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Jasmine Records Releases Early Jan Howard Music.

This is another one of the news issues that happened early this year that I missed out on, but I did not see many other websites cover this one. Things like this one are VERY integral to a historian and collector like me.

This year of 2020 had a superfluous and nasty disposition upon the Legends of Country Music, and it continued with Miss Jan Howard, who was 91. Unlike many others that died in 2020, she lived a full and active life as an Opry member almost up until her death.

I have a hungry appetency to study and learn about her and those like her on those early ( I call them wing ding ) labels that were around a few years and then bought out by the bigger fish in the sea.  From the middle of the 1950’s up until her debut album “Sweet And Sentimental” in 1962 on Capitol Records, she recorded on Challenge Records which Capitol bought.

According to her biography, her initial recording sessions with Capitol were a disaster and eventually she called Mr. Ken Nelson to produce them. Even though he was busy with Mr. Buck Owens, he agreed to help. The process got better, however on her second album she signed on with Decca Records, and remained there until 1972 when she released “Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel”.

Now, Miss Loretta Lynn came to us on Zero Records initially in the 1950’s until her own Decca debut called “Loretta Lynn Sings” in 1963. Both Jan Howard and Loretta were produced by Mr. Owen Bradley. Both artists had some truly iconic studio players that adorned their albums.

Both of these ladies have embellished Country Music through their contributions to the genre, and have proliferated the Opry with their ardent performances that spanned 5 decades. I think that this is indeed the most needed and perfect time to release this long lost music…especially on vinyl.

Jasmine’s commitment to classic country music has never been in doubt. This month we introduce a new series that focuses on the great country ladies of the 50s and early 60s, with a superb compilation that brings together the early recordings of two of the genre’s more revered artists – Loretta Lynn and Jan Howard.

Loretta and Jan (wife of noted songwriter Harlan Howard) both made their first records in the late 1950s and happily, both are still alive and still occasionally releasing new music in the 21st century.

In this collection you will find the tracks on which both women built their reputations – among them all of Loretta’s early sides for the small Zero label, and all of Jan’s solo recordings for Challenge and Sundown. The tracks include many early hits by both, including ‘I’m A Honky Tonk Girl’ and ‘Success’ from Loretta and ‘The One You Slip Around With’ and ‘Pick Me Up On Your Way Down’ from Jan.

The style of these tracks and others here is pure unadulterated honky tonk with fiddles, steel guitars and none of the smoothing or sweetening that ‘The Nashville Sound’ was built around. They sound all the better for it!

Two living legends paid tribute to here in one great collection – remastered, as always, from the finest available sources! – and a shoo-in for a warm response from all who enjoy vintage country music as it’s supposed to sound.

Track Listing

1. WHISPERING SEA – Loretta Lynn
2. I’M A HONKY TONK GIRL – Loretta Lynn
4. NEW RAINBOW – Loretta Lynn
5. THE DARKEST DAY – Loretta Lynn
8. THE GIRL THAT I AM NOW – Loretta Lynn
9. SUCCESS – Loretta Lynn
12. GET SET FOR A HEARTACHE – Loretta Lynn
14. WEEPING WILLOW (Weep For Me) – Jan Howard
19. MANY DREAMS AGO – Jan Howard
20. I’VE GOT MY PRIDE – Jan Howard
21. A WORLD I CAN’T LIVE IN – Jan Howard
22. ALL ALONE AGAIN – Jan Howard
24. CARELESS HANDS – Jan Howard
25. LET ME KNOW – Jan Howard
26. MY BABY’S IN BERLIN – Jan Howard
27. BRING IT BACK TO ME – Jan Howard
28. WHY? – Jan Howard
29. AGES AND AGES AGO – Jan Howard
30. JEALOUS LOVE – Jan Howard

Album Features I Missed : Lexi Len.

I’m still going a mile a minute here, trying to catch up to the piled up amount of work I have here in the office. Even last year I missed out on a few albums that came out, but this one was personal to me and I’ll tell you why.

Years back when I started my website here, we had one social media outlet called Myspace, and we only had a limited amount of local bands that actually toured THAT I KNEW ABOUT. Until this Myspace came out, and I began embarking upon bands past The Old 97s and Split Lip Rayfield and Scott H Biram.

I got into a whole entire new music community that emanated from a grandchild of one of my greatest heroes of County Music…Hank Williams III. See, I knew Mr. Kayton Roberts pretty well and he was playing steel for Hank III for his first two albums. He called me and told me that Shelton was going to begin touring as Hank III on a regular basis..and I salivated over the idea.

I started going out to his shows all over the place and meeting different people that shared a passion for his music and they became one big family type deal akin to the Grateful Dead. THEN so many bands began to emanate from this type of local music, and they called it Roots Music.

All of a sudden we had The Goddamn Gallows, The Calamity Cubes, Filthy Still and literally hundreds more, including this young lady Miss Lexi Len and one of the fellows on her first song of this self named album Mr. Austin Lucas.

I feel an ardent desire to give this young lady more than just a simple album review. The reason that I feel this way is the fact that I can always count on her sempiternal Honky Tonk Country sound. When she puts out a new album, I KNOW what I’m getting music wise..but it’s the songwriting that IS changing..and that’s NOT a bad thing at all.

On her last album she raised a good point and showed us how frustrating it was to be a junkie’s wife, and through her music she has never been afraid to share her desire to achieve an irenic life, free of drama.

However the rumbutious offering called “Red Head, Red Hot And Rogue” showcases how she learned at an early age how to have men wrapped around her fingers. As a man, I can relate to this entire album, especially coming from a female. Miss Amanda Williams and Mr. Chris Steward wrote this one, however it complimented the album so well that leaving it off would suck!

“My Turn To Leave” showed me strength and growth as a person, and a relentless precision to lyrics and twists and turns within a song. Even though that song was written by Mr. Ryan Payton and Mr. Matt Lundquist, Miss Lexi delivers the song with such sincere emotion that it convinced me she lived it all.

In 2020 I think the closing song here “Angels And Outlaws ” holds a special significance to all of the Outlaw Era heroes that gained their angel wings lately. In fact as I write this Mr. Jimmy Rabbitt died this morning, I could list a plethora of my heroes that 2020 has taken from us. I’m terribly sorry I didn’t feature this album earlier, BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

You can order this album HERE.

MoonRunners 8.5

MoonRunners 8.5 Virtual Edition! Day 2 Hope everyone is safe and happy. Get ready for a fantastic festival lineup from the comfort of your own home!
Please donate to the festival or to the individual artists if you have some extra cash. The arts can really use the help right now! Venmo:
Today’s Lineup: 9:20 AM PST / 11:20 AM CST / 12:20 PM EST – A Welcome from Jahshie P 9:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM CST / 12:30 PM EST –
The Rangos 10:05 AM PST / 12:05 PM CST / 1:05 PM EST –
Jake Cox 10:40 AM PST / 12:40 PM CST / 1:40 PM EST –
Duane Mark PayPal: 11:15 AM PST / 1:15 PM CST / 2:15 PM EST –
Devil’s Hand Social Club 11:50 AM PST / 1:50 PM CST / 2:50 PM EST –
Darling Daughters… PayPal: 12:25 PM PST / 2:25 PM CST / 3:25 PM EST –
CATL. PayPal: 2:25 PM PST / 4:25 PM CST / 5:25 PM EST – Volk… PayPal: 3:00 PM PST / 5:00 PM CST / 6:00 PM EST –
Lucky Tubb 3:35 PM PST / 5:35 PM CST / 6:35 PM EST –
Brittany Avery… 4:10 PM PST / 6:10 PM CST / 7:10 PM EST –
Straight Line Arrival$straightlinearrival PayPal: 5:20 PM PST / 7:20 PM CST / 8:20 PM EST –
Gary Moore II PayPal: 6:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM CST / 9:30 PM EST –
Old Wolves 8:10 PM PST / 10:10 PM CST / 11:10 PM EST –
Whitney Flynn (Days N Daze)… PayPal: PayPal: 8:30 PM PST / 10:30 PM CST / 11:30 PM EST –
Jesse Sendejas (Days N Daze)… PayPal: PayPal: 8:55 PM PST / 10:55 PM CST / 11:55 PM EST –
Matt Pless PayPal:

Mr. Steve Earle Honors His Son Through Music.

This one is a tough article to write my friends, because I truly enjoyed the music of Mr. Justin Townes Earle. Like many others, I had a terrible year here in Ky.  I too like Mr. Justin had a few bouts with addiction, and I had to check myself into rehab in February.

As soon as I was released from rehab, and began to live again I went back into work for three days…then came covid. I was sent home and told to report to unemployment for 4 months. I stopped writing for the website the entire year and when I was home, I snuck up to Wisconsin and picked up my daughter. I had to get her straightened out!

While we were all quarantined at home, the world of music lost a TON of Legends and artists including this man..a young budding ( but troubled ) artist with only a handful of albums named Justin Townes Earle.

I have always thought with as many of then I actually know personally, it must be the toughest challenge to have a famous last name. I couldn’t imagine having to constantly live up to his father’s echelon of notoriety to the “regular” music fans out there. Can you imagine pouring out your heart with songs like “Learning To Cry”, and after the show some dumb ass comes up asking for “Copperhead Road”?

He struggled all alone to pave his own path through local music communities and also through Nashville with ardent appetency to do it all alone, and with a fan base all his own. His songwriting had a different habile, and it had a style all it’s own. If another artist covered his songs, you could easily ascertain it was indeed a Justin Townes Earle song.

