2019 Music Festivals: Larry Joe Taylor Festival.

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Apr 212019

Larry Joe Taylor Festival or LJT is one of the state of Texas’ most revered and beloved festivals within the Red Dirt community and the state of Texas. It’s been a staple feature of my festival series for some time now, with more focus on this scene as my website grows into what I’m doing for the community all over America.

I cover 175 festivals yearly and on the right hand side there is my guide you can hit the names and it will take you to their links for the festivals, I update them when the festival happens or just I put up the advance article for them. This is one of my first years writing an info article about this festival for them. This article will have my usual information about them (as you know I cover 175 yearly festivals), including maps, videos and ticket links.
This festival is one of the larger ones I cover with many options available please click HERE for ticket information.

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2019 Texas Music Festival Entertainment Lineup
– entertainers & time schedule subject to change –

Monday, April 22nd – 6-Day Ticket

Stage Starts 5:00 pm
31st Annual
Texas Music Festival
“Welcome Jam”
with Artists TBA
Tuesday, April 23rd – 5-Day Ticket

Stage Starts 3:00 pm

Stage Starts 6:00 pm
Wednesday, April 24th – 4-Day Ticket

Stage Starts 10:00 am

Stage Starts 12:30 pm

Stage Starts 5:00 pm
Thursday, April 25th – 3-Day Ticket
Stage Starts 10:00 am

Stage Starts 12:30 pm

Stage Starts 5:00 pm
Friday, April 26th – 2-Day Ticket

Stage Starts 10:00 am

Stage Starts 12:00 noon

Stage Starts 5:00 pm
Saturday, April 27th – 1-Day Ticket

Stage Starts 10:00 am

Stage Starts 12:30 pm

Stage Starts 5:00 pm

Stage Starts 11:00 pm
– entertainers & time schedule subject to change –

Texas Music Festival Camping Information~ HOW DO I GET A CAMPSITE ~

Anyone trying to upgrade or acquire more sites to a previous reservation must call our office at (254) 968-8505 or (254) 968-6204 to make reservations.
Online purchases – Once the order has been placed our office staff will assign you a campsite based on the criteria you provided in the purchased. The campsite assigned will be the best site available at the time of your purchase. You will receive an email within 24 hours with the assigned site.*All Camping Reservations Are Final And Non-Refundable*
All Camping decals purchases after April 2nd will be held at Will Call at the camping gate under the original purchasers name.CAMPING PRICES
*Only one vehicle allowed per campsite*
Type of Campsite Advance Price Gate Upgrade
Electric and Water
(3 night minimum)
Section D
sites are 28′ x 35′
50 AMP $65.00
30 AMP $58.00

per day
50 AMP $70.00
30 AMP $63.00

per day
Electric and Water
30 AMP (3 night minimum)
Section E

sites are 25′ x 35′
per day
per day
Preferred Camping
(3 night minimum)
Non-electric & Non-water
Preferred Section A, B, C, F
sites are 30′ x 32′
Shiner Group
sites are 25′ x 35′
per day
per day
Reserved Camping
(2 night minimum)
Non-electric & Non-water
Reserved Section A, F, G, H
sites are 30′ x 32′
per day
per day
Keystone Non-Reserved
(1st come, 1st serve upon arrival)
(2 night minimum)
sites are limited to 30′ x 32′
per day
per day
More Information Here! $318.00
up to


General Open Camping Reservations
Sign Up for Email UpdatesSign up for Camping and Ticket Updates.

General open camping reservations begin February 5, 2018 @ 10:00 am Central Time

If you DID NOT HAVE a campsite last year, you may reserve site(s) during this period.
Sites not re-reserved will be available at 10:00 am on February 5th, 2018.

Also advance purchase of unmarked, primitive campsites will be available on January 15th, 2018. These sites are not marked and will be available on a first come first serve basis upon arrival.

By reserving these sites you will be guaranteed a camping spot at the festival.

6-Day Ticket holders WITH 6-Day Camping will have the ability to upgrade their
camping to 7-Days at the gate to come in early on Sunday, April 22nd (gates open at 12:00 noon)

NOTE: To reserve a 4, 5 or 6-Day campsite you must purchase a 4, 5 or 6-day ticket.
*Only one vehicle allowed per campsite*
*All Camping Reservations Are Final And Non-Refundable*
Every campsite must be kept clean – any campsite found to be left unclean will result in a $30 charge applied to the purchaser’s credit card. It is the original purchasers responsibility to make sure campsites have been picked up and cleaned upon leaving the festival grounds. No household furniture or large items may be left behind. Please have all trash bagged and ready for pick up upon leaving the festival grounds.
There will be a FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE to and from the festival Wednesday through Sunday (donations accepted). Call Donnie Hill at (254) 300-7558 to schedule a ride.
Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 12:00 pm – 1:00 am
Friday: Will start picking up at 12:00 pm and run around the clock thru 6:00 am Sunday morning.
You can call the day you need the ride but it helps if you call 24 hours in advance. You can bring your coolers on the van but NO open containers allowed.
~NEW~ All drop-offs and pick-ups will now be in the parking lot.
(a much closer walk to and from the stage)
Provided by Jesus Crew Ministry, BSM and Anytime Fitness
Need to Rent an RV?
3500 S Central Expy
McKinney, TX 75070
Local: (972) 562-1900
Reservations: (800) 367-6507
Fax: (972) 562-3990
CLICK HERE to view
El Monte RV pricing & packages!
CLICK HERE to view
El Monte RV Campsites!
5100 Airport Freeway
Ft. Worth, TX 76117
Phone: (817) 834-7141

Other Campsite Information
Dogs allowed on leash in campground, however NO DOGS ALLOWED in concert areas
Water & Electric Sites
These sites each have water and a 30 amp electrical plug (please make sure you have the appropriate adapter for a 30 amp receptacle) All sites must be reserved for a minimum of 3 days.
Shiner Group
These sites are a little larger than our normal sites and are located in “Shiner” Section on the map and are easy access to both the Bud Light Stage and the Allsups Stage. These sites will be sold in groups of 7,6,5,3,2 and a few singles will also be available. These sites have been carved out of a wooded area located next to section D & E. These sites have plenty of shade and are in a low traffic part of the ranch campground. All sites must be reserved for a minimum of 3 days.
Preferred Camping Section A, B, C & F
These sites are located at the front of section F on the camping map. Section A rows A thru H, Section B, Section C & Section F sites 11-19 will be within 200 yards of the West Stage and adjacent to the parking area and The Tuesday night Campground Stage. All sites must be reserved for a minimum of 3 days.
Reserved Non-Electric
These sites are marked sites in Section A rows I thru CC & all Tree Line sites, F sites 1-10, G, & H. By reserving these sites you will be guaranteed a marked off campsite in the section you choose. Sites are 32′ X 30′ in dimension. All sites must be reserved for a minimum of 2 days.
Keystone Non-Reserved
By reserving a Keystone non-reserved campsite you will be guaranteed a campsite, however these sites are not marked off and the location of your campsite will be on a first come, first serve basis when you arrive. These sites will be located in the Keystone non-reserved camping area only. Please limit these sites to a 30′ X 30′ dimension. All sites must be reserved for a minimum of 2 days.
Only one motorized vehicle is allowed per campsite. All other vehicles must park in the designated parking area. Vehicles without a camping decal will not be allowed to enter the campground at any time. Please make sure all camping supplies are in the vehicle that has a camping decal. Motor homes will be allowed to have one additional vehicle, however, the additional vehicle must be attached or directly behind the motor home upon arrival.
Camping Decals
Camping decals will be mailed for each campsite purchased in advance. These decals should be place on the vehicle that will be parked at the campsite. The first set of camping decals will be mailed out at the end of March.
More Information


We have built a permanent 22 stall shower house to provide the needs of festival-goers. There will be eleven men’s and eleven women’s showers each having a handicap accessible stall available on the camping grounds.

5-Day Shower Pass 4-Day Shower Pass 3-Day Shower Pass Single Shower Pass
$20.00 $17.00 $13.00 $5.00

Shower House Hours:
Open: 7:00 am – 1:00 pm
Closed for cleaning: 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Open: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

There are ample porta-jons around the stage area as well as in the camping areas, however, if you would like to reserve a private porta-jon for your campsite please call (254) 968-2191.
Your camping decals will be sent to you in the mail along with your campsite numbers at the end of March.
Place this decal on the upper left windshield of your primary vehicle used for camping before you enter the festival grounds in April.

