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Album Feature – Avi Kaplan – I’ll Get By (2020)

By Joshua Wallace

You might remember Avi Kaplan as the rich bass vocalist from the group Pentatonix.  This record is his first solo project since breaking with that group and he gets to showcase his own personal style and wider vocal range.  This album showcases a love for folk music that didn’t get to shine in the group Pentatonix which mostly does covers of popular songs. I really enjoy this record and look forward to digging into more of his sound in the future.

The title track of the album is “I’ll Get By”.  It starts off as a simple guitar track and Avi’s smooth vocals and swells to include a broader soundscape.  It’s a nice track about life’s burdens and how we all get by. Another favorite is “It Knows Me”. This track features a great drum beat and infectious chorus on a song about how darkness and sin knows him.  I particularly enjoy the gospel feel of the chorus on this one. “Sweet Adeline Pt. 2” is a follow up to the Avriel & The Sequoias track “Sweet Adeline”. This song is more of a break up song where as part 1 was longing for Adeline.  It’s also a nice way to tie his solo record in with his previous folk project and acknowledging the past. Finally, my favorite track on this album is “Born In California”. It’s just a smooth track that takes you to California and gives you a longing for your own home.  Like the title track it swells from a simple beginning into a more evolved affair and you get some of Avi’s deeper bass lines in the chorus here. I dig the harmonica that comes in towards the end.

This album is a great start for Avi Kaplan as a solo singer.  It showcases his wide vocal range and a deep love for folk music.  If you’re a fan of smooth folk groups with a focus on vocals and lots of guitar and percussion, you’ll dig this one.  As a member of Pentatonix, Avi was forced into the bass role and now he gets to showcase his range as more of a baritone.  I’ll Get By is out everywhere as of Friday February 28th, 2020 and Avi Kaplan is about to be on tour for the record as well. Be sure to check him out live if you get a chance to.    

Favorite Tracks : I’ll Get By, It Knows Me, Sweet Adeline Pt. 2, Born In California, Full Moon

Avi Kaplan – I’ll Get By (2020) 

  1. Change On The Rise
  2. I’ll Get By
  3. It Knows Me
  4. Sweet Adeline Pt. 2
  5. Chains
  6. Born In California
  7. Full Moon

10 More Albums We Are Looking Forward To In 2020

By Joshua Wallace

When I previously released a list called “10 Albums We Are Looking Forward To In 2020”, that list contained albums where we knew the release date and all of the details.  Well, here’s a list of 10 more albums we are pretty sure are coming out in 2020 that we are looking forward to. Some of these albums have release dates and some of them just have a very early pre-release single and nothing else.  Keep an eye out here for more on these albums as info comes available.


American Aquarium – Lamentations – May 01st

American Aquarium is gearing up to release their new album Lamentations.  This record was recorded late last year with Shooter Jennings producing. The band just announced a release date of May 1st and the first leg of the album’s tour.  Look for new music soon.


Randall King – TBA – TBA

There isn’t much to go on for Randall King’s first album from major label Warner Music Nashville.  He’s released 4 singles since signing with them including a Christmas tune. While the Christmas tune might not make an album, the trio of other singles probably will.  Keep your eyes out for more info coming soon.  Check out his latest song titled “Hey Cowgirl”.


Zach Bryan – TBA – TBA

Zach Bryan has stated that new music is on the way.  While this independent artist tends to release things on his own time, he has recently entered the recording studio with famous producer Dave Cobb.  This is purely speculation here, but we hope to hear something out of that recording session sometime down the line in 2020. In the meantime, check out his newest self released song, “Rest, Rose”.


Logan Ledger – Logan Ledger – April 3rd

Logan Ledger has had a rough time getting his self titled debut LP out, but it is finally coming to us on April 3rd.  We have been big fans of the songs that have slowly trickled out over the past year and I can’t wait to hear the whole thing.  With five tracks already available, this one is an early album of the year candidate.  We recommend checking out “Imagining Raindrops”.


Porter Union – Loved & Lost – March 6th

We were big fans of Porter Union’s 2017 debut LP.  That album did well on our year end Top 50 lists that year.  Their new record is called Loved and Lost and is looking to be just as good.  They already have a single out called “I’ve Got You Covered” that you can check out now.  Look for this one in March.


Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners – Make It Back Home – Summer

Pat Reedy is gearing up to release the follow up to his 2018 Muddy Roots Records release titled That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More).  This record will be called Make It Back Home and out sometime this summer. If the first single and title track is any indication, this new record is picking up where the last one left off and will be one to look forward to in 2020.


Corb Lund – Agricultural Tragic – April 24th

Corb Lund is back in the saddle with a new release titled Agricultural Tragic.  There is already a new song out called “90 Seconds Of Your Time” which I highly recommend checking out.  This one is due out in April. 


Craig Gerdes – Tough As Nails – Mid March

Craig Gerdes is releasing his second album in mid March titled Tough As Nails.  We were big fans of his first release Smokin’ Drinkin’ and Gamblin’ and if the single “Between The Cradle and The Grave” is any indication, this one will be a rocking good time as well.


Bob Wayne – Rogue – Unknown

Bob Wayne has announced a new record called Rogue.  There is no current release date though he is taking pre-orders.  This record will be his first all acoustic album and he is pairing it with a huge tour that looks to break the world record for most shows in a tour cycle.


Jon Stickley Trio – Scripting The Flip – April 3rd

If you have never heard Jon Stickley Trio, I highly recommend checking out their music.  They have a new record titled Scripting The Flip coming out in April and it’s going to be a good one.  They are an instrumental group that pairs bluegrass with jazz, folk punk and other genres of music. The group consists of Jon Stickley who is an amazing flat picking guitar player, Lyndsay Pruett on fiddle and Hunter Deacon on drums.  This record has 3 pre-release singles out and I recommend checking out “Don’t Slip”.

Railbird Festival Announces Their 2020 Lineup

By Joshua Wallace

Railbird Festival has announced their 2020 lineup and it’s a good one.  This event takes place at The Grounds at Keeneland in Lexington, KY from August 22nd – 23rd.  Tickets for this stacked lineup go on sale Friday at 10AM EST.

Check out for more information.

Here are some highlight videos.  There are great artists on this lineup from top to bottom.


Album Feature – Aubrie Sellers – Far From Home

By Joshua Wallace

Aubrie Sellers is back with the follow up to her 2016 debut record called New City Blues.  This new record is called Far From Home and it amps up the garage country style Aubrie introduced in her debut.  It goes into more space rock and psychedelic country and fleshes out the style she started with on her debut. I particularly dig this brand of country music and this album has quickly become my favorite of 2020 so far.

