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Album Feature – Kyle Nix – Lightning From The Mountain and Other Short Stories

By Joshua Wallace

I know a lot of folks are big fans of Turnpike Troubadours and you will be familiar with Kyle Nix from his fiddle work with the band.  While there is plenty of good fiddle work showcased on this album, we have never heard Kyle Nix as a singer-songwriter or as a frontman of his own band.  I was excited about this album from the moment it was announced.  The premise of an album treated as a collection of short stories had me intrigued.  Then you throw in the fact that his backing band are fellow members of the Turnpike Troubadours.  I had a strong feeling that this record would turn out to be a highlight of the year and I’m here to say that I was not disappointed.  Lightning From The Mountain and Other Short Stories delivers some good fiddle driven, knee slappin’ and story centered country music.  

The first single released from the album was the title track “Lightning From The Mountain”.  This is a story of revenge after a bad deal over some bootleg liquor.  It’s a fast track with some great fiddling that you would expect from a fiddle player as good as Kyle Nix has shown he is on the Turnpike Troubadour records.  This song also features some great storytelling and it’s a good introduction to Kyle Nix as a singer and songwriter.  Another favorite from this record is the track “Graves”.  I love the opening riff and the track almost has a gothic sound to it.  There is more nice fiddling on this track.  I love the line “ Pretty girls make graves / But a fool will dig his own”.

The track “Shelby ‘65” brings forth rightful comparisons to the Jerry Reed classic “Eastbound and Down”.  It’s another banger of a track on this record and it’s got a killer banjo riff mixed in with some hot guitar licks.  It’s a song about a couple on the run in the titular hot rod.  This one is bound to be lots of fun live.  Another great track is “If Ruby Ain’t Happy”.  There are plenty of songs about Ruby in country music.  This song is about a man trying to make Ruby happy.  I particularly love the line “She don’t like them country songs that run down her name / She catch you singin’, Oh Lord, it’s Judgement Day!”.  This song has an old time country feel to it with more of the great fiddle playing you have come to expect from this album by now.  Finally, I will touch on “Lonesome For You (Widower Pt. 1)”.  This song opens up with an amazing 40 second pedal steel intro that leads into one of the slower songs of the record.  It’s a song about how a widower remains lonesome for their lost love and it truly captures those emotions in this great track.

Kyle Nix has released an amazing debut record that puts him as a front runner for album of the year in my opinion.  I could go on about every song on this album as there is not a bad one here.  Every song tells a short story and the album is successful in delivering on that promise.  I can’t wait to see Kyle Nix live once bands are able to tour again.  In the meantime, you can find everything Kyle Nix is up to on his website.  Lightning From the Mountain and Other Short Stories is available everywhere as of June 26, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Lightning From The Mountain, Graves, Shelby ‘65, Little Miss Jones, If Ruby Ain’t Happy, Lonesome For You (Widower Pt. 1)

Kyle Nix – Lightning From The Mountain and Other Short Stories (2020)

  1. Intro
  2. Manifesto
  3. Lightning From The Mountain
  4. Sweet Delta Rose
  5. Prelude : Meet Your Match
  6. Graves
  7. Blue Eyes
  8. Shelby ‘65
  9. Josephine
  10. The Wolf At The Door
  11. Little Miss Jones
  12. Good Girl Down The Road
  13. If Ruby Ain’t Happy
  14. Woman Of Steel
  15. Lonesome For You (Widower Pt. 1)
  16. Old Joe Clark
  17. Reprise : Hacia El Ocaso 

Current List Of Livestreams From Many Genres.

Luke Winslow King – , July 19th, July 26th,
William Clark Green – July 15th
Reverend Horton Heat – July 15th, 22nd And July 24th
American Aquarium – July 23rd and 25th
Ray Benson – July 25th
Asleep At The Wheel – July 25th
Clint Black – July 30th
Jason Isbell – July 31st
Deer Tick – August 1st
Jerry Douglass – August 8th

Festivals I Know That Have Cancelled Or Postponed In 2020


Well as many of you already know, I had to take a month off and tend to some personal medical issues. I has to take a little time away from ALL forms of communication and heal right. I emerged a stronger individual  but was flummoxed at the amount of response to this virus.