*Only one vehicle allowed per campsite*
*All Camping Reservations Are Final And Non-Refundable*
Parking Decal Price & Gate Hours
Parking decals will grant your vehicle admission into the PARKING LOT, these decals WILL NOT give you any kind of of vehicle admission into the CAMPGROUND. These decals should be placed on the vehicle that will be parked in the parking lot. Parking decals are not transferable from one vehicle to another.
After you purchase your parking, You will receive an email within 24 hours with your parking barcode attached as a *pdf file for each decal. You must print and use these files to exchange for a decal to gain parking admission into the festival.
Parking Days Valid For Gate Hours Advance Price
+ Tax
Gate Price
*Tax Included
6-day parking Monday – April 23rd
Tuesday – April 24th
Wednesday – April 25th
Thursday – April 26th
Friday – April 27th
Saturday – April 28th
Monday – April 23rd
12:00 noon – 10:00 pm
(must have a 6-day ticket)
(must have a 6-day ticket)
5-day parking Tuesday – April 24th
Wednesday – April 25th
Thursday – April 26th
Friday – April 27th
Saturday – April 28th
Tuesday – April 24th
12:00 noon – 11:00 pm
(must have a 5-day ticket)
(must have a 5-day ticket)
4-day parking Wednesday – April 25th
Thursday – April 26th
Friday – April 27th
Saturday – April 28th
Wednesday – April 25th
9:00 am – 12:00 midnight
3-day parking Thursday – April 26th
Friday – April 27th
Saturday – April 28th
Thursday – April 26th
9:00 am – 12:00 midnight
2-day parking Friday – April 27th
Saturday – April 28th
Friday – April 27th
10:00 am – 12:00 midnight
1-day parking Saturday – April 28th Saturday – April 28th
10:00 am – 11:00 pm
*Tax Included
Absolutely NO GLASS bottles or containers allowed at Melody Mountain Ranch
Privacy Policy / Terms & Conditions
© 1989-2018 Larry Joe Taylor


Ticket update:
  • Last Call to Purchase Discounted Advance e-tickets!  Buy online thru Monday April 23 or call the office at 254-968-8505
  • Tickets available online all thru the festival at gate prices
  • Purchase locally from:
    Barefoot Athletics or Signs & Designs
  • Plenty of tickets available at the gate!
Camping Update:
  • Unlimited non-reserved camping available at the gate

Primitive Camping May be purchased online here.  Reserved sites can be purchased by calling the office at (254) 968-8505 thru Monday April 23.   

The Story Of Our Muddy Roots Waterfall.

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Apr 192019

There are many musical communities and circles I am involved in, but the Muddy Roots family was one of my first.To say that my website wasn’t born during the Muddy Roots Music Festival would be a lie. I began going on day 1 in 2010, I found out about this on Myspace, and I began loving these bands featured at this festival.

Since then the festival had a few changes in format featuring some iconic main acts, whole musical genre changes, and moving forward to proving that it HAS NO genre classifications. Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk Metal, these bands are ALL welcomed here by us.

What do I mean by “us”? What do I MEAN by saying these people are family to me? Well I think the start of this article should clarify these statements to you, my dear readers. Many of the people that attend this festival year in and year out are some of the most wonderful friends I have. Some of them have attended funerals with me for loved ones, and for others that have attended. We have attended other shows from other communities of music together as close friends, celebrated children being born, watching them grow up. Some of them I watched graduate high school, and enter college.

Right near the front gate of the campground there is a waterfall and swimming area that many of us retreat off to during the earlier hot part of the day ( and by hot I mean HOT), that I had no idea was for sale. The festival director Mr. Jason Galaz is a realtor and a merchandise printer by trade, and this story was too unique NOT to print!

I have heard rumors of Mr. Jason making a shuttle service possible for us festival goers to go and swim and picnic out there in that area. I spoke with Mr. Nathan Davey this morning and he wanted me to extend an open WELCOME to ALL folks, and he had this to say:

We have a few plans, and more ideas for what we will be doing here. Our first project will be doing a lot of clean up, a bit of clearing and getting the basic services installed. We welcome all friends new and old to visit the falls at any time.

It’s been a long tradition of Muddy Roots Music Festival attendees to visit the local waterfalls and now 2 of them just bought it!
Here’s the kicker, your promoter represented them as the buyer’s Realtor.
We really are one big family!
Waterloo Falls is located about a half mile from the gates of the Junebug Ranch that we host the festival on. On sunny days you can see truck loads of attendees venturing away for a cool dip. The property has always been privately owned and remains that way, but by one of our own “muddies.”
Alice Weaver and Nathan Davey made the drive out from San Diego, California in 2018 to attend the 9th annual Muddy Roots Fest. It seems only in our field could you go on a cross country adventure to a festival and come back owning a waterfall. How cool is that? There have been mentions of an official shuttle to the falls from the Junebug as well as potential RV spots. We’ll update you as we see them develop the land. One thing is for sure though, they want to keep it as close as possible to what it is now. Just add in some space for folks to camp. These are good people!
Listing agent was Skender Newton Realty
Buyer’s agent was Jason Galaz at EXIT Realty Elite www.findahomeintn.com
Your promoter is a real estate agent by day and festival planner by night. Jason Galaz the superhero.
He can help you move to our booming Middle Tennessee area or get the hell out of dodge! www.findahomeintn.com

Album Feature: Triston Marez : That Was All Of Me.

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Apr 192019

Many of our album reviews around here are not done by me, in fact Mr. Joshua Wallace does mostly all over our album review work. But once in awhile I  get a a hold of some good album, like this Red Dirt gem right here, that I was turned onto by my friends over at
Texas Music Pickers. Folks this fine young man is none other than Mr.Triston Marez. I’m working on a TON of festivals from many genres here tonight, and I think this man right here will fit right into many of the Texas music festivals like Larry Joe Taylor Festival, more on that bustling festival tonight on this website.

This album opened with a really well written song which is the title track of the album called “That Was All Me”, this was a damn good rabble rousing Honky Tonk song complete with good steel guitar licks that push this song up and down really well. I like the down slide in tempo of this song near the chorus. The song itself has a wonderful hook, that caught my attention right off the bat.

He possesses his own style, while maintaining relevance to other Texas Music performers. He sure could fit right in with many other guys and gals in this community. I enjoyed the ambiance of the song “Reservations For Two”, it paints a really good picture. Many of those “girl guy dirt road songs on a tailgate” are yawners….but not this one. The sincerity of Mr. Triston makes this song believable, like HE BELONGS singing these lyrics.

The best song on this entire album BY FAR is the slow song called “Where Rivers Are Red And Cowboys Are Blue” is absolutely amazing on all fronts. This song could have been given to someone like George Strait, and could be a hit, but his vocals make this song one of the best I have listened to all year. It has longing for a lost love, it has hope, and it has a damn good hook, and it has three chords and the truth. More album need to follow his formula!

That Was All Me

  1.  That Was All Me
  2. Reservations for Two
  3. Dizzy
  4. Where Rivers Are Red and Cowboys Are Blue
  5. Here’s to the Weekend

Guitars/Fiddle:  Jon Conley
Steel: Rusty Danmyer
Tim Denbo: Bass
Drums: Dave Racine
Keys: David Dorn
Produced By: David Dorn/Alex Torrez

Mr. Tracy Byrd Celebrates 25 Years With Massive Tour.

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Apr 192019

Yesterday I posted some great big news about Country Legend Miss Tanya Tucker, and in that article I said that many of the big names of the 90s are also making comebacks now. One of those names is Mr. Tracy Byrd, whose 1993 hit “Holding Heaven” marks it’s 25th year in 2019. He followed that up with a huge string of hits on ten studio albums, and gathered 34 singles emanating from four gold albums, one platinum, and one double platinum.

He has been taking time off and raising his family, restricting his shows to Texas only. But in 2019 he is changing that by touring on a national level alone and with fellow Texas hit maker Mr. Mark Chesnutt, who is playing the famed venue Red Rocks with Mr. Cody Jinks this year.

He still has not announced any plans for a new album in the near future but has indeed announced a plethora of show dates for 2019.

April 25 — Lebanon, Tenn. @ Cahoots
April 26 — Indianapolis, Ind. @ Saddle Up Saloon
April 27 — St. Charles, Ill. @ Arcada Theater
May 18 — Giddings, Texas @ Lee County Fair
June 1 — Fort Worth, Texas @ Billy Bob’s Texas
June 12 — Kearney, Neb. @ Merryman Performing Arts Center
June 14 — Karlstad, Minn. @ Kickin’ Country Festival
June 28 — Spring, Texas @ Big Texas
June 29 — Saldo, Texas @ Johnny’s Steaks & BBQ
July 24 — Longview, Wash. @ Cowlitz County Fair
July 26 — Caldwell, Idaho @ Canyon Country Fair
July 29 — Great Falls, Mont. @ Montana State Fair
Aug. 3 — Cambridge, Ohio @ Deerasic Classic
Aug. 6 — Hermiston, Ore. @ Umatilla County Fair
Aug. 7 — Tillamook , Ore. @ Tillamook County Fair
Aug. 8 — Albany, Ore. @ Riverfront Amphitheater
Aug. 23 — Knoxville, Tenn. @ Cotton Eyed Joe
Aug. 24 — Garden City, Ga. @ Garden City Bicentennial
Oct. 25 — Shipshewana, Ind. @ Bluegate Theater
Dec. 14 — Stafford, Texas @ Redneck Country Club
Dec. 21 — Beaumont, Texas @ Jefferson Theater

Album Feature – Nicholas Mudd – Nicholas Mudd

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Apr 182019

By Joshua Wallace

Nicholas Mudd has released his self titled debut record.  The Los Angeles, CA based country singer has released one hell of a debut record here.  This record is country through and through. It hits all you’d expect from a good country record too.  It is very much in the same vein as artists like Colter Wall and Paul Cauthen with just the right mix of folksy, country and western influences.