The album kicks off with the title track which is a spacey ballad about how we wander aimlessly into loneliness.  The melody is the kind of thing you’d normally hear with a fiddle and smooth guitar playing in the background, or in some cases A Capella.  However, I really dig the spacey guitar sounds as it creates a feeling of loneliness that echoes the sentiment of the track. Up next is “My Love Will Not Change” which features Steve Earle on a banger of a track that would see lots of radio play if things were right in the current landscape of country music.  It has a groovy fuzzy guitar riff and a foot stomping back beat. Steve Earle is a nice feature on the track as trades lines with Aubrie on the second verse. Definitely check this one out when you get a chance.

One of my personal favorites on this album is the track “Glad”.  It leans into the fuzzy country rock vibe with heavily distorted guitars and a thick groove that screams cool.  It’s a catchy revenge song where Aubrie is glad that an ex broke her heart. The thick riffs and groovy back-beat make for a really good dance-able track with this one.  “Troublemaker” leans further into the fuzzy space rock country sound Aubrie is creating on this record. This track has my favorite riff on the album and that creates a fun vibe especially when paired with over cuts like “Glad”.  I particularly dig the psychedelic solo work on here and I love the transition back into the next verse. I can’t wait to hear that live. Finally, “Under The Sun” is a great smooth ballad in the later half of the album. It’s still somewhat spacey guitar rock that leans into pop rock and country rock territory.  This is another song that should get lots of radio play from this album. I particularly dig the hook in this one and it still has the smooth groovy vibe you get in the rest of the album.

Aubrie Sellers has released a sophomore LP that improves every bit on her debut release which was already a great album in itself.  Here, she’s further defining her brand of “garage country” by leaning further into the elements of that sound that made her first album special.  This has me looking forward to seeing her band live. I think I will get that chance very soon as she just announced a co-headlining tour with Lillie Mae which kicks off very soon.  You can find more info on that at her website. Far From Home is available everywhere as of Friday February 7th, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Far From Home, My Love Will Not Change, Drag You Down, Glad, Troublemaker,  Under The Sun, One Town’s Trash

Aubrie Sellers – Far From Home (2020)

  1. Far From Home
  2. My Love Will Not Change feat. Steve Earle
  3. Lucky Charm
  4. Worried Mind
  5. Drag You Down
  6. Going Places
  7. Glad
  8. Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet
  9. Troublemaker
  10. Run
  11. Under The Sun
  12. One’s Own Trash




Presented By Spaceland, The Echo and Grand Ole Echo The Annual Festival Will Take Place In Los Angeles, CA On March 29th, 2020

“Within moments of walking into Roots Roadhouse at the Echoplex and seeing BBQ pits, haystacks, cowboy hats and boots, I realized that this is one of the best festivals in Los Angeles, it’s a hidden gem.”—Janky Smooth Blog

The potent lineup features an intriguing mix of local roots, indie and “cowternative” bands combined with certified blues and country legends.”—LA Weekly


Los Angeles, CA January 30, 2020—Formed in 2010, the Roots Roadhouse Festival celebrates its annual season of roots music on March 29th, 2020. Roots Roadhouse is an all day festival that takes place on the legendary Echo and Echoplex stages in addition to their patio stages. The festival’s programming is characteristically musically multifarious, blending elements of roots music including outlaw, country, roots rock, indie folk, blues and of course, the cosmic sounds of California country. The lineup incorporates the best of local roots music scene to national touring acts.  In addition to the live performances there will be food trucks and an eclectic array of vendors along with country music DJs.


Some highlights of this year’s programming are below.  Others will be announced at a later date.



March 29, 2020; 3pm/All Ages

@Echo and Echoplex (entrance 1154 Glendale Boulevard)

Tickets $35 +  tickets available at



Performances by: Charley Crockett | John Doe & Exene | Pokey Lafarge | Jason James | The Cactus Pickers (Austin McCutchen of Grateful Shred, Sam Morrow, Elijah Ocean and Brian Whelan) | Haden Triplets | Sierra Farrell | Leroy From The North | Rob Leines | The Rhyolite Sound | Sie Sie Benhoff | Victoria Bailey | Katie Jo | Joe Bourdet


DJs:  Friends in Low Places  | Emily Rose | Cuz’n Roy




Every year Roots Roadhouse celebrates the outlaw country spirit and the cosmic cowboy soul with some incredible performers showcasing the best American roots music has to offer locally and nationally. The all-day-into-night festival takes place at the Echo and Echoplex and includes “back porch” stages for a more acoustic experience. Roots Roadhouse also includes games for kids, food trucks, DJs and a plethora of vendors that set up shop. From local barbecue joints to handcrafted leather belts, you’re sure to find some one-of-a-kind gems.

The Oak Ridge Boys Begin 20/20 Tour Across North America

The Oak Ridge Boys Begin 20/20 Tour Across North America
The Oak Ridge Boys

First tour leg took a big Texas swing

The Boys visit East Tennessee and Indiana this week

Nashville, Tenn. – GRAMMY® winning, Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry members The Oak Ridge Boys have kicked off the new year strong with “The Oak Ridge Boys 20/20 Tour.” This tour will see the legendary band crisscross the country from Florida to Nevada and just about everywhere in between. With nearly sixty concerts in over twenty states announced already, The Oak Ridge Boys have 20/20 vision when it comes to hitting the road this year!

“We are stoked about all that 2020 has to bring! A new David Cobb produced album is in the works and a huge tour chock full of beautiful theaters and performance centers, as well as a myriad of fairs and festivals across the nation,” say Joe Bonsall. “Our updated set lists this year includes hits and favorites as well as some deep cuts and a tribute to 40 years of the “Together” album. Add some Gospel and a wave of the Flag and we will be bringing a middle America show for the entire family. We may be coming to your town, so COME ON OUT and HEAR US SING!”