This has and will terminate LIVE music and bands as we know it, and here is a brief list of festivals I KNOW have been cancelled or rescheduled, and I’ll be adding to this list as I am aware of the cancellations, or any that are postponed.

MANY FESTIVALS are asking for donations to keep them rolling, and to recover from costs of failing to commence upon schedule. SO MANY nationwide festivals have been affected by this nationwide tragedy, and as a result ANY donate links I find for that particular festival I’ll link them ALL on here after YOUR favorite festival is listed.

Moonrunners – May 1 and 2nd – Postponed to August 8th and 9th.

Viva Las Vegas – April 1 – 4th – Cancelled Rescheduled to April 1-4th 2021

Larry Joe Taylor Festival – April 20 – 25th – Postponed to October 19th – 24th.

Riverbend Festival 2020 – May – Postponed to an Unannounced Later Date.

Freshgrass Bentonville – April 24th and 25th – Postponed To 2021

Backwoods At Mulberry Mountain – June 4 – 7th – Postponed To 2021

Suwannee Spring Reunion – March – Postponed To 2021

Shaky Boots Music Festival – July – Postponed To 2021

The Caverns:

The following shows have been rescheduled or cancelled

March 27, 28 & 29, 2020 – Bluegrass Underground PBS TV Tapings

  • Status: rescheduled
  • New Dates: November 20, 21 & 22, 2020

April 4, 2020 – Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ with The Silks

  • Status: rescheduled
  • New Date: August 30, 2020

April 18, 2020 – Jade Cicada

  • Status: rescheduled
  • New Date: August 1, 2020

If you have tickets for a show and cannot make the rescheduled date, we have partnered with Lyte to give our fans a way to sell and purchase official tickets from other real fans.

Visit Exchange


Calf Fry Festival – April 29th – May 2nd – Postponed To An Unannounced Later Date.

This Is Red Dirt And Barbecue Festival – Rescheduled For October 11th.

Bluegrass Island Festival – May – Cancelled Will Be In may 2021.

Outlaws And Legends – March – Cancelled Will Be In March 2021.

Chilifest – May – Cancelled Will Be In May 2021.

Trapper Creek Bluegrass Festival – May – Cancelled Will Be In 2021.

Back 40 Social Festival – May – Rescheduled For October 10th

John Hartford Memorial Festival – May – Rescheduled To September 30th to Oct 3rd.

Nelsonville Music Festival – June – Canceled Will Be In 2021.

Red River Music Festival – April – Postponed To October 3rd.

Rooster Walk – May – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

Durango Bluegrass Meltdown – April 17th – 19th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

Riverbend Festival – April – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

The Western – June 12th and 13th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

The Blue Ox – June 11th – 13th – Rescheduled For August 27th – 29th.

Born & raised Festival – June 5 -6 -7 Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

The Red Ants Pants – July 23rd – 26th – Cancelled Will Return July 22-25th 2021

Pagosa Folk And Bluegrass Festival – June 5 – 7th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Bluegrass in The Bottoms – May 28th and 29th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Lockn’ Fest – 1 – 4th 2020

Forecastle Festival – July 17th – 19th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Oystergrass – July 26th – 28th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Palisade Bluegrass Festival – June 15th and 16th

The Northwest String Summit – July 16th – 19th

Red Wing Roots Music Festival – July 10, 11th and 12th

Hoxeyville Music Festival – August 14th – 16th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021

Jackalope Jamboree – June 26th and 27th – Cancelled Will Return In 2021.