The album sets things off right with “Come With Me Tonight”.  A faster track that gets you up and moving with it’s shuffle beat and pedal steel guitar.  It’s a good start that gives you hope for the rest of the record. By the time you get to the third track, “Spinning Around”, you know you’ve found a gem.  This is a slow waltz number in a time when sad songs and waltzes still ain’t selling. It’s a song about being tired of spinning around this world without your loved one who might be long gone.

Another favorite is “Sit Right Here”.  This could be considered the drinking song of the record.  It’s another fun track like the opener and would make for a great dance tune at live shows.  Finally, “Sailing Song” closes out the album with a story song about a sailor and his travels around the world.  It gives you a chance to see the depth in this artist’s song writing to close out the record. Matt Pynn does an amazing job on pedal steel throughout this album and his effort is a standout performance in the band presented here.

Nicholas Mudd is impressive in his debut.  He displays excellent songwriting skills and he comes off as a more seasoned artist instead of a debut.  I hope Mudd can make it to the east coast at some point as I would love to see him live. His name will most certainly get out there more attached to a record like this. Nicholas Mudd’s ST debut LP is available everywhere as of April 12th, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Come With Me Tonight, Spinning Around, Sit Right Here, Sailing Song

Nicholas Mudd – Nicholas Mudd (2019)

  1. Come With Me Tonight
  2. Waiting On Me
  3. Spinning Around
  4. High Lonesome
  5. Fly Away
  6. Lady Of The Night
  7. Sit Right Here
  8. Sailing Song

Country Legend Miss Tanya Tucker Prepares New Album And Tour For 2019.

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Apr 172019


Right now I have a lengthy list of artists planning to make a comeback in 2019 that have previously been under the mainstream medias radar, but not under mine. In fact I have a list so long I could begin a series on them, but I just don’t have ample time to.

Tracey Byrd, John Anderson, Charlie Daniels, Clint Black, Travis Tritt, Darrell Worley….watch those names on here folks, because I’ll be a busy man over the holiday weekend for sure. There are a few more I have not listed on there that illI amaze you with later.

Country Music Legend Miss Tanya Tucker has announced intentions to release a brand new album this year, and an extensive tour to support said album. We already heard her re make her 1972 hit Delta Dawn that Mr Larry Collins wrote, on the new Hellbund Glory album Pinball, and at 57 we still witnessed her vocal abilities as spot on.

Now, we haven’t heard any new music from her since 2002, and in 2009 she released an album of classic covers. This past January Miss Brandi Carlile and Mr. Shooter Jennings co produced an all new album of original material entitled “While I’m Living”, to be released in fall.

Originally it was intended to be only Shooter in the pilot seat as producer, however he called Miss Brandi before production got under way. As most of you know he produced her latest album “By The Way I Forgive You”, which secured a spot on my TOP 50 list of 2018.

He called her in for the songs and the songwriting, while he handled the music portion. Miss Brandi and her partners Mr Phil and Mr. Tom Hanseroth wrote most of the songs on the album. According to Mr. Shooter, Miss Brandi handled taking care of Miss Tanya beyond his own expectations. She knelt down beside her as she layed out the vocals on every song.

Now as of this time, nobody has released any information concerning the songs. Also, no touring information has been released, however there is a large documentary being filmed about her as they recorded this project called “Delta Dawn, Then And Now The Return Of Tanya Tucker”.

Mr. Gene Watson Celebrates 40 Years Of Farewell Party.

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Apr 162019

One of my favorite Country Music albums of all time was the 1979 release Reflections, which boasted a number five hit for him called “Farewell Party”. The song spent sixteen weeks on the Billboard charts and quickly became the signature song for him and his band.

Not too long ago I covered his wonderful show at the Nashville Palace, where I quickly found out that time has not even remotely faltered his voice or his style. His band remains top notch in every way, and his new songs are just as traditional and pure as his classics. He hasn’t tried to update his sound to compete with anything mainsteam, and for that I applaud him.

On his website hehhad this to saysabout the song “The band  didn’t know the song, so they were making their chord charts on the fly while I was down on one knee in the middle of them singing and playing the guitar,” remembers Watson. “We hadn’t made the ending and when I decided to hit the last high note, the band just went with me. Even the background singers were singing their parts live and in one take. That moment, that’s what you hear on the record.”

To celebrate this milestone of his song’s fourtieth year, he has released a whopping number of 2019 dates and released a brand new Gospel album. He is enjoying the success of one of those singles now called “Build My Mansion Next Door To Jesus”, and he is currently on the road playing these dates.

Mar. 15-16  Ross Country Jamboree – Scottsburg, Ind.
Mar. 29  Coleman Theatre – Miami, Okla.
Mar. 30  Windstone Entertainment Center – Jefferson City, Mo.
Apr. 12  Opry House – Nashville, Tenn.
Apr. 13  Renfro Valley Entertainment Center – Mt. Vernon, Ky.
Apr. 20  Paradise Theatre at Margaritaville Casino – Bossier City, La.
Apr. 27  The Concho Palace – San Angelo, Texas.
May 03  Elijah Clark State Park – Lincolnton, Ga.
May 04  Red Barn Convention Center – Winchester, Ohio.
May 09  Palace Theatre – Corsicana, Texas.
May 10  Waco Hippodrome – Waco, Texas.
May 11  Arlington Music Hall – Arlington, Texas.
May 25  Music City Texas Theatre – Linden, Texas.
Jun. 15  Sugar Creek Casino – Hinton, Okla.
Jun. 21  Golden Nugget Lake Charles Grand Events Center – Lake Charles, La.
Jun. 22  IP Casino & Resort – Biloxi, Miss.
Jun. 28  Mainstreet Crossing – Tomball, Texas.
Jul. 26  Great Texas Balloon Race – Longview, Texas.
Aug. 02  Carl Perkins Theatre Civic Center – Jackson, Tenn.
Aug. 15  Tom Johnson Campground – Marion, N.C.
Aug. 17  The Liberty Showcase – Liberty, N.C.
Aug. 24  Redneck Country Club – Stafford, Texas.
Sept. 20  Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center – Midland, Texas.
Sept. 26  Red River Valley Fair – Paris, Texas.
Sept. 27  Titus County Fair – Mt. Pleasant, Texas.
Oct. 12  Renfro Valley Entertainment Center – Mt. Vernon, Ky.
Oct. 18  The Mansion Theatre – Branson, Mo.
Oct. 25-26  Kentucky Opry – Benton, Ky.
Nov. 02  Lebanon High School Gym – Lebanon, Va.
Nov. 08  The Mansion Theatre – Branson, Mo.
Nov. 15  Mainstreet Crossing – Tomball, Texas.

The Standard Deluxe Welcomes Mike And The Moonpies

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Apr 152019

By Joshua Wallace

Photo Credit : Joshua Wallace

Mike and The Moonpies

On Sunday March 31st, 2019, I got to scratch a concert venue off my bucket list.  I have wanted to go to the Standard Deluxe in Waverly, AL and see a concert at their “Little House” room ever since I heard of it.  This is a small room with what I think is a capacity of 65. However, they book acts you would normally see in bigger rooms. I was excited to finally get a chance to go to this venue for my first time seeing Mike and The Moonpies.  I have been a fan of the band for a few years but they rarely make it to my area in the southeast for touring. There was no opening act and the band ripped right into one hell of a set.

Mike Harmeier and Bass Player Omar Oyoque

When you pull up to the venue, you realize right away that this is a small place.  You park on the side of the street and the first thing you see is the feed shack. I didn’t have time to eat this evening, but it looked like good food.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add a Standard Deluxe hat to my collection of hats. The gift store is a separate building next to the feed shack. From there, I went on into the little house, and it was a small place.  I didn’t have much time to take it in fully because the show was just about to start.

Mike and The Moonpies Jamming on “Damn Strait”

The band opened with the barn burner “Road Crew” off the band’s most recent album Steak Night At The Prairie Rose.  This was one of my favorites off this album and the band was on point from the first note. Next they hit “Mockingbird” off the album by the same name.  That was followed up by “The Last Time” and “Damn Strait”, both songs written by longtime friend of Mike And The Moonpies Jonathan Terrell. I particularly enjoy “Damn Strait” which is on The Hard Way album.

Zach Moulton on Pedal Steel

The band then hit “Steak Night At The Prairie Rose” which is probably my favorite of Mike’s autobiographical songs.  Another great tune they hit off that same album was “Might Be Wrong”. Mike mentioned that the band has a new record pretty much done and played a new track called “You Look Good In Neon”.  I can’t wait to hear the studio version of this because it was a bit of strong songwriting that I want to hear again. The band got to a deeper cut I wouldn’t have expected them to play in the single only release “Country Music’s Dead” which I loved when it was released.  