The Oak Ridge Boys 20/20 Tour:
FEB 13 The Stanley Theatre / Utica, N.Y.
FEB 14 Stambaugh Auditorium / Youngstown, Ohio
FEB 18 Grand Ole Opry House / Nashville, Tenn.
FEB 22 IP Casino Resort and Spa / Biloxi, Miss.
FEB 27 Florida Strawberry Festival / Plant City, Fla.
FEB 28 Seminole Casino Hotel Immokalee / Immokalee, Fla.
FEB 29 Orange Blossom Opry / Weirsdale, Fla.
MAR 04 Clemens Center / Elmira, N.Y.
MAR 05 Peoples Bank Theatre / Marietta, Ohio
MAR 06 The Birchmere / Alexandria, Va.
MAR 07 American Music Theatre / Lancaster, Pa.
MAR 13 UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center / Tifton, Ga.
MAR 14 Alabama Theatre / North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
MAR 20 Medina Entertainment Center / Medina, Minn.
MAR 21 Ameristar Casino Hotel Kansas City / Kansas City, Kan.
MAR 23 Rodeo Austin / Austin, Texas
MAR 28 Spartanburg School District 3 Community Auditorium / Spartanburg, S.C.
MAR 29 Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo / Opp, Ala.
APR 04 Sugar Creek Casino / Hinton, Okla.
APR 10 Celebrity Theatre / Phoenix, Ariz.
APR 17 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo.
APR 18 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
APR 24 Dayton Masonic Center / Dayton, Ohio
APR 25 Renfro Valley Entertainment Center / Renfro Valley, Ky.
MAY 01 Carl Perkins Civic Center / Jackson, Tenn.
MAY 08 The Jackson College / Jackson, Mich.
MAY 09 Hatfield Hall / Terre Haute, Ind.
MAY 10 Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts / Warsaw, Ind.
JUN 05 Hartville Kitchen / Hartville, Ohio
JUN 06 Hartville Kitchen / Hartville, Ohio
JUN 13 Northern Lights Casino / Walker, Minn.
JUN 25 Cv Music Festivals / Cadott, Wis.
JUN 26 The Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater / Decatur, Ill.
AUG 08 Mill Town Music Hall / Bremen, Ga.
AUG 19 Berrien County Youth Fair / Berrien Springs, Mich.
SEP 23 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
SEP 24 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
SEP 26 Arlington Music Hall / Arlington, Texas
OCT 14 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
OCT 15 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
OCT 21 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
OCT 22 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
NOV 11 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
NOV 12 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
NOV 18 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
NOV 19 The Mansion Theatre / Branson, Mo
NOV 14 Crystal Grand Music Theatre / Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

About The Oak Ridge Boys:
The Oak Ridge Boys, who have sold over 41 million records worldwide, are synonymous with “America, apple pie, baseball, pop, rock, gospel and country music.” In addition to their awards and accolades in the country and pop music fields, they have garnered five GRAMMY® Awards, and twelve GMA DOVE Awards, as well as numerous international awards. The group—Joe Bonsall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban—have earned prestigious membership in the Country Music Hall of Fame (2015 Inductees) and the Grand Ole Opry (2011), and are known worldwide as one of recording history’s most extraordinary musical successes. They have charted single after single and album after album, celebrating one double-platinum album and one double-platinum single and more than 30 Top 10 hits, including No. 1 chart-toppers “Elvira,” “Bobbie Sue,” “Thank God For Kids,” “American Made,” “Y’All Come Back Saloon,” among dozens more. For more information and to view upcoming tour dates for The Oak Ridge Boys, please visit

Album Feature – The Cadillac Three – Country Fuzz

By Joshua Wallace

I have been a fan of The Cadillac Three for a while.  They bring a sound similar to ZZ Top but with modern aesthetics which bring that sound forward.  They always have a mix of rocking numbers and smoother songs meant for country radio. This album is much heavier on the fuzzy rock tunes as the title implies.  For those who are not familiar, The Cadillac Three have been around since 2011 and are Jaren Johnston on lead vocals and guitar, Kelby Ray on bass guitar, steel guitar and vocals, Neil Mason on drums and vocals.  Let’s check out some of the good stuff from this record.

The album kicks off with “Bar Round Here” which is a fun rockin number about your local watering hole.  I dig the electric slide guitar solo on this one. You know you’re in for a fun record. The track “Slow Rollin’” is a slower track that brings the heavy fuzz rock sound you would expect from this record.  I dig the groove this track has and it’s sure to be a fan favorite live. “Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys” has some fun lyrical turns with the laundry list style of songwriting. It has an infectious hook and some groovy beats that will pull you in much like the rest of this album does.

On a different note, the ballad “Raise Hell” is a song about how hard it is to get to Heaven if you want to raise hell.  This track is a ballad, but it keeps the heavy fuzzy rock aesthetics that run through the album and I dig that in a song like this.  “Jack Daniel’s Heart” is a fun spin on the typical Jack Daniels song. It asks the question who broke Jack Daniel’s heart to make him want to make a whiskey so strong.   The dobro on this track is groovy and infectious. It will have anyone dancing once this one comes on. Finally, we have the heaviest song on the album “Whiskey and Smoke”.  The riffs are heavy and thick with this one and it goes more into stoner rock territory than southern rock. I dig it as there is nothing else really like this in The Cadillac Three catalog.

This is the best record from The Cadillac Three in my opinion and leans stronger on the southern rock heavy sound that makes them unique from other bands on country radio.  If you have slept on this band for any reason, Country Fuzz is a good place to give them another look. This album was out everywhere as of Friday February 7th, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Bar Round Here, Slow Rollin’, Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys, Labels, Raise Hell, Jack Daniel’s Heart, Whiskey and Smoke

The Cadillac Three – Country Fuzz (2020)

  1. Bar Round Here
  2. The Jam
  3. Hard Out Here For A Country Boy feat. Chris Janson, Travis Tritt
  4. Slow Rollin’
  5. All The Makin’s Of A Saturday Night
  6. Crackin’ Cold Ones With The Boys
  7. Labels
  8. Raise Hell
  9. Back Home
  10. Dirt Road Nights
  11. Blue El Camino
  12. Jack Daniel’s Heart
  13. Why Ya Gotta Go Out Like That
  14. Heat
  15. Whiskey and Smoke
  16. Long After Last Call

The Blue Ox Announces Initial Lineup!

BLUE OX MUSIC FESTIVAL ANNOUNCES ITS INITIAL LINEUP FOR 2020 Gov’t Mule, Sam Bush Band, The Infamous Stringdusters, Yonder Mountain String Band, Leftover Salmon, The Jerry Douglas Band, Charlie Parr, plus 2 nights of Pert Near Sandstone, are among the artists to perform at the 6th annual Blue Ox Music Festival – Taking place on June 11- 13, 2020 at Whispering Pines Campground. Tickets are on-sale now at when you log onto

EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN – December 17, 2019 – Blue Ox Music Festival is proud to announce the first round artist lineup, for the 6th annual Blue Ox Music Festival, which will be held June 11-13, 2020.
The annual early summer pilgrimage of Bluegrass, Americana, and Roots artists, and their loyal music festival fans; return to the tall pines and hardwoods of Whispering Pines Campground in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

This year Blue Ox honors a fine lineup of performances by heavy hitters – Gov’t Mule, Sam Bush Band, The Infamous Stringdusters, Yonder Mountain String Band, Leftover Salmon, The Jerry Douglas Band, Charlie Parr, Rising Appalachia, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, Charley Crockett, Henhouse Prowlers with Tony Trischka, Lillie Mae, Them Coulee Boys, Legendary Shack Shakers, Sunny War, Julian Davis & The Situation, Nora Brown, Arkansauce, Armchair Boogie, Kind Country, One Way Traffic, Short Round String Band, Feed The Dog, Intuitive Compass, Barbaro, and The High 48s. Pert Near Sandstone will host the Blue Ox Music Festival for the sixth year, in addition to performing for two nights.

