The Country Music Hall Of Fame NEEDS US Right Now!

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Oct 302021

The music industry is finally getting back to where people like me can go and enjoy live music again, festivals were actually functioning again, and museums and other like minded attractions re opened.  There are so many venues that need our support, and my list that you can read here supports a huge list of venues and bands that need our support. Go to the shows, buy stuff and make sure you let the bands know you appreciate them!

I have taken the past two years on a hiatus to mend some personal issues, and to help my daughter out in life. One of the many things I have showed her about my world, is the world of Country Music. Where did it come from? Who brought it forth? Where is it going in the future? How can she help proliferate this wonderful genre?

Right now, the Country Music Hall Of Fame needs our donations and our attendance in order to maintain their mission to preserve the items that adorn the halls of this heavenly place, and the people that have been embraced in the past by being inducted.

Next year, the museum will be inducting Mr. Pete Drake, Mr. Eddie Bayers, The Judds, and the great Mr. Ray Charles. There will be a huge presentation to them and their kinfolk, at the museum next year. Additionally, the museum also contains so many cherished and integral exhibits, that anyone can walk away very enriched in knowledge.

This video features some of our favorite Country stars of today as they play some of the instruments from the exhibit cases, that were once prominently played by their heroes of the past.  You know, I really don’t care for much of Mr. Tim McGraw’s music…but as he held that guitar that belonged to Mr. Keith Whitley, and he played “Don’t Close Your Eyes”, you can easily FEEL the amount of respect and love he has for his hero.

This video has Mr. Ricky Skaggs playing that iconic mandolin that was proudly boasted by Mr. Bill Monroe, while Mr. Marty Stuart played a guitar made famous by Mr. Lester Flatt and Mr. Earl Scruggs banjo was also played.

Friends, you MUST WATCH this wonderful video here and enjoy all of these songs that continue to inspire future generations of Country Music and Bluegrass fans. But also fans of the Bakersfield Era, the Outlaw Era, or any other Era for that matter….and PLEASE make a donation. Here’s how !

I usually make it a point to visit the museum once every three months or so, and I always take a pile of Kleenex with me, for when I get choked up! You will get to see the EXACT studio that Mr. Guy Clark had in his home, re set up in the Hall Of Fame, as Mr. Rodney Crowell played his signature guitar in it.

In closing, to be honest the pinnacle of the entire video for me was the song Miss Ashley McBryde played by Loretta Lynn, on the very guitar that she was given by her husband Doolittle.  Man, her voice is so honest and so full of range I could listen to her sing acoustic all night!

Shame On You For Closing The Mercy Lounge.

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Oct 272021

I haven’t had the opportunity to write and operate my website as often as I used to, and there is so so much to write about all over the Nashville spectrum (and so many other different music communities ) that I have had a truly hard time keeping up.  One day soon, I will get it all back on track here!

Generally speaking, I really wanted to touch on a few things that have happened around Nashville in the past few months ( some good and some bad ). There may be a few future articles after this one concerning a few of these issues on here.

I moved down here in 1997, near my birthday in November to pursue writing Country Music, and to pursue my own quest to acquire as much knowledge about Country Music as I can….honestly all genres of music, but Country was always my favorite. See, at that time the internet was such a young fledgling thing, that it wasn’t a major part of society yet. We had to do things the old fashioned way by mail or word of mouth, and going out and beating the pavement!

Nashville was growing by leaps and bounds, with thousands moving here daily…but it had not suffered the results of corporate shit…yet. When I got down here to live, they took away one of the staples of Nashville that even Mr. Roy Acuff used to love, which was Opryland. To historians like myself, and to Country Music fans alike, Opryland was the epicenter of it all. It represented dignity and family orientated fun for all.

Alas, business and greed for more money resulted in the overall shit decision to remove the theme park with a mall nobody goes to. The Opry and all of it’s glorious attractions were bought up by Gaylord, and in the past the Opry itself suffered a long sickness of inducting pop country and mediocre bands into it’s membership.

However, lately the Opry has been listening and have inducted several new members that were of good quality, and has invited many more here lately that are decent. I have a bunch of articles coming up that are going to feature some of the new bands involved.

Then we had another debacle years ago where we tried like HELL to save the almighty Printer’s Alley..well we lost that one, and it was all replaced with high dollar expensive apartments. Apparently, it seems the ongoing thing in Nashville is to replace all of the music places with condos and weird bagel shops, and other pish posh boutiques and  cupcake stores.

They absolutely destroyed Music Row in today’s day and age, as I go down Demonbreoun and those adjoining streets, places like Bobby’s Idle Hour are now gone. All of the beer joints are slowly leaving and it’s changing the ambiance of the city to something else. All of the music shops are gone and they are all high dollar shit bars with fake moonshine and weird food.

