Jun 082018

By Joshua Wallace

Dustin James Clark is finally releasing his follow-up EP to his 2016 4 track release Land Of The Free.  This EP picks up exactly where Land Of The Free left off with 4 more good traditional country songs. I feel like this EP is an improvement over the last and the songs are better for it.  Let’s dig a bit further into a couple of these tracks.

The album title track “Gypsy” has a more western sound to it.  This track is an ode to the gypsy women that outlaw country singers love to dedicate songs to.  I love the western feel of this track and I feel like it adds to the atmosphere created here. Finally, the track “All For One” is kind of a rallying battle cry for traditional country fans.  I like that this track is more pro traditional country than anti pop country. It’s a nice break from the usual.

Dustin James Clark continues to be a force in underground traditional country with his EP releases.  I hope for a true full length soon but these albums will hold you off until then. I will be seeing Dustin at this year’s Tumbleweed Festival and I will have more to say about him there.  Gypsy is up for pre-sale on iTunes as of June 8th and will be available digitally and in CD form after June 15th.

Favorite Tracks : Gypsy, All For One

Dustin James Clark – Gypsy (2018)

  1. Fear Of The Unknown
  2. Gypsy
  3. She’s Everywhere I Go
  4. All For One

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