Since its inception in 2015, the Blue Ox Music Festival has consistently brought together a collection of top level regional and national acts that have set the stage and standard of artists for the true music festival fan’s experience for years to come. With the vision of an intimate music and camping experience focused on Bluegrass, Americana Roots genres – the 3-day festival creates a unique experience with an impressive lineup of notable artists, in a familial and beautiful outdoor venue setting.

Besides the high quality of artists and performances that guests see over the 3-day festival, Jim Bischel, President of Blue Ox Music Festival, credits the fans for making the event, “something magical, as the attendees are here for the camaraderie, they’re here for the fellowship and they are true fans of the music. Part of their devotion, he adds, is that they appreciate the music from more than a listener’s standpoint. So many of the guests are musicians themselves.”

New this year, in addition to the traditional Blue Ox late night sets – The Backwoods Stage will feature regional and emerging artists from 11:30AM to 6:30PM on Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13. The first round of artists for the Backwoods Stage include – Miles Over Mountains, Nickle & Rose, Good Morning Bedlam, The Thirsty River, Dig Deep, Never Come Down, Pit Wagon, Katey Bellville, Gabe Barnett, and Doug Otto and the Getaways.

*Stay tuned for additional headliner announcements in early January 2020. The complete lineup for all 3 stages and late night artists at the 2020 Blue Ox Music Festival will be announced over the next few months.
As musicians and ambassadors for the festival – members of Pert Near Sandstone, Nate Sipe and Justin Bruhn, produce and host the popular, Road to Blue Ox Podcast. In each episode, Bruhn and Sipe interview one of the performing artists on the lineup, as well as highlighting key information and updates about the festival. Tune in for new 2020 Road to Blue Ox episodes on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher and Pocket Casts.

Pert Near Sandstone is set to release their second studio album in mid-2020 – with new music to be debuted at Blue Ox. Bruhn says, “Pert Near is grateful to play host and be such an integral part of Blue Ox. Every year, we are honored to cocurate the lineup, essentially building our own special mixtape for the Blue Ox stage! It’s a dream come true. We always look forward to showing our fellow artists just how wonderful the dedicated fans of our region are. See you in the Pines!”

About Blue Ox Music Festival – Blue Ox creates and fosters a wonderful sense of artistic community and has become a cornerstone of the cultural renaissance movement in the Eau Claire area. Blue Ox Music Festival at Whispering Pines Campground boasts 140 acres of pristine forest, walkable trails and landscaped lawn with music presented on three distinct stages, (Main Stage, Saloon Stage, Backwoods Stage).

As a family friendly environment, diverse cultural events take place throughout the festival grounds, including music workshops, morning yoga, eclectic craft vendors, dance performance, kids stages as well as a disc golf course. The variety of quality food and beverage vendors offers something delicious for everyone to enjoy. All ages are welcome. Children 13 and under are free with a paid adult.

Presently, 3-day General Admission Tickets are available for purchase at this time. General Admission gives you access to all entertainment and Unreserved Tent Camping. Car Camping Passes are available, for guests who prefer their car on the camp site next to their tent. Reserved RV / Tent sites are also available for purchase. Camping accommodations include spaces for RVs, Family and Quiet Camping, and for those who wish to just arrive at the festival, enjoy and lay their heads – there are “Glamping” options for purchase in early 2020.

Ticket prices for the 2020 Blue Ox Music Festival will increase on Friday, December 27, 2 019 at 11:59PM. Fans are encouraged to buy their tickets before December 28, 2019 in order to take advantage of the best prices available to date. Tickets are going fast, so please join us at the Blue Ox Music Festival on June 11, 12, 13, 2020 – for three days of phenomenal music and camping in a family friendly, intimate atmosphere.

Please visit for more information on tickets, camping, the artist lineup and more.
Also we have LOTS MORE coming on this festival.

Album Feature – Brent Cobb – No Place Left To Leave

By Joshua Wallace

No Place Left To Leave is an important album for Brent Cobb.  It’s also one that the majority of his fan base probably hasn’t heard yet so this is a good re-release.  Brent Cobb released this record in 2006 before he truly hit the national scene with his 2016 album Shine On A Rainy Day.  This record was produced with his cousin Dave Cobb who he had just met at the time. They made the record with Shooter Jenning’s then backing band including Jason “Rowdy” Cope on guitar and Chris Powell on drums.  This album features his first two cuts that were recorded by another artist also. These songs are “Bar, Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd” which was recorded by Whiskey Myers and “Hold Me Closely” which was recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys.  He has since gone on to have songs cut by the likes of Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, The Steel Woods and Lee Anne Womack. This is actually my first time hearing his first album so let’s dig into some of these songs.

The album kicks off with “Richland”.  It’s an upbeat shuffle about the place where Cobb comes from called Elleville, GA.  This is a small town in southwest Georgia and this song is about the life you’d find there.  I really dig the harmonica work throughout the track and you can tell this will be a fun record right from the start.  “Lavenders and Loving Gestures” is another highlight and it’s a wonderful break-up ballad. I really dig the pedal steel guitar throughout the track.  This version of “Bar, Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd” plays more like a demo tape than the version Whiskey Myers recorded on their debut album. It’s still a great rocking tune though that plays into the southern rock sound you would find on Cobb’s Providence Canyon album.

“Black Bottle” continues the southern rock sound and it’s a tune that reminds me of some of the 90’s era grunge bands but more acoustic leaning than that era of rock could be.  “Dirt Road In Georgia” is probably my favorite track on this record. This song really captures small town Georgia life better than most others who have tried. I dig the smoothness of this track and I can’t wait to hear a live version of this in the future. “Black Creek” is another smooth ballad on the album that is often a fan favorite.  There is some great acoustic picking and it is a great example of the songwriting you would find on his bigger releases. 

Even back in 2006, Brent Cobb was showing some promising talent. This re-release of his first album shows me that he will be around for a while whether he is doing a singer songwriter style or a low key southern rock style.  You can see Brent Cobb on his acoustic tour if your date isn’t already sold out. I highly recommend seeing him live whether it is acoustic or with his band. You can find out where he will be here. The reissue of No Place Left To Leave is out everywhere as of Friday, February 07th, 2020.


