Album Feature – Possessed By Paul James – As We Go Wandering

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Feb 072020

By Joshua Wallace

I have been a fan of Possessed By Paul James for over ten years now.  For those who are not familiar with his music, he is a multi instrumentalist who is a one man band live, but his later records are recorded with a full band.  He plays guitar, fiddle and banjo and is an incredible vocalist. His live shows are truly an experience because you are focused on him as a performer and it draws you in.  This album is a follow up to his 2013 release There Will Be Nights When I Am Lonely. Even though there are seven years apart from these releases, nothing has changed when it comes to the full band sound of Possessed By Paul James’s recorded output.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorite tracks.

I particularly enjoy “In The Dark Of Morning”.  It’s an upbeat acoustic tune with some really good fiddle work.  It’s a song about running back home and particularly enjoy the line about “We’re running home to lovers or we’re running from our graves” which indicates the dual nature of running back home.  You can either be going for good or bad reasons. Another standout is “I’m So Good At Absolutely Nothing”. It’s an awesome banjo tune that’s about accepting failure and facing it head on. “Dance With Me Tonight” starts off with some killer fiddle work on a simple tune about a man approaching a woman and asking her to dance and be with him as he thinks they were once lovers.  The fiddle playing on this tune is great to dance to and I love that about this track.

Possessed By Paul James never disappoints with his albums, however his live show is where you will be blown away as he performs these songs solo with enough power and conviction to match anyone out there.  You can often find PBPJ live at the Muddy Roots music festivals. If you are nowhere near those festivals, you can find his touring schedule at his website. He can’t always tour everywhere though as he is a special education teacher as well as an amazing musician.  As We Go Wandering is out everywhere as of January 31st, 2020.

Favorite Tracks :Come Back In My Mind, In The Dark Of Morning, I’m So Good At Absolutely Nothing, When It Breaks, Dance With Me Tonight, I Didn’t Know You When 

Possessed By Paul James – As We Go Wandering (2020)

  1. Come Back In My Mind
  2. In The Dark Of Morning
  3. Your White Stained Dress
  4. I’m So Good At Absolutely Nothing
  5. I Come From SW Florida
  6. Be At Rest
  7. When It Breaks
  8. Dance With Me Tonight
  9. Don’t Tell Me
  10. I Didn’t Know You When
  11. Asleep With Both Eyes Open
  12. As We Go Wandering

Album Feature – Tre Burt – Caught It From The Rye

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Feb 072020

By Joshua Wallace

I first came across the music of Tre Burt when he was announced as the newest artist signed to John Prine’s Oh Boy! Records.  That will automatically put any artist on my radar as Oh Boy! Records is building a small but great roster of artists. Tre Burt’s sound is straight out of the 60’s folk scene.  There’s a bit of a raspy quality to his voice that makes him stand out. This album is pure folk music with guitar, harmonica and sparse use of drums, keyboards and bass. I dig this sound and it’s something I want to hear more of.

The album kicks off with “What Good” which is a number that could come straight from an early Dylan record.  It’s just Tre Burt and his guitar on a track that asks what good does the driving / flying / sailing do? I love the line “I’m but a passenger, I never said I understood”.  I think we’ve all been at that place at some point. Another standout track is “Real You”. This was one of the pre-release singles that pulled me into the rest of the album.  It’s one of the more upbeat tracks and one of the tracks to feature drums. It’s about searching for love and a real connection but maybe the other person isn’t feeling it. Finally, the “Last Hurrah” keeps the theme of relationships and looks at the end of one.  It’s a bittersweet song looking back at what is lost while looking forward to what is to come. I really dig the harmonica work on this one as it’s some of the best on the record.

I love that Tre Burt’s sound is something you don’t hear much of anymore.  It’s like a blast from the past and takes you right into a 60’s folk mindset while still being current.  The raspy quality of his voice is great for this style of music as well. He’s one of few artists signed to John Prine’s Oh Boy! Records and I feel like he’s a good fit that helps diversify their small roster.  Tre Burt is touring on a smaller scale right now and you can find out where he will be at his website. Caught It From The Rye is available everywhere as of Friday, January 31st, 2020.        

Favorite Tracks : What Good, Undead God Of War, Only Sorrow Remains, Real You, Last Hurrah 

Tre Burt – Caught It From The Rye (2020)

  1. What Good
  2. Caught It From The Rye
  3. Undead God Of War
  4. Franklin’s Tunnel (Feat. Sea Of Bees)
  5. Only Sorrow Remains
  6. Real You
  7. Moth’s Crossing
  8. Get It By Now Blues
  9. Last Hurrah