Album Feature – Zach Bryan – DeAnn

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Sep 062019

By Joshua Wallace

I discover new artists in a lot of different ways these days.  I first discovered Zach Bryan from a tweet from Parker McCollum. It read  : “Sitting at a bar in Nashville with my agent telling him about this Zach Bryan kid…. “fucking sign him… just trust me””.  That was a ringing endorsement if I ever saw one. So I looked him up. I didn’t find much. No website, no promotional Facebook page.  Just a personal Facebook, a Twitter account and some YouTube performance videos. Then I found this album DeAnn. It just came out on August 24th, 2019 but the numbers on Spotify are what got me.  His songs are climbing to over 100k listeners fast and as of this writing he’s got 41,759 monthly listeners. That is impressive for a Spotify account that didn’t even have music 2 weeks ago. So what is it about this album that is drawing people in? Let’s take a deeper dive and find out.

The first highlight of this album is “God Speed”.  It’s a song looking inward at Zach’s wants and needs from love, life and everything between.  It’s a great song that sends the message that no matter what you want in life, you’re moving at God’s speed and “Only God and my mama know what I need”.  Another favorite is “Doing Fine” which is a well written track where Zach laments about people he used to know and places he used to go. Songs like this live on the imagery and descriptions and Zach does a good job of painting a picture and taking you back. Whether it’s people he let down or good times he had, this song takes you there.

“Shivers Down Spines” is a great love song on this record.  This is one of the songs where Zach gets to showcase some of his range in both vocal ability and songwriting.  He can be intimate when the song calls for it. I also love the sudden stop at the end of this one as it’s done to a great affect with the song.  Another great love song on this record is “Moon In Oklahoma”. This is another track where the imagery shines. Zach’s lyrics paint a picture that takes you back to scenes from his past.

I could say something about every song on this record, but it’s worth it to seek this one out and listen.  It is raw, rough around the edges and straight up acoustic. Just a man and his guitar. Zach even kept the outtakes like the fit of laughter that ends Condemned.  Zach Bryan shows some skills here and while there is room for improvement, this is a very impressive record for a debut. I cannot wait to hear more from this young man.  He currently does not have much social media presence, or even a website, but you can find his music on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and other digital services. I highly recommend seeking this record out.  It is available as of August 24th, 2019.        

Favorite Tracks : God Speed, Doing Fine, Shivers Down Spines, Moon In Oklahoma

Zach Bryan – DeAnn (2019)

  1. Flying Or Crying
  2. Hope Again
  3. God Speed
  4. Don’t Give Up On Me
  5. Doing Fine
  6. Letting Someone Go
  7. Shivers Down Spines
  8. Snow
  9. Man That’s Never Known You
  10. Moon In Oklahoma
  11. Condemned
  12. Sweet DeAnn

Is Cody Jinks releasing 2 albums next month?

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Sep 062019

By Joshua Wallace











We recently received album art work, track listing and pre-order info for the album that Cody Jinks teased as dropping October 11th titled After The Fire.  The suspicious thing with this release is that, there was no pre-release single to hype up the release.  That is until last night.

A new song called “Same Kind Of Crazy As Me” came up on digital music services as a new single.  However, fans were quick to realize that this is not on the track listing for After The Fire and the art work is a bit different as well.

Today, we might have a bit more clarity.  A listing is now up on Amazon for a second album called The Wanting to be released on October 18th, 2019.

You might notice, the art work between the new single and this new album cover for The Wanting match up.  This raises speculation….is Cody Jinks releasing 2 albums in October?

Cody Jinks has always said things would be done a bit differently with this album cycle.  Releasing 2 records in such a short period is certainly different.

This story is developing and we will have more information on this as it breaks.

Update :

Thanks to some very resourceful Flockers, we now have a track listing for The Wanting from

  1. The Wanting
  2. Same Kind Of Crazy As Me
  3. Never Alone Always Lonely
  4. Whiskey
  5. Where Even Angels Fear To Fly
  6. Which One I Feed
  7. A Bite Of Something Sweet
  8. The Plea
  9. It Don’t Rain In California
  10. Wounded Mind
  11. Ramble
  12. The Raven And The Dove

Update # 2:

You would think that if Cody Jinks made a post on social media, it would be about this….you’d be wrong.

Yet another album on the way?

Update #3 :

It appears as though the listing for The Wanting has been removed.  The UK listing is still up as of this writing.