Showdown On Sugar Creek – July 27th – Postponed to October

CL (Austin City Limits) Festival – October 2nd – 11th

Podunk Music Festival – August 10th and 11th – Postponed To 2021

Moon River Music Festival – Sept 12th – 15th – Postponed To 2021

Braun Brothers Reunion – August 6th – 8th – Postponed To 2021

Railbird Music Festival – August 22nd and 23rd

Four Corners Folk Festival – September 4 – 6th

Albino Skunk Festival – Summer is June 20th – October 1- 3rd

Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival – September 4 – 6th – Postponed To 2021

Hinterland – July 31st – August 2nd – Postponed To 2021

Pickathon – July 30th – August 2nd – Postponed To 2021

Tailgates And Tallboys – July 30th, 31st and August 1st – Postponed To 2021

Under The Big Sky Festival– July 18th and 19th – Postponed To 2021

Kickin It On The Creek – September 17th – 19th – Postponed To 2021

Moon River – September 12th – Postponed To 2021

Freshgrass – September 25 – 27th – Postponed To 2021

Walnut Valley Bluegrass – September 16- 20th – Postponed To 2021

Post Cierra Hoedown – Sept 17th – 20th – Postponed To 2021

Americanafest – September 15th – 20th – Postponed To 2021

Hometown Rising – Sept 212th -13th – Postponed To 2021

Picking In the Pine – September 18th – 20th – Postponed To 2021

Bluegrass Heritage Festiva – July 15th and 16th – Postponed To 2021

Earl Scruggs Memorial festival – Sept 4rth and 5th – Postponed To 2021

Moondance Festival – August 21st 22nd and 23rd

Red Dirt Float Fest – July 25th and 26th – Postponed To 2021

The Redwood Ramble – July 16th -19th – Postponed To 2021

Festival Of The Red – June 26th – 28th – Postponed To 2021

Roostertail – July 2nd – 4rth – Postponed To 2021

The Grey Fox Bluegrass Festiva – July 15th – 19th – Postponed To 2021

Roseberry Bluegrass Festival – July 16th -18th – Postponed To 2021

Whimmydiddle – August 14th and 15th – Postponed To 2021

Fayetteville Roots Festival – August 26th -30th – Postponed To 2021

Rockygrass – July 24th – 26th

Floyd Fest – July 22nd – 26th

Targhee Bluegrass Festival – July 10th – 12th

Album Feature – Blackberry Smoke – Live From Capricorn Sound Studios EP

By Joshua Wallace

Blackberry Smoke are releasing a Live From Capricorn Sound Studios EP that honors the history of southern rock.  If you’re not familiar with Capricorn Sound Studios, the studio is in Macon, GA and has hosted many of the greatest southern rock bands including but not limited to The Allman Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band and Wet Willie.  It’s a great companion piece to their planned Spirit Of The South Tour which is scheduled to start next month in St. Louis, MO.  The tour is going to be a celebration of southern rock music with support from The Allman Betts Band, The Wild Feathers and an appearance by original Allman Brothers Band member Jaimoe.  Due to COVID-19, these plans are currently up in the air at the moment.  This release will have to do until we can see the live celebration as it was intended.

The album kicks off with a killer rendition of The Allman Brothers’s hit “Midnight Rider”. A really cool feature with this cover is that Charlie Starr gets to play Duane Allman’s iconic Goldtop Les Paul guitar in this new version.  Another highlight is the band’s cover of The Marshall Tucker Band hit “Take The Highway”.  This track features current Marshall Tucker Band member Marcus Henderson on the flute.  While there have been some good Marshall Tucker Band covers without the flute, you kind of need a flute on the record to truly match the Marshall Tucker Band sound.  I’m glad that we have that here.

Another favorite is “Grits Ain’t Groceries” which was originally done by Little Milton and covered by southern rock act Wet Willie.  I am happy to see Wet Willie featured here as they are often overlooked in the discussion of great southern rock acts.  Another Wet Willie song featured on this album is their track “Keep On Smilin’”.  This track features Wet Willie vocalist Jimmy Hall and it was recorded some 46 years after the original, in the same studio.  If you would like to check out more Wet Willie, my favorite records of theirs tend to be Wet Willie II and Keep On Smilin’.  Finally, this record features a cover of Little Richard’s hit “Southern Child”.  This track along with a few others on the record features backing vocals from The Black Bettys.  It also features Jimmy Hall on the harmonica.  There is lots of great solo work with this one and it is a great tribute to Little Richard who passed away this year at 87.