Note: The Charlottesville, VA venue has since been upgraded to The Jefferson

Favorite Tracks : Richland, Lavenders and Loving Gestures, Bar, Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd, Black Bottle, Dirt Road In Georgia, Black Creek

Brent Cobb – No Place Left To Leave (2020)

  1. Richland
  2. No Place Left To Leave
  3. Butterfly
  4. Lavenders and Loving Gestures
  5. Bar, Guitar and a Honky Tonk Crowd
  6. Don’t Want To Leave
  7. Black Bottle
  8. Dirt Road In Georgia
  9. Black Creek
  10. Hold Me Closely

Album Feature – Possessed By Paul James – As We Go Wandering

By Joshua Wallace

I have been a fan of Possessed By Paul James for over ten years now.  For those who are not familiar with his music, he is a multi instrumentalist who is a one man band live, but his later records are recorded with a full band.  He plays guitar, fiddle and banjo and is an incredible vocalist. His live shows are truly an experience because you are focused on him as a performer and it draws you in.  This album is a follow up to his 2013 release There Will Be Nights When I Am Lonely. Even though there are seven years apart from these releases, nothing has changed when it comes to the full band sound of Possessed By Paul James’s recorded output.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorite tracks.

I particularly enjoy “In The Dark Of Morning”.  It’s an upbeat acoustic tune with some really good fiddle work.  It’s a song about running back home and particularly enjoy the line about “We’re running home to lovers or we’re running from our graves” which indicates the dual nature of running back home.  You can either be going for good or bad reasons. Another standout is “I’m So Good At Absolutely Nothing”. It’s an awesome banjo tune that’s about accepting failure and facing it head on. “Dance With Me Tonight” starts off with some killer fiddle work on a simple tune about a man approaching a woman and asking her to dance and be with him as he thinks they were once lovers.  The fiddle playing on this tune is great to dance to and I love that about this track.

Possessed By Paul James never disappoints with his albums, however his live show is where you will be blown away as he performs these songs solo with enough power and conviction to match anyone out there.  You can often find PBPJ live at the Muddy Roots music festivals. If you are nowhere near those festivals, you can find his touring schedule at his website. He can’t always tour everywhere though as he is a special education teacher as well as an amazing musician.  As We Go Wandering is out everywhere as of January 31st, 2020.

Favorite Tracks :Come Back In My Mind, In The Dark Of Morning, I’m So Good At Absolutely Nothing, When It Breaks, Dance With Me Tonight, I Didn’t Know You When 

Possessed By Paul James – As We Go Wandering (2020)

  1. Come Back In My Mind
  2. In The Dark Of Morning
  3. Your White Stained Dress
  4. I’m So Good At Absolutely Nothing
  5. I Come From SW Florida
  6. Be At Rest
  7. When It Breaks
  8. Dance With Me Tonight
  9. Don’t Tell Me
  10. I Didn’t Know You When
  11. Asleep With Both Eyes Open
  12. As We Go Wandering

Album Feature – Tre Burt – Caught It From The Rye

By Joshua Wallace

I first came across the music of Tre Burt when he was announced as the newest artist signed to John Prine’s Oh Boy! Records.  That will automatically put any artist on my radar as Oh Boy! Records is building a small but great roster of artists. Tre Burt’s sound is straight out of the 60’s folk scene.  There’s a bit of a raspy quality to his voice that makes him stand out. This album is pure folk music with guitar, harmonica and sparse use of drums, keyboards and bass. I dig this sound and it’s something I want to hear more of.

The album kicks off with “What Good” which is a number that could come straight from an early Dylan record.  It’s just Tre Burt and his guitar on a track that asks what good does the driving / flying / sailing do? I love the line “I’m but a passenger, I never said I understood”.  I think we’ve all been at that place at some point. Another standout track is “Real You”. This was one of the pre-release singles that pulled me into the rest of the album.  It’s one of the more upbeat tracks and one of the tracks to feature drums. It’s about searching for love and a real connection but maybe the other person isn’t feeling it. Finally, the “Last Hurrah” keeps the theme of relationships and looks at the end of one.  It’s a bittersweet song looking back at what is lost while looking forward to what is to come. I really dig the harmonica work on this one as it’s some of the best on the record.

I love that Tre Burt’s sound is something you don’t hear much of anymore.  It’s like a blast from the past and takes you right into a 60’s folk mindset while still being current.  The raspy quality of his voice is great for this style of music as well. He’s one of few artists signed to John Prine’s Oh Boy! Records and I feel like he’s a good fit that helps diversify their small roster.  Tre Burt is touring on a smaller scale right now and you can find out where he will be at his website. Caught It From The Rye is available everywhere as of Friday, January 31st, 2020.        

Favorite Tracks : What Good, Undead God Of War, Only Sorrow Remains, Real You, Last Hurrah 

Tre Burt – Caught It From The Rye (2020)

  1. What Good
  2. Caught It From The Rye
  3. Undead God Of War
  4. Franklin’s Tunnel (Feat. Sea Of Bees)
  5. Only Sorrow Remains
  6. Real You
  7. Moth’s Crossing
  8. Get It By Now Blues
  9. Last Hurrah

Top 10 2020 Country Music Releases To Look Forward To

By Joshua Wallace

Feb. 7: Aubrie Sellers, Far From Home

We are big fans of Aubrie Sellers here at Gary Hayes Country.  Her first album New City Blues introduced us to her low fi grungy brand of garage country and we’re looking forward to hearing more.  I particularly dig “Drag You Down” from the pre-release singles.

Feb. 15: Billy Don Burns, The Country Blues

There is a new Billy Don Burns album out this month.  While there is no pre-release single out yet, you can expect this album to be as real as it gets.  A new Billy Don Burns album is always on our most anticipated albums list.  This album includes some updated versions of some classic Billy Don Burns tunes such as “Runnin’ Drugs Out Of Mexico”, “Wild Dogs” and “Stranger”.  “Wild Dogs” was recently covered by Colter Wall and “Stranger” was recently covered by Cody Jinks.  Since there is no pre-release track from this ablum, I will include a link to hear the original version of “Runnin’ Drugs Out Of Mexico” from the Heroes, Friends and Other Troubled Souls album.

March 6: Brandy Clark, Your Life Is a Record

Brandy Clark is quickly becoming one of the top female country artists you should know.  Her new album Your Life Is A Record promises more somber moments as indicated in pre-release tracks “Who You Thought I Was” and “I’ll Be The Sad Song”.

March 6: The Panhandlers, The Panhandlers

I think most of our Texas Red Dirt fans probably already have March 6th circled on their calendars.  That is the release date for the new super-group The Panhandler’s debut self titled album. If you don’t know, this group features the likes of  William Clark Green, Cleto Cordero, Josh Abbott and John Baumann. Check out the track “No Handle” for a preview.

March 27: Lilly Hiatt, Walking Proof

Lilly Hiatt’s 2017 album Trinity Lane was one of our favorites that year and her new record Walking Proof is probably going to continue that streak.  Pre-release tracks “P-Town” and “Brightest Star” showcase a rock forward country sound.

April 3: Ashley McBryde, Never Will

This is a big one.  If “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega” did big things for Ashley McBryde, “One Night Standards” and the trilogy of songs that it begins has been even bigger.  I’m particularly a fan of the rocking murder ballad “Martha Divine” which is the middle part of that trilogy. This is one of our most anticipated albums of 2020.