Mike Harmeier, Catlin Rutherford (lead guitar), Omar Oyoque (bass guitar), Zach Moulton (pedal steel), Kyle Ponder (drums)

They got to one of my favorite Moonpies songs “Me And Hayes” off the The Hard Way album.  It was paired with an amazing cover of “Willie, Waylon And Me” by originally by David Allan Coe.  This was easily a highlight of the night for me. There was another new song in the set called “Danger” which has me even more hype for the new record.  The band also hit “Beaches Of Biloxi” and “We’re Gone” from the newest album before closing the night out with “The Real Country”.

Mike and The Moonpies at The Standard Deluxe

I highly recommend checking out Mike and The Moonpies live when you get a chance to.  I also can’t say enough good things about the Standard Deluxe in Waverly, AL. The Little House is a great listening room and I don’t think you will find a better small crowd venue in the southeast.  I hope to get to see one of their bigger concerts at some point later this year in their outdoor venue. You can find Mike and The Moonpies tour dates here and you can find info on the Standard Deluxe here.  

Outlaws Across The River.

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Apr 142019


Lone Star Music Promotions

Lone Star Music Promotions has a GREAT roster of singers/songwriter/entertainers that we book all over the United States, plus access to many others. Whether you need entertainment for your Fair, Bar, Lounge, Honkytonk, Private Event, etc. We can fit your needs from large to small, from a lunch time acoustic to a full blown concert. Give us a try…you WON’T be disappointed! Country – Rock -Blues – Rockabilly

Lone Star Music Promotions offers Artist Management, Booking, and Radio Promotion.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help to fulfill them.

In two weeks I shall be heading down to Mississippi for the first time ever to join some of my old friends to partake in some truly great local music. Some of these people I haven’t ran across in years, I literally mean YEARS. Mr. Tim Ledford and Miss Angie Erwin have personally invited yours truly to come down and cover this event. So on April 27th I will travel down there for some great music, and I urge you to come as well.

Miss Angie owns and operates Lone Star Music Promotions and Mr. Tim and Miss Jean Ledford and his family runs a GREAT local music venue for passing musicians.  We have been friends for many many years now, but I still have not been granted the opportunity to travel down there…well as of next week THAT WILL change, as I venture down to cover this event.

I have constructed a spotify list  below, and it includes all the folks I could find on the event roster save for two of them. Now for YEARS Mr. Jeff Hopson have conversed on FB messenger, but we have never met or shook hands…YET. I want to take a short opportunity to brag on his knowledge here folks, Mr. Josh Morningstar, Mr. Joey Allcorn and I are history nutballs. We often run three way geek fests. I often geek out with Mr. Shooter Jennings a lot too about 1980’s computer RPG’S and music.

Jeff Hopson
Todd Perkins
The Wilson Brothers Band
Billy Don Burns
Rowdy Johnson
Casper McWade
Dallas Moore

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The Inn at Ole Miss

2-star hotel
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Super 8 by Wyndham Oxford

2-star hotel
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Hag Fest 2019 At The Southgate House Revival.

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Apr 132019

I made a short drive today up to Cincinnati and the Newport Kentucky area to  one of America’s most iconic venues the Southgate House Revival. On my weekly list of concerts, I always include their show roster for the bands I like to cover. When you get into this business a four hour ride isn’t bad at all, and this lineup here was one that I couldn’t pass up. I missed last year’s because it coincided with W.B. Walker’s anniversary party in West Virginia. For a current list and ALWAYS kept up on weekly happenings go HERE.

I got to eat with some friends of mine I know from the Muddy Roots community, and got settled into a corner in the Sanctuary where I enjoyed the Comet Bluegrass All Stars, whom are local to the area. All of these fine artists play this venue quite often and play the Cincinnati area often as well. They played a ton of great Merle Haggard tunes for us, including the 1966 song “Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down” from the Swinging Doors album. “Silver Wings” was from the 1969 Okie From Muskogee album, and the song “Working Man’s Blues” was off the 1985 album called Amber Waves Of Grain.

I got to hear them play the traditional song called “In The Pines”, which is a very old Appalachian folk number and a vivid Bluegrass tune as well. They played the song “Lonesome Fugitive” and also a very good version of the “Orange Blossom Special”. This Bluegrass band was formed in 1996, and became the house band for the Ohio based neighborhood bar called The Comet, thusly the name.

We had several cancellation here because of illness, and Mr. Joe did a wonderful job of filling in the spots with people. I have three rooms of music going on simultaneously, so I have my work cut out for me tonight as I type I got two rooms I can hear. I’m about to wander into the Lounge room to catch up with Mr. Joey Allcorn, a young man I haven’t forgotten about but he took a short break.

Many of the acts tonight are all having fun celebrating the life and mourning the death of Country Music Icon Mr. Merle Haggard, so Mr. Joey was playing “Swinging Doors” when I got to see him first, and he followed that up with the Hank Williams classic “My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It’. He played a wonderful version of Cocaine Blues and also covered the classic “Sing Me Back Home” from the 1967 album of the same name. He and my other buddy Mr. W.D. Miller were truly enjoying the ambiance of the venue tonight.

It was equally truly enjoyable to once again get to see Mr Joey perform again, and although I didn’t get to see him play any originals it was still a good set. Mr. Joey appears on many early roots albums like the classic Fifth On The Floor album called Ashes And Angels, and a few Hank III albums. He does some damn fine suit and tie Country Music, and like me he has a superb knack for history and runs a Facebook group that I thoroughly enjoy learning from.

The Brown County Indiana area is one I am well familiar with from a festival point of view. If you mention it to me I think of one thing….Bean Blossom. But also my beloved John Hartford crowd that I call my friends. This duo hails from that region, in the form of Mr John Bowyer and Miss Jayme Hood. I have been a big fan of what they do for a while now, and finally got to catch up with their set. This my friends, is the Hammer And The Hatchet.

Now one thing I want to point out here are how enjoyable all the covers were, and how they connected to Merle Haggard, whom was being remembered and celebrated here today. See folks April 6th is and will always be a hallowed and revered day, as the day Merle Haggard was born….and died. The song “I Always Get Lucky” was one George Jones recorded in 1983, but was Co wrote by Merle Haggard and one of my personal favorite people….Mr. Freddy Powers. I could ramble on for weeks about the significance of Mr. Freddy Powers in the spectrum of Country Music. The other Co writers were Mr Gary Church and Mr. Tex Whitson on that song.

“Insomnia Song” was next followed by a song from their Winter Fires album called Kentucky Anna Blues. This folk based duo really reminded me of Shovels And Rope, not only in style but their songs speak to me as an individual. They just have that intense chemistry in their ambiance, and it’s difficult to grasp that they have only been together a short time.

Mr. Sean Geil of the Tillers was there in the Lounge filling in for Mr. Billie Gant whom was Ill and had to cancel. I am sorry I missed his smiling face. Mr. Sean played a very nice set which included an old Doc Watson tune. After that I meandered upstairs to see a band I have covered many times called Luna And The Mountain Jets.

This band had a strong presence on my website for the 2018 festival season with both of their projects going strong within the Ohio, East Kentucky and West Virginia music communities. As I walked into their set upstairs they were already into the song “Thanksgiving Day”.

Mr. David Prince on lead guitar is always a strong presence with this band, and he makes his presence known with blazing guitar solos on songs like “Lies And Envy”. I have heard some news that they are playing a few new songs, but I did not catch any tonight here. I did get to catch them play “Pepsi Girl”, before moving on to take some more pictures and doing some research on the Appalachian Prison Book Project. Now I am going to tell you all more about this movement.

The Appalachian Prison Book Project (APBP)—a grassroots, all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—challenges mass incarceration by providing books and education to incarcerated people and by creating opportunities for volunteers and community groups to learn more about the legal and prison systems.

Closely affiliated with West Virginia University, a land-grant research institution, APBP also provides internships and service-learning opportunities to undergraduates, graduate students, and law students, and encourages interdisciplinary research. APBP sponsors lectures, conferences, performances, and other educational events related to mass incarceration.

Our work emanates from two interconnected premises: education is a basic human right, and engaging the community in educational justice efforts is a requisite component to building sustainable restorative justice models.

Since our founding in 2004, APBP has evolved into a dynamic community that is responsive to the social crisis and economic costs of mass incarceration.

Mass incarceration divides our society into two worlds: inside and outside. APBP works against this division by providing books and educational opportunities to incarcerated people while also generating ways for volunteers and community groups to learn more about the legal and prison systems. We are convinced that education is essential to creating a culture that neither criminalizes people nor looks to a cage as a solution to social problems.

By mailing books, facilitating prison book clubs, and offering college courses in prison, APBP celebrates creative expression and defends the liberties that make it possible; champions the freedom to read and write, recognizing the power of literature to transform individuals and societies; and supports educational, vocational, and personal development for people who are locked up. For our volunteers, the work of responding to letters and facilitating prison education programs grounds national debate on mass incarceration in the lived experiences of those who know prison best.

Our organization envisions a future society in which we understand our interconnectedness and better perceive our mutual stakes in creating fair and just systems, and each facet of our work moves us towards this future by encouraging collaboration and dialogue across barriers and through walls.

This man here I truly admire his music, and his versatile vocal style he so prominently displays. And in my opinion he is vastly overlooked even by the local music community, his name is Mr. Adam Lee. His latest album called Sincerely Me was a little bit different direction than his other more Honky Tonk albums, but still awesome nonetheless.