When they found Mr. Justin dead many websites went on tangents to release police reports and speculations…predictions…prognostications…blah blah blah. He had demons and hurdles like WE ALL DO. I’m NOT going to sit my ass on this recliner and PRETEND I am a “journalist” and it’s “my duty” to bring you that crap..I’m going to tell you that we lost ONE HELL of an artist, a fine fellow and a terrific songwriter.

You can damn sure bet I’ll be delving further into this album as it culminates into fruition for public consumption. I’m back my friends, and I’m in the BEST SHAPE I have been in years….Just pray for the Saint Of Lost Causes.

Track Listing.

I.  Don’t Care
2. Ain’t Glad I’m Leaving
3. Maria
4. Far Away in Another Town
5.  They Killed John Henry
6. Turn Out My Lights
7. Lone Pine Hill
8. Champagne Corolla
9. The Saint of Lost Causes
10. Harlem River Blues
11. Last Words
On the forthcoming album, J.T., Steve Earle & The Dukes pay tribute to Steve’s late son, Justin Townes Earle (J.T.), who passed away on August 20, 2020 in Nashville. The album will be released digitally on what would have been Justin’s 39th birthday, January 4, 2021, CD and vinyl formats will release March 19, 2021.

The first track, “Harlem River Blues” is available to stream today. The poignant song is one of Justin’s best-known compositions and took Song of the Year honors at the 2011 Americana Music Awards ceremony following Justin’s win in the Emerging Artist of the Year category in 2009.

100% of the artist advances and royalties from J.T. will be donated to a trust for Etta St. James Earle, the three-year-old daughter of Justin and Jenn Earle. While somber in parts, the album is ultimately a rousing celebration of a life lived with passion and purpose.



Chicago Cubs Red & Blue Vinyl
The blue and red pressings are a tribute to Justin’s favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. 
“Harlem River Blues” // Steve Earle & The Dukes, J.T.


Annual A Country Christmas Features The Oak Ridge Boys 29-Day Residency at Resort
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 20, 2020) – Starting today, GRAMMY® Award-winning and Country Music Hall of Fame members, The Oak Ridge Boys, will celebrate the holiday season with a 29-day residency as part of Gaylord Opryland’s 37th annual A Country Christmas.

The Oak Ridge Boys will entertain fans with Christmas classics and some of their biggest hits at Gaylord Opryland November 20 – December 25, 2020. Tickets are on sale now at

“After decades of taking our big Christmas tour on the road, we are bringing it HOME in 2020,” said The Oak Ridge Boys’ Joe Bonsall. “We’re counting our blessings for this opportunity and invite you to make the journey to Nashville to experience our annual musical tribute to all things Christmas at the fabulous Gaylord Opryland Resort. The resort knows how to do Christmas, and we’re proud to be part of the tradition.”

One of the most distinctive and recognizable sounds in music, The Oak Ridge Boys will bring their decades of hits to fans for multiple shows throughout the holiday season. Prior to the performance, concert-goers will enjoy a multi-course feast prepared by the resort’s renowned chefs.

The Oak Ridge Boys ‘Christmas in Tennessee’ Dinner Show is just one of many activities happening during A Country Christmas at Gaylord Opryland including I Love Christmas Movies; acres of festive decorations; SoundWaves, the nation’s first truly upscale water resort, which maintains a perfect 84-degree temperature all year long; an ice skating rink, ice tubing and more.

As the safety of its guests and STARS (employees) is of paramount importance, Gaylord Opryland’s A Country Christmas program has been developed in accordance with Marriott’s “Commitment to Clean” program and with enhanced protocols and social distancing measures. Face coverings must be worn by all guests ages two and older in all indoor/outdoor public areas and at Christmas attractions; face coverings may be removed while seated in a restaurant or swimming in a pool. Programming will also operate in consideration with the latest local, state, and federal legislation.

Mr. Mac Leaphart Offers Wry, Rugged Music City Joke

MacLeaphart MusicCityJoke AlbumArt

Nashville-based, South Carolina-born singer-songwriter Mac Leaphart’s upcoming album, Music City Joke, offers his strongest batch of songs to date. The 10-song collection, set for release on Feb. 12, 2021, finds Leaphart at his very best: wry, rugged, and recharged, singing songs that conjure up memories of front porches, honky tonks, heartbreaks, and dive bars. Wide Open Country notes “Blame on the Bottle,” the album’s lead single, “channels the humor and heart of folk heroes like John Prine and Hayes Carll.”

Produced by Brad Jones (Hayes Carll), Music City Joke is a rallying cry from an artist who has spent more than a decade paying his dues and whittling his craft, joined by a team of longtime Nashville staples, including Fats Kaplan, Will Kimbrough, and Matt Menefee, as the soundtrack to his lyric-driven, story-based songwriting.

The album kicks off with a reimagined version of “El Paso Kid,” which originally appeared on Leaphart’s 2015 release, Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth. “Blame on the Bottle,” inspired by a preacher on the left end of the radio dial, examines both self-will and self-righteousness just the same. The rollicking “Honey, Shake” is the purest example of Leaphart’s Southern rock-inspired upbringing.

“Ballad of Bob Yamaha or A Simple Plea in C Major” is an ode to Shel Silverstein and a shining example of Leaphart’s dedication to smartly written songs, written from the perspective of a weathered guitar that just wants to be played by someone who really knows their way up and down the frets.

The album’s mid-point is the title track, inspired by Leaphart’s move from the South Carolina Lowcountry to Nashville. “I was attempting to make it big as a writer of some of those big country hits you hear on the radio, and it wasn’t too long before I realized writing those smash hits wasn’t easy, and I wasn’t chuckling at Nashville anymore,” Leaphart says. “Nope, the joke was on me. I peeled the ‘kick me’ sign off my back and got down to focusing on my songwriting like never before–writing late at night and performing at writers’ rounds to see what stuck and what didn’t. And here it is: the song, the album…and the punchline.”

“That Train” continues to showcase Leaphart’s signature style, mixing twang, tempo, and tightly-constructed lyrics into the same package. “Window From The Sky” offers a stripped-down take on how much good a change in perspective can do. “Every Day” is a look into the dynamics of a relationship, while “Division Street” laments a tiny, shared apartment, close living spaces, and the eye-opening experience of living inside “the party house.”

Before earning his stripes as a road warrior, Leaphart launched his career in South Carolina, where he balanced a nighttime gig as a bartender with a steadily-increasing stream of shows. Leaphart’s first album, Line, Rope, Etc., was released in 2009, and a few years later, in 2012, he took his signature sound with him to Nashville. There, he has launched a popular recurring songwriter’s night called Southpaw Social Club and strengthened his own writing chops, penning songs for other artists’ albums as well as his own. Low in the Saddle, Long in the Tooth arrived in 2015, followed by Lightning Bob – featuring collaborations with Sadler Vaden – in 2018.

Leaphart — now a husband and father — received a reviving kickstart later that year when he was named a winner of the prestigious Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk Competition.

Music City Joke Track Listing:

1. El Paso Kid
2. The Same Thing
3. Blame on the Bottle
4. Honey, Shake!
5. The Ballad of Bob Yamaha or a Simple Plea in C Major
6. Music City Joke
7. That Train
8. Window From the Sky
9. Every Day
10. Division Street

2021 Shows From The Red Barn Convention Center. A Look At The Current State Of Things Volume 2.


The Red Barn Convention Center in Ohio is one of the many wonderful live music venues that I enjoy writing about, so I wanted to let you know about some 2021 rescheduled dates. This year has been financially and emotionally nefarious to live music and the arts in general.  I am hoping ( like everyone else) we get to move past this pandemic and we can have music gatherings again.

In volume one I discussed how the Iconic venue Billy Bob’s Texas has reopened and is rescheduling all of their shows from this year into 2021. That article contains all of their covid restrictions and how they are doing shows with social distancing.

We will be exploring this all over America, who is trying to begin opening and when and where. Texas, and here we have Ohio. I strongly urge everyone who is choosing to go out to PLEASE support live music.

I’m going to be publishing a bunch more articles from venues all across America that are tying hard to comply with social distancing laws and mandates. Every state is doing a vast variation of event guidelines, so I am including all of the different press releases that get sent to me.

We have an extensive list of 2021 festivals up right now, and unless things take a massive turn for the wore all of these music communities plan to launch these festivals accordingly. Also, please stay on here for future looks into what is being planned for 2021 all across America, as I delve into other music venues I love to support.

Miss Brandi Carlile Releases Her New Book “Broken Horses”.

Play Video
I like to read…a lot. I like to read about my musical influences and their lives. The fact that this book is not exactly an autobiography or a memoir really intrigues me. What is it about then? I mean WHAT EXACTLY is this going to be about I asked myself? So in my own true fashion of satisfying how ardently I study this stuff I went on a rabbit hole about this book.
Reading an article from Rolling Stone, I learned that it will address the was certain profound experiences of her life have led her to creating her songs in the past. However she clearly made many statements that this book will also include her struggles growing up and having to move so often.
She touched upon her dealing with issues like special education classes and how she felt so out of place in so many new schools and environments. She will address her past addictions and her perspective on her own music. Sleepless tours funded by next to no funds at all on one end of the spectrum, to her impoverished childhood in a dysfunctional family fill this book with her life lessons and wit.
You can also look for a new album in 2021 as she and her band came to Nashville to record and finish her follow up to her 2018 release ( which I LOVED ). But to be honest I hold her work with her female Country Music supergroup the Highwomen as some of the greatest songs and performances in the last decade.
She co produced my personal pick of 2019 the new Tanya Tucker album, which blew my ever loving mind and escalated her into being one of the greatest modern day heroines of Country Music. She is knocking it out of the park here people…and she has no plans to stop any time soon!

