, NJ
Sun, MAR 17 – Kingsland Bar & Grill – Brooklyn, NY
Mon, MAR 18 – City Winery DC – Washington, DC
Wed, MAR 20 – The Camel – Richmond, VA
Thu, MAR 21 – The Ramkat – Winston-salem, NC
Fri, MAR 22 – The Jinx – Savannah, GA
Sat, MAR 23 – The Grey Eagle – Asheville, NC
Sun, MAR 24 – The Earl – Atlanta, GA
Tue, MAR 26 – Saturn – Birmingham, AL
Thu, MAR 28 – The Concourse – Knoxville, TN
Fri, MAR 29 – The Basement East – Nashville, TN
Sat, MAR 30 – Buzz Bomb Brewing Co – Springfield, IL
Sun, MAR 31 – Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
Tue, APR 02 – The Burl – Lexington, KY
Wed, APR 03 – The Southgate House Revival – The Sanctuary – Newport, KY
Thu, APR 04 – The Brass Rail – Fort Wayne, IN
Fri, APR 05 – Pabst Milwaukee Brewery & Taproom – Milwaukee, WI
Sat, APR 06 – Reggies Rock Club – Chicago, IL
Sun, APR 07 – The Sanctuary – Detroit, MI

Album Feature – Vandoliers – Forever

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Mar 042019

By Joshua Wallace

The Vandoliers bring a unique sound to the alt country scene.  They have a mix that bends alt country, punk Tejano and even some southern rock influence.  Forever is the band’s first album since signing to Bloodshot Records and what I believe is their third overall album.  Let’s take a dive into some of these tracks.

The album kicks off with “Miles and Miles” which gives you a hint at the vibe you’ll get throughout the album.  This track is a mix of alt country with punk rock grit that sets the tone for the album. I also dig the next track “Troublemaker” which has a bit of a Rancid influence.  This track brings in the band’s Tejano sound as well. It’s a unique mix that makes for a fun track.

Another fun track is  “All In Black”. I love the horn riff that highlights this one.  Stick around for the awesome guitar solo too. Speaking of guitars, “Shoshone Rose” is a highlight if you’re into modern southern rock.  The track opens with a killer groove that permeates through the track. It’s the best guitar work of the album and I dig it. Finally, the ballad “Cigarettes In The Rain” is a highlight.  It’s another change of pace for the album that really highlights the songwriting for this awesome group.

If you like your country with a bit of a different flavor, this album is for you.  There is a mix of alt country, punk rock, Tejano and even southern rock here. It all melds together well to create an amazing melting pot of influences on one album.  If you’re new to the Vandoliers like I am, dive right in and give this record a shot. It’s available everywhere you can find good music from Bloodshot Records as of February 15th, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Miles and Miles, Troublemaker, All On Black, Sixteen Years, Shoshone Rose, Tumbleweed

Vandoliers – Forever (2019)

  1. Miles and Miles
  2. Troublemaker
  3. All On Black
  4. Fallen Again
  5. Sixteen Years
  6. Shoshone Rose
  7. Bottom Dollar Boy
  8. Cigarettes In The Rain
  9. Nowhere Fast
  10. Tumbleweed

Introducing “Voices In The Hall” A New Podcast From The Country Music Hall Of Fame And Museum

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Mar 032019
Just Announced
Just Announced: Voices in The Hall A Podcast by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: Season One Begins Feb. 22
Featuring artists Dierks Bentley, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Rosanne Cash, Dave Cobb, Jessi Colter, Larry Gatlin, Emmylou Harris, Sierra Hull, Ricky Skaggs, Ray Stevens, Charlie Worsham
Listen. Subscribe. Share. @VoicesInTheHall | #VoicesInTheHall |
The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum presents Voices in the Hall, insightful conversations with compelling artists, from megawatt stars to highly influential players, who propel the story of American music forward. Host Peter Cooper is the Museum’s senior director, producer, and writer.


Here is where you can find out more information..

Dierks Bentley

Singer-songwriter Dierks Bentley came to Nashville as a Vanderbilt student and soon found himself immersed in the city’s street-level

February 22, 201940:14Listen »

Dave Cobb

Dave Cobb is the most respected and admired producer of country music’s 2010s, or whatever we call the second decade of the

February 22, 201936:28Listen »

Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash has won four Grammy awards, has scored fifteen Top 20 country hits, has written one of music’s great memoirs in

February 22, 201925:35Listen »

Ricky Skaggs

As the first out of the gate in what is often called country music’s “neo-traditionalist movement” in 1981, Ricky Skaggs helped bring

February 22, 201934:58Listen »

Voices to Come

Episode 7: Jessi Colter

Episode 8: Ray Stevens

Episode 9: Sierra Hull

Episode 10: Larry Gatlin

Episode 11: Emmylou Harris – Part I 

Episode 12: Emmylou Harris – Part II

Music Festivals 2019: Luck Reunion.