The Merle Haggard song “Rambling Fever” opened his set, which in 1977 was indeed his 22nd studio album recorded at the very zenith of his MCA tenure. I particularly love this album because it was one of the few that producer Mr Ken Nelson enlisted the production help of Hank Cochran. That album also boasts the song called “I Think It’s Gone Forever” which Haggard wrote with then wife Miss Leona Williams the year after it’s release in 1978.

He displayed that low growl on an old song from 2010 called “When The Spirit Moves Me” back when his band was called The Dead Horse Sound Company. Another song from that album was called “Holy Roller”. This man was truly a smart addition to today’s lineup here, given his unique ability to bend genres while maintaining his Roots sound. He holds dear to those wonderful traditional foundations like the rest of us as well, you can tell that in his demeanor.

He did play one from the Sincerely Me album called “Show Folks You Mean It”. I moved upstairs to the Revival room to see my buddy Mr Nathan Kahlish. I got to see him play “Bullies Win Again”. That song is a political song by him, now listen folks, most people go around saying that artists need to shut up and sing and leave politics out of music. I disagree. Do I agree with Liberal or Conservative music…no but I DO appreciate it. I listen, and I do analyze it. See I AM an adult, and I can make my own conclusions instead of being mean to others that see things differently.

I respect Mr Nathan and let me tell you why. He has many of his own opinions that he vividly displays in his music, but he was raised in a home very different from what he believes in. He knows both sides of the issues he has opinions on, he is INFORMED and like me, he gets along with EVERYONE. I have many friends that I don’t agree with politically or religiously but we remain the best of friends. I wrote up some news on his latest album and you can find that right HERE.

Miss Chelsea Nolan is one of my wonderful West Virginia community friends, and she agreed to come play for us in the Lounge. I got to see her play “Build A Fire” from her EP she released last year, and she also played a song called the “Serious Song”.

She told us tonight that she sometimes thinks she doesn’t write the greatest of songs but she does a pretty damn good job singing them. I’m not so sure I agreed with that statement I think she writes wonderfully and I always enjoy seeing her play.

I enjoyed her version of “Rock Candy Mountain” as I moved into the main Sanctuary to see the history being made by two giant Legends of Country Music ( and other genres ) Mr. Bill Kirchen and the man that was unanimously picked by the rest of the strangers to take the lead guitar duties after Mr. Roy Nichols did Mr. Redd Volkaert.

Mr. Bill Kirchen began a band called Commander Cody And The Lost Planet Airmen in 1969 where their peers described them as outlaws for breaking barriers with their creative style. They did things their way like production and recording, on labels like Hightone Records. Miss Kim Lenz spoke highly of him in our interview not long ago, and I have high regard for his influences.

Both of these men are respected Legends of the Telecaster guitar and their styles are well molded in the days of old and the anals of history. Some of his best work was featured on the live album “Deep In The Heart Of Texas”, which is a Holy Grail find for vinyl collectors. Another classic record that Mr. Bill made was called “King Of Diesel billy” in 2005, and is a prized piece of my collection.

Mr. Redd Volkaert played the 1967 “All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers” which actually was cut first by Mr Roy Drusky, but became Mr. Merle Haggards very first top ten record, and he named his band the Strangers due to it’s success.  He played a song called “Don’t Wanna Brag Here Comes The Hag”. Mr. Bill Kirchen played some awesome nostalgic songs like “Truck Stop At The End Of The World” which was released in 2001 on the Tied To The Wheel album. Also included in his set was the song called ” Mamma Hated Diesels” which was a Commander Cody song .

He played the song called “Wine Wine Wine Do Your Stuff” which I wanted to ask him more about, and didn’t have time to stop. I’ll have to email him later on this because I had a LOT OF running around to do. I had to run across the hall and catch my brother from another mother, my buddy Mr Josh Morningstar.

He started out with his song that got cut by Mr. Cody Jinks on his latest album called Lifers called “Must Be The Whiskey”, and he followed that up with a song he wrote about drug dealers called “Damn These Birds”. He wasn’t feeling well tonight but he didn’t fail to entertain us with a rousing rendition of Mr. Roger Miller’s “Dang Me”.

Much like Mr. Joey Allcorn and I, Mr. Josh has a knack for Country Music History too. He reads and he studies many of the books and websites that enrich our minds with all that wonderful information of days of old. And he molded his new hit single called “Jerry Lee” after the great Legend Jerry Lee Lewis. There have been many books and movies done about this man and his lifetime of antics, and this song touches on many of them in Grand fashion.

I truly think that the spirit of Merle Haggard was with us tonight as the many acts played many of his songs here. Right now I am in between sets for two of the rooms about to catch Miss Jaime Wyatt in the Sanctuary room, while Mr. Nathan Kahlish is upstairs.

Miss Jaime Wyatt is in the process of recording a new album and she played two songs from that upcoming project. One called “By Your Side” , and another I did not catch the name of about Whiskey and Coke. But in the meantime, she played a terrific set tonight full of songs from her Felony Blues album.

She started out with “Wishing Well” and went into a good performance of “Stone Hotel” which chronicles her unwanted tenure in prison. Her music speaks to me in many ways because like her, I too had my share of demons with narcotic use back in the day. However I never had any run ins with prison time as her album and title song “Felony Blues” suggests.

She played her own version of the Merle Haggard classic “Misery And Gin” from the 1980 album called Back To The Barrooms that Mr. Snuff Garrett wrote. “From Outer Space” was next right as I began to switch rooms to see other sets tonight. I went upstairs in the Sanctuary to catch a band that was introduced to me by Miss Kim Grant called 500 Miles To Memphis, and I will tell you about their new album on here called Blessed Be The Damned.

Their new 11 track record was just recently released, and was in my TO DO stack for some time now. That’s NOT a bad thing folks, I get SO MUCH music that I LOVE and it’s just basically me doing mail in submissions. Mr. Joshua Wallace does most of our album reviews, but some get sent directly to me.

The album opens with a revival type song called “The River” which breaks right up into their classic punk influenced steing band music. This band would be a perfect fit for Muddy Roots and other festivals, so many bands have played I missed they may already have and I missed it.  This is basically just rowdy genre bending good music.

“Hold On Tight”, was another good song that had a punk taste to it, but maintained almost a thrash metal break for a few moments, and then goes into a Roots music sound as well. It’s just a different approach to Roots music that I truly enjoyed live. I defiantly enjoyed this band live more than the recording..not that the album was bad at all.

Mr. Joe Macharet played tonight with his side band called Joe’s Truck Stop. He is a current active member of the Tillers another Ohio based outfit that recorded an iconic live album here at the Southgate House Revival in 2012. They played one of my favorite songs “Tobacco Spitting Gal”, and took turns blazing solos all over the stage. “Hearts Made Of Stone” was next, and another song I caught was called “Back In Time”.

Hey look my old friend Laid Back Country Picker is here to close out the show in the Sanctuary. He started out with a cover of “Are You Ready For The Country”, and went into his hilarious song called “Party Line”. Miss Honey was shopping for merch earlier and I caught her in the act of buying some of Miss Jaime Wyatt’s stuff.

He played a BRAND NEW song tonight called “Playing Country Music And Treating People Right”. It’s pretty much a self explanatory song about being good to your fellow man. I have always admired Laid Back for his pleasant demeanor, and his classic Country sound. He told us all about “Kathy With An 8 Ball” and the last song I got see him play was “Truck Stop Sam”.

Mr. Laid back Country Picker stopped by my inbox this morning and he had THIS to say: I hope to record this new record in July. I am taking the hillbillies to Nashville to do it, and we are going to lay it on them! So folks when the time comes for him to elaborate on his new project we will be watching him close.

Michael Moeller:

A songwriter looks through a different lens when he looks at the world around him. At any second a flicker of light, a statement in a passing conversation, or the deafening intensity of silence can become the catalyst for the chance to write the next song. The race to put on paper the fleeting thought. One that won’t take long before it vanishes.

   That craft has been in the life of Michael Moeller ever since he picked up an instrument and knew he had something to say. Referred to as an “Old Soul”, Michael writes the songs he sees around him, writes the songs he feels, and writes the songs he experiences: life, loss, love, joy, and faith.

Slippery Creek:

Slippery Creek is a group of young pickers from the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Focusing on the deep traditional roots, Slippery Creek brings that old time style of hard drivin’ bluegrass to today’s audience. With lonesome vocal harmonies and solid instrumental arrangements, they will take you back to the early days of the Grand Ole Opry.

The Tammy Whynots:

This was a local band that is regarded VERY highly by the people in this area, that included some clever puns into their music. I’m not sure if they were indeed originals or not, and didn’t have really find any way to contact the band at all. I did get to hear some of their setlist tonight as they played some covers. They played “Fist City” and the Webb Pierce classic “There Stands The Glass”. Also included in their set was a song called “Smokin Something” which I’m not truly sure if that was an original or not.  However I do remember hearing “Harper Valley PTA”.