The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, producer, and five-time Grammy winner opens up about a life shaped by music in this candid, heartfelt, and intimate story.

Brandi Carlile was born into a musically gifted, impoverished family on the outskirts of Seattle and grew up in a constant state of change, moving from house to house, trailer to trailer, fourteen times in as many years. Though imperfect in every way, her dysfunctional childhood was as strange as it was beautiful, and as difficult as it was nurturing.

In Broken Horses, Brandi Carlile takes readers through the events of her life that shaped her very raw art—from her start at a local singing competition where she performed Elton John’s “Honky Cat” in a bedazzled white polyester suit, to her first break opening for Dave Matthews Band, to many sleepless tours over fifteen years and six studio albums, all while raising two children with her wife, Catherine Shepherd. This hard-won success led her to collaborations with personal heroes like Elton John, Dolly Parton, Mavis Staples, Pearl Jam, Tanya Tucker, and Joni Mitchell, as well as her peers in the supergroup The Highwomen, and ultimately to the Grammy stage, where she converted millions of viewers into instant fans.

Evocative and piercingly honest, Broken Horses is at once an examination of faith through the eyes of a person rejected by the church’s basic tenets and a meditation on the moments and lyrics that have shaped the life of a creative mind, a brilliant artist, and a genuine empath on a mission to give back.

What’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Up To?


This one is truly an event that I am anticipating so so much from my friends at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. It’s an extension of their popular show “Let The Music Play On” that was viewed over ONE MILLION times.

I mean how can we not absolutely adore the timeless classic Bluegrass and other genres that this festival exemplifies. Through the extensive tenure of this festival and this “brand” if you will, I have become acquainted with so many artists and bands.

But why don’t you let me write some more statements about why I love this festival more than some of the other ones I feature on here….THIS ONE is FREE! now wait just a minute Mr. Gary is that such a good thing? HOW does that REALLY HELP local music? Well….let’s delve into just why it does!

Many casual music lovers and festival goers both do not always comprehend the  intense financial edifices and equations one has to have to fully pull off an ongoing festival like this one. Mr. Warren Hellman does. You see, in 2001 he began this festival with his own money and a dream.

His dream was to inculcate the fact that his festival would always be free and came with the intention that people would spend more money on the band merchandise and food vendors than tickets. In fact, he was oftentimes contacted by major sponsors many times and always turned them down.

The event itself draws record breaking crowds of people, in fact in the past it has assembled more than the entire population of San Fransisco. From the very start Miss Hazel Dickens was intended to be the headline act, however she declined at first. Eventually she became a staple headliner until she died in 2011.

The festival name and scope was changed when, at the very first festival in 2001, Miss Emmylou Harris played with her not strictly bluegrass band. Hellman was a fan of her bluegrass sound under the band name Nash Ramblers, but at the time she was touring as Spyboy. She played the festival as Spyboy, which had a New Orleans style rhythm section. Hellman did not complain, and “Hardly” was eventually added to the name of the festival in 2004.

November 24th I shall be tuning into the video series with passionate interest as to what will be in store for me as a fan on this episode here…..

Dear HSB Fans-

We want to thank all of you for watching our broadcast last October. “Let The Music Play On” was viewed over 1 million times. Together we raised over $500,000 for Artist Relief. That is amazing, please know how much we appreciate your support.

Beginning Tuesday, November 24th we will be releasing more footage, along with interviews and additional archival memories. We are starting right before Thanksgiving and taking you with us through the holidays and into the new year. Our first episode is hosted by Buddy Miller and features his performance with Emmylou Harris and several songs from The McCrary Sisters. Please join us every other Tuesday, starting November 24th, at 8PM ET/5PM PT as we “Let The Music Play On & On”.

Over the last twenty years, for one weekend every October, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass has brought together some of the most iconic and revered names in roots music for a free celebration in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. This year we took the show on the road to bring you even closer to artists with recordings and interviews from their hometowns. Please join us as we “Let The Music Play On & On”. Episodes are EVERY OTHER TUESDAY starting November, 24 8pm ET / 5 pm PT Website: Youtube: Facebook:…

We hope you are all staying safe and we look forward sharing the music with you.

Kelsey Waldon Stands Up For What She Believes In On New EP They’ll Never Keep Us Down Out November 20th

Kelsey Waldon Stands Up For What She Believes In On New EP They’ll Never Keep Us Down Out November 20th
Waldon’s haunting version of Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam,” featuring Adia Victoria and Kyshona Armstrong out today via NPR/World Cafe; limited edition vinyl to benefit non-profit advocates
Nashville, TN – October 30, 2020 – “I want to work towards a new southern strategy because my South is a South for all people,” says Nashville recording artist and proud Kentucky native Kelsey Waldon. The next step forward in Waldon’s mission for progress and equality in her beloved homeland is to release her new EP, They’ll Never Keep Us Down, a collection of timeless yet timely cover songs. Today, NPR/World Cafe premiered the EP’s first single, “Mississippi Goddam.” With the help of guest vocalists Adia Victoria and Kyshona Armstrong, Waldon tackles this Nina Simone classic with a swirling, angry, country-ish feel, rekindling Simone’s fire from when the song was written after white supremacists killed four young girls in the 1963 bombing of a Black church in Birmingham, Alabama. NPR/World Cafe’s Bruce Warren commented, “There’s an electrical, pulsing change in tempo compared to Simone’s original, yet the cutting message remains the same. With Victoria and Armstrong adding their voices to this version, along with Waldon, makes an already powerful song even stronger.” Watch the lyric video here.
The B-side of “Mississippi Goddam”—also released today—is the EP’s title track, Hazel Dickens’ “They’ll Never Keep Us Down”; a power-to-the-people traditional bluegrass burner with refrains like “They’ll never shoot that union out of me” and “Your welfare ain’t on the rich man’s mind.” Hear both “They’ll Never Keep Us Down” and “Mississippi Goddam” now right here.
Fans can pre-order and pre-save They’ll Never Keep Us Down at this link ahead of its November 20th release. Additionally, Waldon will be releasing two different, limited edition, colored vinyl versions of They’ll Never Keep Us Down; proceeds from the red vinyl will benefit Hood to the Holler, a non-profit organization aiming to end racial injustice in Kentucky and beyond, and the blue vinyl will benefit Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center, who represent coal miners and their families on issues of black lung and mine safety. Both vinyl editions can be pre-ordered here.
“This song [Mississippi Goddam], which showcases racial injustice as well as the enduring fight and fear that the Black community has had to endure in this country for centuries, still rings true decades later,” says Waldon. “Today in 2020, as we push for progress, sometimes it still feels like we are going backwards.” It’s that backsliding of progress that drove Waldon to revisit this host of powerful songs; from Neil Young’s “Ohio” to Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free”—which features Devon Gilfillian—to Waldon’s late friend, mentor, and record label founder John Prine’s “Sam Stone.” They all share a strong common thread; accepting the need for change and what it means to push for it. Waldon’s view on the matter is cut and dry, with no room for interpretation; a call to conversation with her fellow southerners who may not yet think along the same lines. “This is about listening to someone else’s perspective,” says Waldon. Overall, They’ll Never Keep Us Down burns bright and hot; a torch in the night for those who’ve not yet seen the light and a friendly beacon for those who are already on their march to achieving justice for all.
They’ll Never Keep Us Down Tracklisting:
1. The Law Is For Protection Of The People
2. Ohio
3. Mississippi Goddam feat. Adia Victoria & Kyshona Armstrong
4. Sam Stone
5. They’ll Never Keep Us Down
6. With God On Our Side
7. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free feat. Devon Gilfillian

Luck Reunion Joins Hands With Long Center For “Long Live Music” Concert Series Presented By White Claw


