Album Feature: Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels-Born Too Late.

I’m NOT going to lie to you folks,Casey James Prestwood And The Burning Angels much like a few others has secured a HIGH SPOT on my TOP 50 for 2017 already and it’s not even April yet (it WILL BE when I publish this) but right now it’s still March. I go bonkers over REAL Honky Tonk Country Music that makes me want to turn up bottles of beer, and if I smoked again I would burn a pack to it. This album pretty much makes you crave a dirty hardwood floor and ashtray laden tables of spilled, stale booze. To me these sort of albums aren’t “retro” or “throwback” they ARE the type of album that simply SHOULD be billed as Country.

When I talked to Mr. Casey recently he dropped some names to me that proudly display the care and attention to precise detail the likes of Heart Of Texas recording artist Amber Digby on background vocals. This album was produced by himself and his pedal steel wizard John Macy, and was recorded in five different studios. One in Denver Colorado where he is widely known, Macy Sounds Studio, two in Texas, One in Guthrie Oklahoma and finally Cinderella Studios in Nashville.

He came from Virginia and was raised in the south thus the Country Music flows deep within his blood,and at the end of this album one can easily ascertain the tone and twang are embedded deep into him and his band of Burning Angels. They established a huge following in the Denver area touring heavily and gigging all over many scenes and markets, making a name for themselves. He is a household name within my local scene here in Nashville appearing often around town with the likes of Joshua Hedley and Chris Scruggs, J.P.Harris and Margo Price.

The steel players on this album includel:Lloyd Green, Tommy Detamore, John Macy. This album has Guitar contributions from :Eugene Moles, Wayne Moss, and Bill Kirchen. Fiddle was done by :Byron Berlin and as previously stated the harmony:Amber Digby. Mr. Kevin Finn is on the drums and Mr. Jeff Martin plays bass for this band.

The album opens with a journey into the darker side of life with songs like “Blue, Lonely And Wasted” that contains steel guitar licks emanating a sorrowful and somber tone complete with classic sad Honky Tonk lyrics. It’s basically you complete hardcore tear jerk package and if you have a broken heart stay away from this album, it should come with a warning label. ¬†“Iv’e Been Ready” is another classic break up song that spoke to me even though I haven’t been in a relationship for many many years, this pretty much sums up WHY I haven’t been. It’s a typical picking up the pieces tune about seeing your EX with another current love, that speaks to pretty much anybody. This is pretty much a gender neutral album as far as targeting ¬†because ANYBODY can relate to the subject matter here, I think ALL OF US have fallen victim to the tail end of that situation.

The overall length of this twelve song album had me in a positive grasp for some time, and toe tapping songs like “Jailbird” with hit’s beat and steel twang up in the front helped me enjoy this album even more. This album HAS steel solos and guitar twang solos that elevate the songs even further as Mr. Casey takes you on a rocket ride through his poignant world of darkness. The song “Bury The Bottle” spoke to me as an individual that has been an addict of drugs and this fall I have 21 years clean! I just loved the tone of the crying steel, the lyrics were well written and the production of the overall project showcased his smokey vocals truly well. Bury The Bottle was just a song of hopelessness and despair from a man broken and controlled by the bottle.

“Green Grass Rockies” was a song about beginning a hard journey and I loved the line “Sometimes broken reocrds play good songs” it means pretty much a person with a broken past can bring forward stellar songs. His journey from Oklahoma to Texas is on the forefront of your mind on this song, ¬†“Beer Tear Saturday Night” was another song of lament for being born too late that REALLY SPOKE TO ME, I have often by told by my adopted parents my biological parents had me too late. I belonged in the 1950’s watching Ernest Tubb perform because i always beg society PLEASE “Don’t Let It Die”. All of the songs on this album are pretty much cut and dry and easy to understand but at the same time they are complex in their own twisted way if that makes any sense…this album is “Not A Copy” of any album you will ever encounter and I’m VERY adamant that it will secure spots on MANY TOP lists of 2017, if it does not I would seriously question whether or not they have Styrofoam brains?