But what inspired me to ultimately write this article was the recent announcement to ultimately close the original Mercy Lounge and the adjoining bars. Basically the lease is ending, and the firm that bought the property is not allowing them to re new the lease.

Todd Ohlhauser, the owner of the business, posted the following on their Twitter page:

“The Mercy Lounge complex will end its near 20 year run on Cannery Row at the end of May 2022. Our lease is ending and we will be relocating the venues to a new location, TBD. We hope to be back better than ever. Let’s make these last 8 months on Cannery Row the best ever!”

In October 2019, local businessman Zach Liff and New York City-based global real estate company Thor Equities Group paid $32 million for the Cannery complex. At the time, the company said in a press release it hoped to eventually add mixed-use buildings with a collective 500,000 square feet to the 2.8-acre site .Later, Liff bought out Thor.

However, the owner Mr. Chark Kinsolving has indeed opened a new music venue I have yet to check out called Eastside Bowl, which is the old Madison Bowl location. They have been featuring a plethora of good shows, and I’ll be doing more work for them soon.

The memories I have of all of those venues over at Cannery Row are too many to type in one article here. Man, I paid to see everyone from Cannibal Corpse to Dr. Dre there. I recently covered a Hillbilly Casino show there, I’m still working on right now, and had a good time.

Ultimately, this is basically a prelude article of what is to come and lamenting on what is gone in Nashville. I know…I know times must change and Nashville must “evolve” but it’s just getting ridiculous!

It’s Been A Good Two Years For Rhonda Vincent And The Rage.

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Oct 252021

This year, I took some time off to tend to personal issues, and as a result of this I have a HUGE PILE of albums to sift through, and finally get to feature this album on the website. However, as a fan I HAVE BEEN watching and listening to a bunch of familiar names in tons of genres. We cover such a wide and extensive array of genres, it’s difficult to catch up to them all….but I’m trying!

Bluegrass has it’s many Legends that are currently alive, and many of them are still active today including the mighty queen of Bluegrass Miss Rhonda Vincent. Her career has ( and still does ) span over four decades of Bluegrass, as well as solidifying many Country albums with her background vocals. In many interviews, she denounces the term “Queen of Bluegrass”, and designates that for Miss Wilma Lee Cooper instead.

This past year, she was finally inducted as a new member of the Grand Ol Opry, where she was invited by Mr. Dierks Bentley . This was a very important move for the Opry, as I have been delving into JUST WHO could be construed as their attempt to establish a new ilk of the ” Grand Ladies Of The Opry”. Her passion for the preservation of the historical aspect of Country and Bluegrass, easily solidifies her presence on the Opry stage as an integral foundation of both genres.

She had another accolade here recently, where she was the last host of the ever popular Midnite Jamboree as it was in the Troubador Theater, and returned to it’s original location….the Broadway location of Ernest Tubb Record Shops.

She has rarely ever altered her classic Bluegrass sound or her well known progressive Bluegrass chords, and this album is no exception. This album opens with her classic angelic vocals…man those smooth notes she hits on the song “What Ain’t To Be Just Might Happen”, which is a Porter Wagoner song, and album title from 1972.

To me, the fact that she holds true to the basic old time Bluegrass format while adding her own signature modern approach to the overall delivery of the music shows the secret behind her staying power. But I am going to share with you one of my own passions in life, and that is giving ALL my praise to my personal savior, Jesus Christ.

She does that with the title song “Music’s What I See”, she hit the nail right smack on the head with the story of a blind man who makes references to the many classic Country Songs of time past. He shares what he sees in his mind, when he hears those songs of old, like many of us all do. I have a HUGE level of respect for her for giving praise to him on the title of her album, through music.

However the absolute pinnacle of this album is easily the middle song called “Like I Could” penned by Miss Erin Enderlin, Miss Jeannie Seely, and Mr. Bobby Tomberlin. I’m telling all of you, if you do not know the name Erin Enderlin, you need to click her name and research her music, and her contributions to writing. That young lady embellishes Country Music in every way possible, and I hold her in HIGH regard.

The expert banjo of Aaron McDaris, fiddle of Hunter Berry, Josh Williams’ acoustic guitar and Jeff Partin’s Dobro, complimented by Mickey Harris’ rock-steady upright bass make up the current lineup of “The Rage”, her backup band. This band truly shows some unrivaled harmonies on the covid parody song “I Ain’t Been Nowhere”, which is a reverse of “I Been Everywhere”.  Trust me, this song was cleverly written and is hilarious.

