So folks I’m here at my camp site waiting on day 1 music to begin and I had a boatload of sleep in preparation for this day of music. One of today’s acts is the band Call Me Bronco a band that was recently signed to the rusty Knuckles Label this past year.

Mr.Joshua Wallace once again was kind enough to stop and write me small piece to feature the new album as I am at Muddy Roots here getting soaked. I had the opportunity to feature them this spring at Moonrunners Music Festival as well as a few more of them I am around this band at.

Call Me Bronco is a band that thrives in a small bar with a rowdy crowd. These are drinking songs and songs to get crazy to. There is a punk thrash influence at work here, but there is also a genuine sense to the lyrics that will keep these songs resonating long after the party is over.

If you have been a fan of Call Me Bronco, you know many of these songs from their previous recorded efforts or hearing them live. This is by far the best recording of the band and is well worth owning many of these tracks a second time. Songs like “Burn The Witch” and “4 am” have been fan favorites of their live set for a long time and it’s nice to finally have them on a proper record.

“Four Shots”, “I Quit Drinking For The Dog” and “Drunks Walk The Docks” highlight the country elements of Call Me Bronco. On the flip side, “Burn The Witch”, “4 am” and “If I’d Done Right” are meant to start the mosh pit. This album is a mix of all the things that make country punk bands fun.

If you thought the country punk genre was going stale, look no further than Call Me Bronco. These guys have been around a while, but this is the best recording of their work. It has songs from their long out of print DIY album and songs that you’ve only heard live until now. Look for Call Me Bronco at Muddy Roots 2017, and check them out on the road if they come near you.

Brand new album from Call Me Bronco being released on August 25th 2017

Louisville, Kentucky’s Call Me Bronco takes Country Music, strips it down, adds a heavy dose of Thrash, and turns it into music that makes you want to call your mother and apologize. The melancholy lyrics coupled with upbeat tempos are not in place simply to make us feel better, they remind us we’re not alone. The honesty and spirit of Country is intact as is the turmoil and pain. But there is also an element of angst and aggression that drives the lyrics home. The songs are not simply depressing for the sake of the song, but remind us all that we are alive. One can easily be related to the relevance and truth they speak. Regret and self loathing have never felt so right!!

1. 4 AM

2. The Butcher Of Charleston

3. Drunks Walk The Docks

4. If I’d Done Right

5. Burn The Witch

6. Vices

7. Shotguns and Shells

8. Four Shots

9. I Quit Drinkin’ For The Dog

10. No Hangovers For Life

11. Devil’s Daughter

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