Oct 262018

By Joshua Wallace

Dillon Carmichael’s voice oozes solid country gold, and his sound mixes solid country gold with influences from southern rock.  His debut album Hell On An Angel which was produced by Dave Cobb is a record we will remember for a long time as a standard bearer in good country music.  Dillon Carmichael has two famous uncles that he takes his workhorse approach to country music from. Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry and John Michael Montgomery were both huge influences on him and his style.  However, the record Hell On An Angel is purely Dillon Carmichael and while the other influences are there, he does a lot to carve his own path.

The record starts off with a siren before getting into the opening track “Natural Disaster”.  This is pure outlaw country at it’s finest and focuses on Carmichael’s pure baritone voice. He hits some strong notes on this one that really lets you know what you’re in for on this album.  Another favorite is the Jon Pardi written track “Country Women”. It picks up the pace a bit for this album and highlights the killer duo of Leroy Powell on guitar and Robby Turner on pedal steel.  If there is anything to be said about Dave Cobb as a producer, he certainly knows how to put together an all star studio band.

I also really dig the track “That’s What Hank Would Do”.  It’s a track that has been done several times over, but Dillon Carmichael puts his own spin to it and puts out another good track.  He sings with a conviction on this track that makes me think this would fit on a Jamey Johnson record and you know most of Jamey Johnson’s tracks turn into hits.  The final tracks “Old Flame” and “Dixie Again” have more of a southern rock sound to them. “Old Flame” plays like a southern rock ballad with a big crescendo into a heavier chorus.  The electric guitar is blazing on this track. It’s a nice compliment to “Dixie Again” which starts off with a nice piano riff and the track builds to a nice solo from Leroy Powell and crew to bring the album to an end.

This is one hell of a debut record from Dillon Carmichael and he couldn’t have had a better team around him to make it.  My only complaint is that the hit song “Old Songs Like That” which introduced the world to Dillon is not featured on this album.  Maybe we’ll get that on an extended edition or somewhere down the line. This is the kind of debut record that makes me look forward to seeing an artist live and hearing what comes next from them.  Hell On An Angel is available everywhere today so give it a spin on your favorite streaming service and pick up a CD wherever you buy them, it’s a good one.

Favorite Tracks : Natural Disaster, Country Women, That’s What Hank Would Do, Old Flame, Dixie Again

Dillon Carmichael – Hell On An Angel (2018)

  1. Natural Disaster
  2. It’s Simple
  3. Country Women
  4. Hell On An Angel
  5. Dancing Away With My Heart
  6. Hard On A Hangover
  7. That’s What Hank Would Do
  8. Might Be A Cowboy
  9. Old Flame
  10. Dixie Again

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