ONGOING Festivals As Planned In 2020. HUGE ONGOING LIST.

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Mar 282020

For two weeks now, I have been ardently laboring to piece together local music from a somewhat distant angle of what COULD possibly transpire…make sense? I ask you how long have you been cooped up at home? I myself have been holed up for about a week and a few days, after a month long medical event.

MANY of us have been watching this plethora of LIVE feeds, and tipping all of our valued friends whom cannot work in this time of need here, and I have a massive article that I want to share. Here is how you can help.

In all honesty, there are just so many ways you can help this music we love, no matter WHAT genre YOU enjoy most. All of these festivals below are HEAVILY SUPPORTED by me and my website, and I keep in constant contact with them all.

ANY AND ALL cancellations or rescheduled festival dates shall be duly noted I shall move that date to the other article that I have linked. Here is where you can see what’s cancelled or postponed. 

Rockygrass – July 24th – 26th

Floyd Fest – July 22nd – 26th

Targhee Bluegrass Festival – July 10th – 12th

Whimmydiddle – August 14th and 15th

Fayetteville Roots Festival – August 26th -30th

Braun Brothers Reunion – August 6th – 8th

Papa Joe’s Banjobaque – May 22nd and 23rd

Lone Star Jam – May 23rd and 24th

DelFest  May 21st – 25th

Western Swing Out – May 22nd – 25th

The Ralph Stanley Memorial Festival – May 20th – 23rd

Backwoods At Mulberry Mountain – June 4th -7th

Ogden Bluegrass Festival – May 29th -May 31st

The Duck Creek Log Jam – June 18th – 20th

Whispering Beard – August 18th – 20th

Laurel Cove Bluegrass Festival – June 12th -14th

Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival – June 13th – 20th

Pondstock Lake Hedke – June 4th – 7th

Telluride Bluegrass Festival – June 18th -21st

The Stringbean Memorial Bluegrass Festival – June 18th – 20th

Moccasin Creek – June 18th – 21st

Festival Of The Red – June 26th – 28th

Roostertail – July 2nd – 4rth

The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festiva – July 15th – 19th

Roseberry Bluegrass Festival – July 16th -18th

The Redwood Ramble – July 16th -19th

Moondance Festival – August 21st 22nd and 23rd

Red Dirt Float Fest – July 25th and 26th

Earl Scruggs Memorial festival – Sept 4rth and 5th

Bluegrass Heritage Festiva – July 15th and 16th

Texas Crab Fest – May 16th and 17th

Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver Bluegrass Festival – May 28th and 29th

Railbird Music Festival – August 22nd and 23rd

CL (Austin City Limits) Festival – October 2nd – 11th

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – October 2nd – 4th

Moonshiner’s Ball – October 8 – 11th

Hillberry Music Festival – October 8 – 11th

The Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival – October 8 – 11th

Honey Creek Bluegrass Festival – October 22nd – 24th

Hangtown Music Festival – October 22nd – 25th

Symco Hot Rod And Rockabilly Festival – August 7th and 8th

Manchester Music Festival – August 29th – 31st

Muddy Roots – September 4th – 6th

Moon River Music Festival – Sept 12th – 15th

Picking In the Pine – September 18th – 20th

Hometown Rising – Sept 212th -13th

Americanafest – September 15th – 20th

Bristol Rhythm And Root -Sept 11th – 13th

Lost Cierra Hoedown – Sept 17th – 20th

Walnut Valley Bluegrass – September 16- 20th

Freshgrass – September 25 – 27th

Vine Grove Bluegrass – September 24th – 26th

Kickin It On The Creek – September 17th – 19th

Camp Greensky Music Festival – June 4th – 6th

Pickathon – July 30th – August 2nd

Moon River – September 12th

The Great Blue Heron – July 3rd – 5th

William Clark Green’s Cotton Fest – April 30th – May 2nd

Podunk Music Festival – August 8th – 11th

Under The Big Sky Festival– July 18th and 19th

ROMP – June 24th – 27th

Hoxeyville Music Festival – August 14th – 16th

Tailgates And Tallboys – July 30th, 31st and August 1st

Hinterland – July 31st – August 2nd

Muddy Roots Spring Weekender June 12th -13th

Nashville Boogie – October 2nd -4rth

Southern Gothic Campout – October 23rd – 24th

Firewater music Festival – October 1st – 3rd

Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival – September 4 – 6th

Albino Skunk Festival – Summer is June 20th – October 1- 3rd

Four Corners Folk Festival – September 4 – 6th

Showdown On Sugar Creek – July 27th

Northern Roundup – June 26th and 27th

Jackalope Jamboree – June 26th and 27th