Album Feature – Micky & The Motorcars – Long Time Comin’

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Nov 012019

By Joshua Wallace

Alt-country band Micky & The Motorcars have returned with their first studio album since 2014’s Hearts From Above.  If you were a fan of that album, the new record Long Time Comin’ picks up where that left off with guitar heavy red dirt music with an alt country flare.  Micky and Gary Braun are still the centerpieces of this band, however Gary takes more time up front writing half the songs and singing them. Let’s take a look at some of the tracks you’ll find on the album.

One of the preview singles is the opening track “Road To You”.  It’s a cleverly written road song with a driving rhythm perfect for any road trip playlist.  It’s worth noting that Courtney Patton shares a co-write here with Micky. It’s a great opener to reassure long time fans that the band hasn’t changed anything.  Another favorite is “Lions Of Kandahar” which evokes middle eastern vibes in a track that describes a deployment in the middle east. It’s a first person story song that really showcases Gary’s songwriting ability.  I particularly love the last verse which addresses the PTSD soldiers experience after coming home from war.

The track “Thank My Mother’s God” was written by Micky and Jeff Crosby.  It’s a good tune that pays tribute to mothers and their devotion. I particularly love the line “Throw your heart in the river and hope it sees the ocean someday”.  Finally, the track “Stranger Tonight” is another rocking track that is that is about the search for comfort, even if it’s not in love. I love the grungy guitars throughout this track and it really highlights the alt country rocking part of their sound.

Micky & The Motorcars haven’t missed a beat since their last studio album 4 years ago.  If anything the band has improved with Gary taking more of an up front role on this album sharing those duties with his brother Micky.  I hope to see the band live at some point if they ever make it to the southeast. In the meantime, Long Time Comin’ is out everywhere you can find good music on Friday November 1st, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Road To You, Lions Of Kandahar, Thank My Mother’s God, Stranger Tonight,

Micky & The Motorcars – Long Time Comin’ (2019)

  1. Road To You
  2. Rodeo Girl
  3. Alone Again Tonight
  4. Lions Of Kandahar
  5. All Looks The Same
  6. Thank My Mother’s God
  7. Break My Heart
  8. Run Into You
  9. Stranger Tonight
  10. Hold This Town Together
  11. Long Time Comin’

Album Feature – Stoney LaRue – Onward

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Nov 012019

By Joshua Wallace

Red Dirt country legend Stoney LaRue has returned with another studio album in Onward.  It is his first studio release since his 2016 covers album Us Time and his first album of original tunes since 2014’s Aviator.  I was a big fan of Aviator and I’ve been looking forward to another album of Stoney LaRue tunes. This new record Onward does not disappoint, so let’s get straight into some of these tracks.

“Hill Country Boogaloo” was one of the album’s pre-release singles and it’s a barn burner.  It’s a killer rocking track that takes you to a groovy honky tonk and it’s bound to be a live crowd favorite.  Another highlight is the Gary Nicholson cover of “Falling and Flying”. I’ve always been a fan of this song and this version does not disappoint.  “Evil Angel” might be my favorite track on the record. It keeps the funk of “Hill Country Boogaloo” while adding a hint of southern gospel to the mix.  The album rounds out with a duet version of Brandon Jenkins track “High Time” in tribute to the red dirt legend who passed away last year. It’s a nice tribute to a singer who left us way too soon.

Stoney LaRue does not disappoint with this new record Onward.  I only hope we don’t have to wait another 4 years for the next batch of new original tunes.  If you need some red dirt in your playlist this year, this album hits the spot. It has features from the likes of Brandon Jenkins and Tanya Tucker rounding out the album.  Once again, I highly recommend checking this out. It is out everywhere Friday November 1st, 2019.

Favorite Tracks : Hill Country Boogaloo, Falling And Flying, Evil Angel, Worry Be Gone, Let’s Chase Each Other Round The Room, Thought You’d Want To Know

Stoney LaRue – Onward (2019)

  1. You Oughta Know Me By Now
  2. Hill Country Boogaloo
  3. Falling And Flying
  4. Not One Moment
  5. Meet In The Middle feat. Tanya Tucker
  6. Message In A Bottle
  7. Evil Angel
  8. Drowning In Moonlight
  9. Worry Be Gone
  10. I Can’t Help You Say Goodbye
  11. Let’s Chase Each Other Round The Room
  12. Thought You’d Want To Know
  13. High Time feat. Brandon Jenkins