April 3: Caleb Caudle, Better Hurry Up

Caleb Caudle is back with a follow up to his 2018 album Crushed Coins.  This record was recorded with a bit of the soul of Johnny Cash at the Cash Cabin.  The title track is out now and I’m really digging the sound he’s taking on with this one.

April 10: John Anderson, Years

One of the biggest surprises early this year was a new single from John Anderson.  Years is an entirely new release produced by mega producer Dan Auerbach. Auerbach was already responsible for one of our favorite 2020 albums with Marcus King’s El Dorado.  Some are comparing this record to Johnny Cash’s American Recordings albums and it could be a similar career revival for John Anderson. Check out the title track everywhere now.

April 18: Whey Jennings, Gypsy Soul

Whey Jennings has a new record coming out this year called Gypsy Soul.  You might have heard of Waylon’s grandson as a touring act performing mostly cover songs and a few originals.  As far as I can tell, this is his first recorded LP and I’m looking forward to hearing the entire record. The title track “Gypsy Soul” is out now and you can get a copy of the album at it’s album release show on April 18th at The Nashville Palace which is one of Whey’s favorite venues to play.

April 24: Whitney Rose, We Still Go To Rodeos

Finally, Whitney Rose has announced the follow up to her amazing 2017 album Rule 62.  This one is titled We Still Go To Rodeos and you can hear the single “Believe Me, Angela” now.  It’s not a typical cheating song in that it’s more about compassion than revenge. This has me looking forward to hearing the entire album in April.

The Inaugural Born And Raised Festival Has A Killer Lineup

By Joshua Wallace

The inaugural Born And Raised Festival has announced it’s lineup and this one might be worthy of a road trip.  This festival is being held in Pryor, OK at the Rocklahoma Festival site.

Willie Nelson & Family and Hank Williams Jr. will headline a lineup featuring a lot of our favorite country singers.  We have Jamey Johnson, Whiskey Myers, Blackberry Smoke, Margo Price, Shooter Jennings, Paul Cauthen, Mike and The Moonpies, Zach Bryan, Kendell Marvell, Elizabeth Cook and more on this amazing lineup.  I hope they have minimal overlap between sets so folks can get a chance to see everyone they want to here.  You can find out everything you need on the festival’s website.  Tickets start at $89.50 and go on sale February 14th, 2020 at 10 am CT.  This one is sure to sell out with that lineup.  We will have more information here at Gary Hayes Country as it becomes available.

More Info On DelFest…And MORE TO COME!

DelFest Announces Initial Lineup for 2020
May 21-24 in Cumberland, MD
November 21, 2019 – Cumberland, MD – DelFest, the festival brainchild of Del McCoury and his extended McCoury family now in its 13th year, in partnership with High Sierra Music, announced an initial star-studded lineup today. Held at the Allegany County Fairgrounds in beautiful Cumberland, MD, DelFest originated from the desire to create a family-friendly music festival celebrating the rich legacy of McCoury music while creating a forum for world-class musical collaborations and to showcase fresh new talent. On May 21-24, 2020—Memorial Day Weekend—DelFest will stay true to their original mission statement with musical performances from The Del McCoury Band, The Travelin’ McCourys, Old Crow Medicine Show, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, Punch Brothers, Sam Bush, Billy Strings, Mandolin Orange, The Infamous Stringdusters, Sierra Hull, and emcee, Joe Craven with many more to be announced.
Fans are encouraged to take advantage of discounted Advance 4-Day passes which are available now at All other passes including DELuxe VIP packages, on-site RV passes with and without hookups, and parking will go on-sale Dec. 3rd at 12p EST. Once again, DelFest Academy will serve as a prelude to the festival, taking place May 17-20 at the Allegany County Fairgrounds, with registration also opening on Dec. 3rd. The Academy is a 4-day instrument-specific deep dive led by The Travelin’ McCourys and other star players, and students of all ages and skill levels, from children to adults, are welcome.
Stay tuned for more artists and ticket information to be announced in the coming weeks. Relive the magic from DelFest 2019 with Osiris’ Brokedown Podcast who was on-site recording exclusive interviews with last year’s artists. Please visit for more information or to purchase discounted Advance 4-Day passes.
About DelFest:
Produced in association with High Sierra Music, the 13th Annual DelFest will again offer a quality festival experience stamped with the unique McCoury touch. Personally chosen by Del McCoury, the Allegany County Fairgrounds in Cumberland, MD serves as the perfect location for DelFest–nestled along the Potomac River in the scenic Appalachian Mountains, the Fairgrounds are convenient to four major airports and easily reached by rail or road. The city of Cumberland is also a great host, offering multiple hotel options, a charming downtown and great amenities including biking, a steam train engine and museum, and top-notch dining.
In addition to traditional stage sets by these world-class artists, attendees can again expect to see one-of-a-kind collaborations, special guest sit-ins, various tributes to Del McCoury and his musical legacy, intimate appearances, both at unique “playshops”—informal workshops where the emphasis will be on performance rather than instruction—and in late-night indoor performances and picking sessions.

Album Feature – Hayden Haddock – Red Dirt Texas

By Joshua Wallace

I first came across Hayden Haddock when I heard his track “Honky Tonk On” as a pre-release single for this record.  As a first impression, it was a really good track. It reminded me of a cross between Aaron Watson and Randall King.  Hayden Haddock certainly represents the red dirt sound perfectly. This is actually his second album that I can find. His first release was First Rodeo which was a seven song effort from 2018.  Red Dirt Texas is the name of his new release and it’s a better effort in every way. There is better production across all ten tracks here and a more confident sound. Let’s dig into a few of my favorite tracks.

The album kicks off with the title track, “Red Dirt Texas”.  It’s a great ode to Texas red dirt country and it’s a fun way to kick off the album that lets you know what you’re in for over the next thirty minutes.  “Still Dancin’” is a great country love song and Hayden Haddock gets to showcase his smooth vocals on this track that would fit in nicely on any Aaron Watson record.  “Honky Tonk On” is a good Texas honky tonk track. You can’t really go wrong with this one and it’s a perfect introduction to Haddock’s sound. Finally, “Take You Home” is a song about taking the right one home to mamma, but in a rocking country number.  I dig the guitar work on this track and I’m sure it’s a live favorite.

Red Dirt Texas makes a great first impression to the music of Hayden Haddock.  If you’ve never heard his music, I highly recommend giving it a spin. If you’re out in Texas, Hayden Haddock is playing live all over that state so there are plenty of chances to check him out live there.  If you’re not in Texas, check out this new release and let us know what you think on social media. Red Dirt Texas is out everywhere as of Friday January 31st, 2020.   

