Helping Others Help Animals At Critter’s Hollow.

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Jan 262020

I’m STILL catching up on my year end lists and all of the emails that entails. I have SO MUCH TO DO in the winter months before festival season, that I’m always several months behind on jobs. I pulled this one day weekend job in October 2019 where I was invited to Heart In Hands Critter’s Hollow Ranch And Rescue in McMinville Tennessee for some music and food and fun for a GREAT CAUSE.

Originally, I had anticipated to celebrate my daughter’s birthday party that day as well, but things didn’t work out on her end. I still took the opportunity to run over there, and see some friends I haven’t seen in many years. It was really a blessed day to catch up with them and see everyone, and listen to some killer music.

I’m going to post a bunch of GREAT pictures, and talk about the bands involved..many of the songs I might not have wrote down or remembered but I have a bunch of great information from this event that I did. This was a VERY FUN family type event on Miss Latricia’s family property, where animals run amuck and bonds are created between friends.

They have a yearly fund raiser to raise money that enables them to take care of all of these animals that they adopt out for people. There was food that we all were eating all day, and they had camping for those that wanted to drink or just camp and have fun. This was a single day event, but it did go on into the early evening. The ranch itself was beautiful and not too far from my home on the Tn-Ky state line, in fact it was so close I was scolding myself for not going up there sooner.

Heart in Hand, Critters Hollow Ranch & Rescue is a 501c non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing unwanted pets (dogs, cats, horses and other farm animals) and finding suitable forever homes for them. Our mission is that our organization ensures each animal under our care is spayed or neutered to help with the over population of unwanted animals, is up to date on vaccinations, is tested and treated for heartworms, and begins training in basic commands. We screen eligible applicants for each adoptee and match them up with families best suited for their energy, temperament, and abilities. We operate solely on donations, sponsors and volunteers! 100% of all donations are used directly for the care of our rescues. Our donations determine our capacity and we ALWAYS want to rescue more! Please consider donating today!

Possessed By Paul James Releases As We Go Wandering On January 31st.

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Jan 262020




• JANUARY 31, 2020 •

The tension of justice and peace, rest and movement, unity and self-expression are at the heart of Possessed By Paul James’ followup to his 2013 breakout release

Konrad Wert is a man of many voices. As a Special Education teacher, he is articulate and intentional. As an advocate for justice in education he is passionate. But as an artist and musician, better known by his stage name, Possessed By Paul James, his voice is expressive, holding rest and action in tandem. After gaining recognition from NPR, The New York Times, CMT, and MTV for his celebrated live performances and 2013 Billboard-charting breakout release, There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely, the Golden Apple-winning educator took some time to reflect and reorient and underwent two vocal surgeries. “The nature of being a school teacher, a public speaker, and a musician, you know, any ear nose & throat specialist will tell you that’s like a hat trick for getting a vocal surgery. So there was some time where I needed to really learn how to sing fluidly and in a healthy way while preserving the opportunity to continue as a teacher and articulate, speak, without duress.” After a few years away from music, Wert is returning with a new album, As We Go Wandering, (due January 31, 2020), bringing a rejuvenated voice to Possessed By Paul James. Where There Will Be Nights was crying out on behalf of the dilemmas faced by families, students, and teachers nationwide, As We Go Wandering brings a sense of peace. But as the title suggests, in Possessed By Paul James’ estimation, perhaps counter-intuitively, peace, rest, and movement dance hand in hand.


I have featured Mr. Konrad Wert many times before from several festivals from all over , and every performance has been an intense experience filled with riveting songs of passion. He is one of those intense one man bands that utilizes a plethora of instruments to bring forth his final product…Roots Music that stands the test of time. In the next few weeks we will be releasing an album review for this one.

This tension of justice and peace, rest and movement, unity and self-expression are at the heart of Possessed By Paul James’ music and performances. Raised Mennonite among pacifists and service workers in a small community in southwest Florida, Wert’s upbringing brought strict guidelines of what could come into the house. “The aesthetic was very  church oriented,” he says. “We had this typified image of Jesus in the living room, Mary in the hallway, and a painting of the Last Supper in the bedroom. Musically, we didn’t get anything heavier than The Monkees.” Upon leaving home however, , Wert discovered punk rock. Coming from a rural town, Wert had been exposed to a lot of roots music, and where others would  have merely seen a jarring conflict with their upbringing, Wert saw an interface. “I actually found that in many ways, punk was like urban blues, you know, just with more energy and amplification. I dove in and started getting to know the Stooges, Patti Smith. I realized ‘Wow, punk is beautiful. Punk is to the street, punk is to the listener.’” To paraphrase David Byrne, the punk movement was defined by attitude rather than style, something that sought to remove the boundaries between spectator and artist and making everyone a participant in what Patti Smith called, “just another word for freedom.” For Wert, Possessed By Paul James became a way to create an environment for expression and reflection in a way that can foster wholeness from a sense of community. “We could look at the complexities of expression, the conflict of ego and humility, and servitude within the Mennonite-Amish community and in our rumspringa – that was incredibly impactful for me. Because, how do you express yourself, and in a way that’s not completely arrogant?  How do you do that in a way that reflects what really matters? That’s a huge element of what Possessed By Paul James is.”