This EP is a great homage to the history of southern rock.  I’m glad to see a lesser known band like Wet Willie have such a big feature on this album.  The Spirit Of The South tour sounds like an amazing show for fans of Blackberry Smoke and southern rock in general.  I hope it has a chance to happen sooner or later.  You can keep up to date on everything Blackberry Smoke on the band’s website.  The new EP Live From Capricorn Sound Studios is available everywhere June 18th, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Midnight Rider, Take The Highway, Grits Ain’t Groceries, Southern Child

Blackberry Smoke – Live From Capricorn Sound Studios EP (2020)

  1. Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers)
  2. Take The Highway ft. Marcus Henderson (The Marshall Tucker Band)
  3. Keep On Smilin’ ft. Jimmy Hall and The Black Bettys (Wet Willie)
  4. Grits Ain’t Groceries ft. The Black Bettys (Little Milton & Wet Willie)
  5. Revival ft. The Black Bettys (The Allman Brothers)
  6. Southern Child ft. The Black Bettys (Little Richard)

Colter Wall Announces New Album Due in August

By Joshua Wallace

Colter Wall has announced the follow up to his 2018 release Songs Of The Plains.  This album picks up where that one left off and is titled Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs.  The title track has been released alongside the announcement and you can stream that below.  I heard a lot of these songs live when I saw Colter Wall live with his band The Scary Prairie Boys back in December, 2019.  You can read that review here.  He recorded this record with that same group and if the title track is any indication, there will be lots of western swing influence throughout this album.  I loved his version of Marty Robbins hit “Big Iron” live and I’m glad to see it here.  The record features a mix of original songs and covers including a few western traditional songs.  This album was self produced and recorded by Adam Odor at Yellow Dog Studios in Wimberly, TX.  You might be familiar with Adam Odor’s work as he produces records for Mike and The Moonpies.  This record has quickly become one of my most anticipated releases of 2020 and you will be able to hear it on August 28th, 2020 via La Honda Records/Thirty Tigers.  You can pre-order a copy here.  That deluxe vinyl looks good.

Colter Wall – Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs (2020)

  1. Western Swing & Waltzes (Colter Wall)
  2. I Ride An Old Paint / Leavin’ Cheyenne (Traditional)
  3. Big Iron (Marty Robins)
  4. Henry and Sam (Colter Wall)
  5. Diamond Joe (Traditional)
  6. High and Mighty (Lewis Martin Pederson III)
  7. Talkin’ Prairie Boy (Colter Wall)
  8. Cowpoke (Stan Jones)
  9. Rocky Mountain Rangers (Colter Wall)
  10. Houlihans at the Holiday Inn (Colter Wall)

Album Feature – Craig Gerdes – Tough As Nails

By Joshua Wallace

I have been a fan of Craig Gerdes since his 2018 release Smokin, Drinkin and Gamblin.  That record featured some good rockin’ country music with some great songwriting on tracks like “Dead In A Box In Kentucky” and “Red Neck Sonsaabitches”.  His new record Tough As Nails picks up where that one left off with plenty of hot guitar pickin and good country songs.  Let’s take a dive into some of these new tracks.

The title track “Tough As Nails” starts off acoustic with focus on Gerdes’s vocals.  It’s the calm before the storm though as the full track kicks in hard with driving guitar riffs that echo the rocking country sounds of the late 70’s or 80’s.  Be sure to check out the alternate bonus track version with longer jams.  Up next on the album is a cover of the Roger Alan Wade cut “If Guitars Were Guns”.  This song appeared on the 2012 Roger Alan Wade album Southbound Train and it was a favorite of mine off that record too.  Gerdes takes the mostly acoustic Wade track and turns it into a barn burner that honors the spirit of the original while keeping it in the style of this record.  Be sure to check out the extended 7 minutes plus bonus track version of this one also.

Another favorite is “Highwayman” which is an ode to life on the road.  I particularly dig the guitar solo on this track and can imagine it being a longer affair when played live.  The sound changes up a bit on the country blues inspired “The Hard Way” which is about the rougher side of a country singer’s life.  The solo work on this one is a highlight with it’s bluesy sound and great pickin.  The song “Tonight’s Not The Night” is another great rockin honky tonk tune that starts out with a hot guitar riff and doesn’t let go, just like the rest of the album.               