Luck Reunion Joins Hands With Long Center For “Long Live Music” Concert Series Presented By White Claw
Night three to feature star-studded “Songs I Left Behind: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver” on November 22nd
November 16, 2020 – Austin, TX – It’s been a Long year, but as it turns out, Luck is on our side. Luck Reunion recently announced a partnership with their old friends at Long Center to bring the excitement of national touring acts back into Austin’s world-renowned live music scene. The resulting concert series, Long Live Music presented by White Claw, brings the spirit of Luck, TX, to the Long Center Lawn for four shows throughout November and early December.
On November 22nd, Long Live Music will welcome a star-studded array of artists to pay homage to the Honky Tonk Hero himself,Billy Joe Shaver. “Songs I Left Behind: A Tribute to Billy Joe Shaver” will honor the late artist whose songs have been performed by everyone from Willie to Elvis. A revolving door of very special guests will perform the songs of Billie Joe, a true Texas music legend, backed by a house band curated by Austin’s own Charlie Sexton. The final installment of Long Live Music will feature Alabama’s soulful native sons, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, for a fiery grand finale on December 3rd.
The series kicked off with a world-class pair of guitar-toting poets, native Texan Hayes Carll and Tulsa-based John Moreland, who took the stage for the hastily-sold-out first show. New Orleans genre-challengers Tank & The Bangas and Big Freedia stormed the Long Center lawn stage on November 12th to another sold-out crowd. The remaining shows in the series, November 22nd and December 3rd, are sure to sell out just as quickly, so Austinites should visit or now to secure their spots.
Ticketholders will also be happy to hear that funds raised by the Long Live Music series will benefit the Luck Family Foundation which supports organizations and programs that offer support to musicians and the artist community as a whole.
“We’re joining forces with Long Center for the first time to celebrate what we both care so deeply about; Austin’s creative culture. Our beloved artists are a part of it. You’re a part of it. We’re a part of it,” reads Luck Reunion’s official announcement. “Let’s come together to responsibly showcase what a bright spot the Live Music Capital of the World is to us all.”
Tickets are limited and sold in pre-marked socially-distanced squares on the lawn that accommodate 4 people. Fans will also have the opportunity to participate in Luck’s famous Lucky Draw ticketing lottery to win one “square” for each show. More information on how to enter to be White Claw’s Long Live Music Lucky Winner can be found at Tickets are available via The Long Center’s website.
More About Long Center: The Long Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is an iconic, world-class performing arts center located in the heart of downtown Austin and exists to serve all. By providing an impressive and diverse array of programming, the Long Center offers Austinites a place to experience remarkable entertainment and arts together. For more info about the Long Center, please visit
More About Luck Reunion: Inspired by our own anti-festival of the same name, Luck Reunion is an experience-based collective based in Willie Nelson’s backyard of “Luck, TX”. Nearly 10 years ago, a group of friends came together with a vision for a new kind of live music experience. We knew we wanted to honor the cross-section culture that has long motivated creative tradition; to preserve traditions in music, food, and craft; and to create a stage for modern-day outliers who are influenced by the legacies before us. Luckily, we had the keys to the private Luck, TX property, and the singular opportunity to open its gates to people who, like us, value artistic tradition and want to do the legwork to discover talent that reflects our cultural heritage. What started as a one-day event has grown into a community; a platform for us to share the ethos of Luck and bring together musicians, chefs, and artisans who are contributing to American roots culture in an authentic way. In addition to the flagship annual event, Luck produces content and experiences both in and out of Luck with the mission of providing a space for craftsmanship, preservation, and discovery.
More About Luck Family Foundation: Formed by Luck Reunion for the purpose of preserving and supporting the music and cultural community inspired by the work of Willie Nelson and the Luck Reunion family, the Luck Family Foundation—managed by the Austin Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization—provides financial grant assistance and other resources to artists, organizations and programs in need.

Jason Boland And More Headed To Billy Bob’s Texas In November

Full Billy Bob’s Texas entertainment calendar during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) officially announced to include Travis Tritt, The Bellamy Brothers, three nights of Cody Johnson, Justin Moore, Pat Green & More December 3-12

Two shows announced with Cody Johnson for December 8 & 9 are SOLD OUT

Billy Bob’s Texas Named “Best Thing To Do on a Thursday Night – College Night” by Fort Worth Weekly






FORT WORTH, Texas – Located in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, Billy Bob’s Texas first opened in 1981. Since then more than 17 million visitors have enjoyed live entertainment each month at the place where entertainment takes on a whole new persona.

Announced by Fort Worth Weekly, Billy Bob’s Texas has been named Best Thing To Do On Thursday – College Night.

As rising stars and music legends grace the stages of the iconic honkytonk, it is evident that there is no place in the world like Billy Bob’s Texas and November’s lineup doesn’t disappoint! Texas hitmaker & country music legend Robert Earl Keen (Nov. 6) will take the stage, kicking November off with a bang, followed up by Joe Nichols (Nov. 7), Josh Ward (Nov. 13), Michael Salgado (Nov. 14), and Giovannie & The Hired Guns (Nov. 19). Josh Turner returns once again for two night (Nov. 20 & 21) as well as Jason Bolland & The Stragglers (Nov. 25), Easton Corbin (Nov. 27), and the incomparable Aaron Watson (Nov. 28), proving November is not just a month to be Thankful, but once again a month to be entertained at Billy Bob’s Texas!

November Concert Lineup:
NOV 19 – Giovannie & The Hired Guns (Ticket Info)
NOV 20 – Josh Turner (Ticket Info)
NOV 21 – Josh Turner (Ticket Info)
NOV 25 – Jason Boland & The Stragglers (Ticket Info)
NOV 27 – Easton Corbin (Ticket Info)
NOV 28 – Aaron Watson (Ticket Info)

New Concerts Announced & On Sale NOW!
More new shows have just been announced to Billy Bob’s concert calendar. Tickets are on sale NOW for the following concerts:

DEC 03 – Travis Tritt (Ticket Info)
DEC 04 – The Bellamy Brothers (Ticket Info)
DEC 05 – Stoney LaRue (Ticket Info)
DEC 06 – Cody Johnson with The Rockin’ CJB Unplugged (Ticket Info)
DEC 07 – Justin Moore (Ticket Info)
DEC 08 – Cody Johnson (Ticket Info) SOLD OUT
DEC 09 – Cody Johnson (Ticket Info) SOLD OUT
DEC 10 – Pat Green (Ticket Info)
DEC 11 – Pat Green (Ticket Info
DEC 12 – Wade Bowen (Ticket Info)
DEC 17 – Parker McCollum (Ticket Info)
DEC 18 – Parker McCollum (Ticket Info) SOLD OUT
DEC 19 – Parker McCollum (Ticket Info) SOLD OUT
DEC 27 – Rodney Carrington (Ticket Info)

For the full concert calendar, special event, and visitor information, please go to

Billy Bob’s Texas
Historic Fort Worth Stockyards
2520 Rodeo Plaza
Fort Worth, Texas 76164
(817) 624-7117

Circle airing Live At Billy Bob’s Texas!
Live at Billy Bob’s Texas gives the listener a front-row seat to concerts at the World’s Largest Honky Tonk. The music series has compiled powerful performances featuring hits from legendary country music artists like Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Eddy Raven, Gary Stewart, Asleep at the Wheel, Janie Fricke, and more.

Now, Circle network is carrying Live At Billy Bob’s Texas! Launched in January, Circle Media celebrates the country lifestyle and puts fans inside the circle of everything country. Circle offers entertainment news, documentaries, movies, archival, new and licensed programming, Grand Ole Opry performances, and more. Based in Nashville, Circle includes a linear network as well as a companion over-the-top (OTT) premium entertainment service which is expected to launch in spring 2020. Circle is a joint venture between Opry Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Ryman Hospitality Properties, and Gray TV.

Go to for shows, schedules, and a simple guide to getting the channel.

Visit for more information, or to buy any of the Live at Billy Bob’s Texas CDs and DVDs, click here to visit the online store.

Billy Bob’s: Lending a Hand to Music History
Artists placing their hands in cement has been a tradition at Billy Bob’s for more than two decades.

Many of the club’s showcased artists have been honored with various awards and accolades. For some, however, their favorite honor is being part of what is now known as Billy Bob’s ‘Wall of Fame’.

Patrons can visit the Wall of Fame and see the handprints and autographs of Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and even Ringo Starr to name a few. Many fans enjoy comparing their hand size to the celebrities.

To view the gallery, click here.

Dance at Billy Bob’s!
Billy Bob’s legendary dance floor is open daily with limited capacity and appropriate social distancing requirements.

THURSDAY: College Night With Free Line Dance Lessons
Free entry with a college ID

SATURDAY: Lunch and Line Dance At High Noon, With Specials In The Honky Tonk Kitchen For Dancers
Free line dance lessons | 20% off lunch for dancers in the Honky Tonk Kitchen

About Billy Bob’s Texas:
Located in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, the 100,000 square foot cattle barn became Billy Bob’s Texas in 1981. Since then more than 17 million visitors have enjoyed live entertainment and real bull riding at “The World’s Largest Honky Tonk”.

The facility can hold 6,000 rowdy patrons on a given night and has been host to hundreds of musical acts, from Alan Jackson to ZZ Top. On Fridays and Saturdays, the venue also features live bull riding – a step up from the mechanical variety. It seems like an unlikely source for a series that has sold millions of albums.

Billy Bob’s has been named the Country Music Club of the Year 10 times by the Academy of Country Music.

To buy Billy Bob’s Texas merch or any of the Live at Billy Bob’s Texas CDs and DVDs, click here to visit the online store, or to buy tickets for special events and concerts, go to

Nov. 28 - Aaron Watson Nov. 27 - Easton Corbin

Nov. 25 - Jason Boland Nov. 20 & 21 - Josh Turner

Flatland Cavalry
Flatland Cavalry
Doors: 6:00 PM

Show: 10:00 PM

Please note: There will be no valet or bull-riding on the night of this concert.

More info
Robert Earl Keen
Robert Earl Keen
Merry Christmas From the Fam-O-Lee Secret Santa Christmas
Doors: 6:00 PM

Show: 10:00 PM

Please note: There will be no valet or bull-riding on the night of this concert.

More info

Josh Abbott Band
Josh Abbott Band
Doors: 6:00 PM

Show: 10:00 PM

Please note: There will be no valet or bull-riding on the night of this concert.

More info
William Clark Green
William Clark Green
Doors: 6:00 PM

Show: 10:00 PM

Please note: There will be no valet or bull-riding on the night of this concert.

More info
Tracy Lawrence
Tracy Lawrence
Made In America Tour
Ring in the New Year with Billy Bob’s Texas!

Doors: 6:00 PM

Show: 10:00 PM

Please note: There will be no valet or bull-riding on the night of this concert.