Favorite Tracks : Red Dirt Texas, Still Dancin’, Honky Tonk On, Whiskey Did You Miss Me, Take You Home 

Hayden Haddock – Red Dirt Texas (2020)

  1. Red Dirt Texas
  2. Friends Like These
  3. Where You Come In
  4. Better Than It’s Ever Been
  5. Still Dancin’
  6. Honky Tonk On
  7. One By One
  8. Whiskey Did You Miss Me
  9. Take You Home
  10. America

2020 Massive List Of Festival Information.

This is an annual ongoing piece here on my website, because we cover SO MANY nationwide festivals per year, and also it’s becoming more difficult to print individual articles for 275 festivals. I still plan to relentlessly print and promote that many separately, and as they all reveal their lineups, I’ll follow suit.

ROMP: June 24-27th Kentucky


Rio Frio Fest: March 11- 15th Texas
Jan 16, 2020
Artists/Schedule Subject To Change: See for Details

Pickathon: July 30th – August 2nd Oregon


Don’t miss out!

Here we go folks! Tickets to Pickathon 2020 are set to go one sale this Saturday at 9am. Set the alarms, drop it in your google calendar, blow the bugles, fire off a telegram! General admission tickets are going on sale, plus we’re going to release more RV, car camping, and tent package options. The festival lineup won’t be ready until early February, so this is your chance to beat the rush. Patron Passes are still available if you want to go HAM on Pickathon this year! We’ve mentioned before that Pickathon will look and feel completely different in 2020, and we promise you won’t want to miss out on this. So get your tickets and come on home this summer:


P.S. Limited number of Patron Passes still available!

A Patron Pass gets you:

• Full weekend ticket + Thursday Early Entry
• Full backstage access at every stage
• Free food all weekend and unlimited drinks at any bar
• Access to additional stages/exclusive secret session tapings
• Reserved VIP parking space
• Express check-in at the gate
• Exclusive early access to purchase accommodations



July 30-August 2 • Pendarvis Farm

Hoxeyville: August 14th – 16th Michigan
Camp Greensky: June Michigan

August 14-16, 2020

Grab your Hoxey Earlybirds before our artist announcement!

Lowest price available now
New Hoxey hats are in the store now

Save $55 off Camp Greensky gate prices now.

Last call before our artist announcement, coming soon!
Lock in your festival tickets
Thank you again for another wonderful year!

Forecastle: July 17-19th Kentucky


🚤 Lineup & Tickets Sail In Wednesday 2/12 🚤

It’s time to rock the boat! Your 2020 lineup arrives Wednesday, February 12th at 10am EST with 3-day tickets on sale at 12pm EST (same day)! Add a reminder to your calendar with the buttons below, and cruise around to get ready to secure your tickets. Check out on sale details and tips here.

Delfest: May 21st – 24th Maryland

Header Graphic: Memorial Day Weekend May 21-24 2020 DelFest Cumberland, Maryland

More Acts Added!

We are thrilled to share our latest lineup additions to DelFest 2020! Please join us in welcoming Leftover SalmonThe Jerry Douglas BandAnders Osborne & Jackie GreeneMolly TuttleThe Lil SmokiesDella MaeCris Jacobs BandHot Club of CowtownMichael Cleveland & FlamekeeperFrank Solivan & Dirty KitchenThe BroomestixRob Ickes & Trey Hensley, Steve PoltzSister SadieLonesome River Band, Dré Anders, Twisted PineFireside CollectiveThe Jakob’s Ferry StragglersCrying Uncle Bluegrass Band and Birches Bend!

You can listen to the full Lineup on our 2020 Spotify playlist!

Advance pricing is good through February 10th — get yours at the link below!


DelFest Academy

DelFest Academy instructors have been announced! In addition to our Grammy-winning host band The Travelin’ McCourys [Rob McCoury (banjo), Ron McCoury (mandolin), Jason Carter (fiddle), Cody Kilby (guitar), Alan Bartram (bass)], our 2020 Instructors will also include Frank Solivan (mandolin) and Dirty Kitchen bandmate Mike Munford (banjo), Chris Luquette (guitar), Ronnie Bowman (guitar and vocals), Garnet Bowman (vocals) and Jay Starling (dobro).

DelFest Academy takes place May 17-20 at the Allegany County Fairgrounds. Registration is now open! LEARN MORE

Grey Fox Bluegrass: July 15th – 19th New York


As one decade ends and another begins, we thank
music lovers the world over for making Grey Fox
such a special time and place year after year.

We hope to see you all in Oak Hill, NY,
Wed, July 15 thru Sun, 19, 2020

Doorbuster Ticket Sale begins Saturday, Jan 4th at Noon.
$205 per person (age 13 and up). Kids 12 and under are free.  

Ticket quantities are limited. When Doorbusters are sold out,
we’ll begin the Super Savers Sale at $225 per person.

On Saturday at noon, click here to buy tix:

Due to limited space, these prices are in effect for 2020.
Limit: One vehicle pass per full festival ticket.

On-Site Vehicle Pass: $50
This pass allows you to park your vehicle on site.
If you don’t need your vehicle near your campsite,
we encourage you to purchase a Car Corral pass
and park in the car corral across the street.

Car Corral Vehicle Pass: $20
Allows campers to drive in, unload, then park in car corral.
Vehicle passes limited to one per full festival ticket.
High Meadow Campers must purchase a car corral
vehicle pass and park in car corral. 


Jerry Douglas to perform three big days: July 16, 17 & 18
14-time Grammy winner, 3-time CMA Entertainer of the Year, and
National Endowment for the Arts Fellow. Photo by Vorobiov
Jerry Douglas Little Martha 2
Video: Douglas performing Little Martha.
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival takes place July 15-19, 2020
On the Walsh Farm in Oak Hill, New York
Albany: 40 mins / Syracuse: 2 hrs / NYC: 2.25 hrs
Boston: 3.5 hrs / Montreal: 4.5 hrs / 
Baltimore: 5 hrsLINEUP COMING FEB 14 • 
Hosted, as always, by Dry Branch Fire Squad.
Presenting over 40 bands on six stages.
Full lineup with bluegrass music’s top touring bands and
exciting, young emerging artists, will be announced on
Valentine’s Day, February 14. What’s not to love?JOIN US
Thousands of fans from over 30 states and a dozen countries
consider Grey Fox the place to be every third weekend in July.
Tickets and information at
Stay tuned for upcoming news about all things Grey Fox!

