Hometown Rising Festival 2021 Cancelled.

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Feb 142021


Hometown Rising fans!

We know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting an update from us, and we appreciate your patience in these trying times.

We regret to inform you that we will be taking 2021 off.  With all the uncertainty in 2021, as a company we made the tough decision to focus on our long tenured U.S. festivals, which includes Louder Than Life.

As soon as we have more information we’ll share it with you.  Thanks for your loyalty and patience, we long for the days when we can be reunited in our mutual love for music and bourbon.

This following announcement was made from one of the festivals I half enjoy. I’ll admit that many times they announce some acts that I designed this website to make sure people know that more that they exist. It is for this reason more than others that I am so adamant on promoting these kinds of festivals.

MANY of THEIR readers log on, and give some of the other bands on the roster a chance, which in turn creates more fans of the music THIS website seeks to proliferate.

Much of the weekend I have spent keeping track of some of these festivals that are canceling and more that are currently ongoing, and I shall be putting them into one central article which you can find HERE.

ROMP Virtual Band Contest.

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Feb 142021

Voting is Now Open!
Get involved with ROMP by voting in the ROMP Virtual Band Contest!  Presented by Jagoe Homes, the contest is decided by you, the fans.  Voting closes on the evening of March 14th, and we’ll announce the winner on March 17th! 🍀
Below is a link to the web page with every band on the ballot.  Click through and navigate to each band’s page to view their video entry and vote.  Remember, only one vote/email address/day.  Thank you to all the bands that participated!

That was part of their media announcement, as they announce their virtual band contest for an opportunity to play the actual festival. I had an opportunity to research some of these bands, and found a few new favorite bands. Events like this are a great opportunity to slow down and enjoy some newly discovered bands!

I wanted to take the time to share a few other festivals that are also going on like my Moon Runners Music Festival friends up there in Chicago. Even though they hope to have a festival in October, they ARE monitoring the conditions and could cancel anytime. Fresh Grass Festival is another Jam Grass festival that plans to continue forward with July plans.

The Great Blue Heron is one of my New York festivals I follow, that has decided to cancel already now. Now right off the bat, you need to remember that EVERY STATE is different, and has different laws and spread of the virus.

View Videos & Vote

Nectar Valley

Nectar Valley.jpeg

Pretty Little Goat

Pretty Little Goat.jpg

Bluegrass Confidential

Bluegrass Confidential.jpeg

Kentucky Shine


Full Cord Bluegrass

Full Cord bluegrass.jpg

Floyds Row


Red Mountain Boys

Red Mountain Boys.jpg

Van Winkle & The Spirits

Van Winkle Spirits.jpg

Sicard Hollow

Sicard Hollow.jpg

Stillhouse Junkies

Stillhouse Junkies.jpg

The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers


Anja with Green Light


Stoneface Mountain


The Tenos

The Tenosw.jpeg

Craig Morris & King Cotton


The Gaslight Boys


Mike Mitchell Band


The Goldsberrys


Pretend Friend


The Last Minute Men

The last Minute Men.png

Andy Brasher and Friends

Andy Brasher.jpg




Moon Runners Music Festival: Valentine’s Day Videos.

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Feb 142021

Moon Runners Music Festival has always been one of my TOP favorite festivals of the last ten years. Even though it’s not as old as a few of the others I cover, it does not make it any less relevant. Mr. Jahshie P. was one of the few first people I met while getting into the Roots Music world, as he and his ilk were revolutionizing the Chicago area music community.

At the time of me writing this one ( as I am frantically trying to catch up ) there are two day’s worth of videos out already now. I missed day 1, but got to watch day 2. You can easily go back and watch the videos again, many times.

Over the next few weeks I will be ( and I have been ) listing and working with so many festivals and venues, telling you about the ones that have cancelled. Well, Moon Runners is one of the ones that HAS NOT cancelled. If you don’t mind I would like to include some links to others that are going like Fresh Grass.They continue to plan their Jamgrass lineup to us.