More info
Time Marches On New Year’s Eve [pre-show] Bash
$80 each | starts at 7:30 PM
Delicious Food * Hourly Giveaways * Specialty Cocktails * Private Bathrooms
Champagne Toast at Midnight * Post-Midnight Good Luck Snacks


  • Cheese and Charcuterie Board
  • Shrimp Cocktail Bar
  • Smoked Carved Tenderloin
  • Texas Air & Land | Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Quail and Hog Wings
  • Gearhart Ranch Braised Wagyu Short Ribs
  • Dessert | Assorted Cobblers, Cakes and Pie Ice-Cream
  • Snack | Breakfast Tacos with Salsa; Black-Eyed Pea and Ham Hocks; Collard Greens; Corn Bread

On sale Friday, Nov. 20 at 10 AM as an add-on to your ticket concert ticket purchase.

Fellow Performers Remember Country Artist Doug Supernaw, Who Died November 13 at 60

Fellow Performers Remember Country Artist Doug Supernaw, Who Died November 13 at 60
Doug Supernaw
In the late 80’s and early 90’s, when Rock And Roll took a different direction into that alternative stuff which I hated, I turned to Country full time. Back then, the radio was choked full of the more traditional mainstream Country like this man…Doug Supernaw.

I was still buying tapes back then, and enjoying people like Sammy Kershaw and Doug Stone. Honestly, some of the songs that came from that era are now considered classics today.

There exist many package shows today that feature these artists together on one show, where you can enjoy their hits on stage. Today many of these artists are also passing away, like the beloved people that made the Outlaw Era so special.

I missed writing about many of these people that passed away in 2020, and I had to back away from writing for quite some time to tend to myself first. As I slowly trickle back to full on writing, I will always reflect on these wonderful times and wonderful songs.

Sadly, this is now a time for reflecting upon their contributions to Country Music and how they embellished my youth. Many damn fine albums emerged from the ashes of what Rock turned into in the 90’s, to become iconic Country albums that still had fiddles and steel guitars. There still existed Pop Country back then and it was completely watered down, like it is now. It was changing but the difference is back then it wasn’t shutting out the more Traditional Country either.

Things were different back then, and the music was targeted to a different demographic than it is now. Also I think another factor is back then we had no digital outlets and relied solely on radio. Whatever your opinion is about the situation, I’m sure you concur that this man and his ilk are slowly leaving us. We MUST hold dear all of the fantastic music from this era.


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Country music hitmaker Doug Supernaw has passed away at his home in Texas at the age of 60.

Born in Bryan, Texas, Doug Supernaw moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1987, where he found work as a session songwriter. After four years in Nashville, he moved back to Texas, where he founded a band called Texas Steel. In 1993, Supernaw signed with BNA Entertainment. After releasing his debut album, Red And Rio Grande, Supernaw gained recognition with singles “Honky Tonk Foolin’”, “Reno” and “I Don’t Call Him Daddy”, which became his signature song and securing a gold record. In total, Supernaw recorded four studio albums in total with two additional greatest hit projects showcasing his career.

Fellow artists mourn the loss of their friend and share fond memories that have left them forever inspired by Doug Supernaw.

“Doug Supernaw’s voice was a mainstay during the 90s in country music and I am sorry to hear of his passing. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.” – Charley Pride

“I never really knew Doug all that well, but I have always respected him. He has been in my prayers since I heard he was down. Heaven’s gained another great one. Prayers for his family.” – Joe Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys

“Praying for Doug Supernaw and his family during this difficult time. Thank you for your contributions to country music.” – Lee Greenwood

“My heartfelt condolences to the family of Doug Supernaw. You will be missed.” – B.J. Thomas

“Doug had a broad smile, great spirit, and firm handshake. He always left me feeling better with his natural sense of humor. Blessings and condolences to his immediate and extended family. R.I.P., dude.” – T. Graham Brown

“My thoughts and prayers are with Doug and his family during this time. He was one of the good guys in our business and he gave us some great music during his career that will always be remembered.” – T.G. Sheppard

“Your career in country music spanned for nearly 3 decades. My thoughts are with you, your family and friends during this difficult time.” – Kelly Lang

“The last time I performed alongside Doug Supernaw was during a Country For A Cause charity event. It had been years since I had seen him work a stage, and it was great to see him wow the Nashville crowd that night. I remembered what a great entertainer he was. Over the past year, Doug fought a good fight, but he is in pain no more. My prayers and condolences go out to his family, friends, and fans.” – Tim Atwood

“My heartfelt thoughts and prayers to Doug Supernaw and his family during this very difficult time. Have always loved his songs and he will be greatly missed.” – Shane Owens

“My heart aches for the family of Doug Supernaw. Getting introduced to country music in the early 90s, he had one of the biggest songs I can remember in “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” – still to this day I know every single word. Country music will miss him and that last name will never be forgotten.” – J.D. Shelburne

“Doug Supernaw was always such a welcomed sight when our paths would cross out on the road! I loved his big smile and warm heart! He was super sweet to me and a super talent! Doug had a great love for country music and for all of his friends and fans! And the feelings were mutual in return. Doug Supernaw will be loved, missed and remembered forever by all who knew him.” – Deborah Allen

“I am really sad to hear about the passing of Doug Supernaw. The loss of another great talent. I am going to miss you, Doug.” – Johnny Lee

Doug Supernaw

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 13, 2020) — Doug Supernaw was diagnosed in February 2019 with Advanced Stage IV lung and bladder cancer and after aggressive treatment, the cancer spread to his brain and spine and placed in Hospice care in October of 2020. He passed away peacefully at his home in Texas today.

A mainstay in Country music in the 90’s, Doug Supernaw, charted eleven singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Track charts with three number one singles, “Reno,” “I Don’t Call Him Daddy,” and “Not Enough Hours In The Night.”

“So sorry to hear of the passing of Doug Supernaw. Although I didn’t know him real well, he was always so friendly and nice when I did have the opportunity to be around him, and would like to have known him better. He was a great talent and very supportive of our Dottie West birthday bash.  Thank you and RIP Doug.” –Jeannie Seely

“Doug was a great guy and a good entertainer ,and a Texan no doubt! We extend our sympathies to his family and fans and the country music community. RIP Doug..” –Exile

“After moving to East Texas, we got to know him and his lovely wife Cissy over the last few years. Keeping the family in our prayers. “Reno,” what a song!” –David Ball

“I met Doug Supernaw thanks to Kim Williams who had written “Not Enough Hours In The Night,” and he wanted the three of us to write together. He was a genuine gentleman. He went out on the road to promote that single and we did hook up to write.” –Kent Blazy

“We have lost another member of the country music family. Fellow Texan, Doug Supernaw was a very talented man and he leaves such great music and memories for his many friends and fans. My deepest condolences go to Doug’s wife and family.” –Linda Davis

“I was saddened to hear of the passing of Doug Supernaw. Being raised on 90’s Country, hits like “I Don’t Call Him Daddy”, and “What’ll You Do About Me” were staples in our home. He will be missed!” –Noah Garner

“I am so sad to hear about Doug Supernaw’s passing. My family and I will keep him and everyone who loves him in our prayers.” –Dallas Remington


Steve Earle, Luck Productions, and City Winery Host 6th Annual John Henry’s Friends Benefit Concert For Autism

Steve Earle, Luck Productions, and City Winery Host 6th Annual John Henry’s Friends Benefit Concert For Autism
Performances from Steve Earle & The Dukes, Lucinda Williams, Jackson Browne, Emmylou Harris, and many more on December 13th
November 13, 2020 – For five years running, musician/author/playwright/activist Steve Earle has been gathering a group of world-class friends and performers for a one-night-only concert which raises money for The Keswell School, an educational program for children and young adults with autism. On December 13th, with the help of Luck Productions and City Winery, Earle’s 6th annual John Henry’s Friends benefit concert is going virtual, expanding its audience, and making the annual fundraiser a world-wide affair. With 100% of donations going to The Keswell School—an institution, near to Earle’s heart at which his son and the event’s namesake, John Henry, is a student—a host of world-renowned musicians have accepted their invitation to participate. Performers include Steve Earle & The Dukes, Emmylou Harris, Graham Nash, Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires, and many more. A full list of artists can be found below and more information, including how to donate, can be found here!

Join Steve Earle & The Dukes with special guests for the 6th Annual John Henry’s Friends Benefit Concert, presented by Luck ProductionsCity Winery NYC, celebrating the Keswell School’s work in providing education for children and young adults with autism.

The virtual concert will take place on December 13th at 7:30pm EST at 

“Well, 2020 has pretty much sucked so far,” said Steve Earle. “It’s been tough on everybody, including those of us in the performing arts, who, after all, depend on the patronage of live audiences for our very livelihood. Therefore, I’m especially grateful that some of my favorite people have come together against all odds to support a cause that is near and dear to my heart, the Keswell School. Since we’ve been doing these shows, they are always my favorite day of the year…good music, good friends, and a good cause. This year’s performers are alumni, one and all, and I’m eternally grateful to each and every one for suiting up and showing up in the hour of our school’s greatest need.”
As mentioned, all donations raised through the live stream will go directly to The Keswell School, an educational program for children and young adults with autism. Founded in 2002 on the belief that children diagnosed with ASD can live full and productive lives as integrated members of their communities, The Keswell School provides educational, therapeutic, and supportive services for children diagnosed with ASD and their families. The Keswell School challenges students to accomplish in aspects of school life and prepares them for the fullest possible engagement in the world. The strong bond between Keswell students and their teachers and therapists is rooted in the School’s commitment to meeting students at their individual levels of development.
6th Annual John Henry’s Friends Lineup:
Steve Earle & The Dukes
Emmylou Harris
Graham Nash
Jackson Browne
Lucinda Williams
Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires
Josh Ritter
Matt Savage
Shawn Colvin
The Mastersons
Warren Haynes

Honky Tonk: Portraits of Country Music, 1972-1981, a special exhibit of photographs by Henry Horenstein

Three of the most ideal things I am interested in are museums, Honky Tonk Music and the 1970’s, and once again a museum like The Birthplace Of Country Music Museum in Bristol is offering a good taste of history to us that salivate over it.