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Mar 032019

Del Fest
Old Settler’s Music Festival
The John Hartford Music Festival
High Water festival
Mardi Gras Texas Style
Moonrunners Music Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Master Musician’s Festival
Suwanee Spring Reunion
ROMP Festival
Red Ants Pants
Aiken Bluegrass festival


Luck Reunion Reveals 2019 Festival Lineup
Live From Austin’s Cactus Cafe
Presenting Sponsor Southwest Airlines® Kicks Off 2019
“Southwest: On The Rise to Luck” Program
February 7, 2019 – Austin, TX – Luck Reunion, the flagship festival of Luck Productions, is pleased to announce the 2019 lineup for the annual event taking place at Willie Nelson’s “Luck, TX” on Thursday, March 14th. Along with presenting sponsor Southwest, the boutique collective unveiled the diverse artist roster as part of the Lucky Draw Live ticketing event hosted at the iconic Cactus Cafe and presented in partnership with KUTX.
Lucky Draw Live was the third installment of Luck Reunion’s fan-forward ticket buying initiative; offering fans the opportunity to buy tickets in-person, in addition to anintimate performance from Hayes Carll and Southwest: On The Rise to Luck 2018 winner, Thomas Csorba.
Anchored by a performance by Willie Nelson & Family, the 2019 Reunion will showcase more than 40 artists representing a wide swath of genres across five stages. The World Headquarters Stage, situated outside of Nelson’s famed “Headquarters” haunt will feature acts such as Shakey Graves, Steve Earle & The Dukes, Lukas Nelson, and more; while the Sources Stage will host a full female roster headlining Mavis Staples and will feature kick-ass ladies including Brandy Zdan, Mountain Man, Courtney Marie Andrews, Yola, and more. Nathaniel Rateliff will return to Luck with an intimate set on the Chapel Stage, preceded by artists including Cedric Burnside, Nicole Atkins & Jim Sclavunos, and The Cactus Blossoms; and the crowd-favorite Revival Tent will welcome celebrated acts such as Strand Of Oaks, Langhorne Slim & The Law, and Low Cut Connie. In true Luck fashion, surprise special guests will join Jade Jackson on the Saloon Stage lineup.
The full lineup is as follows:
Willie Nelson & Family
Steve Earle & The Dukes
Shakey Graves
Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real
The Marcus King Band
Matthew Logan Vasquez
Illuminati Hotties
Particle Kid
Paula Nelson & Jesse Dayton
Southwest® Artist On The Rise
Mavis Staples
Mountain Man
Courtney Marie Andrews
Haley Heynderickx
Angie McMahon
Sunny War
Brandy Zdan
Hayes Carll
Strand Of Oaks
Langhorne Slim & The Law
Low Cut Connie
The Nude Party
Quaker City Nighthawks
Thomas Csorba
E.B. The Younger
Logan Ledger
Nathaniel Rateliff
Cedric Burnside
Nicole Atkins & Jim Sclavunos
The Cactus Blossoms
Dylan LeBlanc
J.S. Ondra
Billy Strings
Lola Kirke
Waylon Payne
The Lucky Draw Live event on Feb. 7th also served as the official reveal of the three contenders for the 2019 Southwest: Artist On The Rise To Luck program, a platform created by the airline dedicated to supporting the careers of developing artists and demonstrating the initiative to propel up-and-coming creatives. Beginning today, fans will be called upon to learn more about the three finalists via the carrier’s music website, Later this month, fans will have a chance to vote on to help determine who will win a coveted main stage slot at this year’s Luck Reunion. As part of Thursday’s Lucky Draw Live, Southwest’s 2018 Artist On The Rise, Thomas Csorba, revealed this year’s contenders:
Madison Cunningham: Los Angeles, California
Katie Pruitt: Nashville, Tennessee
Cha Wa: New Orleans, Louisiana
The burgeoning artist platform is upping its ante this year. Beginning in March the selected Artists On The Rise, chosen by a panel of music industry experts, will embark on a three-city Southwest: On The Rise to Luck Live Tour, presented by The Rustic,featuring live shows at each of the venue’s locations: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. While music-lovers across the country vote via for their top choice, Texas fans will have the opportunity to check out all three acts vying for the sought-after Luck Reunion set. For more information, please visit The Rustic’s event page.
March 7 – The Rustic Dallas; 3656 Howell St.
March 8 – The Rustic San Antonio; 17619 La Cantera Parkway at The RIM
March 9 – The Rustic Houston; 1836 Polk St.
Luck Reunion presented by Southwest, will take place on March 14th in Luck, TX, less than thirty miles outside of Austin, and feature both artists who have defined American music and artists who are redefining it. Luck Reunion performers, or “Luck Family” as they’ve grown to be called, all take after the event’s gracious host, free-wheeling legend Willie Nelson, in that they bow to nothing but inspiration, refuse to play it safe, and are always open for collaboration. In between once in a lifetime sets from their favorite new artists, fans will have plenty of chances to refuel in style with refreshments by The Mountain Valley Spring Water and food options curated by Austin Food + Wine Alliance, celebrating Central Texas chefs who are pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to have a cookout in the Hill Country.
For more information on this year’s festival, please visit Luck Reunion’s Website. For more information Luck’s ticketing process, please visit Luck Reunion – Ticketing. Please note there will be one remaining “Lucky Draw” on Friday, February 22nd.
About Luck Productions:
Luck Productions is a rogue cultural collective headquartered in Willie Nelson’s Luck, TX. Anchored by its flagship event, the annual Luck Reunion, Luck Productions creates experiences that embrace our past while cultivating new traditions in American roots culture. In addition to the Reunion, Luck Productions has hosted pop-up events including “Luck Mansion” residencies during Nashville’s AmericanaFest; a featured stage activation during Highwater Festival; the “Luck Hotel” content and concert series in Dallas; and the new “Luck Social” supper and song series held in Luck, TX.
About Southwest Airlines Co.:
In its 48th year of service, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines Co. (NYSE: LUV) continues to differentiate itself from other air carriers with exemplary Customer Service delivered by more than 58,000 Employees to a Customer base topping 120 million passengers annually. Southwest became the nation’s largest domestic air carrier in 2003 and maintains that ranking based on the U.S. Department of Transportation’s most recent reporting of domestic originating passengers boarded. In peak travel seasons, Southwest operates more than 4,000 weekday departures among a network of 99 destinations in the United States and 10 additional countries. Southwest has announced its intention to serve Hawaii, subject to requisite governmental approvals.
Southwest coined Transfarency® to describe its purposed philosophy of treating Customers honestly and fairly, and low fares actually staying low. Southwest is the only major U.S. airline to offer bags fly free® to everyone (first and second checked pieces of luggage, size and weight limits apply, some carriers offer free checked bags on select routes or in qualified circumstances), and there are no change fees, though fare differences might apply.
Southwest is one of the most honored airlines in the world, known for a triple bottom line approach that contributes to the carrier’s performance and productivity, the importance of its People and the communities they serve, and an overall commitment to efficiency and the planet. Learn more about how the carrier gives back to communities across the world by visiting
Book Southwest Airlines’ low fares online at Southwest Airlines or by phone at 800-I-FLY-SWA.




