Stoney LaRue Releases Volume 1 of Live Album Series

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May 182020

Stoney LaRue Releases Volume 1 
of Live Album Series

“Kickin’ It LIVE From The Road” Available Digitally on April 27th


Nashville, TN-(Monday, April 27, 2020)-For over 20 years, Stoney LaRue has remained one of the most dominate headliners laying down his specific brand of Red Dirt rock across the highways of the country. His lengthy tenure is studded with sold out shows , high charting albums on Billboard, iTunes and the Texas Regional Radio Chart, featured videos on CMT, a debut performance at Nashville’s renowned Grand Ole

Opry and over 1 million albums and singles sold to date. With all music concerts on hiatus for the foreseeable future, music fans are desperately missing those nostalgic moments surrounded by the kind of sights, sounds, smells and excitement that can only be found in a live music venue.  As luck would have it, LaRue has been recording some of his live performances over the last two years with the plan to release a live album series in the future.  With the arrival of the global lockdown, that future is now the present.  On April 27th, LaRue will release volume 1 of this live album series “Kickin’ It LIVE From The Road.”  The album will be available solely on his website and will feature live versions of some of his signature tunes that have never before been released.  With no overdubs or technical polish, this album is raw and captures the crisp, clear and delectable taste of LaRue’s live show. The album will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming outlets this summer. Physical copies will also be available for purchase this summer. In the meantime, Larue’s hot ticket show will now come directly to you.

Throw away any preconceived notions you might have about country singers —especially ones from Texas — because Stoney LaRue smashes them all. He is a deft songwriter, informed traveler and self-aware philosopher, a troubadour who converses just as easily about Indian yogis and gurus as he does about Texas barbecue and dance halls. Forging connections with his fans is paramount for LaRue, who plays more than 200 live shows a year. His base is a fiercely loyal one, and not just within the Red Dirt region. He regularly tours throughout the entire country and has fans in some unexpected places. Chalk up his mass appeal to the way he sells his songs both onstage and on record — to listen to LaRue sing is to hear someone with whom you share an experience.


You CAN ORDER Merchandise For Viva Las Vegas 23!

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May 182020

SO HERE is what this particular festival is doing for their having to cancel this year , and I’ll be honest folks pretty much all of my festivals I keep track of are cancelled or postponed to late 2020. If these festivals do indeed get to commence in late fall,  we are going to have an influx of festivals going on at once.

It’s going to be tough for all of the bands to get back to rolling when they do, and it’s going to be difficult for them to get to them all this close in time. Right now, I think the ones that have just rescheduled to next year made the smartest choice time wise.

So in 2021, my friends over at Viva Las Vegas have created VLV 23.1! They have branded VLV 23 as “The One That Didn’t Happen”, but I wanted to take this time out to tell you my dear readers about their products they have to offer on their website. They are offering a terrific line of shirts and hats for VLV 23, and I will be ordering MY OWN shirt here SOON.

VLV 23 Merch
As promised, we have made the merch available for THE ONE THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN!
You can get it here:
We would love to see you next year so the easiest option is to just carry over your ticket to 2021. There is no need to do anything, we will issue you a new ticket in a couple of months! Choose this option and you WON’T be affected by the upcoming ticket price increase.
Need a refund? Just send your refund request to But please keep in mind that ticket prices will increase for VLV 23.1. Refund requests due by April 30, 2020.
The VLV23 CD is available on the Viva Las Vegas Shop
The tracklist is to the left. Please note that the CD makers made a mistake on the tracklist (not our fault) so we are still sending them out and when we get the correct cases, we will send them out to you. The tracklist shown here is the correct one.

So now I want to talk about the list of bands on that CD above it there.

  1. Mike Sanchez And The Limboos – Let Em’ Rock
  2. Marti Brom And Her Rancho Notorious – If I Was A Fifth
  3. The Dimestore Playboys – Real Gone Baby
  4. Jive Aces – Rock N Roll Movie Star
  5. Peter Egri – Boogie Woogie
  6. Spo Dee O Dee – Rock N Roll Frog
  7. Rhythm Shakers – But You Still Left Me
  8. Mack Stevens – Hobo
  9. Smokestack Lightnin’ – You Don’t Care
  10. Phil Haley – Baby Where Are You
  11. Southwest Biscuit Co. – Please Leave Me The Whiskey
  12. Pat Capocci – Coming In Hot
  13. Marc And The Wild Ones – She Put A Spell On Me
  14. The Royal Hounds – The Walk
  15. Joey And His Showmen – Trippin On Price Road
  16. The Time Burners – Little Wolfman
  17. B Stars – Still Waiting
  18. The Suedes – I Wanna Rock And Roll
  19. Old Chevy – Dig That Boogie
  20. Wildcat Rose – Broken Bones
  21. The Lustre – One Two Three Hang Up
  22. Lil Moe And The Dynaflos – ’47 Cadillac
  23. The Teledynes – Rock You Out
  24. Screamin’ Rebel Angels – Heel Grinder
  25. The Octanes – Can’t Be Friends.

For many years VLV has been one of the biggest festival extravaganzas of the year. This is one of the older and more spacious ones that feature Rockabilly, and it is still on my bucket lost to cover live. Many of these great bands that have played there in the past, and the bands on this year’s bill are heavily featured on my website.