In closing I wanted to send out my most HEARTFELT THANKS to Miss Morella Raleigh and her wonderful and freindly staff. Even though I only drink cokes and water they were kind and accepted my tips for cokes with just as much kindness as the ones drinking alcohol. I really cannot drink much anymore, and never did while working a job anyways, I have to remember EVERY detail of the job. You’ll never see many GOOD photographers drunk!


Magnolia Roads Annual American Roots Hoedown IV.

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Apr 132019


Magnolia Roads presents Fourth Annual American Roots Hoedown in East Nashville

Featuring 12 Artists From Across America:

Arkansas Dave, Bonnie Blue, Bryan Haraway, Chris Wilson & The Heresy, Don Gallardo & How Far West, Funkyjenn & The Fringe Benefits, Jason Daniels Band, Jeff Mix & The Songhearts, Lady Couch, Mike Younger, Rich Mahan Band, and The Truehearts

April 26 and 27, 2019 at The 5 Spot, East Nashville, TN

Benefit for Ben Eyestone Fund at Music Health Alliance

NASHVILLE, TN February 25, 2019 – Magnolia Roads presents the fourth annual American Roots Hoedown, inspired by the music that grew from the roots of America at honky-tonks and dive bars, juke joints and roadhouses to backyards and campfires. It will feature artists who epitomize American Roots music through their blend of Bluegrass, Blues, Country, Folk, Funk, and Rock n Roll, flavored with the deep grooves of the South and an occasional West Coast psychedelic twirl. A showcase of the Magnolia Roads family of artists and friends. Twelve bands over two nights The 5 Spot located at 1006 Forrest Ave., Nashville, TN 37206.

A portion of the proceeds from American Roots Hoedown IV will be donated to the Ben Eyestone Fund at Music Health Alliance. The event will include a silent auction to raise funds for the non-profit advocacy group; the Alliance provides for members of the music community.


Founders Brewing Co. is sponsoring the event and their brews will be available on draft and in cans both nights.


GHS Strings is also sponsoring the event.


CommUNITY Canvas Project will be hosting a live art project for attendees who will be invited to paint, doodle, or play on a big blank canvas.


American Roots Hoedown IV Night One

9pm-2am Friday, April 26, 2019

The 5 Spot, 1006 Forrest Ave., Nashville, TN 37206

Lineup: Funkyjenn, Don Gallardo & How Far West,

Chris Wilson & The Heresy, The Truehearts

American Roots Hoedown IV Night Two

6pm -2am Saturday, April 28, 2019

The 5 Spot, 1006 Forrest Ave., Nashville, TN 37206

Lineup: Lady Couch, Bonnie Blue, Rich Mahan, Arkansas Dave,

Jeff Mix & The Songhearts, Jason Daniels Band,

Mike Younger, and Bryan Haraway

American Roots Hoedown IV Promo Assets (poster and artist photos):


American Roots Hoedown IV Facebook event:


American Roots Hoedown IV Spotify Playlist:


Arkansas Dave (Austin, TX) 8:45-9:30pm April 27

Arkansas Dave will be debuting “Diamonds” video, song from his self-titled album, in conjunction with SXSW in March 2019. He’ll be releasing a new EP “Recorded Live at Music in the Park, Montreux Jazz Festival” this summer, followed by a brand new single in the fall.


Bryan Haraway (Las Vegas, NV) 6:00-6:20 April 27

Haraway’s debut solo album will be released May 17, 2019.


Bonnie Blue (Jacksonville, FL) 10:45-11:35pm April 27

Between tours and shows, Bonnie Blue is back in the studio recording their second album for release summer 2019. Bonnie Blue features GHS Strings endorsed artist, Willis Gore on guitar and vocals.


Chris Wilson (Indianapolis, IN) 9:50-10:30pm April 26

Chris Wilson and The Heresy have been touring in support of their latest EP “Downfall”. Chris also started a new concert series in Indianapolis at The Listening Room at Liberty Street hosting singer/songwriters (several of who will be performing at the American Roots Hoedown IV) in an intimate, engaging environment.


Don Gallardo (Nashville, TN) 10:45-11:35pm April 26

Since his 2 weeks in Mexico this winter playing the Tropic of Cancer music festival curated by the Cordovas band. Gallardo has been in the studio recording a new EP with his band. He has added Lilly Winwood to help with vocals giving the songs a new direction with male/female vocal harmonies. Gallardo plans the EP summer 2019 prior to his UK and Germany tour.


Funkyjenn & The Fringe Benefits (Los Angeles, CA) 11:50-12:40pm April 26

Funkyjenn in pre-production for 2019 release. She will be in studio later in the year with new 10-song album “Pagan Creek”.


Jason Daniels Band (Jackson, MS) 6:55-7:30pm April 27

Jason Daniels Band is  wrapping up recording “Downloads from the Universe” to be released fall 2019.  The album is being recorded to tape at the historic Malaco Studios in Jackson, MS.


Jeff Mix & The Songhearts (Las Vegas, NV) 7:45-8:30pm April 27

Jeff Mix & The Songhearts released a cover of “Wolfman of Del Rio” on New Years Day 2019 to honor one of Texas’s true songwriting treasures, Terry Allen.


Lady Couch (Nashville, TN) 11:55pm-1:15am April 27

Lady Couch is currently preparing to record their debut album which will be released in the future.


Mike Younger (Nashville, TN) 6:25-6:45pm April 27

Younger has been back in the recording studio finishing a project originally recorded in 2001 with Levon Helm, David Hood, Spooner Oldham and Jim Dickinson. Release date TBD.


Rich Mahan Band (Nashville, TN) 9:45-10:30pm April 27

Rich Mahan has completed the follow up to ‘Blame Bobby Bare,’ his 2013 Top 40 Americana album. ‘Hot Chicken Wisdom’ will be released this spring.


The Truehearts (Nashville, TN) 9:00-9:35pm April 26

The Truehearts will be releasing a new album, “Songs for Spike, on June 21, 2019.


American Roots Hoedown IV Night One April 26, 2019:

9:00-9:35 The Truehearts

9:50-10:30 Chris Wilson & The Heresy

10:45-11:35 Don Gallardo & How Far West

11:50-12:40 Funkyjenn & The Fringe Benefits

American Roots Hoedown IV Night Two April 27, 2019:

6:00-6:20 Bryan Haraway

6:25-6:45 Mike Younger

6:55-7:30 Jason Daniels Band

7:45-8:30 Jeff Mix & The Songhearts

8:45-9:30 Arkansas Dave

9:45-10:30 Rich Mahan Band

10:45-11:35 Bonnie Blue

11:50 Silent Auction winners announcement

11:55-1:15 Lady Couch


Press contact:  Kim Grant KG Music Press Kim@kgmusicpress.com 626-755-9022 




PHONE: 702-249-7555

E-MAIL: MagnoliaRoadsMusic@gmail.com

Magnolia Roads • MagnoliaRoads.com • MagnoliaRoadsMusic@gmail.com • 702.249.7555

716 Peachy Canyon Circle, #204, Las Vegas, NV 89144 • PO Box 2241 Mt. Juliet, TN 37121

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium Welcomes George Strait, Chris Stapleton, Chris Janson and Ashley McBryde

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Apr 112019

By Joshua Wallace

Photo Credit : Joshua Wallace

On Saturday March 30th, I had the pleasure of seeing the king of modern country music George Strait live for the first time.  He had a whole afternoon’s worth of opening acts including the new ACM New Female Artist Of The Year Ashley McBryde, “Buy Me A Boat” songwriter Chris Jansen and one of my favorite guitar players and singers to see live, Chris Stapleton.  With that kind of lineup, I knew I was in for one good show and the evening did not disappoint.

This show was at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA and this was actually my first experience at this stadium.  I must say, it’s facilities are top notch. The sound was perfect and the seating was comfortable. I also have to comment on the reasonably priced food options at the event.  $8 for a burrito at a stadium isn’t bad. If you’re buying alcohol, it can get expensive there, but you probably already knew that going in.

Ashley McBryde

The evening kicked off with Ashley McBryde opening things right at 4pm and she put on a great show.  I have been a fan of Ashley’s since I first heard “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega” and she does not disappoint live.  It was amazing hearing these songs in front of what had to be one of her biggest audiences even with people still making it to their seats.  She opened with one of my favorite songs of hers “Livin’ Next To Leroy” and I was pleased to hear that one live. The track “Girl Going Nowhere” really resonates at this point in her career as she is really starting to take off.  She hit a few tracks from her Girl Going Nowhere album including “American Scandal” and “Tired Of Being Happy”. She even got to a deeper cut that I can’t find on an album called “Rattlesnake Preacher”. I need to see a full concert of her’s at some point in the near future.

Chris Janson

The next opening act was also on time at 4:45pm and it was Chris Janson.  While I do enjoy “Buy Me A Boat”, I’m not the biggest fan of Janson’s music but I was looking forward to seeing him live.  Part of his performance was him without a guitar, jumping around on stage pandering to the crowd. This did nothing for the songs he was trying to sing like “Fix A Drink” or “Buy Me A Boat” and I didn’t care for this portion of his performance.  However, when he picked up a guitar and sang a Hank Williams tune followed by “White Trash” mixed in with “A Country Boy Can Survive”, it started getting better. The sentimental track “Holdin’ Her” was probably the best moment of his set.

Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton Jamming

Paul Franklin on Pedal Steel

Up next in the 6:15pm slot was Chris Stapleton.  I last saw Chris live in November, 2017 and he has only got better since.  He started things off with “Midnight Train To Memphis” and by this point in the evening, the sound was perfect for where I was at in the lower bowl.  Right away I noticed something different, Chris had a pedal steel player sitting in with him tonight. It was none other than pedal steel legend Paul Franklin.  He has played with just about anyone you can name live and on record and it was a treat hearing him here. I just wish I could be closer to the stage, right up next to the pedal steel in my usual spot for these kind of performances.  He then got into a long set of hits with “Nobody To Blame”, “Traveller”, “Millionaire”, “Broken Halos”, “Whiskey and You”, “Was It 26” and more. He even got into his signature live cover of “Freebird” before “The Devil Named Music”. Nothing felt cut short and he got a full set minus the encore.  The band closed things out with “Tennessee Whiskey” which is always a treat to hear live because no one does this song like he does.

George Strait

Stadium Effect for “Ocean Front Property”

Next up was the main event, George Strait.  He played a long 30+ song set and hit at least something from 16 of his 30 studio albums.  This also included 3 covers which were 2 Merle Haggard songs and 1 Tom Petty song. He hit major tracks like “Amarillo By Morning”, “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”, “Check Yes Or No”, “Ocean Front Property” and “Troubadour”.  That last one is my favorite Strait tune so I was glad he got to it. The albums that got the most cuts with 4 were his newest Honky Tonk Time Machine and his 2006 record It Just Comes Natural. George hit all of the singles from his latest effort including “God And Country Music”, “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” and “The Weight Of The Badge”.  I was hoping for a Willie Nelson appearance on “Sing One With Willie”, but you can’t win them all. He did a 5 song encore to wrap up the night which included the western swing number “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”, “Heartland”, “I Cross My Heart”, the Tom Petty cover “You Wreck Me” and the finale of “The Cowboy Rides Away”. Overall, I thought it was a great set that hit most of what you would want to hear from George Strait.  I highly recommend seeing him in concert at this point in his career. It’s well worth the expensive ticket.

To wrap things up, I had an amazing time at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for this show.  I have read about some sound issues with people on the floor, and others who were higher in the upper level that had their view of the big monitors cut off.  These are issues that the stadium will work on as time goes on. My section of the lower bowl had a perfect sound mix so I can’t complain. George Strait is touring more this year with shows like this and varying opening acts depending on the market.  For more info, check out his website for dates.

“The Cowboy Rides Away”

Ashley Mcbryde Setlist :

Livin’ Next to Leroy
American Scandal
Girl Goin’ Nowhere
Rattlesnake Preacher
A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega
Tired of Being Happy

Chris Janson Setlist :

Redneck Life
Fix a Drink
Good Vibes
Gonna Have a Good Time
Who’s Your Farmer
Your Cheatin’ Heart
(Hank Williams Sr. Cover)
White Trash / A Country Boy Can Survive
Everybody’s Going Through Something
Holdin’ Her
I Love This Life
(LOCASH cover)
Piano Man
(Billy Joel cover)
Drunk Girl
Buy Me a Boat

Chris Stapleton Setlist :

Midnight Train to Memphis
Nobody to Blame
Hard Livin’
Fire Away
Might as Well Get Stoned
Was It 26
(The Charlie Daniels Band cover)
Whiskey and You
Broken Halos
Second One to Know
I Was Wrong
Free Bird
(Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
The Devil Named Music
Outlaw State of Mind
Death Row
Tennessee Whiskey
(David Allan Coe cover)

George Strait Setlist :

Write This Down
I Can Still Make Cheyenne
I Saw God Today
Here for a Good Time
She’ll Leave You With a Smile
Check Yes Or No
You Take Me For Granted
(Merle Haggard cover)
Are the Good Times Really Over (I Wish a Buck Was Still Silver)
(Merle Haggard cover)
Cold Beer Conversation
How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls
Arkansas Dave
Give It Away
It Just Comes Natural
Every Little Honky Tonk Bar
Ocean Front Property
Blue Clear Sky
The Weight of the Badge
God and Country Music
Amarillo by Morning
The Chair
The Fireman
I’ll Always Remember You

All My Ex’s Live in Texas
I Cross My Heart
You Wreck Me
(Tom Petty cover)
The Cowboy Rides Away

Album Feature – George Strait – Honky Tonk Time Machine

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Apr 082019

By Joshua Wallace

George Strait has released his 30th studio album in Honky Tonk Time Machine on MCA Nashville.  In my opinion, this is the best of his current run of records and his best overall album since Twang.  There are some misses here, but as a whole, it’s worth checking out.  Let’s take a dive into some of these tracks.

The album kicks off with a great honky tonk number called “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar”.  I have a feeling this will be a stable in George’s live sets while on tour for this album.  It’s a great little honky tonk number about living the bar life, and then trying to live the work life on Monday “Monday morning, it’s a given / I’ll be D-R-A-G-N, draggin'”.  It’s a fun tune worth checking out even if you don’t get the album.  I’m also a big fan of the Jim Lauderdale and Odie Blackmon written “Two More Wishes”.  This is one of only two of the original tunes on this album that don’t feature George Strait or his son Bubba Strait on the writing credits.  Jim Lauderdale always writes good stuff, same with Odie Blackmon so you can see why George put this on the album.

Another favorite track on this album for me is the current single George Strait has out there called “God And Country Music”.  I love the sentiment put forward with this song and while it might be made for country radio, it’s a good tune.  I have to give credit here to Lori McKenna who is a recognizable name in the writing credits of this track which also features credits from  Luke Laird and Barry Dean.  Another slower track is “The Weight Of The Badge” dedicated to law enforcement officers everywhere.  There is a long line of good country songs about law enforcement officers of all stripes and this is another one.  It’s sentimental and the lyrics resonate with a lot of the good stories you hear about police officers today.  Another favorite is the title track “Honky Tonk Time Machine”.  It’s another barn burner in the spirit of the opening cut but I love the guitar riffs on this one from both the electric and the pedal steel.  It takes you back to the days of old in the classic honky tonks.  Finally, I really dig “Sing One With Willie” with Willie Nelson.  It’s kind of a tongue in cheek number about how George has never done a song with Willie and how he regrets it.  When Willie comes in on the last verse, it makes for a great moment on the album with what could have otherwise been a throwaway collaboration.

Honky Tonk Time Machine is a great effort for George’s 30th studio album.  It doesn’t stand up to some of his greatest records, but nothing he’s put out in the last ten years has.  That being said, this is his best record in at least the last decade so if you have tuned out, it’s time to come back and give the king of modern country music another shot.  Sure, tracks like “Codigo” are kind of a throwaway, but there are some gems here worth seeking out.  Honky Tonk Time Machine is available everywhere you can get good music as of Friday March 29th, 2019.  Gary Hayes Country will also have full coverage of the show George Strait performed at Mercedes Benz Stadium on March 30th, 2019 coming very soon.

Favorite Tracks : Every Little Honky Tonk Bar, Two More Wishes, God And Country Music, Take Me Away, The Weight Of The Badge, Honky Tonk Time Machine, Sing One With Willie

George Strait – Honky Tonk Time Machine (2019)

  1. Every Little Honky Tonk Bar
  2. Two More Wishes
  3. Some Nights
  4. God And Country Music
  5. Blue Water
  6. Sometimes Love
  7. Codigo
  8. Old Violin
  9. Take Me Away
  10. The Weight Of The Badge
  11. Honky Tonk Time Machine
  12. What Goes Up
  13. Sing One With Willie (Feat. Willie Nelson)

The Terminal West Welcomes Mr. Del McCoury.

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Apr 052019



I have been around the country to see The Del McCoury band and the Traveling McCourys in all types of environments. One on my bucket list is getting up to Maryland in May for the annual DelFest, his holy Grail of festival greatness. I have many great friends that annually attend that event, and enjoy my articles, that I have never had the pleasure to shake hands with as of yet. I fully intend to soon rectify that bucket list check off.

This past year has been a very special one for Mr. Del McCoury and his family , as he celebrated his birthday by taking over the Grand Ole Opry naming it the Grand DEL Opry. That night he simultaneously honored his membership of the hallowed institute while they honored him.  We had a nice article up for that HERE.


The Traveling McCourys won a Grammy for best Bluegrass album of the year, and I got to finally see them perform at 3rd And Lindsley this past year, where they brought forth MANY surprise guests for jams. It’s always an absolute treat to go see people like Mr. Billy Strings and Mr. Sam Bush.

My other website contributor Mr. Joshua Wallace joined me last weekend for a GREAT weekend of music which began Friday night at the Terminal West. The iconic venue hosted a GREAT SHOW last week, which placed the band at a reasonably early time slot, and the show ended at an equally reasonable time. The venue offers pre show food options in an adjacent restaurant area, however we didn’t eat there as time was short for me running into traffic in every city I rolled through. The hotel I used this time was Comfort Inn Sandy Springs Perimeter, and was an overall nice hotel. The staff was friendly and the accommodations were VERY NICE, including a decent breakfast bar.