If you don’t know how this works, ask around. Luck, the Luck family of artists, and everyone on our team prides themselves on bringing together an exciting new lineup of music and offerings every year. Lineup will be announced soon enough!



We are a very small event with a large demand. We try our best to avoid ticket scalpers, bots and losers who wish to profit off of our collective good times. We don’t sell all of our tickets in one online sale and we have our own way of doing things. (For more in depth ticketing instructions visit

⚡ We distribute Luck Reunion tickets on a rolling basis via several Lucky Draw ticket drawings leading up to the event.

⚡️For each Lucky Draw, submissions will open one week prior to the Draw date. On the day of the Draw, winners will be picked at random and sent a code to purchase tickets.

⚡️The unique code must be used within 72 hours of release. If the code is not used, another code will be sent to the next randomly selected Lucky entrant.

⚡️Limit of 2 tickets per transaction

⚡️Each Lucky Draw is autonomous from the last. You must submit your email for each new Draw.

⚡️Our email list and social media is a great place to find out about potential ticket giveaways.

⚡️Luck Reunion is 21 + . Minors under the age of 21 may only enter under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. ID required at gates. Anyone over the age of 6 will require a ticket to the event

⚡️There will not be tickets sold at the gate – please do not come without a ticket in hand.

⚡️VIP tickets includes access to Oak Tree Lounge and World Headquarters front porch viewing areas and waived parking fee.