This is a record that will be fun to hear live when live shows start up again.  A lot of these tracks would play well in a live honky tonk setting with a rowdy crowd.  The album has two bonus tracks that are extended versions of album tracks.  I like that these songs get this kind of treatment, however I get the feeling that you could extend most of these songs with longer solos and jams with alternate arrangements.  I can’t wait to see Craig Gerdes live again with some of these songs.  Until then, you can support the band at their website with this link.  Tough As Nails is out everywhere as of April 24th, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Tough As Nails, If Guitars Were Guns, Highwayman, The Hard Way. Tonight’s Not The Night

Craig Gerdes – Tough As Nails (2020)

  1. Tough As Nails
  2. If Guitars Were Guns
  3. Between The Cradle And The Grave
  4. Pennies, Feathers and Dimes
  5. Highwayman
  6. The Hard Way
  7. Most Times I Lost
  8. That Little Girl
  9. Tonight’s Not The Night
  10. Only The Road Knows
  11. Tough As Nails (Bonus)
  12. If Guitars Were Guns (Bonus)

My First Local Show Of 2020: Breaker’s Marina Hosts Mr. Dallas Moore And MORE!

This first half of 2020 has been absolute chaos for everybody, and I have been no exception. I have spent the entire year taking care of personal issues, and family issues the same. Pretty much all of us have been held up at home and left to wonder what will happen to us as a nation, and when will things return back to normal?

One of the major things I have been missing for the year is live music. So, when I got word on social media that the almighty Outlaw himself Mr. Dallas Moore was rolling in to play a show I HAD to come down. Much to my surprise one of my favorite up and coming acts Mr. Tony Logue would be the other act.

Breaker’s Marina is a beautiful venue built on the Tennessee river that offers a wide variety of fun for everyone, and we had a very fun time there. The actual marina itself keeps different hours than the dining area as far as I could tell, and you can rent various types of watercraft there.

The stage area was built really well, complete with a back line riser and plenty of utility outlets for a full band.  One really cool thing I noticed, was the sides of the stage had windows for air but also to make loading and unloading equipment much easier.

Really, the only drawback I could see was a lack of a backstage area, and unless the artist doesn’t mind a lack of a greenroom, this place would be ideal for anybody really. I want to talk about the food, folks the food IS AMAZING! Now, it’s more middle ranged price wise ( which I didn’t mind to support the venue to pay the band ). Everyone has to make a profit, while the music is on…and if you read my website, I KNOW you ARE on the same page.

Folks, PLEASE GO support this venue so they can have future shows, and I can go back there for more articles in the future. If my pictures and my words don’t convince you to go, then it’s futile to read further into this portion of it. The owner was VERY genuine, and his staff was VERY KIND, just REAL down home people that will go out of their way to make YOUR meal the BEST.

The first act was a weekly staple at the marina, and one that I have encountered once before. Now, to be honest I have been to so many music functions, and with so many bands I cannot recall just where we ran into one another? He didn’t recall either, but Mr. Johnny Mac was a nice treat tonight.

He has some original music for sale, and also entertains a crowd with cover songs equally with his own personal flair. He played some pretty mean guitar licks on those cover songs, and also they had HEART..he wasn’t just rambling off lyrics to people. This young man LOVES Country Music like WE DO, he lives it like we do.

He has an album called Mac Two that boasted an original song he played called ‘Show You Love”. Along with that he did a Jason Isbell song “Cover Me Up”, which declares his love for Miss Amanda Shires and forsakes his former self. Altogether, he played for hours with other original tunes with various covers.

One of his originals called ” Haggard Songs” was really well composed, and inadvertently declares that 30 yeas from now, he will still be singing Haggard Songs…like his cover of the 1977 classic song from the album of the same name.