John Hartford Memorial Festival: May 27 – 30th Indiana

Recently Added Bands:
We just added the following sixteen bands to the 2020 roster – John Cowan & Songs From The Road Band Featuring Andy Thorn, Vince Herman as Artist at Large, Chicago Farmer & the Field Notes, Clare Brown, Deep Fried Pickle Project, Dan Andree Band, Ernie Hill’s Story Songs, Fox Crossing Stringband, Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke, Miles Over Mountains, Relic, Stillhouse Junkies, The Kay Brothers, The Misty Mountain String Band, White Lightning Boys, Will Kimble and Trina Emig. To view all the artist photos and bios click here. The Daily Lineup will be announced at a later date.
We Cap Tickets For Your Comfort:
Just like years past there is a ticket cap. We will continue to limit the amount of multi-day tickets sold to just 2,000 Full-Festival Tickets. This year the first tier (of three) multi-day tickets sold in a record 14 hours, and as of print the second tier has just 100 left. Last year the 2nd tier sold out as well. Pick up discounted tickets while they are available. We strive to create an exclusive, laidback, event. We are a family friendly, kid friendly, dog friendly, jam friendly, just plain friendly festival. Single Day tickets will go on sale around early March. Click Here to buy multi-day tickets.
Contest Info:
Applications are now open for both the John Hartford Memorial Band Contest and The Songwriter’s Challenge. Win cash prizes and more! All entrants will be considered for future bookings. We have booked many of the bands and songwriter’s that competed in previous years. Click Here to learn about the Band Contest and Click Here to learn about the Songwriter’s Challenge.
2019 Winner Good Morning Bedlam
Band Contest– The deadline for submissions is Midnight, CST, Feb 28. Judges will narrow down the qualified entries to a maximum of 12 finalist bands to compete live at JHMF10. Final contestants will be notified via email by Thursday, March 5. Any band that was booked at the 2019 festival is ineligible to enter, as well as all previous 1st place Band Contest winners. All entrants will be considered for future bookings. We have booked many of the bands that competed in previous contests.
  • 1st Place Prize: $1000, a Hartford main stage slot at the 2021 John Hartford Memorial Festival.
  • 2nd Place: $500
  • 3rd Place: $300
  • 4th Place: $200
1-4th place bands receive a custom designed and fabricated hardwood trophy.
2019 Winner Barker Thompson, from St. Louis, MO.
Songwriter’s Challenge- We will stop accepting entries when we reach 40 compliant and complete entries or at Midnight CST, Feb 28, 2020, whichever comes first. Entrants will be prejudged and notified by March 21, 2020. Our top four winners will perform on Friday, May 29, in our Songwriter’s Challenge on the Hartford Stage, the House that Bill Monroe built. All compliant contestants will be considered for bookings at future events.
  • 1st place wins $200.00, two full festival tickets, a slot in our Main Stage Songwriter’s Showcase, an invitation to return to the 2021 John Hartford Memorial Festival to perform your winning song during our 2021 Songwriting Contest Showcase and additional festival goodies.
  • 2nd place wins $150, one full festival ticket, a slot in our Main Stage Songwriter’s Showcase and additional festival goodies.
  • 3rd place wins $100, one full festival ticket, a slot in our Main Stage Songwriter’s Showcase and additional festival goodies.
  • 4th place wins $50, one full festival ticket, a slot in our Main Stage Songwriter’s Showcase and additional festival goodies.
1-4th place songwriters receive a custom designed and fabricated hardwood trophy.
Free Primitive Tent Camping:

Don’t forget, for the first time ever, all 4-Day Full Festival ticket holders get free primitive tent camping. The campground and the facilities are maintained and operated by the Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park and Campground. Reservations are not required for primitive camping. For any additional questions about camping reservations, camping with hook-ups, or anything else regarding camping, call the Campground at (812) 988-6422.

Nestled in the beautiful hills of Brown County in Southern Indiana, in a little slice of heaven called Bean Blossom, the park is located on a 55-acre tract of land. Bill Monroe fell in love with this small town, and the property he owned, calling it his home away from home for more than forty years. Once you visit, you too will experience the magic of Bean Blossom. Come experience the history, become a part of tradition and find out why so many call this the Mecca of Bluegrass Music. The facilities are complete with hot showers, clean restrooms, coin laundry facility, two dump stations, a water park complete with a beach, rope swings, swim platform and a water slide; walking trails, assorted picnic tables, fire rings, and barbecue grills; large covered pavilion, camp store, gift shop, and museum (your festival wristband gets you in the museum).

Photo & Video Review:
Last year we had seven official photographers wandering the festival and capturing musical memories and superlative moments. Experience last year by checking out the hundreds of photos from 2019 that we archived on our past festival photo page. Click Here to view the images. Thanks again to the following photographers; Amanda Cannon, Danny “Hootenanny” Clark, Sara Compton, Matthew Hill, Will Huston, Aaron Ligenfelter and Troy Phillips.

Ace videographer Troy Phillips of Live Music Video Productions created this recap of the 2019 edition of the festival. If you’re new to our gathering consider this a great way to familiarize yourself with the vibe of the event. For those of you who were lucky enough to be in attendance press play and see if you can spot yourself.

See You May 27 – May 30, 2020:
Where in the world can you go to sit back, relax, leave your worries at the gate, enjoy the campground atmosphere and listen to or participate in campfire jamming?  Where can you go to experience the most exciting, thoroughly entertaining bunch of pickers and singers ever assembled in the most laid back atmosphere in the country? Join us May 27 – May 30, in Bean Blossom, Indiana at the Bill Monroe Music Park & Campground for the 10th annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, “The Most Laid Back Festival in America!” That’s where it all takes place.

News from The Screamin’ Rebel Angels.

Right around now, I’m focusing on the Ameripolitan Awards and a bunch of Rockabilly bands that are nominated for awards there. The Honky Tonk bands that are being brought to Memphis by the mastermind himself Mr. Dale Watson.

This band here is from the Northeast region of America, and they are quite prevalent on the Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie, The New England Shake Up and MANY OTHER Rockabilly festivals. And they are an awesome stage presence for this website.

Their 2019 release “Heel Grinder” was on my MUST HAVE LIST of last year, and every time they get around in this area, I always go catch their show. Their new video is in this article and please go support Miss Laura’s Amerpolitan nomination, and all of their other festival appearances.

Hi Friends!  NEW VIDEO ALERT! PRESS PLAY! Buckle in and get ready for our most colorful and high energy music video to date! Have a watch, share, subscribe and leave a comment! If you’re in Brooklyn, we are playing Knitting Factory 1/19 with Third Man Records recording artist Olivia Jean! We are also doing a limited run direct to vinyl session, and have 12 spots left! Have a read, and see ya on your screen! <3 Laura Palmer
Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Baby Gets Down (Official Music Video)


Click the above link to watch Screamin’ Rebel Angels new music Video for “Baby Gets Down!” It’s a whirlwind of energy, color and wild rock ‘n roll! Shot at Roxy and Dukes Roadhouse, Cinematography by D.C. DuFrane, Edited and Directed by Laura Palmer

If you are in Brooklyn on Sunday January 19th, (tomorrow! ahhh!) come see us at Knitting Factory with Olivia Jean and Joey Slater!