Possessed By Paul James


As We Go Wandering is about the question of where we go from here. How do we move forward,” says Konrad Wert. This tension is expressed at the very center of the tracklist, with “Be At Rest.” “All across the nation teachers see the same needs, fill the same roles, and ask the same hard and troubling questions: Students who are hurting, families fighting for the rights of their children, passionate teachers who constantly bear burdens that can become crushing,” says Wert. “Most troubling and devastating are the increasing numbers of human beings that are falling to violence within our schools. ‘Be At Rest’ provides an open image and feeling to all those hurting: ‘Raise up your voices, lay down down your sword and shield, be at rest. Come together on the foundations of peace and justice so we may heal, so we may help, so we may learn in order to do better for our children.’” So what about the name, Possessed By Paul James? “It’s partly just because of the way we play, maybe it’s due to anxiousness or anxiety, I don’t know, but just close the eyeballs and get it out,” says Wert. “But also, Paul was my grandfather, James is my dad’s middle name – so it’s a reference to something bigger than me, that there is something greater than ourselves, something that we’re in together. It’s important for us to acknowledge and be honest about that – the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are more than just ourselves.”


  1. Come Back In My Mind
  2. In The Dark Of Morning
  3. Your White Stained Dress
  4. I’m So Good At Absolutely Nothing
  5. I Come From Southwest Florida
  6. Be At Rest
  7. When It Breaks
  8. Dance With Me Tonight
  9. Don’t Tell Me
  10.  Didn’t Know You When
  11. Asleep With Both Eyes Open
  12. As We Go Wandering

Here is the new single that was released early.

Single out now
“When It Breaks”

Possessed By Paul James

The Bluegrass Situation premieres new track from the celebrated teacher, activist and songwriter

Today, Possessed By Paul James released a new song, “When It Breaks.” Premiering the track Tuesday, The Bluegrass Situation spoke with Konrad Wert about life on the road, family, and his work as an artist and education activist, and teacher, who reflected on the themes of the song: “When the world comes crashing down around us what will we do? I ask this question when thinking of my children. How will I react when tragedy strikes?” Read the rest at The Bluegrass Situation >

“When It Breaks”

New single from Possessed By Paul James

Miss Ashley McBryde Releases Two Videos For Never Will Out April 3rd.

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Jan 262020

Ashley McBryde

The album, produced by Eric Church and Miranda Lambert collaborator Mr. Jay Joyce features a couple of recently unveiled tracks: McBryde and Jeremy Spillman co-write “Martha Divine” and McBryde, Shane McAnally and Nicolette Hayford’s “One Night Standards”.

She has this album locked and loaded in the barrel on the horizon of the Grammy Awards, where she is nominated for two awards for her second album “Girl Going Nowhere”. We shall find out tonight if she wins anything or not, I’m kind of excited about this awards show here folks because a TON of people I like are in it to win it.
Last year in Atlanta, Mr. Joshua and I covered her set in Atlanta at Mercedes Benz Stadium as she was part of the opening program for George Strait. You can read all about that right HERE We had a wonderful time out there in Atlanta with her and the others.
Even though she really isn’t embraced completely by mainstream people or the mainstream media, her management still continues to cling on to the belief that she may indeed one day be. Now, people like me secretly have the belief that more people will hopefully become more in tune with better forms of Country Music. THAT IS one of the great struggles of the rampant influx of crappy pop country music that perverts FM radio. Her and Mr. Jon Pardi are two of the front runners of this close Country borderline problem.

AMB - One Night Standards OMV Gif

“The significance behind the album title comes from the lyrics in the title track: ‘I Didn’t, I Don’t and I Never Will’,” McBryde says in a press release. “Before we recorded it with Jay [Joyce] in the studio, I said to my band mates, ‘If we’re going to cut this and put it on the record, you’re promising anyone who ever listens to our music, we don’t listen to the noise in the background. We didn’t, we don’t and we never will. Don’t cut it unless you’re willing to promise it.’ And we cut it right then.”

Ashley Mcbyrde - Martha Divine Video Still

Ashley McBryde - Never Will Album Art

Never Will Track Listing:

1. “Hang In There Girl” (McBryde, Jeremy Bussey)
2. “One Night Standards” (McBryde, McAnally, Hayford)
3. “Shut Up Sheila” (Hayford, Charles Chisholm)
4. “First Thing I Reach For” (McBryde, Randall Clay, Mick Holland)
5. “Voodoo Doll” (McBryde, Hayford, Brandy Clark, Connie Harrington, Jake Mitchell, Aaron Raitiere)
6. “Sparrow” (McBryde, Hayford, Clark, Harrington, Mitchell, Raitiere)
7. “Martha Divine” (McBryde, Spillman)
8. “Velvet Red” (McBryde, Patrick Savage, Daniel Smalley)
9. “Stone” (McBryde Hayford)
10. “Never Will” (McBryde, Chris Harris, Blue Foley, Matt Helmkamp, Christian Sancho, Victor Quinn Hill)
11. “Styrofoam” (Clay)