The very first song they opened their set with began with Mr. Jason Carter’s Ashland Kentucky fiddle, and it was from the Snapshot album, By Request album and many more. “Bluest Man In Town” was first, which is a slow and sad song of lost love, and creeping shadows during the night. “Travelin’ Teardrop Blues” was the other first song here tonight, which featured some mighty fine banjo work from the younger McCoury boy. The entire band then went into one of their instrumental breakdowns, that feature some powerful turns on leads.

Nashville Cats was next, one of my personal favorite songs he does. The very first time I got to hear that one lve was when he played Muddy Roots in 2015. He played on the wood stage that year, and tore the festival apart in everyway. But man I’ll say this, they sure sound perfect tonight here in Atlanta. “Deeper Shade Of Blue” was part of their set tonight,  as well as another instrumental they called “Backup And Push”.

“I’ll Break Out Again Tonight” features Mr. Alan Bartram on vocals, and is a great classic prison break song. Also, “That O’l Train” was next, I mean we have murder, jail, trains and moonshine…can you ask for more out a Bluegrass show?  I will always hold a special place in my heart for one of Bluegrass last TRUE living Legends.

“I Need More Time” was one of the crowd requests tonight, with an extensive as a catalogue as Mr. Del McCoury has you would think it was impending doom for him to accept songs hollered out by just anybody. He played EVERY SONG the audience called out, like the “Asheville Turnaround” , and of course one of Mr. Joshua’s favorites “Hot Wired”.

Another great prison song tonight was his classic song “Black Jack County Chains”, about the old fashioned chain gangs. He told a really funny story about a man loosing a watch. The lost and found lady’s name was Helen Hunt, and the punchline was Well If You Want Your Watch Back Go To Helen Hunt For It. It was really funny the way he presents jokes with his “Aw Shucks” demeanor, and innocent sense of humor.

‘Get Down On Your Knees And Pray” was one off his 2007 album called “Family”, which also featured “Nashville Cats”. His new 2018 album called “Del Mccoury Still Sings Bluegrass” boasted one of his closing songs called “To Make Love Sweeter For You”. Now, of course the piano was missing from this rendition of that song, but it still sounded GREAT.  He closed with a few more songs before leaving and coming back for an encore, which of course was “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”.

The wonderful staff at the Terminal West, and the AWESOME sound there in that room made this show VERY enjoyable in every way. I wanted to hear “Moneyland” , however it’s OK to not hear everything he could play. He is one of the many that could play for hOURS and STILL not touch upon EVERY good song he has!

Suwannee Spring Reunion Festival 2019

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Apr 032019

By Joshua Wallace

Photos By Joshua Wallace

This year I had the pleasure of attending Friday and Saturday night of the Suwannee Spring Reunion Festival. This festival actually ran March 21st – 24th, 2019 which is Thursday through Sunday so I did not get to go to the entire festival, but I still had an amazing time with all that I saw. This was actually my first experience at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park with a festival. I live within 45 minutes of the park but I have only had the chance to visit them around Christmas time for their amazing drive through Christmas lights display. This year I was able to correct that error and I had an amazing couple of days at the Suwannee Spring Reunion.

Town Mountain Jamming

I arrived Friday afternoon and took a minute to get my bearings. The site for the festival is huge and sports a total of 4 music stages plus a 5th stage that is mostly various workshops. The two main stages are the Amphitheater Stage and the Porch Stage which alternate all day long. There is a Florida Stage, which is a tent stage in a nearby field, and a Music Hall where you can enjoy various acts in an in-door setting. The workshop stage is called the Music Farmer Stage. I focused most of my time between the two main stages and the music hall. This festival is scheduled so that bands have 2 or more sets throughout the weekend so if you miss one set, you’ll be able to catch another later on. The only band that did not repeat was Marty Stuart and he had the Saturday night headlining slot.

Town Mountain

When I arrived, the first band I saw was Town Mountain. They were playing on the Amphitheater stage and I arrived in time to catch some of my favorites from them. They did “Down Low” and “New Freedom Blues” from their new record, but also took the time to do some of their older tunes like “Law Dog”. The band’s second set on Saturday afternoon at the Porch stage saw them going deeper through their catalog. I was really impressed with this band live and hope to see more of them in the future.

The Shawn Camp Band

Next, I went into the Music Hall area and caught a bit of Shawn Camp and his band. I was not familiar with much of his music before seeing him but I enjoyed what I saw. He played songs I knew like “Bad News” which is covered by Whitey Morgan and “I”m Dying For Someone To Live For” which he co-wrote with Loretta Lynn for her 2018 album Wouldn’t It Be Great. I did not get to spend much time with this show, however I enjoyed what I heard and look forward to hearing more in the future.

Steep Canyon Rangers

The next band I saw on the main stage was Steep Canyon Rangers. I was looking forward to seeing this band live as I had never seen them before, but I have been a fan of theirs since they first recorded with Steve Martin back in 2011. Between their two Amphitheater Stage sets, one on Friday and one on Saturday, the Steep Canyon Rangers hit most of the songs you would want to hear from them. One of the highlights for me was an extended version of “Radio” which changed mid song into a full version of Tom Petty’s “Running Down The Dream”. They also hit deeper songs such as “Tell The Ones I Love” and “Out In The Open”. That track actually featured a nice long harmonica solo from Graham Sharp. As I said, this was my first time seeing this band and I’m looking forward to seeing more. Their form of bluegrass is a bit more rocking than other groups, and I dig it. It fits well into the longer jams often heard at the Suwannee festivals.

Steep Canyon Rangers on one mic

The Grass Is Dead

Speaking of longer jams, I went over to the Music Hall to catch some of The Grass Is Dead. This band takes songs from the 70’s rock band Grateful Dead and does their long jams in bluegrass style. Jerry Garcia played in some bluegrass bands during his time, and that influence sometimes crept into his music with the Dead so a bluegrass tribute band to the Dead is not a stretch by any means. While I am a fan of the Grateful Dead, I’m not familiar enough with their catalog as a whole to go through everything the band played. I do remember “Alabama Getaway” and “Samson And Delilah” during this set. Another highlight was that this set got a lot of people dancing and moving their feet which is always nice to see at these festivals.

People Dancing with The Grass Is Dead

Billy Strings with Evening Light Show

After The Grass Is Dead, I finally sat down at the Amphitheater Stage for one of the highlights of the festival. I have always heard about Billy Strings and how amazing of a guitar picker he is and seeing him live certainly blew me away. He played a good hour and a half long set on Friday night and a slightly shorter set on Saturday. Both sets had some nice extended jams which highlighted his guitar picking and the talents of his band as a whole. A highlight on Friday night was an extended “Meet Me At The Creek” which went for almost 15 minutes. Then on Saturday he stretched “Dust In A Baggie” out to almost 11 minutes. There were plenty of other long jams during his set and the crowd loved his style of blazing fast flat-picking. I will most certainly be seeing Billy Strings more often in the future as these two sets made a lifelong fan out of me.

Billy Strings Rocking Out

Jim Lauderdale

Saturday, I saw two country music legends on stage. First up was Jim Lauderdale and his band. I have been a fan of Jim for a while and this was the first time I was able to see him live. Some highlights for me of this set included a Odie Blackmon Co-write “Two More Wishes”. This song actually appears on the new George Strait album and Jim stayed close to what is performed on that record. I also enjoyed hearing the track “Wild On Me Fast” from his latest record Time Flies. Finally, he also did the title cut of the Wait ‘Til Spring album he did with Donna The Buffalo who also perform at this festival regularly.

Jim Lauderdale Jam Session

Marty Stuart and The Fabulous Superlatives

The finale of the Suwannee Spring Reunion Festival for me was Marty Stuart. I’m a huge fan of Marty and his show with The Fabulous Superlatives is one of the best country shows you can see. Marty was in good spirits for this fest as he praised the Suwannee and Florida throughout. I loved hearing “Tear The Woodpile Down” from his Nashville, Vol. 1 album. He also got to more recent tunes from his Way Out West cd like “Time Don’t Wait” and “Whole Lotta Highway”. He also mentioned that his 1999 album The Pilgrim would see an extended release this year and played a song that was meant for that album but he couldn’t finish until recently. I can’t wait to hear the expanded edition of this album. He surprised the crowd with a great rendition of “Bonanza” and did an amazing solo “Orange Blossom Special”. I love that song more every time I see Marty do it. I have seen Marty perform many times and this was one of the best that I have seen him. I hope he’s back in the lineup next year.

Marty Stuart

Marty Stuart Solo

The Suwannee Spring Reunion Festival featured many acts I didn’t get to see a full set of or missed. I did catch some of Donna The Buffalo, The Pigeon Kings and Cicada Rhythm throughout the festival also. This was my first time experiencing the Suwannee Spring Reunion Festival and I cannot wait to go back. I am looking forward to it’s sister festival the Suwannee Roots Revival in October. For more information on the Suwannee Spring Reunion, check out the festival’s website.