The reason why exhibits like this one are so greatly integral to Country Music is because many of the folks they feature have now passed on, and are gone. In my studies and my prospicience to preserve it for future Country Music fans, I ardently support exhibits like this one. As a historian at a younger age, I regretfully missed out on being able to see many of the people I idolize like Mr. Ernest Tubb and Marty Robbins live in their prime.

Photographers like Mr. Henry and Mr. Jerry Overcast and their ilk spent their entire lives following these big stars around and captured them out of their element, which makes it more amazing. You know, on stage you saw what THEY WANTED us to see..but behind that curtain this man captured what WE WERE NOT ALWAYS MEANT to see. If you go to his website HERE, you can kind of see my point of how random it all was and how he never meant to make it so significant..but it was.

Country Music in the 1970’s wasn’t found on innocent levels of places on Earth, and it wasn’t pure and clean cut as Hee Haw presented it to us on t.v. It was found in the dirty and dark beer joints across America, in the back alleys dives and it didn’t exemplify pure, or righteous living..but it was  honest living. These people had more baggage than the Dallas airport, and more drama than soap operas, but they spoke to us through songs of real life struggles.

I am heavily into the 1970’s and 1980’s Opry years, as well as the culmination of the Outlaw Movement and also the Nashville Sound eras. So much transpired during those times that shaped the genre into what it is today both locally and mainstream wise. It is with all of this in mind that I tell you all my dear readers I cannot stress how important it is to go up and see this exhibit for yourselves, as I plan to take a trip up there to see it myself SOON…here is the press release.

Honky Tonk: Portraits of Country Music, 1972-1981, a special exhibit of photographs by Henry Horenstein.

Dates: September 29, 2020 – March 28, 2021

Location: Special Exhibits Gallery, Birthplace of Country Music Museum

In the 1970s, photographer Henry Horenstein shot album covers for upstart bluegrass label Rounder Records. But in his off-hours, he soon became unofficial photographer to the culture of country musicians great and small, and their dedicated fans. It’s a world that looks quite a bit like country songs sound: full of hard-working operators and lonely dreamers, half-full glasses and scorpion belt buckles, and a few tall hats, boots, and bottles as well. It’s the world of the honky tonk.

A candid, affectionate glimpse into the real country music scene as it was performed and lived, Honky Tonk: Portraits of Country Music, 1972—1981 is a parade through the early years of future great performers like Dolly Parton and Del McCoury, and already established legends like Mother Maybelle Carter and Don Stover. It is a time capsule of an important era in country music set within family music parks and music festivals, the Grand Ole Opry, and Nashville’s Tootsies and other well-loved honky tonks. Horenstein’s lively portraits of the community preserve the scene where musicians and fans, cowboys and townies, converged to step out, strum, and strut their stuff.

The museum will be offering a variety of educational and engaging public programming to accompany the Honky Tonk exhibit. Keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our eNewsletter to learn more!

Special thanks to the Massengill-DeFriece Foundation for their support of the exhibit at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum.

About Henry Horenstein

Henry Horenstein has been a professional photographer, filmmaker, teacher, and author since the 1970s. He studied history at the University of Chicago and earned his BFA and MFA at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he studied with Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind.

Henry’s work is collected and exhibited internationally, and he has published over 30 books, including several monographs of his own work such as Histories, Show, Honky Tonk, Animalia, Humans, Racing Days, Close Relations, and many others. He has also authored Black & White Photography, Digital Photography, and Beyond Basic Photography, used by hundreds of thousands of college, university, high-school, and art school students as their introduction to photography. His Shoot What You Love serves both as a memoir and a personal history of photography over the past 50 years.




Ward Davis To Release New Full-Length Album Black Cats and Crows With Thirty Tigers On November 20th

 Outlaw Country-Rocker Ward Davis To Release New Full-Length Album Black Cats and Crows With Thirty Tigers On November 20th
Album available for pre-order; First single out now via Rolling Stone
October 16, 2020 – Nashville, TN – Kicking off with a blaze of harmonized electric guitars sounding like when the Allman’s Elizabeth Reed checked into the Eagles’ Hotel California, Ward Davis’s new album Black Cats and Crows doesn’t waste a second on formalities. Out November 20th on Thirty Tigers, Black Cats and Crows is triumph on all fronts. A muscly country-rock record filled with murderous story songs, heartbreaking vulnerability, and that unmistakable voice—Davis’s weathered croon, barrel-aged then left out in the sun—are all brought to life through Davis’s and producer Jim “Moose” Brown’s care for their craft and disdain for sterility. Yesterday, Rolling Stone premiered “Black Cats and Crows,” the album’s title track and first single calling it, “an ominous piano ballad in which Davis questions why the deck is stacked against him.” Fans can listen to “Black Cats and Crows” now at this link and pre-order Black Cats and Crows here.
Without listening to a note of Black Cats and Crows, the company kept in the liner notes alone—co-writers Cody Jinks, Kendell Marvel, and Shawn Camp—will tip off any discerning music fan on how respected Davis is as a songwriter. Of course, his own songwriting history precedes him too, having written tunes for the likes of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Trace Adkins. “This is my coping mechanism. I know music is a coping mechanism for a lot of people,” Davis says. “It’s important that it’s crafted well, but it’s also important that it’s honest so that people can relate to it and get something out of it.” But it’s not just songwriters that have taken notice. Among the world class musicians who took part in the recording of Black Cats and Crows, a name not too often thrown around in the world of country music appears; Anthrax’s Scott Ian, who guested on the ominous murder ballad, “Sounds of Chains.”
In addition to the guitar-driven tunes, several songs on Black Cats and Crows also remedy the often-overlooked role of piano in outlaw music. A fine pianist who shrugs off any praise of his own playing, Davis looks up to the slip-note stylings of master Floyd Cramer. “He would do these little flickers with the keys that aren’t complicated but really create a sound,” Davis says. “I mimic him a lot.” Kicking off with piano and fiddle, “Threads” lays a weary heart bare, while the beautifully written “Good to Say Goodbye” traces the push and pull that ensues when it’s time to go. “Good and Drunk” is a lesson in songwriting, heartbreaking and real. “That was a hard one to write,” Davis says. “It was a bad day. I came home from a tour with Sunny Sweeney, and my ex-wife had packed up everything and put the boxes in the garage. I was sitting there alone, hungover, wanting a whiskey drink, and I realized I didn’t know where the whiskey was. But I had my legal pad out. So, I started writing this song.”
Davis mines his own worries and pain for a song without ever forgetting the other person who will eventually listen to it. “I want people to know these songs mean something to me,” he says. “I hope they mean something to them. Maybe they’ll hear something that’ll make them feel better.”
Black Cats and Crows Tracklisting:
Ain’t Gonna Be Today
Black Cats and Crows
Sounds of Chains
Get To Work Whiskey
Book Of Matches
Heaven Had A Hand
Where I Learned To Live
Papa And Mama
Lay Down On Love
Good To Say Goodbye
Good And Drunk

With Everyone A Song, Vol. 1, The Steel Wheels Set The Personal Experiences Of Their Supporters To Song On November 20th

With Everyone A Song, Vol. 1, The Steel Wheels Set The Personal Experiences Of Their Supporters To Song On November 20th
First episode of the album’s companion podcast, We Made You A Song, is available October 14th via NPR; First single, “The Healer,” premiered today
October 14, 2020 – Harrisonburg, VA – In the first few months of a worldwide pandemic, bluegrass-rockers The Steel Wheels took to their own home studios—in some cases pieced a home studio together—and got to work. Recording more than 60 songs when all was said and done, the group landed on a concept unlike any waters they’d waded into before; they called it “Distance Together.” Conceived by The Steel Wheels’ lead singer and songwriter, Trent Wagler, the project became an avenue for fans of the band to commission works and send musical greetings to their loved ones. The initiative sparked a surprisingly impactful and intimate songwriting process, with Wagler setting the personal stories of fans to song and verse. Some songs were written for individuals, some for friends and families—many were specific to a time and place—and some were commissioned for weddings and anniversaries or to commemorate a lost loved one or the completion of a life’s work. At the end of the process, The Steel Wheels—Brian Dickel, Trent Wagler, Jay Lapp, Eric Brubaker, and Kevin Garcia—were left with some of the most heartfelt, inspiring material they’ve ever written, and the result shines through on Everyone A Song, Vol. 1,a brand new 9-song album to be released on November 20th.
Today, The Boot premiered Everyone A Song, Vol. 1’s first single, “The Healer,” which came to life as a song to celebrate the retirement of a physical therapist’s 38-year long career. Before making it onto the album, “The Healer” was used during a socially distanced retirement party as a special gift to commemorate an amazing career. “As the family recalled stories from [the subject’s] life, it was clear that her healing skills were not limited to the workplace,” recalls Wagler. Like every other tune on the album, the song’s lyrics and melody reflect the love and admiration that encircle the celebrated. Fans can listen to ‘The Healer” now at this link and pre-order Everyone A Song, Vol. 1 right here. Additionally, on Friday, Oct. 16th, the band will join The Boot’s online community via Facebook Live to play a few songs from the new record, including the first single “The Healer,” at 8pm central.
The process behind this new album has been further documented in an accompanyingpodcast, We Made You A Song. Each episode dives into the creation of a single song on the album, serving as an in-depth audio liner note. Wagler interviews the band as well as the actual subjects of each song to give a rare glimpse into the creative process and what it means for someone to have their experience distilled into melody and rhyme. We Made You A Song is distributed by NPR and WMRA.
Everyone A Song, Vol. 1 was born out of a desire to close the distance created in the midst of the Covid-19 shutdown. “Maybe I was dreaming of being an essential worker,” says Wagler. “It made me ask the question: what’s essential about music? It’s the connection. The understanding. The beauty and magic of melodies that transcend us with the words that say, ‘You there, I see you, and you see me, and doesn’t it feel good to not be alone in the world?’ That’s what art has to offer. Especially right now. And planting real stories right in the middle of it kind of pushed aside any other pretense or distraction about being cool or whatever.”
Everyone A Song, Vol. 1 Tracklisting:
My Name is Sharon
The Healer
Don’t Want To Come Back Down
The Man Who Holds Up The World
Water And Sky
Florida Girl (Work For It)
Family Is Power

