Oct 122018

By Joshua Wallace

Adam Hood is back with his first album since 2014’s Welcome To The Big World.  That was one of my favorite records in that year and I was eagerly anticipating his follow up when I heard it would be out this year. Somewhere In Between is a worthy follow up to his last album and it continues the great songwriting and great country songs.

There is a bit of a theme that runs through the album about small towns and small town living.  “Alabama Moon” hits at that with it’s infectious chorus longing for a lost piece of paradise. “The Weekend” is another infectious track with a smooth bass groove that will take you straight through the weekend.

“Bayou Girl” takes the listener to the bayou and small town Louisiana where the singer dreams of a small town cajun girl.  “Locomotive” is another love song that features a chugging riff in a nice country rock love song. Finally, “Real Small Town” is a folksy / Americana sounding ode to small town USA.  The imagery paints a deep picture of small towns all across the country and you can visualize the music video that would go along with this track.

Adam Hood has crafted a great follow-up to his stellar 2014 record.  He continues to be a champion for the small man while straddling the line between major artist and still playing the smaller haunts and dives.  I look forward to what the future holds for Adam Hood and hopefully, it’s not another four year wait for a new record. Somewhere In Between is out everywhere today October 12, 2018.      

Favorite Tracks : She Don’t Love Me, Alabama Moon, Bayou Girl, The Weekend, Locomotive, Real Small Town

Adam Hood – Somewhere In Between (2018)

  1. Heart Of A Queen
  2. She Don’t Love Me (Feat. Brent Cobb)
  3. Alabama Moon
  4. Downturn
  5. The Weekend
  6. Bayou Girl
  7. Easy Way
  8. Locomotive
  9. Keeping Me Here
  10. Real Small Town
  11. Confederate Rose

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