Mr. Lorin Walker Madsen Has New Music Out NOW!

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Feb 212021

I recently had the chance to stop and chat with my good old friend Mr.Lorin Walker Madsen, who has new music out now. I wanted to stop and share with you the conversation we had VIA instant messenger as of late.

This album is a gathering of new songs except the song “Colorado Man” , which was on the album “The Kind Of Man I Am” from 2013. The other 3 songs are all new, and he will explain of that below:

Lorin Walker Madsen “LIVE @ Archive Recordings” Was recorded back in late January 2020, just before the world would change and shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

I was coming off a short run of shows in Southern California and had a few new tunes that I knew I wanted to eventually record for the next record, but had most the guys there, and available, so I said what the hell. Why not, ya know?

And now, I’m glad I did. The players and band for this live session was built of Taylor Flandro (fiddle/vocals), Raymond Mathews (upright bass), and Eric Watson (drums). My long time friend and owner of Archive Recordings here in Salt Lake City, Wes Johnson manned the helm and engineered, mixed, and even mastered these tracks.

He also tracked and engineered my 2017 release, “Slave of the Road”. We’ve known each other know over twenty years, growing up in the Utah music scene. We’ve now become just great friends who like to fish together and just hangout on the regular (pre Covid of course), but he’s someone I’m extremely comfortable with and trust.

So it was fun to lay these new ones down with him, and anticipate him being apart of the next studio release as well whenever I can get everyone in a studio and room safely again. Three of the four songs from this live session are previously unreleased, and the fourth being a full band version of a song from my debut solo release in 2012 “Colorado Man”, one that I’ve always wanted to put together a full band arrangement for but haven’t for whatever reason up to that point.

The other three unreleased tracks I mentioned I would like to see on a studio release as well in the near future, along with a handful of others that I’ve been sort of been sitting on or cooking up during this quarantined time at home. So again, once the opportunity to get together in a studio environment safely again with the crew you can expect a proper studio record. Most likely a full length.

Other than that, I’ve been spending the last ten months at home in Utah soaking up the extra time off the the road with my little boy and wife. Fishing and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, and getting back to working on songs for the love of writing songs and playing music.

Sometimes you looses sight of that when you’re spinning the wheels out on the road day in and day out. “LIVE @ Archive” is currently available on all digital streaming and downloading platforms

Janet Simpson To Release Her New Album “Safe Distance” March 19th.

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Feb 212021
The highway’s empty nobody’s looking out
We could be down the road before they know
But we gotta leave right now
There are few things that are more healing than getting the hell out of town. Maybe it’s a solo trip. Maybe you bring a friend. Definitely a lot of music. Don’t say a thing to anybody. Just get in the car and go. Work it out on the road.
Safe Distance – the new album from singer, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, Janet Simpson, isn’t a concept record, but it does take a journey. From Nashville to Reno (well, almost), to running away from demons, retreating from your troubles, hiding in plain sight, and returning liberated – ready to skip away again while your past looks on with a dropped jaw. But nothing here rambles aimlessly: Simpson’s characters long to get free (and succeed) while navigating it all with confident purpose. They are reflective but never middling. They hurt but move to healing – or take the time to care for others. And they don’t shy away for a good time – even if they’re having too much of one.
The songs of Safe Distance came to party as well. “Nashville Girls,” the album’s first single, kicks everything off with plenty of swagger and style – less an indictment of artists but those who are attracted to the noise art makes. “Reno” and the “Safe Distance” pair “Ditch Trilogy” Neil Young with Lucinda William’s gutbucket sense of meter. The [Dixie] Chicks would kill for a comeback song as breezy and carefree as “I’m Wrong” – a song born for a sunny-day-windows-down adventure. The Fender Rhodes powered vamp of “Mountain” is lust in search of the perfect parking spot. And “Wrecked” is an immaculate kiss-off that moves mercurially with slyly wicked lacerations worthy of Nick Lowe or Van Dyke Parks.
But it’s not all raucous: The albums more subdued moments often conjure thick, stormy atmospheres. “Slip” and “Ain’t Nobody Lookin’” conjure the late night bleariness of classic Tom Petty but with choruses he could never pull off. “Double Lines” has a steely-eyed saunter the recalls the  late Ennio Morricone. “Silverman” is so stark that it will leave you frozen in time. “Awe & Wonder” also takes advantage of the Rhodes – letting its bells ring out into an ether swimming in synthesized voices and fretless bass.
This last detail is worth mentioning because some of the album’s sonic touchstones were late ’80s – early ’90s boomer statements by Bonnie Raitt, George Harrison, and Paul Simon – influences that were somewhat off the radar of the wunderkind engineer / mixer Brad Timko, who has been producing amazing records with a mix of analog and digital gear from the Communicating Vessels studio in Birmingham, AL, where Simpson and her band call home. Simpson and Timko worked closely in order to achieve the albums sonics, where minimalism reigned supreme. The songs were loosely written and rehearsed, but the band plays with supreme tautness, leaving plenty of room for Simpson’s powerful voice and lyrics – always sharp and occasionally hilarious – to haunt the air just so.
Unbelievably, Safe Distance is the first time that Simpson has widely-released an album under her own name. This is not to say that she hasn’t been busy: Since getting her start in Atlanta in the late ’90s, Simpson has sheltered her dark whimsy under the guise of Delicate Cutters, wielded formidable guitar attacks with bubblegum skronkers Teen Getaway, toured the U.S. and Europe as a crucial member of Wooden Wand and the World War IV, and found a new writing partner in fellow Birmingham, AL musician Will Stewart – with whom she fronts the lean, atmosphere-forward duo, Timber, while also lending her many formidable talents to his solo material (and vice versa). It’s a lot to take note of – and still doesn’t cover her being the secret weapon on dozens of other albums for a wide array of artists. But Safe Distance proves once again that Simpson is a force of nature – and it’s her best work yet.
Janet Simpson’s Safe Distance will be available on vinyl, CD and digital/streaming platforms on March 19th via Cornelius Chapel Records.

New Music From Jackson Taylor And The Sinners.

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Feb 212021

I haven’t had the chance to stop and check out everyone as often as I’d like to, and I know we haven’t had any new music from Jackson Taylor And The Sinners. I haven’t had a chance to see him since Tumbleweed 2019.

Tomorrow he has a new single coming out, and I will be keeping up with any new music announcements I hear from them. It has  been quite some time since we got any new music from him, and many other bands as well.

I try my best to bring you all of the music I can, from so many other genres that I really don’t always get around to promoting it all at once. However, this is one of the many singles and albums I am looking forward to the most in 2021.

My landlord really likes this new song here, as he is going through a divorce, and he pretty much is self admitting his own blame here on this one. He relates to this song as he himself said he drank too much, and drove his wife away.

This song pretty much sums that scenario up quite well, and I really look forward to more new music from him in the near future. On the flip side of the future, this song holds an ardent relevance to the past. The sound and style of this song are both reminiscent of the many Legends that influenced him…..and many of us.

Our newest single, “Never Walk The Line.” Due to release 02.19.2021, can now be pre-saved. This ensures you do not miss the release date, and will be one of the first to hear the new song.

Available to pre-save through: Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL and Deezer. Click the link here: PRE-SAVE NOW.