Larry Keel Announces New Album American Dream

Larry Keel Announces New Album American Dream,
out November 6
Listen to lead single “Try” today via JamBase
Nashville, TN – October 7, 2020 – Over the past 30 years, Larry Keel has been praised by fans and critics alike for his energetic live performances and award-winning flatpicking skills. He is a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has appeared on nearly two dozen albums, including 12 that he produced himself, and has collaborated with everyone from Bill Monroe to Billy Strings. Today, he is proud to announce his anticipated new solo album American Dream. Set for release on November 6, Keel single-handedly produced, recorded, and wrote each of the 10 tracks on the album, a project that was predominantly created during quarantine this past spring. This influence is evident in the album’s first single,“Try”, which is premiering exclusively at JamBase today. Keel says “Try” is about his personal approach to figuring out life’s mysteries and challenges, saying, “Big concept, simple approach: all you gotta do is try.” American Dream can be pre-ordered here.
Reminiscent of Jerry Garcia’s solo album Garcia, Keel plays each instrument on every track of American Dream, giving listeners a unique opportunity to hear the acclaimed acoustic guitar player showcase his mandolin chops, banjo licks, upright bass thump and power on electric guitar. While some tracks are rooted in Keel’s classic bluegrass style, others veer towards poppy folk rock, a couple of tunes are dripping in moody psychedelia, and some have more of a gritty,
old-time stomp like the single “Try”.
Lyrically, the songs on American Dream are dynamic. Some were inspired by Keel’s experiences as a touring musician living life on the road, while others were galvanized by the events that were taking place at the time—including the COVID-19 pandemic and the global protests against systemic racism. On title track “American Dream”, Keel acknowledges his position as a white man and how he’s consistently listening and learning. In the song’s opening line, he clearly states what he does not want to be as a man (I don’t wanna grow up to be another angry old white guy / self-important, and all wrapped up in his white lie), and then proclaims what he is attempting to be: an empathetic, moral and positive person, always striving to do better and aiming to serve the greater good.
“I consider this album to be a culmination of my deepest and most sincere thoughts, up to now. In spite of the turbulent times happening when I wrote most of these songs, I felt really centered and energized to just say exactly what was on my mind through lyrics and music,” Keel explains. “For me, this was a positive experience in starting a conversation through this recording. Hopefully it resonates with someone out there.”
This month, Keel will be on tour in Virginia with Sam Bush Band, Travis Book & Andy Falco, and Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen; next month, he will be in South Carolina at Charleston Pour House. All shows will conform with local regulations and Covid-related safety measures.
American Dream Track Listing:
1. American Dream
2. The Best of Man
3. Mother Nature
4. Long Way Round
5. So Black and White
6. Precious Times (Aby’s Song)
7. Try
8. Old Friends
9. Old Man Kelsey’s
10. Mars’ Cry


The Wild Feathers Dive Into Archives For Full-Length Release Medium Rarities


The Wild Feathers Dive Into Archives For Full-Length Release
Medium Rarities
Unreleased B-sides, demos, and covers fill out the band’s existing decade-spanning catalog; first single “Blue” out now
September 18th, 2020 – Nashville, TN – In early 2020, just weeks before pandemic swept the globe, The Wild Feathers were kicking off a brand new chapter—fully independent, no more label contract or team, soaring free of the weight of the industry on their backs. Then, the universe pulled the ripcord. When their major tour with Blackberry Smoke was canceled in March, the band—Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns, Ben Dumas, and Brett Moore—found themselves with unexpected time to reflect on their career so far. Medium Rarities, a brand-new full-length album of unreleased songs spanning the band’s decade-long career, is what came from those reflections. King, whom Dumas dubs the band’s “archive master,” started poking around hard drives of old music, and the idea of a rarities compilation began to take shape. The album, set for release on November 20th, is composed of those B-sides, covers, demos, and other nuggets King and the band culled from The Wild Feathers’ vault. Medium Rarities can be pre-ordered now at this link. A vinyl pressing of Medium Rarities will be available exclusively through Magnolia Record Club starting today.
Fans can immediately hear “Blue,” the first track from Medium Rarities, at this link. A Dave Cobb produced cover of the Jayhawks’ classic from Tomorrow the Green Grass, The Wild Feathers’ version of “Blue” sticks close to the original but with the band’s signature harmonies—reminiscent of The Band or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers—expanding beyond the existing vocal melody. “I can’t remember not being in love with the Jayhawks,” says Young. “Melody is by far the first thing that draws me to a song and they just can’t help but pull you in and it’s just effortless.” This song is the first on Medium Rarities not just because it’s a rock and roll kick-off for the ages, but because the album is sequenced chronologically and “Blue” was recorded near the very beginning when the band was looking for a record deal. “Interscope wanted to hear what we could do harmony wise and we thought that song would be the perfect example of what we thought we were capable of,” remembers Young.
“Fire,” “Goodnight,” and “My Truth” round out the middle of the compilation. All three tracks are new material written in the lead-up to the band’s plans to explore a new era of the Wild Feathers. “Fire,” in particular, shows the group’s sonic growth with its understated verse arrangement, sparkling production, and arena-ready chorus. The harmony-drenched “My Truth” has its roots in a recent writing retreat the band took together, and the song’s lyrics (“I’ve been looking for the answers / I can’t find them on the news”) connect a personal relationship to current events. Unlike the rest of the songs, produced by the likes of Dave Cobb and Jay Joyce, the Wild Feathers produced these new tracks together as a band.
Standout b-side “Marie” is a laid-back front-porch rocker about a songwriter who doesn’t have much or all that he promised, and his songs are all that he may leave behind; its vulnerable lyrics are punctuated with chiming acoustic guitar and twangy electric riffs. Young wrote “Marie” during sessions for the band’s self-titled debut album, and admitted to being surprised that the song didn’t make the final tracklist. “It’s one of my favorites,” he says. “I’ll always play it if I do a solo show or anything like that. I’m really glad it’s made it onto this record.”
“Medium Rarities opens up the possibility for future volumes,” Young says. “We thought it was a cool thing to do for ourselves, and especially for our fans. We’ve always been one of those bands that talks about having a true catalog, by every definition: live albums, box sets, double albums, b-sides, and rarities albums—being music fans, and that’s what we are, that’s what you want from artists you like. You want anything you can get your hands on. This is one more step we’ve accomplished.”
Medium Rarities Tracklisting:
1. Blue
2. Heartbreak
3. Marie
4. Almost Cut My Hair
5. Fire
6. Goodnight
7. My Truth
8. To Be Gone
9. Lose Yourself
10. Guitar Man
11. After the Bottle’s Gone
The Wild Feathers will finish out 2020 with a handful of live-streaming concerts and private events, including public dates with Blackberry Smoke as well as a handful of headline shows of their own. They’re currently at work on material for a new album and plan to release new music in early 2021.

Album Feature – Chris Stapleton – Starting Over

By Joshua Wallace

Chris Stapleton has returned with the follow up to 2017’s dual releases of From A Room : Volume 1 and Volume 2.  His new album is titled Starting Over and it finds him back at   Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A with Producer Dave Cobb.  Aside from the typical lineup of Morgane Stapleton (vocals, tambourine), with longtime bandmates J.T. Cure (bass) and Derek Mixon (drums), this record features performances from former Heartbreakers Mike Campbell (electric guitar) and Benmont Tench (Hammond B3 organ) along with the legendary Paul Franklin (pedal steel).  That is one incredible lineup for any record and Chris Stapleton makes the most out of it.  I feel like Stapleton has created the best record of his career with Starting Over.  Let’s take a deeper look at some of these tracks.

The album’s first track and first single is “Starting Over” which is a simple acoustic melody that is super catchy.  It reminds me a bit of Volume 1’s “Broken Halos” but more upbeat.  The next track is “Devil Always Made Me Think Twice” which appeared on Hailey Whitters album The Dream earlier this year.  Stapleton’s version kicks things up a notch with a thick blues riff and the entire vibe of this track is a jam.  This is a stark comparison to Whitters more mellow version that takes you more to a smoky blues room rather than a bigger dance hall.