⚡️ Due to the desired intimacy of the event space by the Nelson family (and for your own enjoyment) this event has a capacity cap. We know that this means many of our loyal fans will not get tickets every year. Please try your best to keep your eye on sales and giveaways and know that we are doing our best to make sure every fan has an equal chance to be #inluck. As the Rolling Stones said it best; “You can’t always get what you want”…

⚡️This is a rain or shine event – no exceptions or refunds – On occasion authorities may ask us to hold gates or temporarily evacuate the grounds in the case of an emergency. In this case we will do our best to communicate updates via the Luck app and social media. Should authorities mandate a full event shut down we will handle refunds only in the case that the event was not open to the public for at least 6 hours. No refunds will be granted for any other reason. 

⚡️No animals allowed – ADA service animals allowed with valid credentials.



⚡️Beverages are complimentary (even the adult kind) and we will have a variety to choose from…

⚡️We have enlisted some amazing food trucks and vendors to keep even the most picky of appetites happy. We have asked our food truck partners to be conscious of vegan and vegetarian dietary needs. In addition we are asking more vendors to attend than ever before. We are always conscious of having more food available to our guests.



⚡️Reserve your round trip ticket on our charter bus from downtown Austin to the 2019 Luck Reunion. There are a handful of schedules to choose from. These charter busses will run with assigned times and schedules. If you are familiar with our past bus programs we think you will really dig the upgrade! Click here to purchase your bus tickets:


⚡️Parking – On-site parking available for $20 and is available on a first come first serve basis. We will have signs pointing you in the right direction as you get closer to the event site. Once the on-site lot is full we will direct overflow to our new overflow lots. These lots will have provided shuttle service to and from event. We will do our best to make the experience as fast and enjoyable as possible. please enjoy the experience. Lots of great people to get in and out of our gates! Parking lot will open at 10am on March 14th.

⚡️No overnight parking or camping

⚡️Single space vehicles only. No RVs, campers, passenger vans or busses allowed on site without prior consent.

⚡️Carpooling is recommended

⚡️Be sure to check the availability of your favorite rideshare company – not all rideshare companies may be in play where you are originating from. We will have a designated car-share drop of area.



⚡️This is the Nelson’s home and working ranch and as such we recommend our guests stay within the gated confines of event and not disturb the wildlife and animals

⚡️Blankets and “blanket villages” are only allowed off the main throughways in low-traffic areas. Please respect the requests of our many volunteers and team members helping us keep the peace and enjoyable viewing for everyone!

⚡️This may not be the best atmosphere for the little one but if you do bring the family please keep an eye on your flock

⚡️There is seating in the Revival Tent, and some of the food truck areas but be advised it is an all day festival and you will be on your feet a lot. We do not allow outside chairs or seating unless an ADA accessibility request is presented.

⚡️We will have complimentary water stations on site – feel free to bring an empty water bottle – don’t get sneaky… we know your ways! Besides, why bother – beverages are free?

⚡️Prepare for the elements – it’s Texas y’all so it could be any range of weather conditions. We have seen a range of between 45 and 105 on our event dates and if you were there in 2016 you know to be prepared for anything. We won’t give up until you do or safety is at stake.



Our ADA team is here to support all handicapped and disabled individuals to the best of our ability. We trust that you have reviewed the Festival Grounds info to ensure this is the perfect environment for you prior to purchasing a ticket. If you have a unique case send us a direct message and we will work with you on supporting your needs for a great day in Luck



We may require bag checks at the gate. This ain’t a border checkpoint but you catch our drift. Bring your blankets and the gear you need for the elements (sun screen etc..) You may bring an empty water bottle to use at our complimentary water stations.


The items below – leave em at home.

⚡️Outside food & beverage



⚡️Weapons (see our firearm statement below)

⚡️substances… you know what we mean, right?

⚡️Bad vibes

⚡️Oh yeah, and again, no pets. – ADA service animals allowed with valid credentials.



Yeah we know, everyone is a photographer these days. Take a few photos and tag #luckreunion when you share them. Please be courteous to your fellow attendees and don’t hold your damn phone in the air all day long. Professional photo and video cameras are not allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any DSLR / video cameras etc… will require a press pass or you will be asked to leave the event.



Listen y’all our guiding principal is based on the family code, “Don’t be an Asshole”. Willie Nelson and his family are letting us throw you a party in his backyard. Be respectful of them and each other, pick up after yourself and if you smoke dispose of yer butts in a proper way. Do not bother the rescue horses and other wildlife. Stay within the confines of the fenced areas. Prepare for a music festival environment with limited access to seating and shade. This is an outdoor, rain or shine event – plan accordingly. Have a great time and be cool – can’t be any easier than that.