I have been ardently watching Mr. Tony for the past few years, and watching hm grow both on stage presence and as a songwriter. When he puts on a show you are in for a real treat, and you will hear some gritty, true to life songs that lament real life troubles and tribulations. Many of his songs speak to me as an individual, and my life at a factory, and out in the country.

He opened with an old Drive By Truckers tune called “TVA” from the 2009 Fine Print album, all of the covers he does, he does them total justice with passion. He possesses a REAL Western Kentucky grit to his soul, and when you watch him play, you ARE SO engulfed in his lyrics.

“Cutt Riley’s Daughter” is a poignant murder ballad about a country boy that marries an abusive man’s daughter, and serves time for killing him. I cannot ruin the entire song for you, you’ll have to delve into it yourselves at one time or another.

“Jenny Ridge” is a ghost story about the spirit of the woman whom searches for a child out in the hollars of Kentucky. I know for an absolute fact that Mr. Tony could fit in well with some of the Appalachian artists or the folk artists in the Midwest, that make up John Hartford Festival.  Hell, I could see him dominating Muddy Roots too.

“Calloway County” was on his set list tonight, as well as “Welder” and a cover of “I’m On Fire”. However, one of the songs that struck me as a listener more was the Chris Knight cover of “Not Enough Rope”. the lyrics are so poignant and dark, but at the same time it is a song about honest everyday life.

“Deadwood” was played tonight, as well as another of my favorites called “Reckless Kind”. That song tells about a young man growing up hard headed into manhood, and all of the wrecks and mistakes he makes in youth. I believe many of us remember wrecking cars, and drinking underage or legally and making mistakes like that? Fights….Lord I been stabbed and cut up from fights myself, I AM AN ADDICT and I’ll always be one…sober 110 days now.

Toward the end as the sun went down he ushered the dusk into the river with songs like “The Storm”. Being a factory worker, I can readily relate to this one myself. I’m actually going through some storms now myself here at home, and people like me choose to lace up our work boots and stand in the storm.

Prayer and hard work makes all your life problems get better, but this man’s anthem to the modern day working man is just what society needs for uplift. He also played some new songs called “Silas” and one called “Baptized” about the Cumberland River.

“Life’s Blood” was one about folks getting kicked out of LBL, which is Land Between The Lakes..a popular area that not only spans West Kentucky but Tennessee as well. Now, upon talking with Mr, Tony more, he plans to go into the studio in August and September time spans for his new album. We will keep our eyes peeled on this one!

Mr.Dallas Moore is another name to watch this year, as he has a whole new album in the bag and played some new songs for us tonight. I will be one of the first to announce that the name of the new album will be called THE RAIN. This new album will be on Sol Records  He began the show with a heaping helping of old  tunes first, before going into some new ones.

Off the 2016 Live at Bullitt County Jail album they played “One More Ride”, and steamrolled right into a song from Mr. Honky Tonk called “Shoot Out The Lights”. When I first met Mr. Dallas in Altamont ( which inspired him to write ‘Up On That Mountain” ) he was touring in support of his 2013 album Blessed Be The Bad Ones. that album contained the song “Texas Tornado”.

His bad assed blend of Country and other forms of music make so many fans flock to his performances from California to New York. He draws big crowds wherever he goes, and he has had the good ol Snatch Wranglers backing him up for YEARS…folks HE IS A local Legend to me.

“Bottle And A Bible” shares his enthusiasm for imbibing in whiskey as well as sharing his love for God with us. That was instilled into him at a young age by his parents. He recorded an old time album years ago with his mother, and I was one of the many fortunate ones to have known her on social media.

After he played “Raisin’ Hell And Slingin’ Gravel” he went into the new songs, one called “Locked Down And Loaded”. It was another classic Dallas Moore thumping Outlaw song, as well as a re done version of an older song called “Blue Jean Jesus”. That song is from a old album called Untold Stories, and if you can find it, it is a RARE FIND to collectors like me.

Some of the new songs are as follows ‘Better Days”, which was a lament from a common person weathering some of life’s problems. It’ll get better, and this song calls out for that hope from him. “Every Night I Burn Another Honky Tonk Down” is another powerful song about Mr. Dallas’s travels all over America.