The track “When I’m With You” is a nice country ballad that highlights Stapleton’s voice.  It serves as a nice mellow moment around some of the record’s heavy hitters.  Speaking of heavy hitters, the track “Arkansas” is a southern rock romp full of grit and soul.  It’s a track inspired by a trip to the state of Arkansas and it’s good enough it might inspire some tourism to the home of the Razorbacks.  “Hillbilly Blood” is another favorite that kind of reminds me of if you crossed “Death Row” with “Outlaw State Of Mind”.  It has that kind of vibe and I dig the thick groove on this track.  

“Maggie’s Song” is a tear jerker and one of Stapleton’s best written tracks.  This song will make anyone cry, especially pet lovers.  “Whiskey Sunrise” is a country blues track that builds slowly to a crushing guitar solo that I hope is extended live because in both instances, the solo ends just as it sounds like it’s getting started on the record.  “Watch You Burn” is a heavy track co-written by Mike Campbell and inspired by the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.  Stapleton wasn’t there as he says on the song, but he puts enough fire and passion behind this track for all of those who were.  Finally, the album ends with “Nashville, TN” which features Paul Franklin on the pedal steel guitar.  It’s a song about leaving and at the same time serves as a criticism of how the town treats singers and songwriters who go there with a dream.

There is a lot to unpack with this album and it is one of the best country records of the year and one of the best overall records of the year.  Chris Stapleton has put together a collection of songs that are both timeless and meets our current moment in history.  There are a few covers on this record with two Guy Clark songs and a John Fogerty track.  I highly recommend getting a copy of this record as it will be high on many album of the year lists including my own.  You can look forward to Chris Stapleton’s “All American Road Show” tour to resume next year when it is safe to do so.  You can find out information about that on his website.  Starting Over is out everywhere as of November 13th, 2020.

Favorite Tracks : Starting Over, Devil Always Made Me Think Twice, When I’m With You, Arkansas, Hillbilly Blood, Maggie’s Song, Whiskey Sunrise, Watch You Burn, Nashville, TN


Chris Stapleton – Starting Over (2020)

  1. Starting Over
  2. Devil Always Made Me Think Twice
  3. Cold
  4. When I’m With You
  5. Arkansas
  6. Joy Of My Life (John Fogerty)
  7. Hillbilly Blood
  8. Maggie’s Song
  9. Whiskey Sunrise
  10. Worry B Gone (Guy Clark)
  11. Old Friends (Guy Clark)
  12. Watch You Burn
  13. You Should Probably Leave
  14. Nashville, TN

Upcoming Festival Dates For 2021, And Other News From Me.

Hello my dear friends and music lovers of all forms. I write this with immense uncertainty for the upcoming live music situation next year. I personally never made any official withdraw announcement for the website, trust me I HAVE been watching and studying things. If YOUR favorite artist released a new album in 2020, chances are I have been equally enjoying it.

Now, as I prepare to wrap up my year and revel in my many accomplishments I made in 2020 on a personal level, I study all of the festivals that have already locked in new dates for 2021.

I have been making many phone calls and sending many emails to many groups of people all over America in order to do this. the extent of my studies put me on a whole different echelon here. There are so many avenues to explore and transfer to written form, to share with you, additionally I will include the links to the festivals so you can see the information yourself.

I had to step back from things directly before the pandemic even erupted nationally, to take care of a horrible dependency to pain pills. I have many health issues, and some of them require pain management, and I  had to accept the fact I cannot manage the pills responsibly. I had to enroll in a rehabilitation program, and learn how to work the twelve steps of AA meetings.

I learned that there was no difference between an addiction full blown and a dependency, and that I was once addict. Therefore, I realized I had a plethora of work to do on myself in order to retain my control of my personal life. I cannot do what I do on here without a clear head, AND NOW I have 9 months sober.

I moved my daughter down to Kentucky in April from Wisconsin, and I am currently reaching her the ways of independent music. She has never been exposed to the likes of Cody Jinks or Greensky Bluegrass. In my opinion, SHE IS the future of our precious music, and exposing her to the many bands that she has never heard on any radio makes me an elated father.

I had to put aside my written duties for several months, in order to help my daughter with her personal life and set her up to succeed in life. With a young adult, you have to set them up with finances and avenues of support. When you play Monopoly you start with money, right? Right. So with all of that being said…let’s move forward with my usual assault on the corporate mainstream crap that prostitutes your FM radio.

This is NOT a final list for 2021, in fact there are more than 150 festivals I have no information for as of yet. I’ll be actively adding new festivals and dates to this article all through the spring of next year, as we see about whether or not these can even transpire.

I HAVE BEEN watching, reading and keeping up with SO MANY new releases in 2020, and my crew has been working diligently with album reviews in my absence. We will ALL be releasing a TOP 50 of the year, so be looking for those to come around the week of Christmas.

I still have my annual birthday celebration, and this year it will be at the Spillway Bar And Grill on November 21st featuring Mr. Ward Davis. You can buy tickets for that right HERE.

This past weekend, I took my daughter to Alabama to see the grave of one of Country Music’s greatest superstars. Hank Williams is a hero to me, as well as many and I needed to visit him and become revitalized and recharged. I needed guidance and prayers in order to move forward and still become the force that I am for local music.

Known Dates For 2021 festivals :

30 A Festival – January 14 – 17th
Mardi Gras Texas – February 16th
Bluegrass 1st Class – February 19th – 21st
Outlaws And Legends – March-19-20th
Best Little Cowboy Gathering – March 12 – 20th
Suwanee Spring Weekend – March 18 – 21st
Heart Of Texas Music Festival – March 19 – 27th
Bluegrass Heritage Festival – April 23 – 25th
Mile 0 festival – April 27th – May 1st
Larry Joe Taylor Festival – April 19 – 24th
Winter Wondergrass – April 9 – 11th
James Wimmer Bristol Spring Bluegrass – April 9th – 10th
The Calf Fry – April 27-29th
Backwoods At Mullberry Mountain – April 29 – May 2nd
Red Dirt And Barbeque Festival – May 1st
DelFest – May 27 – 30th
Roots Under The Texas Sky – May 1st and 2nd
The Western Swing Out – May 28-31st
Rooster Walk – May 27 – 30th
Dr. Ralph Stanley Memorial – May 26 – 29th
Valley Bluegrass Festival – May 1 and 2nd
Moonrunners Music Festival – May 1 and 2nd
Texas Crab Festival – May 7 -9th
Bluegrass Island Festival – May 13 – 15th
Pickathon – June 25 – 27th
Palisade Bluegrass Festival – June 11 -13th
The Blue Ox – June 10 – 12th
Back 40 folk Festival – June 3 – 6th
Mountain Music Festival – June 3rd – 5th
Pondstock At Lake Hedke – June 10 – 12th
Pagosa Folk And Bluegrass – June 4th – 6th
Stringbean Memorial Bluegrass Festival – June 17 – 19th
ROMP – June 23 – 26th
So Cal Hoedown – June 26th
Camp Greensky – June 3 – 5th
Telluride Bluegrass Festival – June 17 – 20th
Tailgates And Tallboys – June 3 – 4th
Moccasin Creek Music festival – June 17th – 21st
Laurel Cove Music Festival – June 11th – 12th
Windy City Music Festival – July 9-11th
The Great Blue Heron – July 2 – 4th
Floyd Fest – July 21 – 25th
Winnipeg Folk Festival – July 8 – 11th
Northwest String Summit – July 22 – 25th
Red Ants Pants – July 21 – 25th
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival – July 16-19th
The Redwood Ramble – July 15-18th
Red Wing Roots Music Festival – July 9 – 11th
Under The Big Sky Festival – July 17 – 18th
Rockygrass Bluegrass Festival – July 22 – 25th
Master Musicians Festival – July 16-17th
Oyster Ridge Music Festival – July 23-25th
Podunk Bluegrass Festival – August 12-15th
Pickin’ In Parsons – August 3 – 7th
Braun Brothers Reunion – August 12 – 14th
Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival – August 13 – 15th
Fayetteville Roots – August 26 – 29th
Hoxeyville Music Festival – August 13-15th
Symco Hotrod Weekender – August 13th and 14th
Railbird Music Festival – August 20-21st
Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival – August 13 – 16th
Moondance Festival – August 13-16th
Viva Las Vegas – September 9-12th
Merlefest – September 16 – 19th
Americanafest – september 21 – 26th
Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival – September 24- 26th
Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival – September 19 – 26th
Earl Scruggs Memorial Festival – September 3 – 4th
Redwood Ramble – September 27-29th
Chet Kingery Memorial Bluegrass – September 4th
Festival of The Horse – September – 10 – 12th
Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival – September 16 – 18th
Oldtone Roots Festival – September 12 – 14th
Bristol Rhythm And Roots – September 10 – 12th
Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival – September 12-20th
New England Shake Up – September 24 – 26th
Freshgrass Bluegrass Festival – September 24-26th
Pickin’ In The Pines – September 17- 19th
Hoopla At Devil’s Backbone – September 25 – 27th
Vine Grove Bluegrass Festival – September 23 – 25th
Firewater music Festival – Sept 30th – October 2nd
Locki’n Music Festival – October 1-4th
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – October 1- 3rd
Hangtown Music Festival – October 21 – 24th
ACL Fest – October 1 – 10th
Old Settler’s Music Festival – October 21st – 24th
Old Mill Music Festival – November 6 and 7th