Rhonda Vincent’s New Album ‘Music Is What I See’ Available Now
Rhonda Vincent - 'Music Is What I See' - Available May 28

Vincent Recently Featured In, Wide Open Country, Taste of Country, Newsmax and More

“For an example of a modern maven with constant fan support and a sustained level of musical excellence, look no further than the Queen of Bluegrass, Rhonda Vincent.”  – Wide Open Country

“I Ain’t Been Nowhere” is a lyrical look at the pandemic-riddled year of 2020, bursting with specifics and anecdotes that will cement the song as a snapshot of this crazy time for years and years to come.”  – Taste Of Country

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Multi-award-winning bluegrass artist and Grand Ole Opry member Rhonda Vincent’s new album ‘Music Is What I See,’ is available now! Although this record was slated for an earlier release, due to the events of 2020, Vincent used this time off to focus on every detail, creating the perfect mixture of bluegrass and country. Vincent’s high-spirited energy is clearly present through her soaring vocals, blend of new tunes, and fresh arrangements of classics such as the first-ever recorded bluegrass version of the classic, “Unchained Melody,” which she recently debuted live at the Grand Ole Opry. With her brand new album and a growing tour schedule, “The Queen of Bluegrass” is back in full swing!

“It is so exciting to finally have ‘Music Is What I See’ available,” shares Vincent.“ This project features my world-class band, The Rage on straight ahead, hard drivin’ bluegrass, country classics, to a special arrangement, and perhaps the first-ever bluegrass version (complete with banjo) of “Unchained Melody”. “Unchained Melody” was truly the most challenging song I’ve ever sung. I purposely created a balance of new songs with timeless classics. It’s my first record release since officially being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Life is truly grand!

While celebrating the release of ‘Music Is What I See’ this past weekend, Vincent performed during two segments at The Grand Ole Opry and made history as the last artist to host The Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree at the Texas Troubadour Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee, before going back to its original home on lower Broadway. Throughout the show, Vincent surprised the audience with special appearances by Grand Ole Opry Member Jeannie Seely and songwriter Erin Enderlin. Fans were also delighted as Hee Haw’s Lulu Roman and Country Music Hall of Famer Randy Travis joined them in the audience to commemorate the occasion.

Leading up to the album release, Vincent has been featured in People.comTaste of Country, and Wide Open Country, where each outlet premiered a new single. Growing up performing in her family’s band, The Sally Mountain Show, music was not just something she loved, it was a way of life. This shows in every track, whether referring to “What Ain’t To Be Just Might Happen” written by Porter Wagoner or “Like I Could,” which was written by Jeannie Seely, Erin Enderlin, and Bobby Tomberlin, the Grand Ole Opry weaves throughout this entire project.

For more information and to keep up with everything Rhonda Vincent, visit her website and follow her social channels below.

List Of Local Shows In Kentucky, Tennessee And Alabama.

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Oct 232021

William Elliott Whitmore
December 16th, 2021
The Basement, Nashville, Tn

Billy Strings
December 17th and 18th, 2021
Marathon Music Works

Daniel Donato
December 17th, 2021
Sidetracks Music hall, Birmingham, Al

Charlie Parr
December 18th, 2021
Hernando’s Hideaway, Memphis, Tn

Mac McAnally
December 18th, 2021
City Winery, Nashville Tn

Vince Gill
December 19th, 2021
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville Tn

JD McPherson
December 19th, 2021
The Basement East, Nashville, tn

Nick Dittmeier And The Sawdusters
December 23rd, 2020
Bourbon Barrel tavern, Elizabeth Ky

Robert Earl Keen
December 28th, 2021
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn

Old Crow Medicine Show
Sierra Ferrell
December 30th, 2021
Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn


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2022 Dates:

Lost Dog Street Band
January 15th, 2022
Cannery Ballroom, Nashville Tn 8PM

Dwight Yoakam
January 19 – 21st, 2022
The Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tn

The Dead South
January 24th and 25th, 2022
Exit In, Nashville, Tn

Reba McEntire
January 28th, 2022
Rupp Arena, Lexington, Ky

Reba McEntire
January 29th, 2022
Knoxville, Tn

The Traveli’n McCourys
February 5th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl Nashville

John Moreland
February 17th, 2022
The Basement East, Nashville, Tn

Ronnie Milsap
February 19th, 2022
Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, Tn

Jesse Dayton
The Supersuckers
February, 20th, 2022
The Exit In, Nashville, Tn

Reba McEntire
February 24th, 2022
Birmingham Alabama

The Great Peacock
February 24th, 2022
The Basement, Nashville, Tn

The Del McCoury Band
March 5th, 2022
The Caverns, Pelham, Tn

Randall King
March 19th, 2022
Owensboro Sportscenter, Owensboro, Ky

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
March 19th, 2022
The Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tn

Yonder Mountain String Band
March 20th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville Tn

Shovels And Rope
March 26th, 2022
Brooklyn Bowl, Nashville, Tn

Ray Wylie Hubbard
April 8th and 9th, 2022
3rd And Lindsley, Nashville, Tn

Blackberry Smoke
April 15th and 16th, 2022
The Caverns, Pelham, Tn

Gene Watson
September 30th, 2022
Capitol Arts Center, Bowling Green, Ky