They TRULY DO burn Honky Tonks down every night for years! And they go “On Through The Night” EVERY NIGHT when we rest at home. This unit BURNS UP the road, sets up their own equipment, greets fans and MORE!

When all of the new songs were done, he played a song written by none other than Country songwriting Legend Mr. Bobby Keel. They played ‘Time Off For Bad Behavior” cut by Confederate Railroad in the 90s. It also was performed by many others as well. “Mama And Daddy” was next along with others like the Hoyt Axton classic “Della And The Dealer”.

From the latest album he played “Everything But You” and the title track “Tryin To Be A Blessing” . One of the songs that hits the truest to home for him is “Home Is Where The Highway Is”, which talks about the over 300 shows a year he does.

He finished with many Honky Tonk classics like the Wayne Mills song “The Last Honky Tonk” and the title track of his previous album “Mr. Honky Tonk”.  The song called “Outlaw Country” was from the classic 2009 album called Can’t Tame A Wildcat. Dallas Moore has a few old classic albums that ( like I said before) are rare finds for underground music collectors.

He closed the show off with Ol’ Slewfoot, and I’ll tell you what. He stayed until everyone had the opportunity to shake his hand and meet with him.  He always has and always does at every show, in every city across America, and I’m quite sure he will continue to do so for many many years.

This man deserves to be a road Legend and a Legend altogether, and his band that has been ardently traveling with him for so many years deserves just as much credit for what they do. I want to thank him for being so kind to my daughter, whom is now a new fan of his. Through that experience I leave my daughter, she will enjoy local music for many years to come..hopefully longer than I am alive.

Opry Legend Mr. Jimmy Capps Has Died.

There are many names involved in Country Music that are symbolic of making it my favorite genre of all. I am exactly like one of my heroes Mr. Robert K Oerman, whom not only studies the artist and the song…they salivate over having to know EVERYBODY that played on the entire album altogether.

If you collect vinyl albums to the extent that I do, you will find the name Jimmy Capps on a plethora of those old Country albums. Recently we lost Mr. Kenny Rogers, who released the album called “The Gambler”. The song was written by Mr. Don Schlitz and if you look on the album jacket, you’ll see Jimmy Capps.

In 1980, Mr. Curly Putman wrote a smash hit song that was recorded by Mr. George Jones on the album called “I Am What I Am”….if you look on that album you’ll see that name once again..Mr. Jimmy Capps. I tell these kind of people time and time again that THEY ARE JUST AS INTEGRAL as the artist themselves. He was a full on active member of what is called “The Nashville A- Team” whom, when assembled were an unstoppable force for Country Music in the past.

He was an inductee of the Musician’s Hall Of Fame, a staple member of Larry’s Family Diner on RFD TV, and a beloved part of the hallowed series called “Country’s Family Reunion”. Back in 1996 Gabriel Communications started that show where the Legends gather and share stories and play. If you watch the house band long enough you will see him……once again…Jimmy Capps.

This part of my article is the most special to me….he was a staple member of the Grand Ole Opry house band since 1967. He originally came onto the Opry  with Mr. Charlie and Mr. Ira Louvin, where he played guitar with them on the song “Knoxville Girl”. In 1959 he became an Opry member where he played for so many Legends until his death.

If you read his 2018 autobiography called “The Man In Black”, you will learn so many cool stories and memories of decades of work for this genre. Stories of the recording studio fun they had while recording the album called “Stand By Your Man” in 1969, which was Miss Tammy Wynette’s fourth album.

His presence on the Opry stage was just as beloved and integral as that gorgeous circle of wood taken from the Ryman stage and placed into the current Opry stage we have now. To be honest no matter how many Legends come and go, that circle of wood will always remain….and I think angels like Jimmy Capps are gracefully looking down that circle blessing all whom stand in it.

He has not left the Opry my dear readers…..NO. he IS there, because he IS part of the Opry and always will be. The powers that be may want to forcefully take all the history away from Country Music today, but as long as people like me are around studying these precious gems…people like Mr. Jimmy Capps will NEVER DIE.