The Blue Ox Music Festival in nearby Wisconsin also plans to continue on with their 2021 festival plans. I do a lot of work with that specific festival, and they are watching the current situation carefully to make a final decision.

But MANY of the festivals I yearly follow have indeed cancelled, and have either dropped out altogether, or issued videos like these. Some of the festivals that have cancelled are one of my favorites Rooster Walk and one of my New York festivals called  The Great Blue Herron.

Through the years, many of these bands have been featured on this website and I have had the pleasure to maintain friendships with many of them through the years. Even though I try my best to keep track of many different music communities all over America, I do not always get to watch everything LIVE, and I have to it on video.

Shoot, there are times that I have two different videos from two different genres on computers at the same time. But the main thing here is this: I enjoy doing this! This link HERE is where you can donate to them, so they can continue the fight against shitty corporate music!

Bluegrass Queen Miss Rhonda Vincent Finally Inducted Into The Grand Ole Opry

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Feb 142021


Rhonda Performs Merle Haggard's "Momma Tried" with Dierks Bentley
Rhonda Performs Merle Haggard’s “Momma Tried” with Dierks Bentley
Watch the moment HERE
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Multi-award-winning bluegrass artist Rhonda Vincent was formally inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry Saturday by Opry member Dierks Bentley. The invitation was delivered in February of 2020 by Opry member Jeannie Seely with an original induction date scheduled for March 24, 2020, prior to the pandemic.

Dierks said, “I’ll never forget the night that our mutual friend Marty Stuart made me an official member of the Opry and I’m so pleased to get to do the same for you tonight. Rhonda, you are now an official member of the Grand Ole Opry! I know you will carry the Opry banner proudly wherever you go.”

“It’s been 343 days, seven hours, three minutes, and five seconds,” Rhonda said laughing sharing how many days it had been since the Opry invitation came last year. “This is a night I will never forget and will cherish the rest of my life. I am proof that dreams really do come true.”

“It’s great to have the supremely talented and very patient Rhonda Vincent as an official Opry member,” said Dan Rogers, Vice President and Executive Producer, Grand Ole Opry. “She brings with her countless fans, industry respect, and heartfelt passion for keeping the Opry vibrant and entertaining for generations to come. We look forward to Rhonda spending the rest of her career with us as part of the Opry family.”

Additional performers included Opry members Riders In The Sky, Jeannie Seely, and Mark Wills as well as special guests Don Schlitz and MCA Nashville Records artist Parker McCollum, who made his Grand Ole Opry debut.

Saturday’s Opry was broadcast live on Circle and Gray TV stations, DISH Studio Channel 102, Sling TV and other TV affiliates in addition to a companion live stream on Circle All Access and YouTube and could be heard on 650 AM WSM and SiriusXM.

About Rhonda Vincent:
The Grammy-winning Queen of Bluegrass Rhonda Vincent began her professional music career at the age of five, singing with her family’s band, the Sally Mountain Show. She picked up the mandolin at eight and the fiddle at twelve, performing with the family band at festivals on weekends. Rhonda struck out on her own, singing with the Grand Ole Opry’s Jim Ed Brown. Her opportunity eventually led to a deal with Rebel Records. Her work caught the attention of Giant Nashville’s president, James Stroud, who signed Vincent to record two contemporary country albums. After Giant, she signed with Rounder Records where her passion for traditional bluegrass music flourished. With the release of her debut album “Back Home Again,” “The Wall Street Journal” crowned Rhonda Vincent the New Queen of Bluegrass. She’s a multi-award winner, with a Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album (2017), Entertainer of the Year (2001), Song of the Year (2004), and an unprecedented 7 consecutive Female Vocalist of the Year awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association (2000 – 2006). Her powerful vocal style transcends the boundaries of bluegrass music, as evidenced in her collaboration with Dolly Parton on the Elton John / Bernie Taupin Tribute Project “Restoration” 2018. Rhonda Vincent’s lifelong dream came true when she was invited to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry on February 28, 2020.